A.M. Links: Obama Keeping Honorary Boy Scout Title, Blackwater Admits Wrongdoing, New York City Nixes Sex Toy Giveaway


  • still evolving?

    Obama supporters pitch the president as the most pro-gay ever. However, Mitt Romney articulated opposition to the Boy Scouts' ban on gays first, and the president says even though he opposes the ban on gay scouts he won't step down as honorary chair of the organization. Not as brave as the ten year olds who quit in protest I guess?

  • The company formerly known as Blackwater admitted to wrongdoing ranging from possessing weapons illegally to doing business with prohibited countries. It will pay a 7.5 million dollar fine and avoid prosecution. No executives had to take any personal responsibility.
  • A Florida woman claims in a lawsuit she was pulled over for a rolling stop and had a gun pointed at her by a cop who then removed her tampon.
  • The parents of an 11-year-old girl have been arrested; she accused her father of waterboarding her while her mother looked on.
  • The metalcore band Hatebreed wants an apology from CNN, who mistakenly included them in a segment about hatecore and the Sikh temple shooting.
  • No vibrator for you, says Mayor Bloomberg. The city cancelled a giveaway by the company Trojan yesterday.

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  1. A Florida woman claims in a lawsuit she was pulled over for a rolling stop and had a gun pointed at her by a cop who then removed her tampon.

    That’s messed up.

    1. Also, ew. Why would you want to do that?

      1. The article says they were looking for drugs. But since the sniffing dogs weren’t called, I don’t believe it.

      2. It could have been soaked in vodka or pcp or whatever is popular with you kids these days (per generic weekly newsmagazine) and then she’d like go off and kill people.

        So Officer safety.

      3. Maybe he was a vampire looking for a snack?

        1. Thanks for the visual. DICK

      4. Perhaps he was looking for a 42-inch flatscreen TV.

    1. I love how they have the gratuitous pic of a space shuttle launch in the “probe crashes and burns at Kennedy” story. Thanks you fucking unsympathetic British fucks.

    2. Ouch. That’s one expensive bonfire!

      1. Baby steps… the next one will be a lot bigger and more expensive.

      2. ~$7 mil bonfire per erin burnett

      3. “”‘Failures such as these were anticipated prior to the test”””

        Well, what do you want? It’s government work. NASA needs to fail at least a dozen times before they try the one that they expect to *work*. How else to stay busy?

      4. How else are they going to learn how to land on the moon without trial and failure? Oh, wait . . .

    3. NASA often uses the Kennedy Space Center for space shuttle launches

      The Brits aren’t even living in the right year… shuttle program is retired.

    4. Eh not a big deal. This is actualy a sign that NASA may be finally starting to get it.

      Here is the deal. The lander so far has cost $7 million to build. Using NASA’s traditional approach this lander would have a total development cost of close to half a billion dollars and take 15 years to be ready. So far on this project they have spent $7 million and 2.5 years they are probably a little less than halfway done design, construction, and trials meaning you’re looking at a total cost of under $20 million and less than 6 years. The trade off with this approach however is you get a few crashes in the testing phase because you didn’t go through 60 bazillion static runthroughs before you ever put 2 bolts together.

    5. “NASA often uses the Kennedy Space Center for space shuttle launches”

      Not anymore.

  2. Lady Gaga is still barfalicious!

    1. steph needs a nose job

      1. she needs a 2×4-to-the-face job

        1. You mean another one?

          1. I thought it was more a ‘my face caught fire and my daddy beat it out with a garden rake’ job.

  3. Well I been through the desert with a horse with no bra…

    1. She hangs out with Anna Wintour so for once she doesn’t have to be the ugly friend. My God Wintour is unpleasant and ridiculous looking.

      1. I love Anna Wintour. Cold-as-ice poker faced beyotch. She’s amazing. I love Grace Coddington more, though.

        1. Please tell me you are being sarcastic here. Or do you just have a fascination with people whose looks are as repulsive as their souls?

          Wintour is in the running for worst person on earth who hasn’t committed rape or murder of a small child.

          1. Nope – love her. It has nothing to do with her looks. She had an interesting upbringing. She doesn’t let the public she her innermost thoughts feelings. She tells people exactly what she wants without resorting to yelling and screaming. People who work with her have worked with her for years. If you think she’s a bad person because of her looks…well…I don’t know what to say to that.

            1. I think her looks reflect how bad of a person she is. I have heard she is awful. That she fires anyone who isn’t a size 2. That her employees are terrified of her and that they are told never to look her in the eyes and never to speak to her when passing her in hall. They are so afraid of her and she is so tyrannical that her employees will not ride in the same elevator with her for fear of accidentally talking to her. Once she tripped and fell in her offices. And the employee who was walking by just kept walking and didn’t say anything or stop to see if Wintour was okay. She was later told that she did exactly that right thing because Wintour would have probably fired her for having the nerve to speak to her. No kidding. Wintour is just awful. Google her and you will find any number of hit pieces on her from former employees. She really is just a bad person.

              1. I’ve seen her in action…people who work for her have worked for her for years years. Is she probably intimidating scary? Absolutely.

                Watch The September Issue

                1. I guess am biased against people who try to be assholes and intimidate people. I hate that and it never intimidates me it just pisses me off and causes me to treat the person with contempt.

                  1. (hands John his Sara Palin doll)

                    Have you much experience with that in-between emotion ….? the one between dogged devotion/blind loyalty, and complete and total rage and contempt?

                    I think its called, “really don’t give a shit”? You should try it sometime.

                    1. I try that all of the time Gilmore. Whenever you post something I feel an overwhelming sense of not giving a shit about anything you think or say. It is quite satisfying actually.

      2. It amazes me Wintour has that much power over women’s fashion considering she looks like a tranny clown most days.

        1. The fashion business if full of ugly broads. It is really the ultimate revenge fantasy for ugly broads. Wintour was always the homely wallflower growing up. Then she got in the fantasy business and got to spend her entire life telling some of the most beautiful young women in the world they are fat and need to dress differently. Her whole career is one zit faced homely girl’s revenge fantasy.

          1. You should get a show on Bravo.
            John, Esq.: FASHION LAWYER!

            1. you know who else liked fashion?

              1. prince?…or was it the symbol?

