A.M. Links: Innocence of Muslims Filmmaker Denied Bail, Libyan Militants Bragged to Al-Qaeda About Benghazi Attack, Boston Police Record Thousands of License Plates a Day

News from California to the North Pole


  • doing the time increasingly not enough anymore

    The filmmaker behind Innocence of Muslims was picked up on charges of violating probation and denied bail.

  • Radical Islamic militants in Libya apparently bragged to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb about their assault on the U.S. consulate and assassination of the U.S. ambassador to Libya.
  • A FOIA request from the ACLU reveals Boston police create up to 3,000 records based on license plate reads a day, and hold on to the information for 90 days, or forever if they need it for an investigation or intelligence!
  • Muslims in Sydney complain their reputation has been ruined by a handful of extremists who they say used turned a protest over an anti-Islamic film in front of the U.S. embassy there into a veritable riot.
  • The French prime minister offered a budget proposal that raises taxes on the rich up to a 75 percent tax rate. He called the budget courageous, responsible and a "budget of conquest."
  • A Russian bishop "consecrated" the North Pole, which Russia claims has fallen within its sovereign domain for more than a millennium. The region is slowly being remilitarized.

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