David Harsanyi on Democratic Delusions of Grandeur


Democrats like to claim that Ronald Reagan and William Buckley would be simply horrified if they saw the modern-day GOP; but please take a moment, writes David Harsanyi, to ponder the spectacular display of bonkers in Charlotte, N.C., this week.

Here you're free to imply or even say that a Republican is unpatriotic for conducting business outside the country. Here politicians celebrate the president's courageous ability to use taxpayer funds to bail out a company that can only avoid another bankruptcy (barely) on the strength of foreign sales. Here the head of NARAL argues that being allowed to have free abortions on demand is the high point of the American dream. Here Julian Castro, the charismatic mayor of San Antonio and a serious person, mocks the "magical" free markets that gave Bill Clinton the soaring economy he bragged about Wednesday night and America 25 years of unmatched prosperity.