A.M. Links: Hillary Clinton Welcomed Harshly by Chinese Press, Third Party Candidates Qualify in Virginia, Few Protests in Charlotte So Far

News from New York to Virginia to China


  • went to china not charlotte

    Twitter's head lawyer, Alexander MacGillivray says he's busy defending the free speech and privacy rights of users because building trust as a service is good for business.

  • Hillary Clinton received harsh state media coverage upon her arrival in China Tuesday night. Earlier on her trip she urged China to work multilaterally with neighbors on disputes in the South China Sea. China prefers to negotiate separately with different countries.
  • The Libertarian nominee for president, Gary Johnson, qualified for the Virginia ballot, along with the Green and Constitution Party candidates. Johnson's ballot status is being challenged in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.
  • Though the Democratic convention is less insulated from the public than Republicans, it doesn't appear the Occupy movement will muster any significant protests at Bank of America Stadium or the other venues used in Chaflotte.
  • A strip club in New York is arguing that nude dancing is an art and so the club should be exempt from paying taxes on dances.
  • The Florida A&M Torque Dance Team was suspended for an alleged off-campus hazing incident which was reported to the school anonymously.

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  1. Twitter’s head lawyer, Alexander MacGillivray says he’s busy defending the free speech and privacy rights of users because building trust as a service is good for business.

    As good a reason for a business as any.

    1. I remain amazed, but not sure why, that free speech still requires defending.

      1. Defending free speech will remain necessary as long as there are people in power who cannot defend their ludicrous ideas in honest debate.

        1. May I elaborate?

          Defending free speech will remain necessary as long as there are people in power who cannot defend their ludicrous ideas in honest debate or who say “I’m in favour of free speech but…”.

          1. Or, “Hate Speech is not Free Speech” ie “If makes me feel bad and should therefore be illegal”

      2. Because they won’t get the necessity of it until it’s their speech that’s threatened, and maybe not even then?

  2. Doctored to justify latest power grab?
    …”The advocates of global warming are beginning to have the classic doomsday cult problem. The Earth hasn’t been warming for 16 years, and that’s starting to get very embarrassing. The first adjustment to the dogma was to stop talking about global warming and start talking about climate change. The latest version of the party line is that we are going to have more extreme weather. The reality is that the weather is not any more variable or extreme than in the past. But with suitable fishing in the data, it is easy to make a case that this or that weather phenomenon has become more extreme.

    “The scientist Richard Lindzen has pointed out that the extreme weather theme is inconsistent with the global warmers’ own theories,” Mr. Rogers continues. “The global warmers have long claimed that the poles will warm faster than the tropics. One of their key scary claims is that vast amounts of ice at the poles will melt and raise sea level. So, according to warmer theory, the temperature difference between the poles and the equator will lessen. But it is that very temperature difference that drives weather, particularly extreme weather. … So the warmers’ claims are fundamentally contradictory.”…

    1. …Science has been held in extremely high esteem for two full centuries, to our enormous benefit. But now imagine a culture in which the majority declare: “Scientists? They’ll rig their results to please whoever’s footing the bills. If a ‘scientist’ tells me something, I believe just the opposite.”

      What could be the long-term costs of such a shift in public esteem?…

      1. A healthy attitude of caveat emptor and nullius verba is actually a good thing.

      2. There is a difference between “Science” and what a “scientist” proclaims.

      3. best long-term cost is some healthy skepticism from a more discriminating public. Any story or claim that is full of stats should raise an instant red flag of doubt. Depending on how numbers are presented, the same data can be used to make diametrically opposing claims when shown to an ignorant public.

        Saying the incidence of something rose 150% is a lot scarier than saying, we found three people doing this and last time it was just one person.

        1. That would be a 300% increase.

          1. There are 4/2 type of people in this world, those who understand fractions and those who don’t.

    2. The advocates of global warming are beginning to have the classic doomsday cult problem.

      And to the surprise of none, the warmists will insist that they’re doing Real Science?, and it’s only those Dastaredly Denialists standing in the way.

      “Doomsday? We’re trying to get the truth out there, dammit!”

      1. good luck finding ice for that koolaid

        1. It’s not hard, sweetie. Here’s a good jumping off point.

          You might want to have a stats book handy.

          1. That really needed to be a link to a freeze/ice maker.

        2. Because everyone knows the most pressing concern in the climate change debate is whether we’ll still have ice cubes to cool our drinks with, and not mad grabs for power over the proles…

          1. you must prefer grape koolaid

            1. Must be nice thinking the Climate Alarmists really are all beneficent and looking out for our own interests.

              For the good of the planet, of course.

            2. Unlike O3, though, I prefer my koolaid not to have arsenic.

    3. The Earth hasn’t been warming for 16 years

      2010 was the hottest year on record. 2011 was the hottest La Nina year on record, 11th or so overall. The 00s were hotter than the 90s, which were hotter than the 80s, which were hotter than the 70s. Warming never stopped.

      This lie has been answered over and over again.

      So the warmers’ claims are fundamentally contradictory.

      Apparently heat doesn’t equal energy in their version of physics. Do they believe in the Four Elements, too?

      1. so you missed the part about “doctored numbers”, did you. Of course, warming has stopped and plenty of data has backed that up. But you keep believing that politicians – the same folks who give us the DMV, TSA, and Amtrak – should be charged with regulating the global thermostat.

      2. Jersey,

        Ron Baily posts the 30 year satellite numbers every month. And the warming isn’t there. Stop lying.

      3. Heat doesn’t equal energy in anybody’s theory of physics. (Although temperature is the average kinetic energy of a representative particle in a substance.) Heat specifically cannot do work, while energy can. If you’re gonna be a pedantic dick, get it right.

