Reason Writers' 2012 Presidential Picks: Here's Who We're Voting For


"With the 2012 contest now just a couple of weeks away," writes's Nick Gillespie,

We're happy to publish our third "Who's Getting Your Vote?" survey, along with some questions about other important races around the country and whether the United States is becoming more or less free. Nobody's required to participate, but we do this exercise in a spirit of transparency and openness that generally goes missing at other media organizations around election time. Journalists claim all sorts of moral and legal privileges for themselves (typically as a corrective to the supposedly rotten wages the profession offers), but the idea that readers shouldn't know for whom political commentators pull the lever is self-evidently ridiculous….

Beyond naming their presidential picks, the two-dozen-plus staffers and contributors dissect whether President Obama or Mitt Romney would be worse on a range of issues, what other races are most important in November, and whether Reason's vision of "Free Minds and Free Markets" is a real possibility or a pipe dream.