A.M. Links: Anti-American Protests Sparked by Bad Movie Spread, Germany Cautions Israel Against Aggression, Pension Crisis Still Unaddressed


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  1. So they’re rioting against bank fraud?

  2. Another rabid beaver attacks in Northern Virginia

    1. That’s no way to speak of the girls from GMU.

  3. Topless Trampolining Championship!

    1. Well, that was a waste of time.

  4. Courtney Love is still gross!

    1. Usually dishevelled Courtney Love looks put together in a chic leather trim mini dress

      Put together? More like assembled from body parts collected from corpses.

  5. Olivia Munn is still hot!

    1. Her head is weird.

    2. I always preferred Morgan Webb.

      1. I’d Morgan her Webb.

        1. You prefer Man-jaw Morgan? To each his own, man.

          1. I’d swim a river of molten glass to hit that.

            1. Exactly. Working old men and engineers makes one a beggar. Not a chooser.

            2. You probably want to do the backstroke if that scenario comes up.

      2. If we’re talking G4 ladies, Candace Bailey is my favorite.

        1. ^ This to infinity.

          I caught myself watching coverage of a fucking game convention on their channel.

          Suddenly I was all, “Dafuq am I doing watching a fucking game convention?”

          I excused myself because that woman is exquisite.

          1. She is the only reason I watch Attack of the Show.

            1. Attack of the Show has had a long line of hot women. G4 really understands their audience.

        2. G4 is stupid because it doesn’t air “Ninja Warrior” 24/7.

          1. Your fetish for Japanese fishermen is not my problem.

  6. Obligatory Daily Christina Hendricks Fail!

    1. I know that age comes to us all, but I’m surprised at how hard it’s hit Heather Graham and Alicia Silverstone.

  7. Major-party presidential candidates are usually given security briefings on the off-chance they win and have to deal with stuff. Mitt Romney says the courtesy has yet to be extended to him.

    And now he knows what it’s like to be president.

    1. When Romney finally gets his briefing, will Gary Johnson be invited too?

    2. you would think Romney would be invited just to have a president or near-prez in the room give how seldom The Obama attends.

      1. Is Al Haig available?

        1. I think Al has moved on to the big war room in the sky.

      2. He should be getting regular briefings on how to read the break and grain of the greens.

    3. Its not like Obama’s using them.

    4. Given that Romney is becoming almost Carteresque with regards to sticking his nose into foreign policy crises where he’s not wanted, I’m not really suprised that people aren’t interested in giving him information about more oppurtunities to mess things up.

  8. Ambassador Stevens killed at site with no Marines

    The consulate where the American ambassador to Libya was killed on Tuesday is an “interim facility” not protected by the contingent of Marines that safeguards embassies, POLITICO has learned.

    1. Sounds “smart” to me.

    2. I thought two Marines were among the four Americans killed, and the other was that SomethingAwful moderator?

      1. I would assume the Marines that were killed had traveled with the ambassador as security.

      2. “Marine Capt. Kendra Motz told us: ‘We don’t have any Marine equities in the consulate in Benghazi, nor do we have any reports of Marine casualties from there at this time.'”


        1. OK, I have no idea why I thought that then. Thanks.

          1. Their was a report earlier that two of the dead were marines.

            I heard it in the early morning on NPR before the official report came in and they were still reporting rumors.

    3. Consulates are never guarded by Marines, their status does not permit it.

      1. “The Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, formerly Marine Security Guard Battalion, and also known as Marine Security Guards or Marine Embassy Guards, are members of the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, a battalion-sized organization of U.S. Marines that have detachments posted at American Embassies, American Consulates and other official United States Government offices…”


      2. “Marine Security Guards are responsible for providing security at about 125 U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.”


      3. “The primary mission of the Marine Security Guard (MSG) is to provide internal security at designated U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in order to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States.”


        1. I stand corrected and withdraw the “never”.

          It is however rare for Marines to guard consulates because their diplomatic status is different from embassies.

          Most consulate security is done by contractors hired locally.

        2. Also, I could be wrong, but I’d bet that the only consulates guarded by marines are those that are on embassy property.

          Most countries won’t agree to having foreign troops on their soil. Due to treaty obligations they have little no choice when it comes to embassies. Although I suppose a country could make it a condition of establishing diplomatic relations that no guards be posted. I somehow doubt that any US admin would agree to that though.

  9. A Bump Worth the Worry?
    The GOP’s message men examine what worked and what didn’t in the past two weeks.

    “Favorability is an important metric, but not necessarily vote-determinative,” Frans said. “President Obama had a net positive image in 2010, but that didn’t bail out Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats when voters went to the polls. His favorability is largely based on his being seen as an admirable family man, a good father and husband. That’s why you hear his detractors say Obama isn’t a bad person, just a bad president.”

    But emphasizing that President Obama is a likeable guy is often a way for voters to mask their disapproval of his job performance, Frans argues. When Resurgent Republic’s focus-group leaders asked undecided voters to name something President Obama has done in office that they like, they gave him credit for trying, but they struggled to volunteer any domestic accomplishment and instead talked about his personal characteristics.

    1. I would like to hear someone explain how in poll after poll Romney can be up with independents, in some cases by double digits, and not have a lead. Unless the country has become much more partisan Democrat over the last four years, that math can’t add up.

      1. how you ask? Because the polls are heavily weighted with Dem respondents, but you probably suspect that already. When your polling sample contains 25% or so Repubs, it’s not hard to conjure up an Obama lead.

      2. It’s the hoards of of those bastard Libertarians refusing to vote. I read about it in The Declaration of Independents be sold to us for the past 40 years.

        1. be = being

          Drax = publicly “educated” and moderately dyslexic

      3. 2010 results would seem to indicate that TEAM BLUE is not as numerous as some folks would like to believe. TEAM RED attracted a lot of non-committed last time, and it seems they might this time too. Meh.

        1. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. So I find it difficult to believe the media is putting up intentionally false polls. But at the same time, the numbers in the polls that are out there don’t add up.

          1. why would fudging the numbers surprise you? And, it’s not false polls; it’s selectively sampling so that both indy numbers and overall figures can, technically, be true.

            This bunch will do anything to paint Obama in the best possible. Come on; how else does one explain the coordinated effort to go after Romney yesterday while saying nothing about The Obama’s keeping the fundraising schedule?

            1. But what would be the benefit of making the Obamniacs overconfident?

              1. It’s to build enthusiam among the Obamniacs while creating despair among the Romniacs, which they hope will affect turnout.

                1. But wouldn’t you risk, instead, complacency on one hand and desperation on the other? It’d be a fine calculation, I’d think.

                  1. CN, you’re assuming this group wants to be told the truth. I’ve thought of them more and more as a bunch of people that believe in shooting the messenger. I wouldn’t be surprised if the White House had a mock, car assembly line in the back, where O could play at being blue collar.

                    As to why polls would be deliberately mis-stated, isn’t there a sizable group of voters that confuse voting for sports, and feel like they must vote for the eventual winner? Overstating O’s actual numbers could help drive that group of tribal sheep towards his pen.

                    I don’t like conspiracy theories as anything other than entertainment, then again, Journolist and its lack of consequences for the participants, really burst my bubble.

              2. “But what would be the benefit of making the Obamniacs overconfident?”

                Because they need a reason to claim a stolen election if Obama loses.

          2. john – the national polling is almost pointless. however, obama clearly leads in the battleground states after the DNC.

            1. What are the compositions of those polls? What do the independent numbers say in them? I don’t know.

              And as far as the national polls, only once in my lifetime have the national polls not reflected the electoral college. So, they are a pretty good indicator.

