Mitt Makes a Mint in Democratic Strongholds, Stingers for Syria, Report Says Cops Screwed Up With Kelly Thomas: P.M. Links


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  1. …the CIA is reportedly smuggling Stinger missiles into Syria.

    I remember when the CIA could do things covertly. Or do I?

    1. Maybe they just never did anything before the Obama Administration.

      1. They didn’t do that.

    2. Stinger missiles into a war zone where Al Qadea and other Islamist radicals are known to be operating. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. What could possibly go wrong?

        I am not sure the CIA views giving stingers to Islamic radicals so close to Israel as wrong.

        A reason for invading Iran does not happen on its own dontcha know.

        1. 1. Who knows if the story is really true?

          2. There are probably ways to do it somewhat safely – lock in the IFF codes so they can’t be fired at Israeli aircraft, or just program the circuitry to fry itself in a few weeks.

          We handed the things out in Afghanistan and they never were used against us somehow.

          1. We handed the things out in Afghanistan

            Stingers have gotten a tad bit better since the 80s.

            2. There are probably ways to do it somewhat safely – lock in the IFF codes so they can’t be fired at Israeli aircraft, or just program the circuitry to fry itself in a few weeks.

            Probably are lots of ways…do you trust the US government to do them?

            1. Who said they were getting new Stingers?

              I don’t really agree with this thing at all. But, if we really decided to help the Syrian rebels, I bet the CIA could scrape up some first or second generation Soviet SA-7’s or SA-14’s. They would put a scare into and maybe destroy some old Syrian aircraft.

              They would be next to useless against modern Israeli and American military aircraft, and there presence wouldn’t point to American involvement. If the rebels win, they will immediately have access to much newer versions anyhow.

  2. Tasmania? Why for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?

  3. Documenting tin sources? Is that a bad fucking joke?

    Just when I think they can’t get any dumber.

    1. Clearly a way to get back at Ron Paul.

      1. He switched to the tin standard now? Tin bug just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

    2. Those British tin miners are super-exploitive.

      1. It’s especially stupid, considering that very little tin actually comes from Africa. It’s almost as if they have ulterior reasons for enacting the law.

    3. My inner tin-foil-hat-wearin-paranoid self is sure this is just the first step of Gold Confiscation 2:Electric Bugaloo

  4. You can still go crazy with unobtainium, however.


    1. As long as I don’t have to disclose my top-secret egg salad recipe.

      1. Like the feds didn’t bounce a laser scanner off your kitchen ceiling and steal that recipe years ago…

  5. NYT spends a whole bunch of words on Tampa monkey, symbol of anti-government sentiment.

    1. I happen to know that he not only votes LP, he has contributed the equivalent of $500 to the party in feces.

      That’s a lot of feces.

      1. If only we could figure out a way to get him to fling shit at the GOP convention. Or Joe Biden’s visit.

        1. Biden would probably return the favor.

        2. He was going to appear, but the GOP is punishing Florida and he will be excluded as a delegate. However, he will be appearing at the Mons.

      2. You know those fucks the FBI took down in the Twin Cities during the 2008 RNC were collecting piss and feces for tossing.

        1. If people are going to do that, they should remember Niven’s first law and its corrollary.

  6. Go f— yourself – haha. I don’t believe a Team Red candidate had a snowball’s chance in Hel in Washington State anyways. For what it’s worth I agree with Baumgartner’s sentiment there.

    1. As a Washingtonian I must say that comment has me much more interested in voting for this guy.

    1. Send in the red matter.

    2. Talk about “global warming”!

    3. Does this mean we’ll be seeing a visit from Kal-El in the near future?

    4. Astronomical phenomena is my one big phobia. Headline alone makes me dizzy. Well, that and spiders. That, spiders and a girl talking to me.

    5. That is a regular nova not a supernova…and in fact not even a nova yet…that happens after the star finishes expanding and begins to fall in on itself.

