UK Investigates 7 Marines Accused of Murder in Afghanistan

Laptop might provide evidence as to whether an insurgent was unarmed when British troops killed him


Video footage on a laptop may provide investigators with crucial evidence as they investigate the behaviour of seven Royal Marines arrested for the alleged murder of an insurgent in Afghanistan.

The inquiry is understood to be focusing on what happened after the marines and the insurgent were involved in a firefight, and whether the man was unarmed when he died. The Ministry of Defence refused to give more details of the incident, which took place when the marines were part of 3 Commando Brigade's Afghanistan tour between April and October 2011.

It is believed the investigation will look at footage taken at the time which came to light a few weeks ago. The film was found on the laptop of a serviceman being investigated on a separate matter. It is understood to show a number of marines discussing what to do with an insurgent who appears to have been injured.