A.M. Links: Romney Trying to Address "47 Percent" Comments, Kiwis Look to Avoid Trap of Welfare Dependency, U.S. Troops to Work Less With Afghan Forces, Repeal of Pot Shop Ban in LA on Ballot, Greeks Not Happy With Austerity


  • Romney is trying to deal with a video that emerged yesterday showing him slamming the 47 percent who are in the bag for Obama.
  • Kiwis are looking to ease people off welfare with newly proposed reforms that aim to reduce benefit categories and make welfare more work-focused. 
  • U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be scaling back the operations they conduct with Afghan forces, who have turned on NATO personnel 36 times this year. 
  • Opposition to austerity is rising in Greece, with public sector workers planning more strikes. Getting your lips off the government teat after so long can be tough. 
  • A suicide bomber in Kabul has killed 12 people in revenge for the Innocence of Muslims film.

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  1. U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be scaling back the operations they conduct with Afghan forces…

    Well, at least something in Afghanistan is being scaled back.

    1. 36 times burned, 37th time shy.

  2. Activists in LA have secured a vote to repeal the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Next step will be dealing with the inevitable DEA raids.

    Good luck securing the vote that repeals that.

  3. Ohio inmate who weighs 480 pounds seeks execution delay claiming he’s too HEAVY for injection


    1. How about just running him to death on a treadmill? Who could object to that healthy alternative?

      1. I was thinking call a veterinarian.

        1. Exactly. I had to put my dog down a little over a year ago. Prior to the big dose, they gave her a sedative, which left her snoring in my lap. Then came the big dose. Humane as can be. Why isn’t that good enough for convicted killers?

    2. Was he fat when he went to jail, or in this day of “no cruel or unusual punishment” he is not allowed to have less than a 5 course meal every evening?

    3. I’m always amused at how shocked and outraged we’re supposed to be at this sort of nonsense. I’m sure it’s more his lawyers than him who is making this claim, and as his lawyers, they should be making whatever arguments they think may work in order to save his life.

      1. Yes, one of the things people would be wise to take note about is that when court documents are filed, the phrasing is meant to portray the claim or plea as if the plaintant himself made the prayer, even though it’s very obviously the attorney.

      2. and as his lawyers, they should be making whatever arguments they think may work in order to save his life, so they can keep getting paid.

  4. Mother arrested for letting kids play outside

    At least they didn’t shoot her dog. So…progress? I guess?

    1. Nope. If the officers weren’t tarred and feathered, not at all.

      1. Those aren’t officers in the link, dammit. They’re Centurions!

        1. “Romanes eunt domes”

          1. Here we go, a Life of Brian sub-thread…

            1. Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly!

              1. I have a vewy gweat fwend in Wome called Biggus Dickus.

                1. He has a wife, you know. You know what she’s called? She’s called… Incontinentia… Incontinentia Buttocks

            2. Here we go, a Life of Brian sub-thread…

              Shut up, bignose!

  5. Morning Joe is having a fit because Romney said that 47% of Americans pay no taxes and are on the government dole so their inclination will be to vote for Obama, which means his task is to convince them to stop being a freeloader. I agreed 100% with what he said because it makes sense. But then as one of Obama’s bitter clingers, what the heck do I know?

    1. Joe is having a fit as do most pundits when confronted with malicious truths. When nearly half hte folks have no federal liability, they’re gonna want to keep getting their free pony.

    2. romney’s most excellent adventure!…now repurposes the war on women to the war on fixed-income elderly leeches. death panels bekon

      1. The elderly don’t think Romney was talking about them. And in a way, they are right.

        1. Exactly. They feel they are entitled because they paid into a Ponzi scheme and the gov’t should bail them out from their malinvestment. The ones they are worried about are them illegals who don’t pay any taxes and them welfare mothers.
          It’s just more Culture War stuff and probably won’t sway many either way.

          1. They feel they are entitled because they paid into a Ponzi scheme and the gov’t should bail them out from their malinvestment.

            Actually, they were forced by government to pay into the Ponzi scheme and feel like they should get something back which the government promised them in return. Not quite so unreasonable.

            1. Then they are stupid. They voted to implement and sustain said Ponzi scheme all their lives, so they could “get theirs” and stick it to following generations. The Boomers (and prior) have perpetrated a heinous act upon the young.


              1. They voted to implement and sustain said Ponzi scheme all their lives, so they could “get theirs” and stick it to following generations.

                Really? I know I didn’t vote for any of that crap, yet I still had the money for it confiscated out of my paycheck my entire working life. Believe me, I would much prefer to have that money under my control so I could invest it and use it to provide for my retirement on my own, but that ain’t gonna happen. So I’m just hoping I get something back out of it when I do retire.

                1. Oh, bullshit. Nobody in their right minds thought they were going to see a dime of that money. For fucks sake, I can remember my parents, 35 years ago, complaining they’ll never be paid.

                  We live in a constitutional republic. The people are responsible for the actions of their elected officials. Our elected officials instituted a Ponzi scheme, fucking future generations to ingratiate their constituents. We all knew it. We all nodded and accepted it. Now it’s time to pay the piper. Sorry, the program imploded before you were able to fuck the next generation.

                  There is no free lunch. We will all get EXACTLY what we deserve.

              2. Thanks for backing me up. I have the hardest time conveying that message and i always get that forced-to-pay meme which while true is like defending pederasty in the British school system. ‘Gee, well I got buggered. Now it’s my turn!’

                1. Because money, which is fungible, is just like buggering.

                  So you think it’s right for people who had this money confiscated by force from them their entire lives, whether they wanted it or not, to just be told “Go fuck yourself, you get nothing in return”?

                  That’s like saying, ‘well, since you got buggered when you were young, you shouldn’t mind getting buggered again now you’re old’.

                  1. The voters allowed it to happen. YOU are responsible for those ass clowns in Washington.

                    Not like we didn’t see it coming.

                    1. Okay, so by that logic YOU are responsible for everything the assclowns in Washington do. Thanks for the wars and muderdrones, dick.

                    2. Fuck off and die in a fire.

                      YES, I AM RESPONSIBLE. AND SO ARE YOU! The difference is, I’m not going to be the least bit surprised or put out when I don’t get Social Security. It was a morally bankrupt policy from the beginning. We allowed it to continue. We live with the consequences. Accept your responsibility.

                    3. Holy fuck, that’s almost Tony-level idiotic. And since you’re going with ad-homs, go fuck yourself sideways with a lunchbox, asshole.

                    4. Um…who started with the ad homs? I’m a dick, remember?

                      And my logic isn’t sound?

                      We tolerated an immoral policy for how many generations, and we have the right to bitch when it blows up before we get our money back? Um…da!

                    5. Um…who started with the ad homs? I’m a dick, remember?

                      That was facetious, since you are obviously not really responsible for the wars and murderdrones. Unless you really think you are, in which case, holy shit.

                    6. We did?

                      What if we backed politicians and policies all our lives that were against it?

                      What if we spent our lives railing against having this money stolen from us?

                      Should we not then want it back?

                    7. You failed then. You failed to convince your fellow voters that what they were voting for was immoral. Do better next time.

                      Accept the fact that the program ended up, exactly where you predicted it would (fucking people) and accept the fact that the people getting fucked is you. (You can blame those who voted as they did, but you still must get fucked for your failure to convince them.)

                      Demanding the money back, you were fucked out of, only exacerbates the problem as jester points out below. You can end it here, in which case you are fucked, or you can fuck your kids. Choose.

                      I know. Life isn’t fair.

                    8. Um…who started with the ad homs?

                      You did asshole.

                      Francisco d Anconia| 9.18.12 @ 10:05AM |#

                      Then they are stupid

                      By the way idiot asshole, I’ve never voted for entitlements in any way. Claiming I’m responsible because I didn’t do more just demonstrates the same stupidity that made you oblivious of the fact that you started the ad homs.

                    9. Then they are stupid

                      Meaning those who trusted the government.

                      ad hominem- marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

                      My opponent was CLEARLY WTF and I DID NOT call him stupid. Try again.

                      As to my point…

                      Just because you didn’t vote for it, doesn’t mean you won’t get fucked by it. Someone is going to. What do you propose we do to fix it? Who should pay? Shall we round up all who voted in favor of entitlements and have them pay you exactly what you paid in? How would you work that, exactly?

                      The going in argument here was that old people think they deserve the money they paid into an immoral Ponzi scheme. They cannot get “their” money back without hurting someone else. (that pesky NAP)

                      Yes, the right thing was to never get involved in such a program. Agree!

                      What’s your fix?

