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Rand Paul: Paul People Part Of GOP In Big Way


St. Petersburg, Fla. – Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is everywhere at this Republican National Convention.

He's roaming the floor of the convention hall, out meeting with Paul delegates, talking to the media, speaking at breakfasts, and, in some cases, telling his father's troops to keep up the fight in the GOP. The majority of Paul delegates are unhappy with the party for a variety of reasons. Some are upset over the rules changes while others are mad about what happened with the Maine delegation. Many just really do not like Mitt Romney in any way. Rand is here trying to downplay most of that. 

"I think the Romney campaign has been very good at including, we've come to compromises, we split the difference on a lot of things. There's still some people that are unhappy, obviously, that didn't get seated but there's a lot of great success," he said on the floor of the convention hall.

Rand sees huge inroads being made by libertarians and constitutional conservatives in the world of Republican Party politics.

"The Ron Paul people have really become a part of the Republican party in a big way. We're proud of having the youngest national committee woman, a 21-year-old college student. There's a lot of good things that have happened," he said.

Paul's supporters have developed a reputation in Republican circles for their tenacity and organization. Rand thinks that this is what they need to continue to do in order to ensure that the Paul movement remains a key element within the Republican Party.

"All it takes to participate in the Republican Party is persistence. Show up at a meeting, show up at another meeting, show up at the third meeting and you'll be running the meeting," he said.

There is, according to Rand, is mostly agreement between Paul folks and the greater Republican Party on the big issues of the day. Rand thinks the controversial national platform is the most limited government platform that the party has had in a long time.

"The Ron Paul people really agree with everyone else here on 95 percent of the issues. There's not as much disagreement as people want to make it out to be,"  he said.

When asked at a breakfast hosted by the Iowa Republican Party about disaffected Paul supporters backing Libertarian Gary Johnson for president this fall, Paul dismissed the idea.

"I think that's a minority. I think most people here, they have, what, 22 out of 25 delegates for Ron Paul, I would ask them here what they think. I think there will be a minority that tell you they're going to vote for Gary Johnson. I think most of the Republicans in there, I can't speak for them, will vote for Romney," he said.

When asked to comment on Johnson's candidacy, he declined.

"I don't have any comment. I am supporting Governor Romney," he said. 


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  1. Rand Paul is impure! Kill him.

    1. Desperation is a stinky cologne, Ice Nine.

      1. Truth is more offensive still.

        1. One minute you want to lambaste the Republicans and the next you want to tongue bathe them. You don’t get to do both.

          1. One minute you’re arguing honestly the next you’re addressing points I never made.

          2. For once, Cytotoxic’s right. He NEVER lambastes Republicans.

      2. This Ron Paul voter humbly asks what “desperation” you are referring to?

        1. The desperation of trying to get one more Republican voter.

          1. Do you have these hallucinations often?

            1. No shit. These assclowns who have appointed themselves the arbiters of all libertarian purity and mistake their hallucinations for the ability to read peoples’ minds are so damn tiresome.

  2. “The Ron Paul people have really become a part of the Republican party in a big way.”

    You know, I’m happy to push for the libertarian faction of the Republican party, but the project is so Sisyphean in practicality, I doubt I’ll see much of an accomplishment in my lifetime.

  3. Paul people part of GOP in big way

    Hey Rand, can you make sure that the GOP establishment got the memo? I think that they didn’t get it.

    1. They’re such a big part of the GOP that the Establishment couldn’t even let them have their essentially meaningless nomination. The Establishment can’t even bother to roll call their names.

      Yeah, that’s love right there.

      1. The goal isn’t ‘love’ it’s influence and control. And the RP folks are on track to get it.

        1. That we are. We have already done a lot of damage to the old establishment. They are still in control, but they are a lot more shaky than before. We just need to keep it up. You don’t back off when your enemy is visibly shaken, you just regroup to go in for another hit and eventually for the kill.

          1. Yay! We agree on something!

    2. There was a douchenozzle on Bloomberg Radio this morning that was reporting on the DNC. His brilliant analysis was that although the Ron Paul faction has been crushed at the convention, they are gaining momentum in the GOP because Paul Ryan is the VP candidate. He seriously argued that Paul Ryan and his small government fiscal conservatism is a “win” for the Ron Paul supporters, and that the Paulites should be happy and go home and vote GOP. I nearly spit my coffee on my table.

      1. Let them just keep underestimating the Liberty movement. What else can we expect when the progressives have run amok in all levels of government, nearly unopposed for 100 year? When we finally gain enough momentum, it will take them so by surprise that their only reactions will be so in desperation that it will only help ensure their downfall. It is already showing by their continual use of the race and gender cards and the shrill hysterical rantings of their hollywood fans. It is going to get really ugly.

