Jobs Figures Cast Shadow Over Obama's Moment, State Department Employee Owes Damages to Sex Slave, Feds Help Themselves to Gold Coins: P.M. Links


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    1. Never been able to do that before…it had to be done.

      1. May Obama have mercy on your soul…

        1. No mercy for firsters.

      2. Welcome to the Kill List

  1. A federal judge says it’s OK for the U.S. government to help itself to $80 million worth of rare gold coins the owners sent in for authentication.


    1. I bet there are plenty of Americans with lots of stuff just sitting around that the government could claim was come about illegally. Hell, no one really pays for anything without reaping the benefits of government and collective society at some point, right? It’s time the government reclaimed its own.

      1. Hell I just got back from paying the state of Texas $400 for the privledge of purchasing a motorcycle from another private seller.

        Thank god they were there to get that money from me, because without their roads, I’d have never been able to meet the fellow!

        1. Wudja get? I recently picked up a Honda XR650 to go with my ZX14 (“The Other Godzirra”) and ZRX1200R. Dual sports R fun.

          1. I’d like to get my hands on that 1200R, that’s for sure. Sweet, sweet speed.

            Anyway I got a Suzuki SV1000s. I like the v-twin sport bikes; torque-y in the low and mid ranges (more important for street racing than theoretical top-end performance), and because they aren’t popular with the 4IL crowd, they’re cheap for a lot of bike!

            Also got my wife an old ninja 250 as her first learner machine. She never learned how to drive stick, so the lessons are slow-going right now.

            1. SV’s are fun. So’s the Ninjette. Don’t let the cages crush ya!

              1. Shit, almost had one today on the way back from the tax office. Damn SUV tried to change lanes right into me. I should’ve given his door panel a good fucking kicking.

            2. torque-y in the low and mid ranges (more important for street racing than theoretical top-end performance)

              Use the lever by your left hand and tap down on the peg by your left foot. Low and mid-range is only there to get you to high revs, imo.

              God, I miss my R1.

          2. And aren’t you one of our resident Canadians? And isn’t Canada, much like Russia, covered in 10 feet of snow all year? How do you manage to ride?

            1. Not Canadian. MI – same weather. We get three, four weeks in every year. Then we hibernate for up to 9 months.

              1. It’s a mixed blessing. We have good riding weather 10 months out of the year, but it’s too goddamn hot to wear protective gear (other than a helmet) most of that time. Even the “vented” mesh stuff doesn’t cut it in 105 degree heat.

              2. Occasionally we come out of hibernation and get barbecue from Slows.

        2. Did that private seller happen to have a cop-stache and an NYPD baseball cap?

          1. Don’t worry, an SV1000s doesn’t exactly qualify as a “luxury bike”.

    2. Note to self:

      Sell rare coins at auction BEFORE checking with government on the hypothetical value.

  2. “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. . . .”

    Do not fuck with the Man with No Name.

    1. I was going to link to his interview. I saw it on Slate, the comments were pretty much unanimous that Clint has dementia. Yeah, real classy libs, accuse one of beloved figures in Hollywood of being mentally ill because he dared to criticized the Dear Leader.

      1. The problem is, there’s no evidence of that at all. He spoke extemporaneously, made cogent points–in fact, scored some most excellent hits–and was effective enough that the Democrats are still fucking whining about it all these days later.

        Frankly, I think the refusal to do a set piece and the somewhat rambling nature of his speech gave him something the Democrats (and the rest of the Republican speakers, I’m sure) lack–sincerity. The guy is pissed off and rightfully so.

        1. Another site notes that Clint continues to make two movies a year and has two projects in the works right now.

          1. Yes, he’s the first director with full-blown dementia.

            1. *cough* Ed Wood *cough*

            2. I know many actors (including amateurs such as myself) who would dispute this claim.

              1. I was exaggerating for effect. I’ve seen enough movies to know that many directors, in fact, are legally brain dead.

                Though that still makes them smarter than most actors, I’m sure you’ll agree.