            2. obama clearly leads in the battleground states after the DNC.

              I wonder how he’s polling now that his Middle East policy is taking a dirtnap.

              1. I wonder how he’s polling now that his Middle East policy is taking a dirtnap.

                Why would that matter, since it’s Bush’s fault anyway, and Romney was bad for criticizing the administration.

          3. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. So I find it difficult to believe the media is putting up intentionally false polls.

            They’re obviously putting out obviously false polls. The only question is whether the cause is self delusion, the need to keep a story going or an intent to influence the election.

            1. the answer to the question is ‘yes’.

  10. How about getting drunk and floating in your underwear to freedom? That’s what happened to a North Korean man who has been offered South Korean citizenship.

    Are you sure you don’t mean Australian citizenship? Or Irish?

    1. An Irishman would have floated to his death or capture.

      1. Yeah, in the gutter he fell in and filled with his puke.

        Ba dum chhhhh

      2. Provided he had a steady supply of whiskey, an Irishman would have beat the crap out of the entire country.

        1. No, no. You’ve got it wrong. Its our kryptonite, not our yellow sun rays. Easy mistake to make.

          1. every Irishman I knew would fight better under the influence. Or is it a matter of degree?

            1. They also have a saying, “God invented whisky to keep the Irish from taking over the world.” Picking a fight with a platoon of enemies might be brave, beating half of them may be courageous. Losing to the other half will get you killed or beaten. Drink will make you remember the first while you forget this last part. That’s why its an especially insidious form of kryptonite.

        2. Didn’t P.J. refer to Koreans as “the Irish of Asia” in Holidays in Hell?

          Surprised the guy made it.

  11. I think the filmmaker being a Copt is really not the best news that could have surfaced.

    1. What difference does it make?

      1. It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, and I sure hope we’re not going to start playing the execrable “blame the victim” game here.

        1. Worrying about the safety of Coptic Christians is a cosmotarian plot.

          1. Are you one of these stupid shitheads who still thinks that the “Arab Spring” is wonderful? You certainly fit the profile.

            1. Are you one of these stupid shitheads who still thinks that the “Arab Spring” is wonderful?


              You certainly fit the profile.

              Must be all that meth that causes you to scamper about on The Jump to Conclusions Mat.

              1. Must be all that meth that causes you to scamper about on The Jump to Conclusions Mat.

                Burn. And I’m stealing this.

            2. No, I just think it was inevitable and that our efforts to delay such things only end up making them worse when they finally come.

        2. It’s not blame the victim, Mike, it’s guess which innocent people these assholes will target next with their infantile freakout.

      2. It’s the difference between Egyptian mobs protesting outside our embassy and maybe burning a flag or two while our guys are safe behind pillboxes and automatic weapons, and Egyptian mobs running amok in Coptic neighborhoods and killing people who aren’t so well protected.

        1. what Fluffy said – Coptics already have a tough time as is.

        2. If you’ve met observant Egyptian Muslims before, you’ll know Coptic Christians are worse than Satanic hellfire to them. I predict a pogrom or 100.

        3. This already happened a couple of times since Mubarak’s fall.

      3. What difference does it make?

        The Copts still living in Egypt just had the hate turned up a notch or two. Not a big deal for us, but for them this is not good news.

        1. Maybe they should leave.

          1. Maybe they should leave.

            Not sure if you are serious or not. The Copts have lived in Eqypt for couple thousand years so they are probably a bit attached to the place. I would not be adverse to letting any Copt who wants to move to the US for asylum get it. But I feel that way about anyone who wants to move to the US.

            1. Egypt even.

            2. I am being serious. I understand they have been there for a couple thousand years and are attached to the homeland, but if you can leave and you value your life and your faith, then maybe you shoud leave. I am not suggesting its as easy as just packing up a covered wagon and hitching your team of horses to head west, but if you are surrounded by people that subscribe to a faith that justifies killing those of your faith every few years for the hell of it, maybe it’s time to go. Especailly when the secular strongman is overthrown in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

              1. I agree with you. The US should even offer them asylum, to any who wants it. I guess it is a question of what you value more; faith or life.

      1. Lololololol.

  12. High school trainer, 29, ‘had sex with football player, 17, she was treating’

    I had a hot French teacher in H.S. – I only took the class the next year to watch her bottom wiggle as she wrote on the chalkboard. And it helped being one of three guys in the entire class.

    1. Lucky SOB – I took German and had a drunk guy who threw chalkboard erasers at us.

      1. My German teacher wasn’t drunk, but he threw erasers at us.

        It didn’t help that the class went at a glacially slow pace for me because I already knew some German thanks to my grandparents’ being born there.

    2. She doesn’t look so hot in that picture. And no way should a 17 year old be considered unable to consent to sex.

      1. yeah, wasn’t trying to equate my old teacher to this woman.

      2. 17 John. I’d’a fucked anything over 20 and under 40 with a pulse that was willing to give it to me.

        1. Wouldn’t we all. But that was your choice. It is not like you were 12.

          1. True. I was commenting on the not so hot part, not the consent. I was trying to give my consent to any girl who would have it.

      3. According to almighty wikipedia, the age of consent in North Carolina is 16.

        I think the charges are due to the fact that she is considered some kind of authority figure like a teacher. That appears to be covered under a different law.

    3. If that the kind of treatment that gets mandated with Obamacare I may have to change my mind on it.

    4. My first semester of German, I had a teacher who was this gorgeous Polish girl who had terrible English.

      45 minutes, she would speak only German, with us carefully watching her perfect mouth form the words. Then we would tutor her in English for 45 minutes.

      Most fun class I had in college. Even more fun than the lab class where I got to damage/destroy about $10,000 worth of electronic components.

      1. oh, I had a beautiful Russian teacher in my “20th Century Russian History Class”. I often saw her walking to class from somewhere in my neighborhood but was too chicken to offer her a ride (to school). Curse me.

        1. If it makes you feel any better, I spent three months being a chickenshit while the girl of my dreams was single. FML. You’re not alone.

          1. Two and a half years here. But I’m married to her now.

    5. History teacher, senior high. Enormous tits, and an ass sculpted by the Supreme God of Fantastically Fucking Awesome Bodily Esthetics. Great view when she bent over.

    6. Oof. That’s a tough 29. A Florida 29.

      1. What? That’s just Appalachian living 29.

        1. I think it’s also a homely + shitty camera with misadjusted white-balance 29.

    7. Dude, that lady must be taking a lot of meth if she’s 29.

  13. One-third of Americans polled think most Hispanics are in the country illegally. Oh, c’mon. The population of idiots is higher than that!

    HEY EVERYONE! Tuccille is calling illegal immigrants idiots!

  14. One-third of Americans polled think most Hispanics are in the country illegally. Oh, c’mon. The population of idiots is higher than that!

    Eventually these numbers overlap and we have a Bob Arctor speculating on his own illegal immigration status situation, right?

    1. If you just got your information from the evening news, you would think that too.

  15. have yet to take any serious steps to address the brewing public employee pension crisis. Well, it’s a good thing that’s not a pressing concern, or anything.

    Mixing beer and wine metaphors? C’mon Tuccille, you don’t have to save all of your A material for your books.