              2. J. Edgar Hoover?

                1. Damn you!

              3. J. Edgar Hoover?

              4. Emilio Estevez?

              5. Your mom?

              6. Hugo Boss, couturier to the Schutzstaffel?

          2. Anna Wintour was most certainly not the homely wallflower growing up (maybe homely, but not a wallflower). I have no idea where you got that from. She always knew she wanted to be the editor of Vogue. She observed the fashion scene in the 60’s in London and felt pulled toward the fashion industry (rather than the newsy journalism of her father). There is nothing wallflowery about that at all.

            1. True. It is hard to call a women so evil her employees are afraid to be in the same room with her a “wallflower”.

              And frankly she is a terrible editor. The whole puff piece on Assad should have gotten her fired.

        2. T, you know I love you but you’re talking bollocks. Behold a tranny clown

          1. I was certain this was going to be a Richard Simmons pic.

  4. Richard Simmons is still a wierdo!

    1. True story. Simmons is from a very well connected political family in New Orleans. And like all well connected old school families there, they are a member of a social crew that puts on the parades during Marti Gras. So the cru gets together one year outside the city at about six in the morning to take a bus into the city to do their yearly parade. It is early, everyone has already been drinking heavily. So Simmons stands up at the front of the bus and starts being Richard Simmons, giving his cheerleader “lets go give them the best party ever!” routine. About thirty seconds into it, someone throws a full cub of beer that his him right in the face. I wasn’t there, but I am told it was one of the epic lulz of all time.

      1. krewe not cru john

        1. o3 giving spelling lessons to John?

          cup, not cub
          Mardi, not Marti
          hits, not his

          1. John is just championing the return of Olde Englishe (and not the 40oz version).

              1. Meh, stick with quarts anyway. Do you really need an extra 8 ounces of warm sludge a bottle?

            1. He lives in the world before Webster started othering the literate with his dictionary full of cis-spellings.

  5. Youth continues to be wasted on the young.

    1. I’m still waiting for you people to denounce sarcasmic and his obvious lust for young women. What’s wrong with you people?

      1. What’s wrong with you people?

        Um, we like hot young women?

      2. Leave sarcasmic alone.

        I’m waiting for him to get around to the Austin and Ally girl. Then I’ll denounce him. Then.

        1. I had to look that up since I’ve never heard of it, and now I wish I hadn’t.

          1. Dude, you read the plot description? Come on, man.

            1. I put “Austin and Ally” into google images, and immediately regretted it.

              1. Oh, I see. Yeah, well, you have to learn better searching skills.

                The proper browse sequence is: IMDB, get actress’ name, google image search actress’ name.

                Please make a note of it.

                1. I’m familiar with that search method. Thanks for the thought.

                  1. Just trying to spare you accidentally getting a page full of fake Disney Justin Bieber images as results.

      3. That’s Citizen Nothin’s job.

      4. Did you see her tits?

      5. That girl is 20 years old. She is way legal. Frankly she is a little fat for sarcasmic. But maybe we are having a positive effect on him.

        1. Just for John…


          1. The only thing funnier than a fat chick on bicycle is two fat chicks on a moped.

          2. I am pleasantly surprised you put a link to an actual women up.

        2. More John pron!

  6. Why the Obama Super PAC Ad Is Different

    Such policy distortions are par for the course in campaigns these days. It has gotten worse over time, to be sure. Campaigns don’t care about being called out for a false commercial any more. They often welcome it, in fact, because the controversy that gets whipped up by their opponent or independent fact checkers results in a heap of earned media coverage.

    This new super PAC spot, called “Understands,” which the White House and the Obama campaign decline to repudiate, is a horse of a different color. It really isn’t about policy (although some Democrats will claim otherwise). It is meant to use the emotion of a tragic story told by a bereaved widower to make voters think Governor Romney is callous and indifferent, and even is accountable for a woman’s death.

    1. Cue Tony to defend the ad in 3…2…1..

  7. Cop punished for intimidating lesbian officers with … a … horror of horrors … a Chick-fil-A sandwich!

    1. Shoot a dog, terrorize children, frame innocent people, get a promotion. Make a bull dike fellow officer feel uncomfortable, get fired. Yeah, that makes sense.

      1. It’s all about priorities. The department could actually get into trouble for not addressing the uncomfortable lesbian. They’re not really held accountable for the other stuff – hell, that’s their job.

        1. uncomfortable lesbian

          Band name

          1. I once got hauled into the manager’s office for referring to a coworker as a “lesbian midget”.

            I said “Dude, she’s less than five feet tall and makes no secret about her sexuality. I thought I was just stating the facts.”
            He was able to keep a straight face. Barely. I bet he busted up as soon as the door shut behind me.

            1. Things that don’t go together. Middle Managers and People Who Speak Their Minds.

      2. But, but, but…the contract says so.

        Don’t worry. He’ll appeal the decision, feign ignorance and get a sweet paid vacation out of the deal.* After all, he can’t be held accountable for upholding laws or policies unless they trained him on them. Dunphy told us so.

        Oh, and for good measure, the entire department will get some additional training (at time and a half) on the taxpayer dime to address this issue and insure it doesn’t happen again.

      3. Brutally attacking a citizen is fine, doing something to another office will not be tolerated.

    2. To be fair, the guy sounds like he was being a dick. On the other hand, it’s not like he was their boss or anything. Sometimes your coworkers are douches. Probably most of the time, if you’re a cop.

    3. Well, mentioning CFA to a gay person is rather like mentioning the Wansee Institute to a Jew. If you’re honest about things.

      But please continue to believe that CFA are just nice church people being unfairly targeted by the gays, and that they have never made corporate donations to a group which promotes brainwashing of gay teens and has lobbied the Ugandan government for a kill-the-gays (yes, literally) law.

      1. If you don’t like how the corporation spends its money, don’t eat there.

      2. I’m shocked to find Tonio bitching and moaning about CFA again.

      3. Well, mentioning CFA to a gay person is rather like mentioning the Wansee Institute to a Jew. If you’re honest about things.

        First of all, this is a bunch of total fucking bullshit, and yesterday’s post about Rob Halford with the direct quotes from him proves it. Second of all, this comparison you just made is more offensive than anything Dan Cathy has ever said.

        Quit acting as though you speak for all gay people, because you don’t, asshole.

