Public Divided on "47 Percent" Comment, Chris Stevens Feared an Attack, Jobless Claims Remain High: P.M. Links


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  1. …but actual voters are more divided, with some appalled and others treating the candidate’s words as cold truth.


      1. Obviously you are not fertilizer yet, Old Johnnie as I recommended you find a useful purpose for yourself earlier today. I’m highly dissapointed.

    1. You mean about 45% thought he was wrong and about 45% thought he was right? Who could have predicted this?

      1. Exactly what I thought as well.

        1. Hey, that’s the *opposite* of what what me and my friend thought!

          More seriously, this split is true for practically *any* issue today. Interesting times loom. 8-(

  2. In Canada, marriage appears to be losing ground among heterosexual couples even as the number of same-sex marriages soars.

    Well, well, well. For once the gays are behind the curve on a trend, eh?

    1. eh?

      I see what you did there eh.

    2. behind the curve? i see what ya did there

    3. They’re new to marriage. Give them time. They’ll come around and eventually wisdom will win out.

      It’s why you don’t let your nineteen yr-old daughter get married. She doesn’t know better.

      When it comes to marriage, gay people are the 19-yr-old daughters of society. They just want someont to love them and have kids with them!

      I’ve long suspected that gay divorce will kill gay marriage faster than heterosexual divorce is killing hetero-marriage.

      1. How, pray tell, does one stop a 19-year-old from getting married?

        1. Get divorced, of course.

        2. Easy.

          No imagination around these here ‘boards.

          1. Please. You can’t watch over them with a gun 24/7. You can build a tornado shelter with the lock on the outside, however.

            1. I see you’ve put a lot of thought into this…

        3. I suppose you could decline to pay for her storybook wedding – though the joke’s on her, since we’re not going to pay for it anyway.

      2. I’ve long suspected that gay divorce will kill gay marriage faster than heterosexual divorce is killing hetero-marriage

        It will certainly throw a huge monkey-wrench in the reflexively anti-male family courts.

        When Adams and Steves are fighting over custody of their children, or over alimony/child support payments, it’s going to be a lot tougher for judges to figure out which side to leave financially destitute.

        1. Don’t worry; CYS will step in and appoint a foster mother.

        2. They’ll just ask who the bottom is.

  3. Does anyone know why Chris Stevens was on an Al Qaeda hit list?

    1. Because he was ambassador in a country from which the victim of a drone strike was born.

    2. “There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa’ida operative who was, as his nom-de-guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.”…..35797.html

      1. This does not compute. Obama has improved our image around the world. Hurlburt said so!

        1. Obama has improved our image around the world – just not among the sick-fuck Muslim goat-fuckers.

          Bush was despised internationally as well as domestically.

          1. I despised Bush as well. But I don’t harp on the fact that he was a terrible President 4 years after he left office. It’s over, he’s gone, can’t change the past. Try to focus on the current issues. You’re living in the past, man!

            1. The Shreek sock puppet should have died with the 08 elections. But like a show that they won’t cancel, it just goes on and one long after its useful life has ended.

              1. Oh Yeah, Obama goes on,
                Even after the thrill of voting is gone.

            2. He’s got ‘Palin’ in his name.

              Palin holds no office, holds no sway, and I don’t even see her in the news anymore. It’s like screaming “This is all Reagan’s fault!”.

              1. Stop giving Obama’s campaign free material.

  4. Last week’s new claims for jobless benefits remained at high levels, while the previous week’s figures were revised upward

    Unexpectedly high and unexpectedly revised upwards. Keep forgetting that important caveat and they will take your beltway media card JD.

    1. No one expects the upward revision!

      1. Our chief weapon is lying! Lying and a stupid gullible base! Our two weapons are lying, a stupid gullible base, and a lazy sycophantic press! Our THREE weapons are…I’ll come in again.

        1. Secretary Fang, give her…


    2. How many weeks in a row is this?

      1. I think someone said 86 straight upward revisions.

      2. I saw this today. Can’t recall exactly, but I think this is like the 88th (!) week in a row that the “revised” number has exceeded the previous “headline” number.

        1. Odd. How many does it take before they’re obvious lies? It’s like running a headline–ROMNEY FUCKS DOGS!!!!–then running a retraction in the Word Jumble. Every week for nearly two years.

          1. Leaving your dog on the roof of your car kind of fucks him, so I wouldn’t expect to see a retraction

        2. With a statistical normal distribution of errors you would expect about half the revisions to be up and half to be down.

