A.M. Links: Texas Executes Marvin Wilson, U.S. Helps Vietnam with Agent Orange Clean-Up, Ben Bernanke Says Europe Needs a Fed


smells like

Texas executed Marvin Wilson last night, whose IQ tested at about 60.

Did you participate in National Night Out? The event meant to build community-police relations was canceled in Anaheim.

The United States  helps Vietnam clean up the Agent Orange the U.S. dumped during the war, the first time the U.S. has done so.

The Chick-Fil-A employee berated at a drive thru window during Chick-Fil-A appreciation day forgives her harasser.

Ben Bernanke says Europe needs its own Fed, to make the EU's fiscal situation mirror America's more closely.

Jimmy Carter gets a primetime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. He'll be speaking over video link, maybe so they can cut him off if he goes off script?

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  1. I love the smell of links in the morning.

    1. Is that how you’re able to get first comment? By smelling them before they’re posted?

      1. It’s my mutant ability.

        Smells like… FIRST!

        1. So you are really the “First” of Etiquette?

        2. So you are really the “First” of Etiquette?

          1. And you’re Ptah-Hotep Two Times. Two Times.

            I used to change my name to that every once in a while when getting first, but alas registration has made that impractical.

            1. I would blame the squirrels, but this was all me. I am off for coffee.

              1. I am off for coffee.

                I’m coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

    2. this would’ve been the perfect alt-text

      1. Charlie Don’t Surf, live in Japan!

  2. Fuck the police…

    1. Sorry, but I’m not getting any schadenfreude off that link.

      1. I’m thinking sarc gets a vicarious pleasure from that story, fantasizing himself as Jerry Lard. Correct me if I am mistaken.

        1. You stand uncorrected.

          1. I didn’t want to dignify Tibbs’ stupidity with a response.

            Yeah, I fantasize about being on death row.

            That’s industrial strength stupid.

            1. You fantasize about killing cops. That’s clear enough from your choice of links and your subsequent defense of it. So I stand by my assertion that you get a vicarious thrill out of the murder of a cop. You posted it. Own it.

    2. WTF, sarcasmic? What happened to that cop is just awful.

      I despise cruel and/or dirty cops (and their enablers) as much as anybody, but I feel awful for this guy who was murdered for no good reason whatsoever.

      1. I despise cruel and/or dirty cops (and their enablers) as much as anybody

        What else is there?

        Show me a cop and I’ll show you a cruel and/or dirty cop, or a cop who looks the other way.

        I despise them all.

        1. 10 times out of 10, I side with the injured person begging for their life over the scumbag prancing around yelling ‘What you got, b****?’.

          1. It’s nice to see that there are at least three decent people here, willing to challenge sarc’s blind hatred. But only three? Actually, it’s kind of depressing. The others, by their silence…

            1. The others, by their silence…

              That’s almost as stupid as something sarc would say.

              1. Then denounce what he linked, and the pleasure he takes in the murder of another human being. Go ahead. Now’s your chance.

                1. lack of sympathy != pleasure

                2. Tibbs — I think T o n y said something stupid on the board Monday that you failed to refute. What the fuck kind of monster are you?

                  1. Oh, and then there was this one time when somebody said Hitler wasn’t all bad. Where were you then, Tibbs? You some kind of Nazi?

                    1. Oh, and: sarcasmic, I denounce thee! I denounce thee! I denounce thee!
                      (And then I throw dog poopy on his shoes.)

                  2. Tibbs — I think T o n y said something stupid on the board Monday that you failed to refute.

                    If I had been there and seen it, and if it was as vile as what sarc posted, I would have challenged it. Isn’t that the whole idea of a forum? Or is this place solely a means of venting one’s personal hatreds, not a forum but a modern-day vomitorium?

                    1. Sheesh, what’s with all the hand-wringing about The State of the Reason Boards lately?

                    2. So Tibbs. You feel compelled to respond to and refute every vile remark you encounter in a day? Jesus. You must have a lot more time on your hands than most of us. And frankly, I don’t really want to read, piecemeal, all your vile-remark rebuttals, which must number, what, in the tens of thousands? But maybe, when you collect them all, I’ll read your book.

                    3. feel compelled to respond to and refute every vile remark you encounter?

                      Nope, just the most vicious, when I’m there and taking part in this grand libertarian forum of ideas.

          2. How many people has this guy clubbed into submission, or terrorized by pointing a gun to their head and threatening to kill them?

            How many people are rotting in jail because he falsified reports and lied in court?

            Sorry, but I have no sympathy for any cop. None. Zippo. They’re all scum as far as I’m concerned.

            1. Because the worst fucking way to fight your enemies is to be exactly like them. Like those warmongers who think it’s OK that we torture because people like Saddam also tortured. Yeah, there’s a good argument. That’ll surely win hearts minds.

              1. I don’t see sarc out there shooting any cops.

              2. I’m not advocating that people shoot cops.

                I’m just saying “fuck them” when someone does.

                1. I’m not advocating that people shoot cops.

                  I’m just saying “fuck them” when someone does.

                  You have a problem.

                  How many people has this guy clubbed into submission, or terrorized by pointing a gun to their head and threatening to kill them?

                  None, unless you prove otherwise.

                  How many people are rotting in jail because he falsified reports and lied in court?

                  None, unless you prove otherwise.

                  Sorry, but I have no sympathy for any cop. None. Zippo. They’re all scum as far as I’m concerned.

                  Collectivism FTL. Fuck you, mac.

                2. I’m not advocating that people shoot cops. I’m just saying “fuck them” when someone does.

                  This reminds me of the commenter who called himself “The Fatman” who, a few weeks ago, insisted that he did not want to see all of New York City annihilated by a nuclear blast, but if it did happen, he wouldn’t be sad about it.

            2. How many people has this guy clubbed into submission, or terrorized by pointing a gun to their head and threatening to kill them?

              None that I have been made aware of.

              How many people are rotting in jail because he falsified reports and lied in court?

              Again, none that I have been made aware of.

              Sorry, but I have no sympathy for any cop. None. Zippo. They’re all scum as far as I’m concerned.

              I have sympathy for anybody who was murdered the way this man was in an unprovoked attack.

              Look, I despise the culture of corruption that exists in American police departments. I hate the overall air of superiority and the double-standard that goes right along with it. But that doesn’t prevent me from being sad for a man that was brutally murdered for no reason whatsoever.