      1. Yeah, my mistake. Should have rtfa instead of skimming.

    6. Fascinating indeed. Why do we always have to settle for a childish, simplistic ‘Artist’s Impression’ of the image in these stories? I would like to see an astrophysicist’s rendering however.

      1. I would like to see an astrophysicist’s rendering however.

        Don’t you know? Students go into astrophysics cuz they can’t draw

        1. lol! still, I’d guess the creativity would be worth the lack of, um, artistic technique.

    7. “I wouldn’t be afraid of a supernova.”

      My favorite Sulu line.

  7. Alright, crazy lovers, one of your favorite crazy chick is almost off probation.

  8. The lunch conversation infuriates me most days. Let’s talk about a clearly idiotic Republican and what that means in general. But talk about the economy or Obama’s broken promises? Insanity!

  9. Koopa paratroopers!

    Humane Society officials in a Southern California city are trying to determine who duct-taped a turtle to a bunch of balloons and sent it soaring

    1. Probably someone who had rescued one too many turtles crossing the road.

    2. officials … are trying to determine who

      Must have been a Lakitu.

    3. They’re useful for hopping from cloud to cloud on the obstacle course levels.

  10. Additionally, department personnel guilty of severe policy violations in the past are no longer employed by the department, Gennaco said.

    Isn’t Gennaco the PR lawyer hired by Fullerton? Who gives a fuck about policy violations, or the policies themselves? If my policy is to punch you in the face and I follow that policy to the letter, what bearing does that have on the assault?

    1. The populace has to follow the law, the police have to follow their policy.

  11. evidence that somebody is actually trying to get into Greece

    Greece is merely an entry point, they’re actually trying to get into Western Europe, but they get sent back to Greece because of EU rules stipulating you can only apply for asylum at the point of entry to the EU.

    1. Yeah when I visited southern Europe about 6 years ago they where having a bunch of problems with Illegal immigrants from africa. There was a whole mess of huge west african dudes aggressively trying to sell shit in the streets.

  12. However, Gennaco’s report praised the efforts of the Fullerton Police Department to implement overhauls after Thomas’ death. Those overhauls include revising its use-of-force policies, training officers to better interact with homeless people and employing measures to ensure accountability and transparency.

    Gee, those guys are great, aren’t they!

    1. But still no policy on not hiring officers that are so obese that they can crush a man’s thorax by sitting on them.

  13. Niall Ferguson responds to his critics…..ggers.html

    “My critics have three things in common. First, they wholly fail to respond to the central arguments of the piece. Second, they claim to be engaged in “fact checking,” whereas in nearly all cases they are merely offering alternative (often silly or skewed) interpretations of the facts. Third, they adopt a tone of outrage that would be appropriate only if I had argued that, say, women’s bodies can somehow prevent pregnancies in case of “legitimate rape.””

    1. I expected him to say, “People still read Newsweek?”

    2. NIall expects them to respond with facts? Dude, welcome to the real world, where J. Chait is the norm, not the exception.

      1. Chait looks like the college student who gets skatestomped by Roller Girl after she kicks him out of the limo.

      2. Brad DeLong tore him a new vagina.

        1. Brad DeLong’s a great example of why progressive academics are so intellectually inbred.

    3. Niall comes off as a sinophobe.

    4. To get to the Congressional Budget Office’s conclusion that, over 10 years, the ACA will reduce the deficit, you need to believe that the act will half the rate of growth of Medicare costs. I am not inclined to be optimistic about that.

      You mean Team Blue’s claims that cuts to three decades of 9% annual growth are based on presumptions and not actual facts? Fucking math, how does it work?

      1. Another gem from one of Ferguson’s critics:

        MO’B: It’s bizarre that Ferguson thinks government policies didn’t help create America’s middle class. America was the first country to make high school compulsory.

        Yet more proof that progressives believe the middle class didn’t exist until after the Wilson administration.

