Video: Is Your iPod Unpatriotic?


Apple released its latest iPhone model last week, sending its stock price to record levels. Some even believe the Chinese assembled phone could significantly boost the U.S. economy. Back in 2009 Reason TV looked at Apple's iPod to show just how much America has benefited from modern global manufacturing. 

Here is the original text from the July 20, 2009 video:

Is your iPod unpatriotic? 

Its 451 parts are made in dozens of nations, and creating the little doodads employs thousands of foreigners. Final assembly is done in China-a country that right-wingers and left-wingers alike fear is an economic threat to the U.S.

As the recession worsens, maybe patriotic Americans should be smashing foreign-made iPods in protest. Or at least hiring bikini-clad American women to do the job, which is exactly what did. Our patriotic, sledgehammer-wielding bikini bandits headed to California's Venice Beach to smash some foreign-made iPods to make a political statement about saving American jobs.

Maybe the United Steelworkers Union (USW), one of the biggest "Buy American" backers would like to hire these patriotic ladies for their next rally.

"Every other nation during this economic downturn is directing their stimulus money inward," thunders USW's Billy Thompson at a rally in West Virginia. "Now if they can do it, why in the hell can't we?"

Actually, we are. President Obama's $800 billion stimulus package came equipped with a "Buy American" provision, and more than 500 state and local governments have signed "buy American" resolutions. And that may be just the beginning of the protectionist push. went to a Washington, D.C. event where business owners and activists learned how to lobby for more protectionist laws. "If you want to sell it here, build it here," says one participant who referrs to those who ignore the "buy American" imperative as "uneducated, ignorant people." 

And shouldn't we be patriotic purchasers? That's what car ads, draped with Old Glory and heartland visuals, suggest. What could be more patriotic than buying a Jeep Patriot? With American automakers hurting so badly, that's got to help America.
"That's nonsense," says George Mason University economist-and Cafe Hayek blogger-Donald Boudreaux. 

"The Jeep Patriot, despite it's name is actually less American than some Toyota products. It's literally impossible-at least in any practical sense-to buy American.'" 
Boudreaux argues that Americans should buy whatever products they choose; neither guilt nor laws should push them to buy American. "The thing that is most distinctively American is freedom. To insist that Americans should not be free to buy good from foreigners that's very anti-American."

And what about your iPod?

Even though plenty of foreigners have jobs thanks to it, so do 14,000 Americans whose duties include designing and marketing the little buggers. So the iPod is a product of America and the world, and these days that describes nearly all the items we buy. 
Welcome to the iPod economy, where just about everything is made everywhere.
After hearing the whole story,'s bikini bandits decided to put down their protectionist sledgehammers. Will America's people, pundits, and politicians follow suit?

"Is Your iPod Unpatriotic?" is written and produced by Ted Balaker and hosted by Nick Gillespie. Field producer is Hawk Jensen and director of photography is Alex Manning. 


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  1. Fuck no. It’s nothing but Toby Keith and the recorded sounds of trucks, guns, fighter jets, and eagles screaming.

    1. The eagle screaming is actually a red tailed hawk. eagle screams sound really lame.


      Red Tail:…..ature=fvwp

      1. It’s shocking how deceptive the sounds are in movies and TV shows.
        We have several bald eagles, more of other eagles I’m not qualified to identify, lots of owls, hawks, osprey and gulls around at our place on the Chesapeake Bay (Middle Peninsula Virginia area). Most of the eagles just make different whistling noises. One of the owls species makes a emphysemic hoot sound like it’s been smoking three packs a day since WWII.
        And oh yeah, about a gajillion of the loudest frickin crows you ever heard in your life love to crank up at dawn.

        1. We have several bald eagles, more of other eagles I’m not qualified to identify, lots of owls, hawks, osprey…

          I am jealous. I love the raptors. One time I was in my living room, and saw a bunch of feathers floating by the window, and I thought, “Mr. Redtail Hawk must have caught a dove.” So I went outside to investigate. I wandered under a cypress tree that was in my yard, and started to look around. And there, about two feet from my face was the hawk, sitting on a branch clawing the dove apart. That’s a big bird! And he didn’t look too thrilled to see me either. Our eyes locked on to each other, and I slowly backed away and went inside my house.

          1. That’s a big bird!

            I know the feeling. I’ve been stared down more than once by big birds. One mid-summer morning there was a group of deer grazing on the dandelions between the deck and the beach. My (then 8-year-old) daughter and I were feeling rather smug with ourselves that we were getting this scenery with our morning coffee. Then some humongous brown bird comes swooping down and grabs a fawn and takes off with it. The wingspan was something like 6 feet. She swears it was a golden eagle, but I really don’t know. What I do know is I didn’t feel like I was quite at the top of the food chain right then.