    1. I was interested in the sentence until I got to the word ‘pension’

    2. Haven’t you ever had a cabeertini? Mix one part WalMart cabernet, two parts Meisterbrau …

      1. Dude, that’s just wrong.

        1. Wrong isn’t even close to covering what that abomination sounds like.

  16. If only this officer had been trained to fire every shot in his magazine…reload and do it a couple more times, this guy might still be alive. Oh well, after the officer gets retrained, the rest of the people out there can feel safe…

    …except that the rest of the officers will need to be trained in how to properly obtain evidence (and not fucking delete it from people’s phones and cameras they confiscate at the scene.

    1. “If only this officer had NOT been trained…”

    2. Wallace took cellphone pictures and video after the shooting stopped, but he said Mesquite police confiscated the phone and deleted the video and pictures. The phone was returned four days later, he said.

      That’s what happens to evidence that conflicts with the police report.

      1. So he will be charged with tampering with evidence and interfering with a police investigation; right?

      2. autoupload software.

        If you are gonna film cops, you gotta have it.

        And since you dont know in advance, get it.

        1. Also people, put a pin on your phone. Dont make it easy on the cops, make them go thru the subpoena/warrant process.

          1. It blows my mind that people wouldn’t have a PIN – whether for police, kids, gossipy friends, girlfriends, coworkers…..you get the idea.

            I’m just a cynical bastard I guess.

        2. I wonder how long before it’s made illegal.

      3. What Ptah said. If Joe Attorney were to pull this shit in court, he’d get to go to jail for spoilation and/or contempt. If he managed, somehow, not to go to jail, he’d have the ‘benefit’ of having every piece of evidence he introduced be construed against his client. Not here.

        Think Dean’s Iron Law dealing with rewards and punishment is applicable here. What will happen is either a quiet settlement, a defense that the cops didn’t know they weren’t supposed to do that, and have the city/police force try to sovereign/qualified immunity their way out, or all of the above.

        And nothing else will happen.

        Reading the article, I’m absolutely amazed that the guy fired 41 shots—which, with only one reload, makes me wonder if it was his patrol carbine that he used?—hit the truck 20+ times, and yet none of the bullets wounded the passenger.

        This shit’s going to continue until you take their QI away and start holding them personally liable. I certainly would be if I dumped 2 mags into a guy’s car, even if I thought he was trying to hit me with it. Where the hell did the other 20 rounds that didn’t hit the truck go? I have to account for them, if, God forbid, I ever have to defend myself with a firearm. Cops seemingly don’t.

    3. “He believed the suspect had a gun,”

      Ah, there’s the magic words again, which justify killing anyone whether they are actually armed or not. Must be in the police manual along with “furtive movement” “suspicious behavior” and “STOP RESISTING!”

  17. Obama Job Growth Problem Is Weak Hiring Not Layoffs

    So what’s going on? With U.S. and global demand sluggish and a laundry list of other concerns, from Europe’s debt crisis to America’s looming fiscal cliff to ObamaCare and other new regulations and tax burdens, employers are reluctant to add new staff.Many people describe this as uncertainty, but in fact it’s closer to the opposite, according to Jeffrey Miron, senior lecturer at Harvard University.

    “It’s the certainty that taxes will have to go up a lot because there’s no political will to control spending,” said Miron, who also is a senior fellow at the free-market Cato Institute. “As debt-to-GDP gets bigger and bigger, you have to make taxes higher and higher, which will eventually collapse the economy. Anybody prudent is going to be cautious.”

  18. Germany cautioned Israel against attacking Iran … Wait a minute. Germany told another country it shouldn’t be aggressive?

    You are misreading this, Tuccille. What Germany is actually saying to Israel is, if you decide to attack Iran be sure you are prepared for the nasty Russian Winter. Otherwise it can all go wrong in a hurry.

    1. Israel is waiting for a GOP dupe to do its dirty ground war in Iran.

      Bibi has him picked out already.

      1. The weapons grade stupid is strong with this one…

        1. The weapons grade stupid is strong with this one….


          1. or the stupid is _always_ weapons grade

        2. Iran is going to develop nuclear weapons. It’s 70 year old technology and the idea we can indefinitely prevent countries from figuring things like that out is ridiculous. The only question now is how many people we’re gonna get killed trying to be King Canut, standing on the shore and demanding the tide to stop coming in.

    2. Germans cautioning Jews about being aggressive? Wow, just fucking wow.

    3. The German warning was to not let Iran know you are going to do, just do it.

  19. Most state governments have yet to take any serious steps to address the brewing public employee pension crisis.

    State governments are lousy with people with public employee pensions.

    1. Sure sure, but in the long run we’re all dead so why do you care???

  20. Michelle Obama’s guidelines for feeding your child

    Mrs. Obama, who served six different pies at her Thanksgiving meal last fall, is big on whole grains, for instance, low-fat milk, veggies, fruits and smaller portions with less salt and fats.

    She hails “groundbreaking legislation” signed by her husband that rewards obedient schools with an extra six cents of taxpayer money for each healthier lunch served.

    1. She hails “groundbreaking legislation” signed by her husband that rewards obedient schools with an extra six cents of taxpayer money for each healthier lunch served.

      was that written with a touch of irony?

      1. was that written with a touch of irony?

        Not at all.

    2. My one kid in public school has been complaining about how shitty the school lunches are this year. Smaller portions and everything is cardboard tasting whole grain.

      1. At my son’s school they insisted on putting french fries on his plate on day because it’s considered a “vegetable” and he must eat his vegetables! Simply retarded but they must serve the kids their vegetables, it’s required by law.

    3. This shit is going on in my kids school and I’m fucking livid

      Kids need fat for brain development.

      1. start packing the kid’s lunch. Mine brown-bagged though much of it had to do with the fact that time is so limited that kids fed at school actually have to start eating while in line in order to have a chance of finishing.

        1. I got school lunch exactly twice when it was first introduced in my district before I decided that it was crap and asked my parents to keep doing the brown bag.

      2. Yeah, low fat is the worst. It is lack of activity that makes kids get fat. If they care about obesity, they need to have more recess and stop banning all of the fun games that involve lots of running around.

      3. Brain and other organ development. Low fat diets for children are insane, absent a valid specific health reason.

        1. This is what pisses me off about these health nazis–they’re always screaming about how “100 years ago we ate so much healthier!!!” Yeah, well 100 years ago, the average diet was loaded with salt and fat–the difference was that they didn’t park their asses in front of a computer or TV screen all day.

          If you don’t want your kids to get fat, tell them to go play outside.

          1. AS I said yesterday, that’s “neglect”.

    4. Michelle is a national treasure.
      She’s doing God’s work in some of America’s fattest neighborhoods.

        1. There’s nothing wrong with arugula, as long as it’s sparsely laid beside some prosciutto di parma and buffalo mozzarella.

          1. Glarghlurgh – sorry, my mouth was filling with drool, thinking of prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella.

    5. People have been trying to eat like that for decades and what have obesity rates been doing?

      1. It’s acquired a moral dimension, unfortunately.

        See, the actual way you handle a diet is to manage caloric intake and satiety.

        But satiety = pleasure, the Progressive/Puritan streak that runs through our collective psyche dictates that health cannot come about as a result of pleasure.

        Therefore, you have to choke down multigrain cardboard and quinoa because to derive pleasure from your food proves that you aren’t ‘working hard enough’ to be healthy.

        1. Bacon. That is the path to satiety. And Heaven.

          Sweet, savory, heavenly, Bacon.

          1. Breakfast: 3 bacon strips.

            1. Butter up that bacon, boy!

              1. You live in my house, you live by my rules! Bacon up that sausage!

                1. Does a bacon wrapped hot dog count?

                  1. Is this code for screwing fat chicks?

    6. The bullshit Lipid Hypothesis just won’t fucking die. And now the First Wookie is actually harming children, since saturated fat and cholesterol are necessary for a healthy diet.