          It almost seems there is some systemic error in their algorithm. Unexplainable, really.

      3. As of 3 or so weeks ago, it was 56 of the last 57. I’d argue that we’re now looking at 60 of the last 61 (give or take).

    3. Who was it who said we were crazy to think last week’s numbers would be revised upwards?

      1. Either Tony or shriek probably.

      2. Tony. Until there was proof that it had been done 56 of of the previous 57 weeks. Then he moved the goal posts, as per usual.

  5. Couldn’t we have just one tragedy or atrocity where the Feds didn’t know about it in advance.? Is it too much to ask?

    1. What is the foiled Chicago car bomber, chopped liver?

  6. British woman gets drunk, meets three guys, goes home with them to be made airtight. Later regretting her loose ways, she cries rape, and the three men are arrested. Thankfully her lie is exposed.

    1. I confirmed that the woman was in fact British through dental examination.

    2. “Airtight” = all three holes filled.

      Not everyone is as sick as you.

      Inari was primo airtight.

      1. You realize there are seven holes in the human body, right?

        1. Not in the porn world. Ear-fucking is not a known fetish to me.

          1. Google, here we, um, come!

            1. Google, here we, um, come!

              Report back with your findings, please!

            2. nostrils, sparky.

          2. “OF course, I’ve had it in the ear before”

        2. sage, don’t talk to the sockpuppet!

          1. Hey, a sockpuppet has only one hole, right?

        3. Seven in the male body – you forgot that the urethra is distinct from the vagina.

        4. Seven? Counting pores?

    3. One of the few things the English do right. False accusations should net the accusers some jail time, at least a year, if not the sentence that the accused would have suffered.

      1. I’m leaning toward the same sentence the accused would’ve received. For a serious crime like rape – where your accusations have the potential to completely ruin someone’s life – I think a very stiff sentence is deserved.

        1. Wait, what? A person guilty of false rape accusation getting a “stiff sentence” sounds like Sharia justice.

          1. No, it sounds like justice. The state is a weapon. Brandishing it against the innocent is a violent assault.

            If you let women let her get away with lying about rape with a slap on the wrist, then we will end up with Sharia law eventually (specifically, the part requiring a second witness for any woman’s account of rape to be accepted).

  7. More than a dozen officials have been named and shamed in the Fast and Furious report.

    Hey. Some poor under secretary had to resign and go back to his big law firm job two months early. How much blood do you monsters want?

    1. I want Holder’s. That’s what I want.

      1. You just want to keep a black man down. Racist!!

        1. I don’t see color, John. I just see “goon”.

          1. You’re just rhyming a dog whistle right now.

    2. The buck stops there! Over there! With the Undersecretary of Scapegoatedness!

      1. This country needs a Fall Czar.

    3. Well Santa, I would like an independent prosecutor to look into possible RICO violations by the Justice Department, possibly an indictment of the entire executive branch as a criminal conspiracy.

      A man can dream.

  8. Taxes become central to the marijuana-legalization debate, with some politicians salivating over a new industry to feed upon.

    Unfortunately for everyone, politicians have previously created an official behemoth that’s already been chowing down on drug users. Good luck nudging community corrections and treatment facilities away from that teat.

    1. We got Bath Salts warming up in the bullpen.

    2. Competing parasites? How can we lose? Oh wait.

      1. Alien vs Predator

    3. Tax revenue was the reason Prohibition was repealed.

      What? You think governments repeals laws out of the goodness of their little black hearts?

  9. Double X freaks out at supposed Michael Jackson anti-abortion song. Only it’s not, it’s actually an internal dialogue of a woman who gets an abortion and the guilt she feels.

    1. If he’s implying a woman might feel guilty about an abortion, then he’s waging the war on women from the grave!

      1. Marcotte in the comments section:

        “”My approach to criticism is to avoid looking at artist statements about intention and instead focus on text only. Artists aren’t the ultimate authority on what their words mean.”

        Wow, just wow. Basically, “I don’t care if MJ explicitly said it wasn’t intended as an anti-abortion song, I’m going to act like he did!”

        1. If Marcotte wasn’t already a sterile, manjawed husk of a human being, she’d walk around every day wearing a “Proud to have had an abortion” t-shirt.

          She exemplifies John’s observation about abortion being the progressive sacrament.