                    10. My opponent was CLEARLY WTF and I DID NOT call him stupid.

                      No, you called you OTHER OPPONENTS, “them”(voters), stupid, which is an ad hominem.

                      You started it cunt, own it.

                    11. Yes, the voters ARE STUPID. They were not my opponent, they were the subject of the discussion.

                      Might want to check that definition again.

                    12. Yes, the voters ARE STUPID. They were not my opponent,

                      You took a position OPPOSING THEM and THEIR BEHAVIOR idiot asshole, making them one of your opponents at least.

                      More importantly, your original whine was because you wanted to ding someone for descending into namecalling, and now you’re just too much of a troll to admit you started it in the first place, so you try to redefine the argument.

                      Fuck off troll.

                    13. By that logic, it’s perfectly okay for them to expect a bailout. After all, as long as the voters approve the bailout, YOU are apparently responsible for it.

                    14. My point is we have a representative government. They do what we elect them to do. The “people” are responsible. We have allowed immoral idiots to become the voting majority. Whether I’m in the minority or majority, I still have to live within the terms I’ve agreed to.

                      Social Security couldn’t have ended any other way. Now old people act surprised? Whether you voted for it or not, ya had to know your weren’t getting that money back and if you did, it was going to be at the expense of your offspring.

                    15. My point is

                      fucking retarded.

                      And you lied about starting the ad hominems.

                      Fuck off now troll.

                    16. Outstanding argument.

                      My point is “fucking retarded.”

                      I’m the troll…

                      …and a cunt.

                      Got it.

                    17. Outstanding argument.

                      No idiot asshole, it was an insult.

                      You’ve definitively proven that you’ll lie when confronted with facts you dislike. Arguing anything with you is pointless.

                      So all you get are insults.

                      I’m the troll…

                      …and a cunt.

                      Got it.

                      When you troll the thread with ad homs then claim someone else started the ad homs, that’s what you get, troll.

                    18. Don’t see where you’ve even attempted argument. Just attack.

                      Bye bye.

                    19. Don’t see where you’ve even attempted argument. Just attack.

                      Exactly stupid troll, THAT’S WHAT I SAID.

                      No idiot asshole, it was an insult.

                      You’ve definitively proven that you’ll lie when confronted with facts you dislike. Arguing anything with you is pointless.

                      So all you get are insults.

                      Why are you stupidly acting like something I told you I was doing is something you’ve just discovered? Are you really THAT fucking stupid?

                      Bye bye.

                      If only you were actually leaving and not just ginning up a convenient excuse to run and avoid taking your medicine.

                    20. Yes, the voters ARE STUPID. They were not my opponent,

                      You took a position OPPOSING THEM and THEIR BEHAVIOR idiot asshole, making them one of your opponents at least.

                      More importantly, your original whine was because you wanted to ding someone for descending into namecalling, and now you’re just too much of a troll to admit you started it in the first place, so you try to redefine the argument.

                      Fuck off troll.

                  2. Yes, take the high road and pay (er, fuck) it forward. No wonder the cycle will never end. It’s institutional: fuck your children. ‘Uh, here’s your inheritance, son [wielding giant dildo]. I didn’t do it, it was everyone else.’

    3. That’s an incredible stat. For example, I made 30K last year, well below average, and paid thousands in income tax. That means 47% are of even lower means than myself, I guess. Wait, is the 47% including children who don’t work?

      1. And you got those “thousands” back, did you not? EIC too?

        1. EITC for single individuals isn’t much – $460, IIRC. Of course, if he has a child, then it’s up over $3,000 (further structural injustice in the tax code).

      2. Honestly, at 30K, you didn’t pay all that much in income taxes. My SWAG is you paid about $2,000 if you had no qualifying deductions.

        1. Your swag isnt far off. The average 2nd quintile person paid 6.8% in 2009, lets assume the same for 2011, so that would be $2040 on $30k.

          1. Including FICA? You should always include FICA because that is not an investment, it’s a tax.

      3. I got a few hundred back after having ~3K withheld from checks, IIRC, although I usually try to block April 15 from my mind so that could be way off. I did get the EIC the year before, when my income was even lower, and I was definitely in the 47% that year. The child’s mother claims the kid, so I can’t.

      4. 30k (in 2009, which is last entry in spreadsheet I have) puts you in the second quintile, which paid an average of 6.8% in federal taxes in 2009.

        The breakdown:
        Federal Income tax: -2.6%
        FICA: 7.9%
        Corporate Income tax: 0.5%
        Excise Tax: 0.9%

        Romney, I assume, was only talking about the first number.

        1. Even that is misleading because it doesn’t count the ’employer’s contribution’ as tax money that you pay. Which it is.

          1. True.

            Well, it counts it for self-employed. I wonder if the employer side gets included in corporate income tax?

            Its weird that excise tax is split out, even though that is paid by the company too.

    4. What’s the issue? Romney finally tells the truth and they are outraged?

      1. Romney finally tells the truth and they are outraged?

        Because it’s not true. Just because you’re not paying income tax doesn’t mean you’re dependent on the government. In fact, Romney is actually making a socialist argument, that people only exist to give money to the government, so if they’re not paying income tax, they must be a useless leech. Because they couldn’t possibly contributing to society by doing productive work, right?

        1. Didn’t say they weren’t contributing to society or doing productive work.

          Rightly or wrongly, the government provides services with that tax money. Some pay a lot for those services, some pay little or nothing.

          If you pay little or nothing, you are obtaining said services at the expense of another.

  6. Oh hey, I never knew Gwyneth Paltrow was humourless, controlling and pretentious!

    ‘I only let my children watch TV in French or Spanish’: Gwyneth Paltrow reveals strict parenting for Apple and Moses


    1. I think she should force them to watch shit in Mandarin, if anything. At least that’s a skill they can use in the western supplied sex-pits of Neo-Beijing. All hail our Mongolian Overlords!!!

      1. Choosing the language based on its practical application is sooooo plebeian.

    2. Is Apple a chick? If so, what’s the over/under on her being crazier than an Olsen twin?

    3. The kids need to learn a second and third language to overcome the handicap of being named Apple and Moses.

      1. Scandinavians name themselves after natural things, like Stone and Bear, but I think “Apple” is a ridiculous name in every language.

        1. Well, I guess ‘Soda’ was taken.

          1. As was ‘Blanket’.

        2. Stone would be okay if your middle name was breaker. And animal names are only okay if they are accompanied by the ending “killer”.

          Meet my sons Stonebreaker and Bearkiller.

          1. No, no. Stonebreaker is clearly a girl’s name.

          2. There’s a guy playing in the NFL named Stoneburner. I want to know how you get that last name.

            1. There was a Cherokee chief back in the 1990s named Wilma Mankiller. Now that is an awesome last name.

            2. Crackhead.

            3. Stoneburner plays at tOSU. Not the NFL, but still a “professional”?

              1. Notre Dame had a linebacker back in the 80s named Micheal Stonebreaker. That is a great name for a linebacker. Then there were that Balldinger brothers who were both NFL offensive lineman.

              2. Oh, yeah. Okay. That’s where I saw him. Seriously, I could have kicked most of those FG tries closer to the uprights than that kid from Cal.

                1. Yeah, well you didn’t. So there. Hey, a win is a win. 🙂

        3. Poor kid can’t go to school. The other kids will say:’Hold your tongue and say apple.’ But then again that would be bullying and there is zero tolerance for that, so I retract my comment.

      2. I don’t know, I’ve always kinda liked the name Apple.

        1. Nice try, Zombie Steve Jobs.

    4. You didn’t get that from the childrens’ names?

      1. at the airport today there was a boarding call for a family. One of the kids was called Wynkyn. Please let a parent be a printer, otherwise there is no excuse

        1. I can’t wait until our daughter is born and then screws up. Then I can say, “For a daughter named reason…”

          1. And Banjos has to slam down a shot?

          2. So the kid screws up and you get a drink? Good plan.

          3. “It was better when Virginia Postrel was my mother!”

          4. What’s the Middle Name Sweepstakes up to and what is the leading name?

            1. It’s up to $101, and the winning name is “Bartlett”, which is funny because the high bidder cited Paltrow’s kid because she chose the name instead of the more generic “Pear”.

        2. Well, if you named the other two Blynkyn and Nod, that’s be okay.

        3. The worst I ever hear was some ghetto-rat who named his kid ‘Nizzel’, who was randomly shot dead at five-years-old.


    5. If all she’s letting Moses watch is Sabado Gigante and other TA Spanish programming, then he ought not complain too much.