        1. Compulsory and literacy rates have been going steadily down ever since.

        2. If not for compulsory secondary education Lincoln never would have been admitted to a top tier law school and African-Americans would still have a disproportionate impact on the agricultural labor sector.

          1. Someone brought up J.R. Simplot earlier today–the man made out pretty well for someone who dropped out in the eighth grade.

      2. act will half

        Grr. Someone needs to fire the editor. The verb form is “halve”

  14. Best make over ever:….._content=0

    Only NSFW if your boss is anti-gay and if you are a dude sees you looking at a fashion magazine cover.

    1. There was talk of side-boob. But there was none to be had. (scowls disapprovingly)

      1. I concur. I was led to believe there would be side-boob.

        1. I will never look to Marie Claire for SFW porn again.

      2. Yeah, I saw the words side boob too and that made me click the link. But then I got lost in that gorgeous floral top she is wearing and forgot all about it.

  15. Amazon election heatmap: what are Americans reading?

    More red than blue literature selling, and in more parts of the country.

    Interestingly, a good chunk of the supposed “red” books are more in the vein of classical liberal thought, while the blue books run the social democrat-democratic socialist gamut.

    1. It’s interesting that one of the “Red” books is a history book by O’Reilly that doesn’t have anything to do with the 2012 election.

      1. Abe was a Republican.

        1. Still, it’s a little wierd.

  16. the CIA is reportedly smuggling Stinger missiles into Syria.

    This sounds awefully familiar. Wasn’t there some other country where rebels were fighting a totalitarian regime and we supplied them with Singer missiles? How did that turn out again? Although I guess in that other case I’m thinking of the rebels were fighting an occupying force as opposed to a home grown tyrant, so I guess this time it’s totally different.

    1. We’re trying to bring down the Soviet government again, clearly.

      1. Well we lost the first Bin Laden, time to make the second.

    1. Seems like it would be NSFW. How does it “go wrong”?

      1. I can think of way too many ways.

        1. Involving sauerkraut, no doubt.

        2. Bad memories, huh, big guy?

          1. I’m guessing someone brought body chocolate.

            1. Flavored Anal Eze.

              Oh wait. Cherry.

              1. I don’t see any nutritional facts on the product. We need to know the amount of candy it has for him to be scared of.

      2. They kicked and screamed, breaking everything in their path from one side of the house to another, their roommate said in a statement to police.

        The three guests left during the melee, but cops found the flustered pair at about 6 a.m. still naked and “very intoxicated and uncooperative.” Norris allegedly refused to put her clothes back on.

      3. Warty shows up.

        1. In this case that would have been an improvement.

          1. It’s never an improvement. Watch, he’ll probably show up on this thread and ruin it too.

            1. Nope. Idiot.

        2. Damn, now I have to drink.

      4. It’s SFW, it just shows the mugshots of the unhappy couple. Basically they brought one woman and two men to their place for a gang bang only for both to become increasingly jealous and paranoid as they watched each other be pleasured by strangers. This lead to a violent altercation between the two and their arrest—all while they were nude.

        1. That is so fucking funny.

      5. Somebody forgot the strawberry lube?

        1. Why would anyone want to lube a strawberry?

    2. From that page, the The ultimate NSFW

      1. Noooo no no no no no no…… not cool.

        1. I’d ask my wife if she would get one for me, but she’d probably put a cigarette out in my eye for suggesting it. Sigh.

      2. My brother has a bunch of tattoos, I just sent him this article.

      3. My favorite from that story was this quote-“Then we ended up breaking up because he said he couldn’t see us getting married or starting a family.”

        Anal tattoos=not family material.

        1. And the story you are quoting is? How does that parser inside of your head function?

          1. It was quoted in other articles about this story…


            1. The story you are quoting is about a freakin’ attempted orgy. How is that family material?

              1. No, KOTR, I was referring to anal tattoo lady.

                You are reading the thread wrong.

