Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Lives Like a Czar

Twenty palaces, 58 aircraft and hot-and-cold running cruelty in the can


Palaces, yachts, white gold watches and a £47,000 toilet on his plane are just a few of the presidential perks Vladimir Putin enjoys, according to a damning new report.

In 2008 the reinstalled Russian President famously compared his life in office to a 'galley slave' during a press conference.

But now a lavish list of luxuries at his disposal have been revealed by Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister turned Putin critic.

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  1. Putin, in my opinion, is just as much a Czar as was Stalin.

    In Russia anyone who doesn’t like them either disappears or is censored. Like how dozens, even hundreds, of human rights journalists have been killed with most of blame going towards gangs or just no blame at all. Plus, a new SOPA/PIPA thing come in this November allowing authorities in Russia to completely remove a site from the web that they don’t like; no longer do they need a court order.

    Plus, Putin is a xenophobe, just look at the 2000 Kursk Submarine disaster. He continuously refused help and when he did they found evidence of survivors. Had he have helped sooner (rather than vacation), than there is a chance a few could have survived.

    To paraphrase, Vladimir Putin is a Xenophobic Modern Day Czar.


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