      1. Hey, there are some awesome French programming on at 3 am. I especially like the hunting shows. I’ve seen them net stags being chased by hounds, shoot tiny skylarks brought in by twirling decoys and I can’t wait to see a reenactment of this:

        1. Damn. I give the guy props for admitting it was his fault.

      2. I loves me some Sabado Gigante. Although I want to scream “I’ll buy that for a dollar” about every 3 minutes.

  7. A suicide bomber in Kabul has killed 12 people in revenge for the Innocence of Muslims film.

    Because these people would have seen this video without the administration pointing to it and they definitely wouldn’t have been violent if the video had not been made.

    1. Hsst. Ixnay on the “esethay eoplepay”.

      (voice from offstage)

      Never mind. I understand it’s only “you people”.

    2. Who did he think he was getting back at (assuming his reason to create another example why aliens should wipe out the stain of humanity the first chance they get is accurate)? The filmmakers former roommate’s uncle’s cleaning lady’s estranged tailor’s neighbors? Seriously, if you are going to be crazy and kill yourself, at least direct the hate directly at the people responsible for pissing you off. Fucking moronic amateurs.

  8. Women pick even bigger boob jobs if they can ‘try before buying’ with D-cup the most popular size

    1. I wonder, though, if they pick them for themselves or pick them to impress their friends.

    2. Further down in the article, you missed this gem:
      250 girls under 16 given bigger breasts on NHS at cost of ?5,000 a time

      Finally! A reason to welcome Obamacare’s socialist policies!

      1. under 16

      2. Did you miss the “UNDER 16”?

        1. Probably not, the perverted fuck!

        2. Old enough to take a test, old enough to feel her enhanced breasts.

        3. Yeah, what a terrible waste. More government malinvestment. Can you get tossed in the klink if you stare too long??

      3. Jaysus. Give ’em a chance to grow in before you just go “fixing” them.

  9. Gay couple claims human right to a double bed at a BB, owner claims human right to refuse them


    1. somebody say santorium

    2. from the article:

      Mr Morgan, an IT consultant, said: ‘She said that for two men to share a bed was against her convictions. She was polite but firm that we couldn’t stay.’

      Mr Black, a writer, added: ‘She wasn’t rude, I’m not claiming that. We were just very concerned that we weren’t allowed to stay.’

      Then why are you suing her??? I fail to see where the affront to civil liberties is.

      1. the affront is that this BB owner believes that she, too, is entitled to rights and convictions, and we all know that some folks just can’t be trusted with those.

      2. Public Accommodation strikes at the heart of private property rights and is as much an affront to liberty as the words “necessary and proper”.

      3. Didn’t some of the Walton boys sleep in the same bed?

    3. There was a time that even unmarried couples couldn’t share a bed. Whatever happened to that?

  10. A suicide bomber in Kabul has killed 12 people in revenge for the Innocence of Muslims film.

    Someone should enhanced interrogate the guy to see if that’s really why he did it.

    1. Miss Cleo reporting for duty !

  11. Romney is trying to deal with a video that emerged yesterday showing him slamming the 47 percent who are in the bag for Obama.

    Why waste his time? It’s not like they weren’t going to vote for Obama anyway.

    1. Nothing but the truth.

      1. why does romney hate granny?

    2. I’m guessing the DNC is going to get some donations out of this. And the press is going to get a ton of mileage. Romney really needs to stick with saying nothing if he wants to win.

      1. It would be nice if he would step up and defend it. He told the truth. And it is a truth Democrats don’t want to hear. That is why the media is going so ballistic. The more damaging something is to them the more over the top their reaction.

        1. Romney learned his lesson from what happened when his daddy told the truth about Vietnam.

          Romney will never stick up for any principle whatsoever – it ocvuld cost him the presidency!

        2. Whenever they media attacks Romney unfairly, it actually makes him look better in my eyes, though the attacks probably work for Obama’s base. I find myself instinctively defending him (and I guess the TEAM RED worldview by extension), whereas if they’d treated him fairly, as a libertarian I’d only have “meh” to say about Romney.

          1. I came home from working out and my wife had the Today show on this morning and Joe Scarborough was concern trolling about what a horrible week Romney has had. Hell, this and the statement about Egypt are the first two smart and truthful things he has said all campaign.

            1. Joe Scarborough was concern trolling about what a horrible week Romney has had.

              I guess Obama must have had a good week, so there’s nothing to talk about on that front.

        3. I agree, John. Romney has this reflexive defensive crouch. Its too late now, but he should have said “Did I say something factually wrong? Isn’t it true that 47% of the households in this country pay no income tax? Isn’t it true that under Obama more and more people have become wards of the state? Isn’t it true that someone who is taking money from the state, and paying no income taxes, is likely to vote for more taxes on other people and more government money for himself?

          Unless you think this is a good and proper state of affairs, that will lead to a stronger and more prosperous nation, I don’t see you would think my remarks were objectionable.”

          1. Exactly. Go for it. You aren’t going to lose any of your base with it.

      2. disagree…he needs to ramp it up. Lots of folks talk about the cliff, the oncoming train, whatever euphemism you want, then follow it up by promising more free ponies. The growing dependency class is a problem; the liberal heads explode just makes it funny.

    3. “A big fuckin’ deal!”

    4. Makers vote Romney.Takers vote Obama

  12. The myth of Barack the liberator

    That is what is causing the unrest in the Middle East today ? a perception of American weakness. Across the region, people see the United States in retreat. They see Obama pulling all U.S. forces out of Iraq and preparing to do the same in Afghanistan. They see an American ambassador killed in Libya, the flag of al-Qaeda raised over our embassy in Egypt, and our diplomats fleeing from Khartoum and Tunis. Instead of looking to the United States and asking, “Where are you, Obama?”, the crowds in Cairo today are chanting, “Obama, we are all Osama.”

    1. so WaPo fills its quota of one conservative column among a half dozen liberal versions.

    2. Yes, if by sheer cultural coincidence you are Muslim, you only understand and respect unmitigated power and force. Your culture trumps any possible yearning for a productive and peaceful existence. The fact that some video even exists that you’ve never seen or a state such as Israel that exists far from yours and has essentially nothing to do with your life is just way more important than earning a living, raising a family, eating, etc.

      Seems like a lot of projection from a bunch of Progressives (i.e. those in the driver’s seat of both major parties.)

    3. the crowds in Cairo today are chanting, “Obama, we are all Osama.”

      Well, if you want the US to send guys to shoot you in the head, I’m sure Barack has no problem with that. But it’s inefficient, so he’ll probably go with drones.

      1. If they’re ALL Osama, lets get the B-2s out there with some real ordinance.

        1. Every so often I have this atavistic moment of looking at the rest of the world and thinking how lucky it is for them that we play nice and use the padded gloves and don’t hit below the waist.

          Because if we ever say fuck it and go all in, there’s not going to be much left of the Middle East that’s not a smoking pile of rubble. And I’m not even suggesting that we’d use WMD to get that result. The conventional capability of the US military is frightening when you start getting into the details.

          1. Tell me about it… I have had enough at my beck and call to flatten any place that ever gave me trouble in Iraq or Afghanistan, but didn’t. Mostly that is good, as I didn’t sign up to emulate a Mongol Khan. But sometimes…..grrrr.

          2. Because if we ever say fuck it and go all in, there’s not going to be much left of the Middle East that’s not a smoking pile of rubble.

            You’re insinuating that the Middle East isn’t already a pile of rubble.

        2. Also some real ordnance.

  13. Students strike against new federal school lunch rules

    Following new federal guidelines, school districts nationwide have retooled their menus to meet new requirements to serve more whole grains, only low-fat or nonfat milk, daily helpings of both fruits and vegetables, and fewer sugary and salty items. And for the first time, federal funds for school lunches mandate age-aligned calorie maximums. The adjustments are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 touted by Michelle Obama and use the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    The changes are hard to swallow for students like Blohm. On Monday, 70% of the 830 Mukwonago High students who normally buy lunch boycotted cafeteria food to protest what they see as an unfair “one size fits all thing.” Middle schoolers in the district also boycotted their school lunches, with counts down nearly half Monday. They’re not alone in their frustration; schools across the country are reporting students who are unhappy with the lunch offerings.

    maybe the students will learn something here… or not.

    1. They’ve been cramming whole grains down our throats since the ’70s. These fuckers are just pouring more gasoline on their government fueled obesity/diabetes fire. Listen, I like Grape Nuts as much as he next old fucking man, but sometimes bacon is the healthier alternative.

      1. I find bacon crumbled on my Grape Nuts pretty much ticks all the boxes.

        1. Gross. If you like that, I see who Denny’s new bacon milkshakes are marketed to.

        2. Hmmm….I occasionaly make an egg white omelett with black beans and bacon. I wonder how it would taste with grape nuts instead of black beans?