                1. Oh, sorry, been drinking since the last two hours of work. Got a product launch in earlier today.

        2. As for her anus, it has since been inscribed with her boyfriend’s name, though his might not be the first to adorn her rectal area.

          “I had two guys name on it,” she said.

          Not family material.

          1. Unless the two guys she is talking about were like her two grade school aged sons then it would be adorable. Show’n’tail just got a little more interesting.

          2. Stop Judging!

            1. OK, you need to keep that handle.

              1. That is a hole in one.

              2. Maybe, but I post 99.9% at the office.

                – EAP

        3. Why would anyone get a tattoo of an anus? And where would they put it?

          1. She got an anus tattoo of her anus on her anus only smaller.

  17. Having never seen a conflict that wouldn’t look better topped by a little American flag, the CIA is reportedly smuggling Stinger missiles into Syria.

    So when Israeli commercial flights start falling out of the sky in coming years I guess then we can start invading Iran…


    1. But it’s all furnished with Ikea furniture.

      1. All of it laid out like an Ikea maze, designed to keep him looking for the toilet for hours each day.

      2. Ikea is Swedish, dude. And they won’t sell to Norwegians, on account of the blood feud.

      3. That’s Sweden, not Norway.

        1. Like there’s a difference.

    2. Bjercke estimated the cost of keeping Breivik there at 7 million-10 million kroner a year ($1.2 million-1.7 million).

      I guess “humanity” does have its price.

      1. Upon RTFA, it appears that the reason it’s so expensive is because they’ve built a special psychiatric facility just for him, so they can declare him insane and not have to release him after 21 years.

        So they’re not really spending $1.7 million to coddle the guy, they’re spending it because they’re trying to come up with an ad hoc way to never release him despite the way the rest of their criminal justice system has been set up.

  18. Because they’re “conflict minerals,” anybody using tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold will, from now on, have to document its source. You can still go crazy with unobtainium, however.

    I was thinking of casting bronze swords in my back yard just to see if i could do it…

    I was going to use Tin and copper scrap to make the Bronze…looks like i will now need to get a federal permit for my new hobby.

    1. To make weapons? I think not. Reject that man’s application immediately! But ask for a follow up with more documentation and an extra processing fee first.

  19. Sometimes, bacon is just food, and not a hate crime.

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) ? An anonymous caller who claimed to have discarded spoiled bacon in a park where Muslims had scheduled Ramadan prayers said he was putting it out for seagulls and raccoons to eat, not as an anti-Muslim statement.

    1. Bacon can never be used for evil. It is immaculate and pure.

      1. Except for maple flavored bacon.

        1. You are the worst kind of wrong. Flatlander wrong.

        2. You’re a terrible person, Ska. First Rebecca Linares and now this?

        3. Then you would hate this:

          I’ve had it. It’s gooder than good.

        4. You’re wrong on this. Maple bacon serves a dual purpose: 1. Food, 2. Air Freshener.

      2. And Canadian bacon, or as I like to call it, ham.

        1. I think it’s sad that Canadians don’t have real bacon, what with their otherwise modern society.

          1. They do, but they call it “backbacon”. Because they’re Canadian.

            1. Are you sure? I was under the impression that they weren’t allowed to have real bacon.

              1. When I was younger and lived by the border we’d occasionally catch some trying to sneak back across with bacon. There’s a reason the Canadians are so polite now.

              2. Look, ProL, Canadians aren’t human so I’m not really an expert on their mating habits and such. If you’re so interested, go talk to Auric, he’s a xenobiologist.

                  1. Well my mom is American and very much a human being despite the fact that she’s one generation removed from being a French-speaking, fake bacon eating Hab like her parents and grandparents. So clearly it is possible to civilize the Canuck, albeit gradually.

                    1. Well yes, because there is a “one drop” rule for Canadians. However, this rule makes much more sense given the obvious superiority of Americans: one drop of American blood makes you American*, and thus eligible to eat bacon and blow up desert companies with impunity.