    2. XX Factor is really very bad. And by bad I mean, totally uninteresting. As a woman I should be ’bout it, ’bout it. But instead I end up saying “so what,” to every post. For example, as I was reading the MJ post a pop-up advertised another post about “How the Porn Industry Wants You to See It.” That seems interesting.

      But it’s not remotely interesting. Not even a little bit. They take a good topic, pr0n, and turn it into a lame piece about properly wording press releases. Holy crap.

      1. Their idea of interesting is an article about an song that was never released as a single off of a 25 year old record that few people listen to anymore.

        Boring is putting it mildly. And Hannah Rosin is one of the most deeply sexist (against men) writers around. That woman is just an awful person who hates the entire male gender.

        1. Considering what Rosin looks like, I’m sure the male gender hates her right back.

  10. But it was one of those scandals that was mysteriously confined to the low- and mid-level bureaucracy.

    It’s always the no-names that ruin an otherwise pristine federal organization.

    1. Everyone overlooks the fact that your underlings running wild means you are either (a) complicit or (b) incompetent.

      And neither of those justifies keeping you on the job.

      1. Can’t be said often enough or loud enough.

      2. You’re just guilty of being a delegator.

  11. Media pundits Shikha Dalmia quickly decided that Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment was an unmitigated disaster


    1. It is a forgivable mistake.

  12. Time for more football talk.

    How are people liking the full season of Thursday night games? I’m leaning towards anti.

    1. I hate it, because I’m never home to watch. And even if I were, I’d be playing Borderlands. I guess what I’m saying is that Kirk is much better than Picard.

      1. Wesley Crusher is better than Picard and Kirk gangbanging an alien tranny while gingerly touching their weaponry together.

        1. False. Wesley is still worse than that, even if you add Pulaski to the orgy.

          1. You bastard, AD. Now I have need of brain bleach. Jerk.

            1. Throw in Lwaxana Troi for the trifecta!

            2. I know Wesley will cause you to do such things to yourself, but I didn’t bring up its name.

          1. You were turned on by the Troi rape scene in Nemesis, weren’t you Epi?

            1. And you weren’t?

      2. I already have Sunday dedicated to football, and Monday night depending on who is playing. I don’t need another night that will result in me being tired at work.

        1. Monday night football is annoying enough, I don’t need another weeknight. And of course the Seahawks are on Monday night next week.

          1. the Seahawks are on Monday night next week.

            Personally, I am quivering with anticipation.

          2. Yeah, but we’re talking about professional football here Epi.

            1. They’re technically professionals! They get paid!

              And they kicked the Cowboys’ asses last week.

              1. Yes but the Cowboys fit into the “no team who has XXX as a quarterback will ever win the big one” rule.

                …where XXX = Romo, Cutler, Sanchez, and possibly Rivers but I am having some second thoughts there, he may be a victim of his coach (like so many others).

        2. Eli is somehow going to fuck me over again. That’s all I know.

          1. I’m sure he’ll do something ridiculous in the fourth quarter of every game this season to dash my hopes of getting that game picked correctly. One week it will be 2 INTs and a fumble to lose a game I pick the Giants in and the next it will be 300 yard and 3 TDs to come back in a game I picked them to lose.

            1. Besides the season opener I got right, I mean.

              1. Luckily, my unfailing faith in the Bucs to throw away a win steered me right last weekend. I spent the whole game thinking somehow Eli could even screw up beating the Bucs. Tonight, I bet on him to fail. We’ll see.

    2. Given that there will be no hockey I think that … fuck.

      1. There’s always college hockey!

    3. As a Chiefs fan, I am wholeheartedly against every aspect of this season.

      I hate the refs union for demanding defined benefit pensions, but FFS I want to blame the NFL not giving in for my team’s failure so bad.

      God hate Chiefs fans.

      1. Did Scott Pelili hit on one of the KC Star’s reporters’ teenage daughter. The Star has always been such a company paper for the Chiefs. They are killing Peoli. Not just tales of incompetence but really personal stuff.

        I love it and it has made the Star readable for the first time in years. But wow.

        1. Pioli has been secretive and combative with the media since getting in. He’s the Dick Cheney of sports GMs. While the team was doing good, or otherwise had excuses (injuries, etc.) he got a reasonable pass. But no longer.

          1. You never know who is making the decisions. But assuming he is actually in charge, he is an unbelievable moron. He has fucked up every big decision he has made. He has hired two bad head coaches. If you can’t hire good coaches as a GM, just what can you do? And lets not forget screwing over Brian Waters and running off a future HOF just to show he was in charge. Then there was drafting Tyson Jackson at number 3 because they had to have a 3-4 defensive end. The list goes on and on.