        1. According to his leftist mentality, you’re not a real minority if you don’t toe the line of perpetual victimhood. Also, Nazis.

      4. On the CFA issue you’re transforming into Tony. I can barely distinguish you guys by now. And are you still perpetuating your risible claim that you’re not telling people what not to eat? Just telling them that they finance Nazis.

        1. And are you still perpetuating your risible claim that you’re not telling people what not to eat?

          You have yet to show where I have done that, despite repeated opportunities and invitations. Claiming that something is true doesn’t make it so. If my claim is so laughable, you could easily disprove it with a single link, but, somehow, you can’t/won’t produce one.

      5. Well, mentioning CFA to a gay person is rather like mentioning the Wansee Institute to a Jew. If you’re honest about things.

        Yes, Chic filA is where Rom Emanuel and Luis Farrakhan came up with the dneral plan for the final solution to the gay problem.

      6. I find it noteworthy that Griz, RBS, and others absolutely refuse to engage the substance of my argument, which is that CFA has knowingly made corporate donations to Focus on the Family, a group which advocates “conversion therapy” (brainwashing) for gay teens and has lobbied the Ugandan government in favor of a kill-the-gays law. FoF is an objectively anti-liberty group; they oppose divorce (for everyone).

        As I have often stated here, I support the free-speech rights of CFA and FoF to hold and express their opinions, however detestable and anti-American as they are.

        1. I find it noteworthy that Griz, RBS, and others absolutely refuse to engage the substance of my argument

          Probably because you’re the only one who thinks that’s an actual argument.

          As I have often stated here, I support the free-speech rights of CFA and FoF to hold and express their opinions, however detestable and anti-American as they are.

          Yeah, because it wasn’t until that ultra-conservative 1950s that sodomy and being openly gay were considered crimes in America, or something like that.

    4. ‘It sounds like someone felt like they were being harassed, and we’re not going to have that. We definitely act swiftly on anything like that,’ Martin told the Dallas Voice

      Wow. So in Dallas you just have to FEEL like you’re being harassed to get your way.

      1. Only if you’re a fellow officer.

        If you’re a mere citizen then you can go fuck yourself.

        1. At least there are limits.

    5. After a certain point of hearing from an endless chorus of whiney interest groups, the notion that Hitler was on to something begins to cross my mind.

      1. You know who else was on to something?

        1. Herman’s Hermits?

          1. Speer’s Spears.

  8. “Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano favored women pals for jobs: lawsuit”

    “Barr’s alleged acts include calling one man ‘in his hotel room and screaming at him that she wanted his ‘c–k in the back of [her] throat.’ ”


    1. He should have obliged – “Any other requests?” “Mmmmph!”

  9. George Will: A Golden State train wreck

    Nevertheless, Simitian was one of just four Democratic state senators who recently voted ? in vain ? to derail plans that eventually may involve spending more than $100 billion on a 500-mile bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Simitian makes the obligatory genuflection: He favors high-speed rail “done right.” But having passed sixth-grade arithmetic, he has doubts. At one point, an estimate of 44 million riders a year ? subsequently revised downward, substantially ? assumed gasoline costing $40 a gallon.

    1. 44 million riders a year? Only 20 million people live in the state. And there is a huge cultural difference between NOCAL and SOCAL. Most people who live in each don’t spend a lot of time in the other. Every person in CA is going to take over two trips a year? Wow.

      1. If someone commuted from Stockton to San Fran, that would be approximately 250 a year from that person alone.

        Obviously these numbers are unrealistic, but I doubt they are thinking everybody will ride from the end of the line to the other end of the line.

        1. I know that. But no few people are going to do that.

      2. Actually it is probably about 40 million population. But we all aren’t going to ride the Euro choo-choo.

        1. 37.6 million in 2011.

      3. In all fairness I don’t think this means individual riders, ie, you only count as one rider no matter how many times you ride the choo choo. That sort of rider count is meaningless to anyone. I’m assuming that when the writer wrote “passengers” s/he meant passenger-trips not individual passengers.

        1. I know that. But 44 million rides is an astronomical number.

          1. Oh, 44M is an absurd number. If they got 10M rides a year, I’d be shocked. The only way they get to 44M is if they close the entire 5 and 99 from Sacramento to the Grapevine. And then it’s a maybe at best.

          2. It works out to 88000 riders going both ways 250 days a year. It works out to 73000 riders if weekend traffic is equal to weekday traffic. Those seem like big numbers to me.

      4. California has close to 38 million inhabitants.

  10. Who the hell listens to Hatebreed anymore? And who the fuck thinks they’re ‘Metalcore’?

    1. They’re still on my iPod. Of course, pretty much everything is on my iPod, so that means nothing.

      1. When you hit shuffle you quietly hope for an ABBA song, don’t you?

        1. Strangely, no ABBA, but I do have a Frida solo song in there.

          1. The one with Phil Collins on drums? “Something Going On” – I kinda like that song.

      2. They come out with something besides that one single they did a decade ago?

  11. “Alter On ObamaCare: ‘If We Elect Romney, A Lot Of People Will Die'”


    1. Reality on ObamaCare: ‘If We Elect Romney, Not A Goddamn Thing Will Change’

    2. ‘If We Elect Romney, A Lot Of People Will Die’

      Well, the Boomers are aging rapidly.

    3. You say that as if it’s a bad thing…..

    4. Who? Also, he said it on MSNBC, so it’s not like anyone was watching who isn’t a rabid Obama supporter.

    5. Romney will solve AGW?

  12. Poll finds Americans are disgusted with political media

    As our politicians and the political apparatus spend a couple of billion dollars to divide Americans into two opposing camps just for one day in November and many of us fall for their colorfully-packaged baloney, here’s some encouraging proof that the country is in one sense at least strongly united:

    Americans of all political persuasions overwhelmingly hold an unfavorable view of the political media. In fact, please sit down for this, Americans feel more favorably toward Congress of all things than they do the self-important folks running around in the political media feigning objectivity.

  13. “Obama Ad Alleges Romney Role in ‘Notorious’ Tax Scandal”


    1. During that time, the company took advantage of complicated tax avoidance measures, including the so-called “Son of Boss” tax shelter

      I would love to see Romney not only acknowledge doing this but embrace it both as a tool for criticizing a bigger and more regulatory government and more importantly connecting with every single person in the United States who makes at least a nominal effort to pay as little taxes as possible.

