Obama Says Mitt is "Not One of Us", Russell Means Passes Away, Police Abuse Cover-Up Goes to Court: P.M. Links


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  1. Germany appears to be slipping into recession as Europe’s economic woes become more woeful.

    There’s no one left!

    1. I say we go all limited government and free market and seize the opportunity for total economic dominance!

      1. HA! Good one.

      2. Am I right in thinking that government is standing in the way of the economic lebensraum that we so sorely need?

        1. Poll question: Would you rather have this government or be really rich?

          1. Both. I want to be really rich in the government system you propose, Pro’L Dib. -))

            If you are going to limit me strictly to that binary, I’ll take the limited government, economically free option and take my chances.

            1. Well, I prefer a free society based on my absolute rule as God-King.

    2. Like that actually matters.

    3. the Alabama of Europe!

  2. BREAKING: Cincinnati, Ohio TV Station WCPO Shows Election Night Results with Obama Win on its Website

    1. “Just testing”, I’ll wager. Still, I’d say it’s bad form.

      1. I’d be fine with that result if it means 14% of the vote goes to third party candidates.

    2. My big prediction for election night. Chris Mathews blows his brains out on live television.

      1. A tingle in the back of his head?

    3. So what color did they use for the states that Gary Johnson won?

      1. From the view on my Excel 2007 pallette, I believe the color you’re looking for is referred to as “No Fill”

      2. The fact that they show Johnson and Virgil Goode taking home a combined 11% tells you how unreal those results are.

  3. Funniest Parental Blogpost?

    1. Funny, yes. Funniest, maybe.

    2. 1. Make a recording of someone shouting ‘Mummy’ repeatedly. Important Notes: No more than a 4 second delay between each Mummy. Include occasional crescendo to the level of a supersonic jet.

      I have a friend whose ringtone for her daughter is some kid saying the word “mom” in a really annoying tone over and over again. Friend says its just like when her daughter wants her attention at home.

    3. Saddest, really.

    4. Sorry, White people, that shit is embarrassing. You need to start beating your kids.

  4. She was raised by Monkeys

    1. And now she’s a daydream believer, appalling.

  5. Do police need a warrant to track your cell phone like it’s your personal ear-tag?

    You want to use the government’s air to tansmit your illegal conversations, you damn right the coppers can track your movements.

    1. “Your” cell phone? You didn’t build that.

      1. That call, you didn’t make it. -)))

    1. They were negligent no doubt given the ongoing tremors leading up to the big one. But this is one hell of a slippery slope, what’s next a meteorologist jailed for not calling a tornado warning soon enough?

    1. It’s actually not a bad article.

      [Johnson] He has run a consistently honest and principled campaign that has been equal ? and equally harsh ? in its criticism of both parties. For that, despite being on most state ballots, he has been mercilessly shut out of the national debate by America’s bipartisan Political-Media-Industrial Complex.

      No, if Obamaphiles have any grievance over the Johnson Effect in Colorado, it should be with their candidate. He was the one who needlessly betrayed his own position on the failed drug war, a position that almost certainly got him votes in 2008 from disaffected Republicans and libertarians. He probably made the same calculation as the national media: He probably believed few care about the Drug War or his drug policy reversals, and that the brazen reversals might even win him votes by making him look “tough.”

      1. Yeah, I’m glad the author is aware of that fact. But it’s still pretty satisfying, especially if Mittens wins Colorado and it gives him the election.

    2. Without yet reading the article, that seems counterintuitive.

    3. Their guy had four years to change policy and the Dhimmi congress has had six. They could have inoculated themselves from this years ago but choose not to.

      1. Senate for the entire six, four previous years for there House reps.

    4. That’s a pretty good article, and there are a number of commenters critical of Obama. The apologists are hilarious.

      If it is possible for the election to turn on Colorodo’s electoral votes, it would be amazing to have a pretty clear instance of the marijuana issue deciding the election.