            It is not that he has done stupid things. It is that he has done stupid things and seems to have no idea that were stupid and to have learned nothing from them. What a disaster of a hire. And the consensus is he is going to keep his job another year at least.

            1. I disagree with this analysis altogether and actually think he’s done mostly great things for this roster. I think the only two glaring weaknesses that stand out to me are the head coaching picks. Aside from that, I agree with every other personnel move he’s made given his choices at the time (the entire 2009 draft was trash, Tyson Jackson was as good as anyone else we could’ve gone after, Tony G wanted out before Pioli arrived and he was able to get a second round pick out of the deal, Waters hasn’t even shown up for New England this season and his replacement on this team Asamoah is an upgrade over Waters at this point in his career).

              1. They could have had Brian Orakpo, Clay Matthews, Mark Sanchez or Josh Freeman. All would have been better picks than Jackson. Jackson would have been cut by now if not for his contract. He is a total waste of a pick.

                And the big glaring weakness is a QB. Peoli refuses to admit he was wrong about Castle. Castle is not a starter and never will be. He has a weak arm and panics under pressure.

                And Peterson traded Tony G the year before.

                Lastly, most of the good players on the roster were drafted by Peterson.

                And the worst part of Peoli is what a lying sack of shit he is. He wanted the best 53? Really, is that why he drafted a guy with known attitude problems in the first round in 11? Is that why he let Carr go even though Carr was exactly the kind of player that he claimed to want and exactly what the organization said it would reward? Oh reward that is as long as they were willing to play on the cheap.

                1. Whenever the game is on the line, Matt Cassel becomes the invisible man.

                  Anyone who talks about his stats has never really watched him play. He’s a superhero, when it doesn’t matter.

            2. Brian Waters does seem to be difficult to deal with, though I’m not that familiar with the Chiefs situation.

              1. Difficult as he is I do wish he’d goddam show up to the Pats and take his $4 mill.

                1. At this point I’m not sure. He’s got way more talent than anyone else we have at RG, but I don’t know if I want someone on our O-line who is not fired up to play.

                  1. Yeah but with McDaniels calling weakside runs all the time it’s a nightmare. I was at the game last week and the crowd around me was sitting there astonished as we kept running right. At some point you get too clever for your own good.

                    1. Yeah but with McDaniels calling weakside runs all the time it’s a nightmare.

                      Don’t expect that shit-faced twerp to call anything sensible.

                      Sorry–Bronco fan here, and even seeing the name “McDaniels” makes me want to break something.

      2. Did you hear the radio rant about the KC Chiefs?
        That was hilarious

        1. Mike and Mark played it on ESPN radio last night. I want to find a weblink and share it with my die-hard Chiefs fan buddy.

        2. “you let down old women on life support trying to eke out one more day!”

          “admit you suck”

    4. Why can’t they have a game more nights? Why do all the games have to happen at the same damn time?
      There could be more games at 3:00 on Sundays.

      1. The games should be (about) the same time because teams will have an advantage if their opponent played a game 4 days ago.

    5. Anti. Fucks over the teams cuz of low prep time. I get highly invested in one game a week, if I wanted to watch shoddy gameplanning and vanilla strategy I’d become a Bills fan.

      1. ” shoddy gameplanning and vanilla strategy ” whipped the living fuck out my Chiefs this week.

    6. Apathetic, mostly. I don’t have NFL Network, so I am not going to go out of my way to watch a game that my team is not playing in on a work night. The biggest issue for me is it messes up the timing of fantasy football by somtimes having to make roster decisions in the middle of the week.

  13. “‘The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside,’ he told a Univision forum Thursday. ‘You can only change it from the outside.'”…..he-inside/

    1. Wow. He’s straight up admitting that he has absolutely no ability to change the way Washington works in his second term.

      He’s probably right, and not just because he has no desire to drain the cesspit, but still, to admit it . . . .

    2. So he is dropping out of the race? Or he likes things the way they are?

    3. Do the rest of you find that statement as ominous as I do? I see unsavory implications in a demagogue advocating that the only way that change can come into to a revanchionist institution is from the outside. Yes, the same statement could be made about Dr. Paul. I just don’t see the same willingness to work within Constitutional norms.