              I like you, sarcasmic. And you’re almost always right when it comes to cop stories on here. But in this case, I just can’t share your feelings.

              1. I have sympathy for anybody who was murdered the way this man was in an unprovoked attack.

                Live by the gun, die by the gun.

                Sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

                1. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

                  Sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

                  Do you say the same thing about United States Armed Services Members?

                  Just curious.

                  1. Do you say the same thing about United States Armed Services Members?

                    No. I trust their motivation. They truly believe they are doing something good.
                    Cops on the other hand are are glorified bullies. Fuck them.

                    1. It is interesting that you say that the police are all monsters and glorified bullies…but you don’t advocate anyone shoot them.

                      Why is that? If they are truly the evil beings you claim they are, you should be relishing their deaths and wishing for me.

                      Sounds to me like you lack the courage of your own tuff gai convictions.

                    2. No. I trust their motivation. They truly believe they are doing something good.

                      So do the soldiers in Assad’s army…as did many of the German SS officers in WWII, the Soviet Secret Police and the NVA’s running prison camps. I don’t think saying one “believes they are doing good” necessarily qualifies them for revelry. They should be judged by their acts or refusal to act when they see a bad thing happen at the hands of a fellow officer/soldier/etc.

                      Cops on the other hand are are glorified bullies. Fuck them.

                      As a rule, I would agree with this. But it doesn’t change the fact that we should still judge them individually. I look at all cops skeptically, but reserve judgement until I see their actions.

                    3. I don’t think saying one “believes they are doing good” necessarily qualifies them for revelry.

                      That wasn’t the question. The question was if I have the same lack of empathy for them when they are killed as I have for cops.

                      I look at all cops skeptically, but reserve judgement until I see their actions.

                      I used to, but I’m at a point now where I just don’t care. Fuck them.

                      I believe in good cops as much as I believe in rainbow farting unicorns.

                    4. That wasn’t the question. The question was if I have the same lack of empathy for them when they are killed as I have for cops.

                      That was not really the question. The question was whether you think those who participate in violence deserve to die by violence.

                      Of course, you still lack the courage to ascribe any sense of desert to the police (or Armed Forces Members).

            3. How many people has this guy clubbed into submission, or terrorized by pointing a gun to their head and threatening to kill them?

              How many people are rotting in jail because he falsified reports and lied in court?

              Tell us, oh wise one. Oh, you can’t? Because you didn’t know him or anything about him? Guilt by association, then? He deserved to die, because he was a cop? Nice collectivist ethics you have there.

              1. I think sloop’s OP is excessive, but this isn’t a case of collectivist ethics.

                If the laws of the US are unjust, each and every police officer makes an individual moral choice to undertake violence in defense of those unjust laws. And they make it anew every morning when they punch in.

                I don’t think the situation today is nearly bad enough to justify anti-police violence. But if things got worse and I did think it, it wouldn’t be “collectivist ethics” to regard all active defenders of the established order as individually complicit. That’s the risk you run when you work for the state – that you tangle your own moral status up with the state’s.

                1. Sorry, sarcasmic’s OP. Not Sloop’s. My bad.

                2. I generally concur with your stance here, Fluffy.

                  However, that is not sarcasmic’s stance here. If the laws of the United States are that unjust, then he should be advocating and applauding the deaths of police officers.

                  He’s not doing that, though. Primarily because he’s scared to.

                  Even if that were his stance, there is plenty to quibble with within this scenario. If there were a general and open revolution going on, I think that would be one thing, but each instance of a murderous bastard killing police officers during routine and unoffensive traffic stops is not a blow for Liberty, and it likely never will be even if we reach the point you are talking about.

                  1. killing police officers…is not a blow for Liberty

                    Sarcasmic thinks it is, but he is an anarchist. This is what he actually believes.

      2. The one weird thing about this story to me is where it says that they stopped the car because one officer “suspected the car was uninsured”.

        How do you know by looking at a car that it’s uninsured?

        1. How do you know by looking at a car that it’s uninsured?

          You don’t. Which means the cop was making shit up.

          1. Authorities said Schmidt was patrolling the Delta community of some 7,000 Tuesday night and pulled over Keith Elumbaugh, 33, of Trumann, after discovering through a license plate check that the car’s insurance wasn’t up to date. Overstreet arrived a few minutes later.

            From here.

            It is as if you are not even interested in the truth.

            1. “The accusation: he violated the town’s leash law with his ex-girlfriend’s dog, a Jack Russell terrier and Chihuahua mix named Rascal.”
              Also, Arkansas must have some kind of insurance-reporting requirement that links to registration. I’m unfamiliar with the system.
              I’m pretty sure we don’t have than in Ohio, which is why we’re required to carry an up-to-date proof of insurance card in the car.

              1. Also, I hereby denounce leash laws, ex-girlfriends and Chihuahuas.

              2. You probably do have that in Ohio and just don’t know it. Every state I’ve lived in that I can remember has a reporting system for insurance companies to report out of date insurance or a policy cancellation to the DMV. I actually got burned with an expired insurance (and therefore a suspended license) in Suffolk, VA once because my ex-wife (we were going through the divorce at the time) took me off the insurance and never sent me the letter saying I had to get it or my license would be suspended. And yes, I got pulled over when they randomly ran my plates while driving down the road.

                By the way, it looks like what led to this guy being killed was the municipality’s chase after revenue, not real lawbreaking. The killer should be put down ASAP, but the system in place caused the stop in the first place.

                1. did you get the SR22 requirement on your record for 3 yrs? same as convicted felons who commit their crime while driving. hilarious statute we have here in the Commonwealth.

                  1. The judge actually let me plead no contest to the reduced charge of “improper driving” for both charges when I provided a notarized letter from my ex-wife saying she did it and forgot (yeah, right!) to notify me. It still cost me about $600 but no hike in insurance and no SR22.

            2. First off, I think randomly running plates ought to be illegal under the 4A. This cop never should have put himself in the position he did.

              However, that is no grounds for him to be killed. Change the culture and law of what constitutes illegal search and seizure and then hold cops accountable when they pull people over that have not committed a crime in their presence. Murdering them in cold blood is about as far from the solution as you can get. I hope they fry this fucker as soon as possible.

              1. However, that is no grounds for him to be killed.

                I never said it was.

                I just have no sympathy for a dead cop.