      1. The apologists are alternately aggressive and dismissive. Besides the MSNBC talking point of “DOMA, ACA and Iraq” they have nothing to say to defend their guy.

      2. I was surprised at the number of commenters critical of BO.

  6. Six years after Chicago police Officer-

    No tale that starts like that ends right.

    1. …attorney Matthew Hurd, representing the city at the trial, made it clear there will be no last-minute settlement despite the potential millions of dollars in damages at stake.

      “This case is a matter of principle,” said Hurd, explaining later that the city won’t settle lawsuits by paying damages on behalf of officers involved in altercations while off-duty.

      Actually, taxpayers will be paying damages on behalf of a police department which actively covered up the criminal altercations of your off-duty officer, dipshit.

      1. “a matter of principle” is the funniest shit I have read today.

        Like anyone involved with this even knows what that means.

    1. *** rising intonation ***

      I think I see a solution to unemployment and hunger.

      1. That’s not your intonation rising, unless you have created yet another euphemism, you double-entendre-ness. -)

        1. Gotta milk those entendres for all they’re worth, Doc!

          1. That laugh, you didn’t cause it. -D

  7. Barack Obama’s new ad says that Mitt Romney is “not one of us.”

    Obama? Involved in othering? I don’t think so.

    1. Well, Romney isn’t half-black, half-white, or a racist, commie socialist, so yeah, I think Obama can legitimately make the argument that Romney isn’t like him.

    2. gooboo gabba? **sniffs**

  8. The Whales have learned to speak

    1. Holy shit, you gotta warn people. That picture at the top is frightening.

      1. When you see that…’face’, and hear ‘get out’, you get the fuck out of the water.

    2. I guess we’d better get working on transparent aluminum.

      1. Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?

        1. Such an appropriate comment coming form a double dumb ass like yourself.

          1. You mean the profanity? That’s simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays attention to you unless you swear every other word. You’ll find it in all the literature of the period.

            1. Excuse me, would you mind stopping that damn noise!?

              1. (applies Vulcan neck pinch to the doc and to Scruffy)

                That’s better.

                1. He’s in a wee bit of a snit this afternoon, isn’t he?

                  1. I’m a man of deep feelings.

    3. Holy shit that’s sad if you consider that the first word thay ever rememer him saying was “out,” and:

      Noc started making the sounds in 1984 after seven years in captivity, and continued making them for another four years.

      He died five years ago but researchers have now analysed the archived sound recordings.

      1. They just thought it was so cute that an animal could make sounds like a person.

        1. The diver initially (mis?)interpreted it as someone telling him to “get out” of the water. Which under the circumstances would probably have made me shit my pants. When a fucking whale tells you to GTFO, that’s Lovecraftian horror mode right there.

          1. Meh. Even *flies* can tell you to GET OUT.

          2. It’s a shoggoth!!!

      2. “Kill me. That’s all he says. Over and over again. Kill me.”


    4. My good old friend is a researcher at the US Navy Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. I’ve partied with some of the authors of this study. Fun people. Interesting study.

    5. He sounds like years in the hold of a colony ship has driven him insane and evil.

    6. [insert Star Trek IV joke here]

      1. ASM, if we were to assume these whales were ours to do with as we pleased, we would be as guilty as those who caused their extinction.

        1. They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales.

  9. http://www.washingtontimes.com…..ost-month/

    Anti Islamic filmmaker still in jail. Will get hearing three days after the election. Disgraceful.

    1. Don’t worry, John. This will certainly come up at tonight’s debate.

    1. Hilarious! Also, no matter the language, YooToob attracts the stupid. -)))

      1. Does every car in Russia have a dashcam?

        1. No, but they are becoming increasing common in the larger cities, particularly Moskva and Santk-Peterburg, because traffic and driving ability is notoriously dismal and, quite frankly, really fucking dangerous. It’s to lower insurance rates and makes it easier to dismiss charges of negligence in the event of a car accident, which are disturbingly common in Moskva.