                      *This is assuming you’ve grown up in a nurturing environment that allows you to fully develop into a human being- the only two known are the USA and the moon.

                  2. They do possess the ability to digest bacon, but avoid it for fear of their natural predators, Americans. They’ve rightly learned to avoid good things, because Americans will be there. That’s why they don’t eat bacon or have warm weather.

                    1. Okay, I see. There’s one thing that confuses me–The Shat.

                    2. Shatner is both American and Canadian at the same time, he is Schrodinger’s North American. He is unique.

                    3. He is also one of the good things that Canadians aren’t allowed to have, hence why they sent him to the US for fear of reprisal.

                    4. I accept this explanation.

                    5. I’m glad to see you’ve accepted the truth.

                      All power to the engines.

                    6. Shatner is both American and Canadian at the same time, he is Schrodinger’s North American. He is unique.

                      This isn’t because of the Nexis, is it? Because Generations isn’t canonical.

                    7. But he’s talking about Shat!

            2. Why dot they call it backbacon when it comes from the belly?

              1. English isn’t their first language.

        2. That’s not bacon, hence why ham can be used for evil.

          1. “Now you see that bacon will always triumph because ham is dumb.”

            1. No need to be PC here. Ham is retarded.

    2. I still don’t get it though, even if it was left out as a statement isn’t that protected by free-speech? Sure you can give them a ticket for littering but that is about it.

      1. I’m sure there’s some law on the books that covers ‘hate speech’ in a way that makes what the person did illegal. It makes you wish the person would come forward and dare the city to prosecute him.

      2. In many places biodegradable food waste isn’t even considered litter.

        1. In GA cigarette butts aren’t considered litter under state law.

    3. We have regular bacon. It’s called “Bacon”

    1. You may laugh, but at least civility isn’t dead. Miss Manners approves and will be sending a complimentary copy of her Miss Manners on Prison Etiquette to the nice young man.

      1. Those masks look pretty expensive, it makes you wonder if they scored enough loot to recover the costs.

        1. Masks were $600 each. They stole $200K.

        2. 800 bucks for the top of the line, and they got 200,000. I’d say they made out ok.

        3. The article said they were in the $600 range and they scored $200k.

    2. White Chicks 2: Folsom Boogaloo

  20. Anarchist Panic!

    Fox News is reporting DHS has sent out some law enforcement bulletin warning about New York anarchists targeting infrastructure and transportation in Tampa and Charlotte.

    1. Ha! Our infrastructure could only be improved by its destruction.

    2. Wait, are these real anarchists, or the anti-capitalists who like to vandalize private property?

      1. It was probably those anarchists MNG told me about – the ones who demand an increase in government spending.

      2. The latter, of course.

      3. I would guess they’re the kind who believe in destroying all forms of power and organization except the state. Nothing outside of, nothing against, etc. You know, fascists. That’s why black is their preferred color.

  21. Britney Spears dressed up purty to wish her uncle happy birthday. ‘Cause that’s how the do it in Lousiana.

    1. The actual birthday photo is disappointingly appropriate.

    2. I like how she manages to still bring a lil’ bit of the trailer park even to a LBD by wearing white shoes with it.

      1. Like it? I love it!

    1. A girl named Kyle?

      1. Kennedy Klan. The only form of collective guilt I accept as valid.

    2. Maybe she’ll write a song about the incident to smooth things over.

    3. I hate all Kennedys, but I have a grudging admiration for this kid. 17 years old and he scored a hot multimillionaire country pop star 5 years older than him.

      When I was 17, if I had bagged a 22 year old who worked at Hertz Rent-a-Car I would have broken my own arm patting myself on the back. Let alone magazine-cover-girl-recording-star-girl.

      1. I would never date Taylor Swift if you paid me. Five seconds of her cloying, banal, offkey (yet autotuned!), sophomoric, cliche melodrama would make me want to put a bullet in my head.

