Obama Meets With Labor and Progressive Groups, Scandal Puts NATO Nomination On Hold, America May Be Getting More Libertarian: P.M. Links


General John Allen

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  1. A homeless man was charged with theft of public services in Sarasota, Florida. He had plugged-in his cell phone in a public park.

    You can only use the park’s electricity if you have your own utilities at home.

      1. How did that end up as a reply to a comment I couldn’t see?

        1. he has strange powers.

          1. I snatched the first comment from him.

            1. I shake my dong angrily at you!

            2. At least somebody actually read my link.

    1. I saw that story this morning and my immediate question was:

      Why is there an electrical outlet there if it’s illegal to use it?

      “Nobody’s going to get away with using an electrical outlet riding the swings in a park in this economy! You thief!”

  2. We can probably assume they’ll be presenting him with a bill for services rendered.


  3. This disconnect between the election results and the exit poll surveys is staggering. Need fiscal restraint, vote for the least restrained president in history. Need more honesty, vote for the most opaque administration since Nixon. And so on.

    1. Hey just look at the ridiculous trends in the Rasmussen Obama approval data. There is no rational explanation I can see other than people are mistakenly comparing what Obama has done with what Obama says Romney would do.

    2. I keep telling you guys. They didn’t vote for free shit. They are not that rational. Think of it this way, Virginia went for Obama. The defense cuts are going to destroy the NOVA economy. If there was one “give me free shit” place that should have gone for Romney it was Virginia.

      They voted because he cared and Obama makes them feel good. yeah, we are that far gone.

      1. That’s even more depressing. I can understand free shit, a feel good buzz? It’s been so long that I’ve smoked, I can get that off of one cigarette.

      2. What defense cuts? Obama promised sequestration wouldn’t happen, and even then the “cuts” are largely decreases to future increases

        1. But your point does stand

      3. Ding, ding.

        It is not about the free stuff, it’s about the smug and the branding.

    3. People vote as a signal of what TEAM they’re on and to show people what they “care” about. It’s not rational and it’s not in their best interests (other than it serves them socially). As KMW wrote in her article about voting, the value of a vote in terms of self-interest is insanely minuscule, but its value in terms of letting people know what you are presenting yourself as is actually pretty valuable and useful.

      1. Dick Morris pretty much pegged it. The campaign meant nothing. People voted by ethnicity and team.

      2. It’s not rational and it’s not in their best interests (other than it serves them socially).

        Sorry, are you talking about voting or the Trek thread earlier?

        1. So nicole, when you told me you thought Archer was the dreamiest captain, were you being serious?

          1. Too many poppers, guy. I have never seen Enterprise.

            1. Oh yeah? So you’ve never seen Quantum Leap? I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

              1. Ha, you know who watched Quantum Leap? MY MOM. That’s right, my Twilight-loving mom.

                PS–I already apologized about the Wilco thing in the other thread, you can forgive me now.

                1. If it helps, I forgive you, but I haven’t seen what you have said about Wilco, and I assume you mean a boring alt-rockabilly group.

                  1. Oh, yeah, more pcp rock with Zakk Wilde:


                2. I’m still angry! Of all the people, you had to support NUTRASWEET over me?!?

                  1. When the original Twilight revelation was made, one man sympathized. It may be because of his professional experience with the reading habits of stupid women, but he sympathized. And what did you do?!? You said there were bigger problems!

                    But really, I just couldn’t resist the reference…sob…

                    1. That was a Futurama quote!

                    2. You quote Futurama and it’s all supposed to be fine, and I quote Wilco and it all goes to hell? That’s some ass-backwards shit right there.

                      Also, I have to say that Archer may just be the dreamiest captain aside from Kirk. But I mean…look at the competition.

                  2. “I know it was you, Nicole. You broke my heart.”

          2. Hold on, I had something for this…

          3. Archer is the most awesome secret agent that ever lived!

            1. “Armed with what? Pamphlets about Canada’s responsible gun control laws?”

          4. Archer was the best mirror universe Captain.

      3. Don’t be a fool. The team players aren’t the ones who won the election for Obama. They were a given one way or the other. It was the fluid middle.

        1. What does this have to do with your waistline?

          At the end of the day, even if you think we need more fiscal restraint, if your friends are voting for the big O you will too so that you can tell them you did. That’s all I’m saying. And by “you” I mean Warty.

