Obama Ahead in Fox Poll

The President's eleven point lead attributed to Romney's gaffes and attack ads.


President Obama tops Mitt Romney in the latest Fox News poll released on Thursday, marking his second lead outside the margin of error this year.

After a series of overseas gaffes and a barrage of attack ads, Romney now trails the president by nine points, with 40 percent. This is the biggest lead yet for the president in Fox polls.

Obama holds an 11-point advantage over Romney among independent voters, a seven-point increase over last month. Still, only some 30 percent of those voters are undecided.

The president's lead also jumped among women, blacks and Democrats.


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  1. From real clear politics:

    RCP Poll Averages
    Obama vs. Romney
    RCP Average
    Obama +4.2

    President Obama Job Approval
    RCP Average
    Spread -1.0

    Generic Congressional Vote
    RCP Average
    Republicans +0.4

    Direction of Country
    RCP Average
    Right Direction
    Wrong Track
    Spread -30.7

    This shit makes no sense.

    the fact that republicans lead in both congressional houses and Obama has negative job approval and polls show people think we are not going in wrong direction.

    Yet Obama has a 4+ lead over Romney.

    I guess people must really hate Romney. Cuz they seem not to like Obama, they like republicans in congress and they think they need a change.

    Also i have been watching Gallop (tie) and Rasmussen (Romney ahead by 4)…after seeing this FOX poll and then going to Real Clear politics it would seem I need to broaden the number of polls I watch.

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