Obama Takes to Reddit, Racial Shenanigans at the RNC, Illinois Credit Rating Dinged: P.M. Links


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  1. FIRST

    1. Here that, Suthenboy? He’s clearly taunting you!

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        1. He was sulking in the TSA post that he never gets to be first.

          Also, please excuse my substitution of here for hear.

      2. I here him….here?

  2. Typical Rethuglican.
    Wouldn’t expect anything else.
    I’m sure they were tossed for PR and are given some kind of great parting gifts.

    1. He goan put yall in CHAINS!

    2. Lately I have noticed, regarding HR commenters, too many monikers of ancient Greeks, and also too many one-word names starting with “A”. Meanwhile, “The Count” from Sesame Street died last week, so I have someone worthy to honor.

      Thus, from now on, to avoid confusion, I am no longer “Anacreon” but rather
      “Count Anacreon”. This will make it much easier to remember who that cool guy is with the clever posts.

      1. …clever posts.

        We’ll be counting on it

        1. That’s. . . one, ONE clever Count pun (*lightning crash*), ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhh!

          1. +1 internets….no, +TWO internets….ah, ah, ah, ah, ah….THREE…PLUS THREE INTERNETS!!! ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!

      2. You’re still outranked by Archduke PantsFan.

      3. too many one-word names starting with “A”

        This here commentin’ section ain’t big enough fer the both of us.

  3. PodiuM!

  4. You know who didn’t have a clothing store in India?

    1. Jos A. Bank?

      1. Buy one kurta at the regular price, get a second kurta and a tradtional sherwanis for free! Only at Jos A. Bank!

        1. And you’d still pay more than if you shopped elsewhere.

      1. Good one!

    2. You’ll like the way you cook (different suit company, I know).

      1. I gar-on-tee. (Different chef, I know).

        1. I used to watch his show.

          1. Tasty food, there.

  5. “This is how we feed animals.”


    I’m going with liberal sockpuppet attendees.

    1. With the GOP filled with rednecks? Wishful thinking.

      1. Palin’s Buttplug| 8.29.12 @ 5:47PM |#
        “With the GOP filled with rednecks?”
        As opposed to the Democrat party filled with brain-dead ignoramuses?

      2. Have you ever met a redneck? Rednecks do not behave like this.

      3. Sure, racist republicans in a convention geared toward selling their party and candidate to the masses decided to be racist in the most public forum possible (in front of a camera, heckling a journalist).

        Occam would like a word. It was probably either a progressive black flag op, or (sad to say) pissed off Paul fans trying to create a PR disaster for the GOP in retaliation for fucking them.

    2. I’d say it’s about 33/33/33 that it’s legit GOPers, sockpuppets or just completely made up. Since they linked to Slate, which didn’t show any actual video, but showed video of the story posted on TPM, maybe 25/25/50. Either way, I don’t think it disparages the entire GOP convention like Slate was clearly hoping to.

      1. If the GOP didn’t kick them out, it might have, but they did, so it’s kind of a moot point. Jackasses act like jackasses and get kicked out for actling like jackasses. BFD.

  6. Goddammit, I posted too soon. I’ll put it here too.

    Warty| 8.29.12 @ 5:38PM |#|?|filternamelinkcustom

    If there are no PM links, then I’ll post my choice bit of Salon idiocy here. “Lawless” and the GOP’s fever dream of the past

    Best bit:

    In the real Franklin County and many other places like it, the New Deal brought electrification, indoor plumbing and a hand up out of poverty for the region’s post-bootlegging population ? and for ironic and tormented reasons, the descendants of that redeemed generation now vote for candidates who would eagerly take all that stuff back if they could.

    reply to this

    1. Good god these salon people are drooling idiots.

      Yes, the GOP wants to take away the indoor plumbing and electricity we all enjoy. WTF.

      1. He must think the GOP is an environmentalist group.

    2. Fury…rising…..anGER BUILDING!!!

    3. In the real Franklin County . . . for the region’s post-bootlegging population ?

      The Moonshine Capital of the World! (Look it up.)

      1. The sheer ignorance and idiocy. Growing up in the North Carolina of the 80’s it was commonly understood that the new urban class of bankers, tech firm employees, small business owners, and the like were Republican voters; whereas, pig farmers, share croppers and Klan members and other rural poor specimens were still very much in the Democratic party fold.

