A.M. Links: NYC Election Season Brings Stop & Frisk Pandering to Forefront, Tons of Pot Abandoned Along Mexican Border, EU Parliament Rejects Offshore Drilling Ban

News from the New York City Council to the European Parliament


  • appeals to dead voters?

    The New York City Council will be holding hearings on reforming the NYPD's practice of stop and frisk, since next year's an election year in the city.

  • Authorities found 5,600 pounds of pot, valued at $3 million, abandoned along the Arizona-Mexico border at three different locations this weekend.
  • The State Department confirmed this week there were no protests prior to the attack on the consulate in Benghazi on 9/11, contradicting the Administration's prior narratives.
  • A fourteen year old girl shot in the head by the Taliban for being a rights activist will undergo surgery today
  • A court in Moscow overturned the sentence of one of the members of Pussy Riot, releasing her on probation.  She argued she needed her own lawyer as the defense attorney represented the group as a whole but she was removed from the church prior to actions that led to convictions.
  • The European Parliament rejected a ban on offshore Arctic drilling, but there will be plenty of regulations.

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