          2. I love the raptors.


  2. My iPod is unpatriotic, but only because it’s full of Anti-America songs like Please Please Please (Stop Dropping Bombs on Other Countries).

  3. OT: California Health Exchange to try to get TV shows to pitch Obamacare propaganda.…..wanted=all

    Why is this necessary? Isn’t Hollywood doing that already? Also how about GTA V?

    1. I expect to see a sequel to John Q.

    2. “I’d like to see 10 of the major TV shows, or telenovelas, have people talking about ‘that health insurance thing,’ ” said Peter V. Lee, the exchange’s executive director. “There are good story lines here.”

      Oh yes, Mr. Lee, there are some great story lines here.

  4. Why restrict yourself to “America vs The World” idiocy?

    Take for example our Sworn Enemy of the First Amendment, Left Wing Authoritarian and all around Economic Illiterate (PLEASE!) Democrat candidate for Montana governor, Steve Bullock, who is frantically stirring up the nativists’ unreasoning fear of the dreaded Out-of-State KKKorporationzes!.

  5. Well mine came pre-loaded with “Suicide Bomber Blues”, “Dance of the 40 Virgins”, and “The Death to America Overture”. So maybe.

  6. Not if contains this

    1. I think about this song when I drive my ’73 Eldorado convertible around town (although in ’67 Cadillac only had the DeVille convertible.) I get 10 mpg and I try to drive it on Earth Day if it isn’t raining because we have more to fear from Mother Nature than Mother Nature has to fear us.

      Come to think of it, I’m all for electric cars if gasoline gets cheap enough that I can drive my Caddy more.

    2. Obama may find that offensive and have the state department make a request to have that taken down.

  7. At 2:25 mark: Did I get a boner from a derivative of crush porn?

    I don’t even own an iPod. My Realistic stereo’s tinny sound is good enough for anyone’s music enjoyment.

    1. I, too, do not own an iPod/Pad/Thingy/oranythingelseApple.

      Realistic – Radio Shack store brand FTW!

      We used to listen to “Kraftwerk – Autobahn” and “Styx – Grand Illusion” in my best friend’s room in HS, smokin teh dope and groovin to the musical stylings courtesy of a Marantz Close and Scratch turntable wired to two shitty 6×9 car speakers.

      Hi Fidelity, yo!

      1. Styx- TGI

        Greatest album ever made. All downhill after that.

      2. I own an iPod Touch, but only because I got it as a sales incentive at my last job. I didn’t even sell much that month, just got lucky.

    2. I have an ipod, though these days I’m using it more for a step counter. I have a kick ass phone and Pandora loaded.

      At home, it’s Polk Audio towers drowning out the neighborhood’s deepest darkest thoughts.

      1. Yes, I have Polk towers with built-in subs, PLUS another Polk sub, plus a center channel, plus to Polk bookshelfs on the wall behind.

        I had a Harman Kardon amp, but one channel got funky, so I bought a Denon last year w/100+ per channel – it’s deafening with no distortion 🙂 Luv it

        1. This is another reason I need a house.

        2. NABOR 12256122

          3Charlie81 respond to 10XXX Polk Rd for multiple reports of extremely loud amplified music coming from the apartments. optional contact per 42. tasing is authorized per supvr.

          1. 3C81 for updated

            3C81 “go ahead”

            3C81, please step up to code 2. reports are that unit is possibly occupied by DHS level 2. reported possible endless loop of Mr Roboto and The Pixies Greatest Hits since 1400. Premise warning for occupant of 2C. Reported last contact with DOC Supvr. said he would “take out the expletive pigs if they tried to take his HK Amp away”. Multiple 220 clearing at residence this week and EDP as well as 10-65 warnings. Use universal precautions. Subjects in 2C reported being seen with exudating wounds, noxious substance. Advise copy updated precautions 2133.

            1. and shoot any dogs on sight.

        3. It’s a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women’s clothes off!

  8. lol, dude you have got to be kidding me. Seriously?

    1. I know, those bought and paid for politicians, right? LOL!

  9. The sign of a truly patriotic Ipod is a screen that says


  10. My iPod doesn’t respect intellectual property.I tried to explain the utility of promoting the progress of science and useful arts but all it said was:

    “I learned it from watching you”!

    1. Mine doesn’t respect them either.

  11. Bought and paid for corrupt politicians are illegal!

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