        2. Poll libertarian, vote statist.

          1. Now you’re getting 87% of the population, ProL.

          2. I had a girl (high school- age, black) at the bus stop on the morning of November 7 ask me who I voted for. I told her I don’t vote. She looked surprised by that, so I explained that I worked with the government and assured her that they do not care about her at all. That it was just a bunch of politicians throwing money and favors to their well-connected pals. I told her it’s all about money and power, reiterating that they didn’t care about her at all. It got her thinking, so that’s good, because i doubt she heard anything like that from her Minneapolis public school teachers that day.

            1. EAP, please check back with us tomorrow. I expect you will have been visited by the authorities.

            2. Hopefully, you planted to seeds of a new libertarian. Wouldn’t bet on it, though.

              1. I have hope for her. She said her older sister doesn’t vote either for pretty much the same reason.

    4. Sort of like anti-war New Hampshire primary voters picking McCain over Paul last time.

    5. There is no disconnect.

      It’s just that to these people not voting for the party of social conservatism is more important than all that economics mumbo jumbo.

      When people realize that Team RED can win, and win big, if they lose the SoCons and strike all semblances of socia conservatism from their national platform and national races. It’s that fucking simple.

  4. You are Death Stars, and they are an army of fabulous Luke Skywalkers.

    And how many of your even know what a gauntlet button is? Other than HM of course.

    1. And it really bothers me when I see some slovenly wretch who thinks they can get away without buttoning it. And don’t even get me started on men who wear sport coats with sleeves longer than their shirt sleeves.

      1. I knew you would have the correct opinions on such things. Also, GAH!

        1. Case in point:


          Is it a Chicago gangster thing?

          1. I don’t know, but I also didn’t know it was possible for me to have less respect for either of those two. I was wrong.

          2. Oh jeez, that’s bad. I just can’t even…

    2. Can someone explain to me why we’re still following the fashion dictates of a court in another country that was established over a century ago?

      I’ve never quite understand why I should give a fuck how King Edward the Fat buttoned his goddamn vest.

      1. Can someone explain to me why we’re still following the fashion dictates of a court in another country that was established over a century ago?

        Because they flatter men’s physiques.

  5. With taxes on the rise and investment plummeting, Portugal’s economy is expected to shrink for the third straight year.

    When you find a formula that works…

    1. Isn’t it obviously because they decrim’d drugs?

      If they’d gone ahead and legalized them they’d have a lot more tax revenue, not to mention drug tourism. Who wouldn’t prefer to go to some nice place in southern Portugal over Amsterdam?

      1. Who wouldn’t prefer to go to some nice place in southern Portugal over Amsterdam?

        People who speak English and visit red light districts.

        1. You must not have seen Amsterdam’s red light districts….ugh

  6. Now that the election is in the rear-view mirror, President Obama is meeting today with a laundry list of labor and lefty groups.

    Shut up and get back in the car before Obama has to hit you again. You would think they would get tired of playing Tina to Obama’s Ike. But I guess not.

    1. His pimp hand is strong.

  7. The Atlantic goes full retard and starts posting unsourced feminist propaganda. Thankfully a lawyer appears in the comments with a few facts.

    1. For sure, a large number of new laws criminalize mental health therapists, prison guards, clergymen, teachers, probation officers or parole officers taking sexual advantage of a position of authority. But those laws, the authors note, often tend to bar sexual liaison with minors or inmates specifically. The free, adult population needs similar protection from the abuse of positions of trust and power.

      Just chew on that for a bit.

      1. Note that the list doesn’t include politicians.

    2. “If it is a crime,” the authors write, “to use deception in order to take control over another’s property without that person’s consent, then why is it perfectly legal to utilize deception to take control of what is arguably the most intimate thing” we possess, our sexual autonomy?

      Words fail. Wow. There is so much stupid in that article. It is like a super nova of stupid.

      1. It’s like half of all the stupid feminist ideas and misconceptions commonly thrown around. And half is a lot. This thing reads like 2 months of feministing rolled into one article.

      2. I wish that once, just once, someone going down that road would think…”government…consent…wait a second…”

        But it almost never happens.

      3. I wonder if they want to outlaw makeup too.

        1. I was thinking the same about push-up bras.

            1. Yep. Also, those express jeans. You peel those off a tight bubble butt and end up with two saggy hamhocks running halfway the thigh.

      4. When I first dated my girlfriend, she said that she could cook. Based on that assurance, I boned her. Now, I find out that she can’t cook. RAPE!

    3. It’s really galling how stupid that article is.

      The author shows up in the comments to continue to argue her point.