        1. But then you could win almost every argument with your friends.

    4. Did you mean “amoral micks?”

    5. Based upon the picture, Connor Kennedy is almost a charicature of the east coast rich douchewad. That shirt, shorts and flip flops combined with the artfully disheviled hair scream, “Beat me up in the school parking lot” But I can’t ignore Fluffy’s comment.

      As a 19-year-old I bagged a 28 yr-old smoking hot convenience store clerk and I did break my arm patting myself on the back.

      I haven’t repeated that hat trick to this day.

      1. I agree with both points, though I would like to point out he’s got a bit of an advantage due to being part of an incredibly wealthy and powerful family. So I’m only going to be 98% impressed with him.

  22. Mena Suvari dating a hip-hop Tyrion:…..-date.html

    Best line:

    The 33-year-old American Beauty star and her fellow were obviously in need of a little pick-me-up

    And somewhat revealing:

    The actress recently admitted all her exes end up hating her and she isn’t on good terms with any of them.
    She said: ‘I’ve never run into an ex who I have fallen back in love with. They all end up hating me.’

    1. Speaking of Tyrion this clip only get better by the minute:

      Tyrion Slaps Joffrey For 10 Minutes To Achilles Last Stand

      1. Pretty good, but I enjoy the Season Two slap better.

        1. I saw The Station Agent. Good film. My only disappointment is that Dinklage doesn’t slap anyone.

      2. The fact that Tyrion is still alive is breaking my suspension of disbelief.

        He is more valuable dead then alive to nearly every character in the series.

        1. It’s a family thing. If he had been hired on a two year contract from a consulting firm, yeah, he’d be dead.

          1. I am thinking of the books more then where the show is.

            At the end of Dances with Dragons i am pretty sure his family wants him dead more then most at this point.

  23. Looks like some pretty cool stuff to me dude.

  24. “Officers found a way of transforming a casual encounter into an incident resulting in death,” writes the official investigator into the death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of Fullerton, California, police officers.

    Batons were swung, people were hurt…

    1. “A way was found to transform a casual encounter resulting in death.”

  25. Glenn Greenwald on Julian Assange:

    “let us pause to reflect on a truly amazing and revealing fact, one that calls for formal study in several academic fields of discipline. Is it not remarkable that one of the very few individuals over the past decade to risk his welfare, liberty and even life to meaningfully challenge the secrecy regime on which the American national security state (and those of its obedient allies) depends just so happens to have become ? long before he sought asylum from Ecuador ? the most intensely and personally despised figure among the American and British media class and the British “liberal” intelligentsia?”

    Another passage by Greenwald seems to me to offer a hint as to the answer:

    “establishment media outlets show unlimited personal animus toward the person who, as a panel of judges put it when they awarded him the the 2011 Martha Gellhorn prize for journalism, “has given the public more scoops than most journalists can imagine.” Similarly, when the Australian version of the Pulitzers… awarded its highest distinction …to WikiLeaks in 2011, it …observed: “So many eagerly took advantage of the secret cables to create more scoops in a year than most journalists could imagine in a lifetime.””…..a-contempt

    1. “Like those who suddenly discover the imperatives of feminism when it comes time to justify the war in Afghanistan, or those who become overnight advocates of gay rights when it comes time to demonize the regime in Tehran, or those who took a very recent interest in Ecuadorean press freedoms, these sex assault allegations — as serious and deserving of legal resolution as they are — are being cynically exploited as a political weapon by many who have long despised Assange for reasons entirely independent of this case.”

    2. In this day and age of internets, I’m still a bit fuzzy on what a “cable” is.

      Do governments still communicate by sending brief messages to a guy wearing a green eyeshade, sitting in a small office tapping out messages on a morse code key?

      1. Why do you hate telegraphers, Paul?

        1. Always clicking…always clicking…

    3. “has given the public more scoops than most journalists can imagine.”

      The only “scoop” I know about is the climategate emails he tried to claim…and he had nothing to do with it.

      My guess is all he did was download some torrents and posted their contents on his website.

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