          1. Like a bear pooped in your mouth. DO NOT TRY!

    2. It’s sheer stupidness like this that a) makes us pack lunch for our kids, and b) makes me want to home school them.

      Low-fat or no-fat milk? Do they think the fatties in school actually drink milk??

      1. Most of the fat kids I knew growing up loved them some wholesome state-approved vitamin infused juice. Nobody told them most juice has twice the calories/sugar as soda. They drank that shit like I drink beer while driving. Recklessly.

      2. and they ignore that kids need a certain amount of fat in their diets. It was not that long ago that whole milk was the only milk, except maybe for skim which was like colored water.

        1. All kids need a certain amount of fat in their diet. It’s insanity to suggest otherwise. Besides, the fatties in school aren’t getting fat from guzzling litres of whole milk while in the school lunchroom – they are fat because mom and dad let them get fat.

          1. and yet, no one questions these dietary truths, because it’s easier to blame some outside entity like McDonalds or let the govt feed them, even if it’s feeding them poison.

            1. It is always easier to blame someone else and not take personal responsibility. That has alwasy been the case but it seems like it has been enabled and accepted as the default position by more and more people, in all professions and all walks of life. Very unfortunate. Will end badly.

    3. maybe the students will learn something here… or not.

      They will when they’re *forced* to eat the school lunch.

      1. They won’t learn anything when their brains can barely function due to lack of cholesterol and saturated fat.

        1. Maybe that’s part of the plot to turn them into more sheeple.

    4. Hopefully they’ll just switch to PBJs. Still healthier than anything they would have eaten in the cafeteria.

      1. I lived on PBJs back then – can’t stand them now. Also got an apple or carrots and a candybar in each lunch. Drank the chocolate milk that came in the carton from school.

        But somehow I managed to stay thin even with all that fat/sugar. High insulin resistance mixed with almost non-stop physical activity helped. Okay, I didn’t play many sports, but there was walking, biking, sledding, skiing, death marches hiking with my envrio-parents, etc etc

    5. Remember when we were told we were overreacting to Michelle’s “healthy” eating initiatives? Oh, it’s all voluntary, she’s just trying to educate people, nobody’s being forced to follow her advice, blah, blah, blah.

  14. Romney is trying to deal with a video that emerged yesterday showing him slamming the 47 percent who are in the bag for Obama.

    Well, at least there’s no video of him slamming the “95%” of a certain other group in the bag for Obama.

    1. Well, at least there’s no video of him slamming the “95%” of a certain other group in the bag for Obama.

      The Jews?
      The Media?

      1. Librul Atrz Collage Studentz?

    2. Oh, but everyone knows “the 47%” is *code* for “the 95%”.

      1. Dog Whistles all the way down?

        1. If you can hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.

  15. Pakistani man chooses mustache over home

    But in Bara, his hometown, the mustache angered members of Lashkar-e-Islaami. They arrested him, took him to a cleric who confirmed their belief the mustache was not in accordance with Islamic law and then shaved him at gunpoint.

    He has not been back to Bara for four years.

    “I left my dear homeland, my friends and relatives and prepared to sacrifice all that but will not compromise my mustache,” he said.

    1. How in the fuck does Allah find time to give a shit about people’s facial hair? I don’t fucking get it.

      1. Allah has time for everything, infidel. I keel yuuuu.

        1. Is allah is the worst control-freak micro-manager in the pantheon? I think there are meds for that condition.

          1. but if his followers took the meds, all the fun of being an Islamic control freak would go away. Who wants a drug like that?

      2. That’a the problem with being omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent – you end up worrying about an enormous amount of trivia

        1. That’a the problem…

          I guess IFH is Italian…

          1. so that’s why i have a giant comedy mustache and mummy issues

    2. “Do you want the mustache on, or off?”

      “Off, please.”

      “Too bad.”

      1. “Want your sideburns?”

        “Yes, please.”


        1. Damn it Mattingly I told you to shave those sideburns!

    3. Haven’t been home for 4 years. #MustacheRage

  16. Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press

    Internal Department of Justice emails obtained by The Daily Caller show Attorney General Eric Holder’s communications staff has collaborated with the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.

    1. It’s NOT a scandal when the GateKeepers are involved. geez. Where have you been?

      1. People laugh when Rush calls it the state-controlled media.

        Not sure why.

        1. isnt rush part of the media?

          maybe not huh?

          1. Not the state-controlled part, duh.

        2. Because he acts like the right’s party controlled media is any less coordinated than the left’s party controlled media?

          1. Which Justice Department coordinated with Rush Limbaugh, Stormy?

            1. Right, I’m sure there was absolutely no coordination between The Gonzalez DOJ and right wing news platforms during the US attorney controversy.

          2. Right’s party controlled media? As in ABC? NBC? CBS? NPR? CNN? MSNBC? TimeWarner? Newsweek? NYT? WaPo? LAT? Gannett/KnightRidder (or whatever they call themselves this week) Reuters? AP? Univision? Telemundo? PBS?

            Or did you mean “part of Fox (Shep Smith?)” and some AM radio talk shows?

  17. Opposition to austerity is rising in Greece, with public sector workers planning more strikes. Getting your lips off the government teat after so long can be tough.

    German milk is tasty. But isn’t the strike going to make austerity much, much easier?

    1. Only if you aren’t paying the striking workers.

  18. http://www.click2houston.com/n…..index.html

    Mom jailed for letting her kids play outside.

    1. Quick Draw McGraw you ain’t.

      1. Yes, but the guy upthread gave us a Monty Python video instead of the link.

        1. In my defense, Monty Python is much better for your blood pressure.

    2. In addition, officers did contact the Harris County District Attorney’s Office while on the scene that evening, upon which their Office accepted charges of Abandoning a Child on Ms. Cooper.”

      I guess it’s okay because ‘procedures were followed’.

      Apparently, if you don’t directly watch your kids at all times while they are playing outside, you can be arrested? Holy fucking shit, this country is doomed.

    3. Charged with “Abandoning a child” while sitting in a lawn chair watching her children play in the cul de sac. Holy Fuck. The day I come home to that is the day I get shot by the cops.

      1. We have a slightly modified police state. In a traditional police state the police can arrest anyone they want for any reason and hold them in jail indefinitely. In our modified police state the police can arrest anyone for any reason they want and hold them for 24 to 48 hours (if you are lucky) and then release you with all of the charges dropped.

        1. It’s softer, kinder despotism.

          1. Happy Face Facsism.

        2. Mom would be smart to look around the cul-de-sac and figure out who her enemies are.

          1. Yeah. Something tells me there is more to this story. You have to be a massive bitch to call the cops on someone like that. If you witness an outright beating sure. But this? There is some kind of a grudge going on.

            1. I suggest a strategically placed molotov cocktail as an appropriate response.

              1. Or, you could just salt the earth around the neighbors shrubs.

          2. Yeah. That, too. But the police operator really needs to ask, “Do the children seem lost or injured? No? Well call us again if that changes.”

            1. This is exactly it. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and a little common sense and judgement, makes the world a much better place.

      2. Bizarre. yesterday afternoon while walking the dog a group of 5-6 kids (7-10 years old) rode their bikes through the neighborhood unattended. and my first thought was “somebody is going to bitch about that”

        1. Over the weekend, the neighborhood kids (some of them as young as 4) rode their quads down through our fields and also in the dried-up riverbed across the street. Not a single shit was given.

        2. The bizare thing in my neighborhood, is that unattended kids are frowned on, but one street over, it’s the norm.

          The level of do-gooder bitches seems to rise with income level.

    4. Now that it’s not as hot as the surface of the sun here, my kids are usually outside from lunch until dinner and the only supervision they get is when they try to be the boss of each other.

      If a cop showed up because they were outside playing, I think the whole situation would end up on CNN.

    5. On a related topic, this story had me blurting out a loud WTF?

      ‘Behead’ sign child deemed safe as mother talks to police

      Basically, a Muslim protest against that crappy YouTube video went bonkers, media bugged out about a kid holding a sign calling for the beheading of all mockers, and the mother felt she had to hand herself into police, who went to her house to check it was a safe environment for children.