    1. Well, I fucked everything up tremendously. Fuck all you people, and fuck preview for not working in Chrome.

      1. Well, I fucked everything up tremendously. Fuck all you people, and fuck preview for not working in Chrome.

        Preview works in my Chrome.

        But I thought you were being ironic with the scrambling.

      2. Awesome. Thank you for that.

    2. “You know what I really hate? Fat homos!”

      1. Impossible, they all hang out in gyms and stuff and drink fruit juice all day. You know, they might be the worst anti-obesity discriminators of them all.

      2. The “Bear” community frowns on your shenanigans, BP.

    3. Liberals find fat people disgusting because they amount of food they consume is “selfish”

      1. There are starving people in Africa, Asia, somewhere.

        1. Hollywood?

          1. Yeah, but that’s self-inflicted.

      2. Did someone say “shellfish”?

        1. Banned because someone might be allergic.

        2. The virtue of shellfishness.

    4. Wasn’t that a storyline in Achewood?

    5. More retardation:

      You got that right!

      They were intended to depathologize what medicine called “homosexuality” and “obesity,” by asserting that different sexual orientations and body sizes were both inevitable and largely unalterable, and that being gay or fat was not a disease.

      So far as I know, gay/homosexuality isn’t a risk factor for high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, depression, gallbladder disease, gynecologic problems, erectile dysfunction, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or osteoarthritis.

      And obesity is not unalterable, it’s mostly just that people get lousy advice. The body processes are run by hormones. Obesity is a disease of fat accumulation. Insulin is the hormone that controls fat accumulation. That’s why Type 1 (insulin-deficient) diabetics get skinny and Type 2 (insulin-resistant) diabetics get fat.

  7. Crude oil @ $100 / bbl. and problems w/ refineries? Hello, again, $4 a gallon gasoline.

    1. That stuff is irrelevant. Were you not around during the regime of Chimpy Katrinaburton, when we were informed that the price of gasoline was controlled by the Vice President, who has a dial in his office that he can crank it up or down, at his whim?

      1. So instead of evil Dick Chaney with his hands on the petroleum price dial, we now have stupid Joe Biden talking to it. Chalk one up for free markets.

  8. One of my coworkers was complaining about how Obama broke Reddit. Now I know he wasn’t just being completely facetious.

    1. You can’t really blame Obama for that. If young’uns hadn’t become so disillusioned with Republicans during Bush’s presidency, their support of Obama wouldn’t be so fervent and they wouldn’t be clogging Reddit’s interwebs asking questions of The Coolest Prez Ever(tm). So really, it’s all Bush’s fault.

      1. McCain was “cool” for a few years. The mavericky media darling he was.

        I supported McCain in 2000 but the Bushpigs gunned him down in SC with their campaign lies. Bush ruined a lot of people all over the world.

        1. So, between Obama and McCain you’re telling us you support megalomanical narcissists? Good to know.

          1. You’d think the mouth-breathing Bushpig hordes would have made Shriek a die-hard McCainiac, but there he goes lapping at the show leather of Comrade Hussein. Odd.

            1. shoe leather..

    2. Once again, Hopey McChange won’t answer any questions about that wacky tobacky.

      1. But he will answer the hard questions about his “favourite” basketball player!

    3. Well if Al Gore had built it right in the first place that wouldn’t have been a problem.

  9. I don’t get the racial angle about the “taunting” of the “black camarawoman” – was she a fat elephant or something? There’s more to the story than taunting and race. (The lickspittle lewinsky shuster reported this, after all.)

    1. What they supposedly said–that’s got “What Democrats think Republicans think” written all over it. I find it highly implausible.

    2. Throwing food to the apes.

      Comparing blacks to apes is fun-filled entertainment for conservatives.

      1. They were throwing nuts – probably peanuts. (Would you throw away cashews?) Maybe if they threw bananas, one might make the connection with monkeys. Maybe. Anyway, they were throwing nuts and taking about animals – not apes – which suggests that something else was going on than the shuster story – and how would he know the interior race-related thoughts of the nut-throwers? Something is fishy. And shuster is such a pathetic, cringing little power-worshiping suck-up. Doubt the story.