                I have sympathy for his family, but not for him. I just can’t do it.

                Change the culture…

                Not going to happen. People seek out a job that involves carrying a club and a gun because they want to club people and shoot people. Not just people, but citizens. Not enemy combatants, but citizens. Women and children even.

                Fuck them.

                1. I never said it was.

                  No, you never did say it, but it is pretty apparent you believe it but you are afraid to say so.

                  1. And it is pretty apparent that you give blowjobs to police but you are afraid to say so.
                    Now prove that I am wrong.
                    You can’t.
                    Therefore I am right.

                    1. There is no statement I have said from which such an implication could be drawn.

                      You, however, have called the police “monsters”, “bullies”, and yet you persist in merely demurring on whether you think they deserve to be killed. You refuse to point-blank state your position on the subject.

                      Coward. If you believe the police should be killed, stand up and say so. Don’t hide behind “I never SAID they shouldn’t be killed”. We know. That doesn’t mean you don’t think it.

                    2. You used the word “monster”, not me.

                      You refuse to point-blank state your position on the subject.


                      Translation: Oh yeah? I dare ya! I double dog dare ya! Chicken! Chicken!

                      sarcy don’t play dat

                2. People seek out a job that involves carrying a club and a gun because they want to club people and shoot people.

                  Do soldiers? Do armed security guards? Do bodyguards?

                  Change the culture that permits criminal behavior at the hands of cops and the behavior most likely goes away. Kill the unions, get rid of immunity and make all officers wear cameras every minute they are on duty.

                  1. Kill the unions, get rid of immunity and make all officers wear cameras every minute they are on duty.

                    That might do it, but it will also never happen.

    3. There are ways to fight the police state without this kind of stuff. We don’t need to draw blood,; that’s what they do.

    4. I don’t understand the other officer’s reaction. Why did he not take out the shooter before trying to aid his colleague? That made no sense.

      1. The shooter had a gun and was dangerous. No cop is going to go after anyone like that with anything less than a full battalion of SWAT behind (or better yet, in front of) them.

        1. The shooter had a gun and was dangerous. No cop is going to go after anyone like that with anything less than a full battalion of SWAT behind (or better yet, in front of) them.

          On February 12, 2007, at 6:44 PM MST, Sulejman Talovi? began a deadly shooting spree in Trolley Square resulting in the deaths of five bystanders and the shooter himself,[1] as well as the wounding of at least four others. Talovi? was described as wearing a white shirt, a tan trenchcoat and a mullet.[2] He carried both a shotgun with a pistol grip and a 38-caliber handgun with rubber grips,[3] as well as a backpack full of ammunition.[4]

          The gunman’s rampage was stopped after trading shots with off-duty police officer Kenneth Hammond of the Ogden City Police Department and Sgt. Andrew Oblad of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

          I would say you are wrong.

          1. Well your anecdotal evidence surely trumps years and years of trends to the contrary.

            1. You said NO cop would do that. I simply provided an example of not one, but two who did.

              I would not argue with you that officer safety is priority one for them, to the detriment of anyone nearby, but I would not go so far to paint all cops with the same brush.

      2. Why did he not take out the shooter before trying to aid his colleague?

        All I can think is that he thought the guy would flee as soon as he popped up. Didn’t make much sense to me either.

  3. The Romney Hood Fairy Tale
    The false, invented analysis behind Obama’s tax claims.

    As he escalates his class war re-election campaign, President Obama has taken to calling Mitt Romney’s economic plan “Robin Hood in reverse” or “Romney Hood.” The charge is that even though Mr. Romney is proposing to cut tax rates for everybody across the board, Mr. Romney will finance this by imposing a tax increase on the middle class. His evidence is a single study by the Tax Policy Center, a liberal think tank that has long opposed cutting income tax rates.

    The political left always says Daddy Warbucks gets all the tax-cut money. So this is hardly news, except that the media are treating this joint Brookings Institution and Urban Institute analysis as if it’s nonpartisan gospel. In fact, it’s a highly ideological tract based on false assumptions, incomplete data and dishonest analysis. In other words, it is custom made for the Obama campaign.

    1. you mean, Obama is being dishonest???? But, but, but.. Racist.

    2. Obama’s latest commercial involves a steel worker who was laid off because of Bain Capital five years after Romney left. The guys’ wife had health insurance for two years after he was laid off. The wife ended up with cancer, no evidence that she didn’t get treated, but sadly died. And it is all Romney’s fault because he once worked for Bain capital.

      1. that ad is so blatantly dishonest that it makes everything else Obama has said sound like gospel by comparison.

        If someone genuinely believes that a major political party in the US, any party, really wants dirty air and water, people to die, kids to starve, and all the other horribles, that person is too stupid to vote.

        1. Ah, HA! An ideological test!

          1. Take his guns!

            1. No! Take the canoli! Leave the gun…

        2. If you want people to be allowed to profit and keep their earnings, then you obviously want all those things you listed.
          Profits mean dirty air and water.
          Wanting to keep your earnings means you want people to die and kids to starve, because giving money to government is the only way to prevent those things.
          Yes, Republicans are evil creatures because they want people to be allowed to make money and then keep it.

        3. At least 50% of the population are too stupid to vote, and half of the ones who aren’t are wrong in their reason for voting, or just so uniformed that they don’t know why they are voting. That is why things are so fucked up.

          And the progressives really do believe that everyone needs to be split up into groups by race, gender, age, etc., etc., and completely buy into the war against the women and children by Republicans bullshit.

      2. Obama’s latest commercial involves a steel worker who was laid off because of Bain Capital five years after Romney left.

        I think the guy was laid off in 2002, 4 years after Romney left and his wife died in 2007, five years after he was laid off.

        And she had health coverate through an employer after he was laid off from Bain.

        But it’s still Romney’s fault for not caring, or something.

        1. Should be after he was laid off when the steel mill shut down… the guy never worked directly for Bain.

          1. I’m sure that steel mill was doing just fine and in no danger of going bankrupt and shutting down before Bain came along. Right?

            1. It was a part of the vibrant, thriving US steel industry!

      3. So, I was watching the Red Sox last night via MLB Extra Innings and lo and behold President Dipshit’s ad aired. On NESN. In Deep Blue Massachusets.

        So, either MA is in play or the campaign is spending money stupidly? Given the horrendous state of things fiscally I’ll have to go with the latter.

