Aurora Colorado Shooting

Aurora Theater Owner Wants Victims' Lawsuits Dismissed

Argues they couldn't possibly have predicted James Holmes' rampage


Mere hours after we published a post about the possible impact of lawsuits filed Aurora theater shooting victims on plans to reopen the Century 16, shuttered since the July 20 massacre that killed twelve and injured 58, Cinemark provided an answer—in court. The Texas-based owner of the theater filed a motion asking that the lawsuits be dismissed on the grounds that no one could have foreseen the actions of James Holmes, the accused killer.

As we've reported, two suits—the first jointly filed by Denise Traynom and Brandon Axelrod, the other by Joshua Nowlan, all of whom sustained injuries in the attack—argue that because of past incidents at the Century 16, including "at least one shooting, involving gang members," plus assaults and robberies, the theater should have had security personnel on hand for the midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, during which the assault took place. The complaints also take Cinemark to task for failing to have alarms that would have alerted employees after Holmes allegedly blocked open the exit door in order to arm himself.