          2. He can forget about any more Oscars??.

        2. in fact, scored some most excellent hits

          Well, they would have been good hits if they’d been made at another venue. It’s hard to take someone complaining about Obama’s failure to close Guantanomo seriously when they’re doing it at the RNC convention.

          1. That made it even more awesome, as he didn’t really toe the Republican line. If anything, he sounded a bit like one of us, which means he’s on the kill list.

            1. He didn’t tow the Republican lion, either.

              1. He did, however, lay it on the lion.

          2. That kind of bolsters his credibility as a genuine independent. Unlike the Dems who used to care about Gitmo and civil liberties when Bush was in office, Clint won’t fellate Obama and his idiot domestic policies and hope they throw him a bone.

            I think Clint was really hoping someone like Ron Paul would be the nominee.

          3. I think it’s a valid jab at Obama either way. The One was so fucking self-righteous about closing Gitmo, that he hasn’t to this day speaks either to his fatuousness or his dishonesty. Neither says much for him.

      2. It’s really shocking to me how few people recognized that they were watching a talented performer doing improv on a national stage.

        The timing may have been a bit flawed at times, but the bugger is 82!

        1. Oh, they recognize it. They just don’t want you or anyone else to.

    2. Fuckhead Bill Maher is trying his best, and a union thug threw a chair while speaking at the DNC. Ewwww, scary stuff. I’m betting on the cowboy over the union thug.

  3. Clint Eastwood is apparently relishing his new role as a two-minute-hate target for Democrats.

    I think I’ve run out of quotes.

    1. I think I’ve run out of quotes.

      A man’s got to know his limitations….

    2. “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.”

    3. Hey, man! This is our choppers, Charlie!

      This is my gun, Clyde!

  4. Spain’s government says it’s in no hurry to ask for EU bailout money.

    Ma?ana or the next day is soon enough.

    1. Ma?ana I got nada. But don’t forget the peanut butter sandwiches.

      1. That relationship is the perfect metaphor for T o n y and Obama.

  5. Fracking causes minor earthquakes, B.C. regulator says

    It said all of the events began after fracking took place. The quakes happened within five kilometres of fracking operations and within 300 metres of the depth at which the rock was being fractured.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t earthquakes caused when techtonic plates rub together, building up tension that is eventually released as an earthquake? So if fracking causes minor earthquakes isn’t it releasing the tension early and preventing major earthquakes?

      1. IANAG, but IMO yes. It’s either that, or just some shifting and settling which couldn’t possibly cause a serious quake.

      2. Not all earthquakes happen at plate boundaries.

        The most severe earthquake in US history had an epicenter in Missouri.

        1. There is a significant fault in MO. I think its the the New Madras?

          Anyway, I lived in So-Cal for ~10 years and the biggest earthquake I ever felt was in St Louis.

          1. Guess I should read the link first…

            New Madrid

    2. Uh. Wait. Pressurized liquid injected into rocks causes local movement? Maybe that’s why they fucking do it.

  6. Anyone see Google’s tribute to Star Trek? It’s one of those interactive doodles were you can re-enact the Kirk vs Gorn fight from “Arena”.

    1. EBC posted it a few times earlier in the day. It’s pretty sweet though, and surprisingly was the tipping point in me deciding I should start watching seasons of Star Trek. I’ve heard tale that there is a bald guy who may or may not be better than the Priceline negotiator, but no matter what some guys with weird heads are the bad guys when they’re not good. Also, I think the name Wesley Crusher is synonymous with greatness from what I’ve heard.

    2. Your search will be merciful and quick!

        1. I sure hope Shatner and Nimoy make it to the fiftieth anniversary in 4 years. Bones has been gone for like 15 years now.

          1. Shatner looks about twenty years younger than he is. It’s insane.

            1. He found a way to suck the age out of Nimoy and… whoever play McCoy.

              1. Could he have hired the salt monster?

                1. Everyone knows salt monsters can’t be bought. He must have sexed it to his side.

  7. Medical marijuana club in Victoria hit with $150K HST bill

    Ted Smith says his club sells $2.5 million in medical marijuana annually, but he didn’t think it had to pay HST [Harmonized Sales Tax]. Last May, the taxman came to set him straight.