      4. on record

        Where’s Oog’s weather chart from 12,000 BC? I had it here just a minute ago.

    4. I’m surprised Vin isn’t linked around here more often.

  3. Estonia: Guess who’s winning the brains race, with 100% of first graders learning to code?

    ProgreTiiger education will start with students in the first grade, which starts around the age of 7 or 8 for Estonians. The compsci education will continue through a student’s final years of public school, around age 16. Teachers are being trained on the new skills, and private sector IT companies are also getting involved, which makes sense, given that these entities will likely end up being the long-term beneficiaries of a technologically literate populace.

    The ProgreTiiger program is launching at a few pilot schools and will soon be rolling out to all general education schools in Estonia.

    1. Why does it have to be so damn cold there.

      1. It’s not the cold it’s the Russian Fronts constantly moving through.

        1. I see what you did there…

          1. And I, for one, appreciated it!

        1. There was this Estonian girl in high school…sigh…

    2. So dumb. They have no idea how many times my nostalgia of watching Tranz-Zor-Z as a child instead of coding has helped me out as a programmer.

    3. Estonia: Looking to overtake China in malware development.

    4. So… 10-15 years until the golden age of free to play Estonian MMO’s?

    5. ProgreTiiger education will start with students in the first grade, which starts around the age of 7 or 8 for Estonians. The compsci education will continue through a student’s final years of public school, around age 16.

      This was the part that stuck out to me: their kids are finished with school in 8-9 years?? Tell me again why our public school prisons force kids to attend them for 12?

      1. Actually, we only require schooling through the age of 16.

        1. 16 years of ‘schooling’ is become the norm.

          1. 16 years of ‘schooling’ is become the norm.

            Some people out there make you wonder if they even got half that much.

        2. But we also start earlier at age 5 or 6, and the line above states that their “final years of public school” are around age 16. So kids in America, on top of already receiving on average pretty shitty quality service, also have to put up with it for 3-4 years longer than Estonians.

    6. Uh. 100% of first-graders will take a coding class. But 100% of first-graders will no more learn to code than 100% of first-graders who sit through a math class learn to subtract.

  4. American Character Is at Stake
    …Poverty- or income-related entitlements?transfers of money, goods or services, including health-care services?accounted for over $650 billion in government outlays in 2010. Between 1960 and 2010, inflation-adjusted transfers for these objectives increased by over 30-fold, or by over 7% a year. Significantly, however, income and benefit transfers associated with traditional safety-net programs comprised only about a third of entitlements granted on income status, with two-thirds of those allocations absorbed by the health-care guarantees offered through the Medicaid program.

    For their part, entitlements for older Americans?Medicare, Social Security and other pension payments?worked out to even more by 2010, about $1.2 trillion. In real terms, these transfers multiplied by a factor of about 12 over that period?or an average growth of more than 5% a year. But in purely arithmetic terms, the most astonishing growth of entitlements has been for health-care guarantees based on claims of age (Medicare) or income (Medicaid). Until the mid-1960s, no such entitlements existed; by 2010, these two programs were absorbing more than $900 billion annually….

    1. maybe that was the patriotism Cory Booker was talking about last night. You can’t sustain a massive welfare state without pillaging those who work.

      I keeping hoping that the Dem scare tactic that “Ryan wants to end Medicare as we know it” will eventually be interpreted as, “no shit, because as we know it is leading to bankruptcy.” But that is probably too much to ask.

      1. It turns out that you can’t maintain a massive welfare state even if you DO pillage those who work.

        I read this piece in the WSJ this weekend, which had both a pro and con argument, each written by a different author. What amazed me was how weak the pro-welfare argument was. It’s to the point where no honest defense of our current welfare state can even be made.

      2. The welfare state will eventually go away because the math is against it. Liberals can argue about increasing taxes all they want, but there’s no getting away from this:


        However you slice it, there are roughly 60 million people drawing Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and another 50 million Medicaid recipients for a total of 110 million people drawing significant entitlements.

        As I have noted here many times, there are only 115 million full-time jobs in the U.S.

        As much as we need to cut defense spending, it’s entitlements, not defense, that will eventually render the 100-year experiment of Progressivism null and void. A system that relies on exponential growth in population and inflation to fund the system will always crash sooner or later.

  5. Denver Public Schools pilot program to push ‘social action,’ ‘social justice’
    In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, the Denver public schools system are adding a fourth ‘r’ to the curriculum: rebellion.

    According to NBC affiliate KUSA, Denver Public Schools is implementing a new system to evaluate teachers. In order to achieve a coveted “distinguished” rating, teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture” and “take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice.”

    The new DPS teacher assessment system, called LEAP (Leading Effective Academic Practice), stems from state legislation passed in 2010 and is overwhelmingly funded by a $10M grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Debbie Hearty, executive director of the Office of Teacher Learning and Leadership at DPS, told KUSA that she wants kids as young as first graders to emulate Martin Luther King, Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Rosa Parks and others.

    “Education that causes action is really important,” Hearty said. “It’s what our kids do with what they learn and apply in the real world.”…

    1. teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture”

      I do not think that means what they think it means.

      1. Yep, anyone challenging the Denver Public School administration will be quickly shown the door.

        1. And anyone questioning expansive nanny-state government will also be shown the door.

    2. Further evidence that the cabal of California has subjugated the once proud people of Colorado. We are through the looking glass people.

      1. We need to Gears of Wars 2 them.

        “We will go to where they live, and where they breed, and we will destroy them!”

        While we’re at it, lets kill the Texas SoCons too.