          UKR overall isn’t much better, TBH. But the roads are admittedly better in the Russified parts of UKR than in the western parts of the country.

        2. The biggest reason is the concept of “yield to pedestrians” is merely a suggestion in Russia. Your odds of getting hit by a car whilst on foot are on the high end of the curve, and evading responsibility for it is disturbingly easy, from what I understand from my Muskovite buddies.

        3. Yes. It’s to combat insurance fraud. People will literally run out in front of your car trying to get hit.

        4. here


          also just search youtube for russia insurance scam

    2. What’s Russian for ‘jackass’.

      1. There’s no exact literal translation but “glupij durak” would capture the sentiment.

  10. Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi participated in prayers over the weekend in which the preacher urged Allah to “destroy the Jews and their supporters.”


  11. French Food goes British?

    1. I had this idea earlier today: buy a scrolling electronic billboard in a populated area, maybe one with some traffi congestion so people have time to slow down and read, and just have it display PoliceOne comments, with attribution.

    2. Well then get ready to cry again.


      1. Best nuggets:

        Combine these factors with the “Don’t tread on me” or “I ain’t going back in” attitude, and you might find that treadmill time, an annual shooting qualifier, and that stuff you learned in the academy years ago probably won’t get you out of these attacks unharmed.

        The “don’t tread on me” attitude!

        Some simply don’t like to use force ? they think of themselves more as public-service oriented “educators” or some other such thing.

        We can’t go walking around thinking that calling an attacker sir/ma’am and following up with a baton strike or dose of pepper spray will have instant results.

        And from the comments:

        They believe ANY use of force by a cop is somehow a failure on the part of the officer involved! These are the touchy-feely, “hug-a-thug” group who dress for work and put on the rose colored glasses before the vest or sidearm!

        And the winner:

        If I have to hurt him, he’s not a person.

        1. Sorry, didn’t close out my italics thing properly.

          1. If I have to hurt him, he’s not a person.

            Us vs them boiled down to its perfect, core essence. Much like the life force of a Gelfling.

            1. Skeksis want peace!


            2. I suspected you were a Gelfling, since only the girls have wings. -)

              1. I am the last one!

                (said like Sean Connery)

              2. I believe this is the first Dark Crystal reference I’ve seen on this board. Well done, G. (G’s?)

            3. It’s telling that the following comment was QFTed by some of the other commenters:

              “We must not embody the ‘sheep’ we are obligated to defend.”

              It amazes me that cops can be more hermetically sealed off from “citizens” than even military members who have lived most of their adult lives outside the continental US.

              1. We’re “obligated” to defend.

                As if it’s some great burden that was laid upon their race in the distant past, which they still continue to this day.

                Oh no wait, it’s a fucking well-paying job that you do voluntarily.

                1. Hey, at the end of the day their job is to get home in one piece — not protecting the “sheep”.

                  If that means making sure that someone else doesn’t get home in one piece, then so be it.

                  If someone else wanted the right to get home in one piece to their families, then maybe they should have gotten hired as cops, so that they too could get paid to get home in one piece at the expense of the sheep.

                2. As if it’s some great burden that was laid upon their race in the distant past, which they still continue to this day.

                  And in their tongue he his Dovhakiin…DRAGONBORN!

                3. damn skippy!

                  great benefits, too.

          2. Do you know who else didn’t close out their tags?

            1. Your mom?

              1. Closing tags costs extra.

        2. Disgusting. Thanks Jimbo for my daily recommended dose of Rageboner.

        3. Pat has served as a police firearms and Verbal Judo instructor

          The Verbal Judo Sensei has spoken!

          1. “when arrow of insult is aimed at head,… move head” verbal judo 101

        4. Here’s a real gem:

          Posted by frogdiver on Monday, October 22, 2012 02:32 PM Pacific Report Abuse
          Not everyone comes along quietly. Not everyone follows our verbal commands. Some folks have to be forced to do what we tell them.
          Ours is a profession where we are expected to turn the violence on and off like a light switch. On when you need it, off as soon as it is no longer needed. Too bad human beings don’t actually work like that.

