Pakistan Evicts "Save the Children" Group Workers

Alleges ties between the group and the doctor who helped CIA track down Osama bin Laden


Authorities have ordered foreign workers with the Save the Children aid group to leave the country, after alleging ties between the group and a Pakistani doctor enlisted by the CIA to help track down Osama bin Laden.

A spokesman for Save the Children's offices in Pakistan, Ghulam Qadri, said Thursday that the order was issued by the Interior Ministry. Authorities had previously accused Save the Children of helping to make a connection between Dr. Shakeel Afridi and U.S. officials, who was searching for someone to assist in confirming Bin Laden's whereabouts in the military city of Abbottabad, a two-hour drive north of Islamabad.

Save the Children has repeatedly denied playing any role in facilitating Afridi's involvement with the CIA.