        1. I read the other day he is only up 8 in Connecticut. Maybe that was for Connecticut and Rhode Island.

        2. Despite what all of the bullshitting pollsters tell us, he’s in deep trouble, and nobody knows it better than he does. That’s why he has starting carpet-bombing Romney everywhere so early.

        3. probably going for the southern NH market

          1. Probably going for the southern NH market

            Thinking it’s this. RCP has this as the only state possibly in play in New England. The CO +8 for Obama is the closest poll of several; if he’s lost CO, he’s pretty much done everywhere else.

            1. And by “CO”, I meant to write, “CT”. Shows how much stuff I mail to Connecticut.

              1. I personally think it’s time we turned our back on the two-letter state abbreviations.

                CT? Pish! It’s Conn!
                OH? Fuck you, it’s Ohio!

                I refuse to be cowed by the USPS’s threats of no delivery for the wrong state code.

                BTW, did you know it’s unnecessary to even put the city/state on a letter if the Zip Code is there and vice versa? Try it out. It makes the post office hand sort it and may cause a delay by a day or so, but they’ll still get it there with just the zip code or just the city/state.

        4. Just a guestimate (I do watch a lot of teevee), but it seems The Obama:Romneybot commercial ratio in Northern VA is about 2:1. I don’t know what it looks like in the rest of the Commonwealth, but you would think NoVA is an Obama lock, so why air all those ads?

          1. Because Obama is worried about his base not showing up Kristen. He has to get huge turnout in NOVA to have any chance at all of winning Virginia.

          2. Here in Florida, it’s about the same if not more Obama commercials. But FL is in play.

            1. Virginia as a whole is definitely in play, but NoVA is a serious D stronghold.

              1. An all-markets strategy makes the candidate look stronger.

                Also, the Northern Virginia (screw your NoVa) market probably gets into some of the swing counties. For instance, Prince William County went for McCain.

        5. It’s non-stop Obama and Warren ads around here lately. I’m fucking sick of seeing those two fuckwads on my teevee.

          1. I mute the Obama ads when I see them. Can’t stand the sound of his voice spewing bullshit about “investing” when what he really means is “spending”, and he doubles down with “reduce the deficit”. The whole restore the middle-class meme is hilarious given the only thing that will help the middle-class is less taxation. Surprised I haven’t seen a Warren ad on NESN – I guess she isn’t going for the sports fan vote?

            1. I mute all of em. Even the Super PAC ones that don’t feature the candidates. It’s all sickening.

            2. I can’t mute them b/c of Citizens United. All political spending must be paid attention to and obeyed according to my father-in-law who is a fucking idiot.

        6. fwiw…I am in Illinois and during the Olympics, I’ve seen Obama at least half a dozen times…in Illinois fer crissakes!

          1. Yep, seen those too. It’s an insane waste of money. It smacks of either desperation of incompetence.

            1. or. Or incompetence.

              1. I liked the original. The desperation of incompetence. Why wouldn’t the incompetent be desperate?

                1. The desperation of incompetence.

                  Sounds like a great title for a history of this Administration.

          2. Ditto for KY. An insane waste of money for the entirely opposite reason.

      4. Of course President Idiot thinks everyone is responsible for decisions made at jobs they left years ago. Doesn’t everyone have a lifetime job with tenure and guaranteed pensions?

        What do you expect from a dude who has never held a real job in his entire life, and is still blaming his predecessor for his own failures?

        Now go back to your reality TV and forget the fact that the economy only began to tank after his party took control of the 1 branch of government responsible for revenue and expenditures.

      5. That is truly atrocious. Has to rank amongst the dirtiest political ads of recent memory.

        1. In Obama’s defense, it is not from his campaign but rather from a SuperPAC unaffiliated (officially) from the campaign.

          Of course, they could denounce the despicable ad and make themselves out to be above the fray. But there’s no way in hell of that happening.

        2. The Harold Ford, “Call Me”, ad is the one that comes to mind for me, when we’re talking recent dirtiest political ads.

          Willie Horton, I guess, should be mentioned too.

    3. But Bush used attack ads!

      1. against the wrong person no doupt

        1. joez law strikes again.

    4. President Obama has taken to calling Mitt Romney’s economic plan “Robin Hood in reverse” or “Romney Hood.”

      Romney should run with this idea.

      With Obama as Sheriff John, living high on the hog while the 99%ers slowly starve to death….Until Romneyhood evens the score.

      1. No, Biden is Sheriff Joe, Obama is Prince Barry.

    5. Romney Hood? Really?! That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

      What about Robbin’ Hood?

      1. This “Hood” stuff strikes me as being … RACIST!!

        1. “If I had a son, he would look like Mitt Romney.”

          1. “If you had a son, someone else did that.”

            1. what is this, “Diary of a Cuckold?”

              1. 50 Shades of Stupid.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..z22xPCAo5v
    Mr Grandil continued: ‘French people have an uncomfortable relationship with money. Here, someone who is a self-made man, creating jobs and ending up as a millionaire, is viewed with suspicion. This is big cultural difference between France and the United States.’


    1. In fairness, in the US the rich person can always pay a penance by supporting left wing causes and selling ropes and all of that.

      1. …selling ropes…
        heh heh

    2. You’re supposed to feel superior because of your culture, not because you provide a valuable product or service!
      /rideeculous French accent!

    3. If it makes you feel any better Mr. Grandil, Block Yomomma is doing everything he possibly can to change this.

    4. I had the pleasure a few years back of introducing two visiting musicians from the UK to the US for the first time. Two things they really liked were that people here don’t resent the successful like back home, and also low-level customer service interactions (restaurant, bar, etc.) were much more genial.

      1. one other difference may be that most of us in the US have been on the serving end of those low-level interactions at some point. It is harder to be a dick to the waiter or cashier when, at some point, you did that job yourself. I don’t know if that sort of working up the chain happens in the UK.

        1. I think he meant that the waiters etc were friendlier and more helpful here than in UK.

          1. What did the visiting musicians think of the institution of tipping? From reading guidebooks catering to visiting Euros, as well as my personal experiences serving foreign tourists, it seems they have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of tipping.

            I’m guessing that one of the reasons waitstaff are friendlier here than over there, is that they rely on tips here.