          Too bad cops are the only profession (of the many, many violent ones) where they’re not expected to be able to do that.

          1. they most definitely are, and are generally held to a higher standard vis a vis use of force than when “civilians” use force to make an arrest.

            1. Those cops don’t seem to think so. In fact, they seem to think it’s impossible. Wonder where they got that idea?

  12. I can’t believe these things haven’t been banned yet.

    The parents of a 14-year-old Hagerstown girl who died in December are suing the maker of Monster Energy Drink, claiming caffeine in the product contributed to her death.

    1. “Do the Dew!”

      1. “Extreme!!!!!!!!!”

    2. Today marks the day personal responsibility died. I’m sorry for the loss of their daughter, but she chose to drink the beverages. She was not forced to drink them. In my experience, and from my equity evaluation/research, Hansen’s Natural Soda (makers of Monster) is a responsible and ethical company. They don’t need this crap lawsuit. I am sick to death of this stuff!

      Incidentally, I did my research at the beginning of June, and thought their shares were overvalued. With this pending lawsuit, share value plummeted today. It is coming back into line with my valuation. Might be a good time to buy.

      1. To be fair, Your Rep-ship, that personal responsibility ship sailed some time ago.

        And I am 100% with you on the frivolous, merit lacking shakedowns masquerading as a “legitimate lawsuit.”

    3. Pretty sure most of those have a warning on them that you’re not supposed to drink them if you have a heart condition, which the girl had. Tragic, but it was her own damn fault (and her parents for not monitoring her consumption habits).

    4. First the bleachtini, now Monster energy drink. Won’t someone please think of the children and restrict the little animals to bread and water until they are 18?

      1. Bread? You gluten filled monster.

        1. The gluten serves to fuel my undying hatred for the forces of statism. It will make the children strong and merciless.

          1. i made metric assloads of $$$ off of HANS stock, so i remain a vigilant defender of Monster energy drinks

            what a great fucking stock play that was.

            viva capitalism and viva HANS

    5. But the child’s parents claim Monster failed to warn about the risks of drinking its products.

      Monster Beverage Corp., which touts on its web site that the Monster Energy Drink is a “killer energy brew”

      Case ruled for the defendant. *gavel pound*
      –Any Judge

  13. Al Qaeda spokesman raises an interesting question.

    “Nobody spoke up for thousands of such Malalas who became victims of military operations, and nobody protested for them on the roads,” Farooq wrote. “But these circles made so much noise when we targeted this girl who made fun of jihad, the veil and other Islamic values on behest of the British Broadcasting Corporation. This attack created shockwaves in the ruling circles around the world. They issued a number of statements condemning the attack on Malala. I may ask why? Why is Malala’s blood more important than those killed by the army?”

    1. Why is Malala’s blood more important than those killed by the army?”

      Because, you fucking asswipe, you shot her on purpose for making you look like fools!

    2. “Interesting” only in that the situations he’s comparing are not similar in almost any way.

    3. “Nobody spoke up for thousands of such Malalas who became victims of military operations,

      Except for the thousands of protesters who did.

    4. ‘Interesting’ in what it tells us about Sparky.

    5. Interesting only in that he kinda sounds like an Obama apologist.

    6. Later the Al Qaeda spokesman added, ” I mean, come on, guys, she’s just a woman. It’s not like she’s people!”

  14. Too bad this guy was a cop instead of a football player. He may have actually, you know, been charged with a crime.

    No double standard though, right?

  15. I can only hope we was trained to not taze a handcuffed woman. Otherwise, why in the world should he be held accountable for what he does?

    1. Sparky @ 4:47 beat you.

  16. US insurance company is demanding that Lance Armstrong payback millions in bonuses.

    Are people forgetting that this guy has raised a large amount of money for cancer research?

