Congress Kicks the Can: Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Fiscal Cliff on Cavuto


"This is a Congress that can't even pass a regular budget. Just a run of the mill, ordinary, 'we have to pay this year's bills' kind of budget. Of course this Congress isn't going to be able to solve this enormous, difficult, looming crisis. No way, no how."

Reason magazine Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward talks about the federal legislature's ineffectiveness and inaction as the "fiscal cliff" approaches.

Aired October 24, 2012, on Fox Business's Cavuto

Duration 3:47

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  1. If the U.S. currency goes, there’s nobody in the world, and no combination of others in the world who can bail us out. What happens then? Hyperinflation. No one’s getting paid, so a lot of work won’t be getting done. The economy crashes? How bad does that get?

    1. Whatever she discussed on Cavuto is obviously false, because FAUX NEWS!!111!

  2. Financial musical chairs. The music’s going to stop at some point, and congress gets the underground bunker with the cache of young virgins to repopulate the world. What incentive do they have to stop?

  3. It’s no big deal. They just need to put away the politics of division, reach across the aisle, bury the hatchet, embrace the vibrancy of divergent opinion, bite the bullet, refuse to entertain rhetoric, eschew demagoguery, and form a super-committee of super-committees. Bing bang boom, problem solved.

  4. Vote against any incumbent. They’re all guilty.

  5. KMW, did Fox do your hair and makeup? You looked much better than I’ve seen you before. I’d almost think you had work done.

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