    5. Culturally, the French are more in tune with fortunes that are inherited or gathered through graft and rent-seeking.

      1. Oh, just like leftists!

  5. Mackenzie Eaglen: Defense vs. Food Stamps?What Would You Choose?
    The president has made no secret of his desire to gut the military, even before the current budget showdown.

    1. How about reducing defense spending to levels needed to actually defend the US and reducing food stamps to levels needed to stop starvation in the US.

      1. Maybe YOU wanna die, but not ME! MOAR TANKS, PLEEZ!

        1. And DRONZ!!! MOAR DRONZ!!!!

      2. The only thing standing between us and sharia law courts is a $.5T defense budget!

    2. At a minimum we should go back to defense spending levels pre-9/11 and eliminate food stamps completely.

      1. I guess people wouldn’t need to worry about starving then since we’d be nuked into oblivion. Thanks for “saving” us Restoras.

    3. Let’s cut both!

    1. After record setting high temperatures (that obviously were caused by Global Warming), we’re about to get record setting low temperatures in the next couple of days. So this must prove that humans are causing Global Cooling.

      1. that’s why the believers call it ‘climate change.’ That way, all weather events or anomalies are covered. Warming and cooling are such limiting terms.

        1. I thought they were calling it ‘climate chaos!’ now?

          1. where did those goalposts go?

        2. Warming and cooling are cis-meteorological terms. Can’t you free your mind from the reductive, two-sized scale of temperature?!

  6. Security guard cited for impersonating officer, demanding free food at McDonald’s
    When I worked fast food in high school the cops would could come in, order food, and give you a blank stare when you asked for money.
    They didn’t bother demanding that the food be free. They simply expected it.

    1. You’re like a cop magnet. How do you sleep at night?

      1. Why would he sleep at night? That’s his prime crime time!

        1. You’re a poet and don’t realize it.

      2. …with one eye open, I imagine

      3. You’re like a moron. How do you breathe without someone reminding you?

    2. And you just stared back till they gave you the money?

      1. The manager always ran up and comped the meal.

        1. I’d like to think you told the cop/mobster to fuck off then quit, but I remember how few jobs there were in high school.

          1. Tell the guy to fuck off, then quit my job, putting me alone in the parking lot with an armed agent of the state to whom I just showed contempt?

            Even in high school I wasn’t that stupid.

            1. One time long ago I looked at an armed agent of the state funny and he shot me. Just for looking at him funny! That was in East Germany. I can only imagine what would happen to me here in the Amerikan Democratic Republik. Not that I have any interest in finding out. Shoot me once…

            2. But then you found the internet and your bravery grew three sizes that day!

              1. How the sarc Stole the Internets. I like it.

              2. Some people count sheep to get to sleep.
                Sarc counts dead cops.

    3. I’d like a liter of cola

      1. Double baco cheeseburger. It’s for a cop.

        1. It’s so he makes it extra good.

  7. He’ll be speaking over video link, maybe so they can cut him off if he goes off script?

    Jimmy ain’t the President they need to worry about going off script. There are at least two others that could be problematic.

    1. I almost want to get my directv back up and running to watch this. For the lulz, peeple!

      1. I’m looking forward to Biden making one of his ” it’s not racist because I’m a liberal” racist jokes, or making a group of young girls uncomfortable with his comments. Oh, and please let Obama’s telepromter break mid way through.

        1. “I’m not gonna wait for these 12 year old girls to grow up to tell them what great bodies they have.”

        2. “Damn it, who typed a question mark on the teleprompter? For the last time, anything you put on that prompter, Burgundy will read!”

  8. Texas is getting more hardcore than ever – they dug up poor Lee Marvin’s body just to execute him?

    1. Like Marvin’s corpse wouldn’t choke-out the first guy to open his coffin, then go on a whiskey fueled shooting spree.

    2. A FOX News blogger wrote something mean about him. The authorities were whipped into a frenzy. Do not underestimate the power of a FOX News blogger.

  9. Offshoring jobs, the American way

    Last year, Gallup asked Americans how government should create more jobs. The top answer, until recently, was to stop sending jobs overseas.

    We Americans tell pollsters that offshoring is a big cause of high unemployment, then we hang up our Chinese-made phones and go shopping. According to the U.S.-China Business Council, we bought $102 billion worth of Chinese-made imported goods in 2001. In 2011, it was $399 billion. That’s some hatred.

    1. Gee, I wonder why companies would rather employee people in other countries?

    2. Come on though; if the only available food on planet earth was rice, guess what you would be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day?

      1. Soylent Green.

        1. -1 neighbor

    3. Gallup asked Americans how government should create more jobs.

      Talk about your faulty premises…

  10. Isn’t it a bit deceptive to label as AM Links a post with no actual links?

    1. There’s just an extra layer of page hit between you and the actual articles. reason needs to eat.

    2. I propose they setup the 24/7 pages they’re linking us to to auto-forward us to the actual source. They get the traffic, we get the annoying javascript redirects, and google starts hating them for their shenanigans.

      1. I propose that they shell out and get a license to post wire-service stories.

    3. There are links alright, it’s just that instead of linking me to the content that interested me, they link me to a crappy summary of the same information contained in the AM Links bullet.

      1. I avoid this problem by never clicky the linkee.

        I rely on the commentariat to give me the goods, filtered throught their various meds, neuroses, and miscellaneous mommy/daddy issues.

        1. My law is never to take advice from someone with a rule or law named after them.

  11. “If Europe had a single fiscal authority, that would put them in a much closer situation relative to the United States,” Bernanke said today. “That would probably address many of the concerns, many of the problems that they had.”

    You can’t fool *me*, Ed. That’s from The Onion.

    1. if Europe behaved as it is – a continent made up of several allegedly sovereign states – instead of what it wishes to be – a single unified entity – do you suppose, Ben, that this might answer some of the problems?

  12. Texas Executes Lee Marvin

    Man, I hope that Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, and the gang give some serious payback over this.

  13. ah, it’s not uncertainty, but gridlock!

    Political Gridlock Hits Jobs, the Economy

    Gridlock in Congress may be taking a big bite out of job creation and the U.S. economic recovery. Corporate America is sitting on vast amounts of cash, waiting to see whether politicians in Washington will work out their big differences over the fiscal cliff and budget. The New York Times reports: “A rising number of manufacturers are canceling new investments and putting off new hires because they fear paralysis in Washington will force hundreds of billions in tax increases and budget cuts in January, undermining economic growth in the coming months.” Many economists and business experts speak of the rising toll of political gridlock. “The private sector could be doing a lot more but because of a great deal of uncertainty on the domestic policy front and in Europe, they are just sitting on capital. And we just have total gridlock in Congress,” Karen Tramontano, CEO of Blue Star Strategies and former deputy chief of staff for President Clinton, told Politico.com.