  8. In addition, “it is a crime for any United States citizen, permanent resident, entity organized under U.S. law, or any other person in the United States or its territories to engage in virtually any transaction with Salah, including providing him with food, shelter, clothing, or many medical services,” the complaint states.

    It sounds like it’s not so much illegal for Salah to shop as it is for Walmart to sell him things at reasonable prices.

  9. A Yemeni woman kept as a virtual slave…. Muhammad Salah unable to appeal his designation as a terrorist….a federal judge says it’s OK for the U.S. government to help itself to $80 million worth of rare gold coins….the NYPD misplaced seven luxury motorcycles it seized and put into storage.

    Four examples of the protection racket at work. Time for happy hour.

  10. The NYPD misplaced seven luxury motorcycles it seized and put into storage. Where are they? It’s a mystery.

    I think we all know the best place to start looking.

  11. That “slave in Tokyo” story seemed pretty weird, until I read that the State Department employee was a Qualifications Evaluation Panel Subject Matter Expert for the Human Resources Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment.

      1. Incredibly, *that* was the safe word.

        1. That’s what you get when you tell a frightened Yemeni woman with a ball gag in her mouth to say “me so horny.”

  12. The U.S. economy gave President Obama’s nomination for re-election a big raspberry, with unemployment dipping slightly only because discouraged workers are exiting the labor force.

    Well, at least the rise of the oceans began to slow.

    1. Well, at least the rise of the oceans began to slow.

      Maybe it’s just because no one can afford to go the beaches anymore.

  13. New show starting on Discovery Fit ampersand Health.

    It premieres this Saturday at 10:00 PM to be immediately followed by the new Discovery channel show “Ow, My Balls!”

    1. I thought Discovery Health died and became OWN?

    2. Stupid broken link *grumble*… Preview button *grumble grumble*


    3. It premieres this Saturday at 10:00 PM to be immediately followed by the new Discovery channel show “Ow, My Balls!”

      This show would rock if it were hosted by Balko. By rock I mean “like you were kicked in the balls by a bull elephant”.

  14. That story about the Yemeni woman is majorly fucked up. The language of the bullet point was a little confusing as to who the husband, so I read the link, and the female State Department employee kept her as a slave and allowed her husband to rape her. What a sick couple. Are they being prosecuted?

    1. How? And by whom? The slavery took place in Japan, carried out by persons with diplomatic immunity.

  15. No Warty for two days now. He must be drinking and pillaging in celebration of Art Modell’s death.

    1. Um, just how do you think Modell died?

      1. He finally got to him. The family just doesn’t want to give Cleveland fans the satisfaction of knowing one of them finally murdered him.

        1. The irony is that Warty will end up having to move to Baltimore to evade capture.

          1. It would be funnier if they placed him in Pittsburg and he became a fuckin yinzer.

            1. I didn’t know there were so many yinzers in California that it would be required to fit in there.

              1. There was a conga line from the Square to Browns Stadium today!

    2. Has anyone else noticed that when Warty’s not around, Episiarch isn’t around either?

        1. That they synchronize their outfits?

          1. It’s just possible. I’ve never seen them wear stripes at the same time.

      1. And I haven’t seen SugarFree, either…

        1. Or STEVE SMITH…

        2. You know who else we haven’t seen?

          1. Jason and his Argonauts?

          2. Hitler?

  16. Amazing pictures taken from Gouffre Berger cave in France. The cave is over 3600 feet deep and can take well over 15 hours to climb back out of.

    1. Those are much prettier than the usual daily mail pictures. And now john and sarc will argue about whether Gollum is too fat or not.

    2. That’s ripe for a mom joke.

    3. ‘There are the initials of the original explorers in the last flooded cavern. That’s the end for dry cavers – those who don’t cave dive underwater.

      ‘After that if you want to go further you have to pull on diving gear and explore the totally flooded tunnels.’

