A.M. Links: Clinton Takes Responsibility for Benghazi Fiasco, Karadzic Wants to Be Rewarded, Cameron Urges Israel to Not Attack Iran, South Dakota Has First Execution in Years, Another Arrest For Facebook Rant, Farrakhan Offers Obama Debate Advice


  • Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. 
  • The former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic argued that he should be rewarded for reducing suffering as his defense began in the Hague. 
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Israel not to attack Iran but rather wait for the effects of new sanctions to kick in. 
  • South Dakota carried out its first execution since 2007 last night. Eric Robert killed a prison guard during a failed escape attempt. 
  • Another arrest has been made over an anti-DEA rant posted on Facebook.
  • Louis Farrakhan has offered the President some advice for today's debate. The Nation of Islam leader thinks Obama needs to "Be a little black". 

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  1. Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

    She knows if you lay down willingly under the bus you can at least direct where the treadmarks land.

    1. So Obama’s going to fire her, right? People died over this.

      Of course, that will never happen. There had to be some serious wrangling over this. Hillary got something big in return for her not-seppuku.

    2. I took responsibility once.

    3. What a stark contrast between the way this has been handled by Hillary than Fast Furious by Holder. I can’t say I know why or even have any plausible theories.

      1. Why people keep trying to use ampersands is beyond me.

        1. You’re going to look so foolish on the day they restore all of the lost ampersands and replace the word “ampersand” with ampersands.

          1. I look foolish now. Why should I give a shit about looking foolish in the future?

            1. Have you reached peak foolishness?

              1. Is there a tipping point?

        2. It’s force of habit – every other site in the world seems to accept them, and I keep forgetting that HyR is a special magical kingdom which bans big old meanies like ampersands.

          1. H?R works just fine for some us, thanks.

            1. Showoff.

            2. That is clearly a second-hand ampersand purchased at a consignment boutique, or more likely, a charity shoppe.

              Disgraceful. That is a monocle revocation. Surrender your top hat as well.

              1. Where else can you get ampersands made from panda-bone? The government won’t let you make them anymore!

            3. that gold account really pays off.

      2. I can’t say I know why or even have any plausible theories.

        Make no mistake, Hillary is a team player. The election is coming up and she’s been ordered to move out and draw fire. This represents that.

    4. Maybe she was serious when she said that she wasn’t running in 2016…

      1. 1) the buck-stopping is how many weeks after the fact?
        2) people have very short memories.
        3) a sympathetic media to help with rehab

        1. Hilldawg taking responsibility doesn’t get Obama off the hook. He’s ultimately responsible for his entire administration. This is a play to get Romney to lay off it at the debate tonight.

          POUND him on it!

    5. She hasnt truly accepted responsibility until she resigns.

      Until then, she is just SAYING she accepts responsibility.

      1. I don’t think she was following him into a second term, anyway.

  2. The Nation of Islam leader thinks Obama needs to “Be a little black”.

    Yes, because that’s the vote he’s in danger of losing.

    1. I don’t think he’s in danger of losing the black vote, either.

    2. What does that even mean? Is he supposed to play up to some racist stereotypes? Give the State of the Union in Ebonics?

      1. Something more like this.

        1. Something more like [link].

          Wow. I used to work with a guy a lot like that. Great at his job, but he would get sensitive and just fire off at people. It was almost always verbal, but I’m not the only one he ever took a swing at.

        2. Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don’ want no help, chump don’t GET da’ help!

      2. Put on blackface and sing some old negro songs?

        1. that’s RaCccSSSISttTT!

      3. Hillary can teach him how.

  3. French business erupts in fury against “disastrous” Fran?ois Hollande
    France is sliding into a grave economic crisis and risks a full-blown “hurricane” as investors flee rocketing tax rates, the country’s business federation has warned.

    The immediate bone of contention is Article 6 of the new tax law, which raises the top rate of capital gains tax from 34.5pc to 62.2pc. This compares with 21pc in Spain, 26.4pc in Germany and 28pc in Britain.

    “Let’s be clear, Article 6 is not acceptable, even if modified. We will not be complicit in a disastrous economic mistake,” Mrs Parisot told Le Figaro.

    1. The fix is simple: Don’t let them leave.

      1. Yep, capital controls in 3, 2 …

        1. I predict a bull market in wrecking balls and bulldozers in France.

      2. And make sure the next generation is too stupid to leave.


    2. there is something heart-warming about “what could go wrong” being answered in real time.

      1. Hollande’s lament will be similar to Bloomberg on guns: the only reason his scheme didn’t work is those dirty fools on the other side of the border that allow more freedom. If only everyone were uniformly repressed around the world!

      1. You left out Kulaks and Hoarders, you splittist.

  4. No link to the Farrakhan advice?


    1. It would only be a link to the 24/7 crap anyhow.

      1. But still, this is A.M. Links. There are rules. This isn’t ‘Nam.

  5. Raising minimum wage will HELP the economy!

    Yeah, nothing like forcing companies that are strapped for cash to raise the wages of their employees, forcing more layoffs in this terrible job market.

    1. Cue shreek saying companies are knocking the cover off the ball and flush with cash…

    2. Looking at the 50 largest employers of low-wage workers (companies like Wal-Mart, KFC and McDonald’s), more than 90% were profitable last year, meaning that they are unlikely to be in a position where raising the minimum wage to a living wage would significantly affect their ability to retain the same number of employees.

      But those evil companies are making profits, therefore they can afford to have the minimum wage raised. If they couldn’t afford it, they wouldn’t be making profits.

      1. quotes like that are absolutely stupefying. It’s like people refuse to see any correlation between expenses and profit. Upping the wage might not change the number of employees, but I suspect it will impact shareholders and may well impact customers, too, unless these businesses are willing to eat higher labor costs.

      2. Absolutely. Anything made in profit should automatically be transferred to wages.

    3. Posted on FoxBusiness no less. Can we stop pretending that Republicans care about the economy now, anyone who is willing to vote for Romney for that reason?

      1. Can we stop pretending that Fox News is Republican?

        1. You can say that again.

        2. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a Democrat news source? Is that what we are saying?