    1. If Washington could just predictably stay paralyzed, they’d start investing that money.

    2. wow…a news article, and from ABC no less, that recognizes govt may be part of the problem.

    3. because manufacturers are really concerned about budget cuts in Washington. Where the hell do these reporters come from?

      Maybe Boeing and other contractors are worried about budget cuts, but I don’t think some small little company that has very little to no business with the government is really worried about Washington cutting its budget.

      1. it’s not just budget cuts, it’s tax policy and regulatory activity. Just about every business is affected by what DC does, whether it does business with the feds or not.

        1. I know it’s not budget cuts, but this reporter wants to lump them in as a primary concern of job makers in this country.

          1. did you miss the part about “hundreds of billions on new tax increases?” Give some credit for recognizing, even unconsciously, that what DC does can have bad outcomes.

  14. Would anyone here disagree with the notion that burning an American flag is protected nonverbal speech?

    1. No different than burning anything else. If you burn a flag in a forest during a drought, you’re endangering people, but it has nothing to do with what you’re burning.

      1. Okay. Have you ever been somewhere where a moment of silence is given? Maybe during a baseball game to honor some famous player who has passed? Would you consider that moment of silence to be protected, nonverbal speech?

        1. What about coughing disrespectfully during the moment of silence?

          1. Good question. What do you think about that?

            1. Protected, nonverbal speech that may very “cause” you trouble.

                1. I’m busy at work, but anyway, there are monks (and others) who take a vow of silence. In doing so, they are making a religious gesture. Is there right to not speak protected by the First Amendment on religious grounds? Is it protected speech?

                  1. Seems you could make an argument along the lines of priest-confessor confidentiality. Maybe the Fifth Amendment starts kicking in, too.

                  2. This is a weird set of questions. What are we, on Libertarian Jeopardy all of a sudden?

                    You always have the fundamental right to not speak, there’s nothing “protected” about it and you don’t have to explain your reasons. Why does taking a religious oath suddenly create an extra protection shield/ Whay do you need it?

                    How does that video make you feel? Okay, how about THIS one?

                    1. I’m pretty sure the government can penalize tax you to incentivise speech.

        2. If I let out a fart right then, would that be protected non-verbal speech?

          1. Paging barfman (or SugarFree) ….

          2. Where’s the obligatory, “no, because you only talk out your asshole” answer?


      2. If someone burns a flag in the forest, and no one’s there to smell it, is it REALLY a forest fire?

    2. I think that’s always been the case. And when burning was trendy, a decade or two ago, Nashville (I believe) also considered a person’s unsupportive reaction to a burning as nonverbal speech. There was a nominal fine attached to, let’s say disagreeing, with the fire.

      1. Knew a guy kicked out of UMass for non-verbally protesting a flag-burning.

  15. Texas executed Marvin Wilson last night, whose IQ tested at about 60.

    Well, to be fair, they tickled him to death.

    1. So twice as smart as tony then?

  16. Battle of the Sexes: Who Handles Breakups Better?

    In an article on BounceBack, a writer argues that women are the ones who deal with breakups better. He says that men are more likely to go out and drink a lot and have that “I’ll show her I’m over her” mentality and hook-up with a new girl that night. But I know many women who, after being dumped, go out and do exactly that, too. When it comes to long-term getting over an ex though, I have to agree that women are better, if my own experience is any indication. The last two “first dates” I’ve gone on with two different guys, they were the ones bashing their ex-girlfriends (which was a really big turn off). When they expected me to bash on ex-boyfriend, I simply smiled and said, “It just didn’t work out between us.”

    It’s been awhile since I’ve broken up with anyone – but back in the day, I always made sure to become a vicious bastard when it was clear the relationship was ending.

    1. Obviously it matters whether you were the dumper or the dumpee. Either way it is probably definitely a good idea to be as drunk and slutty as possible.

      1. probably definitely…what are you trying to say?

      2. That’s your answer to everything!

        1. Come up with two better guiding principles around which to build a lifestyle. I dare you.

          1. Come up with two better guiding principles around which to build a lifestyle. I dare you.

            Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

            /Jimmy Conway

    2. Clearly, the one who’s got an easier time getting laid is going to have an easier time with the break-up… So, I’d imagine women are going to be sprinting out of the gate on the “I’m through with us” race. Gotta love seeing an ex turn into a ho when she’s given a chance.

      1. *or he. whatever.

    3. I would say that it depends on how you define “better”.

      But guys are about 100,000 times more likely to “not get over” a breakup, in the sense that they’ll dwell on it for years, even through the three or four next girlfriends in sequence, who are just getting jerked around.

      I can think of at least 5 guys who if I showed up at their house right now with a case of beer I could get them to lament about chicks that dumped them over 20 years ago. It might take 20 of the 24 beers, but I could do it. I have never known a single woman who thought like that.

      1. Yeah, well at least we don’t have cooties.

      2. So you are saying that men are the romantics and women are not? I have to agree.

        1. It depends on how you look at it. Mr. Mooning Over Lost Love is not so romantic if you’re the unsuspecting new girlfriend.

          1. I’m fairly sure I’m guilty of wasting at least 3 descent girls’ time doing just that. All of whom, in retrospect, were worlds better and more fun than the ex.

            1. I’m fairly sure I’m guilty of wasting at least 3 descent girls’ time doing just that. All of whom, in retrospect, were worlds better and more fun than the ex.

              If they were “descent” girls and your ex was not, I am pretty sure they were better.

              1. Yeah, if they were all going down on him, he was a fool not to let go.

                1. They weren’t keen on my insistence they dye their hair blonde and wear her perfume during said fellatio. They just weren’t up to my standards.

      3. I dunno – I have a (female) friend who has drunkenly blubbered about how she should have never broken up with some guy. But perhaps it was more of a “why won’t anyone marry me? plea” than a “that was a mistake”.

        1. And that gives me the opening to repost this piece that became a HnR dartboard classic:


          1. Ah, yes, thank you for that.

      4. Yet again, I concur with Fluffy entirely.

        Women move on, in a pretty brutal fashion at that. Men reflect for a looooong time.