      Considering the child safety authorities here can’t protect kids being raped, beaten and eventually killed by their families, despite those children being known and monitored by them, this seems a monumental waste of time

  19. The latest !Anchor Baby!

  20. Week 2 Reason J sub D Memorial Results (poor Apatheists, can he get fucked over any worse two weeks in a row):

    Armstrong’s Corpse
    Occupy End Zone


    Not That John

    Studio Art Majors
    Hershey Fudgepackers

    Ghost’s Boasts
    Clich? Bandits


    Mr. Peanut

    Go Pack Go

    I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

    1. That was painful.

    2. Whats the league name? Cant find it on ESPN

  21. Re-branding Guevara: Che the Butcher
    Violent hatred is not something to emulate ? or wear on a T-shirt.

    But there are, thankfully, some limits to the use of Che’s famous image ? if people complain. A recent e-mail sent by the Environmental Protection Agency to mark Hispanic Heritage Month included Korda’s image of Che along with the slogan “Hasta la victoria siempre,” or “On to victory, always.” After facing criticism, the EPA said the e-mail had been “drafted and sent by an individual employee, and without official clearance.”

    1. Lemme guess. And nothing else happened.

    2. Say what you will about Che, but the guy made one damn fine omelet,

  22. You Didn’t Build That Fantasy Football League results:

    Sloopys Barnyard Fun
    JD’s Seceders

    Rhythmic Gymnasts
    Black Leather Jacket

    Turd Burglars

    Faith +1
    MR’s Guard Ducks


    Again, I don’t want to talk about it.

  23. David Brooks has a sad.

    Romney’s comments also reveal that he has lost any sense of the social compact. In 1987, during Ronald Reagan’s second term, 62 percent of Republicans believed that the government has a responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves. Now, according to the Pew Research Center, only 40 percent of Republicans believe that.


    It would be nice if it would ever occur to Brooks that it is possible to even bounce a blank check. Letting government totally abuse taxpayers for the last seventy years has unsurprisingly made them much more callous and unsympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate. Who could have ever predicted such a thing?

    1. “only 40 percent of Republicans believe that”

      what the hell is wrong with this 40%?

      1. Good question.

    2. the house conservatives are no more familiar with flyover country than the liberals who simply can’t stand it. Someone like Brooks cannot be bothered to correlate changing Repub opinion with active Dem policy to increase federal dependency.

      I have no problem with helping the helpless; I just don’t believe this much of the country is helpless and the worst thing you can do is to do things for people that they could do themselves.

    3. Fuck the social compact. When one party can unilaterally change the terms of a deal with no recourse by the other party, it ain’t real.

    4. When did it stop being part of the social compact that you would be as self-reliant as you could, and avoid being a burden on others? Huh, Brooksie?

      1. I thought the social compact was you pay taxes and the government keeps a monopoly of force and keeps things from deteriorating into a state of nature. When the hell did “take care of my every need” become a part of the social compact?

        1. why does john hate granny?

          1. John’s not talking about the vast majority of people who benefit from the social safety net. He’s talking about the people GOP strategists want him to imagine.

          2. Shut the fuck up, Ed.


          (((FOAMS AT MOUTH))))

  24. The Pick-Em top 6 (+ ties) and the # of games they got right:
    Sloopys Super #1 Picks 12
    Mike M 10
    calidissident 10
    Broncos over Steelers 10
    Translucent Chum Will Suh You 9
    AppSt n da house 9
    Fingerbang! 9
    Robert Griffin III Card Monte 9
    Auric Demonocles 9

    That’s it! For an overall points title update, you’ll have to wait until later today.

    1. The Three Card Monte moniker is pretty great.

      1. The Three Card Monte moniker is pretty great.

        Thank you.

        Of course injuries in the defense have doomed my Skins to another losing season. Unless….RGIII is the One We Have Been Waiting For.

    2. Whoops!
      Banjos Big Bouncy Bazoombas and Brett’s Coin Flips also had 9 correct picks and tied the others.

    3. I felt like the 9-7 record this week was horrible. Some years you can sneak in with less than 10…

      1. Well sure, but who saw Dallas, Denver, AND New England shitting the bed.

        1. I saw 2 out of those 3, hence the weekly victory.

          1. Yeah while I picked them both wrong, Dallas and Denver weren’t that far of stretches. The real one was NE. I’m a little surprised that no one picked the Rams over Washington.

            1. I blame too much ESPN watching. My BS filter got knocked around in Week 1. I’m still retuning it. Like trying to figure out whether to bet on whether the Texans will be 0-11 in Denver after next week, or whether JJ Watt and the Tate/Foster steamroller is the real deal.

              1. Yeah they were all over RGII’s dick before Sunday. I mean he played great against the Rams. Coaching and especially the defense shit the bed. I mean really….we finally get a good QB and a decent running game….and now our special teams and defense decide to start sucking.

                Fuck. My. Life.

                1. Jesus Christ, man. Before the season, you’d have probably been happy with 6-10.

                  1. The fever of Obamamania in 2008 has nothing on Skins fans in September. I am as cynical a person as there is on the planet, but every year I think they’ve turned the corner and become the team they should be.

                    1. I am really proud of the Dallas pick though. I tell you the Seahawks fly under the radar. Russel Wilson is from Richmond, and the kid is good. Don’t be surprised to see them and the Niners starting a rivalry in the next few years.

                    2. E-mail me when you get a minute. I spent a lot of time in the RIC. I’d like to know if we’re from the same circles and didn’t know it.

  25. Here comes that double dip recession

    Just over half of managers at North American companies now expect production levels to increase in the next 12 months, down from 64 percent in the second quarter, according to a survey by CEB, a member-based advisory firm. In the same survey, the percentage of executives who expect to hire more workers fell to 34 percent from 41 percent last quarter.

    “We’re sort of like in this limbo environment,” said Gregory T. Swienton, chief executive of Ryder System, the truck rental and transportation company. “I’d love to be able to say we’re hiring, but there is no natural big growth that would require hiring.”


    1. No, John, this is clearly wrong. Shreek say the economy is doing just fine – look at the stock market! – and we are all a bunch of poopy heads.

  26. I for one am shocked that a presidential candidate would make generalizations about an opponent’s supporters at a fundraiser. Stunned, I tell you!

    //Monocle falls out.

    1. Next they will be calling their opponents bitter clingers.

      1. From memory he was more disgruntled than bitter

        1. Not many people can pull off a fruit hat that well.

    2. I, for one, am glad Romney did this. He grabbed a nut and told the truth, which until now has been this unmentionable topic. 47% of the people mooch off the other 53% when it comes to supporting government programs. About time they were called on their bullshit.

      The bitch incessantly about the “1%” not paying their “fair share” and yet half of the country aren’t paying anything wrt FIT.

      1. *y

  27. http://www.volokh.com/2012/09/…..ecall-him/

    Man threatens to start a recall petition if councilman doesn’t change his vote. Councilman tries to get the DA to charge him with blackmail.

    1. did you read the linked thread?


      about the blackmail paradox? it’s stuff like that , that make volokh.com pretty awesome. great legal analysis,and speaking with prof. volokh about 1st and 2nd amendment issues would be like playing a pick up game of HORSE with Kobe or a surf session with just you and Kelly Slater. he’s the MAN

      1. He is a very smart guy. So is Orin Kerr who is also on that site.

        1. yea, kerr is awesome too. and also presents stuff to the SCOTUS

          we are talking gravitas


  28. Romney should just ask the media how they plan to keep this giant government and even bigger debt if half the country is exempted from paying income taxes.

    1. Confiscate the infinite wealth of the 1%, of course.


    2. No shit. How freaking hard is it for a halfway decent candidate with a brain to say “what part of the collapse of Europe don’t you understand?”

      The argument ought to be a total cakewalk for anyone who has even a tiny ounce of courage.

    1. For once, I envy those damn commies.

      1. commies do it right. if they are going to commit rape by govt., it involves large woman, former east german female shotputter, big mole on upper lip, and from years of anabolics use – and in possesiob of ambiguous genitalia who will be your state assigned rapist, comrade.

        she’ll leave you sweaty. stretched ouit and a loyal party member (he said member he huih) from here on out

        1. Riiiiiiiggggggghhhhhttttt……..

  29. this video scandal is SO romney

    it’s just who he is, personified

    nixon caught in secret tapes (that he did to himself)?

    plenty of “fucks” spread around liberally, some cheneyesque evil old white man chortling, some garden variety racism, etc.

    bill clinton, well it would have likely involved sex with some chubby but eager young lady he has power over and/or a surreptitious big mac value meal supersized, with COKE (not fiet) -fuck you bloomberg, snuck behind his omnipotent omnipresent wife’s back

    you can fill in the blanks with others, but you gotta say this about romney, he is who he is, and it’s got no soul man… no spice. he’s an american cheese sandwich on white bread with miracle whip and the crust removed.’


    excuse me but to borrow from orourke, i just fell asleep on my keyboard

    1. Have you taken a severe blow to the head? Medication dosage off? Your posts have become even more odd the past few days.

      Go to the doc and get this fixed.