      I guess I’m seeing mobs everywhere lately.

      1. Those aren’t mobs. Those are movie critics.

        1. It never ceases to amaze me that the screenwriter of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls could become one of America’s most popular movie critics.


    America is just hooked on wealth. Idiotic is a soft word for this column.

    1. “Wealth tends to make people unhappy because it encourages them to try to translate all their fantasies into reality ? an exhausting and usually disappointing pursuit”


      1. It was so much better when most of humanity lived in utter poverty, working their asses off to make sure they could eat enough. Well, except for those handful of enlightened leaders who lived nicely. Such men took what they wanted.

      2. It’s a fair point. Wealth seems to magnify people’s problems. If you can’t be happy without wealth it seems like a questionable proposition that wealth will make you happy.

        This naturally assumes that everyone being considered has enough to get by – people in real dire straits have a different sort of problem.

        1. Money won’t make you happen but a lack of it will make you miserable.

    2. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

  15. “‘Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual: We’d stand up, put our right hand over our hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance,’ explains Alba. ‘To me, that gesture was a promise. A promise to be involved and engaged in this country’s future. A promise to work for liberty and justice ? and for affordable education, health care, and equality ? for all.'”…..Ft_zbJmTni

    1. More proof God only deals each person so many cards.

      1. Thanks to the government we now all have the liberty to be equal.

      2. I refuse to give one shit how retarded she is. She’s still one of the hottest women in all of Hollywood.

        (puts fingers in ears)


        1. Just date her and Jessica Biel at the same time. That way if either one of them talk, they can talk to each other and you don’t have to be involved.

      1. Gender call on that, please.

        1. I am actually stunned that one could embarrass oneself in this way. How can someone be proud to stand up and say “I am a mindless sheep piece of shit who blindly follows someone who lies to me”?

          1. I alternate between vomiting and laughing hysterically.

            This one is oh-so-deep.

            1. Obama supporter unable to understand how mirrors work.

              1. That is fucking awesome. If I didn’t know better I would say he is a Johnson supporter trolling. But yeah, they really are that fucking stupid.

              2. Is it just me or do they all seem to have a thousand yard stare?

              3. Now that is funny. I think I will do one and send it in.
                I will put on a fake mustache and a hat then write
                ‘Because I ” on one hand and ” am a Moran” on the other.

                1. Oh, and written so that it is inverted by the mirror.

        2. I like how she is standing in front of all those “oppressed minority for Obama” posters. Nevermind that “women” are 51% of the U.S. population and a decade ago far surpassed men in college degrees (her vaunted “opportunity”). It can never be about individuals or even “Americans” with the left — if victimology isn’t front and center they’re not interested.

          1. Romney was right about 47% rant, esp. about the victim thing.

    2. Equal pay, huh Jessica? And how much was your last contract?

      Troll-fu: Take the Obama hand pledge. Except instead the mealy-mouthed bullshit, write in what Obama has actual done:

      “Drone Strikes”
      “Undeclared Wars”
      “Corporate Subsidies”
      “Weapons for Saudi Arabia”
      “Weapons for Mexican Cartels”
      “Trade War with China”
      “Secret Spying Warrants”
      “Warrantless Wiretapping”
      “Full Body Scanners”
      “Marijuana Raids”
      “Trespass Act”
      “Prosecute whistleblowers”
      “More Lobbyists in Government”

      All of these should fit on 1-2 hands.

      1. People should start doing pictures with those things on them.

      2. Fast – Furious
        Government – Motors
        Brain – Dead

        1. Drone Process

      3. But Bush, um, inherited, um, worse than anyone thought, um saved and created, um Bush, um War On The Womenz, um the video

    3. Personally, I’d be just as happy to get rid of the Pledge altogether. The whole idea is creepy as fuck.

    4. Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual

      And that’s exactly why the pledge is a crock of shit. It’s never recited spontaneously, never of one’s own volition. It’s a goddam loyalty oath we are compelled to chant in various public contexts, and therefore utterly meaningless.

  16. “Taxes become central to the marijuana-legalization debate, with some politicians salivating over a new industry to feed upon.”

    Am I the only one who thinks that from a libertarian perspective marijuana “legalization” might actually be worse than the status quo? At least in states where it is already decriminalized. I can easily picture the government ruining cannabis with excessively high taxes and regulations. Like there’s a $300 tax per ounce and you can’t buy it past 9PM and the THC percentage cannot exceed 20%, getting caught with a roach in your car is a DUI, and anyone caught growing/selling without a highly expensive and intrusive permit gets doubly fucked.

