Texas A&M Shooter Identifed

Shooter and two others killed.


Three people were killed today in a midday shootout two blocks from Texas A&M University in College Station.

Brian Bachmann, a longtime Brazos County constable, was fatally shot from inside a house, Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum said at a news briefing.

The gunman, 35-year-old Thomas Alton Caffall, was shot by police, said Jay Socol, spokesman for the City of College Station. He died in custody.

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  1. “….a midday shootout two blocks from Texas AM University in College Station.”

    What else was it two blocks away from? How about five miles? Movie theater? Daycare? Sikh temple?

    Shameless sensationalizing. Some guy has a psychotic break over the stress of being evicted ( and who knows what else) and gets into a gunfight with the cops. It was not a campus shooting but, hey, it almost was!

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