      Yeah, meaning, if you want a one way trip and die doing what you love– sucking the last breath of air from your tank in the darkness while your arms flail helplessly– cave-diving is your only option. Have your Will made out.

    4. Do the British not have the word spelunking?

      1. No, they do, they just think its a bloody stupid word and that caving suits fine

        1. Well that’s gormless of those loblollies.

  17. “At trial, plaintiff testified that Russell Howard raped her at least four times, and that he forced her to perform oral sex approximately ten times, and that he repeatedly sexually assaulted her,” U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady said. “Plaintiff testified that Linda Howard was complicit in her husband’s sexual abuse, telling plaintiff that she should gratify Russell Howard and make Russell happy.”

    Sounds like the couple would’ve been a better fit at the UN (or the IMF)

    According to Linda Howard’s profile on the professional-networking website LinkedIn, she is currently an IT manager with the State Department in Washington, D.C.

    Diplomatic immunity

    1. There really are two classes of citizens in this country: Public employees and everybody else

      1. Last I heard, there are two classes of people in this country:

        People who have to fasten their seatbelts and the Governor’s wife.

    2. Has been revoked.

      1. Where’s Danny Glover when you need him?

    3. She can’t be prosecuted by the Japanese for it, but remember: the US asserts universal jurisdiction over it’s citizens. So if these were federal crimes, and I have no doubt some charges can be cobbled together, the feds can prosecute and her diplomatic immunity means ‘fuck’ and ‘all’.

      1. Never happen. She’s one of them.

      2. The flip side of diplomatic immunity is that you can be prosecuted by your home country for acts committed while working as a diplomat. That’s not a result of the US claiming universal jurisdiction, it’s true for every country’s diplomatic missions.

        1. She *could* be prosecuted in the US, yes, but she’s a bureaucrat, so other bureaucrats will never do it. None of them want that can of worms opened.

    4. “It’s just been revoked!”

    5. that he forced her to perform oral sex approximately ten times,

      I’ve always wondered how this works.

      She has teeth, no?

      1. While that would definitely incapacitate the husband, she still had the wive to worry about.

    6. The problem with willing sex slaves is that most of them are old and fat. I’m not surprised that a government worker’s solution to this dilemma involves involuntary coercion.

  18. Wow, it’s like Balko never left. My achin’ balls.
    Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow…

  19. Orange County sex offender arrested for visiting a public park to play tennis because of recently adopted county and city statute prohibiting sex offenders from going anywhere where there might be children.

    1. Irvine adopted a law that prohibits sex offenders from going into public parks unless they receive a waiver.

      Yet, apparently, those same sex offenders can *walk on the sidewalk*!

    2. he was convicted of child annoyance… wtf does that mean?

  20. A federal judge says it’s OK for the U.S. government to help itself to $80 million worth of rare gold coins the owners sent in for authentication

    Ok, what kind of dumbass sends the U.S. Government 80 million in gold coins for authentication?

    For clarification:

    Think of it like a twitter pic. The minute you hit ‘send’ that picture doesn’t “belong” to you anymore. It belongs to whoever handles it after that. And if you think for a second that the U.S. Government is going to play cricket when you hand them $80 million in gold coins, then you deserved to lose the $80 million.

  21. Hey hey! Ho ho! 24/7 has got to go! Hey hey! Ho ho! 24/7 has got to go!

    1. I’m fine with this.

    2. has there ever been any explanation of why the fuck they started linking to… a page where the actual link is?

      I mean I bitched about it on day 1. It don’t make no sense.

      1. More page hits would be my guess.

      2. I was bitching about it before it was cool.

  22. U.S. District Judge Legrome Davis Jr. is a thief and probably fucks chickens.

    1. While I don’t even know who this judge is, someone also told me that he fucks chickens. They also said that he especially likes to fuck the dead ones. I don’t know if this is true or not, so it is up to the judge to prove that it isn’t.

    1. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  23. “how carefully and methodically the Mint accounted for the ’33 Double Eagles”

    Yeah right, dipshit.