    2. He took whatever measures he could to minimize his tax burden, just like every taxpayer in the country! Clearly he’s a monster.

  14. NJ mom sues over breast-feeding video-turned-porn

    A New Jersey mother is suing an Iowa production company after an instructional breast-feeding video she appeared in was taken by a third party and used to create pornography.

    A federal court judge ruled last week that MaryAnn Sahoury’s lawsuit against the Meredith Corp. could proceed. In January 2010, Sahoury agreed to demonstrate breast-feeding techniques with her month-old daughter in a video for Parents TV, which broadcasts original videos on parenting. Sahoury, who had had trouble breast-feeding, wanted to help women who faced similar difficulties, she said.

  15. Which head do you put the bag over?

    1. If you only have one bag then you put it over your own.

    2. Would that qualify as a threesome?

      1. Only if they have two vaginas and at least 3 boobs.

  16. Let the race for gayest president begin!

  17. McKayla is not impressed.

    1. I heard about this meme this morning – I gotta go check it out.

    2. I love McKayla. Those eyes are evil. Nothing is sexy like crazy sexy.

      1. Plus, she’s very bendy.

      2. Yep, me too.

    3. I don’t fault here at all for being pissed.

      1. I read that as you didn’t vault her…

      2. Me neither. She is clearly intensely competitive and is probably more pissed with herself than anything else. Could she have been more gracious? Probably, but sometimes that seems disingenous and it can be refreshing to see a more normal reaction sometimes.

        Also, I’m glad I won’t have to see Phelps rejoicing after his inevitable victories anymore.

        1. Phelps? If we never have to see the fuckwaffle Bolt and his obnoxious antics, it won’t be soon enough.

          1. Wow, you two. Jealous much?

            1. Jealous much?

              Yeah, you nailed me. I’m seething with burning jealousy at a no-class asshole clown who can run fast.

              I watched Ruduisha break the world record and win the gold in the 800 last night and failed to notice his chest beating, diarrhea-mouthed, gutter boasting about just how fucking great he is. He had to settle for only beaming with pride.

    4. The second I saw her on TV, I knew I was looking at a dirty girl. Very dirty.

      1. I suspect there are only a few men on the planet that will keep her satisfied. Not that there won’t be a long line interested in trying…

        1. Teamwork, Restoras, teamwork.

        2. Yes the bodies will certainly pile up.

      2. The first time I saw her, I remarked, “I see she’s nailed her ‘come hither’ look,” to which my husband replied, “Yeah. . . so she can EAT YOUR SOUL.”

        1. Just like Natasha Hentridge in Species.

  18. Joan Rivers continues to offend people!

  19. Alan Greenspan on His Fed Legacy and the Economy
    By Devin Leonard and Peter Coy on August 09, 2012

    You met Ayn Rand almost by happenstance through your first wife. What would your life have been like if you hadn’t met her?

    I would probably have stressed mathematical economics and model building more than trying, as I am today, to figure out how cultural issues affect economic policy and especially how fear, euphoria, and herd behavior significantly affect modern economies. Such issues I trace back to my relationship with Ayn Rand.

    But there’s a question she asked you that you said changed your whole way of looking at everything.

    That is a fact. It did. Before I met Ayn Rand, I was a logical positivist, and accordingly, I didn’t believe in absolutes, moral or otherwise. If I couldn’t prove a proposition with facts and figures, it was without merit. In the midst of a conversation, she said to me, “Do I understand the thrust of your position? You are not certain you exist?” I hesitated a moment, and I said, “I can’t be sure.” And she then said to me, “And who, by chance, is answering that question?” With that little exchange, she undermined the philosophical structure I had built for myself. The contradiction was too glaring and opened me up to listen to the rest of what she had to say. We remained close until she passed away in 1982.


    1. They never had a conversation about debasing the currency?

      1. The funny thing is that you could see Greenspan’s career as evidence that he considered Atlas Shrugged a how-to guide. But the title of that guide was How to Become Wesley Mouch.

        You could really go places in this world by reading Rand’s works and emulating the villains. Greenspan apparently figured that out long ago.

        1. That’s a terrifying observation.

          1. If I had it to do over I might take a shot at being Ellsworth Toohey.

            It would take incredible self-control I probably don’t possess, but it would be an interesting long con to try to run.

    2. The Nameless One would have just made Greenspan cease to exist.

  20. Iran: Taking the lead on Syria

    We in Tehran have watched these developments with delight. After all, a civic movement demanding the same things that many Arabs want today is what led to the emergence of our Islamic Republic in 1979. During the past three decades, Iran has consistently underlined that it is the duty of all governments to respect their people’s demands. We have maintained this position as the Islamic Awakening has unfolded, without any lopsided shifts depending on the location of these civic movements. We have been in favor of change to meet people’s demands, whether in Syria or Egypt or anywhere else.

  21. Hatebreed fucking sucks, and any genre that ends with -core fucking sucks even more. And that includes hardcore.

    Everyone likes Seasick Steve, though, I hope.

    1. God fucking damn it, broken shitty fucking preview.


    2. What’s with all the hat, Warty? And really, you’re going to condemn hardcore?

      If we can walk together, why can’t we rock together?

      1. Hardcore fucking blows, and my hat is amazing.

        1. Don’t you think he looks cute in that hat?

          1. And these little pants, this matching tie … why, he’s super!

    3. Dude, emocore is awesome.

    4. Hatebreed fucking sucks, and any genre that ends with -core fucking sucks even more. And that includes hardcore.

      That’s why I only listen to John Denver cover bands.

      1. Hippiecore?

  22. a female officer “forcibly removed” a tampon from Tarantino. Presumably, the cops were looking for drugs, but the lawsuit notes that a drug-sniffing dog was never called in,

    That was one happy dog.

    1. Obviously not a dog person, eh Icey?

  23. Why Too Many U.S. Federal Employees Are Tax Cheats and Rule Breakers

    Now, it may surprise many government leaders to learn that generous pay and benefits don’t predict a great workplace. Federal workers are generally well compensated and receive more vacation days and better healthcare and retirement packages than many private sector employees — yet they remain disengaged and work within a growing culture of rule breaking.