        1. Well, if you’re feelin’ froggy, then jump.

      2. DPS has been pozzed for decades–the Californians didn’t help, but they mostly settled in the suburbs or the tonier parts of Denver because if it’s one thing SWPL libs love, it’s their whiteopias.

        DPS basically destroyed their school system when they instituted busing and chased out their tax base to places like Wheat Ridge and Lakewood, and it’s never quite recovered since.

        1. I do love living in Lakewood.

    3. I hope those flaky Estonians are watching this.

    4. so does that mean to successfully rebel in these schools you’d have to embrace dull conformity? I haz confused

      1. What could be more conformist than seeking “social justice”?

      2. I wonder what will happen when students revolt and “challenge the dominant culture” presiding in Denver public schools?

    5. This will definitely help.


    6. teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture” and “take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice.”

      What could possibly go wrong?

    7. In order to achieve a coveted “distinguished” rating, teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture” and “take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice.”

      I wonder if this includes “questioning the dominant culture” of their local neighborhoods.

      As if DPS isn’t going to be an even bigger joke than it already was, now they’ve made GIB ME DATS part of the standard curriculum.

    8. Hell, ASU offers MAs in Marxist AgitationSocial Justice and Human Rights. You can also go to the School of Social Transformation if that’s more your speed.

    9. I encourage them all to distribute copies of various works by Hoppe and Rothbard if they really want to challenge and question the dominant culture.

      That’d be funny.

  6. Johnson’s ballot status is being challenged in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.

    I’m guessing it’s not the Democrats doing the challenging.

    1. The legal challenge against Johnson in Iowa was filed by two private citizens who just happen to be Romney staffers in Iowa.

  7. Richard Cohen: Obama, enigma in chief

    Obama has faced a mean and petty Republican Congress. Some of the partisan rhetoric has been ugly ? so ugly that Clint Eastwood felt entitled to demean both himself and the office of president in one of the vilest moments of any recent political convention. Obama has been called a liar ? shouted by a congressman during a nationally televised address to Congress, in fact. His citizenship has been impugned, his vaguely leftist views have been caricatured as socialist, the best-seller list seems always to have a sulfuric anti-Obama diatribe on it, and ? the questionable polls notwithstanding ? some of the furious opposition to him reeks of a deep, not superficial, racism. To some, Obama just doesn’t look like a president.

    He’s had a rough time. So did Lincoln, so did Lyndon Johnson and so did Clinton when he faced impeachment. Presidents need to know how to fight. Sometimes you use the bully pulpit. Sometimes you use a golf game. This president has many enemies. One of them, amazingly, is himself.

    1. This president has many enemies. One of them, amazingly, is himself.

      Finally, he shows some judgment

    2. Golf? Word forbidden is!

    3. does it make a difference that Joe Wilson was right? Give me a break. The man was elected president, not seated as divine emperor.

    4. One funny thing about that Cohen piece to me is its early mention of the “black Scroogeian heart of the Republican party”.

      There can be little doubt that Scrooge is not a sympathetic literary character.

      But if the story was changed so that at the very outset of the story Scrooge’s nephew and the two portly gentlemen don’t cluck at Scrooge’s lack of Christmas spirit, but instead beat the shit out of Scrooge and then ransacked his establishment for money to give to the poor, my sympathies would dramatically shift.

      The Democrat Party = making Scrooge a more sympathetic character since 1932.

    5. Clint Eastwood felt entitled to demean both himself and the office of president in one of the vilest moments of any recent political convention.

      I’ve heard a lot of stupid things said about his performance, but this has to be the worst. They keep compounding the idiotic rhetoric. Soon they’ll be saying Clint personally threatened Obama and will be calling for his arrest.

      1. Wow. What a thin skinned humorless fuck.

      2. Soon they’ll be saying Clint personally threatened Obama and will be calling for his arrest.

        “Go ahead. Make my day.”

      3. TBH it’s more baffling than stupid. I’m honestly not sure WTF he’s talking about.

    6. Cry more, Cohen…

    7. Presidents need to know how to fight. Sometimes you use the bully pulpit. Sometimes you use a golf game.

      Barack Obama won’t leave the links until the unemployment rate is 5% – because he loves you.

      1. Unemployment would drop if country clubs would use porters and caddies instead of golf carts.

        1. But then the golf cart manufacturers and repairment would be out of work.

          1. No, no, no, we give the golf carts to policemen, armor them up, put gun emplacements on them, and let them patrol sidewalks, walking trails, malls, etc. Stimulate the economy and keep our brave overlords safe at the same time!

  8. A strip club in New York is arguing that nude dancing is an art and so the club should be exempt from paying taxes on dances.

    Fine. A tax on boners then.

    1. I wish government would stop gorging themselves.

    2. “I may not know art, but I know what I like.”

  9. The National Debt: $16 Trillion Dollars Of Moral, Cultural And Political Decay

    Subsidizing prodigality assists neither those souls mired in dependency; nor the larger community. Government taxes productivity to purchase un-productivity; while economic foolishness, a moral and cultural disaster. Safety nets encourage irresponsibility as others cover the costs. The Nanny State inculcates childlike dependence.

    Cradle to grave reliance on public support undermines families and the private institutions such as churches which should stand between government and the individual. Weakened communities result from a godless federal Leviathan saturating life. Society withers as individuals succumb by deferring moral responsibilities to government.

    1. State debt recently surpassed $4 trillion, so that’s $20 trillion of debt that has to be paid back from a $15 trillion economy that’s shrinking. Doesn’t include $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities, give or take $50 trillion.

      How poorly will it end?

    2. When you use debt as money, debt has to increase perpetually. If you don’t borrow, the government will. If he wants to write intelligently about “the intersection of economics and culture”, he has to grasp this basic fact. Only then can he work out implications that make sense.