  24. The NYPD misplaced seven luxury motorcycles it seized and put into storage.

    63 motorcycles worth $500,000 comes to just under $8k per bike. Apparently owning a newish vehicle is now considered a “luxury.”

  25. A federal judge says it’s OK for the U.S. government to help itself to $80 million worth of rare gold coins the owners sent in for authentication.

    It cost them $80 million what common sense taught me for free: NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT!

    1. Don’t you worry ’bout me
      I wouldn’t worry about me

    2. They were “almost certainly stolen” from the government, because everyone turned them in as required when Roosevelt made it illegal to own them. yeah, right…

  26. If they’re whining about the jobs numbers now, just wait until they get adjusted DOWN again next week.

  27. The URL truncates to “jobs-figures-cast-shadow-over-obamas-mom.” Anyone want to take a shot at that?

    1. “jobs-figures-cast-shadow-over-obamas-mom-jeans”?

  28. And the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Unhinged Feminist Commentary, RNC Category, goes to……..ooth-liar/

    “We swiftly see the spark of hatred behind Huckabee’s jovial demeanor, one that flared to the surface repeatedly during his speech, particularly when he was thinking about the nerve of Barack Obama sitting in the Oval Office just because he won the election. Huckabee knows this about himself, which is why he sprinkles his speeches with faux self-deprecating humor; he hopes these jokes will make you forget the way the anger flares up in him, revealing periodically that no, he is not in this because he’s a man of sincere religious faith so much as a man of sincere fury that he had to live in an era where the white man’s right to rule everyone around him is being genuinely questioned.”

    Also, some stuff about how Paul Ryan is a glib frat boy. No, it didn’t make sense to me, either.

    1. Allow me to translate: “RACISM!”

    2. Oh, hell, if I’d known that would be Amanda Marcotte, I wouldn’t have bothered clicking. She’s been braking mad for years now. No real point tpo her except to demonize her preceived enemies, none of whom could be arsed to give 3/4 of a turd about her.

      1. Breaking Mad – now on AMC.

        1. Little known fact: Amanda Marcotte was initially cast to play the role of Tuco in Breaking Bad, but studio audiences and executives felt that her performance was too over the top for to be believable as a methed-up, violent drug lord.

          1. Now, now, a woman who is self described as “cum guzzling” can’t be all bad, can she?

            1. That would depend on how much you like riding crops and ball gags.

    3. When you know that arguing the issues will only illuminate that the fact that your candidate is no different from their candidate, the only option is to go full retard.

    4. “”After decades of slow but steady growth, the malignant tumor of Ayn Rand’s sick philosophy has grown big enough that it’s doing serious damage to the nation’s health.

      In Ms. Rand’s twisted world, there is no community — only individuals in a life-and-death struggle for dominance over other individuals. There is no cooperation, only temporary alliances, with each party only interested in exploiting the other. Great achievements are exclusively the result of one great man’s tireless and focused efforts to raise himself above all others, with no consideration of anyone else. You either sink or swim, based entirely on your own efforts. Not only should the individual not expect “society” to help when they experience difficulties, it would be a crime to suggest that there might be a moral reason for helping those unable to help themselves. Self-interest is the only morality. You have no duty toward other human beings except to step boldly upon their bodies in the process of raising yourself above them.
      Paul Ryan is the hypocritical result of this philosophy. Although he’s a low-rent version of what various Kochs and Trumps and Waltons have been for years, he’s doing everything he can to raise himself to the top of his chosen profession. And as such, he’s a perfect running mate for Willard “I Did It All By Myself” Romney.

      Needs moar froth.

      1. Someone should set her and Shrike up on a date.

      2. I’m no Randroid, but that’s not quite what she said.

        I’m anti-welfare state, too, but I’m not anti-cooperation or even anti-helping out people if that’s what I want to do.

        Maybe the whole coercion thing isn’t blindingly obvious?

        1. That’s the problem. To their minds community without coercion is an oxymoron. The idea that cooperation based on mutual benefit can be a viable basis of community is beyond their ken. Society must be based on someone getting screwed. They just want the proper people to get screwed.