      2. Can we stop pretending that Fox News is Republican?

        1. Once. I hit the button once.

    1. Too bad he wasn’t carrying his own knife…

    2. This article would have been sooo much more gratifying if Taitex had just happened to have had his khukuri tucked in his waistband.

    3. Wow, a preserved cucumber did all that?

      1. Really…

        A pickle joke?

        You, Sir, deserve shunning.

    4. The Gurkhas fucking rule.

    5. In times past that Gurkha would have been punished for taking advantage of a disadvantaged youth like that. One judge would have wagged his finger at the yob and sent him off with a stern warning, while the Gurkha would have gotten three months for assault.

      It’s good to know that the British have rediscovered self-defense.

      1. No British judge is going to mess with a Gurkha. Those judges are dim, but have an excellent survival instinct.

      2. That “youth” was 39, a year older than the Gurkha.

        And the secondary lesson? Don’t bring a shitty knife to a knife fight.

    6. They are like Gods who roam the earth.

  6. Ross Perot endorses Mitt!


    Because he’s not a Bush.

    1. At last! The coveted Perot endorsement three weeks before the election! When lately has Perot been relevant?

      1. Romney never tried to destroy Perot’s daughter’s wedding.

        1. Perot hated Bush prior to that.

      2. Probably about the time when Farrakhan was last relevant.

      3. Can he finish? Can he finish?

        1. How do you like them apples?

      4. There’s the October Surprise we’ve been waiting for.

  7. Secessionist wave sweeps Belgium

    Flemish nationalists made sweeping gains across northern Belgium in local elections on Sunday, a success that will bolster separatists’ hopes for a break-up of the country.

    Bart De Wever, leader of the New Flemish Alliance (NVA), is set to become mayor of the northern city of Antwerp, Belgium’s economic heartland, after his party emerged as the largest one, ending about 90 years of socialist rule.

    “The chance to march across Europe with the greatest general of all time and kill Belgians.”

    1. Any word on if the Dutch would take the Flemish back into the Kingdom of the Netherlands?

      1. Considering that it comes with Antwerp, I bet they would!

      2. I don’t think the Flemish would want that. They like to see themselves as quite distinct from the Dutch. They do tend to be more fun (well, maybe not the fascists).

      3. Where’s FN based?

        1. Herstal, which is in Wallonia. So, not part of the new Flemish state, (If it comes about.)

    2. You need to hang out at the PM links, buddy.

      1. By then I’m too busy having a real life.

        1. Too drunk to type != real life

          1. Sounds like a life to me.

            1. Mine, specifically.

      2. Yes, Did I menttion I bought two crates of Westvleteren? I just want to make sure everyone knows that.

        1. So that is enough to share with the whole class, right?

          1. Hell + NO!

  8. Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

    Yesterday, she’s taking responsibility for the poor response to the storming of the U.S. consulate, now she’s taking responsibility for the storming? Is this some sort of 12-step program gone off-the-rails?

    1. So she has joined Al Queda?

  9. Is that Hillary pictured, or some really old proctologist? I can see the liver spots from here. Either way, the Comic-Book-Guy-style ponytail isn’t working.

    1. She is not holding up well. And the pulled back hair really doesn’t help.

      1. I’ll go to bat for her. She’s 60 something, she’s better looking than Kissinger was at the same age. Or Albright. I don’t care if she looks like a troll, if she were to trade it for competence.

        1. Neither of the aforementioned are high bars of either aesthetics or competence, and my initial snark aside, the competence comparison is quite the race to the bottom, no?

          My question is: out of the three, who is the worst sociopath? Kissinger would probably win that one, methinks. But still, tough call.

        2. True, she really isn’t bad for her age. But it really struck me when she started wearing her hair like that how old she looks. Not that it matters to anything.

          1. I thought it was a marked improvement.

  10. It warmed the cockles of my heart this morning to find our own Riggsy profiled in an (admittedly somewhat old) piece asking online writers about their first handle.

    Relevant bit excerpted:

    Handle: givinituptotheman

    User: Mike Riggs, Associate Editor, Reason

    Why: “It was a Christian reference, i.e., giving it all up to God. That got misinterpreted in college. My freshman year college friends thought I was a sex fiend, and that people were supposed to give it up to me. . . . I mean, I was a virgin my freshman year of college. I didn’t want anybody to give me their anything.”

    I don’t think the implication is that women were “givin’ it up” to you, but rather that you were “givin’ it up” to men.

    1. That is delightful.

    2. I thought it was just a protest handle about our tax system.

      1. He should’ve gone with your story.

      2. He should’ve gone with your story.

  11. The former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic argued that he should be rewarded for reducing suffering…

    “I could have been much, much worse.”

    1. Indeed, such restraint under such duress is truly admirable. Feh. On the bright side, I’m sure his activities lowered the national median medical care bill…

      1. So, he cut his fees?

  12. 5 October Surprises That Could Decide the Election

    “Debates count, but events in the real world can count more,” said John J. Pitney Jr., a political scientist with the Claremont McKenna College in California.

    With the political calendar rapidly winding down to only 23 days before the election, there are a handful of other events that could help or hurt Obama and Romney as they struggle for control of the White House.

    A final round of national employment numbers.

    State-by-state unemployment numbers on Oct. 23.


    Earnings season.

    The volatile Middle East.

    1. Their list is fairly boring…

      Just off the top of my head, there could be:

      Attack by aquatic rabbit.

      Islamic Militant pretzels.


      1. Alien landing

        Sasquatch found

        O! wins Powerball and says “F off y’all, I’m gone!”

        Romney offered Treasurer of UN job, mulls idea over


        1. Speaking of which: is anyone playing the new XCOM?

          Despite all of its bugs, I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

          1. planning to buy this week, been waiting a while. Worth it, you say? How does it compare to the original?

          2. what? I loved the original – how does the new one compare?

          3. Wat? XCOM? For which platform?

          4. I’m playing it for PC, naturally.

            It is less complex than the original (you get two “moves” per person per turn rather than using action points, for example), and the levels are not randomly generated (though I haven’t had more than one or two repeats so far). It is certainly still a very deadly game that is often more about triage than outright victory.

            I would say it’s worth it. A fun, tactical, turn-based shooter is worth supporting in this day and age.