      1. If you don’t borrow, the government will.


  10. one of the vilest moments of any recent political convention

    Really? And OTHERS are petty?

  11. A strip club in New York is arguing that nude dancing is an art and so the club should be exempt from paying taxes on dances.

    I think they’re SOL. If there are taxes on windfall profits, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are taxes on rainfall profits.

    1. I think they’ve got a point there.

      It might even be a free speech issue.

      Not allowed to express themselves unless they pay the government?

    2. It could provoke a pussy riot.

    3. It’s closer to art than most publicly funded “art.”

    4. This dude knows he has to be a non-profit to be tax exempt, right?

  12. Well, Morning Joe made it official. The first day of the DNC was better than the entire RNC and boy, did Ann Romney’s speech suck.

    1. Republican delegates knew that Romney is an opportunistic imposter and that Gingrich, Santorum, Perry and others split up the wingnut vote.

    2. Matt Welch said as much on the Tweet-o-phone last night.

    3. Nothing beats one big gay abortion. The Dems have gone fucking mad.

      1. Speaking of opportunistic imposters, shrike…

  13. perhaps this was already covered on H-ampersand-R?

    Judge: Mass. must pay for killer’s sex change

    State prison officials must provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder, because it is the only way to treat her “serious medical need,” a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

    1. In 2011, Sandra Fluke argued for sex-change-operation insurance mandate
      In an academic article published last year, contraception advocate Sandra Fluke made the case that private health insurers should be required to pay for sex change operations….

      1. Let me guess: they have the right to be who they ‘naturally’ are without having to pay for it.

        1. They are claiming that the surgery is medically necessary because supposedly the only way to treat someone with gender identity disorder is to turn their penis inside out and stuff some silicone in their chest.

        2. Wait, I thought the DSM was used to involuntary commit these people, not pay for their sex change operations?!

      2. Why should anyone be forcibly prevented from getting free birth control because they can’t afford to get a sex change?

      3. Good for Fluke. She is entitled to her opinion. My problem with Fluke is that she intentionally chose to go to Georgetown for the single purpose of fucking with them over this stuff. That makes her a totalitarian bitch. No one can stand on the sidelines with these people. Everyone must toe the line or be the enemy. That is what being a totalitarian means.

        1. I think you meant to say “tow the lion”

          1. I think you meant to say “tow the lion”

            That will never get old.

            1. Dear Lord Americans are ignorant. The correct expression is “towel the loin”

              1. Whatever, you shrimp-eating koala-cuddler.

                1. You take that back or I’ll cry!

                  Also it’s poutine-munching moose-hugger to you.

                  1. furry isn’t a maple-sucking puck-slapper, she’s a crocodiledundeelian antipodalist.

                    1. Dammit I’m outranked!

                    2. Also the Reason commenting system has confunded me this AM.

                  2. Poutine is made by the gods. It’s one of but a scant handful of good shit imported from USA-North.

                    1. Poutine is made by the gods.


        2. and that’s why she deserves to be called out. Rush’s mistake was in calling her a slut, when he could have more aptly described her as a freeloader who thinks everyone else should subsidize her life choices, and this makes her the rule among liberals.

          1. “a freeloader who thinks everyone else should subsidize her life choices”

            In other words, a slut

            1. she could be just as slutty on her own dime. He took what was a winning argument and lost it.

            2. Technically, a slut provides a service in exchange for the stuff she receives – so freeloader is probably more accurate.

      4. Michelle Kosilek was born male but has received hormone treatments and now lives as a woman in an all-male prison.

        Emphasis added. Obviously the solution is to move the convicted killer to an all-female prison.

        1. Obviously the solution is to move the convicted killer to an all-female prison.

          How long will it be before he/she snaps after some female prisoner reminds him/her of the wife he/she killed?

  14. Se?or Chang really let himself go after that picture was taken.

    1. You try keeping your figure after you eat the sun and drink the sky!

  15. If You Think Obama’s First Term Was Bad, Imagine a Second

    In other words, after winning he will lecture Republicans about how their positions are insincere and adopted purely for political reasons; he will insist that his existing positions are already a compromise with them; and he will try to govern unilaterally. These tactics seem unlikely to produce the desired results. Obama has, after all, adopted all of them, and they haven’t worked.

    If the public renders a split verdict — returning Obama to the presidency and giving Republicans more power in Congress — both parties will insist that it’s the other that needs to “listen to the American people.” The choice before those people is looking more and more like one between Romney and a unified Republican government, or Obama and four more years that look a lot like the last two.

    1. Imagine there’s no second, I wonder if you can. No hope or change or central plan, Obamacare in the can.

      Imagine all the people, living like Romney…

      1. You may saaaayyyyy I’m a racist….
        But I’m not the only one.

    2. It would be high on LULTZ that is for sure. It would also be a complete disaster for the country and the Dems in particular. He would have a hostile Congress, be a lame duck, and have no mandate. What a disaster.

  16. What the hell is a “torque dance”?

    1. I’ll show you.

      There you go. Phew, I’m pooped!

    2. if your driveshaft breaks and you don’t have a driveshaft loop?

      Friend in HS had a 396 from his dad’s Corvette. He stuffed it inside of a Vega. Took it drag racing and busted the drive shaft – BAM! thunkta thunkta thunkta.

      1. Ah, the mythical V-8 Vega. As I recall, a friend of mine tried to drop a small block 400 in one. I think it’s still in his garage.

        1. Where I came from it was always the mythical V8 Pinto. A friend of my brother’s actually tried that. Tore the rear end out of it. They never could get a rear end that would fit and take the power.

