A.M. Links: Chicago Teachers on Strike, Hollande Unveils Austerity Plan, Obama "Befuddled" by iPhone, Hong Kong Drops National Education Classes, Iraq VP Denounces Trial


  • Teachers in Chicago are on strike for the first time in 25 years after rejecting a 16 percent pay increase. 
  • French President Francois Hollande unveiled his austerity plan which includes a 75 percent tax on the rich as well as some spending cuts. France's richest man has applied for Belgian citizenship, though he denies the new tax motivated the decision.
  • The Afghan government is taking over Bagram prison in what is being spun by the Afghan government as a victory for local sovereignty. Those behind bars include suspected Taliban fighters. 
  • An iPhone stumped Obama as he tried to call campaign volunteers in Florida. A reporters said the President looked "befuddled" by Apple's smartphone. 
  • Hong Kong officials have dropped plans for compulsory national education classes after protests.
  • The vice president of Iraq, Tariq al-Hashemi, has denounced the trial that convicted him in absentia of organizing attacks against political opponents. 

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