    1. The narrative is Lance Armstrong is absolute evil. Stick with the narrative!

      1. I’ll bet that’s not even his real name.

        1. You gotta admit, Lance Armstrong would make a great porn star name.

    2. He doped up better than any of the other dopers.

      1. Exactly. The quote from the TdF director was that he didn’t think anyone should inherit Lance’s titles because doping was so prevalent in the peleton. So… They all doped, and Armstrong still won. Seems like an exercise in futility to me.

  17. “Barack Obama’s new ad says that Mitt Romney is “not one of us.” Colorado voters apparently disagree, since the GOP candidate is leading there by four points, and pulling 50 percent support for the first time.”

    This doesn’t follow. More likely, at least 50% of Colorado voters are not, to Obama’s mind, “one of us” either…

  18. Barack Obama’s new ad says that Mitt Romney is “not one of us.”

    One of us. One of us. Gooble gobble. Gooble gobble.

    1. Obama the Pinhead! Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!

  19. Goddammit, Sloopy. Beat me by *that* much.

    1. I’m not posting this for the shooting–if he really came out shooting, then they weren’t in the wrong to shoot him–but rather for the insanely poor quality of writing. What. The. Fuck. It’s like an three-year-old with a concussion wrote this.

      Salem police officers shoot man seen holding rifle

      A man seen holding a rifle during an argument in a Salem street is expected to survive after police officers shot him multiple times.

      Police received a disturbance call just before 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

      Neighbors said they saw a man holding a rifle during an argument between a man and a woman in the 2400 block of Fourth Street Northeast.

      When police arrived, they found about 10 people standing in the street. Officers said the man with the rifle ran behind a nearby house.

      Officers who followed him found the rifle behind the house, but there was no sign of the man who they saw holding it.


      1. Police said they learned the man who ran from them had an outstanding arrest warrant for meth possession out of Marion County, and officers decided to search the house.

        Investigators said the man came out of a room and fired multiple rounds at three officers, who returned fire.

        The man, who’s been identified as Rick Howell of Salem was shot multiple times. He was taken to Salem Hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

        Howell was released from the hospital early Friday morning and booked into jail in Marion County on charges of attempted aggravated murder and being a felon in possession of a firearm, investigators said.

        1. You’re just jealous that the grammar and lack of typos is superior to your own.

          1. That’s pretty funny for someone who has a fish shoved up his ass.

            1. Shoved?!?

              1. Everyone that shows up at the ER tries to say it just swam up there on its own. Be better than that, Epi.

                1. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that explanation…

                  “It was one one in a million, doc. One in a million.”

                2. Swam?!?

          2. “His…is…the…su..perior…in-…”

  20. Lance Armstrong should go on the teevee and, instead of apologizing, say, “Fuck you. Fuck you all. Good night.”

    1. He fucked Sheryl Crow. Willingly. Clearly evidence of doping. Case closed.

      1. Ten years ago, I dreamed of doing Sheryl Crow. Just so I could make her emotionally dependent on me and make her cry for my own amusement.

      2. I remember hearing her talk about her enviro causes, and one thing she said was that she only used three squares of TP after finishing up in the john. Three. Squares.

        That’s one way to keep the guy from asking for anal.

    2. I know we have like this big debt crisis thingy, but when are our elected officials going to do something about sports doping? It’s kinda a big deal. Congress needs to subpoena and bully Lance Armstrong on CSPAN until he kills himself.

  21. New BBC programme will feature models of early man in unprecedented detail.

    1. Neanderthal Man looks lik Chad Kroeger

    2. Homo erectus. huh… haha… hahaha.

      1. Heh heh heh heh heh //Bevis

      2. The BBC is gonna burn once that pederast story on ITV is released. Covering up for a man (that was later knighted) who was a serial sexual abuser is gonna make the Murdoch NOTW scandal look like a walk in the park.