    Bluntly, incidents of rule breaking, and now serious tax evasion, by federal employees will never get fixed until the government creates an engaged workplace with engaged employees. The government’s biggest problem right now is failed management practices, pure and simple.

    yeah, we just need better top men management.

    1. They just need to make pass a law that says anyone who cheats on their taxes loses their security clearance and is fired.

      1. John, why do you hate Tim Geithner?

    2. there really are so many rules that it is damned near impossible to keep tabs on all of them. I’m sure the average defense employee breaks rules once an hour.

    3. Out of the enormous amounts of bullshit that comes out of the mouths of liberals, the biggest bunch of bullshit of all is their claim about how much they love paying taxes. They hate it just as much as everyone else in the world does.

    4. The civil service is rife with management training programs. Funny how none of them seem to work that well.

  24. Yikes!

    A woman was arrested in Oslo on Thursday after walking out of a shopping centre with a 42-inch flat screen television between her legs.


    1. There’s a cop down in Florida who could have helped them with that collar.

    2. You have no idea how disappointed I am that there is no picture.

  25. Thought you guys might love this:

    Florida Cop Shoots Other Cop’s Finger Off in SWAT Raid, Gets Promotion.


    1. Well, I guess they needed to get him off the streets!

    2. Helping another officer reach the nirvana of worker’s comp is an honor.

      Mama Compensation

    3. Apparently they don’t teach target identification in Orlando.

      1. He saw an AR-15!!1! Just like the one all of his buddies carry.

  26. Firday’s hipster beatdown

    Today, I saw a birthday candle-armed, red bearded, artisanal oxygen connoisseur playing the washboard on Avenue U in real Brooklyn in hopes on teaching the non-attention seeking Italians, Russians, Chinese and Mexicans a little bit of culdesacian culture. So I shoved his fedora hat down his throat, dragged him by his unique Converse sneakers to Meats Supreme and ran his emaciated face through the deli slicer like a loaf of mortadella. End of story.

  27. The new linking system sucks, where in this mess is the part about hatebreed found?

    “The metalcore band Hatebreed wants an apology from CNN, who mistakenly included them in a segment about hatecore and the Sikh temple shooting.”

    The link just goes to another Reason article which links to an article about CNN sucking, but nothing about Hatebreed or an apology.

  28. I’m surprised Obama doesn’t get called out on making a strong anti-gay marriage statement several years ago. Does anyone really think he told the truth either time? He doesn’t give a shit, and he’s not taking any affirmative steps, other than running his mouth, to change anything.

    1. Calling him out would require him granting an interview to anything but the state run media.

    2. But running his mouth is how he inspires us, and by inspiring us we can become the change we want! If he didn’t say things we liked, nothing in the world could ever be good since no one would want good things anymore!

      1. 1. The economy is solely and entirely based on consumer confidence.
        2. Hope and change make consumers supremely confident.
        3. Profit!

        And he freed the gays!

    3. But Republicans are worse! Trust me, I’ve had this conversation. The ‘Republicans hate the gheys’ meme is so firmly ensconced in the minds of most of the GLBT I know that you can’t drive it out with a sledgehammer.

      The exceptions? The ones who own their own businesses. They aren’t so fond of Democrats or Obama. Funny how that works.

      1. Like either candidate is going to do a damned thing–besides tossing out platitudes–to change the laws around abortion, gay marriage, or any other hot button fluff issue.

        Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Anyone who votes for anything other than the economy (and reduced government in the case of Johnson voters, but most people don’t get that) this time around is also a fool. Even leftie state-lovers have to see that a weak economy will ultimately mean fewer goodies to dole out to favored constituencies.

        1. Well, it’s just anpother manifestation of TEAM. When TEAM ASSHAT spends all of it’s time demonizing TEAM TWAFFLE, and vice versa, supporters internalize that. TEAM (X) is evil! I can’t possibly vote for TEAM (X), even if they’re right on the issues I care most about.

          TEAM trumps all, man.

          1. We are hard wired to be tribal.

            1. Perhaps we should try different tribes, then.

              1. Figures that you would be on TEAM DO SOMETHING ELSE!

  29. OT: I’ve been listening to the Gosdin Brothers alot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_y4iZTCRrQ

    Great Bakersfield late-1960s country vibe – they worked with various musicians – some who became the Byrds or members of the Flying Burrito Brothers.

    and another OT, I finished up my EICO HF-60 tube amplifiers:

    1. I will have to listen to that. I go back and forth about the Gram Parsons’ Byrds and Burrito Brothers. I like some of their music well enough. But then I listen to what Willie Nelson was doing in the late 60s and early 70s and think, Parsons and company were a bunch of hippie white guys faking it.

      1. I had a spell of being a big Gram Parsons fan – on a side note check out his 1966 International Submarine Band which predated the Byrds country movement – but I eventually tired of that sort of rock/hippie/country sound.

        The Gosdin Brothers are definitely more on the Country side – they were around since the 1950s when they were doing Louvin Brothers covers.

        1. I had the same spell. I still like Sweet Heart of the Rodeo. But listen to Yesterday’s Wine, Phases and Stages and Shotgun Willie sometime. Those are the three classic early 70s Willie Nelson records. After you listen to them you can’t help but think “this is what Parsons wanted to sound like but just didn’t have the talent and feel for the music to pull off”.

          1. will do – I have a few Willie albums – he was a favorite of my mothers, so I heard him plenty growing up.

            1. People always say being the Who’s road manager was the worst job in music in the 1970s. I think being Willie Nelson’s AR man had to be a close second. Yeserday’s Wine is a concept record about God, having already sent the perfect man to earth, now sending the imperfect man in the form of a musician. No shit. He recorded it in 1970. Can you imagine going to a record lable in the days of Stand By Your Man and George Jones and telling him you are going to do that? The record sold about thousand copies in the first few years after its released. But is now considered a classic. I would love to have seen the WTF look on the AR guys’ face when Willie told him he had to sell that record.

  30. Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges
    James Hayes Jr., who now is New York’s top Homeland Security cop, claims Napolitano filled top spots in Washington, D.C., with two of her gal pals who were bent on tormenting male employees.