        1. Their confidence is our advantage. They can’t even fathom a world they don’t control.

          1. True, and they will go totally ape shit when it becomes apparent that they are losing control. Get the popcorn and beer, it is going to get interesting.

      2. Words, what do they mean?

      3. To a liberal, Paul Ryan is a small government radical. To libertarians, Paul Ryan is a TARP supporting, Medicare expanding, debt limit raising, war mongering big government statist, just like Romney.

  4. Why isn’t Drudge reporting on the Ron Paul Delegate saga?

    Or anything about Ron Paul?

    1. Matt Drudge is a known Mittens supporter, has been from the start. That is why.

      1. In my observation, Dr. Paul has gotten more coverage from the liberal press than from any conservative news source. I am sure it’s because they wanted to display any sign of infighting within the GOP, and not because of their non biased integrity.

        1. Pretty much all the liberal coverage has been negative towards Paul. They want to highlight party infighting while mocking the Paulites for thinking they ever had a shot at winning.

        2. Yup. The St. Pete Times gave almost a full page of coverage to the kerfluffle.

          1. The same paper that ran a headline just a few days ago about Isaac making Republicans feel guilty about Katrina, which was, as all the world knows, the Republicans’ fault? That paper?

            Like the snub of their stupid name change.

          2. I wonder if St. Petersburg has plans to rename itself, Tampa Bay. Or maybe Leningrad?

            1. Tampagrad!

      2. I did not get that during the primary.

        During the primary he did internet polls that had Ron Paul at the top of the list nearly every time. His audience has a strong Ron Paul wing.

        He also gave Ron Paul lots of coverage.

        Plus it is a controversy. Drudge’s bread and butter.

        Drudge may have picked his pick but that is a new change.

        1. Yes, a lot of the Drudge viewers apparently supported Paul, at first. I saw the polls and voted for RP in all of them. But I didn’t see many links to articles about RP. I saw more in the liberal media.

  5. Slightly off topic: Who gives a gold chain to a four year old boy?…..r-old.html

    1. Who gives a gold chain to a four year old boy?

      The guy who already gave him a pearl one.

      1. Maaaaaan and here I thought that OSUians were the unclassy ones for making Jerry Sandusky jokes.

        1. “You wouldn’t know a classy broad if she took a dump on your head.”

      2. Now I’ve got ZZTop stuck in my head.

  6. Randal Paul is kind of a turd. He belongs in the sandwich he joined.

  7. Rand, Rand, Rand, you sold out your own father because you wanted a shot at 2016 and beyond. We aren’t stupid, just get to work atoning in the Senate for your betrayal so that by 2016 we might tolerate you again.

    1. Should he actually get nominated the next time the republicans are picking a candidate (2016 or 2020), I am already leaning towards voting for whoever the libertarian nominee is.

      1. Wow you guys got some powerful stupid going on right there.

        1. Rand has only been a senator for one term. We don’t know him so well yet. He has had a good track record so far, very good actually, but he also endorsed Mittens.

          1. But he ‘betrayed’ us! Which means he must bear the mark of shame forever.

            1. I wouldn’t say he betrayed us. I would say he disappointed us. The endorsement was a token gesture, sure, but we still need to keep an eye on Rand, and all other candidates for that matter. So far, Rand is doing an excellent job as Senator. Would I vote for him today for Senator if I lived in his district? Absolutely. For POTUS if he runs? We will see.

            2. I don’t think he has betrayed us. He disppointed us is more accurate. Rand is doing an excellent job as Senator. I didn’t like the endorsement at all, but I would still vote for Rand as Senate candidate if I were in his district.

            3. What is it going to take for you to get that the Republican Party is not a good fit for us? And it never will be?

              You’re trying to rebuild a house with a rotten foundation. There’s no point.

              1. It will be when we are the majority of the party. It worked for the progressives taking over the Democratic party. Why can’t it work for us? Then we will put this thing in perspective. The statist authoritarians vs. the champions of individual liberty.

                1. And a great way to gain influence is to have some guys in suits and feed caps do a Princess Stompoff routine out of the convention of the party you want to take over.

              2. Is it better to build a bad house with plans to renovate late or to sleep in the rain? Of course, we can’t even scrape together enough timber to start these days…

            4. His style makes him seem like a dick to me- with the way he defends his endorsement of Romney and seems to be brushing off the party procedures, I am picking up on insincerity in the tone of his statements. Being a dick to get ahead now is not persuading me to support him in the future. I don’t want libertarians to have a condescending prick like the democrats have with Obama.

              1. I am picking up on insincerity in the tone of his statements.

                The force is strong with this one.

  8. Shorter Rand Paul: “When the GOP hits you, it’s just because it really loves you.”

  9. Denial ain’t just a river in egypt.

    1. And Lebanese ain’t just a language spoken by Dykes.

  10. Sometimes I get the feeling that Rand Paul is associated with an entirely different liberty movement from the one that I’ve been busting my butt for… Yeah, none of the Liberty Minded patriots I know are going to be voting for the heavy-handed authoritarian corporatist formerly known as Mitt Romney.