        What is it with the British and their tolerance of sexual abuse? Has it been institutionalized in their boarding schools so long that it’s just viewed as normal?

        1. Pretty much, sloopy.

        2. From what I understand…yes?

          1. That stiff upper lip has boy cock smeared on it.

            1. And thus concludes looking at Reason for the day. Thanks for ruining my enjoyment, you diabetic dimwit.

              1. Don’t encourage him with praise.

              2. I am why no one takes libertarianism seriously?

                1. No, sarcasmic is why nobody takes libertarianism seriously. You’re why nobody takes diabetes seriously.

                  1. Yeah. Here… eat these Snickers.

            2. The shocking thing here is that apparently Sir Jimmy Savile was diddling girls instead of boys. Maybe that’s why there’s so much outrage. If they were boys, it would have been viewed as part of a compulsory British education.

        3. From the comments, simple truth is unacceptable:

          1876 ? 14 hrs ago

          Media and Government work hand in glove,so it’s likely both are involved in a cover-up and next,the white wash.

          2 Replies

          2users liked this commentPlease sign in to rate a Thumb UpPlease sign in to rate a Thumb Down5users disliked this comment
          Len 6 hrs ago

          (yawn) You Bircher kooks are dumb as rocks.

        4. Britain without sodomy is like Canada without doughnuts, or Russia without vodka, or France without whores.

          It ceases to function.

          1. It’s buggery, buggery I say!

            1. One of the three legs upon which Britain was built.

  22. The more I read about it, I’m seriously praying for an electoral college tie. Apparently if Romney wins all six swing states most likely to go his way and Obama wins the rest it is a real possibility. It would be especially funny if Obama barely wins the popular vote, and the House picks Romney.

    A Republican House and President (with no mandate) with a Democratic VP and Senate wouldn’t get crap done. Everyone calls this a “nightmare” scenario, but it sounds like best case to me. We get caught up in the controversy and hopefully the lame duck Congress won’t have time or willingness to find compromise to stave off the mandatory 10% cuts across the board.

    1. The problem with that scenario is that it sets the stage for a popular move towards supporting a dictatorship.

      I think that the best we can hope for is Obama ekeing out a win and continuing destroying the socialist brand.

      1. I think a Romney popular vote with an Obama electoral college win is more likely and still ripe with lulz. It’s sad when the best outcome I can hope for is a legitimacy crisis.

        1. This is what I’m hoping for.

        2. If we can stack that with a couple of recounts in Colorado with a high number of Johnson voters, plus a solid lose for Fauxcahontas, I’ll have the hugest schadenfreude boner.

        3. I’m hoping for this as well.

          1. Look at the RCP No toss up map. As it stands, if Romneybot flips Iowa and Nevada, it’s gonna be 269-269. That, of course, doesn’t take into account the fact the ME allocates 3 of their electoral votes according to how their districts vote.

            In an ideal world, it would be 269-268-1 (Paul voter from Colorado), and it would go to the HoR’s. And yes, it’s a Team Red House, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Paul fans there vote for him. Of course, Biden would get the nod as VP from the Senate since Team Red somehow managed to run candidates bad enough not to get control of it back.

            1. In an ideal world, it would be 269-268-1 (Paul voter from Colorado), and it would go to the HoR’s

              The real fun would be if Romney wins the popular vote and Obama the electoral college, but Obama gets less than the 270 needed for victory thanks to the Paul electoral voters and Romney wins the Presidency in the House thanks to “the will of the people!”. Can you imagine the butthurt that would ensue?

              1. I would literally come in my pants if that happened.

                1. It’s only a legitimacy crisis because we choose to look at it that way. We *could* look at like we have a perfectly legitimate combination of popular election and parliamentary selection – if the Electoral College fails to produce a majority the legislative body selects the winner, with each state having one vote in order to compensate the small states for the big-state advantage in the EC.

                  But lots of people would go with “OMG constitutional crisis!”