            If you just want oldtimey X-COM fun, you can hold out for Xenonauts, which is basically a remake.

            1. I replayed the original last year on Steam. I’ll still buy it. I’ve got all the other ones.

            2. hmm… I loved those moments of getting a snap shot off after a long move. A million to one shot and *pop* down goes the floater.

              And the guided missile was always fun for popping holes into UFOs.

              I have a funky version – no sound – on my netbook. I think I know what I’ll be doing during lunch.

              1. The new version has the Overwatch ability which allows you to save one of your movement/action points for just that sort of reduced-accuracy reaction shot.

            3. That’s the thing – there are so few tactical turn-based games out there and extremely few good ones. I’ll check out Xenonauts too though.

        2. U.S. government agency illegally exports firearms to a neighboring country, providing material support to a violent organization.

          U.S. government assassinates U.S. citizen living abroad.

          Campaign blatantly violates finance rules by allowing effectively anonymous untraceable donations.

          U.S. government rewrites private contracts at whim, cancelling 20,000 pensions while paying secondary creditors of a failed business in preference to holders of secured debt.

          1. Those aren’t surprising anymore.

  13. Obama donors get to dine with the Least Interesting Man in the World

    Politicians this cycle have been raffling off dinners with themselves in return for donations. As you can see from this photo, the resulting soirees are full of excitement, lots of great food, ObamaCare promises and a whole lot of fun.

    Throughout these evening events with awed supporters the incumbent president is as animated as he was during the debate with Gov. Mitt Romney.

    In fact, this Democrat president has proven to be the Least Interesting Man in the World.

    1. Plus, your silverware is confiscated before the great man enters.

      1. Plasticware shows their solidarity with the 99%.

  14. Don’t touch my breasts, hon
    When I met my husband, I knew my boobs would have to be removed. So I kept him at bay, but a new intimacy emerged

    To have and to hold, from that day forward. But there was an asterisk, a qualification on what, exactly, could be held: henceforth, my breasts were to be considered off-limits. There was to be no fondling, cupping, kissing, caressing, squeezing, stroking, tasting or nuzzling. Look, but don’t touch. And for God’s sake, don’t fall in love with them.

    Men love breasts. But there he was, saddled with two rapidly depreciating assets slated for liquidation within five years. It pained me to think he could grow attached to my two transient body parts, so they became The Untouchables, ignored during any meaningful intimate encounters, never accentuated or placed on display. The more unnoticed their presence, the more unnoticed their absence. Pretend they’re not here, because soon enough, they won’t be.

    1. so if his dick were soon to be removed, she would be okay with that?

    2. Here’s my takeaway… she is selfish. And not because of her not wanting her husband to grow attached to them as they were at that time. It is the fact that she wants to have biological children, knowing that her poor genes will likely be passed on to them, putting them through the same problems she, her mother, and her grandmother faced.

      1. Exactly. If you know you are in possession of such a genetic defect, maybe adopt rather than pass it on. There’s a reason I don’t have kids.

        1. I’m sure there are a lot of other good reasons for you not to have children. :-p

      2. not necessarily – you can screen embryos for BRCA1

    3. That guy is either a saint or an idiot. I look forward to part two when she has her uterus cut out and she tries to convince herself that he finds mood swings and vaginal dryness to be so sexy.

      1. There are some crazy fetishes out there.

        1. Once again, Rule 34 looms large!

          1. Not so much a rule as a sad truth.

    4. from Wikipedia:
      Women with an abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene have up to a 60% risk of developing breast cancer by age 90; increased risk of developing ovarian cancer is about 55% for women with BRCA1 mutations and about 25% for women with BRCA2 mutations.[29]

      Getting surgery before anything happens seems rather hasty, but the word ‘scalpel’ makes me cringe.

      1. breast cancer by age 90? wtf. If you live that long something’s gotta kill ya.

      2. I see a lot of women with BRCA mutations, and she’d be crazy to keep them. If you get a good surgeon, the prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction can turn out really well. They’re artificial, but they’re boobs, and they’re not ticking time bombs.

        You’d think she’d be wanting to get some mileage out of her originals before she got some replacements.

    5. She seems like a load of fun. Did an internet porn site sponsor that article?

    6. You know you married the wrong woman when…

      What a cunt.

    7. I don’t get offended, but this cunt’s low opinion of men is truly revolting.

  15. Hillary is pretty smart. She took responsibility for the lax security. That is okay as far as it goes. But the lack of security will be forgotten in four years. Meanwhile, the fact that al Quada is still powerful enough to murder a US Ambassador and get away with it pretty much destroys any electoral advantage that Obama gets over killing Bin Ladin. And it also makes the whole Libya intervention look like the folly that it was. Her taking responsibility doesn’t make the issue go away or make the President look any better. But it does allow her to claim she was a good soldier who fell on her sword for Obama during the 2016 primaries.

    1. What’s her end game in this scenario, though? Is she looking for future political successes? She runs the risk of defining her entire time as a “statesman” by this failure and having it on the record for future opponents to play endlessly.

      1. But it won’t define her. She just admitted to having bad security. So what? That will be forgotten by 2016.

      2. Madame Secretary General. Er, actually I don’t think anyone from a Security Council nation can be SecGen. But you get the point. She wants to look like the adult in the room. Obama’s internals must be shit.

      3. Janet Reno redefined the meaning of “responsibility” to mean “making a fake apology for a truly fucked-up decision while refusing to resign or take any consequences”. Government officials everywhere gave that a thumbs-up, and it’s been SOP ever since.

        1. Or what WTF and robc said right beneath this post.

          1. yes, but you wrote out a definition that can be slotted right into a dictionary

    2. ‘Taking responsibility’ without any consequence is meaningless, anyway.

      1. Exactly. Without a resignation, she hasnt taken responsibility.

        1. You mean Janet Reno wasn’t serious when she “took responsibility” for Waco?

      2. Indeed – is she going to be fired? Quit? Have her pay docked?

        If none of the above, what does “take responsibility” mean? She will not defend herself in a suit by the surviving family memebers of those killed?