    1. he suit identified them as Dora Schriro, who is now running the city Department of Correction, and Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
      Soon after Schriro and Barr were hired in January 2009, male staffers were treated like lapdogs, Hayes claims.
      Barr “moved the entire contents of the offices of three employees, including name plates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters,” the suit says.
      Barr also stole a male staffer’s BlackBerry and fired off a message to his female supervisor indicating that he “had a crush on [her] and fantasized about her,” Hayes claims.
      Sometimes, Barr took a more direct approach. In one case, she called a male colleague in his hotel room and screamed at him using sexually humiliating language, the suit says.
      Hayes claims that after he reported the abuse to the Equal Employment Opportunity office, Napolitano launched a series of misconduct investigations against him.

    2. I’m sure the Jezzie’s would love to give her an award for these women’s efforts.

  31. “It will pay a 7.5 million dollar fine and avoid prosecution. No executives had to take any personal responsibility.”

    Police style immunity? Except for the fine, of course.

    1. Police don’t pay civil rights lawsuit awards : taxpayers do :: Execs don’t pay fines for setting bad corporate policies : shareholders do

      I’d say the analogy holds true.

  32. “After days of silence on Harry Reid’s disputed claim that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for a decade, a top aide finally spilled details on the supposed source of the allegation — only to issue a wholesale retraction of those details by Thursday evening”


    1. “”This person is an investor in Bain Capital, a Republican also, and somebody … who has been dealing with Romney’s company for a long, long time and he has direct knowledge on this,” Parra said.

      However, after some media attention on Parra’s radio interview, Parra issued a statement to The Huffington Post taking those remarks back.
      “I do not know the party affiliation of the source, how long he invested with Bain, or his relationship to Romney beyond the fact that he was an investor with Bain Capital, as Senator Reid has previously stated,” he said.

      1. Romney ought to file a slander suit just for the discovery.

        1. Then Team Blue will scream about that distraction from “the real issues”.

        2. Kind of like what Sheldon Adelson is doing to the National Jewish Democratic Council right now.

      2. I’ve owned MSFT for a long, long time. You wouldn’t believe what I could tell you about Bill Gates’ tax returns!

      3. Saul Alinsky anyone?

      4. Does anyone believe that if Romney really hadn’t paid his taxes for 10 years that Obama’s IRS wouldn’t be filing charges and seizing his assets already?

        1. It’s not like anyone would care that he’s using his office to destroy a political opponent either.

          1. What’s the point of having power if you aren’t going to abuse it?

  33. That Mitt Romney sure is a giant asshole. self-financing a rental tenant who was without a job at the time the money to buy a rental house.

    The result was a rare Romney flop: The housing market soon collapsed, and he was stuck renting out the houses for years before unloading them, mostly at a loss, in the late 1990s, according to property records. The renters were offered the first chance to buy, but the Stampses could not qualify for a mortgage, recalled Mr. Stamps, who at the time had recently lost his job at an oil company.

    “Then I got this phone call, personally, from Mr. Romney, asking if we really wanted to buy the house,” Mr. Stamps, 63, said in an interview the other day at the barbershop he now runs. “I said, yes we did. And he said he would loan us the money. He really helped us when we needed it.”

    Note: I don’t think this weighs on his ability to be President at all, but I’m starting to get the sense that he is genuinely not an asshole at least 50% of the time.

    1. Read this yesterday, and the comments are enough to convince me that about 45% of the population is insane.

    2. and Mitt Romney helped locate missing teen daughter of Bain Capital partner

    3. Like most Mormons, I am sure he is a wonderfully cheerful and nice guy.

      1. probably annoyingly so. /broody Dutch guy

        1. Incredibly annoyingly so. /sullen German guy awarded honorary Finn status for achievements in sullenness

          1. my wife is half-Irish / half-Finnish. It’s like Fire-ampersand-Ice plus a love for alcohol.

            1. I imagine you don’t ever want to make her angry.

              1. Brett, that’s generally good strategy with every woman.

                1. I dated one who was so passive it was just boring. But then, I’m Irish. If we’re not fighting and/or fucking, she must not love me. It’s the mix of Irish temper with Finnish grudge holding that frightens me.

          2. Damn – that takes some serious sullenness.

    4. HOnestly anyone who looks at any President we have had in my adult life and says they weren’t generally good people in their personal lives is just a partaisan hack.

      Regardless of what you think of their politics they all seem to be genuinely decent and caring human beings and distinctly different from the hateful assholes present in Congressional Leadership like Pelosi and McCain.

      1. Bill C seems like he was either a great guy or a huge creep, depending on whether you were a buddy or a chubby chick he wanted to bone.

        1. I think if you were a woman anywhere near Clinton, creep would have been the operative word.

      2. I think Nixon and Obama are both just first class assholes to the souls of their beings.

  34. “Unreal? Now the Far Left Is Trying to Tie Mitt Romney to El Salvador Death Squads”


    1. Hm, yes. One, please.

      1. I’ll take the other one.

        1. Either will do for me.

    2. Thanks, sloopy.

    3. Your requested URL has been blocked by the URL Filter database module of McAfee Web Gateway. The URL is listed in categories that are not allowed by your administrator at this time.
      URL: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/ho…..478468.ece
      URL Categories: Entertainment, General News, Incidental Nudity
      Reputation: Minimal Risk
      Media Type:

      1. Well, this is what you miss when you are forced to troll the Daily Fail.

        You also miss hardcore breaking news like this piece here.

        And of course, the greatest newspaper page in the world: the Sun’s (NSFW) Page 3.

    4. God I love Spanish women. And Latin women in general. Ok just women in general, but especially those groups!

  35. They weren’t real pitchforks though.

    Martha Boneta, owner of Liberty Farms in the northern village of Paris, was threatened with nearly $5,000 in fines when for selling produce and crafts and throwing unlicensed events, including a birthday party for her best friend’s child. She told FoxNews.com she wasn’t doing anything are farmers haven’t done for generations, and at a recent zoning board meeting, her agrarian friends literally showed up with pitchforks to show their support.

    1. I’m totally getting together a torches and pitchforks rally next spring when the lege is in town again. But real pitchforks and torches.

  36. We’ve all got to pull together for Barack… and the future.

    That one colleague that quite doesn’t understand health reform and what it does for them — that one could be the one that puts us over the top. That could be the difference between waking up on November the 7th and asking yourself, “Could I have done more?”, or feeling the promise of four more years. That is the difference.

    1. “And think about it, as Barack has always said: It just takes one voice to change a room.”

      I’m thinking about how Joe Wilson’s one voice changed a room.