        2. Jesus fuck, Bastiat covered this over 150 years ago, as I’m sure you and most everyone here knows, is it really that hard for these people to comprehend?

          “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all.
          We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

      3. In Ms. Rand’s twisted world, there is no community

        Galt’s Gulch seemed like a fairly pleasant community.

        1. By “community” they mean taking from Peter to get votes from Paul

    5. Check this one out. Some guy named “antitype” calls out marcott in the comments and she goes insane. She cannot read a single sentence without adding a paragraph of some shit that’s in her head.

  29. Speaking of Clint Eastwood:

    “You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns, and those who dig…”

    Isn’t that some kind of Iron Law?…

    1. Yeah, Mao’s First Iron Law of Government: Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

  30. The judge said the family probably came by the coins illicitly.

    You mean that’s not how probable cause works?

    Hell, even the DA from Idiocracy felt the need to say he had evidence.

  31. What a brilliant idea for a new doctrine! Has anyone offered you a judgeship?

    1. No, sadly. I also use crude process and poetic trustus.

  32. “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” he says

    Not counting social security of course.

    1. Let’s not bicker and argue over who is worse than who.

    2. Social Security isn’t a hoax.

      It’s a ponzi scheme, right out in the open, in your face, screaming, “I’m a Ponzi Scheme, and you must enter yourself at the bottom of the pyramid! But not only am I a ponzi scheme for retirees, I’ll also pay your money out to young people who haven’t worked a day in their life and have put nothing into the pyramid! Meaning I won’t even last as long as a normal Ponzi scheme!”

      1. Social Security can function just fine with a constant flow of “investors”. The problems arose when the number of investors declined.

        A Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing number of investors to work. So SS is not a Ponzi scheme.

        1. Who says tomorrow’s tax payers can be taxed enough in order to pay me out?

        2. Definition of ‘Ponzi Scheme’
          A fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors. This scam actually yields the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors. These schemes usually collapse on themselves when the new investments stop.


          No, it just requires new investors. As you said the number of new investors has decreased and the scheme IS in the process of collapsing. It certainly IS a Ponzi Scheme.

          1. This on wheels. Calling it a potahto vs. a potayto doesn’t make SS a non-ponzi scheme. It’s the ponziest of the ponzi scheme.

        3. I think you’re adding a superfluous criterion to the definition of Ponzi scheme.

          A Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing number of investors to work.

          That’s not true. Any scheme that provides returns to initial investors by giving them the principal of later investors is a Ponzi scheme. It doesn’t matter if you need to increase the number of investors or not. A Ponzi scheme that takes longer to explode because the expectations of the initial investors are kept low is a well-managed Ponzi scheme, but it’s still a Ponzi scheme.

          SS’s real defense against the accusation is its transparency. Anyone who wants can read the enabling legislation and understand exactly how the system functions. Anyone who knows how SS works knows they have nothing “invested” in it and have not been promised “returns”. If nobody is promised returns and nobody has any principal, it’s just plain old vanilla robbery, and not a Ponzi scheme.

      2. It’s a Ponzi scheme where new people are always being added at the bottom, and the grim reaper pulls people off the top. If someone was committed to keep inflows and outflows balanced, it could potentially work, though benefits would have to shrink, payments would have to grow, and the retirement age would have to push back with life expectancy.

        1. But that’s not a Ponzi scheme anymore!

          In a Ponzi scheme, the new investors aren’t just paying back the money put in by the old investors, as Social Security is supposed to work. (yes, yes, I know all about Congress raiding the trust fund, but that’s not the design.) The new investors also have to pay for the old investors to get the big returns they were promised, and pay the schemers too… so you need more and more investors at each step. As soon as the scheme has undergone a few cycles it collapses because there is a limit to how many investors can be found.

          1. As the number of retirees grows at the top, the number of people contributing at the bottom needs to increase as well.

            It’s a ponzi scheme.

          2. One of the dirty little secrets of SS is that most “investors” were supposed to die before seeing any returns. Now, a significantly larger number of people live a long time past retirement age and hence are seeing very large returns.

