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In Newton County, Georgia, 8-year-old Andrew Berry found he'd accidentally brought an unloaded BB gun to school in his backpack. So he immediately told his third-grade teacher. Bad move. The teacher told the principal, who suspended Berry for 10 days and filed a police report.

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  1. Well, if nothing else, I hope the kid learned his lesson.

    Never, EVER, confess to anything.

    1. …..and lesson #2, that academia is infested with morons from top to bottom.

    2. At school last week, my son was horrified when he opened his sack lunch and realized he had accidentally grabbed his younger brother’s emergency medicine sack (also kept in a brown paper bag on the counter) containing 2 EpiPens, a bottle of Benadryl, and a Ventolin inhaler. Because we have discussed stories like this one with him, he wisely closed the bag, left the cafeteria, and stuffed it in his backpack inside his locker. He told NO ONE. He was afraid of being suspended for (accidentally) bringing in “unauthorized” meds. He was just glad they were not doing locker checks that day.

      1. I’m glad his brother didn’t need it. In a rational world, he could have had his emergency meds and the older kid could have gotten his lunch.

  2. I remember thinking I was a bad ass when I took a Klingon ceremonial knife to school. Amazing what the let 14 year olds buy at trek conventions back in the day.

    1. I remember when nobody thought I was badass for bringing a 5.5-inch bull barreled Ruger MK I Target pistol to school. We had a rifle and pistol team that was sponsored by a federal government program. I still have my National Marksman button from it.

      1. Holy shit, that’s awesome. Try that today, and SWAT’ll show up — with an APC.

  3. Homeschooling — becoming a more appealing option by the day.

    1. We have a 12 gauge shotgun in our classroom.

  4. “… Georgia law states that any weapons that propels, we have to notify law enforcement, so the school did absolutely what they were supposed to do.”

    Looks like a case of stupidity buildup:
    The law needs changing.
    The principal needs to learn about prosecutorial discretion.
    School spokesmen need to learn to make agreement between nouns and verbs.

    1. We can’t let people make decisions. That’s like anarchy, you anarchist.

      1. Of course not. So myopic of me. I repent.

        Though I still can’t seem to type.

    2. What, you’re demanding literacy from the puerile assholes running the educational show in this country? Good luck with that.

      1. Yeah. I get disappointed a lot for expecting people who talk or write for a living to know how it’s supposed to be done.

    3. Consider the sorts of people who go into Ed these days.

  5. I remember once in 4th grade show-and-tell a kid brought one of these;

    His grandfather had taken it from a nazi in france. We all thought it was cool as hell, including our teacher Mr. Laborde, who was a wwII vet. The next day Mr. Laborde brought his mauser and lugers that he had aquired at the expense of some nazi’s lives. That was even cooler.

    This is back in the day when NRA gun safety courses were taught in grammer school.

    1. Don’t let the politically correct, progressive pussies in the general media convince you it’s all gone, because it isn’t. Around here, I see kids handling firearms and cold weapons of all sorts all the time — doing things like, AH MAH GAWD, carrying them WITHOUT SUPERVISION to and fro, for example.

      But this is Confederate flyover country. When we’re not busy denying women voting rights, we’re oppressing poor people and stuff.

  6. Oh, and great pic of a Red Ryder BB gun! I wore the spring out in one and my Dad replaced it with a steel spring. It was hell to cock, but shot more than twice as far. The other kids though I was a deadeye because I could hit anything with it after that.

  7. A few years ago I was taking some adult-ed night class at the local high school, and for some reason I pulled my keys out of my pocket. The teacher’s eyes went wide as he saw the little pen knife that’s on my keys next to the bottle opener. He quietly told me to put them back into my pocket and never pull them out again, lest he be forced to call the police and have me charged with a felony for carrying a weapon on school grounds. True story.

    1. It pays to do your research. It’s unlikely that a pen knife is a weapon, legally. States have statutory definitions, like blade length, locking mechanisms, etc.

      If you know you’re on the right side of the law, you can say, “Go ahead.” Let the teacher make an ass of himself and maybe even be charged with something, for calling the cops out. Sue the school district, if it’s too much trouble for you at that point.

      1. Any knife, no matter how small, is prohibited on public school grounds around here.

        Maybe it’s not technically a weapon, but it’s still a trip to jail and quite possible a felony charge.

        I’d rather leave it in my pocket and leave my mouth shut.

  8. you’ll shoot your eye out with that thing

  9. It’s like a vicious circle. Stupid people become teachers and journalist and then go on to influence more people to be stupid just like them. Make it stop! Please!

  10. Sometimes dude you jsut have to roll with it.

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