    2. The Obamas are getting kind of stalky. It’s starting to creep me out.

    1. I’m not going to read that since I like Ry Cooder’s stuff. I don’t want to ruin my listening experience with his political bullshit.

      1. I used to like “The National”, but once 2008 rolled around, they became overly political, pushing for Obama with images and songs. And then I stopped listening to them.

        “Hey, nice way to piss off nn% of your fans.” (well, maybe 1%)

        I recently listened to them again and kinda-sorta liked the music, but it didn’t hold my attention like it did earlier.

    2. Wow, the amount of arrogant idiocy coming from both sides of that interview made me want to vomit, and I only made it about halfway through.

  37. A Pro Libertate sponsored post.

    It is a question that now demands to be asked:

    What is the most libertarian sexual position? And you most offer defense of your choice.

    1. Somebody should pull your tampon.

      1. Tim thinks tampon pulling at gun point is the most libertarian sexual position. Does anyone agree with him?

        1. That way your monocle doesn’t fog up.

          1. You haven’t fog-proffed you monocle with the blood of innocent children yet?

            For shame!

      2. That tampon in your hoo-ha? You didn’t pull that. Someone else made that happen.

    2. Whatever I do to my indentured servants in my estate’s rapecottages is the most libertarian sex position. Do I really need to explain?

      1. Yes, I’d have to go with “exploiting a servant half your age while wearing a monocle and smoking a cigar”.

        When the creepy art collector in Girl with Pearl Earring cops a feel on Scarjo while she’s hanging the laundry, that’s a high point in libertarian sex right there.

        OK, have I officially won the “most offensive post in thread” contest? This is some of my best work. I predict this quote appears in a Mary YouTube video.

        1. Does she stand there pouting afterwards? Or does she stand there pouting?

    3. What is the most libertarian sexual position?

      Besides those involving auto-eroticism, may we suppose?

      1. “What is the most libertarian sexual position?”

        fap, fap, fap?

    4. Masturbation.

      It’s cheap, lonley, self satisfying, and selfish

      1. lonely? Not as long as H+R exists

        1. Hey now, no fapping and commenting at the same time!

    5. Libertarian mores do not apply in sexual situations. There is always a giver and a receiver, a dominant and a submissive. Not that those roles can’t be swapped several times during an encounter, of course.

      1. Look for Restoras’ new novel, The Girl With The Pedant Tattoo, coming this fall to a bookstore near you.

        1. *sheepishly slinks away, head bowed in shame*

          1. Seriously, though… You should write that. There is a huge market for severe girls who “correct” rich and powerful men humorlessly. You could call it Grey Can Be Discerned In Vastly More Than Just Fifty Shades.

    6. “I’ll be in my bunk”

    7. What is the most libertarian sexual position?

      Whatever it is, it involves both Koch brothers and takes place in a sweat shop in Somalia.

      1. Money condoms.

        1. Hardly. Jizz-mop slaves.

    8. Mutual oral stimulation–a direct exchange of value to each participant.

    9. The exact position doesn’t matter as long you’re wearing a top hat and monocle, and you pull out and blow your wad onto a large pile of gold bars or coins (not that worthless fiat money), giving new meaning to the term “money shot”.

      1. I just use $100s as jizz rags.

    10. What is the most libertarian sexual position?

      That thing the one-legged illegal Mexican whore does for me while hanging upside down in the girls’ bathroom at the charter school my daughter attends.

      1. Shoots you in the nuts with an unregistered .44 Mag while climaxing, yeah that’s the one I like the best too.

        But, besides that, it’s ass to ass.

    11. Ummm…the one you get to pay for, legally???

      /not from experience

  38. Mizzou coach runs off two coeds for being “too distracting” at football practice. Pics included. Not bad Mizzou.

    1. Any girl who does stair sprints is highly likely to have a great ass. It’s a Law of Nature.

      1. It is earned.

      2. Also, bouncing boobies!

    2. FTA:If anything, coach Gary Pinkel should welcome all coeds into the stadium during practice to run the stairs, jump up and down and cheer, sip mixed drinks in tents with chandeliers, yell “Hotty Toddy,” whatever.

      Pretty much. If they’re distracted by two, god knows what’ll happen when the stadium is half full of them.

      1. The only way that happens at Mizzou is when they play SEC teams that travel well.

        1. Sure, but they’re playing in Gainesville this year.

          1. They’re so fucked. I can’t tell you how delighted I am that Mizzou and TAMU are going to be the whipping boys of the SEC. I can’t wait to see Vandy lay a 4 TD beatdown on Missou. Same with Miss St and TAMU.

    3. Does anyone outside the media still use the word “coeds?”

        1. So it’s a deliberate archaism?

      1. Does porn count as media?

      2. Do porn titlers count as media?

  39. The metalcore band Hatebreed wants an apology from CNN, who mistakenly included them in a segment about hatecore and the Sikh temple shooting.

    B-b-but… Hatebreed! It’s right there in their name! Surely you don’t expect the research interns at CNN to actually, I don’t know, listen to the music before deciding that they’re a “hatecore” band, do you?

    Also, advice to Hatebreed: don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from those cocksuckers. I recommend getting a good lawyer. That’s the only thing those walking diaper stains respond to.

    1. Or, you know, they could just be old Misfits fans.

  40. Dearborn? A Catholic priest accused of driving through the city in the nude while intoxicated last week told the officer who pulled him over that he liked “to drive around naked,” according to a police report.


    1. A man can’t have hobbies?

    2. Him and Randy Travis should start a club.

    3. Is drunk nude driving becoming a trend? It is time to write a pearl-clutching trend piece? or time to agitate that it be made an Olympic sport?

      The Drunk Olympics is a great idea. All same sports you just have to have a blood alcohol of 0.12. Javelin? Hilarious. BMX? Finally watchable.

      And there’s not set route for the marathon. We just hook them all up with pedometers and the first to stumble around the city for 26 miles is the winner.

      1. in my prime, i’d like to think i’d be competitive in such a marathon. wouldn’t medal b/c I’d stop to talk to too many people.

      2. Drunken soccer might be worth watching.

      3. There should be a set course for the marathon. Just make it a 26 mile pub crawl. I guarantee I will medal in a drunken marathon/pub crawl.