  33. Seattlites unable to sleep due to inconsiderate fish keeping them up all night with their loud fish sex:…..53826.html

  34. Will someone please rescue my comment from the spam filter?

  35. Any of my fellow Hit-n-Yinzers going to see Rush on Tuesday?

    1. You just lit the Shrike beacon.

      You mean Rush Limbaugh, Rush the aging Canadian rock group, or that movie that all the young people are talking about?

      1. The only Rush that matters.

        1. The aging Canadian Rock group then. Where they playin’?

          1. Consol Energy Center. I saw them there on their last tour and it was very good.

    2. I choose not to decide.

  36. How can that guy be unable to buy groceries? Unless he wants food stamps and can’t get them (and in that case, boo-hoo)

    The only ID they ever ask for while buying groceries if you are buying alcohol or glue, and it’s not like they run you through a database, they just look at the age.

    1. What would it be like to be declared a specially designated terrorist?

      Could you have a bank account? Could you even get one? Imagine trying to transact in this here modern society without a bank account. You’d have to keep all the cash you earned in your mattress or in mason jars in your back yard.

      1. if i put my cash in the mason jars where would i ferment my kimchi?

        1. Hopefully not next door to me.

    2. Unless he wants food stamps and can’t get them (and in that case, boo-hoo)

      Well, he does have a better argument than most, given that the government is preventing him from finding gainful employment.

    3. Unless he wants food stamps and can’t get them

      Does this ever happen? Considering the fact that 47 million American parasites receive food stamps it is hard to imagine that they ever refuse anyone. Warren Buffet could probably fucking get them.

  37. “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” – you woul hope if clint eastwood said this about him, he’s done

    yea, i know … who gives a flying fuck what some hollywood celebrity says about politics.

    except eastwood also has political experience e.g. Mayor of Carmel

    plus, he’s CLINT EASTWOOD.

    it’s not like we’re talking matt damon or like dat

    1. Clint Eastwood vs Kal Penn… who in the DNC thought that would be a flattering image for their side?

      1. Kal Penn?

      2. They did have a certain chemistry in Gran Torino.

  38. University of Montana now requires male and female, athlete and otherwise ? to complete an online video tutorial and score 100 percent on an accompanying quiz before they can register for second-semester classes.

    But Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, which has criticized harassment training in other contexts, said the basis for the overbroad mandate was sketchy at best. Wood questioned some statistics cited in the videos — including one stating that only 2 percent of people lie about being assaulted and another saying 82 percent of rapes are perpetrated via psychological, not violent, force — and said the quiz requirement “really makes it an instrument of intimidation and psychological coercion more than it is a question of knowledge.”

    1. Good grief. It really is a mad world when academic institutions require a rigorous, pass-fail exam to continue with their program… but only in a politicized, non-academic context.

      Tests for math, reading, or writing as pre-reqs for second semester attendance?


      Tests for sexual harassment as pre-reqs for second semester attendance?

      Hell yeah!

    1. That would certainly explain the state’s budget problems…

    2. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Dumber than Joe Biden?

      1. She’s really moving into Sheila Jackson Lee territory.

    3. I’m starting a GoFundMe site right now to pay her moving expenses.

    4. As a Californian, she must have meant, “It would feel like heaven if it wasn’t an oasis of Democratic politics.” Nothing else makes sense. Then again, it’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    5. Reads like pure satire:

      CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman and congresswoman from Florida, was at ease this morning among a group of Democrats from deep-blue California.

      “Let me just tell you how much I appreciate the oasis of Democratic politics that California is,” she said at a delegation breakfast on the final day of the Democratic National Convention. “I know that you all feel like you live in heaven.”

      A man in the audience yelled, “We do!” and Wasserman Schultz said, “Understandably so.”

      California is so heavily Democratic that President Barack Obama is almost certain to carry the state, but several congressional seats are in play. Wasserman Schultz encouraged the California Democrats “to work harder than you ever have before” to win those elections

      Come on! You are just using stage props made out of meat now Big Sky Director.