      An attorney points out that the affirmative consent regime she advocates would mean that if you initiate sex with your long-term partner without getting them to affirm at that moment that they consent to sex, it would be rape.

      It UTTERLY ESCAPES HER that “Of course I don’t mean that!” is not a legal principle, and that there is NO WAY to craft an affirmative consent law that would not criminalize that action without being impossibly vague.

      1. She’s not the author, that’s a dude. But she is more articulate than the average feminist, so seeing her getting destroyed with basic logic is kinda fun.

      2. Unless both parties in a sexual situation give enthusiastic consent for sex, that is rape.

        I…I just can’t even…

        1. I have had consensual, non-enthusiastic twice in my life. Both heralded the end of a relationship. Unsatisfying and awkward, yes. Rape, definitely not.

          1. Note that it’s not the sex that must be enthusiastic, but the consent.

            1. That was halfhearted as well. When the thrill is gone, it’s gone, but a good relationship instills a sense of obligation that I stupidly took advantage of. I’ve learned since when the appropriate is time to cut it off in order to avoid that awkwardness. Part of growing up, I suppose.

              1. I’m just saying, I’m probably not going to be jumping up and down beforehand. During, after, yes. But it would probably be weird if I was still like OMG YES YES LET’S GO NOW!

                1. But it would probably be weird if I was still like OMG YES YES LET’S GO NOW!

                  When there’s more than a week or two between those, I now know to get out while the getting’s good. It has always heralded the end.

                  1. Maybe I’m just not pre-enthusiastic enough about anything. Yeah, that sounds likely.

                    1. Well, there’s also the fact that I’m not a viable long term prospect (I don’t want a wife or kids), so when the fun is gone, there’s no reason for them to stay. This can be a month in, a year in, or anything in between. On the plus side, it leads to good relationships with my exes. No acrimony, and semi-regular liaisons.

        2. “Enthusiastic consent” is something that is being proposed as an alternative to the simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ we have now. It proposes that the only legitimate consent is one that is consistent and engaged, and it relies on constant communication between the parties involved.

          Hooooolllllllllyyyy fuck.

    4. According to Peter Baroni and John Decker, the phrase “forcible rape,” which Akin claimed he ought to have used after his initial remarks became controversial, is just as wayward as his original phrase. Both the notion of “legitimate” rape and that of “forcible” rape fail to recognize that force shouldn’t be required to conclude that a rape takes place. But in too many courts across the land, it is.

      I got really annoyed, in fact, by all the progressives who were upset specifically about the “forcible rape” phrasing. Are they unaware of statutory rape? I.e., (potentially) non-forcible, yet legally still rape? Force isn’t required to conclude that a rape takes place, so there’s a fucking difference between rape and forcible rape.

      And since when are these assholes all in favor of 15 year olds becoming sex offenders???

  8. R vs. D issues aside, voters last week showed a distinct preference for fiscal restraint as well as social tolerance ? not a bad sign for the future.


    Good one, Tuccille.

    1. Clearly, J.D. was banking on the assumption that we don’t even read the intro to P.M. Links.

      1. Wait, you RTA? What?

    2. The welfare state, the warfare state, the surveillance state, the regulatory state and the therapeutic state are all continuing unabated, the US is heading for a Greek-style meltdown that will likely result in some form of authoritarian dictatorship. Lots of reasons for optimism!

  9. But he’s not quite ready to lead his state out of the union.

    But Perry could instantly become president!

  10. Is there a reason we can’t get a direct link to the article? Instead of having to click twice?

    1. Because Reason screwed everything up with the new version. I’ll be long forgiving you for what you did to ReasonTV…

  11. This is better than Jerry Springer, Gen. John Allen also helped Jill Kelley’s sister during custody battle:

    Both Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen intervened in the same nasty child custody battle involving Natalie Khawam, the “psychologically unstable” twin sister of Jill Kelley, whose bombshell claims of being threatened by Petraeus’ lover led to the top spy’s resignation last week, the Post has learned.

    1. How do we know “psychologically unstable” Natalie and Jill aren’t the same person? Have we ever seen them together? (Granted, until a day or two ago I’d never even heard of them, but this story isn’t bizarre enough yet, so why not?)
      If true, it would be awesome, maybe David Lynch could direct the movie version.

      Grayson Wolfe is an awesome name. No wonder Petraeus and Allen intervened – despite their accomplishments they knew they would never have so manly a name.