      1. dood. like i said, lots o insider info on mormo-fascists. plus, now that i converse with adults only and ignore the trolls, it leaves space for stream of consciousness

        but i appreciate your “concern”

      2. It’s like a crazy guy rant. Apparently English is a second language to our ungulate overlords.

        1. ungulate ftw. i had to look it up.

          oh, and i’ll translate it from “crazy guy” into normal:

          translation: romney is boring. even in scandal, he’s a white rice sandwich with the crush removed

      3. Dunphy’s a little worn down from his busy schedule of being a cop, NFL linebacker, and MMA world champion while traveling the world fucking Miss Universe contestants.

        You’d get a little incoherent in such circumstances, too.

        1. that’s a fair cop. except it’s not.

          but typical

          claims of MMA prowess? none, except i’ve practiced it before. i’ve never competed nor do i have special skills beyond those of a guy who does some training

          NFL? i find football boring as fuck, don’t watch or play it and have made that pretty clear. i have made it clear that i work with a couple of former NFL players, who are true elite athletes

          being a cop? yea, it’s fun. currently post surgery though. off work for a few weeks

          fucking miss universe contestants? um, no. very happily married

          this is typical of the trollage here

          weak sauce. good trollage at least has a “hook”, some connection to the real world

          1. Dude, please.

            I’m certainly not the only one who has noticed that you’re the kid at the party who has to top everything.

            Kid #1: Well, last year when I was at Disney World I really liked going on Space Mountain.

            Dunphy as a kid: Oh yeah? Well, the time that I was at the amusement park on the Moon, I rode this incredible low gravity roller coaster that blows Space Mountain away!

            Kid #2: I held hands with a girl the other day.

            Dunphy as a kid: Oh yeah? Every teacher in school blew me! I bet you guys don’t even know what that is, but let me tell you, it was great. The art teacher went first. She came up to me and said, “I want to blow you!” and I said, “Well, Miss Doubledees, I think the totality of the circumstances here says that would be A-OK by me!”

            1. jesus, fluffy. this is why i ignore the trolls. mebbe have to plonk you in that file as well. it’s always the meta shit. always attack the person, not the idea.

              this is the fucking internet. i don’t know you. i’ve been playing around with “BOARDS” like this since the 300 baud modem days. it’s good fun

              lighten up. you don’t know me, i don’t know you. i learn stuff from people here, which is why i come, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to poker or weighlifting vids. people on the internet are part of the reason why i am so pro RKBA for example, and so pro 4th amendment. it’s part of why i chose to move to a state that is STRONG on privacy and limits state power. i also changed my view on drugs from experience (which is relevant in many threads here). as well s intelligent discourse on the internet

              theres always new stuff to learn and share.

              i find it a litle amazing tat some think me a braggart for posting my RELEVANT bona fides. like if a nutrition/strength topic (which is where it first come up), yea i’m going to mention them, since amongst rational people it’s relevant

              if it bothers epi, tough shit. as long as it’s true, and it is, i WELCOME those who post bona fides when we are discussing a topic

              at volokh.com the bloggers are all accomplished and are all open about same. doesn’t make them braggarts, but when i have a 1st amendment question, i KNOW who to go to. and prof.volokh has anwered my questions. he’s the man

              1. discourse there – people will explain their bona fides (hi, i work as a XXXX lawyer doing primarily XXXX cases. my area of expertise is thus FFFFF but i am …) . stuff like that. big fucking deal.

                i’ve never gotten anything out of a childish epi pop culture reference post. but hey he’s MODEST. whatever. i way prefer those with an opinion, and a background. and who can apply their expertise. and who arent bashful about it.

                but people here must be mighty unaccomplished or the most modest in the world if these sound like big claims i am making.

                and id be totally cool with hearing about what you and others do. some people don’t let that stuff out at all. others are a bit more open, but it’s not bragging to just establish who you are, what you do, what you know, what you don’t

                wht do you know? what mad skillz do you have? that’s good stuff . i enjoy hearing about it.

                1. and my stuff is almost always referenced with the ACTuAL elites. those i get to train with and work with

                  i couldn’t make the 2nd reserve utility backup towel boy reserve alternate 3rd utility olympic team

                  im also near 50

                  but my TEAMMATE melanie roach did, as mentioned

                  back in the day, on misc.fitness.weights on usenet was where i cut ,y teeth. met a lot of good friends there. learned a lot. gal there got me hooked up with my coach (former olymppic team coach, and i am ever thankful). one thing people were NOT was modest about who they were. lots of bigwigs – will brink, for example

                  i remember when victor conte came on and we ridiculed him. he later became infamous – the BALCO drug scandal. lol. classic.

                  so, i am going back to discussing CONCEPTS not people issues. if you think im a braggart, then ignore me. i LIKE when people relate their bona fides, interests and accomplishments, personally. gives me a frame of reference.

                  one of my old MFW rivals is now one of my best friends, and again im eternally grateful to him and otjhers for getting me into the iron game culture.

                  1. im not going to walk around like a blushing flower because it bothers you.

                    deal or don’t

                    again, id rather discuss CONCEPTS than people, but if shit is relevant i’llbring it up. and i like when others do the same. relevant experience and accomplishments matter. a flight nurse tells me shit about emergency medicine, i listen.

                    a defense attorney talks about crim procedurek ditto

                    no animosity and no retractions on my part.; my limited, IN THE REAL WORLD, attributes are what they are. the fact that i am a firearms instructor is RELEVANT when talking firearms shit, for example

                    now back to the real world

                    and again, back to CONCEPTS not people

                    1. TL/DR you assfucking pig.

            2. I’m certainly not the only one who has noticed that you’re the kid at the party who has to top everything.

              Occupational requirement.

              1. except that;s simply rubbish.

                if my modest claims TOP everything, that’s fucking sad.

                i have said a million times – i don’t understand global warming, i’ve got no opinion on it

                im topping nobody

                i don’t understand macroeconomics, money supply all that bullshit

                ive said it before ill say it now

                lots of shit i don’t know

                but there is lots of shit i do know, and a lot of the topics here where people’s knowledge comes soley from articles, mine comes from the real world.

                that’s relevant and i aint hiding that shit

                people here will talk about officer safety, as a running joke

                for me, it’s thinking about my best friend who was shot in the head and waht he could have done to prevent it.

                or i think about the numerous times i or my partners narrowly avoided serious injury and what works and what doesn’t

                and when people here see an cop using excesive force, which i am just as critical of as anybody, i will criticize it just like anybody

                but UNLIKE you (most likely), this isn’t THEORY. it’s the real world.

                i know that a relatively fixed percentage of people resist. i deal with them. and force is NEVER pretty. and i know i can be assured people on the sidelines will sit there with 20/20 hindsight and complete confidence that they could do better…

                1. what i find ironic is that on sites like volokh, where people are truly accomplished and not at all modest about topping others. that people will not only welcome my relevant experience, but respectfully ask opinions about stuff.

                  compare and contrast

                  those in the know act that way vs. cop hates here who only ask such questions to try some kind of ‘gotcha;

                  i aint topping jack and shit and jack left town, but my experience is relevant. i will express it.

                  and for those that have relevant experience/skills – defense lawyer, cop, prosecutor, martial arts instructor, etc. they should be touting their skills and experience too

                  i learn a LOT from people here. and i personally WANT to hear about what people know, wht they can do, and wht their special knowledge areas are.

                  i suggest those who don’t are just insecure.

                  anyways, this shit is tiring. im going back to commenting on stuff, not people, and the last few weeks here have been immensely BETTER since i just cut the VERY few trolls out and discourse with people who are true adul;ts. fair, etc. it’s refreshing to agree or disagree but to do so on a civil basis.

                  back to that shit.

      4. Dunphy is apparently recovering from surgery, so he may be a little drugged up.

        1. preach it!

  30. Wanna have your mind blown: Then read this article written by a former cop that’s an argument for professional courtesy the double-standard.

    Last paragraph: There are plenty of people on the outside of police work. Some are envious of the positions we hold, and would love to be on our team, but for some reason, like certain minor league players, just can’t make it to the big leagues. You made it to the big leagues. Now show some team spirit and be a member of the big team in blue.

    Yeah, if you think that’s nuts, read the comments!

  31. Hey Lord Humungus, did you see that all issues of Synapse: The Electronic Music Magazine are now scanned and online?


    1. no I didn’t, but thanks for the heads up.

      My synth gear is all packed away right now, getting ready for the move.

      1. didn’t know you were a music guy. do you do any home recording/production/mixing?

        i’ve just started with reaper. love it. but curious about what’s out there, what others use, etc.