        1. With you, my friend, it would literally be a crawl.

          BTW, we’re gonna be down Monday night. I’ll let you know where as soon as I know.

        2. I like the Irish team in drunken pub crawl.

      4. I think I’ve done that walking home from the bar the wrong way before.

      5. Back in my college days we had a Drunk Olympics. Some of the events: Shotgun a beer then ride a tricycle, this was done for 5 laps. The Three Legged Keg Roll. Mud Wrestling. There were a bunch more that for some reason I can’t remember.

        1. Are you sure that wasn’t commencement?

      6. The University of Michigan had a Naked Mile yearly for over a decade. Not quite a marathon, but easier to do while drunk.

        1. I did a beer mile on the track once. Drink a beer run a lap x 4. Puking was grounds for disqualification.

          1. A lot depends on the beer doesn’t it?

            1. Light cheap and domestic keg bear, slightly warm. There was a definite tradeoff between how fast you drank the beer and how fast your ran.

          2. I have a beer run coming up in a few weeks. Only a 4k, but you have to chug after each k. No puking.

      7. There’s always Beer Golf. It has only one rule: Drink a beer, remove a stroke. It works like a charm the first few holes.

      8. If you recall Takashi from Revenge of the Nerds already mastered the cycling technique, but would probably be disqualified for doping in such an Olympics.

  41. Wounded police officers sue dead man’s mother. The mother owned the house the her son lived in. The officers were wounded in a shoot out with the dead son while serving a warrant. The son was killed in the shoot out.


    As far as I can tell, the mother has not been charged with any crime despite the officers alleging she “indirectly supported and facilitated” her son’s criminal activity.

    1. wow… just wow… So I guess that puts everyone who rents out their property in jeopardy in case their renters turn out to be criminals and do illegal activities.

      1. Actually they kind of already are, that’s just one of the reason why they rental property owners have to carry so much liability insurance.

        Remember, one of the primary rules of liability suits is that if something bad happened to someone then someone must be made to pay for it, whether that person is actually at fault or not.

        For example 2 brothers I went to highschool with thought it would be a brilliant idea to climb a 12′ high barb wire topped fence then scale a power transmission line tower, then have a race down the wires to see who could get to the next tower first. One of them however hit a spot in the wire where the insulation had worn off and 50,000 volts arced through him down to the ground.

        Somehow he survived but lost his right arm and had quite a few other injuries, then he sued the power company for the damages he sustained, and won a judgement against them for $20,000 + medical costs.

        The electric company obviously had no culpability in it just like this woman has none, but something bad happened and so someone must be made to pay.

        1. NH at one time (I’m not sure if this still exists) did not allow liability claims (or limited liability, I don’t remember clearly) if the injured party was doing something illegal.

          I read about it shortly after I moved to NH. Some folks riding four wheelers at night knowingly trespassed on some else’s property. There was a sand pit on the property. The folks didn’t know about the sand pit, and drove right into it. They were injured. They sued. The property owners won a dismissal of the suit because the folks on the four wheelers were trespassing.

          1. and that’s the way it should be. You get injured breaking into my house, fuck you! you deserve it! I ain’t paying shit, and you should have to pay for damages to my property and cleanup

    2. Is there no low that cops won’t sink to?

      1. there’s a race to the bottom. not sure what the winner gets. But us (the losers) get a jackboot in the face over and over again.

  42. “Candidate Obama repeatedly promised premiums would go down by $2,500 — and would go down that amount by this year. Yet while candidate Obama promised that premiums would go DOWN by $2,500, they actually have gone UP by nearly as much — from $12,680 in 2008 to $15,073 in 2011.”


  43. and the president says even though he opposes the ban on gay scouts he won’t step down as honorary chair of the organization. Not as brave as the ten year olds who quit in protest I guess?

    He’s counting on the oft-proven fact that the Hate Frenzy will never turn on him.

  44. Traci Lynn Johnson: all class.

    1. I’m not usually on TEAM SAMMITCH, but that girl really needs a sammitch.

      1. Lord yes. Imagine how hot she’d be with boobs and enough padding that her pubic bone wasn’t stabbing you during sex.

    2. Tiki strikes me as especially stupid in this case.

      The wife will extract her metric ton of flesh at the divorce and the scarecrow will be dumping his ass soon for the next piece of fresh meat with a wad of cash, to come along.


      1. I’ve hated that fussy metro the first time I ever heard him speak.

  45. Ok, so I have an idea for a new series of Johnson Campaign Ads.

    They are in the style of attack ads against Johnson for a new candidate for President by the name of…

    Bush O’Bamney

    The would go something like this….

    Gary Johnson says he is for fiscal resoponsibility but he wants to cut government spending to just what is collected in tax revenues. Bush O’bamney disagrees, he promises to continue the spendthrift policies that have been so successful for the last 12 years.

    Gary Johnson says he wants to end the war on drugs and stop locking up young men who have harmed no one. Not Bush O’bamney, he’s not afraid to be tough on crime, Bush O’Bamney promises to double the number of arrests in just 4 years even if it means finding whole new categories of crimes to arrest people for. Vote Bush O’Bamney and make sure that every child can rest soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that her father is safely locked behind bars.

    Gary Johnson says he wants to cut our military budget and stop fighting wars of choice. Not Bush O’Bamney, he recognizes the world is a dangerous place. Bush O’Bamney promises not to rest until the world has been made safe for American Hegemony.

    And so on

    1. That would be a disaster. Most people think only criminals get locked up. The few people who understand that is not true are most black and are voting for Obama no matter what. And most people want America to be the biggest and badest nation on earth. The few who don’t are mostly brain dead leftists who are voting for Obama no matter what.

    2. Add in something about drones, please.

  46. Not as brave as the ten year olds who quit in protest I guess?

    Are 10 year olds who quit the scouts because they don’t accept gays really to be considered “brave”? Or shouldn’t we attribute this move away from the scouts as doing the bidding of his parents?

    1. Its not like they are going to ostracized or punsihed for quitting the BSA – where is the “bravery” when you face no consequences?

  47. HOnestly anyone who looks at any President we have had in my adult life and says they weren’t generally good people in their personal lives is just a partaisan hack.

    Regardless of what you think of their politics they all seem to be genuinely decent and caring human beings

    I think the relatives of the people assassinated by drones because Obama put a hit out on them would disagree.

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