Brickbat: Is That a Boy or a Girl?


In Ohio, Canton South High School officials have given Zachery Aufderheide two days of in-school suspension for refusing to cut his hair. Zach is growing his hair out to donate to Locks for Love, the second time he'll make such a donation. But offiicals say he's in violation of the dress code, which says male students can't have hair below the shirt collar.

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  1. Long haired freaky people, need not apply.

    1. Unfortunately, many of the lyrics are anti-private property.

      1. Yeah, isn’t that hole song basically some guy complaining about not being able to do what he wants because other people won’t let him on their property?

        1. Wow, WHOLE. Need coffee…

          1. yes, you were a sinner for building a fence to keep mother nature in, and other people out.

            it was pro-gambol all the way, and i suspect the lyrics were ghost written by he that shall not be named

        2. Hole song

          (Marginally SFW)

  2. Our hero teachers shouldn’t have to put up with behaviour such as this in the classroom. Their job is difficult enough without all these disruptions.

    The School Board Administration has painstakingly researched the best atmosphere required for the efficient education of their students, and for parents to think they know better is just assinine.

    I hope these so-called parents learned their lesson from the well deserved suspension and in the future will use better judgement. By requesting in advance whether a planned activity is in compliance with the, what I’m sure are well-publicized, policies of people who know much more than they do.

    1. How can the silly kid concentrate on instruction as to how FDR freed the slaves and Generalissimus Bush attempted to become Overlord of the Universe when he can’t even read the DE-approved textbook through all that hair?

      1. Yes, but look at his last name. Aufderheide. Clearly a Nazi. Even more ominious is it’s translation is “In the forest of Health.”

        Clearly the school has snipped this potential muckraker in the bud.

      2. “its”. MOAR coffee.

        1. bollocks. Heide means “heath” – eg L?neburger Heide, the L?neburge heath. Aufderheide means “on the heath”

          1. AHA! Right you are. What’s Antipodean for PWN’d? “Wald” is “forest.” I was thinking of poem I learnt whilst a yoot.

            Still, the irony is plain to see, as he was growing his cranial fur for the betterment of others and was condemned as WORSE-THAN-HITLER.

            1. Wald as in Steigerwald?

              Sorry – too soon? Still in mourning?

  3. The kid is plainly a dangerous subversive – he’s wearing a Rush t-shirt

    1. Hey, I used to wear a Rush t-shirt in school. Though it was Presto, so I’m not sure that still counts.

      Then again, I actually am a dangerous subversive, so you may be on to something.

      1. Dern! I had misidentified you as a benign subversive.

        1. my headmaster told me i was clearly in the “floating pot of anarchists”

          this was after i wrote an article for the school newspaper referring to our most pompous annoying student as a “master debater”, with superlative “oral skills”. this made it past our craptastic faculty editor (she formed a debate team at my school).

          1. In 86/87 I wrote a paper for senior english entitled “The Necessity of Terrorism”*. I can only imagine what that would lead to now. Back then, it led to an okay grade.

            *The arguments wouldnt hold up to any decent debate, I even thought so at the time, but it was well written and well reasoned, if you ignore that the premises were absolute bullshit.

      2. I still wear Rush t-shirts.

        1. how long’s your hair?

          1. Almost long enough to donate. They need minimum 12 inches but I don’t want to end up with a buzzcut so I’m growing it out a bit more. It’s starting to get really annoying actually.

        2. I need a Rush t-shirt! Do they still have the orange Club Guantanamo collection? But no way am I donating my hair.

          1. Aren’t you dead?

    2. Time Machine Tour – they played Moving Pictures in its entirety at the beginning of the second set.

      I’m wearing my Snakes and Arrows Tour shirt RIGHT NOW.

      1. They played Moving Pictures? Can’t they do something original?

        1. They had never played the entire album in concert before. It was pretty cool. In recent years they have been breaking out some great songs they never or very infrequently played before.

        2. Original material? Hey they’re, like 50 years old ‘n stuff.

          They saved the original material for the current tour and the new album is their best work in decades. Probably since Permanent Waves.

          1. Clockwork Angels is a wonderful bit of work. Best in a long tim, although I really like Grace Under Pressure ans Signals. The Enemy Within is one of their best songs ever, especially the l I’ve version from the 1984 tour.