        1. I use Pro Tools 8 M-Powered with the M-Audio Audiophile 192. Also, a Tascam 38 8-track reel-to-reel.

  32. Another gem on PoliceOne asking whether cops are protectors or warriors. Guess which way most of the comments go?

    Example 1: Posted by wbkiphart@slmpd.org on Monday, September 17, 2012 07:52 AM Pacific Report Abuse

    Thanks for the column and it is properly named.

    Being a warrior is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. Anyone who has issue with the use of the term warrior simply has not grasps the concept; and the fact is that many can not or choose not to. And for them, that is fine.

    I of course protect everyone in my charge; where I walk, there shall be peace; one way or the other. But in my mind a protector is on the defense waiting for evil to arrive; it is a reactive philosophy. I am a warrior; I actively seek out and hunt evil at all times and in all places. I am not waiting to fight evil; I am seeking to engage it. I am what evil sees in its nightmares.

    And in the dark of the night, when I prowl the streets hunting for evil that is praying on those I have sworn to protect; my family is home asleep. And if evil should attempt to prey on them, I pray a Warrior is the first one there to answer their call for help.

    Sgt. WBK

    1. Example 2: Posted by rivermannate on Saturday, September 15, 2012 01:37 AM Pacific Report Abuse
      The best way I have heard this put is that we are not at war with the public, but we need to be prepared for when the public goes to war with us.

      These fuckers are insane.

      1. These fuckers are insane.

        And armed and with the authority to detain, beat, and kill you with the backing and force of the government.

        Don’t you feel safe?

      2. The only trouble with that is the public outnumbers the cops. Math is hard?

      3. They are just pathetic military jock strap sniffers. If you want to be a warrior join the Army or the Marines. They will pay you good money to do nothing but kill people and break things.

        But doing that is hard. You have to do a lot of PT and make a lot of sacrifices to be in the infantry much less the Rangers or the Special Forces. These losers are either too lazy, too dumb or too big of cowards to do that. So they go be cops where you can be a fat doughnut eating piece of shit and still claim to be a “warrior”.

        1. fwiw, a fair # of the cops i work with are former army/marines, etc. and many former special forces. seals, rangers, bla bla.

          ime, they are usually pretty soft spoken and hardly the ‘ra ra’ macho types. like the seal guy. very unassuming, soft spoken. mellow. he got sent back to afghanistan twice and away from his SWAT assignment

          he helped run my unit at the time through some live fire house drills. good guy. and a PHENOMENAL shot. i’m an instructor, but not anything special as a shot. he can take a glock out of the box and hit a soda can at 50 yrds over and over from a simple standing isoscoles stance.

          and he’s not considered a “good shot” amongst his ilk

          i have zero doubt that he would be on the side of the angels, if the govt. went rogue. iow, he, like imo most cops would be fighting FOR freedom against a rogue govt, not the other way around.

          1. Dunphy,

            That doesnt surprise me, I would expect ex-military to have a good sense of the difference.

            1. he told me that there are actually a lot of guys who CLAIM special forces who aren’t. like they will go to one special forces SCHOOL and then claim to be one years later when they get out

              i respect those guys. all i did was go to college, drink beer, play in a band, join a fraternity, and spend 5 yrs on a 4 yr program, while they were sacrificing for our country. i screwed around a lot, surfed my ass off. then you look at these guys

              one my sgts, a guy i have MASSIVE respect for… when the war broke out, he TOOK a leave of absence and volunteered to go back into the marines (like as a corporal)

              now, if you get MANDATORIed, the dept will MAKE up the difference in salary while you re deployed. great policy (not so much for the taxpayers) 🙂

              but he didn’t do this or qualify. he just VOLUNTEERED

              he had a nice street crimes detective position, easy 6 figures with just a little OT and he said “i’m serving my country (again).”

              he comes back and quietly reassumes his position in the dept.

              couple of years later he takes the sgt. test and passes and he’s one of my sgt’s now

              the media isn’t writing any articles on him.

              1. you will never even hear his name unless he gets into a shooting

                many people will see him and just think “thug cop”.

                but guys like him are out there

                last summer, he (with no fanfare) helped a stranded rafter , at some danger to himself (swift water) waded out got them in, no muss no fuss

                and some FUCKING BEANCOUNTER BUREAUCRAT COPOCRAT ASSHOLE wrote him up for going in the water “w/o permssion” and “proper safety” gear. note; the feds or state have issued us this gear. they wont give it to US. too much liability, plus they;d have to pay to train us, so it sits in sine admin office

                guys like him are out there, rob . we are all better off for it. he, like me, loathes thuggish. and corrupt cops

          2. In general, the guys who are the real deal don’t spend a lot of time bragging about how wonderful they are. A lot of the chest-thumping machismo braggadoccio comes from a deep-seated insecurity that you aren’t as hardcore as you put out there. Guys that really are hardcore don’t have to tell everybody, because they know and the people who matter know. If you don’t know, you don’t matter, so who cares what you think?

            1. i 100% agree, and thats totally my experience with the cops

              and with a lot of other people

              when i am making a terry stop, it’s the quiet guy, with the subtly broken nose, bladed stance and cauliflower ears i am keeping extra attention on

              to requote dryden… “beware the fury of the patient man”

              well, also “beware the fury of the quiet unassuming man”

              HE is the one who will fuck your shit up

        2. Yeah, John – I get reeeeeal tired of the chest thumping from those types. I’ve been around too many people doing incredibly brave and dangerous things on a daily basis to do much more than want to reach for a barf bag when I read crap like that.

    2. I came up with this differentiation over 25 years ago:

      The difference between a cop and someone in the military (warrior) is that that the soldier would rather die himself than have those he was protecting die. The cop is just the opposite, as evidenced, by laws which make killing a cop a more egregious crime than killing a civilian. Cops put themselves above those they protect. Soldiers do not.

      We can debate the nobility of it…but that’s the difference.

      1. you paint with a broad brush, sir

        plenty of us put our lives on the line willingly for those we protect. some cops ARE cowards. no doubt. many of us are not

        i would certainly rather die than have those i am protecting die. and btw, i don’t care if it BOTHERS people here, but i’ve got a medal on my chest for doing exactly that. cops, security guards and civilians on scene. burning building. i got ONE other cop i could find to go in with me. three refused.

        we went in and cleared the building by the time the FF’s arrived

        the lieutenant promplty yelled at me for doing the FF job. i came THIS close to punching him. i was retching from smoke inhalation, but i’ve never come closer to assaulting somebody in ym life

        my point is that shit happens every day

        and it almost NEVER makes the media

        i see cops going way out of the way, and often at great risk to themselves to protect people.

        i work with some who have been seriously hurt when doing so

        imo, IT’S OUR FUCKING JOB.

        i will readily agree there are cops out there who will not do this shitl francisco but lots of us will, and do

        and THAT IS where the nobility is.

        we can come home, look in the mirror, and be fiercely proud of what we do

        1. Dunphy

          Cops are like fighter pilots. They have a reputation for being assholes. In actuality, the vast majority are really good guys, but it only takes that 10% to give an entire community a bad name.

          If you want your reputation to improve, start policing your own and get rid of the ass-clowns that fit the stereotype.

          1. i think in any group…

            90% are basically competent and good. won’t make waves, won’t do anything exceptional. will generally not get the dept into embarassing situations

            5 are heroes/studs. may sometimes be a little harder to “manage”. more outlier types, but also true superstars are found here

            5% are evil/weak/corrupt/fucked up

            these #’s can chage to SOME extent. a dept. that is proactive in weeding out group3 can bring that # down

            as i have cited many times with polling data, in society at large, our reputation is VERY good. we consistently rank up in/near the top 5 positions.

            i PERSONALLY think that overall, we do a pretty good job of policing our own. unsuprisingly, many reasonoids disagree

            but yea, we are like fighter pilots, surgeons, trial lawyers. type A, can be assholes. definitely not a job that will attract passive aggressive pussies.

            wo, given those tendencies we must work hard to ensure high standards of behavior

            again, i think we do a pretty good job, but we can DEFINITELY do better

            i still take issue with this line: Cops put themselves above those they protect. Soldiers do not

            i am telling you… plenty of us DO NOT put ourselves above others, and we do a lot and sacrifice a lot to keep others safe

            1. The funniest thing about this post is that dunphy works in the Seattle area, whose two major counties have recently been profiled as horribly corrupt in how they investigate their own officers (King County), including being sanctioned for deliberately withholding evidence when investigating an officer who smashed an innocent man’s head against a wall turning him into a vegetable (officer not charged) and (in Snohomish County) for how they handle mentally ill and/or disabled people after at least one death has been directly attributed to the way they handle them in custody.