      2. The guys in Detroit know a bit more about building cars than high school kids. You can’t just stuff a big engine into a small car. There is more to it than that.

        1. he was a bit of a rotten mechanic… also put a 327 in a S10. His dad did have a bunch of nice ‘vettes, including 427s and a split-rear window.

          1. There is a dealership near where I work that has a 73 454 Vette. Last year of the big block and no emission control. My God I bet that car is fast.

            1. Depends on how much work has been done to that big block. The old engines didn’t perform at anywhere near their potential if stock. But with Corvettes especially, nobody wants modifications. They are worth a ton more if you leave them stock.

              1. The old engines didn’t perform like the ones today. But a 454 is a lot of engine. Even if it gets 3/4 of a horsepower per cubic inch, you are talking well over 300 horsepower on a pretty small car.

                1. with the olde BB, it’s not the HP, it’s the torque.

                  of course the big blocks you can buy now:

      1. The Ministry of Silly Walks is very proud of these two.

      2. That chick is cute and all, but as far as I can tell, other than flipping her hair around a lot, she only has two moves.

      3. Nice little video of two capable acrobats. I still have no idea what a torque dance is, do you?

  17. The Question President Obama Doesn’t Want To Answer

    Nevertheless, any honest observer would concede that Obama inherited an economy in critical condition. But even as volatility has decreased since 2009, the stability that Obama has achieved has been the worst kind ? stagnation. During the financial crisis, Americans went to sleep wondering what the next day would bring. Under Obama, they know exactly what tomorrow will bring ? more of the same. In a word, hopelessness.

  18. Houston cop on trial for committing rape while on duty.

      1. “Rape is rape.”

        /Nancy Keenan

      2. Was it even legitimate? Is the woman even pregnant?

    1. Was she drunk? Because if she was drunk it was OK that the police raped her. You just don’t understand UOF.

      1. I’m withholding judgement until Dunphy can explain to me the legalities, procedures, constitutional implications and what not.

        1. All that matters is the cop’s testimony. Maybe he’s saying that it looked like her vagina was going for a gun.

          1. He said it was consensual, therefor it was.

            Who are you going to believe? An officer of the court who has taken an oath of fealty to serve and protect the people of Houston, or an illegal alien?

        2. nice thing about those Vics is the long hood and trunk!

    2. while we’re on the subject, do any of y’all read Private Eye? This issue’s cover is a cracker

    3. Nothing else happened.

  19. Sheriff’s deputy caught on camera beating an inmate. He’s on a paid vacation, of course. Will anything else happen? I doubt it.

    1. But of course if a normal citizen did this he’d be facing no punishment whatsoever because LOOSER STANDARDS, right Dunphy?

  20. 92yr old WWII vet kills intruder. Article I read yesterday said that the cops confiscated the rifle, leaving the old man defenseless. Teach him to stand up for himself.

    1. Those two methbillies broke into the wrong house. People like that guy make you proud to be an American.

      1. The deputies holding the old man at gunpoint before interrogating him and confiscating his means of self defense don’t exactly make me that proud.

        1. I didn’t read that in your article either.

          1. Google the subject and you’ll find other articles. I tried to link to one but the vertical bars in it SugarFree’d the link.

        2. I didn’t say the cops did. I said the guy did. Fuck the cops.

          1. Next time we read about him it just may be that he was killed by intruders thanks to the cops taking away his rifle.

    2. somebody needs to get that man a new rifle.

    3. Where did it say they took his rifle?

      1. What part of “Article I read yesterday” do you not understand?

        1. Probably the part where you then linked to a different article.

  21. Obama’s Soaring Rhetoric: A Bright, Shining Lie
    The President has walked away from the ideals that launched his career.

    Obama has never been a moderate, not in the Illinois legislature, not in the U.S. Senate and not in his 2008 primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. What he was until he assumed the presidency was essentially an unknown. Well, now we know.

    The President can always return to the tropes of his 2004 speech, but there’s no real going back. He might survive. But he won’t inspire. On that memorable night in Boston eight years ago, he launched his national career on a bright, shining lie.

  22. Awww, how cute! A seal in a g-string!

    1. My eyes become large and the light that you shine can’t be seen…

    2. Official proclamation: That picture must be used in all “i haz a sad” memes from hence forth.

      1. Also the first one should be related to Ronaldo’s recent weirdness.

  23. Kate Beckinsale is still hot!

    1. Are you finished?

  24. Though the Democratic convention is less insulated from the public than Republicans, it doesn’t appear the Occupy movement will muster any significant protests

    Ya don’t say. Gotta tow that Party lion!

  25. Crappy olk-punk singer Frank Turner comes out:

    “I consider myself a libertarian, I consider myself to be pretty right wing and I get shit for saying that out loud… I do keep myself to myself on the subject because I can’t be fucking bothered to have some guy look all shocked at me because I think socialism’s retarded.”

    The comments show how wise he is

    1. Never heard of him.

    2. My liberal female friends who go into heat at the very mention of his name will be very disappoint. And still get moist at the first chord.

  26. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/po…..ty-bounce/

    This poll may be an outlier. But if it is accurate, Obama is done. I don’t think even Carter had an unfavorable rating among women.

    1. Among all Americans, 40 percent now see Romney favorably, 47 percent unfavorably ? better than last week’s 35-51 percent, albeit still underwater.

      Except Romney is worse. Nice selective vision again.

      1. Who cares. The election is about the incumbent you demonic little retard. Perhaps running ads that claim that the only thing that matters to women is free abortions wasn’t such a good idea.

        1. You know how there are so many handbills posted in NYC (or somewhere similar) that you just go “flyer blind”?

          I think the same effect is present with President Obama. He’s done so much media that I doubt the convention is going to do him any good.

