No Freebies for Voters, Bankruptcy May Defuse the Pension Crisis, Greeks Strike Again: P.M. Links


  • Obamney

    Were you planning to vote just so you could get that free cup of coffee that's being handed out to do-ers of civic good deeds? Fugeddaboudit. Giving goodies to voters is illegal. Really.

  • A British poll says Obama will win the popular vote by a margin of two percent and take most of the battleground states. No, I don't know why the limeys are running surveys for an American election, either.  But Europeans do seem a little emotionally invested in the outcome.
  • The last, great hope for reining-in California pension disaster may be urban bankruptcies. That because, in receivership, judges call the shots, and are (comparatively) insulated from political pressures.
  • Confiscating every penny from every millionaire in the United States would keep the federal government going … for three months.
  • Greek transportation and media workers are striking again. In further news, nobody noticed.
  • A new study finds that teens living at home with lesbian parents do better in school. Huh.
  • Check your PayPal account. Anonymous says they swiped a bunch of passwords.

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