      1. I almost destroyed my computer with spat out boiling coffee when I read “First Wookie” you fucking bastard.

        1. You drink boiling coffee?

          1. What, and you don’t? Pussies. One an all.

          2. Two cups becore the morning molten glass swim gets every day off to a good start.

        2. “First Wookie”

          You know ten years ago she’d be getting us coffee.

          /Bill Clinton

      2. Medical Consensus!!!!

        I’m reminded of a recent department meeting about how to reduce our healthcare costs – eating better, no smoking, exercising, etc – so we can get monthly reductions in our insurance bill.

        The little talk was given by a very obese woman who looked as if a flight of stairs would be a bridge (fridge?) too far.

        1. Found dead, sprawled and reaching for one last custard filled pastry in the freezer… it was “A Fridge Too Far”.

        2. “Hey fatty, I’ve got a movie for you–‘A Fridge Too Far’!!!”

          “Please, people, give me my dignity–I just wanted to watch ‘Honk If You’re Horny’ in peace!”

  21. The anti-Muslim movie that violent factions in Libya and Egypt used as their excuse for attacking and killing Americans appears to be the creation of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian

    I am COMPLETELY FUCKING APPALLED at the way this guy has been “outed” by those trying to track down the real name of the guy that made the movie.

    Number one: I don’t give a fuck how bad it is. The fact is that people have been KILLED for trivial depictions of the prophet mohammed.

    Even the guy that invented “Draw Mohammed day” had to withdraw in fear for his life because of Islamic radical death threats against him.

    It is 100% obvious that any sane person who wants to make a film criticizing Islam if going to have to do so under a pseudonym. And is GOING to rationally take steps to protect his identity.

    Well, congratulations for possibly getting this man KILLED. Congratulations, he will now have to probably spend the rest of his life in hiding like Salman Rushdie.

    The news media, anyone involved in publishing this guys real name will have his BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS if he is killed. You should all be fucking ashamed.

    I’m horrified that even REASON published this guys real name.
    You’re normally on the side of protecting free speech, but now you’ve just exposed this guy, a guy obviously hiding his identity to protect himself from potential death treated, tothe attacks of Islamic militants.

    I hope your all fucking proud of yourselves.

    1. Yeah. I’m sure that there are hoards of Muslims lurking in H-ampersand-R, just waiting for tidbits like this.

      1. Oh I know HR wasn’t the first to publish his real name. I blame first the reporters who made it a mission to find out what it was, and then didn’t hesitate for a second to broadcast it to the world.

        But I would have expected Reason, among others, to exercize a tieeny bit of restraint about broadcasting the identity of someone who is obviously likely to be the subject of death threats, and who is obviously taking steps to conceal his identity because of that.

        1. Serious question: Is the right to free speech also the right to anonymous free speech?

          1. Serious question: Is the right to free speech also the right to anonymous free speech?

            You have the right, of course, to try to make yourself as anonymous as you wish, but you aren’t entitled to restrain others in their pursuit of your identity. I would advocate, however, that the government be under such a restraint, but that does not derive from your rights; it’s instead a pragmatic limiting restraint on the State.

            1. I would advocate, however, that the government be under such a restraint, but that does not derive from your rights; it’s instead a pragmatic limiting restraint on the State.

              I disagree. I think it arises from the lack of a legitimate power for the state to expend resources on non-crimes.

              The state has no legitimate interest in uncovering an anonymous speaker; therefore, compelling testimony revealing the identity of a speaker is right out, and even spending taxpayer resources on uncovering a speaker (like a policeman’s salary) would be out, too.

              1. I concur and will add that I think that determining the state’s legitimate interests is a pragmatic limiting concern and does not derive from rights.

                Like I said, you do not have the right to be anonymous, but the State should not uncover your anonymity either.

            2. So you don’t think it’s even a tiny bit unethical for journalists to track down and “out” people who make offensive speech, knowing that by doing so those people could potentially be killed, for their speech?

              1. So you don’t think it’s even a tiny bit unethical for journalists to track down and “out” people who make offensive speech, knowing that by doing so those people could potentially be killed, for their speech?

                What if they were tracking down and “outing” someone who had said they wanted all the blacks and hispanics in America put to death? Would tracking down and “outing” that person also be unethical?

                1. What if they were tracking down and “outing” someone who had said they wanted all the blacks and hispanics in America put to death? Would tracking down and “outing” that person also be unethical?

                  Yes, it would be, if there are people willing to kill him for saying that, and is the person saying that is not actually able to make good on the threat.

                  Supposing there was an anti-KKK hate group going around murdering KKK members. Do you publish the names and addresses of KKK members on the internet?

                2. “What if they were tracking down and “outing” someone who had said they wanted all the blacks and hispanics in America put to death? Would tracking down and “outing” that person also be unethical?”

                  Well yeah, if it hinders the cause.

              2. So you don’t think it’s even a tiny bit unethical for journalists to track down and “out” people who make offensive speech, knowing that by doing so those people could potentially be killed, for their speech?

                If you believe that it is unethical then you’re essentially saying that it is okay for Muslims kill people for insulting Mohammed.

                1. Nonsense. I’m saying that it’s unethical to publish information that makes it easier for Muslims to kill people for people for insulting Momammed. In no way does that imply that it’s ok to kill people for insulting Mohammed.

                  1. How is it the media’s responsibility to protect his identity? His identity is without a doubt newsworthy and of interest. You shout a lot of criticism about the media for outing him but in no way do you condemn the psychos who think it’s okay to kill people for their conflicting opinions.

                2. You know, from what I’ve seen, Mohammed pretty much insults himself.

          2. Yes, and fuck yes. Especially when there are people out there willing to kill you for your speech.

            Fuck Reason for publishing this guy’s real name. Fuck you Reason.

              1. Yes, exposing the identity of people who are subject to death threats is a trivial matter and not a MASSIVE BREACH OF JOURNALISTIC ETHICS.

                1. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, told The Associated Press in an interview outside Los Angeles that he was manager for the company that produced “Innocence of Muslims”

                  1. Randian, surely you realize that the guy admitted it only after he was “caught”, by journalists who had tracked down his “Sam Bacile” pseudonym to the same telephone number.

                    The guy took steps to conceal his identity, and the media, in a frenzy of total stupidity, went rightahead and blew his alias without even thinking about the potential consequences of that.

            1. Muslim hoards!

              1. What are the Muslim Hordes hoarding? I am hoping it is tasty kabobs.

                  1. Hoards of hordes – damn, we are in for it, aren’t we?

          3. Freedom of speech is not freedom from all consequences of that speech.

            It’s really about freedom from government intervention of any form. I remember Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon whining and bitching about how private individuals were infringing on their freedom of speech by calling them on stupid things they said.

            This gets back to the proper response for the administration was ‘It’s not our job to tell people what they can and can’t say. It’s wrong for anyone to attack our soil and people for any reason. Back the fuck off!’

        2. My understanding is that it was another Copt who was quite openly promoting the “film,” and indeed was the one who sent it to Egyptian television stations. Of course, I gathered this from NPR, so the truthiness has yet to be determined.

    2. Oh they are very proud of themselves.

    3. Mohammed and that jack ass Allah need to be mocked to the full measure of human ability until the stupid Mooslim world learns to get a freakin’ grip.

      1. okay, Mr Rushdie. Now, they’re redoubling efforts to find you.