    Yeah, for some strange reason I am pessimistic that the government “allowing” Americans the “privilege” to smoke weed legally would actually be good for the overall freedom of tokers.

    1. No. Regulation could just as easily be as corrupt and horrible as prohibition.

    2. Legalization would still be better and the taxes won’t be that high (they may be retards but they know that taxes that high will do nothing to stop the black market).

    3. Legalization means legalization. No police confiscating your car. No prison for smoking weed.

      No matter how fucked up regulation becomes, not being a fucking crime is a big deal.

      1. Unless they do all that stuff looking for drugs in violation of the regs.

        1. I have no doubt that a cop who finds a legal joint on you will consider that probable cause to tear your place apart looking for cocaine. Still, it’s better than nothing. As an added bonus, a lot of California cities with draconian smoking restrictions will be pressured to relax them.

          1. You think the pressure on smokers will relax? Let’s just say I’m skeptical.

            1. Not in general, no. But places like Calabasas (not affected by the CO law, I know, just using as an example) might relax some of their restrictions on smoking. Maybe.

              The City of Calabasas smoking ban has been in place since 3/16/06 and outlaws pretty much all public places, both inside and outside…streets, sidewalks, parks, restaurants, stores, you name it. You are allowed to smoke in your home and in designated smoking areas. You are also allowed to smoke in any outdoor area in which no non-smoker is within reasonable distance and due to the time of day you wouldn’t reasonably expect another person to arrive. This means if you are smoking in your car with the window open and someone is behind you, you’re breaking the law. Calabasas recently amended the law to require 80% of rental apartments be permanently designated as non-smoking by 1/1/12. If you are a smoker, Calabasas is probably not the best city for you to live in.

    4. I can’t see it being worse. And they won’t tax it over a certain point – that would hurt revenues too much.

      1. Tell that to the guys who continually improve tax hikes for cigarettes in the likes of NYC.

    1. Big deal. Oral sex in a car is illegal? I thought it was about full-blown coitus acceleratus.

      1. Apparently she was naked, and good looking enough to be an attractive nuisance.

        1. This was unusual? In Florida? That’s got to be a typo. Must’ve happened in Utah.

          1. It was on 95, so maybe it shocked some tourists who aren’t used to seeing girls who aren’t fat and look like dead fishbellies when naked. Also, white girl, hispanic guy.

            1. Miscegenation! Call the Klan!

  17. A compilation of Al Bundy’s fat-woman jokes. Enjoy:…..lbundy.htm

    (John, please don’t be mad at me)

    1. Peg: “Mom called. She got on the scale and it said 380. She’s been 374 since high school so she thinks she may be getting fat.”

      Al: “Maybe there’s 6 pounds of food stuck between her teeth.”

      1. My wife said she wanted something that could go from zero to 180 in 1 second, so I bought her a bathroom scale.

        – Heard on Bus stop.

    2. Angelfire? Do you cruise geocities, too?

      1. It’s what came up when I searched for the exact text of the quote I posted above. Why? Are Angelfire and Geocities gay “cruising” areas or something?

        1. No, they just date back to the dawn of the internets. I’m always shocked that either is still hosting.

    3. Fat lady: “It’s because of guys like that that I don’t wear shorts anymore.”

      Al: “You sure it wasn’t because of the guys with the harpoons?”

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that from a libertarian perspective marijuana “legalization” might actually be worse than the status quo?

    Ask Kathryn johnston and Jose Guerena.

    1. You don’t think they won’t be doing SWAT raids on unlicensed marijuana growers?

      What color is the sky in your world Brooks?

  19. Cigarette taxes are regressive. Also, poor people make bad decisions with money.

    1. That makes lotteries regressive too.

      Think of both as taxes on stupidity.

      1. The article states that households earning less than $13k/year spend 9% on lottery. These people spend over $1000 on lottery every year! Holy fuck.

        1. $20 a week? Easy.

          1. They make some expensive scratch tickets these days. I think I’ve seen $20 ones in the vending machines here in VA.

          2. I guess its believable, I just can’t comprehend anyone believing that’s a winning strategy. I mean, what can you win? $25000? I guess that’s 2 years money, but… fuck. It ain’t change your life money. I guess that’s why people are poor.

