Democratic Convention 2012

Only Democrats Get to Decide Who Is Patriotic


During the Democratic National Convention of 2008, multiple speakers criticized Republicans for questioning Democrats' patriotism. For instance, John Kerry:

This election is a chance for America to tell the merchants of fear and division: You don't decide who loves this country. You don't decide who is a patriot.

Well, unless you are a Democrat in 2012. Here's former Ohio gov. Ted Strickland last night:

Mitt Romney has so little economic patriotism that even his money needs a passport. It summers on the beaches of the Cayman Islands and winters on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. In Matthew, chapter 6, verse 21, the scriptures teach us that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. My friends, any man who aspires to be our president should keep both his treasure and his heart in the United States of America. […]

Barack Obama is an economic patriot. Mitt Romney is an outsourcing pioneer.

And here's Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley:

Instead of investing in America, they hide their money in Swiss bank accounts and ship our jobs to China!

Swiss bank accounts never built an American bridge. Swiss bank accounts don't put cops on the beat or teachers in our classrooms. Swiss bank accounts never created American jobs!

We are Americans. We must act like Americans.