            1. I always liked Red Sector A.

              Then I found out the backstory. Now its amazingly depresssing, and even more awesome.

              1. robc, I agree with you completely on Red Sector A.

              2. Red Sector A has always been one of my favorites as well.

            2. Signals is an under-rated album and to hear those songs live proves it, at least to me. This tour is the first time I heard Analog Kid (a personal favorite) live and it was amazing. I really love Grave Under Pressure as well. Clockwork Angels for me is an amazing peice of work because I didn’t think they’d ever attempt anything to epic in scope. It’s like they took everything they learned over the past 30 years and revisited thier roots. I love it.

  4. If school administrators made an exception in this case, the next thing you know they’d have to start evaluating others on a case by case basis, which leads to thinking, which leads to applying judgement. At least this way, they have the slim hope of all the blame going to an inanimate object: the rulebook.

    If this was my school district, I would save a lot of taxpayer dollars by removing administrators and propping the rulebook up at the desk. You know it would work on the cheap and probably eats at its desk.


      Actually, this demonstrates for the 84370852184375098th time that when it comes to bullying, the state is the biggest bully of them all.

      1. From the comments:

        Lisa Farrand Kemp ? Saint Louis, Missouri
        Nothing HORRIBLE about it @ Liz Balch-Johnson, but the school has a right to enforce its rules and if they say a boy’s hair must be shoulder length, then Zachery should make every effort to obey the rules. School is SCHOOL, and there are rules for a reason. We don’t question the reason. If someone wants to change the rules, then go to the School Board and get it changed. Do the leg-work. Don’t simply BLOW OFF THE RULE because you feel YOUR cause is so damn important. Locks For Love won’t go away because Zachery had to cut his hair. They’ll move on to the next donor.

        1. Tulpa’s real name is Lisa?

          1. You are hereby awarded the Order of the Golden Monocle for that one.

            1. The timing was right, but the joke was just laying right there. That is almost word-for-word what he said in the last food truck thread.

          2. I always suspected Tulpa was a woman.

            1. his gynaecologist on the other hand…

            2. Just because he’s a bitch don’t mean he’s a woman.

        2. Another:

          Jean Brick Marasso ? Top Commenter ? Calumet High School
          Sorry… I am so on the schools side about this!!
          YOU …follow the school rules, that’s called respect. There is just to much crap about all of this stuff with kids, mothers getting involved and wanting the RULES BROKEN!
          I applaud this kid for his efforts for what he is doing. But you cannot tell me that he did not know the rules of the school.
          I’m sorry …..follow school rules or cut the hair. He can do something else also to help where it does not go against the …….RULES!!! There are many organizations out there who would love to have his help.
          His mother should look into this instead of wanting to go on the news because her poor son is trying to do something good and is being chastized for it. Turn it around, bring his efforts into the lite on the right way!!

          Apparently rules on grammar, punctuation and spelling aren’t included in her rule-worship.

          1. These always brings to mind my favorite Sam Adams quote:

            “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
            the tranquility of servitude
            better than the animating contest of freedom,
            go home from us in peace.
            We ask not your counsels or your arms.
            Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
            May your chains set lightly upon you,
            and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

  5. Cancer? There is something deeper here kid, you don’t actually own your own fucking hair. Get over it.

    1. Sorry, a little grouchy this morning.

      1. Understandable, given the nation’s slide towards Peak Retard.

        1. Towards? And is it a Peak, or a Trough?

          1. Good point, it’s a Trough.

        2. Towards? I rather thought we we there already. We are moving to anticlimax Retard, yes?

          1. I thought so too but everyday seems to prove me wrong.

            1. It’s The Neverending Denouement. Feel free to add Limahl as a soundtrack if you wish.

              1. Wikipedia says Limahl is 1.67m tall and is the inspiration for the appearance of Longshot. So, two things I never knew about him and will soon forget

                1. Wikipedia says Limahl is 1.67m tall

                  What’s that in handbreadths though?

              2. I’m scared of what’s on the other side of the peak/trough. Part of me is curious and hopes Obama gets re-elected.

                Of course, should Obama lose (Unthinkable!!!11!) the left will have a collective break from (relative)sanity that will be joyous to behond.