  20. We have wildly divergent polls. Pew has Obama up 8, Rasmussen and Gallup have them tied.

    Perhaps the Reason poll guru (yeah, I’m looking at you, Emily, in a totally platonic way, honest), could dig in a little and find out WTF is going on.

    1. Rasmussen is the Fox News of polls – their thumb is on the scale as a marketing ploy.

      The only polls that matter are OH, FL, and VA and they all show Obama with credible leads.

      1. Shut the fuck up sock puppet.

        1. Red Tony has an itchy vag today.

          1. You tell em you retarded little monkey.

          2. Bad poll day for the guy he hates and would never vote for.

            1. Tony, will you please please post a pic of you with something written on your hands?

              1. “SOCKPUPPET”

              2. “FUCK YOU, DAD!”

      2. The only polls that matter are OH, FL, and VA and they all show Obama with credible leads.

        No, actually, that is not correct. All are within MoE.

      3. Rasmussen is the Fox News of polls

        So what does that make Gallup, which agrees with Rasmussen?

        1. Gallup had Obama +5 last week.

          1. Guess Obama had a bad week then.

  21. “President Barack Obama says the man behind an anti-Islam movie that ignited violence across the Middle East is a ‘shadowy character.'”…..libya.html

    1. I think they have been called on their bullshit enough now about the film being responsible that they have had to walk it back. I havent kept up with the news well enough for the last two days, but that is the impression I get.

    2. He also told Letterman he didn’t know how much the national debt was, and that we “don’t have to worry about it short-term” anyway. Just how fucking stupid does he think Letterman’s audience is? Is he right?

      Defend the Constitution

      1. Yet another missed opportunity by the Romney campaign.

      2. See, you conservatives get pissy when Obama appears on late-night shows and some stupid uneducated bigot like Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limbaugh is not there to ask “your” questions.

        Get used to it.

        1. Retarded puppet is retarded.

          1. Fuck Rush Limbaugh. He is a pedophile.

            (and please let him sue me for slander if he can)

            1. Fuck Rush Limbaugh. He is a pedophile.

              So you’re two of a kind, then.

              1. And all this time we thought he was Sarah’s buttplug…

        2. This citizen gets appalled when the President insults his intelligence by pretending not to know what the national debt is.

          I find it fascinating, in a clinical sort of way, that when presented with an example of the cynical contempt in which the President holds this country, you get angry at conservatives and Rush Limbaugh.

          1. Seriously, he knows what the number is. He just doesn’t want to say it.

        3. To his credit, Letterman asked him how much the national debt was up to. Of course Obama didn’t want to say it was up to $16 trillion under his watch, so he lied and said he didn’t know the answer. He must really think that the majority of his followers are stupid as shit.

          1. It’s easy when you cultivate an aura of plausible imbecility.

    3. “President Barack Obama says the man behind an anti-Islam movie that ignited violence across the Middle East is a ‘shadowy character.'”

      And if anyone knows shadowy characters it’s Barack Obama.

  22. Are breasts a big deal or are they just boobs?

    1. Breasts are a big deal just not in the way that most people think.

    2. Breasts are a big deal. At least my wife’s boobs are a big deal. 🙂

  23. We have wildly divergent polls.

    The one that matters is still a few weeks away.

  24. How can someone be proud to stand up and say “I am a mindless sheep piece of shit who blindly follows someone who lies to me”?

    “He only hits me because he loves me so much. I just need to try harder to make him happy.”

  25. “..Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment was an unmitigated disaster, but actual voters are more divided, with some appalled and others treating the candidate’s words as cold truth.”

    Let me guess…’some’ amounts to about 47%.

  26. with some appalled and others treating the candidate’s words as cold truth

    The cynic in me expects that if you did a study, the “appalled” have (on average) a higher taxes paid to subsidies received ratio than the “cold truthers”.

    1. The cynicpartisan shill in me expects that if you did a study, the “appalled” have (on average) a higher taxes paid to subsidies received ratio than the “cold truthers”.

  27. Former German first lady sues Google because seraching her name automatically brings up the suggestion ‘prostitute’, a reference to allegations that she used to work as a callgirl.

    Apparently “Streisand effect” doesn’t translate into German.

    1. “Streisand effect” also applies to Innocence of Muslims, which none of us would have even known or cared about without the protests.

      1. I don’t think they care. It was just a pretext anyway.

      2. I’m cynical enough to think that this is the reason the WH and State Department have been talking about it so often. If they keep reminding Muslims about it, there will be tons of riots that actually are over the movie, and eventually people will remember Libya as “that thing with the movie”, not “that historical fuck-up where they screwed up security and let Al Qaeda assassinate a U.S. ambassador.”

