A.M. Links: Romney Trying to Address "47 Percent" Comments, Kiwis Look to Avoid Trap of Welfare Dependency, U.S. Troops to Work Less With Afghan Forces, Repeal of Pot Shop Ban in LA on Ballot, Greeks Not Happy With Austerity


  • Romney is trying to deal with a video that emerged yesterday showing him slamming the 47 percent who are in the bag for Obama.
  • Kiwis are looking to ease people off welfare with newly proposed reforms that aim to reduce benefit categories and make welfare more work-focused. 
  • U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be scaling back the operations they conduct with Afghan forces, who have turned on NATO personnel 36 times this year. 
  • Opposition to austerity is rising in Greece, with public sector workers planning more strikes. Getting your lips off the government teat after so long can be tough. 
  • A suicide bomber in Kabul has killed 12 people in revenge for the Innocence of Muslims film.

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