    3. Another incompetent in an administration filled with incompetents all the way to the top. I don’t think she or any other prominent Obama administration appointee has much political future. They’ll hit the reset if this election is a complete disaster for them, which it increasingly appears to be.

      Obama may have threatened to shitcan her if she didn’t do a mea culpa. It might be that simple.

  16. Dad Under Fire for Revealing He Has a Favorite Child. Do You Have a Favorite?

    Let’s face it: It can be easier to spend time with a sunny kindergartener than a tantruming toddler. And while most parents are quick to say that they love all of their children equally, they’re also willing to admit, in private, that there are times when they like one a little more than another. One dad has come under fire for publicly declaring that his older son is his favorite, sparking a debate about how we feel as parents?and whether it’s OK to say it out loud.

    1. Depends on what he means. Two year old kids are generally really unpleasant. Some day the younger one will be six and the older one will be a little gutter snipe middle schooler and it will be the younger one’s turn to be favorite.

      1. I think two-year old kids are generally pretty adorable. It’s colicky two-month olds that will make you reconsider your reproductive choices.

      2. Relationships change over time, anyway. Yes, a six year old with a personality is more fun to spend Saturday afternoon with, as opposed to a whiny two year old who still needs his diaper changed.

        And the truth is, when they mature into adults the relationships will really change, sometimes for the worse.

    2. He’s a crap parent, not so much because he plays favorites, but because he would rather do that than discipline the brat. It’s your damn job to raise your kid, they aren’t in a contest vying for your friendship.

      1. True. If the kid is that insufferable, teach him to act differently.

        1. It’s easier said than done…

          Last weekend, I was seriously tempted to give my son a bus ticket to Parris Island along with a forged birth certificate doctored to increase his age by 6 years and a parental consent to enlistment form. 🙂

          I had spent 36 hours playing drill instructor as he went into full teenager-bad-attitude mode, and though I was always victorious, it was exhausting – it was tempting to leave it to the pros.

        2. That dad is an idiot. There you go, scar your kid for the rest of his/her life because you can’t be a parent. I’m sure the lesser favorite won’t bring it up again and again when he/she has an issue with you.

          I’m honest with my kids about their behavior. Hell, I’ve told the she-spawn several times “Daddy drinks because you cry.” But, as much of an intolerable challenge that she is and no matter how many times I wanted to leave either of them on the side of the road and drive away, there will never be a favorite.


  17. I hope this isn’t Groovus:

    New Zealand youth poses as medical student for two years.

    The question is, does he have enough knowledge to pass the course, and if so, what’s the problem?

    1. It’s that pesky little thing called “enrollment”. You know, that major declared by most college students these days.

      The other problem is demonstrating ability on actual patients without getting thrown in the klink, not to mention that RX’ing without a license stuff (Yes, yes, I know. GUILD!) Just little things like that.

      Otherwise, he is a fantastically educated consumer and, to a certain degree, you have to admire his dedication. -)))

      1. If he can pass the courses, why not enroll him retroactively?

        Yeah, I know the guild shit.

        1. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have a major problem with it, but the Uni no doubt frowns on that demonstrated fraud stuff, and they are free to deny him enrollment for that reason.

          To be serial, it does bring into question the over-zealous lad’s character, which does factor into practice almost as much as demonstrable ability.

          It’s interesting argument, actually: Would you prefer a highly skilled, yet totally ethically bereft practitioner, or one of sterling repute but not quite as high calibre?

          1. House M.D. has told me I should choose the former, for the end result if not the journey to diagnosis.

          2. Would you prefer a highly skilled, yet totally ethically bereft practitioner

            I don’t want a guy who thinks it amusing to let my disease go untreated just to see what happens. You run that risk with the ethically bereft guy. I don’t want my physician to be in it for the lulz.

            Not that my doc doesn’t get some lulz out of mocking me at times, it’s just not his primary motivation.

            1. Yes, are we talking House or Mengele here?

              1. Yeah, if some doc is letting you go untreated just to watch, I am thinking it is Mengele territory.

  18. Keepin’ it Classy!

    The most inappropriate show of support: Madonna, 54, dedicates onstage striptease to Pakistani girl shot by Taliban

    1. Who the fuck want to see a striptease by that 50 something cow.

      1. You really are new to this Intertoobz thingy, aren’t you? -)))

        There is this rule, number 34, IIRC…

    2. John and Sarcasmic would hit her.

      1. I wouldn’t. But she is skinny, so sarcasmic would be all over her.

        1. she looks rather manly in a couple of the shots…hairy arms with bulging biceps…I guess some find that sexy.

      2. Hopefully with a shovel.

        1. Well played.

    1. “I have been supportive of her naturalist attitude regarding hair removal”. He’s the author of his own misfortune, then

    2. Man up and bite it off yourself.

      1. bite it off yourself.

        I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    3. Take a razor to it when she’s asleep?

    4. “I just realised how far my girlfriend is willing to emulate our hominid ancestors. What do I do?”

    5. Convince her to try some 50 shades of grey type stuff so you can tie her down, then take an electric razor to the hair you don’t like.

      Or try baby talk: “Where’s that sexy-wexy nipple? Hard to find in this thick, thick forest. Gosh, I wish some hot lumberjill would clear-cut this forest.”

      Or he could just say “Your nipple hair freaks me out and I’d like it better if you’d do something about it.” You know, in that legendary world where people are supposed to be able to communicate their desires to the people they are intimate with.

  19. The US Government’s 10 year fight to extradite a hacker with Asperger’s is over, with the UK Home Secretary blocking it on the the basis he would be likely to take his own life if he was sent to face trial in the US. Gary McKinnon hacked into DoD computers looking for evidence of aliens.

    Do you feel less safe now that this dangerous criminal will not face your wrath? Or happier that his search for ET continues?


    1. Will he be featured on the that teevee show with the weirdo Greek fella with the wild hair and good taste in smart professorial attire?

      1. Professor Brian Cox?

        1. OPA!

          1. I missed the key word “Greek” in there. But the rest certainly applies to the hipster physicist.

            1. If only Groovus has used the proper distinguishing term – ex-popstar – cos then we’d know for sure

          1. Ah! Thanky kindly! I can never remember how to spell his name.

          2. I love almost any show that has him in it.

  20. Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion

    I look forward to this, um, disconnect being discussed in the debate.