      2. That’s pretty much my reaction to this as well. Fuck those people. They deserve no respect at all. I feel kind of bad for the more reasonable Muslims out there. I try not to needlessly mock (in public anyway) other people’s beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they seem to me. But then again, if they are truly reasonable, they won’t be hurt by people mocking their religion because they would know that it doesn’t fucking matter what other people who don’t share their beliefs think.

        1. I would be more warm and fuzzy about the reasonable/moderate Muslims if there was evidence of their existence. But whenever one of these Mus-mobs breaks out, there is never a Muslim voice calling for peace or decrying the violence. To the contrary, you get Muslims who justify it.

          1. I’ve met them, I’ve fought alongside them…mostly they keep really quiet and lay low, some flee to the West. If it is dangerous for Danes and Dutch to say anything the head loppers dislike, imagine living in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan and speaking out… you would be dead by the next morning, and it would be the Haqqani, HiG and Talib all fighting to claim responsibility.

          2. I was friends with one in college. He was from New England, he’s in med school now, and his parents donate everything above a certain amount of their income to charity.

          3. I knew an Iraqi back in my college days. He loved America, capitalism, flashy cars… and blondes. He was in paradise. His family fled because of Saddam Co.

            He never said anything about his religion until we had a class together with a Jewish teacher; claiming she was against him because of his religion.

          4. There are people out there like that. There have been demonstrations against the violence in Libya, for example.


    4. Well, congratulations for possibly getting this man KILLED. Congratulations, he will now have to probably spend the rest of his life in hiding like Salman Rushdie.

      Blaming the media for endangering this man’s life is like blaming him for getting the US Ambassador to Libya killed. You can’t believe one without believing the other.

      1. The man’s life wasn’t in danger before people PUBLISHED HIS REAL NAME ON THE INTERNET.

        And it was the news media that did that. So yes, they are fucking reponsible.

        1. Hoards! Muslim hoards reading H-ampersand-R!

        2. Then you’re saying that you believe that the film’s creator is responsible for the death of the US Ambassador, is that correct?

          1. Nope.
            Freedom of speech is absolute. I’m not saying that it’s should be illegal to publish his name. I’m saying that it was a violation of journalistic ethics.

            Journalists have a duty to protect the identity of people who may be subject to political or social repercussions. This is a long-standing practice. Rape victims names are not published. Pseudonyms are typical used in contoversial criminal trials. That rule got tossed out the window in five seconds here, and in this case it’s worse because it involved threates to the life of the individual involved.

              1. I’ve figured it out. Muslims are hoarding the ampersands on HyR.

                OK, now I’m calling a Fatwa on those barbarous monsters. Who’s with me?

            1. Journalists have a duty to protect the identity of people who may be subject to political or social repercussions.

              With that kind of reasoning we shouldn’t be publishing anyone’s names. This man was not a rape victim. He made a public statement and knew full well what he was getting into. He lied and misled the actors of this pseudo film and may very well have endangered their lives as well. His Name is relevant and newsworthy. And your outrage is misplaced. Try getting pissed at the neanderthals who seek to kill people for saying things they do not like.

              1. . He made a public statement and knew full well what he was getting into.

                He took steps to conceal his identity. He was working under a pseudonym for a good reason.

                He lied and misled the actors of this pseudo film and may very well have endangered their lives as well.

                And they may be lying to protect themselves.

                Try getting pissed at the neanderthals who seek to kill people for saying things they do not like.

                I am pissed off at them. And I’m pissed off at anyone who helps them by exposing and publishing the real names of people working anonymously on films that criticize them.

    5. KING. IN. THE..NOR…oh wait


    6. I think that some of these cosmo idiots have gotten themselves so emotionally invested in this fucking “Arab Spring” that they can no longer even think straight on the issue.

      It used to be kind of humorous, but given the events of the last 48 hours it has become downright appalling. Not the finest hour of some of Reason’s contributors, to say the least.

      1. I think that some of these cosmo idiots have gotten themselves so emotionally invested in this fucking “Arab Spring” that they can no longer even think straight on the issue.


          1. You’re only being glib because you’re a martini-swilling effeminate elitist.

            Does Riding the Orange Line pay by the mile? You make me sick.

            1. Fuck you, Randian. I’m a Manhattan-swilling effeminate elitist. Big difference, fucker.

              1. Where can a guy get a good one of those in this town?

                The ones at J. Alexander’s are good, but they’re 11 bucks a whack.

                1. Did you see that cocktails feature in the paper this A.M., Randian? De Novo on High St. has a Manhattan they premix and then age in a miniature charred-oak barrel.
                  Talk about effeminate elitists…
                  In my experience, you gotta drive to Louisville to get a good Manhattan. Or come to my place. I’ve got a new bottle of Bulleit Rye I need to crack.

                  1. I keep hearing good things about De Novo, so that’ll be just one more reason.

                    There is a pervasive lack of places to get a decent martini for a reasonable price in this town. I plan to Occupy the Bars until this is rectified, in the name of Social Justice.

                    1. I’ve always thought that owning a bar would be a nice little post-journalism career, as well as a great place from which to plot the revolution.

                    2. I have friends in town who have several establishments. They had a soft opening for a new joint last night that was SRO. Granted, I knew 25% of the crowd as regulars from their other places, but still. Not bad to be packed out on 8:30 on a Wednesday based solely on Facebook and word of mouth. The partner I know best used to work with me as a coder before he opened the bar. I am wildly jealous of his success.

                      Unfortunately, a liquor license in my part of FL costs between a quarter of a mil and half a mil. Because the state allows regional (I think its regional, it may be local) boards to deny issuance for any reason, including “we don’t want any more bars”. Its a great regulatory capture racket. You have to buy someone else’s license.

    7. There has been no confirmation that he really is a Copt, or a real person. The guy appears to be a career fraudster.


    8. Looks like a disciple of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Hey, jackass, these were angry mobs and jihadis in search of something to excuse their pent up rage. When it should be their lack of lack of basic rights and extremely high unemployment, the politicians and militant groups redirect that anger outward. Rebels without a cause. And this film was just an excuse to say fuck you America on 9/11. If your leader wants to give these rebels a cause, then he should be outed before he makes any more retarded movies. But there will always be excuses for these thugs. So relax.

      1. Idiot. He’s not my leader. I’m just a consistent libertarian who believes in protecting the right to freedom of speech, and that means, often, protecting the right of people under death threats to use a pseudonym. Not going on a mission to find out their real name and publish it on the internet.

        1. Protecting the right of free speech = demanding the media limit their free speech?

          1. Protecting the media’s free speech right = not criticizing them for rushing to expose the identity of a person who is likely to be subject to death threats for his execise of freedom of speech?

    9. I’m skeptical.

      To me, it smells like a false flag by some Muslim assholes. It had almost no view on you tube when it supposedly led to the riots. The production level is lower than what high school kids produce with their Iphones.

      And anyway – the 100 jewish investors line that was in the original press release is a tel for muslim nuts.

      1. So, if it turns out that he really is a Coptic christian and trying to conceal his identity because he’s afraid of Islamic radicals trying to kill him, what then?

        1. Then he’s a douchebag for directing the muslim crazies at teh jooooos.

          1. Muslim crazies hate the jews anyway, so what different would that make?
            Maybe he picked a “jewish” fake identity because he figured it would be impossible to make them hate them more.