        Anyway, you are the only one who is making the connection between blacks and apes.

        1. Anyway, you are the only one who is making the connection between blacks and apes.

          If you hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.

          1. “I’ll bet across the USA tonight there are a lot of little African-American girls who think they can be gymnasts too.”

            -Bob Costas, dog whistler

        2. “This is how we feed animals.”

          Maybe it was just an accident they were black and the thugs just hated camera operators. But that makes them dumbfucks for not realizing how incredibly racist they’d come across, doesn’t it?

          1. I don’t believe anyone is arguing they weren’t dumbfucks.

          2. Still got a few race cards left in that deck, Tony?

          3. “But that makes them dumbfucks for not realizing how incredibly racist they’d come across, doesn’t it?”

            Does it make you a dumbfuck when you hear “black” when someone says “animal”?

        3. Blacks are apes. But then so is every other ethnic group out there including whites.
          Fucking Linnaean taxonomy, how does it work?

    3. That convention hall is full of people who hate CNN. So peanuts are thrown at a black CNN camerawoman and the only possible motive of course is racism. It is of course very possible – I’d say even likely – but it is far from certain. Don’t we know too well though that it is the only possibility that would spring, could spring, to the predictable minds of Shuster, Slate and Shriek.

      1. I didn’t bring it up nor would I. I am just fending off those who reflexively support bad behavior like this.

        I hate race topics.

        1. Someone’s supporting it? Citation?

    4. Rice heckled at convention event

      Rice was interrupted as she began speaking about how, in early discussions with then-presidential candidate George W. Bush, they had been pondering “what could be done to show that America was compassionate about the poorest people.”

      A white-haired woman on the edge of the crowd in a Tampa theater stood up and shouted, “You cannot be compassionate and kill people.”…

      “These wars of choice that both Republicans and Democrats have had are terrible for our national security!” the woman said, before being escorted out without resistance. …
      No sooner had Rice gotten back on track, however, than she was knocked off again by another, younger female protester.

      “The blood of American children is on your hands!” the woman shouted, adding that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were “an excuse” to begin the war in Iraq.

      The second protester was also led out.

      Code Pink claimed responsibility for the disruptions in a message on Twitter.

      Based on this, Code Pink are obviously nothing more than the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Klan, am I right, Mainstream Media?

      1. Based on this, they’ll be pulling the same stunt at the DNC when Hillary speaks, am I right, Code Pink?

        1. Feeling severe doubts.

          1. O ye of puny faith!

    5. I don’t get that, yet again, there’s absolutely no evidence being presented that this actually happened. Just like the supposed incident at the Obamacare protest.

      We hear that two people were ejected from the convention. But not which ‘two people’? Was it these purported peanut tossers or the two Code pink folks who got in? And if Code Pink is heckling the RNC, who the hell else is wandering around?

      And where’s the camerawoman?

  10. Stay classy, Republicans! Attendees at the RNC were ejected for taunting a black camerawoman.

    ummm you link to an article about attendees being ejected for taunting a black camerawoman.

    Ejecting attendees for such behavior seems pretty classy to me.

    I think the is the official jump the shark moment for Reason. Yes the Republicans suck…we all know. But just stick to reporting them sucking. No need to invent and distort to frame Republicans. They will frame themselves all on their own.

    1. That’s the narrative of the convention now, I suspect. Those two idiots have given the media just what they want.

      1. Who gives a fuck? It is the GOP Convention and this site is LP.

      2. But so far Reason has said nothing about the Yahoo reporter who was fired for saying something to the effect “Romney was partying while black died” on an open mike. That is at least as important as the nut throwing.

        I also don’t remember if Reason said anything about MSNBC breaking away from showing convention speech anytime someone with dark skin was speaking. I could be wrong about that.

        1. Why does Reason need to do double duty for Matt Drudge?

          I love it when people whine about criticism of Republicans here and suggest the only fair and balanced way to do things is always criticize Democrats only (which is done here frequently and enthusiastically)–the FOX news definition.

          1. Why do I get the impression if a Fox reporter said something similar about Obama or the Democrats you would be wondering why it didn’t have an article of its own instead of being part of the evening links?

            Anyway, since you are unable to do anything but spout the Democratic talking points and lack reading comprehension, I said nothing about Reason reporting on the nuts. Just they didn’t report on other bias incidents.