  39. excellent meta-analysis of san diego area officer involved shootings. all kinds of fun stats including age, race, drugs used by suspects who were shot (for example, meth was found in 64% of those shot, alcohol 49%, marijuan 16% and cocaine 13%. )

    of course marijuana is used far far far more often than cocaine, yet cocaine is nearly seen as often as MJ in those shot, which makes sense. it’s a stimulant and incites agression. MJ doesn’t

    heroin is only seen in 1%. again, makes sense. it’s a depressant and people under the influence of heroin are gentle as kitty kats

    also includes mental health issues present, whether less lethal was also used, etc. etc.

    really good analysis and stats for those TRULY interested in understanding the dynamics of police shootings, risk factors, commonalities, the factors that are disproportionately seen amongst those shot (age, gender, etc.)

    great stuff.

    sdcda has always been very good about disclosure and about making stuff available on the web. back when it was still very rare for other DA offices, they would post stuff on the web for all to see


    the meth stat is not surprising at all for those of us who have actually hung out with people on meth (when i worked undercover, i’d spent hours (*blech) with meth-heads).

    they are paranoid, unpredictable,often hyperaggressive, they make extremely poor decisions, often have very poor impulse control, etc.

    1. they are paranoid, unpredictable,often hyperaggressive, they make extremely poor decisions, often have very poor impulse control, etc.

      Reminds me of another group of people you may be familiar with.

      1. and imagine if meth were a racial stat instead of a drug.

        i mean what percentage of people have meth in their bloodstream at any given time in SD county?



        64% of the shootees had meth in their systems .

        that’s an astounding disparity.

        unless somebody thinks trigger happy cops are meth-head profiling when looking for people to shoot (and i wouldn’t put it past some bigorati), CLEARLY meth-heads do shit that makes it far far far far far more likely they are going to get shot.

        could cops get better training in dealing with meth-heads? most probably, yes.

        but law enforcement is a game of limited info, like poker. given totality of the circs , cops issue demands like “put your hands up”. people less likely to comply – more likely to get shot.

        does meth make people less likely to comply? more likely to act like a violent fuckstick? imo and ime absolutely.

        and again, not getting into the whole causation, correlation thang, but if you are NOT meth user, you are probably somewhere around 10-30 (again, not sure what %age of SD county peeps have meth in their system at any given time) times less likely to get shot by cops in SD county than if you are.

  40. “The Augustus Saint-Gaudens double eagles $20 pieces were among some 445,500 struck during the Great Depression. But nearly all were pulled out of circulation within weeks as President Roosevelt ordered U.S. banks to abandon the gold standard.”

    So it’s not probable that out of 445,500, a mere 10 were not pulled out of circulation after having been in circulation for “weeks”?

    That’s a low bar even for civil forfeiture.

    1. I’m curious what “pulled out of circulation” means. People sent them to the government in payment for this and that and the government melted them down? Or, you know, stolen?

      1. FDR made it illegal for US citizens to hold the gold coins that were in circulation as tender at the time (exec order 6102). Everyone was supposed to turn them in for paper. As soon as they had most of the gold in hand, they devalued the dollar, from $21 per gold ounce to $35.

  41. Obama has the living dead vote in the bag.…..yMZ-BnHtlt

    1. Madonna should get a t-shirt: y Ancestors Survived A Ten Thousand Year Ice Age Ans All I Got Was This Skin Tone.

      1. But without the missing letter and the wrong letter, of course.

        1. I’ve got a bumper sticker, skin colored with frayed edges:
          My parents went on a killing spree and all I got was this human skin bumper sticker

          1. Holy Crap, I’m amazed at what happens when one googles “human skin bumper sticker.”

          2. THAT IS AWESOME. I got to haz one.

  42. A federal judge says it’s OK for the U.S. government to help itself to $80 million worth of rare gold coins the owners sent in for authentication. The judge said the family probably came by the coins illicitly. Burden of proof … How does that work?

    But anybody who doesn’t trust the government is crazy, right?

  43. official permission to…buy groceries

    Pilot Project. Expect to participate in the completed program by 2020 (at the latest).

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