12-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader

Was home alone, hid in closet, shot when intruder arrived at closet door


A 12-year-old girl took matters into her own hands during a home invasion in southeast Oklahoma.

It happened on Wednesday when the girl was home alone. She told police a stranger rang the doorbell, then went around to the back door and kicked it in. She called her mom, Debra St. Clair, who told her to get the family gun, hide in a closet and call 911.

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  1. Cue the liberal calls for the mother to be charged with child neglect (12 yo home alone) and criminal child endagerment (gun in home).

    1. I had to click on the link just to check – my first thought was that the mother and daughter would both have been arrested.

    2. You might think they would be arrested for self-defense by extrapolating from the kinds of news Reason usually publishes, but people save themselves and others with their guns all the time in this country. A criminologist produced one survey, based on households in the 48 contiguous states, which estimated that 2.5 million Americans use their guns defensively every year.

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