    1. What? Big Bird?

    2. We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system, but we also passed a historic law to end taxpayer-funded Wall Street bailouts for good

      That’s a weird use of “but”

      1. “We did something wonderfully effective, but also very unpopular, so rather than stand by it we passed a law to ban it.”

        DISCLAIMER: this is my translation of the statement, not my opinion.

        1. “It was so effective, we promise never ever to do it again.”

    3. And by ‘debate’ I assume you mean a bunch of uninformed idiots asking stupid questions that the candidates pretend to take seriously.

      1. Note to self: Use less-subtle sarcasm.

        1. *recalibrates sarcasm meter*

      2. and don;t forget Candy (yum!) Crowley there to be sure that whatever the question asked, she is there to be sure the follow up asks it as it needed to be.

        1. I don’t know why Republicans agree to these things. You know the entire crowd will be lifelong Dem activists posing as independent voters asking questions fed to them by the Obama campaign.

          1. You know the entire crowd will be lifelong Dem activists posing as independent voters asking questions fed to them by the Obama campaign.

            On a college campus just outside NYC? Highly doubtful.

        2. Oh god, I just looked up Candy Crowley. Your (yum!) is irresponsible and dangerous and there ought to be a law against it! Cannot unsee!

    4. Does this include the money that the government loss by borrowing money at 3% so they could lend to the banks at 1% so the banks could lend to the government at 3% so the banks could make a profit and give back the money they borrowed at 1%?

  21. So given the data dump on DSK’s decadent lifestyle, can we expect a SugarFree treatment of a DSK-Lagarde-Bernanke-Draghi sexytime carnivale?

    1. Native perversions are one thing, but tackling Europe is out of my league. That whole continent is 40 miles of bad road.

      1. C’mon, I’ll even give you an idea: Lagarde’s hide is already leather.

      2. It occurs to me that Mike Myers could revive his career by really hosting Sprockets in the manner of Dieter. Highlighting Europe’s most disturbing home videos, that sort of thing.

    2. Even Mr Free’s awesome powers cannot top the disgust value of the phrase “a DSK-Lagarde-Bernanke-Draghi sexytime carnivale”


      1. Apparently, you are unaware of Nutra-Sweet’s abilities. I assure you that he can disgust WAY more than that.

        1. I am an ardent admirer of the man who gave us the image “pleasure pits of Cleveland, Ohio” but I realise he is only human. Or barely human. Whatever.

    3. Thanks for that – I’ll be over here pouring bleach in my ear, hoping it can run into my brain and clean out that image.

    4. I hope your happy, db. I nearly lost a perfectly good breakfast. Thanks for testing my constitution, however.

      1. Especially when you realize that carnival is derived from the Latin for “farewell to meat.”


        1. That did factor into my revulsion when it hit, yes.

        2. I thought it meant taking away meat.

          1. It’s for Lent, meaning “putting away meat.” Apparently, this is in some dispute.

            1. Boy, put away your meat. We have company coming over.

              1. But, I want pudding…

  22. Louis Farrakhan has offered the President some advice for today’s debate. The Nation of Islam leader thinks Obama needs to “Be a little black”.


    Oh wait, never mind.

    1. It’s OK, you can call Farrakhan a racist.

  23. http://www.usatoday.com/story/…..a/1634791/

    Romney within four among women in swing states. Forget about the bottom line numbers for a moment. I think you can say with little doubt that Romney will win any state where he finishes within five points among women. If that number is right, Romney is winning every swing state going away.

    1. If your Obama the pressure to perform tonight must be immense. It may already be too late to just “win”. To recover he has to somehow trounce Romney.

      1. I think you are right, Tim. In order for Obama to regain what he lost after the last debate he has to completely rout Romney, and have just as large an audience watching. How likely are both of those?

        1. All Romney has to do is look sharp and confirm that the first debate wasn’t a fluke. He does that and it doesn’t matter what Obama does.

        2. I’m hoping for some ‘righteous’ anger – which Obama can’t pull off without looking like a fool. But still – for the lulz it will be worth it.

          1. He can’t do angry without coming across as petulant.

    2. I think Obama’s first debate confirmed what people already new — empty suit/chair. Those who turn in tonight will look for confirmation, find it whether it’s there or not, and tell themselves they were right about that guy all along.

    3. I’m glad that “War on Women” shite didn’t work, at least.

      “If there’s a War on Women, then Ted Kennedy is the Admiral of the submarine fleet.”

  24. 96-year-old Indian ‘is world’s oldest father’:

    Ramajit Raghav of Kharkhoda village, near Sonepat, Haryana, close to India’s capital New Delhi, became a father for the first time in 2010 when he was 94.

    Last week became a father for the second time when his young wife bore him a son.

    1. when his young wife bore him a son

      DNA test or it didn’t happen

      1. “Somebody else must have shot that bear.”


    2. High five, bro.

  25. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..d-reforms/

    French leftists seek to ban homework since not all homes are equally conducive to the child doing it.

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me. They have kids for 6-8 hours a day. If you could get your job done in a vast amount of time allotted, you’d be fired.

      1. Indeed. A fair amount of homework is useless.

        Probably doubly so in French schools.

    2. Harrison Bergeron! Come on down!

    3. France really is going full retard before the collapse.

    4. This is already in effect in school districts in America according to my teacher friends.

      1. I dont see the problem with it. Homework never did anything but lower my grade average.

        If you know the information, you know it.

        Im for extending the day to 8 hours and giving students 2 hours of study periods, for reading, doing math problems, other stuff, etc.

        1. I dont see the problem with it. Homework never did anything but lower my grade average.

          Ditto, this really helps the smart but lazy kids. Though my wife’s got a school full of parents that would flip out if they didn’t have the excuse to harass little Deepak and Priya into doing an extra 2 hours of math per day. But who is she kidding, they’ll just do it anyway.

          1. Ditto

            Same here. I would have been valedictorian with that policy.

        2. I don’t see a problem with it as a policy; it could be a drawing point for a private school in a free market for education. However, as a law, I do have a problem with it and its justifications. If they just want to implement it in their public schools, then whatever.

