Japan's Welcome of Dalai Lama Irks China

Lawmakers hold high-profile event


The Dalai Lama has become the latest source of friction in worsening relations between Japan and China, as more than 100 Japanese lawmakers held a high-profile event Tuesday to hear from the exiled Tibetan leader, bringing a strong rebuke from Beijing.

Speaking to a group of lawmakers from all major parties, including former prime minister and now opposition leader Shinzo Abe, the Dalai Lama said that members of Japan's parliament should go to Tibet to examine the reasons for recent self-immolations there. Two Tibetans died in separate self-immolations Monday, according to news reports, taking to nine the number of people who have set themselves on fire in the past week to protest Chinese rule.

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  1. I feel bad for the people of Tibet under Chinese rule, but… wasn’t
    Tibet a fucking medieval serfdom under the Lamas? Weren’t they a protected ruler caste while the rest of the population slaved in the dirt? Thanks for all the platitudes, Tenzin, but you’re a fucking monster when you’re on the throne, too.

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