          2. To be fair, they blame the Jews for everything.

    10. Do you realize that your logic is essentially the same as people blaming this guy for the protests and deaths? The people who found out his name and gave it out are not responsible if crazy fucks kill him any more than he is responsible for crazy fucks killing other people cause they don’t like his movie

      1. It’s not really the same. Revealing a specific person’s name is not equivalent to makeing statements on a general topic of public interest like religion.

        1. The point is, you’re blaming the media for releasing his name because it’s a foreseeable possibility that people will try and kill him. When this guy made this movie, it was a foreseeable possibility that people would react violently and kill others. If you’re going to criticize the media for endangering him with their speech, you better criticize this guy for endangering more people with his speech. You have a right to try to remain anonymous. If someone finds out who you are, you don’t have a right to shut them up

          1. Well, you can understand it if (say) Al Jazerra hunted down his real name and published it.

            But presumably the AP is supposed to believe in freedom of speech, no? So why are they going out of their way to expose the identity of a person obviously working under a pseudonym due to a probably threat against his life?

  22. Major-party presidential candidates are usually given security briefings on the off-chance they win and have to deal with stuff. Mitt Romney says the courtesy has yet to be extended to him.

    The last thing the administration needs is another voice encouraging military action.

  23. Remember all those times our resident cop apologist shithead came on here and said what a good job they do in his area IRT police accountability?

    Well, that’s probably not as accurate as he thinks it is. Turns out, the review process is nothing more than a rubber-stamp that says the officer did a great job, even if all evidence points to the contrary.

    1. In a review of 15 shootings in which 11 people were hit and eight died, statements from deputies were “often truncated and self-serving,” it says.

      Ya think?

    2. FTA: A major flaw in the department’s procedures, the report says, is allowing deputies up to 72 hours to submit a written statement on their use of force.

      The delay allows deputies to reconstruct events, rather than “purely recollecting” them, the report says. “We believe that a deputy involved in a shooting should be treated as any other traumatized civilian in an investigation,” it says.

      Statements should no longer be in writing and be immediately taken by a commanding officer who can ask “insightful questions,” the report says. In a review of 15 shootings in which 11 people were hit and eight died, statements from deputies were “often truncated and self-serving,” it says.

      Strachan said making that change might require bargaining with the guild.

      Somebody help me out here. Does this count as Tragedy or Comedy?

    3. Also FTA: Noting that many shootings are of people who are intoxicated or experiencing mental problems, the report recommends that the Sheriff’s Office develop a crisis-intervention team. It also recommends that the office focus its investigations more on the deputies, witnesses and the incidents rather than on circumstances surrounding the suspect.

      But, but, but…”the totality of the circs” is a lot more important than the who, what, when, where, why and how, right dunphy?

      I doubt the union is gonna like the recommendations. Except: The report, a copy of which The Seattle Times obtained, recommends the shooting board be replaced by a “Use of Force Review Board” that would examine all shootings by deputies as well as serious incidents of other kinds of force.

      Such a board might consist of three voting members, including the sheriff’s head of training, a rotating top commander and a citizen representative, the report says.

      I guess it’ll be back to the rubber stamp after all.

      1. Hey now! Officers have to rely on training! They can’t second guess themselves! If they stopped to think before murdering someone they might be put in danger! Better to have ten dead innocent civilians than one injured police officer! Officer safety! Stop resisting! Bigorati! Histronics!


  24. Best of the Web had Bush’s actual statement about the Muhammad cartoons. It reads as follows

    The Muslim world erupted in anger on Friday over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in Europe while the Bush administration offered the protesters support, saying of the cartoons, “We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find these images offensive.” . . .

    The State Department spokesman, Sean McCormack, reading the government’s statement on the controversy, said, “Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images,” which are routinely published in the Arab press, “as anti-Christian images, or any other religious belief.”

    Still, the United States defended the right of the Danish and French newspapers to publish the cartoons. “We vigorously defend the right of individuals to express points of view,” Mr. McCormack added.

    Note the words WE VIGOROUSLY DEFEND THE RIGHT OF INDIVIDUALS TO EXPRESS POINTS OF VIEW. They are found nowhere in anything Obama has said over the movie issue. So much for the reactions being the same.

    1. Obama is Bush’s more openly authoritarian cousin. He doesn’t even try anymore.

      1. I don’t like Bush’s statement that much either. But he at least pretends there is something called the First Amendment. Obama, not so much.

        1. That’s what I’m saying. There’s not even lip service to liberty in Barack I’s statement.

          Fuck everybody who voted for this boorish cunt.

          1. ..boorish cunt.

            Would have also accepted “mewling quim.” Extra points for swears though.

            1. Terminological gymnastics aren’t necessary. “Retarded sack of shit” describes our Messiah-in-Chief perfectly.

              1. I repeat, extra points for swears.

                1. Do 100 points get me free hookers blow?

                  1. Motherfucking ampersand.

                  2. I’m not sure if you want hooker’s blow or blowing hookers. Or some combination thereof.

                    Unfortunately, 100 only gets you a monocle.

                    1. What?! I thought 100 got the top hat?

                    2. Actually, 100 points only gets you a novelty pencil eraser, in the shape of a panda bear.

                    3. fucking inflation

                    4. And even that is imitation ivory.

    2. instead, the issue is Romney’s defending individual rights. How dare he…

      1. Rights are for libertards and Nazis. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE POOR INNER-CITY BLACK KIDS.

        1. No no, Rights belong only to the government and what it decides to grant to people are really just privileges that can be revoked at any time.

          Tony said so.

          1. You’re one of those insipid libertard who used to doubt Prophet Tony’s testaments, aren’t you? Has your heart finally been drawn to the righteous path? Have you knelt in pious fealty to the federal titan?



    3. The “we reject the abuse” speech line in his statement as been bugging me. what abuse?

    4. “Note the words WE VIGOROUSLY DEFEND THE RIGHT OF INDIVIDUALS TO EXPRESS POINTS OF VIEW. They are found nowhere in anything Obama has said over the movie issue. So much for the reactions being the same.”

      “‘It is one of the hallmarks of our Constitution that I’m sworn to uphold, and so we are always going to uphold the rights for individuals to speak their mind,’ he said, according to a transcript narrated by White House spokesman Jay Carney.

      The transcript was released several hours after Obama had a Rose garden statement to condemn criticism of Islam.”

      He’s doing it as an afterthought.


    5. That looks like the State Department’s actual statement. I don’t see a huge difference. Neither should have made any comment on the supposedly offensive material. It is irrelevant and the government should have no position on whether or not any private speech is offensive.

  25. EUGENE VOLOKH: All of You Who Harshly Condemn Anti-Homosexuality Religious Beliefs, Take Note: “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”



    1. Especially since the Muslims take a back seat to no one when it comes to anti-gay religious beliefs.

      1. How about a movie where Mohammad is gay?

        1. Is Mohammad a bear or a twink?

          1. Given the hirsuteness of most Semitic people, I’m guessing they’re all bears after puberty.

            Before is different. I don’t know what the Arabian Peninsula equivalent to that practice is called, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t have one like it.

  26. How is either candidate leading your presidential race? They are both idiots.

    1. Think of Python’s Upper Class Twits, except it’s real life and the stakes are higher. Feel better?

  27. I’m gonna post a Daily Fail for the first time in my life.

    Warty or dunphy? You be the judge. Either way, this guy really enjoys “lifting weights.”

    1. On second thought, it’s gotta be dunphy. Warty is smart enough to know it’s not the biceps that Popeye had pumped up so much.

    2. Good Lord, bro. Do some fucking shoulder press or shrugs or something.

    3. I went to high school with a body builder who ignored his legs.

      He looked like a cartoon character.