          2. T o n y| 8.29.12 @ 7:11PM |#
            “Why does Reason need to do double duty for Matt Drudge?”
            Dunno, shithead. Why do you need to be a lying asshole?

            1. “Why do you need to be a lying asshole?”

              Hey, be easy on him, it is all he knows how to do.

          3. Why does Reason need to do double duty for Matt Drudge?

            Why does Reason need to do double duty for Yahoo, who had this on their home page?

            1. “Why does Reason need to do double duty for Yahoo, who had this on their home page?”

              I was told the duty of Reason was to comment on anything trending on Yahoo, like Paul Ryans musical tastes.

  11. Slowly, but surely, the ranks of homeschoolers grow as people realize that they’d like their kids to maybe learn to read.

    And comprehend. And maybe learn to write. In English. Real English.

    1. No one is stopping you from sending your little crumb-crunchers to private schools.

      Have at it.

      1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

        No one is stopping you from sending your little crumb-crunchers to private schools.

        Is this supposed to be some kind of defense for public education, shrike? “There’s always private education”?

        1. I oppose federal public education taxes. I oppose vouchers more.

          1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

            I oppose federal public education taxes.

            The fact that your response has nothing to do with what I asked tells me that JD had a valid point regarding the awfulness of the Amerikan Pulbic Skool Seistem, because I’m witnessing it with all its sad glory.

            1. Look, home-school all you like. Likewise private school.

              Just don’t ask for me to subsidize it.

              1. sure, if you don’t ask me to subsidize public schools as well. Heck I would even just take not having to subsidize public schools if you were utilizing other educational avenues.

          2. What the fuck is a “federal education tax?”

        2. There’s no point to anything that PB says. You can substitute literally any statement for a shrike post, and still end up with something that made more sense than the original.

      2. Joseph H. Pilates.

        “Hey, you can send your kids to private school, what’s the problem? Just make sure you first pay for the public school you’re not using, otherwise we take your house.”

        1. Move to a community which rejects property taxes then. Education is still a local issue for the most part.

          People buy homes based on community standards all the time.

          I, for one, won’t allow my tax dollars to rot children’s brains with religious school indoctrination.

          1. Unless that religion happens to be the Church of Gaia, right?

            1. Gaia exists. Gawd is fiction.

              1. I’m an atheist, so you go ahead and try to push that button all you want.

                1. If shreek doesn’t support it, you doesn’t have to pay for it. However if shreek is for it, you have to pay for it.

                  1. Isn’t that the statist motto?

          2. So you don’t pay federal taxes? How’s that work? No income?

            1. I don’t think Butt Plugs make a lot of money.

          3. I, for one, won’t allow my tax dollars to rot children’s brains with religious school indoctrination.

            Move to a community that doesn’t put your taxes toward religious schools. Education is still a local issue for the most part.

            1. I don’t have to as long as voucher subsidies are not permitted.

              I hate vouchers AND subsidies. If the fucking religious schools were worth it they don’t need subsidies from me.

              1. Do you ever wonder about the whooshing noise you keep hearing?

                1. How can he not feel that petard!? It must be awfully pointy.

                  1. Correction: explody, not pointy.

          4. Palin’s Buttplug| 8.29.12 @ 6:13PM |#
            “I, for one, won’t allow my tax dollars to rot children’s brains with religious school indoctrination.”

            But rotting them with statist crap and enviro-worship is just great, right shriek?

            1. I never had a class a in “Statism”. I was taught the Constitution and civics along with US history.

              Interpreting your wingnuttery I suspect “statism” is regular history and not pounding Conservatism Lies into the minds of young people.

              Your boy, David Barton, just got his book on US History pulled by the publisher for Conservative Lies.

              1. Actually, as soon as the issue is in dispute, that makes using tax money to push either version the moral equivalent of taking tax dollars to push religion.

                There’s absolutely no epistemological justification for treating “religious” ideas any differently than any other ideas. In fact, I dispute that you can even successfully exhaustively define the set of “religious” ideas.

                1. Maybe, like Potter Stewart said about porn, “I know religion/porn when I see it”.

                  You are correct however. The right-wingnuts are positioning Science and Secularism as a “religion” and if they succeed this world is poorer in every way.