        3. Im for extending the day to 8 hours

          Give the government even more face time with your child? WTF?

  26. “White House ponders a strike over Libya attack”


    1. If they want to go on strike, let them.

      1. My first thought as well.

  27. “‘God is not going to allow this man to fail, because of people like you,’ radio host Yolanda Adams told the volunteers who had gathered to make calls and knock on doors, encouraging neighbors to register and then vote for Obama.”


    1. So 14 year old girls get shot in the head, but Obama will not fail. Nice to see God’s got his priorities right

      1. Maybe God just hates us?

        1. Can you blame Him?

    2. Christfags!

    3. “God is going to allow this man to fail, because of you people,” radio host Rush Limbaugh told the volunteers

    4. That will be fun when Shrike shows up later.

  28. Court blows off prisoner’s erection beef


    1. What you did there, lass, I sees it.

  29. Doesn’t explain why the Obama administration came out and blamed the attack on a video. As far as I know Mrs. Clinton does not control Jay Carney, President Obama, or Vice President Biden. So why did they spout a lie for a month about the Libya attack?

    1. “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility Monday night for any security failures leading up to the consulate attack last month in Libya that killed an the American ambassador, but she seemed to push back against claims of a cover-up, blaming the ‘fog of war’ for the Obama administration’s shifting explanations for the attack.”


      The “fog of war” in Las Vegas is to blame.

      1. So we are at war in Libya? Or is it the fog of the war on women? or drugs, or obesity, or….?

    2. remember the implication behind the 3 am phone call reference? Seems Hill knew what she was talking about. Now, she’s become Hardy to Barack’s Laurel.

      1. She’s as useless as he is. Next time, let’s hire people with some actual experience that we can judge them by.

        1. Next time, let’s hire people with some actual experience that we can judge them by.

          What are you talking about? She has decades of experience of looking the other way.

          1. I think it’s a really bad sign that people are now getting through that have zilch in the way of measurable public experience.

            The Romans had a similar experience, when they started letting people skip the requirements of the cursus honorum. While we, of course, don’t have anything formal like that, we have, as a rule expected some sort of experience by which we could judge a candidate. And more than just a token period of office would be nice. But that seems to be fading rapidly.

            1. zilch in the way of measurable public experience

              Or even measurable non-political experience. Dunno about your legislature, but one of our problems is the great mass of MPs who have done nothing other than politics their entire goddamn lives: university – student politics – staffer – pre-selection – Parliament. They have no clue about how business works, or doing a job for reasons other than fucking someone else over

              1. Yes, by experience, I don’t mean that he with the most should win. It just should be enough for any candidate that we’re not voting for a black box.

                Professional politician is inherently icky, and those that are decent have to overcome a presumption of evil.

            2. All the more reason that holding office should require hand-to-hand combat to the death.

              If you somehow manage to skip the trial pre-election and lose after taking office, your entire staff is killed with you.

              1. JW, why do you hate earnest young idealists so much? They’re trying to do God’s work in the toughest soirees in Washington.

  30. Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

    No big deal here. This is one of those pro forma, “mistakes were made” throwaways. And it merely states the obvious – for which the ass-licking press will praise her for days, not excoriate her. Captain of the ship theory states that it in no way absolves Obama anyway but the MSM will be all too happy to ignore that, as well.

    If Obama loses, she’s pretty much out of business forever. She therefore really needed to do this to try to save him. That and the fact that it was essentially risk-free makes me wonder why people are surprised she did it.

    1. I’m guessing that she did it because she knows that somewhere there’s a document with her signature that somehow set the stage for that slaughter.

      1. I had interpreted that as meaning she had led the gang herself, smearing the blood of her enemies over her face and feeling the lust for death course through her constricted veins

        1. As demonstrated by the picture above, the Countess Elizabeth Bathory isn’t quite working, no matter her admiration for Madame Bathory’s methods.

    2. If Obama WINS she’s out of business forever. Obama 2016 = Bush 2008: no Democrat will stand a chance.

      1. If he goes down in Carteresque fashion, it’s unlikely anyone prominently associated with his administration has a chance in hell at the White House.

        1. You underestimate the short memories/forgiving nature of voters.

          1. Not really. It’s just the taint of collapse has far-reaching effects–it remains with a significant percentage of voters, and you can be sure that the party and the money people will remember.

  31. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..eased.html

    The Kennebunk Port john list dropped. No Bush family member on it. The hooker in question is pretty cute. Clearly Maine has run out of crimes to solve if all the police have to do is go after a Zumba instructor making a little money on the side from men whose shrew wives won’t put out.

    1. I’m sad to say that despite working in restaurants in neighboring towns for many years, I did not recognize any of the names.

      I honestly expected to see a former manager or owner or two on the list.

      1. The whole thing is pathetic. She wasn’t bothering anyone. And of course they have to release the client list and destroy as many lives as possible. Ironically enough one of the crimes she is charged with is “invasion of privacy”.

        1. Well, yeah. She videotaped them doing the nasty without their knowledge.
          I wonder if there were any cops on the list…

          1. Naw, why pay for it when you can just extort sex out of the hookers you arrest?

        2. Online searches reveal men matching the names released live up to 50 miles away from Kennebunk — many in Portland, the state’s largest city.

          Most are fathers, husbands or boyfriends. Their Facebook profiles often show pictures of their children and partners.

          And now those families are shattered. Mission accomplished, eh puritans?

          1. Puritans didn’t force these men to cheat.

            1. Apparently the hurt and pain of cheating is all the Puritans fault and not say, a natural and understandable reaction to betrayal.

      2. I would figure any restaurant manager would just be banging his servers.

        1. My brother always managed to hire smokin’ hot girls before he got promoted out of having his own store. He had at least one long-term gf out of that, but I can only imagine that if I get him drunk, he’s got some great stories about hot, naive 18 year olds.

          1. ‘She was so young,’ Alison Ackley said. ‘She had a lot going for her. It’s a shame she was hanging out with these older men and getting money from them.’

            Yeah, nothing like that has ever happened before.

            1. I wonder about her judgement. He already had a kid with one of the skankiest porn stars before he met her. What the hell was she thinking?