      1. And this guy doesn’t?

    4. Synthol meathead. Hopefully he gets a good staph infection from a dirty needle.

    5. Gym rat bingo wings.

    1. So are we not counting the masturbatory nature of tweeting?

  28. US Ambassador killed at a site with no Marines.


    That is disgraceful. The entire State Department needs to be fired.

    1. That is disgraceful. The entire State Department needs to be fired.

      On this you and I agree totally. If you are going to have diplomats in dangerous areas, protect them.

  29. What makes the best Mohammad novella, do you think?

    1. Mohammad was lying to con people. (i.e. the Joseph Smith story)
    2. Mohammad was crazy. (i.e. seeing an angel talking to him is like the Son of Sam’s talking dog)
    3. Mohammad in a Lovecraftian myth system. (i.e. it was an alien monster in the cave with him that was eating his soul)
    4. Mohammad was the victim of a time travel practical joke. (i.e. first timeline had Christianity and Judaism die out, so one of the few remaining believers built a time machine and tried to spawn a more resilient Abrahamaic religion that would better resist modernity)
    5. Mohammad and underage “wife” – still a better love story than Twilight

    1. How about a literary epic converging all five of those stories? We’ll name it Fuck Motherfucking Barbarians, or something like that.

      1. Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Christ, Mohammad, J. Smith and L. Ron Hubbard are all the same reincarnated conman. Starring Jim Carrey.

        1. And he’s obviously getting crazier and more desperate with each incarnation.

          1. The novel would have to be about the next iteration. The Twitter Religion where all prayers have to be less than 140 characters.

        2. Directed by Michael Bay. Written by George Lucas. Starring Hayden Christensen as God.

          1. To truly illustrate the concept of Hell?

    2. I would say #1 crossing over into #2, wherein Mohammed bullshits for so long and so often that he actually starts to believe his own lies.

    3. How about

      6. There never was a Mohammad. The Arabs in the 6th Century were actually apostate Jews with any number of forgotten religious leaders. Mohammad was invented later when the Arab empire needed a national myth.

    4. 6. Mohammad was just a brigand and petty tyrant – the Jack Sparrow of his day.

    5. I like 4. Let’s go with 4.

      1. Research for #4: Behold The Man by Michael Moorcock.

        1. HeyZeus, that’s fucked up. Good thing I’m too lazy to be religious or it would have offended me deeply.

          I had an idea a while ago, that perhaps the Dark Ages were actually the “end-times” immediately following the rapture. Eventually, humanity got it’s shit to together and moved on. Which means no one is going anywhere close to heaven at this point. God’s couch is closed for business. I’m sure the bible-warriors would love that idea.


        2. Number 4 would be fun, because you could make it a circle:

          At the end, after Islam has swept the globe and chained mankind into eternal submission, a handful of the last remaining atheists build a time machine to go back in time to kill Mohammad…and they find the time travelers from the prime timeline.

    6. Why waste any of them? He was began as a con man, fell victim to a time-traveling eldritch horror which drove him insane, and could only be redeemed by pedophilia.

      1. Sort of like that extremely creepy part of It (novel).

        1. Especially if we could work in five more guys.

        2. SPOILER ALERT. That was astoundingly stupid. Had I not been 900 pages into the book at that point, I would have quit right there. A magical gang-bang helps 5 12 year olds find their way in a sewer? What. The. Fuck. Then the cosmic turtle of the multiverse showed up, which totally cleared things up.

          King was either way too drunk or not nearly drunk enough when writing that.

    7. And you forgot how to make a Christian version.

      7. Muhammad was duped by Satan into founding a false religion to compete with Christianity. Sort of like your number 3 only with kind of a Screwtape Letters spin.

      Always remember, the Christian market is wildly under served. It is easy money.

      1. I would actually do one of these, if I didn’t think the market was about to be saturated by attention whores.

        Other attention whores, besides me, I mean.

        1. An historical novel on the writing of the Koran. The Caliph Abd al-Malik sends his best scribe to write it only to discover there really is no such thing or no such person. Faced with the quandary of telling the truth and having his head cut off or making it up, he writes the Koran.

        2. It is a shame really. We have this incredible cultural power but won’t use it. Imagine if Hollywood decided to do to Islam today what they did to Nazis in the 1940s. It would be a death blow to the religion. More effective than nuclear weapons.

          1. Bugs Bunny Rags the Ragheads.

            1. Buggs Bunny v. Muhammad.

              1. Oh you wascally infuhdel wabbit!

              2. Daffy Duck is Mohammad. So Daffy can do that slobbering ,”you’re disthpicable” part.

      2. You could record generic pop ballads, changing references to “baby” and the like to “Jesus”.

        1. Look at it this way, a Gothic horror movie made in dead languages made over $500 billion at the box office.

      3. I think South Park explored that years ago. Cartman (?) cut a christian rock album just to prove it could go platinum.

        1. Yup. And it is really true. Christian rock bands are awful. But they make good money. It is the easiest way to make a living as a professional musician.

          1. Tell me about it. I grew up in a uber-Christian home where all I was allowed to listen to was Amy Grant, the Imperials, and the like.

            No fucking wonder I’m an atheist.

            1. Did they stop letting you listen to Amy Grant after she turned out to be a little home wrecking whore?

              1. By the time she went country I was out of the house.

            2. I loved watching those guys and Little Anthony on Soul Train. Or is that a different Imperials?

              1. Or is that a different Imperials?


                Same name, different people.

                1. With a name like “sacrasmic” you’d think…oh, never mind.

              2. Gospel music used to be the bomb. The Staples singers, The Soul Stirrers, most white classic country singers sang gospel.

                Middle class white people can ruin anything.

                1. Bluegrass still produces epic gospel.

              3. Maybe he meant the New Duncan Imperials?

    8. Number 3, definitely number 3. Bonus points for working in “At the Mountains of Madness”.

    9. The really sad thing is that I’d be too scared to do this.

      But I wouldn’t be scared of the Muslims. I’d just use an untraceable pen name and self-publish on Amazon.

      I’d be afraid of the moment when my wife said, “You published WHAT?”

  30. I’m disappointed that Reason is propagating the brainless meme that it was the movie that “sparked” these attacks, which just, purely by coincidence, spontaneously occurred on 9/11.

    Go to dictionary.com and search for “pretext”.

  31. News close to home for a change!!!

    Fresno officer thinks drugging a woman and having sex with her is consensual. Also, his lawyer thinks taking photos of the naked and drugged woman without her knowledge is a lapse of judgement and not criminal because, you know, social media and stuff.

    Does this count as New Professionalism?

    1. Officer on officer crime!

      I say shoot them both as a matter of principle.

    2. What a cop did something wrong? It’s like people in power abuse it or something. Fucking Incredible.

    3. “a woman can’t say no if her mouth is duct-taped!”

      1. True story: the other day on one of those idiotic circumcision threads, I told how a doctor removed a benign mole without me telling or asking him to. Tulpa said if I was awake then my silence implied consent.

  32. Yesterday was a key day ? perhaps the day ? in the campaign. Convention bounce and the Chicago teachers strike were instantly overshadowed. There was an opportunity to go for the win, and Romney took it. The media noticed, of course, and sprang into such intense, concerted action that it was obvious that they knew it was a day to be won and if the other side was going to go for the win, they had to act quickly and ensure that their guy won the day. Shock and awe, baby. Awesomely awful, indeed.


    The question is were they effective. They were certainly effective in their own echo chamber. But the country at large is a different question.

