Honor Flight: New Trailer for Ultimate Veterans Day Documentary


Former Reason TV staffer Dan Hayes is one of the creators of Honor Flight, an incredibly powerful documentary about honoring World War II vets that set the world record for the largest live screening this past summer (over 28,000 people watched the film in Milwaukee's Miller Field).

The full-length movie started as 5-minute video for Reason TV released in 2009. Watch "Every Day is a Bonus."

Watch the new trailer above and to the film's website here.

Here's the writeup for the trailer:

Published on Nov 8, 2012 by 


Freethink Media presents "Honor Flight"—a film about four living World War II veterans and a Midwest community coming together to give them the trip of a lifetime. Volunteers race against the clock to fly thousands of WWII veterans to Washington, DC to see the memorial constructed for them in 2005, nearly 60 years after the War.

The First Trailer: The film's first trailer got 4.5 million views via Facebook.http://bit.ly/TxML4O

The Premiere: "Honor Flight" set the world record for largest film screening ever with 28,442 people in attendance. http://huff.to/PgEzpT

The Pledge: pledge to see the film at http://www.HonorFlightTheMovie.com

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (SSHF) is the Honor Flight chapter featured in the film. To donate, volunteer or learn more about SSHF, please visithttp://www.starsandstripeshonorflight.org.

SSHF is one of 117 Honor Flight hubs throughout the country. To find a hub near you, visit http://www.honorflight.org.

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  1. So is reason taking today off?

    1. Dunno. Not me.

    2. Probably. Obama is in charge, so everything is ok. Liberty is secured, not much to report about. I assume the mag will go out of business in the next couple of years, assuming the GOP loses the House.

      1. I’m still hoping Boner gets an override from the House GOP and ObamaCare’s repealed.

        Tread softly, my man, for you tread on my dreams.

        1. That might happen in 5 years, but in the meantime it still has to get through the Senate AND Obama’s veto pen. And I seriously doubt that the Repubs will pick up enough seats in 2014 to do a veto override.

          1. But the point is that there’s a chance. The GOP has to try. God damn it, THEY HAVE TO TRY.


        2. I’m still hoping Boner gets an override from the House GOP and ObamaCare’s repealed.

          That’s code for something that’s NSFW, right?

          1. I’d be happy to walk you through it sometime, if you can get drunk enough.

          2. It involves Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Christie, and a studded baseball bat. You don’t want to know.

        3. Why would Obama’s new bitch try and argue with The One?

          If there are any rumblings of repealing, The Speaker and RNC are going to stifle them post-haste.

          I can’t tread softly, I’m wearing Truth-Boots adorned with the Spurs of Clarity +3!

          1. I don’t think the Speaker or the RNC are suicidal. If repealer fervor returns, they’ll bend to the will of their party’s House majorirty (maybe even a supermajority). Fuck ’em.

            1. I’ve taken all of that into account and come to the same conclusion I’ve previously stated.

              1. Repealer “fervor” will not return, period, dot.

              2. I don’t think you can consider them suicidal. They can actually only conceptualize one way of thinking, and will not deviate from that one way. Unfortunately, it’s not the way of principles or even victory. It’s just keep spouting the same old DNC policies, only also yelling about abortion.

              The last part you do have correct, though.

              1. I’m still holding out hope. STOP FUCKING MY DREAMS.

                1. Hope is just something for the world to beat out of you.

                  Replace it with pure black cynicism, hatred and anger. You’ll die quicker and be done with this stupid place.

  2. “over 28,000 people watched the film in Milwaukee’s Miller Field”

    It’s Miller PARK.

    Still an awesome documentary.

  3. Sometimes thing s just make you wonder dude.


  4. YAY WAR!

    Have you all lost your fucking minds?

  5. All soldier are brave and strong man of his people.

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