    4. What? The idea that men talk more and worse about their exes on dates is absolute, total, and utter bullshit.

      1. It is not that they talk more about it. It is that the emotional anchor of the ex prevents men from fully committing to the new love interest.

  17. Mickey Kaus:

    Doesn’t Obama aide David Plouffe’s $100,000 speaking gig stink, even without the Iran connection of the firm that paid him? a) It’s just too much money.** I’ve seen Plouffe talk. He’s a smart guy. But he’s not a $100,000 speaker, or even a $30,000 speaker. He’s not Colin Powell, or Bill Clinton, or Beyonce. What did he think his benefactors?a telecommunications firm called MTN Group?thought they were getting for their 100Gs? Just a short talk (on “digital communications”)? There is some kind of bonus there for Plouffe. What was it for?; b) Plouffe was incoming, not outgoing?he joined the White House staff a few weeks later. It’s hard to believe MTN didn’t entertain the idea that it was making a strategic investment in a powerful new U.S. official; c) Maybe Plouffe had no intention of doing anything for MTN, and if they were stupid enough to pay him that much money for a generic talk ? . In other words, he was shamelessly exploiting them. That might be something to laugh about at $10,000 or $20,000. It’s kind of disgusting at $100,000.


    1. I can’t muster giving a crap about this. Who cares? Some idiots paid a guy $100k to give a crappy speech.

      1. The same idiot who talked about how the Obama administration wouldn’t be the same old revolving door between serving in the administration and lobbyists.

        1. The same idiot who talked about how the Obama administration wouldn’t be the same old revolving door between serving in the administration and lobbyists.

          Yeah but you didn’t really buy that did you?

          1. No, I’m just sad to have my cynicism confirmed.

  18. http://www.themorningnews.org/article/the-heretic

    Great article on the therapeutic effects of micro doses of LSD.

    1. . The 26 men unleashed a slew of widely embraced innovations shortly after their LSD experiences, including a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits, a conceptual model of a photon, a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device, a new design for the vibratory microtome, a technical improvement of the magnetic tape recorder, blueprints for a private residency and an arts-and-crafts shopping plaza, and a space probe experiment designed to measure solar properties.

      Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

      1. RTA. It appears that micro doses of LSD are much more effective that adderall or Ridlyn.

        Can you imagine the pearl clutching if they started giving hyper kids LSD?

        1. Ridlyn

          do you just use a random character generator sometimes?

          1. Whatever it is.

            1. ritalin — all the nerds use it to get better test scores.

              1. Doesn’t LSD sound more fun?

                1. yes it does. where do I sign up for the trials?

                  1. Any university where it’s the 60’s.

                2. And it’s easier to spell.

          2. ritalin, though I understood it with the d and y just fine.

            1. We call that Johnbonics.

        2. Can you imagine the pearl clutching if they started giving hyper kids LSD?

          Poo-flinging six year olds running from giant evil Disney characters only they can see does sound like fun.

      2. Too bad large doses of LSD lead to innovations like an anal probe experiment designed to measure colonic properties.

        1. I think you just hallucinated that, dude. Unless the Grays were administering it.

      3. LSD profoundly changed my life, in a very positive way.

      4. anybody here ever done “Provigil”.

        I’ve been thinking about trying to get a prescription for it.

        1. Why no, officer. I haven’t.

        2. Uh, a friend of mine told me that it works very well to help you not sleep but is not as sharpening as ritalin or adderall. But you can work for two days on it pretty steady. Also the vasoconstrictive effects were quite marked, at least in my friend’s case. So either acquire a prescription for that problem also or don’t take them when you plan on having sex.

  19. Watch the video above, of a pro-life Christian group confronting an abortion doctor. The doctor says his abortions save taxpayers money, prevent shootings like the one in Colorado, and rid the world of “ugly black babies.”


    1. Good to see him getting back to his progressive roots.

      1. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

    2. UPDATE, 5:50 pm: The doctor in the video, apparently, is an active political donor, giving almost all his money to Democrats.

      Y’don’t say…

    3. The comments are either full of trolls or just go to show how bad the right is as well.

      1. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest it’s the latter.

    4. So they still teach eugenics the old fashioned way huh?

    5. I don’t have a problem with abortion rights, but that last comment is instructive. It’s not really a coincidence that a lot of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are in ghettos.

  20. http://www.newscientist.com/ar…..-will.html

    Brain experiment calling free will into question appears to have been wrong.

    1. For crying out loud, “free will” is social construct. It’s whatever we want it to be, no science is going to change that in any way.

      1. It’s whatever we want it to be

        That’s what they want you to THINK, man…but it’s allll controlled by The Man.

        *looks around suspiously*

      2. Whether and how much a person can affect their behavior in a given biochemical state is pretty centrally important to how society is organized.

    2. My pro-free-will argument uses a sports metaphor.

      Thinking gets in the way of athletes, but they are well trained so they know what they are going to do and do it spontaneously without having to “think” first. But that doesnt deny free will, that just says the free will decision was made on the training field days or months or years in advance.

      The same applies to everyday stuff…you make decisions about how you are going to respond in certain situations well in advance. You see this often when people are caught completely off-guard and they freeze up. An unexpected situation occurs and it takes longer for them to respond.

      I dont think these brain guys have figured out how to tell if I didnt light up the decision section of the brain because I did it 20 years ago already.

      1. I anticipated this comment.

  21. But lower courts agreed with state attorneys, who argued that Wilson’s claim was based on a single possibly faulty test and that his mental impairment claim wasn’t supported by other tests and assessments over the years.

    It looks like “His IQ was below 60” may not be the full story.

    1. I hate the idea that a lower IQ makes someone less culpable for murder. It necessarily assumes that people with low IQ are some kind of animals. Since when does a low IQ mean you can’t control your impulses or understand right from wrong at the most basic level?

      1. It certainly hasn’t stopped you.

        Sorry couldn’t resist.

        1. +A
          5-star sass

          1. “Sass” is one of my all-time favorite words. Don’t you sass me!

        2. + Internet

        3. +PWNED

        4. [piling on with glee]

      2. Since when does a low IQ mean you can’t control your impulses or understand right from wrong at the most basic level?

        Liberals are liberals, regardless of IQ.

      3. Exactly, this guy shot someone who snitched on him. If he can figure all that out, then he can be assumed to know what he’s doing.