      1. There are several photos available showing the two together. If you trust the photos.
        /conspiratorial whisper

        1. Moreover, have we ever seen Petraeus and “Grayson Wolfe” together?

    2. It’s nice to know that if you’re a fucking Real Housewife of Tampa or whatever and you host a couple of parties for the brass, the fucking FBI and Joint Chiefs are at your personal beck and call to investigate people who annoy you, leverage their credential and public status to intervene in legal disputes on your behalf, etc.

      1. This. I imagine, at this point, that the parties were held in a “Zumba studio”.

    3. I’m so glad we have such serious people in positions authorized to spy and kill.

  12. Philly police group are ghost hunters in their spare time.

    Yes, that’s right, Philly’s finest are running around with night vision camcorders and pissing themselves when the house creaks.

    1. I hope they don’t go helicopter-bombing the supernatural intruders.

      1. They’re looking for ghost dogs. You can keep shooting one of those indefinitely. It’s like the holy grail for trigger-happy cops.

    2. whenever they are looking for non existent metaphysical entities, they aren’t harassing us serfs. So more power to em.

  13. http://fullcomment.nationalpos…..um=twitter

    The coming global political earthquake due to the energy boom. And bonus enivro tears.

    The truly global implications of the International Energy Agency’s flagship report for 2012 lie ? in the quietly devastating statement that no more than one-third of already proven reserves of fossil fuels can be burned by 2050 if the world is to prevent global warming exceeding the danger point of 2C. This means nothing less than leaving most of the world’s coal, oil and gas in the ground or facing a destabilized climate, with its supercharged heatwaves, floods and storms.

    What follows from this is that the idea of peak oil has gone up in flames. We do not have too little fossil fuel, we have far too much. It also follows directly that the world’s stock markets are sitting on toxic levels of subprime coal and gas, a giant carbon bubble ready to explode.”

    Greens hate humanity and want us to be poor and cold.

    1. best description I’ve environmentalists I’ve heard is watermelons — green on the outside, red on the inside.

      1. Dead and buried would be the most welcome description. I wished capitalist were even one tenth as evil as they are portrayed as on MSNBC and Hollywood.

  14. Reporter sucker punched at Anti crime event

  15. Yet another article on the Petraeus/Allen/Broadwell/Kelley scandal. Nothing new, I just like how it’s presented as a “handy guide.”

    My question: this Jlly Kelley woman, how is it that she thought to go straight to the FBI when she got these emails?

    1. For one, she knew and FBI agent. Secondly, cyberthreatening is now a federal crime. Hooray for federalizing everthing!

    2. http://www.usnews.com/news/art…..in-dc-park

      Meanwhile Broadwell has gone into hiding.

  16. Obama goes full Fuck-You – Susan Rice likely Clinton replacement.


    1. Beat me to it. Yeah, that is full fuck you mode.

      1. I’m looking forward to the lulz.

    2. Wow, that is stupid. Seriously, the GOP should just object to everything and sit and watch the train wreck continue.

      1. Just grill the shit out of her and get her under oath. Let the lying ton Congress charges follow. You would think the last thing he wants is anyone associated with Bengazi under oath.

      2. bring the senate to a standstill — just sit at your desk on the floor and say “i object” anytime someone asks for a unanimous consent (UC) request. you don’t have to have a reason. it’s your right as a senator.

        1. Why didn’t they do this for Obamacare? Or is this only an appointment thing? I don’t watch that much C-Span.

          1. Because they did an end-run, parlimentary trick to get BamaCare through the Senate.

      3. Not likely – that would require the GOP to have balls, which they clearly do not have. She’s going to sail right through – mark my words.

        1. I had to look up the Committee on Foreign Relations.

          Not a Dem on there who will raise an objection. Dianne Feinstein would raise hell.

          Rubio and DeMint will try to cause trouble and get shut down by Kerry if he’s still there.

    3. Heck of a job Susie.

      1. She got seasoned up by repeating giant lies on every last network in a single Sunday morning. That apparently has earned her a place on the Obama Cabinet and a reservation in an inner circle of Hell.

  17. So Moonbeam’s “for the childrunz!’ tax increase not only didn’t cover the hole, it’s actually going to pay off some market bets the UC directors made:
    “Over the last decade, the UC Board of Regents has engaged in risky deals with Wall Street banks called interest rate swaps.”
    Think they’ll be punished for such stupidity? Ha and ha.

  18. http://washington.cbslocal.com…..-of-state/

    Susan Rice moving to State. Everyone who has any dirt on Bengazi being rewarded. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    1. Kind of like that scene from Ides of March where Gosling blackmails Clooney into making him the campaign manager and naming Thompson as his Veep nominee.