    1. I can only hope that the carping over Romney’s remarks looks small and petty following the footage of our consultate in flames and barbarians overrunning our embassy.

      1. That is what I am thinking. I think the average American could care less what Romney has to say about this. People look to the President during a foreign crisis.

        1. What crisis? It’s only the first ambassador killed in 30+ years. There’s an election to win. On to Vegas!

    2. In MA, the local news networks were showing clips of John Kerry condemning Romney’s remarks without actually showing Romney’s remarks or the statement that his remarks were in response to. It was good stuff.

  33. Cop with violent history shoots cemetery owner in his cemetery. What’s not known: why.

    1. All together now:

      Because fuck you, that’s why.

    2. Dude’s got quite the history. I’m sure that this will be whitewashed like the rest of his crimes, before he eventually kills someone. And nothing else will happen.

    3. FTA: Authorities with the FHP and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement remained tight-lipped Wednesday.

      Just like they are/were with Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, right?

      Officials have filed no criminal charges and wouldn’t say what prompted Cole ? a 13-year patrol veteran with a history of violent confrontations ? to pull the trigger.

      Um, that may be your answer right there. When you keep a ticking time-bomb on staff (thanks union!), these things tend to happen.

    4. Also FTA: After the incident, Pinellas Park police executed a search warrant at the cemetery and retrieved the motorcycle from a shed on the property. Authorities wouldn’t say if Work had any connection to the motorcycle or if it was related to the shooting.

      Um, I think you have your process there a little backward, boys. The officer had no right to go onto private property without the warrant in the first place. Sorry, but following a LoJack signal onto private property requires a fucking warrant.

      I feel bad for the citizens of Pinellas County. This one’s gonna cost them a chunk of money.

      1. This one’s gonna cost them a chunk of money.

        I doubt it. I’m sure that the guy who got shot has been informed of how lucky he is to be alive, and of how he just may go from owner to resident if he dares to contradict the fiction in the police report.

        1. Not necessarily in Florida. They like their police corruption nice and quiet, and once it gets to the press they want to burn ’em any way they can. And since this guy has a history, that will end up coming up in the civil case.

          Oh, this officer is gonna be just fine, but the city is gonna pay out the ass.

      2. The sheriff is up for election. It’ll be interesting to see how this is treated.

    5. And lastly, also FTA: Cole, 39, was placed on paid administrative leave for three days in accordance with FHP policy. He may return Friday but could opt to extend his leave. He could not be reached Wednesday.

      Sergeant: Your three day vacation is up and you can go back to work now.

      Officer Cole: I think I’ll stay on vacation.

      Sergeant: OK. God Bless the Union contract.

      All officers nearby (in unison): God Bless the Union contract.

  34. Teachers turn on Rahm Emmanuel. Reap the whirl wing baby.


    1. Yeah. That’s some epic petard-hoisting going on there.

      1. Rahm loved all that SEIU and NEA money in 2008. What did he think they wouldn’t want something in return?

  35. What are two cruisers loaded with Tomahawks going to do to Libya, anyways? It feels good to be sending the Navy to sail by their shore and say “WE CAN EFF YOU UP”, but…do they have any idea who to blow up?

    1. Indeed – its like it is 1905 and Hounduras got uppity or something. “Right, send a couple of gunboats to show the natives who is boss, eh wot?”

      If I were AQ-Libya or whomever, I’d be laughing right now.

      1. If a move is the answer to “What Would Woodrow Wilson Do?”, it’s a terrible idea.

    2. Maybe the Tomahawks are loaded with leaflets explaining how we’re sorry for hurting the Muslim’s feelings.

    3. Eh. If we’re gonna be an Empire, lets be badasses. Blow up everything in Libya capable of emitting radio above a certain wattage x, and every generator capable of producing power above a certain wattage y, and sail away. If we’re going to move more Libertopian, lets just pull all our government officials and aid until those responsible are tried (and convicted) in their courts or turned over to us. But for the love of FSM, let us not talk, talk, talk and do nothing.

      1. If they were going to blockade Libya and Egypt until the perpetrators were handed over to spend the rest of their lives getting the Timothy McVeigh Experience it would make sense.

        But unless the Feds know that a specific group did this and they’re just claiming it was spontaneous, missile cruisers are stupid.

      2. i think we are a passive-aggresive type of empire.

    4. Nope. Doubt they’ll be Tomahawking anything.

      Now, when the carrier and Marine assault ships show up, that’ll be different. Shouldn’t take that much longer, not at 700+ nm a day.

      The thing that gets me is, I can—barely—see an excuse for Benghazi: newly civilized war zone, not an embassy, so the ambassador can’t run around with a Marine detachment, no warning, etc… What is the fucking excuse for letting the Yemen embassy get nearly overrun? Christ, the drone campaign there is primarily removing enemies to the guys running San’aa, and they let this happen to our embassy? What does it take to keep a strongman bought these days?

      1. Supposedly the Yemeni security forces fired on the crowd, so he’s still our son-of-a-bitch.

        Good grief is our foreign policy despicable.

        But to the point: if there’s nothing to Tomahawk, what’s a carrier strike group and a bunch of Marines going to do? Occupy Benghazi? Again, that’s What Would Woodrow Wilson Do?

      2. They got over the wall in Yemen but, IIANM, they didn’t get into any buildings.

        It’s pretty much the same thing that happened in Cairo.

    5. Turn some pieces of rubble into smaller pieces of rubble.

  36. Stop making my peaceful followers kill each other. Just stop it.

  37. Most state governments have yet to take any serious steps to address the brewing public employee pension crisis.

    Are there really that many people helping the president make beer?

    1. Maybe they can sell beer to fund the pension plan?

      State Stout?

      PEU Porter?

      Labor Lager?

      1. We need a quicker solution. To start brewing, they’ll have to appease the other pensioned state employees by:
        1: Going to the zoning board to approve the brewery and ensure it is not too close to a school or other area children might wander into.
        2: Do an environmental impact study to determine what the brewery will do to the area.
        3: Bid out the job, giving preference to those bids submitted by minority-owned enterprises and ignoring the lowest-cost option.
        4: Submit the plans for the building to the zoning board (again) to ensure the aesthetics are in accordance with the wishes of the city council and/or historical society if located within the boundaries of a historic area.
        5: Submit the plans to the ADA compliance subcommittee of the zoning board to ensure the city will not face a suit by a person in a wheelchair that might want to park his car there or take the elevator to the roof of the building.
        6: Have their operations inspected by the Health Department to ensure all their operations will be sanitary.

        Aw, fuck it. You get the idea. I could go on but thankfully (for a change) the character limit has caused me to give up the endeavor.

  38. The funny thing is, by rioting, the idiots are only making more of us watch the crappy film that offends them. None of us would have even cared otherwise.

  39. DOJ authorizes BATFE gun grabs w/o pesky due process…

  40. DOJ authorizes BATFE gun grabs w/o pesky due process…

    1. what part of the 5th Amendment “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” don’t these fuckers understand?

  41. lol, I give a big Middle Finger Salute to Muhammad, Islam and muslims in general. Boo yah!


    1. Anonbot is on the hit list now

  42. Apparently Islamic militants aren’t the only ones who don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech.

    You’d kind of hope that a writer for a leading newspaper would know better.

    1. Although the Gruniad partly makes up for that drivel with this.

      It’s an interactive presentation that locate the consulate on with Google Earth and shows some pictures of the damage.

      The property is kind of interesting. It’s a villa with on a large piece of property with a second building nearer the road.

      Frankly, I’m not really sure why we needed a consulate there in the first place.

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