                  I hate conservatives because I love Science and Secularism.

                  1. The right-wingnuts are positioning Science and Secularism as a “religion” and if they succeed this world is poorer in every way.

                    Well, you talked about history, and how the “other side” wanted to teach “lies”.

                    Do you know exactly how much ink is spilled every year debating issues surrounding the philosophy of history in print? How much spade work goes into the basic question of whether truth in history is even possible?

                    Hell, even back when it was taken for granted that truth in history was possible, do you realize how difficult it would have been to get professional historians to agree about virtually anything?

                    What’s your basis for thinking that it’s any less tyrannical for the state to take tax money to support one possible orthodoxy of history than it is for them to take tax money to support one orthodoxy of divinity?

                    1. Fine. At some Cartesian level all is doubtful except the parent-body obvious. I am not plagued with that ontological uncertainty though.

                  2. I hate conservatives because I love Science and Secularism.

                    As in phrenology? Eugenics? “Scientific socialism?”

                    And I’m thinking of shooting up a local venue sometime soon. Is there some science or secular code that might dissuade me from such a thing?

              2. Palin’s Buttplug| 8.29.12 @ 6:33PM |#
                “I never had a class a in “Statism”.”
                But the propaganda sure stuck.

            2. I’m pretty certain that the 12 years of theology classes I had to take put me firmly on the road to atheism.

          5. “Move to a community which rejects property taxes segregation then.

            People buy homes based on community standards all the time.”

            Do you still agree with your logic?

            1. I am fine with segregation (although it could be illegal).

              In the 80s I moved into an adult only apartment community (segregated) that was struck down as illegal.

  12. In a little effort at counterprogramming, President Obama took to Reddit to reach the youngsters.

    Wasn’t Nick telling us how cool reddit was only 4 months ago?

    1. We can all be certain that reddit is now not cool, because I now read reddit.com/r/funny

      1. whip-its were always better anyway

    2. 4chan has always been better. And that’s saying something, because 4chan is mostly really shitty.

      1. I occasionally used to read /b, which is Lord of the Flies in internet form. But mostly, just ass-numbingly stupid.

  13. After the Empire State Building shooting, questions arise about NYPD gun skills.

    They can only shoot dogs with any reasonable degree of accuracy.

    1. The only question I have is whether the two cops involved in the ESB shooting were reprimanded for failing to fire every single round in their magazines, reloading, and emptying their magazines again. That’s NYPD tactical doctrine, as far as I can tell.

    2. “After?” As far as I know, NYPD gun skills have neen a laughingstock for decades.

      1. Re: db,

        “After?” As far as I know, NYPD gun skills have neen a laughingstock for decades.

        “I’m surounded by assholes!”

  14. And the arguments against homeschooling ? from varying state requirements to reduced social interaction among peers to a lack of student competition ? can be challenging issues to address.

    They can be challenging for a State-worshipping hack. For someone with just a few thinking skills, it can be a cakewalk.

    a) From varying state requirements

    That has nothing to do with homeschooling, only with government.

    b) Reduced social interaction

    Overrated. Besides, kids in a school act more like prison cellmates than like kids. Because they happen to be in a prison.

    c) A lack of student competition.

    First time I’ve heard that educating oneself is a spectator’s sport.

    1. I have a lot of friends who home-school and it seems like, at least in towns and cities, that there is a pretty substantial infrastructure of socializing such as sports, museum visits, etc. that now exist for home-schoolers.

      1. And don’t forget the thread awhile back where some MSM journalists were against letting the damn homeschoolers into public-school sports.

        You don’t get to complain about lack of socialization if that’s the very result you support.

      2. Aside from which, most of my socializing as a yute was with kids after school.
        This sounds like the presumption that ‘kids won’t get sports’ without public school.
        BS. We played sports after school and on weekends.

    2. Reduced social interaction

      How can we have fully funded, moral panicy, anti-Bullying programs if you keep the victims away from our bullies?
      [Bullies = Teachers and School Administrators]

    3. Overrated. Besides, kids in a school act more like prison cellmates than like kids. Because they happen to be in a prison.

      True story. That statement was basically the thesis I presented for my 1st graduate symposium. I then presented my ideas on alternative methods of classroom management that would address this problem.