  19. Wild overoptimistic speculation: all of this Petraeus scandal might continue to spin and grown, leading to a generalized distrust of government, which causing an increase of support of secession movements and the peaceful balkanization of the US.

    I’ll just see myself out…

    1. The drones thank you for your input and will be with you shortly.

      1. I don’t know whether to be sad or flattered…

    2. Doubtful but a few more storms like Sandy might do that.

      1. No, because then the economy would be booming, and the voters happy. A Nobel Laureate told me so.

    3. Nope – not enough sentient citizens out there to make a difference.

      But I am starting to think that those of us who are self-aware are going to be continuously amazed by the Obama Administration’s next 4 years.

      1. ^^^This

  20. Scientists use quasars to gain a better understanding of dark energy.

    No word yet on whether any of these physicists have been turned to the dark side.

  21. Global warming is apparently making our satellites faster.

  22. for those able to afford an electric car, Sarasota offers free electrical power at vehicle charging stations throughout the city

    But, to be fair, the amount is limited to half that of a cell-phone charge.

  23. 3,767 people have signed a White House petition urging President Obama to strip the citizenship from every person who signed the secession pledge and exile them.

    1. Saw those. Make we want to sign my state’s petition, even though it would be an empty gesture.

      1. I like how they have listed it under the subject heading of “Civil Rights and Liberties.” I guess the Irony section was too full.

        1. Up to almost 5,000 signatures now.

          “Amber, is the Bill of Rights a good thing, or a bad thing?”

    2. Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported.

      Coming next, no doubt:

      Mr President, please incarcerate and re-educate anyone who does not completely agree with any of your holy words, as do we, your loyal and unquestioning disciples, Amen.

      1. You should submit that and see if Obama will respond to it when it gets 25K signatures (cause you know it will).

  24. Feministing gets 3 new contributors!!!

    My personal favorite:

    Sesali Bowen is a writer and overall bad ass. I’m from Chicago, which makes me cooler than alot of people, and I hate wearing panties. I’m a fly fat girl, an ethical hoochie, and a bunch of other things.


    1. I blame the parents. I mean, they’re the ones who can’t spell.

      1. I was just thinking about those poor, poor pants. It’s gotta be like a war crime down there.

        1. I have to say, I really don’t get the no-panties thing. CHAFING. I hope she is wearing skirts.

        2. The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’
          That’s what I said
          The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
          Or so I have read

          My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
          I’d like to sink her with my pink torpedo

          1. How can I leave this behind?

        3. “like a war crime down there.”

          You suck! Made me shoot green tea through my nose.

    2. ethical hoochie

      Nice band name.

    3. OK, I want to know what an ethical hoochie is. I think I know what a fat girl is, and just to double check I looked at a picture of FoE’s mom.

      1. She makes sure to get a lot of affirmative consent, I’d assume.

        1. “Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of her coochie, Dude, at least it’s ethical.”

      2. Knowing the source, I’m guessing it’s a slut who doesn’t fuck republicans.

        1. There might be racial and gender quotas involved too…

      3. From the august Urban Dictionary:

        hoochie: a low down skanky ass beeotch whose coochie is straight dangling from being bang by every guy from east coast to west coast…she is a ho of the utmost

        So it’s an ethical one of those, I guess.

    4. Alexandra Brodsky is a recent college grad who just moved yesterday to start work with a Planned Parenthood affiliate. She is dedicated to queering reproductive justice, supporting transformative, non-carceral resistance to violence, and convincing her new puppy to stop biting her.

      I have so many questions.

      1) What is “queering reproductive justice”?

      2) What is “transformative, non-carceral resistance to violence”?

      3) Should I care?

      4) Does it surprise anyone that Feministing hired a PP affiliate?

      5) No, really, what the hell is “queering reproductive justice”?!

      1. No, really, what the hell is “queering reproductive justice”?!

        Making it even weirder than it is now? But I don’t see how it could possible be more unfair to men than it currently is. Guess that’s one of the reasons I’m not a feminist.

  25. Ok this is kinda cool:

    Vigilante fights man under Seattle’s mutual combat law.

    And kicks the loudmouth racist’s ass.

    1. a rarely used city law allows fighting as long as both people agree to it, no bystanders are hurt, and no property is damaged


      1. Sounds like the small Texas town where I grew up.

    2. That’s Phoenix Jones, baby!

      Is that in Capitol Hill? I think that’s Jones’ stomping ground.