  6. They’re just trying to save him from the much more severe punishment due to him were he to hug one of the kids his donated hair helped.

  7. In School Suspension!?!!?!

    I hope that he skips coming in on those days. You want to suspend me? Fine, but don’t expect me to come to school on those days.

    1. They started doing that at my school in the 80s. School money is based on attendance. Kid doesnt attend, school doesnt get money for the day. So in-school suspension allows them to collect the cash.

      1. So, they’re basically in the kid ranching business.

  8. Matt Welch is on the curvy couch with Gretchen right now.

    1. Soperstorm refugees are diving dumpsters competing with the rats for food while the insensitive editor lives the high life in upper Manhattan.

      1. Awesomely retarded shit in a Limey newspaper today about Superstorm Sandy relating to the Presidential election. More to come in AM Links, I promise.

      2. That was short. Welch was wearing his “state-finalist in the science fair” suit.

  9. He should wear a “Fuck Public Schools’ shirt to school, and tell every teacher to blow him. That should provide an extended vacation.

    1. When I worked in Congress there was this lady protester that walked the halls wearing on orange jumpsuit, in shackles and a ball gag because she protesting Gitmo. I think he should wear that to school.

      1. Wait a minute, if we are going to have a story about some woman in a ball gag, and no banging…

        /Hyperion tale scolding off

      2. this lady protester that walked the halls wearing on orange jumpsuit, in shackles and a ball gag

        I would have figured she was an intern, doing what interns do.

  10. Worst FF ever! Not funny.

  11. I don’t see how this can possibly not be gender discrimination.

    Even if our courts have decided that public school students don’t actually have “real” constitutional rights (cough cough thank you Clarence Thomas) and that it’s permissible to set up dress codes for students, I don’t see how they can possibly justify different dress codes for boys and girls.

    If a girl is allowed to have long hair and a boy is not, BOOM – gender discrimination, cut and dried.

    It’s as if they had one dress code for whites and one for blacks. “Whites can wear blue, but blacks can’t, ’cause – CRIPS AND BLOODS, BITCHES!”

    1. Males are not a protected class, so you can’t discriminate against them.

    2. it IS gender discrimination. the problem is your assumption that gender discrimination is something you can’t have in public schools.

      locker rooms? gender discrimination
      sports teams? gender discrimination

      of COURSE it’s gender discrimination. if you say – girls can do it, but boys can’t, that is inarguable.

      the question is – is it ALLOWABLE gender discrimination, because the precedent is already set that SOME gender discrimination is ok

  12. Anyone else having issues with the main Hit n Run page breaking in chrome? From what I can tell it breaks other pages that have media content like soundcloud embeds. I’m running a fresh install of Chrome with only AdBlock plugin installed.

    1. I’ve not been having problems on Windows 7, but it runs hella slow and still won’t let me preview comments.

    2. All I know is I was ogling pics of that hot Jenner chick on Daily Fail and my screen kept locking up…

    3. It is taking up 258MB on my android browser and slowing the whole thing to a crawl.

  13. wow

    “School is SCHOOL,”

    a tautology or something, but ok

    ” and there are rules for a reason”

    sometimes. and sometimes the reason is stupid as hell, or dismissive of rights, or blatantly gender discriminatory, or just plain bad policy.

    “. We don’t question the reason.”

    fuck yea, we do. who’s this royal we that licks boots and doesn’t question the reason? i am not part of that “we”

    “If someone wants to change the rules, then go to the School Board and get it changed. Do the leg-work. Don’t simply BLOW OFF THE RULE because you feel YOUR cause is so damn important.”

    both have utility. but the idea that we shouldn’t QUESTION THE REASON is just mind bogglingly boot licking scary subservient.

  14. The fact that he’s growing his hair for charity is admirable, but irrelevant. This is bullshit! The school board has NO authority to dictate a students hair style. Public school is compulsory, and by claiming the right to dictate students’ hair style, they are making hair cuts compulsory. He should refuse to cut his hair on principle. What ar they going to do? Expel him?

    1. Full disclosure: I had long hair in high school.

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