Los Angeles

Carmageddon II Hits Los Angeles

Carmageddon was kind of a dud but they're closing a portion of the 405 today so it's a sequel


Some Southern California motorists were taking the temporary closure of a portion of the 405 Freeway in stride early Saturday, finding alternative routes to get to work or skip town. 

Olga Malysheva, 27, glanced at the clock on her cellphone as she filled up with gas at a Mobil off Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks about 9 a.m.

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  1. The wife and I drove up from Long Beach to Century City yesterday (the wife was going to a day spa, I posted up in a bar and watched tOSU). We then visited a friend in Santa Monica (drove right past the Reason office tower). Traffic on the 405 was super light. There was a huge pub-crawl organized in Santa Monica for Carmageddon II. Lot’s of cute drunk girls running around in orange t-shirts. It was a good day.

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