          1. You only have so much of the public’s attention and good will. And Obama used up his share a long time ago. I have never seen a President just get tuned out the way the public has tuned him out.

            1. If I never hear another sentence prefaced with “Let me be clear” it’ll be too soon.

      2. Romney is worse than Obama?

        I’d call them about dead-even.

        1. well one has killed more people, but then he’s had more opportunity

    2. Obama: Ignore the fact that your husband is underemployed and your son can’t find work and has moved back to your home, which is upside down on the mortgage. My wife has a nice garden and free BC.

      1. I haven’t seen one in a while, but the ads Obama was running in the NOVA market in August pretty much said that. They were insulting.

    3. When was the poll done though? I wonder if post-DNC the numbers will go back in favor of Obeezy. It is one big birth control rally after all.

  27. Obamacare Adapts The Worst Of Swisscare, Rejects The Best

    Further, by assigning individuals responsibility for securing their own health insurance, the Swiss system demands that its citizens be cost-conscious. Many Swiss opt for plans with high deductibles in order to save on monthly premiums. Indeed, the Swiss pay for nearly a third of their health care out of pocket, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). That’s double the share that Americans spend.

    The United States could disentangle insurance from employment ? ? la the Swiss system ? by offering individuals the same opportunity to purchase coverage with pre-tax dollars that businesses currently enjoy. Such a move would inject more competition into the insurance marketplace ? and force consumers to be more judicious with their healthcare dollars.

    1. Health Americans Act — Wyden-Bennet does that. I don’t even think it got a hearing.

  28. A strip club in New York is arguing that nude dancing is an art and so the club should be exempt from paying taxes on dances.

    Is that what they’re calling it now?

    1. No, now they’re calling it an investment.

  29. http://www.politico.com/news/s…..80728.html

    Bill Clinton’s 8 digs at Obama. I can’t believe Obama was stupid enough or desperate enough to give Bubba a prime time slot.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. Putting on my game of thrones hat, if Hillary is going to plonk her ass in the oval office, she needs to beat a Republican.

      We know that the economy is going to be terribly fucked up for four years, regardless of which of the two weasely sociopaths win the current election.

      If Romney wins, she gets to run against his inevitably abysmal record.

      If Obama wins, she will have to somehow repudiate Obama’s record without pissing off the base and beating a Republican running against Obama’s mismanagement.

      To me, it’s a no brainer, Obama is a step on which Clinton must fall down, or else o’erleap. For Clinton to be king, Obama must be destroyed.*

      *For the benefit of the Geheime Staats Polizei Secret Service agent reading this post for signs of treason against King Barack, the first of his name, I’m speaking in political terms, not as in the semi-indiscriminate assassinations he favors.

      1. If Obama wins, it will be another four years, including a midterm, of savage beatings for the Democrats. He will be unable to do much but will set the Democrats to take the blame for everything. I think the smart Dems who have an investment in the party are quietly hoping he loses.

        The flip side of that is that never underestimate the resiliency of the American economy or just how incredibly incompetent Obama has been. Romney won’t have to do that much to get the economy to improve. That isn’t such a great possibility for the Dems either.

        1. if he wins, he and the Dems will continue doing what they done since 2010 – blame Repubs in Congress. The GOP majority will likely increase in teh House and could become reality in the Senate, setting the path for gridlock.

        2. The flip side of that is that never underestimate the resiliency of the American economy or just how incredibly incompetent Obama has been. Romney won’t have to do that much to get the economy to improve.

          Romney will have to do something he is utterly incapable of doing to turn the economy around: reign in the civil service, and reduce the borrowing dramatically.

          Two things. Romney will have to do two things which he is utterly incapable of doing: reign in the civil service, reduce the borrowing dramatically and a ruthless ability to stand up to special interest groups.

          Three thi..

          All right, among the diverse qualities a president needs to foster a healthy economy are such diverse elements as reigning in the civil service, reducing the borrowing dramatically and a ruthless ability to stand up to special interest groups, all of which Romney lacks.

          1. Reigning in the civil service is a relative term. It won’t take much to reign it in compared to what it is doing under Obama. Stop the war on coal and gas and you would do a lot right there.

            Again it is not that hard. Libertarians would like to believe that the country can only succeed by the light of pure Libertarian genius. But sadly, it doesn’t really take that. If it did, the country would have never been successful in the first place because it has never been Libertarian.

            1. *yawn*

              Red Tony is pimping for the Reds again.

              1. If you think that saying “It takes very little to suck less than Obama” is pimping for team red, you really need to go back and work on this problem you have confusing your emotional perceptions with the reality outside your skull.

            2. It won’t take much to reign it in compared to what it is doing under Obama. Stop the war on coal and gas and you would do a lot right there.

              Oh, I agree 100% with that sentiment.

              Romney is so utterly incapable that I expect that he won’t even accomplish that.

              I could be wrong; unlike Obama, we know Romney can read a balance sheet. But I’ve seen 0 sign of a spine in the man.

              1. Yeah, I won’t be voting, but I do expect the economy to get better. Companies are sitting on shitloads of cash for a reason. They’re waiting for an adult to be in charge again.

                I fully expect the long term outlook to remain doom. But I do think I’ll be able to get a goddamn job if Obama leaves the White House. I’ll take that.

  30. White women’s vaginal walls are almost exactly regular pink, and the heat value is very average, but usually more moist than others. Asian women have a smaller vagina, which is standard in color. The size of a vagina usually adds to a man’s ego as far as penis size is concerned. Darker black women have hot pink vaginal walls. Lighter black women have lighter pink vaginal walls and they’re typically warmer than that of the darker ladies. Black women in general have more meat surrounding their vagina than other races, which shows more camel toe form with clothes on. Latin women’s vaginal walls are very similar to light-skinned women, but they are much warmer.

