Obama Critic Dinesh D'Souza Resigns as College Head over Marital Issues

Rumored to have a new fiancee before divorcing wife


The conservative scholar behind a high-grossing film that condemns President Barack Obama resigned Thursday as head of an evangelical college following a report about his engagement to a woman while still legally married to his wife.

The board of The King's College announced school president Dinesh D'Souza was stepping down immediately after their discussion with him during a marathon meeting to decide his future.

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    D’Souza once again turns his eye for social criticism to liberals, this time asserting their responsibility for the rise of anti-Americanism abroad and perhaps even the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The cultural Left in the U.S., by pressing for sexual freedom for women and gays through birth control, no-fault divorce, and support for gay marriage, has not only undermined American culture but also provoked the ire of religious conservatives in other nations, most prominently Islamic fundamentalists. Contrary to President Bush’s assertions that terrorists and their supporters hate American freedom, D’Souza asserts that what they really hate is our licentious culture.

    By his own argument, he’s supporting terrorism!

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