      2. He’s destroying the socialist brand? News to me. There’s always something else to blame.

        Gridlock isn’t good enough. We need a government that gets things done *dodges projectile*. We need a government that cuts. *dodges another projectile*

        1. Except for the military. That cannot be cut, ever. Or else North Korean Al-Qaedaban will invade us.

      3. But that in turns sets the stage for a military coup and the mass slaughter of the traitors who support dictatorship. So, it could have a silver lining, at least.

    2. Family Feud — Obamas vs. Romneys.

      1. That should replace the Debates. But bring back Peterman as host.

    3. I don’t see a tie happening. For that to occur either Obama would have to win Florida (which I think is doubtful) and Mittens would have to win Nevada (which I think is more doubtful). I have Mittens winning Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and thus the Electoral College by 12 votes. Probably a virtual tie in the popular vote.

      1. However statistically insignificant the difference in the poular vote is, if the Democrats “win” it we’ll never hear the end of it.

        And while I don’t know about the country, I’m pretty sure Romney has Fla sewed up.

        North Florida is predictably Red, South Florida, predictably Blue.

        The difference is that Central Florida – the “I-4 corridor” – is not going to go for Obama this time around.

        1. No chance at all in Florida for Obama unless Romney is caught drinking orange juice from California.

        2. North Florida is predictably Red, South Florida, predictably Blue.

          Not. True.

          NoFL is absolutely RED. Even more RED than other parts of very conservative country. But so is Miami. The Cubans always have and always will vote Team RED.

  23. On the neighborhood listserv a neighbor — who turns out to be a cop — wants the neighborhood to install license plate readers in response to some recent break ins. Says that it’s not tracking or “extraordinary” and shouldn’t need a warrant. I pushed back and rallied enough people to kill this idea. for now. his basic argument is “plain view” = no warrant and that this doesn’t equal tracking. i think that’s BS, but admittedly don’t know. any help/thoughts appreciated. i think eventually i’m going to have to make a speech before the neighborhood board or something. like i don’t have enough to do.

    1. Or, you know, people could act in their own self interest and get alarms installed or big dogs. Nah.

      Ask the cop if he’s willing to submit a public record of every visitor to his house.

    2. Are you part of a HOA? If so, it could make things difficult, especially if it’s a gated community with private roads. If they’re public streets, I can’t see how it would be legal.

    3. Don’t have much help to offer, but you get my respect for standing up for what is right. Last Spring, my bro had some work related electronics equipment stolen from his van while it set out in the drive. After which, he spoke to the local patrol about it and he in the middle of the conversation became convinced that the culprit was right there in front of him.

    4. Your neighborhood has a listserv?


  24. Hillary Clinton must really be out of politics.. Cause shit just got real:

    I can’t stand whining. I can’t stand the kind of paralysis that some people fall into because they’re not happy with the choices they made. You live in a time when there are endless choices.


    Some women are not comfortable working at the pace and intensity you have to work at in these jobs ? Other women don’t break a sweat.

    Can you imagine her pissing off the feminazis if she wasn’t leaving at the end of the year?

    1. I think as Hillary gets older, she gets crankier with these third and fourth wave feminists who expect to have everything handed to them. For all the criticism she’s (deservedly) received, it takes a lot of work to stay in the game and remain relevant as long as she has. I can’t imagine her being very patient with some of these femtards that belive they should be paid $80K a year just for existing.

      1. I am quite frankly amazed that she said something I agree with. Just astounded. I wonder how much more rational she’ll get after she moves out of DC?

  25. This guy is one hell of a scumbag, but a bigger issue is why there are school districts in California getting $600k jobs done to athletic fields. Not to mention that the school districts he worked at had 1 and 2 schools respectively.

    Seriously. What’s the point in having a school district with the full admin apparatus that comes with it, if the district has 1 fucking school?

    This is theft in more ways than one.

    1. What’s the point of a public treasury if no one is busy stealing from it?

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