    It’s Her Fault by Bryan Craig

    1. I am genuinely afraid to click on that link.

    2. that’s, uh, very interesting. No wonder a friend of mine hangs out in Cambodia and Thailand.

      1. Gives new meaning to, “Hey buddy, you want short time?”

    3. Does it come with colour swatches? I want to know if mine is a normal colour, or if i need to get the decorators in

      1. I think he does it all with Pantone numbers. I asked my wife if she was 199, but she punched me in the harbles.

      2. Go with paint, ifh.

        Vaginal-wall paper is a bitch to apply.

      3. Depends on the type of light you are using. For example, the dashboard lights make them all look kinda green.

    4. You seem to have neglected native americans.

      1. You go and investigate Elizabeth Warren’s coloring if you want. Can’t say I blame the guy for not going there.

        1. *tomahawk chop w/chant*

      2. I would assume Native Americans would be similar to the Latinas. Most Latinas are Mestizas (mixed European and Indigenous). So similar color to white women, but warmer

    5. I admire his dedication to research by examining enough specimens of each group to form a conclusion.

      Man-whore? No, I’m a scientist!

  31. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-20…..xperiment/

    Private cities with their own tax and legal systems chartered in Honduras.

    AP doesn’t say who got the charters but it seems to be this Canadian porn king:


    1. When Greece and Italy go belly up, I bet they will be game for such an arrangement. Imagine Naples as Hong Kong.

  32. I love the “Stop the Koch Brothers” ad from the Sierra Club that appears right above the comments.

  33. “Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To.”

    I still can’t believe that. Has The Onion infiltrated the convention?

    1. If we ever needed proof they believe we’re all the property of the state, there it is.

  34. My copy of “No Easy DAy” has shipped. I like war stories but this book has the gubmint so pissed off that I had to buy it.

  35. Your phasers cannot resist butt hurtedness of this magnitude!

    Jezebel reacts to news that organic food doesn’t offer extra health benefits

    I gotta say, I love whenever there is a science article on Jez, because for a group that LOVES to talk about how being on the left puts them in the “reality based community”, they fucking hate science that contradicts their biases.

    Sadly, this article doesn’t contain my favorite Jez explanation, “The study must have been conducted by a man!”, but it does contain a lot of pesticide freakout and supplication to mother gaia and hatred of the idea that someone would try to make money off of agriculture.

    1. So I just looked up a pretty common pesticide (dinotefuran) whose acute lethal dose in rats (mg/kg bodyweight) is 1871. Even if humans are twice as sensitive to it as rats, 1 g/kg bodyweight means the average person needs 65g of this stuff. At a (generous) residue before washing of 1 mg/piece of fruit, that’s like, 65,000 unwashed grapes. That’s the acute dose. The chronic dose was 384 mg/kg bodyweight, so that’s cool because its only 25g/day. (25,000 pieces of fruit)
      The stuff does not produce dermal irritation, it has been rated unlikely to be carcinogenic.

      Tell me again why I should be afraid of this stuff?

      1. Because it’s unNATURal. R U dum?

        1. True, but you’d think the fatties a Jezebel would feel even safer, pushing 100kg bodyweight they could eat 100k grapes.

    2. They are just pissed that they were wrong. No one likes to be proven wrong…

      …or so I’ve heard.

  36. Seriously, reason, I get that you have nothing but contempt for the comments (except for Lucy, which is why we shall one day make her our queen), but this is ridiculous. Seriously, hire a half decent webmaster or SOMETHING.

    1. Get a real computer/browser. Comments work great for me. No log out issues. Preview works great.

      1. Firefox with a two year old laptop. It plays Skyrim.

        One day, friend, the squirrels will come for you, and you shall rue that day. You shall rue it hard.

    1. I’ve been enjoying this a great deal. I imagine I will even more in a six weeks when the weather goes to shit and the sun hides for half a year.

      1. It really is a great album. Better than the previous two which are also great.

        I’ve been listening to it on the 10″ vinyl version, and it’s fucking awesome through my whoopass sound system.

    2. Do all the songs sound like minor variations of “My Twin”? AWESOME.

  37. Oh, hey, also, is sloop’s pick ’em still open?

    Graham Gano has lost his starting job and has offered me use of his mystic powers in return for my couch.

    1. Is the Mom Hispanic?

      A duck?! They don’t vote Democrat!

      1. Speciesist! The law that protects human children should also be used to protect ducklings!

  38. Doooooooouche!

    Sirius subjected me to one of this craphound’s terrible “songs.” Not “We Are Young”, which has all the emotional heft of a Mountain Dew jingle. “Some Nights” maybe. Fuck.

    1. Are you sure that’s not Fred Armisen as a hipster spoof in Portlandia? Because nobody could look like that much of a fuckface in real life, could they?

      1. YouTube “.fun” if you dare.

        1. .fun is fucking terrible. My wife tried to con me in to going to see them with her and a couple of friends (n her defense she would never have gone were they not from out of town, here specifically to see the show).

          Fuck all that.I would have gone in to a homicidal rage being around all those hipsters.

      2. But Fred and anyone who likes Portlandia is also a douche.

        Kristen, I hate to say, but it is douchebags all the way down!

      3. Because nobody could look like that much of a fuckface in real life, could they?

        Do you just never go to Eastern Market and Capital Hill Kristen?