    Gary Johnson 2012!

    1. His movement is called ‘the long game’. Thank goodness somebody’s playing it.

      1. Lots of us are playing it. I am in except for when the options are voting for the lesser of 2 evils. The GOP wants to talk about the constitution, being for smaller less intrusive government, standing for liberty, etc… show me your candidate that can prove they will champion those causes once elected, and I will show up to vote GOP. Otherwise, it’s not happening.

      2. I tend to agree. The hard Left didn’t take control of the DNC all at once, and we’re not going to take control of the RNC without a lot of work and a lot of time put in.

    2. I think that Rand actually does believe in the same movement that we do. He just believes that the way to go about it is through taking over the GOP. His father believes that also. Rand just hasn’t had the years yet that his father had to get as fed up with the jackasses.

      I see it from both perspectives. We continue our efforts to take over the GOP while voting Libertarian when their is no Libertarian leaning candidate available in the GOP. This POTUS race is one of those times.

      Gary Johnson is the man.

      1. This. Yesterday really pissed off any conservative/libertarian grassroots that wasnt already pissed off over Romney. I believe that the GOP is the best we can do right now if we cant form a party built by a coalition of fiscally minded conservatives and libertarians.

  11. I think the Romney campaign has been very good at including, we’ve come to compromises, we split the difference on a lot of things.

    [citation needed]

    1. The 2 most disturbing things about Romney are his positions on the WOD and the foreign wars. That makes voting for him off the table for any self respecting Libertarian.

  12. It’s not surprising. One of the psychological techniques used in 3-card monte and other such schemes is to make the mark think he’s getting somewhere by letting him win a little at first. The hook gets buried deep; then the mark is reeled in.

  13. The way I see it, the recent pushback is evidence that the libertarian wing actually is growing in influence. Otherwise they wouldn’t bother. I’m guessing that Rand understands this as well, and will keep working to change the culture from within.

    1. I see it as inevitable. These old socons are not going to be active in politics much longer. The new generation getting involved in politics are going to be more Libertarian. We need to get the message out to young people that the Democrats and progressives are anti-freedom(the truth for anyone who cares to see it) and that if they truly want liberty to be whatever they want to be and the economy to pursue their dreams, then they need to join the Libertarian movement. I get a lot of negative responses here when I talk about this, generally that the youngsters today are just stupid and hopeless, but I don’t buy it. Ron Paul and I are on the same page about this. Actually I agree with old Ron on just about everything. I guess I am one of those Paulbots, but I feel that this is a movement and not about one person, just that RP is one of the most influential founders of that movement.

  14. I’d say that Rand is just lying as part of a wider clever plan, and playing dead so he can fuck these guys later, but that would make me sound too much like an Obama supporter so I guess I can’t do it.

    1. That sounds perfectly legit to me. Just watch his voting record. What do we care more about, what a politician says, or how they vote? If the former, that would make us another progressive sheep. If the latter, it would make us smart.

  15. Rand Paul: LINO?

    1. Thunder, thunder, thundercats, ho!

  16. Not only am I voting for Gary Johnson, I sent in a change of registration card today to switch from Republican to Libertarian.
    I think that growing the LP to the status of “balance of power” will actually help those libertarians and classical liberals who stay in the GOP and want to try to reform it: they’ll always be able to point to a growing number of votes that will remain outside the GOP unless it seriously reforms itself.

    1. I changed my registration to LP in 2007. Also voting for GJ.

      1. Now, you’re voting for Johnson now.

        If Paul had gotten the nomination, you’d be voting for the Republican. You’d be cheering all the nitwits the Rombots are cheering.

        Gary is an afterthought. And because he’s an afterthought, he’s got no chance at all.

        1. Voting for Johnson demonstrates a presence is in existence, which could be the votes that Romney could have beat Obama with.

    2. The LP needs to really reach out to the Tea Party and fiscal conservatives if we stand a chance of forming a vibrant 3rd party next time around. Vote GOP for House and Senate if they are McCain types while we create a coalition party of conservatives and libertarians.

  17. The next step is to see if it’s possible to force the Reps to obey the Paulite planks in the platform. If not, I’m going to have a hard time coming in here and doing my schtick about working within the 2-party system.

    Meanwhile, I would like the Reps to be waking up nights worrying about losing votes to 3rd parties.

  18. The LP needs to really reach out to the Tea Party and fiscal conservatives if we stand a chance of forming a vibrant 3rd party next time around. Vote GOP for House and Senate if they are McCain types while we create a coalition party of conservatives and libertarians. Trying to appeal to the leftist, pot smoking crowd just doesnt cut it. John Stossel knows how to appeal to everybody, for example.

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