              I guess when you’re part of a system that has a monopoly on violence, you don’t really worry about how the little people or the defenseless are treated. You certainly aren’t concerned with justice for the victims of police violence.

        2. i would certainly rather die than have those i am protecting die. and btw, i don’t care if it BOTHERS people here, but i’ve got a medal on my chest for doing exactly that.

          Wait, so you’re a zombie?

          Jesus Christ. His braggadocio has reached levels before unheard of: he’s fucking immortal!

          1. …fighter pilot.

          2. ……I was killed, of course.

  33. Holy shit, Browns fans! Jim Brown is on speaking terms with the team again. Your hated deserter owner dead, your team back in the good graces of one of its heroes? Now if only Wheedon could get his QB rating as high as his IQ (no matter how low that might be), no telling how far you could go.

    1. Weeden threw for over 300 yards last week and had a QB rating of over a hundred.

      1. So what’s that put him on the year? Like 50?

  34. lol, typical politician. Love it when the TRUTH comes out! Adios and good riddance Romney!


    1. A TEAM BLUE anonbot? What would WrangVoo have to say?

    2. TIGGY!!! TIGGY!!!

  35. prof volokh on “Why Punishing Blasphemous Speech That Triggers Murderous Reactions Would Likely Lead to More Deaths”


    good stuff.an argument from a practical angle, vs the other angle which is the whole pesky 1st amendment constitutional issue

    the constitution means that even IF punishing those using such speech WERE good policy, we still don’t do it. however it’s also bad policy

    blaming the victims is a loser on every front. yet, especially amongst the progressive left, we see calls to do it.

    “In recent days, I’ve heard various people calling for punishing the maker of Innocence of Muslims, and more broadly for suppressing such speech. During the Terry Jones planned Koran-burning controversy, I heard similar calls. Such expression leads to the deaths of people, including Americans. It worsens our relations with important foreign countries. It’s intended to stir up trouble. And it’s hardly high art, or thoughtful political arguments. It’s not like it’s Satanic Verses, or even South Park or Life of Brian. Why not shut it down, and punish those who engage in it (of course, while keeping Satanic Verses and the like protected)?

    I think there are many reasons to resist such calls, but in this post I want to focus on one: I think such suppression would likely lead to more riots and more deaths, not less. Here’s why.”

    1. In a nutshell, I’m guessing:

      The people bent on violence will never run out of pretexts for such violence, and trying to accomodate and appease them will only encourage them.

      1. kind of…

        stuff like

        “Behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated. (Relatedly, “once you have paid him the Dane-geld, you never get rid of the Dane.”) Say that the murders in Libya lead us to pass a law banning some kinds of speech that Muslims find offensive or blasphemous, or reinterpreting our First Amendment rules to make it possible to punish such speech under some existing law.

        What then will extremist Muslims see? They killed several Americans (maybe itself a plus from their view). In exchange, they’ve gotten America to submit to their will. And on top of that, they’ve gotten back at blasphemers, and deter future blasphemy. A triple victory.

        Would this (a) satisfy them that now America is trying to prevent blasphemy, so there’s no reason to kill over the next offensive incident, or (b) make them want more such victories? My money would be on (b).”

        his conclusion

        hat’s why it seems to me to actually be safer ? not just better for First Amendment principles, but actually safer for Americans ? to hold the line now, and make clear that American speech is protected even if foreigners choose to respond to it with murder. That would send the message, “murder won’t get you what you want.” Not a perfectly effective message to be sure, but a better one than “murder will get you what you want.”

  36. I think these cops are in the right here, because the court has a right to establish rules.

    He was free to record outside to his heart’s content, but once he tried to cross that threshold, he was not.

    Legal eagles: what’s the law on recording devices in courthouses? I know if Family and Domestic or Juvenile Court is in the same building, there are privacy concerns as well.

    In my opinion, dude got what he had coming, although the battery charge is bullshit. Trespassing would have been more appropriate.

    1. Legal eagles: what’s the law on recording devices in courthouses?

      Effectively? Courthouses, or at least courtrooms, are the absolute fiefdom of the judge. What he says, goes, and if you take exception, you can be jailed on nothing more than his say-so. If he says no recording in my courtroom, then its no recording in his courtroom.

      1. truer words were never spoken

        in a courtroom, i am looking first at what the judge says/wants, etc. because it doesn’t matter what those pesky words in a book say IN THE COURTROOM. he rules all. he;s fucking sauron in there with the eye.

        i don’t care if the WA constitution says the sacred right to wear a fez shall apply in all courtrooms. the judge says “no hat”, i say “yes, sir”

        personally, i think the law needs to (and largely has) move away from press credentialism.

        if it’s legal for joe professional report johnson to record in a courtroom, then anybody else SHOULD be allowed to

        in a perfect world

        im also, as i often say, a pragmatist

        i listen to the fucking judge

        if he says NO CAMERAS and NO CAPES

        well, goddamnit. it’s no cameras and no capes

        he is god in that courtroom.

  37. Holy cow this is some horrible replacement reffing. Apparently they called a personal foul on this play…. and it was on Dallas for pushing the guy after he stepped out of bounds.

    1. Honestly, the replacement refs are a clusterfuck, but the Refs union has about 2 games of sympathy left before not a single fuck is given.

      1. EPL needs replacement refs.

        Everton got screwed out of two obvious goals yesterday. And that is only slightly atypical for soccer refs.

        One was an offside call that replay showed scorer was clearly onside. The other was a ball that crossed the line before being cleared out and the linesman missed it too.

      2. During most of week 1 I thought the refs did okay (with a couple of bad exceptions). This week seemed much worse.

      3. They already lost it from me. Part time gig that pays a shitload of money. The league ought to lock them out and permanently hire the replacements. They’ll improve.

        1. Definitely agree with this. Screw original refs, let them reapply for their old jobs at their current salary.

          Same goes for Chicago teachers.

    2. Holy cow this is some horrible replacement reffing.

      Are you saying Tate should have gotten the whistle instead? That was a good, clean block. Violent as hell, and all perfectly legal. Good for Tate.

      Head on a swivel, etc…

      1. Helmet to helmet= nothing.

        Two hand touch on a guy with one foot out of bounds = late hit.

  38. I am a warrior; I actively seek out and hunt evil at all times and in all places. I am not waiting to fight evil; I am seeking to engage it. I am what evil sees in its nightmares.

    Baboon Army of Occupation.

  39. Re: Spanish TV: mira aqui.

    Re: dunphy: you hit a nerve there, Fluffy.

    1. nerves are good . they transmit information. information is good.

  40. Does anybody actually read Fosdick’s walls of gibberish?

    1. I unignore him and skim his gibberish when the context indicates that it’s worth it. It definitely was today.

    2. I do. And I respond with links and articles that refute his bullshit.

      I guess that’s why he ignores me now. It’s easier than saying “I was wrong”.

    3. P Brooks, there are plenty of people who respond and we have adult conversations. i have cut a few out from responding to, and they have mostly responded with petulance and name calling


      but yes. some do. some don’t. i invite you please DON’T read if you don’t want to. it matters naught

      what is astounding is the # of posts/collections of posts where those i think of as trolls, create tons of text and tons of posts either in response to what i say or stuff like

      “man, dunphy bla bla

      “yea, dirka dirka dunphy dunphy”

      “dunphy dirka dirka?”

      “jihad dunphy bakala”

      ad nauseum.

      i suggest people grow up and just not respond, but it heartens me when i see above, because it’s just as amusing as fuck.

      either way, i’m getting paid on the govt. teat, to chillax post surgery and post. can;t train with weights :(, can’t work, so…

      expcet a few walls. cheers

      1. what is astounding is the # of posts/collections of posts where those i think of as trolls, create tons of text and tons of posts either in response to what i say or stuff like

        Or, you know, posts with actual links that counter your bullshit claims.

        i suggest people grow up and just not respond, but it heartens me when i see above, because it’s just as amusing as fuck.

        I’m sure it is. That’s why you whine and cry like a pussy and call us trolls when we call out the hypocrisy of cops and your basic misunderstanding of what justice really is.

        either way, i’m getting paid on the govt. teat, to chillax post surgery and post. can;t train with weights :(, can’t work, so…

        And you really wonder why you are so reviled on here? Fucking psycho.

  41. Shorter Fosdick:


    Because you’re a fucking baboon-troop authoritarian scumbag who is incapable of calling murder by its proper name merely because the triggerman wears a badge magic talisman on his shirt.

    Until the “good” cops start throwing the equivalent of blanket parties for their “bad” cop co-workers instead of circling the wagons and tirelessly defending the worst sort of depravity, I will proceed under the assumption THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS.


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