        1. I used to live there (11th East Cap, represent!). I don’t know what that says about me, though…

          1. Depends on when you lived there. Ten years ago living there meant you lived in the ghetto.

            1. I lived there in about 1996ish. It was very upscale. It’s more upscale now, as I understand, and the gentrification has spread east of Lincoln Park. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love that neighborhood. It was fucking awesome. Frisbee in the park, smoking weed with the guys in the convenience store across the street, Jimmy T’s Place for hangover breakfasts (the whole place was one big Smoking section, too). The only reason I moved was because I didn’t want roommates anymore and my job allowed me to have my own place (where the street walkers roamed, at 13th Mass)

    2. Oh, he’s the annoying ‘We Are Young’ guy? That song is just begging to get co-opted by an ad agency in 5 years.

      1. He probably has a pinterest account.

        1. OK, so searching “douche” on pinterest and after scrolling past all the pictures of Episiarch, I was lead to this page. Prepare yourselves for MAXIMUM DOUCHE!

          1. The dip ring in his back pocket is what really kills it. A++.

            1. I’m pretty sure it’s this:


          2. his dog looks away yearning for freedom. WON’T SOMEONE LOOK OUT FOR THE DOG AND RESCUE IT?


          3. Douchebaggis Maximus, a species that was once contained, is now exploding in America.

          4. There is nothing 80’s looking about that asswipe. He probably was born sometime after 1990, too.

            1. I don’t know, KK–if you imagine little ankle zips on his jeans, he is pretty much dressed like my brother’s old girlfriend in one of her senior pictures poses in 1987.

              Also, this is the third time I’ve tried to post and it never shows up AND I’m constantly logged out. WTF is going on around here?

              1. I looks like some kind of stylized interpretation of the 80’s, and he got it wrong. The Doc Martens do not go with the Duran Duran/Wham fedora look. Doc Martens back then were rare and worn by real punks, not synthpop fanboys n girls (I was one of the later and I wore “jazz shoes”, not Docs).

                1. Agreed–those Docs are all wrong. He should have gone with Reebok aerobic high-tops (with the little Velcro straps). In white. *gag*

              2. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to Hit’n’Run Premium for only $9.99 per month.

                1. You mock my pain! But I have to post within 60 seconds of logging in or it logs me out. I type very fast (it’s a living), but you know I feel compelled to proofread. Obsessively. Curse of the English major (and I wasn’t a very good one). The pressure. . . it’s crushing!

                  1. It was doing that to me this morning, but finally stopped. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m thinking the squirrels all observed Hajib Day, the scarves got caught in the machines and broke their scrawny little rodent necks.

          5. I was trying to think who that looked like and then I remembered


          6. Oh my god.

            SugarFree, do you read Nietzsche? He had a warning for people like you.

            1. The abyss looked into me years ago. It ran away screaming.

          7. Th comments on that page are what really make going there worth it all.

    3. What made his head become shaped like that? Is he some sort of escaped lab experiment?

      1. He was a forceps baby. But, unfortunately, the midwife didn’t have a good enough grip to finish him off by crushing his skull.

      2. keep it stuck up an arse long enough and the muscle contractions will wreak havoc on the skull

      1. A Yahoo! User ? 18 hours ago
        Usually when I receive hugs, the hands clasp in the back/behind me. This looks like abduction to me. My opinion.

      2. but my leather jacket is already like a great big hug

  39. http://www.weeklystandard.com/…..51705.html

    Chuck Schummer claims not to know Obama’s position on Israel.

    1. Obama doesn’t know Obama’s position on Israel.

  40. Family wants to sue American Airlines for telling them their Downs syndrome son would be a disturbance in first class

    The couple claim as they waited to board their flight back to their home near Los Angeles they were told by airline staff they were not allowed to take their seats.

    Airline staff allegedly told them their son was disruptive and a danger to the flight crew.

    But Mrs Vanderhorst told KLTA TV that she began filming her son as he waited in the departure lounge showing him sitting silently waiting to board the flight at Newark, New Jersey.

    In the video, she can be heard sobbing and her husband expressing disbelief.

    ‘He’s behaving,’ Mr Vanderhorst says. ‘He’s demonstrating he’s not a problem.’

    ‘Of course he’s behaving. He’s never not behaved,’ his wife added.

    Mrs Vanderhorst told KLTA: ‘I kept saying, “Is this only because he has Down’s Syndrome?”‘

    1. Retards: the latest threat to airline safety.

      1. Why are you saying the TSA a threat to airline safety?

        1. Why are you saying the TSA a threat to airline safety?

          Because they are.

      2. “…Don’t lock eyes with them don’t do it, it puts them on edge. It might put them into berserker mode and they’ll come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows”

        “You may be screaming no no no, but all they hear is ‘who wants cake?”

  41. Study from Germany. Subsidizing solar power cells not cost effective.


  42. Madeline Albright apparently a Jezzie, like them can also not understand why any woman would vote for Mitt:


    Gosh, watching Jezzies trying to grok how anyone could think differently than them is adorable. Its like watching a puppy trying to figure out how to open a box.

    Sadly, like that puppy, it also ends up leaving a big, stupid mess.

    1. She’s also a traitor to the cause: “I’m not a person who thinks the world would be entirely different if it was run by women. If you think that, you’ve forgotten what high school was like.”

      1. Who knew Heathers was a documentary?

  43. Thought this should have been in the PM links last night –

    Pat Sajak: Unapologetic Conservative


    Vanna’s politics are perhaps still a question mark

  44. I’m absolutely shocked this family wasn’t dragged away in cuffs and cavity searched with extreme prejudice. Handing out candy to strangers? In an airport? TERRORISTS!

  45. hungry hungry hippo


    1. Hippos: Giant water pigs with the temperaments of javalina. Ehfricah can keep them.

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