            2. sorry wrong thread.

    2. Not that prostitution should be a crime, anyway.

    3. Dude, she fucked like 150 guys.

      1. “You sucked 37 dicks?!”

    4. Damn she is cute!

  32. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..-park.html

    Zooey Dechanel still the world’s most adorable hipster.

    1. Wait, when did you and sarc switch jobs?

    2. I think she is hiding a bad set of pins under that dress.

      1. I wouldn’t say “bad”, but not up to par with the rest of her. She’s working with what she has.

  33. Jennifer Aniston has nipples!

    1. Chelsea Handler is about to pass Ru Paul as America’s most famous drag queen.

  34. Sandra Bullock naked in the shower! (SFW unfortunately)

    1. Damn she looks good for 48.

        1. Hard to believe Jesse James gave that up for some porn star skank. What a moron.

          1. Yeah, I looked at that dude and thought, “now there’s a guy who makes good decisions.”

            1. I wonder about her judgement. He already had a kid with one of the skankiest porn stars before he met her. What the hell was she thinking?

              1. That’s the point, John. He wasn’t.

        2. Someone out there will have the unblurred version.

    2. Careful with the “SFW” ….

    3. Not really SFW.

      1. Why not? All the good stuff is pixelated.

        1. Yeah, and some states force strippers to wear pasties.

    4. Arrggh, man boobs!

  35. Dad protests son’s suspension for standing up to bully.


  36. “The Senate’s top waste-watcher says the federal government is bloated with extra spending ? including in the halls of Congress itself, where he says senators and staffers are collecting salaries while failing to do very much work.
    Twenty senators haven’t had a single amendment considered on the chamber floor this year, and some of the most powerful committees have all but taken the year off, said Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican.”


    1. My votes for Doctor No. have been some of the best ever cast. Sure he has some issues but he is one of the best opponents of government out there.

      1. Ditto. Tom is pretty awesome, and has term limited himself once, and will do so again. Remarkable man.

    2. Huh, I thought we wanted to have the Senate not do any work.

      1. Their work should be to repeal laws.

  37. “Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems Files Bankruptcy”

    “A123, which received a $249.1 million federal grant in 2009 to build a U.S. factory, needed a financial lifeline after struggling with costs from a recall of batteries supplied to Fisker Automotive Inc., the plug-in hybrid luxury carmaker.”


    1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new…..kouts.html

      One of the world’s most advanced nation. The nation that gave the world modern chemistry is now facing blackouts. This is what “green energy” looks like. It is cold, dark and very expensive. Every time I hear some asshole talk about the need for renewable energy I just want to punch them.

      1. But it’ll save the planet!

        Humans not so much.

  38. In which some “actress” looks like a muppet in her booking shot. I think this is the chick who wanted Obama to save her from her DUI, but I can’t be arsed to confirm.

  39. “Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.”

    In related news, Hillary Clinton decided that she’d rather be Barack Obama’s Secretary of State rather than sit at home with Bill doing nothing.

    1. This does not make sense to me.

      If she wants to be President, then she should have resigned in a storm of protest to the Administration and taken them down. No Democrat has a chance in 2016 if O gets a second term.

      1. But if she is perceived as being the person who killed Obama, she can’t get the nomination. She has to ensure he isn’t re-elected while appearing to be a good solider. It is a tough balance.

        1. Fair enough. One has to wonder how the first half of that plan is going to be enacted, though. Surreptitiously feed Romney intel before the debates? Leak the video?

          1. Do nothing and bet on Obama’s incompetence. Not a sure bet. But not a bad one either.

        2. I think they are setting Obama up to take the fall on the cover up.

          First Clinton accepts responsibility for the security situation and does so seemingly on her own initiative.

          Then the slow drip of leaks showing her correspondence with Obama, showing her to be a loyal yet truthful functionary and him to be a fucking asshole. I think her goal is to get everyone to think that she was competent, loyal, and screwed by Obama’s inability to rise above his petulance.

          Even better – while I am speculating without any control – let Obama win the election, then get him impeached. It pulls Biden’s fangs and in 2016 she is the experienced grownup.

          1. But no way would a Democrat win in 2016 if Obama were impeached. It would destroy the party.

            1. yeah, now that I think about it, I think I was engaging in wishful thinking.

              OF course, if I am really going to engage in the stuff, Obama would challenge Hillary to a pistols-at-dawn duel, and lose after she shoots him in the liver.

              1. Your definition of ‘wishful thinking’ includes a Biden presidency?

                Just how fucked up is that?

                1. I forgot to mention that Biden kills himself in some auto-erotic axphyxiation that goes wrong.

          2. No one is ever getting impeached again I wager.

          3. There’s one other big question that’s been left unanswered throughout this…

            Who’s taking responsibility for scapegoating Muslims?

            The State Department were the ones telling the truth about this the whole time–it was Obama who was going around throwing the world’s Muslims under the bus.

            Is Hillary Clinton going to take responsibility for Obama exploiting bigotry against Muslims, too?

            Obama kept blaming the assassination on a YouTube video when that clearly wasn’t the case–is that now supposed to be Hillary’s fault, too?

            1. Is Hillary Clinton going to take responsibility for Obama exploiting bigotry against Muslims, too?

              Obama kept blaming the assassination on a YouTube video when that clearly wasn’t the case–is that now supposed to be Hillary’s fault, too?

              No. I think that’s what they are going to sandbag him with.

              1. Well, with that in mind–and the realization that petty dictators everywhere can’t sleep at night thinking about little people like me running around saying bad things about them–I’m not gonna shut up about it until he does take responsibility for exploiting bigotry.

                Barack Obama exploits bigotry just to try to get himself reelected! …and I’m never gonna shut up about it. Bill Clinton may have done this, and Bill Clinton may have done that, but whatever Bill Clinton did–he is also the man who executed a functional retard just to prove that he was tough on crime…

                And Barack Obama, in addition to whatever else he is, will always be the man who exploited bigotry against Muslims just to try to get himself reelected…

                That’s what he did. That’s who he is.

      2. Yeah, she’d be a traitor to the cause.

        1. The Progressives clearly couldn’t lose an election because the American people reject their political positions…

          That’s unpossible!