      I was almost lynched by my audience, a mob of female, middle-aged, White school teachers.

      1. I was almost lynched by my audience, a mob of female, middle-aged, White school teachers.

        Those white, middle-aged school teachers can pack a wallop! Menopause for them is like gamma rays for Bruce Banner.

        1. Seriously, if I weren’t a dude, many of them would have physically assaulted me.

          1. What a great story.

      2. let me guess, the panopticon featured heavily in the presentation.

      3. A couple of years ago I gave a friend’s kid a ride to the medicaid?Foodstamp? office. I dont even know what it was, some kind of state assistance office. I was stunned.

        30 feet inside the door, in front of hard plastic chairs arranged like a classroom, there is a receptionist desk. On the floor is a painted line with a sign that says “Stand here.”. When we arrived there was no line and the receptionist was reading something. I walked up to the desk and said good afternoon. She ignored me. I again said hello and waved my hand.

        She looked over her glasses at me and in a dead flat voice asked ” Do you see the line on the floor?”

        “Yeah I see the line. ( I leaned on her chest-high desk with my elbows) Where do we go for XXXX?”. It got worse from there.

        The place was all cold hard polished floors and walls, few windows and every worker had the same attitude of superiority. I had the constant and growing urge to run out of the place. It reminded me of a public school/prison and it was clearly run like one.

        Yeah, schools are training academies for obedient proles. Thinking about it now still makes my skin crawl.

    4. Reduced social interaction

      Yeah that’s what they are really worried about. Right. Gimme a break.

  15. We have someone named Blong Yang running for County Commissioner. I know nothing about Yang’s positions on the issues, but how could anyone not vote for Blong Yang?

    1. I voted for a judge nicknamed Skeet once, just because I couldn’t not vote for a guy running for judge who had Skeet on the ballot.

  16. According to a 2008 analysis of NYPD firearms discharge data done by the New York Times, between 1996-2006 officers hit their intended target about 34 percent of the time.

    I like those odds!

    1. First ballot Hall of Fame right there

    2. Might as well just give them the white armor and helmets. I’m sure Mikey Bloomberg would love the visual connotations since he fancies himself the commander of an army anyway.

    3. Is that per bullet, or per target?

  17. Venezuela’s oil industry took a bit of a hurting when a refinery went BOOM.

    Speaking of which, has anybody seen Ellis Wyatt lately?

    1. A little while back, I seem remember som noise being made in Argentina about nationalizing some oil and mining companies. Particularly copper mining. Hmmm.

      1. They got theirs!

  18. Tropical Storm Isaac is … well … once again a tropical storm, after pounding Louisiana.

    Soothsaying president predicted predicament for precarious population before precipitation even started.

    Interesting that he could not foresee that his “stimulus” would not lower unemployment below 8%. I guess his gift is capricious.

  19. Anytime someone asks anything with substance, it fist gets voted up, then immediately begins a nosedive with overwhelming down votes. Barry must have an army of staffers clicking to vote down the questions about prohibition, dispensary raids, Guantanamo, , and murder drones.

    1. Hahaha. If only there was a need for a sinister conspiracy. There are more than enough willing useful idiots to carry that shit out.

      It just makes me think of how much fun I’m going to have hearing the exact same “but Bush!”/”he inherited a bad situation”/”but the Republicans would always be worse” lines to 2016 and beyond.

      Standard libertarian disclaimer about how this is not an endorsement of shitheel socialist Republicans.

    2. Barry must have an army of staffers

      Nah, just a couple of guys at the NSA are handling it.

    3. You’re assuming that Barry understands how Reddit works?

  20. “Sarah Palin has said a third party may emerge if the Republican Party’s leaders abandon conservative principles.”


    1. Eduard van Haalen| 8.29.12 @ 6:32PM |#
      “Sarah Palin has said a third party may emerge if the Republican Party’s leaders abandon conservative principles.”

      Somehow, I doubt she and I would agree on the meaning of the phrase “conservative principles”.

      1. “if…………………..” they “abandon conservative principles”?

  21. Three episodes of Seconds from Disaster on the ol’ DVR tonight. Schweet! Telework Eve is my favorite night of the week.

  22. a big giant “meh” to this whole thread.

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