  28. When was the last time a SWAT team raided a pharmacist’s house in the middle of the night and shot him dead? Or a liquor distributor?

    A legal dope regime would undoubtedly suck, but I’m guessing it would still reduce the insane lethality of what we have now.

    1. Brooks,

      They swat raid Amish people who are selling raw milk. You really think they won’t do it to pot users even if it were legal?

  29. DWS is as hot as ever! And showing off a new tat.

      1. I don’t. When did you stop buggering your mother?

    1. She just looks like a moron. There is no spark of intelligence in her eyes, they’re just…empty.

      1. When I saw her infamous interview with Anderson Cooper, I was reminded of nothing more than a not-very-bright public school teacher who made a terribly stupid claim in front of the class and was called out on it by a student who read the textbook, and is now trying desperately to reassert her authority over the situation by trying to shame the student as being disruptive and unruly.

        I think if it was me and it was an in-person interview, I’d be leaving in cuffs and she’s be leaving with a shoe stuck up her ass.

  30. From the linked CNN article:

    Another showed President Barack Obama, from a recent public statement, saying, “Since our founding the United States has been a nation that rejects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”…..index.html

    Unfortunate typo or hilarious gaffe? I’m rooting for the admittedly much less probable latter.

    1. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

      No, the government ignores them.

      These people are truly idiots. By running ads in Pakistan and going on the record everywhere they can rejected Teh Video of DOOOOM, they are now in the position of having to go on the record specifically rejecting everything anyone says that is offensive to anyone else, or they will be deemed to have approved it.

      1. Such stupid language. “Do not approve” would have been much better, especially in terms of connotations for the freedom-loving audience at home.

    2. WE SHOULD reject any faith that undermines our secular Constitution.

      OK, only Christians and Muslims would try that – fuck them both.

      In their greasy fucking mouths.

      1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

        OK, only Christians and Muslims would try that – fuck them both.

        But not the Fabians, I guess…

        (And they’re quite religious, Shriek – they believe in a God-State)

  31. What the fuck is your point, John?

    “I don’t smoke dope, so why should I care if those dummies get croaked?”

    “Not that many people get murdered in their living room by the cops, anyway; if we keep it illegal anybody who wants to can get a bag on a Sunday, or after midnight so it all cancels out in the end.”


    1. I am not saying don’t make it legal. I am saying don’t expect that to change a lot. They will just tax and regulate the shit out of it and people will still be getting their doors kicked in and their dogs shot.

  32. In Canada, marriage appears to be losing ground among heterosexual couples

    That’s because who the hell wants to marry a Canadian?

  33. Brazilian officials are less than happy about America’s latest foray into quantitative easing. It seems that the country’s foreign currency holdings are likely to become toilet paper, and its industries uncompetitive, as the U.S. deliberately devalues the dollar.

    Oh, poor babies! I bought gold and silver, bitches…


    Obama “You can’t change Washington from the inside”. WTF? Romney just needs to leave the country and stop campaigning. Why try to win the election when your dingbat opponent wants so badly to lose it?

  35. From the Albequerque Journal:
    “Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, who also will be on the Nov. 6 ballot, had 7 percent support. Johnson subtracted almost equal numbers of votes from Obama and Romney, according to the poll, meaning his third-party candidacy was not more damaging to one than the other.”…..close.html

    1. Hmm, that begins to answer my question on a previous thread. I wasn’t sure who the homeboy would pull more votes from. I guess I’m impressed he’s pulling equal Obama votes as he is Romney. Unfortunately, that gives Obama the victory in NM.

  36. Pakistani protestor dies from… inhaling too much American flag smoke.…..ags#scptm2

    1. That damn filmmaker murders another one.

  37. For those interested in helping Gary Johnson get in the debates, you can sign a petition (through

    1. I’ll sign it but I hope they have a better plan than that.

      What about getting the League of Woman voters to host a debate? They used to do them all not too long ago, before the GOP and dems colluded and forced them out. If they =extended invitations to Obamney (and Johnson) it would at least get media coverage.

  38. Jennifer Nicole Lee… Never heard of her.

    She is obviously impoverished, she can only afford the barest threads of clothing. She is a 99 percenter, 99% uncovered. My kind of peasant!…..ikini.html

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