    3. I was hoping it would be Phoenix Jones.

    4. OK that’s kind of cool but what are the rules if there’s no cops around. Obviously Jones’s crew calls 911 to get them to show up so there are “official” witnesses. If there are none, then what? Does it end up going to court?

  26. With the continuing soap opera engulfing the Obama administration?.

    Now the headline

    Paula Broadwell’s License Discovered in D.C. Park
    Police notify FBI — Broadwell’s attorney mum on her whereabouts



    It is time to remind the old (and confuse the young) with the name of Vince Foster.

    1. PETA is now just a gigantic trolling operation. They keep coming up with outrageous crap and live off of the publicity. Remember when they (supposedly) wanted to rename fish as “sea kittens” so that people wouldn’t eat them?

  27. Guess who was at Skepticon this year?

    “I want to talk a little about the ongoing online battles over harassment, usually pitched between dudes who like to keep their option to harass women open (and the weird women who want those dudes’ approval) and everyone else, usually characterized as ‘feminazis’, but hereby known as ‘normal people who know how to interact with others appropriately’.”

    1. (and the weird women who want those dudes’ approval)

      Only sluts disagree with me. Great way to start a speech. I’d probably walk out at that point.

      1. You’re not a wymyn unless you agree with the Sisterhood 100% about everything.

        And don’t even think about being a successful woman while disavowing the wymyn’s study majors eking out an existence at whatever it is that people with that degree do for a living.

        1. You’re not a wymyn unless you agree with the Sisterhood 100% about everything.

          I know where they can start a petition to get those who disagree deported!

        2. Yap. That’s what they do for a ‘living’. Not even good sound yapping you’ll get in,say, a well researched historians lecture, either. What they do is barely distinguished from barking, really. The only form of human communication that is more primitive is beat poetry night at the local coffee house. Guess who’ll you find reading their chicken scratchin’ thoughts at one of those? That’s right, she who makes her living yapping lectures during the day light hours in Hate Studies.

      2. She’s talking about me, guys.

    2. I’ve luckily avoided being targeted by aggressive harassment at conferences, but I have had to extract myself from conversations with men clearly going that direction…This year, however, my interactions with men were universally pleasant.

      It should be a law that women should never have to be uncomfortable in even the slightest degree. Modern feminism at it’s finest.

      The female-to-male ratio seemed really good at this conference compared to others I’ve been to, a sense that was reinforced by the crowd’s enthusiastic response to Rebecca Watson’s speech denouncing the pseudo-science of “evolutionary psychology”.

      So they’re attacking evopsych as pseudo-science and unquestioningly accepting feminist philosophy. Real intellectual giants here. I’m surprised they could get away from their janitorial jobs long enough to attend.

      I’m kidding, of course. Janitors do real, necessary work. We’d be lost without them. Unlike these idiots.

      1. Feminism really is the worst of both worlds. Somehow, they have managed to weaken the feminine gender while making it less appealing and uniquely feminine. As a point of comparison, Latin American women are much more feminine *and* much more confident in themselves and what they believe that women in the US — by far. It isn’t even a competition.

        Thank god there isn’t a male equivalent to feminism! It’s bad enough that one of the sexes is being ruined thanks to nonsensical ideology welded by morons.

        1. Thank god there isn’t a male equivalent to feminism!

          About one-third of the MRA’s simultaneously preach male dominance and sit around and whine about it’s decline. While it’s not a direct equivalent, it does resemble some of the hypocritical aspects of feminism.

    3. Of course, if what you really want is to be able to keep women on their toes, make them feel like they have to apologize for even being there, and enjoy that rush of power you get by making someone feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, then by all means, continue to throw a fit and demand that conferences don’t give in to “feminazi” demands for harassment-free conferences. But don’t pretend that your social sadism is about “fun” and don’t insult sex by pretending it has shit-all to do with sex.

      There is a lot of projection here. I’m guessing she was one of the mean girls in highschool. I have yet to meet an insistent guy who was actively seeking to discomfort instead of just being clueless. Not saying they’re not out there somewhere, but they damn sure aren’t the majority of her detractors.

  28. No, really, what the hell is “queering reproductive justice”?!

    Maybe they just spelled “queefing” wrong. It certainly wouldn’t make less sense.

  29. Now those dudes totally crack me up man! Wow.


    1. ^Flag as spam.

  30. “Taxes on theater tickets have gone through the roof in Spain. So a Spanish theater has taken to selling carrots. Admission is free with each vitamin-rich purchase.”

    That can’t be moral. When do the executions begin?

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