          So, it would definitely be becasue of Hillary.

  40. “I take responsibility” for what happened on September 11, Clinton said in an interview with CNN during a visit to Peru, adding that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would not be responsible for specific security instructions for U.S. diplomatic facilities.”

    This report was cut off or something…

    Where’s the part where she resigned?

    I might understand if Obama refused to accept her resignation, but if she’s “taking responsibility”, shouldn’t she resign?

      1. I guess she’s not really taking that much responsibility after all.

      2. If Janet Reno offered her resignation after Waco, then Hillary Clinton can offer her resignation after Benghazi.

        Obama doesn’t have to accept it, just like Clinton didn’t accept Reno’s, but she should offer her resignation at least.

        Those situations were different from a political perspective, though, in two ways:

        1) Clinton didn’t accept Reno’s resignation because Clinton didn’t want voters to think his administration had made any mistakes or done anything wrong.

        2) Obama’s trying to put this thing to rest as much as possible before an election–so he’s actually willing to admit that “mistakes were made” just ahead of an election.

        Incidentally, since Hillary is more or less an outsider in the Obama Administration, he might accept her resignation after the election…

        Remember, the only reason she’s Secretary of State was as a result of horse trading. He offered her the Secretary of State if she would drop out of the presidential race–so he could move to the middle and start focusing on running against McCain rather than running for the nomination.

        He’s never been with his program–she’s got her own program.

  41. ACLU sues Morgan Stanley for offering mortgages to minorities

    “Hey, let’s play a little game that I call ‘Fucked if You Do, Fucked if you Don’t.'”

    1. Ha!

      This should be followed closely.

      What if the only way they could loan enough to minorities to satisfy Congress was to lie?

    2. I eagerly await discovery that implicates Freddie and Fannie.

    3. “The ACLU asked the court to certify the case as a class action. It said as many as 6,000 black homeowners in the Detroit area may have suffered similar discrimination as a result of being offered loans that many could not afford.”

      So…if you’re black you’re too stupid to figure out you can’t pay back a loan?

      1. Either you can’t get a loan because you’re black or you can only get a loan you’re too dumb to understand the terms of.

        1. I can’t fathom the reasoning behind calling this “discrimination”. Can I sue ‘Best Buy’ for that TV I bought but couldn’t afford last month?

          1. I was thinking the same thing. Isnt every business “offering” products to people who cant afford them?

    4. I work in a law firm that represents homeowners in foreclosure cases, and I will say now what I say every day: no one put a gun to these people’s heads and told them to sign an adjustable rate mortgage for a house that was way overvalued.

      I am so sick of the lack of personal responsibility in our country. Yes, we help clients work with the banks to modify the mortgage why we defend the foreclosure action, but if the banks don’t want to modify they don’t have to modify. A few clients understand this, but a good 85% complain about how they are the victim of predatory lending. It sickens me what people feel they are entitled to.

  42. Gary Johnson must be a real person, Esquire’s caricatured him

    1. How can a caricature, caricature someone?

    2. Which esquire? I’ll have him flogged.

  43. “WaPo Dept. of Burying the Lede: Jesse Jackson Jr. thought he was reincarnated chariot driver”


    1. At one of Jackson’s hangouts ? a Turkish bath ? he’d prance naked, demonstrating martial arts moves, while the others stayed wrapped in towels, said Frank Avila Jr., a former supporter who is a Democratic operative.

      That’s a great image.

    1. Are cages common features of American classrooms?

      1. A prison by any other name…

      2. In NYC, they probably should be.

  44. “Nearly $700,000 from the National Science Foundation to a New York-based theater company so it could develop a musical about climate change and biodiversity. ‘The Great Immensity’ opened in Kansas City this year. Along with the songs one reviewer described as sounding like ‘a Wikipedia entry set to music,’ the audience was also able to experience ‘flying monkey poop.’
    In all, the 2012 Waste Book report details 100 examples totaling nearly $19 billion. Coburn acknowledges that’s a drop in the bucket in contrast to the overall federal deficit, which tops $16 trillion, but he says the items are snapshots of the bigger problem.”


    1. You want waste? The University of Minnesota paid $800,000 to avoid two football games with North Carolina.


    2. Why do you hate science?

  45. $20M ‘Popcorn Lung’ Couple Bankrupt

    Eric and Cassandra Peoples won a $20 million judgment. Now, they’re broke.

    1. To be fair:

      The newspaper says it was never clear how much of the verdict money the Peoples ever received, since an unstated portion, according to attorneys, was meant to be given to other workers injured at the same plant.

      1. And the lawyers raked off their fees, probably something like 40%.

  46. Precious relic
    Gold remains popular, despite the doubts of economists

    1. One thing that still brings a smile to my face. Milton Friedman predicted back in the early 70’s that if the U.S. dollar were no longer defined as 1/35 of an ounce of gold, that the price of gold would fall to $9.00 per ounce.

      1. really? what was he thinking?

        1. IIRC – he was looking at the industrial uses of gold and the stuff that is substituted for gold when it is too expensive for the same.

          The problem here is that as Mises pointed out gold became a money, because people wanted to use it as a money, and that want didn’t get extinguished because the government tried to legislate it away.

  47. “Former Aide on Obama: ‘Stunning that He’s in Politics, Because He Really Doesn’t Like People'”


    1. Not that surprising – if you don’t like people, politics is a vert effective place to express that dislike, over and over.

      1. *very*

        fuckin’ typos…

        1. I actually sounded out “vert” in a Scottish accent, and it worked just fine.

    2. How much does he dislike people? I mean, he’s got the ability to launch a nuclear attack.

      1. Nah, he likes the individual touch of ordering a drone strike. One victim (plus bystanders) at a time.

        1. Well, I guess we have to be grateful for such blessings.

    3. Interesting, I got that impression too. I’ve known a few people like him. They are good at making others believe they have social skills in order to get what they want.

  48. Kochtopus kidnapping!


    1. Actually, the Koch in that story is William Koch, brother of Charles and David. He’s been at odds with the family for some years and has generally supported Democrat causes.

  49. I like Hillary’s ponytail.
    I’d use it as a handle.

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