        Not that the death penalty is necessarily the answer.

      4. This is one of the few things we agree on. If murder is bad and this guy committed murder then I don’t really give a fuck how dumb he is.

        1. But if murder is bad, then isn’t the state committing murder by executing him?

          1. I don’t make the rules Tibbs. I remember something about not killing mentioned in the Bible but that doesn’t seem to stop our good Christian benefactors.

          2. Only if you can prove it in court.

            1. Do they still make you swear on the Bible in court?

              1. Yes, but don’t say “fuck you” when they ask you to swear. It’s not what they’re looking for.

              2. They never made you swear on a bible. The option to just promise is always there.

                1. I prefer a sincere pinky swear myself.

          3. Yeah. There’s no difference between murder and executing someone.
            Just like there’s no difference between assault and self defense.
            Action and reaction are the same thing.

            Holy shit you’re stupid.

            1. That’s a false analogy.

              The purpose of self-defense is to stop the assault. Once you are no longer in danger, you have neither moral nor in fact legal grounds for pursuing the attacker and killing them. That would be murder.

              Apparently you believe that there should be an exception made for agents of the state. And there is, legally–but not morally.

              You may find flaw with that argument, but it’s hardly “stupid”.

          4. But if kidnapping is bad, then isn’t the state committing kidnapping by imprisoning him?

    2. It’s pretty fucking irrelevant unless it was a negligent killing or something. I’m pretty sure retards still understand that killing is wrong, children do.

    1. Sure, the Slammer. It’s a classic.

      1. It’s got a “weird, freaky things go on inside here”-vibe to it.

        1. Well, sure. It’s Penn’s home.

          I saw some video of the interior of Teller’s house. I think–I could be misrecalling this–that it had secret doors and stuff.

          1. I’ve got a great space that needs a secret door. Anybody got any links to construction advice? I’m thinking revolving-bookcase. I’d get a local Amish guy to build it, but then I’d have to kill him.

            1. Why kill him? Who would he tell, and if he did who would believe him?

            2. Don’t use a bookcase–that’s pass?. Get one of those giant walk-in freezers, but make it a walk-through freezer. If evildoers get access to it and fail to use the right code, both doors seal shut and, well, it’s a freezer.

              If I’m ever insanely wealthy, I want to build one of those old Roman villas, with a peristyle, marble construction, statuary, the works. With secret rooms and chambers, of course.

              1. It’s all fun and games until the volcano erupts.

            3. Here you go: http://www.stashvault.com/how-…..case-door/

              1. Wow. That’s awesome, rbenchley. Is there anything the internets can’t do? By the way, I love your New Yorker work.

        2. …That is until he added the children’s wing of the house.

          If you ask me, it kinda takes away from the overall “prison” theme of the house, but I guess Penn Jillette’s bachelor pad model wasn’t exactly appropriate for the kids.

          1. I wonder how deep the prison theme runs?

            1. That bathrooms. The bathrooms are all stainless steel with toilets provided by a prison-supply company.

              1. Really? Now that’s attention to detail.

      2. Not my cup of tea, but very cool. So are the prison walls supposed to keep the “prisoners” out of the structure?

    2. i was always curious what his house actually looked like. I’ve seen some bits and pieces of it from his “Penn Says” and “Penn Point” videos on Youtube.

      1. Original design elements:

        1. On the outside, it had to look like a prison; but on the inside, it had to be “paradise”.

        2. Penn wanted to have to walk outside, so his bedroom suite is only accessible to the kitchen through the use of a catwalk.

        3. Penn’s office, where he spends most of his time (a lot of Penn Says vids were recorded in his office) originally had a “guard-tower” theme. It still kinda does, but the theme was reduced by the addition of the living room/recording studio.

        4. The recording studio (between the guard-tower and master bedroom, bottom floor) is where he recorded his radio show.

        1. Oops. Forgot to mention that he recorded basically all of the Penn Point vids in the recording studio as well.

          Part of the problems encountered on Penn Says were legal issues surrounding the artwork on the walls of The Slammer. Recording in the studio simplified the issue, but, unfortunately, made for some boring imagery.

          1. He seems to have stopped doing the Penn Points months ago. Wonder if he’s doing anything else or planning anything else now?

    3. I saw Penn in an interview talking about how he and an architect determined the layout for his home. He asked women how far they were willing to walk naked while outdoors and based the length of those exterior walkways and inside “yard” on that distance which then influenced the size and scale of the rest of the home.

      1. that sounds exactly like how Penn would behave.

        1. Is he really some kind of huge superstar? I’ve never heard a non-libertarian mention him.

          1. He and Teller have had a pretty successful run at the Rio in Vegas for a number of years now, and even leftists in my personal sphere watched Bullshit!, so apparently their public profile isn’t limited to libertarians.

  22. NCIS Targets (Wire Magazine’s) Danger Room in Silliest Leak Investigation Ever

    In its mounting campaign against leakers, the U.S. government isn’t just going after officials who revealed weighty secrets like the White House’s drone strike “kill list” or its plan to sabotage Iran’s nuclear sites. Federal agents are also chasing a leaker who gave Danger Room a document asking for a futuristic laser weapon that could set insurgents’ clothes on fire from nine miles away.

    It’s an odd investigation, because the energy weapon doesn’t exist; the unclassified document describing it reads almost like a spoof of the laser system out of Real Genius; and this is 2012 ? nearly five years after the leak in question.

    1. McGee should’ve just hacked in undetectably.

      1. McGee should’ve just hacked in undetectably.

        How many cases would stand up in court considering the laws those fucks break?

        1. That’s why they always get the admissible confession or a clean shoot.

    2. But maybe they’re trying to shut this down because the weapon DOES exist!

  23. http://www.aei-ideas.org/2012/…..e-fed-did/

    New fed study blames the Fed for great recession not deregulation or the banks.

    1. That’s just crazy t’bagger talk.

    2. The essence of the article is that the Fed didn’t print enough money after the bubble burst. Whoopee. The bubble wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if the Fed hadn’t held down rates for so long after the dot-com implosion. The real problem is that full liquidation of bad debt hasn’t happened yet. Real estate is either still declining or just now bottoming out. These guys are like dogs chasing their tails.

      1. Yes. But it also makes some interesting points, namely that the credit markets and bank lending were not froze up in 2008. I seem to recall a lot of people saying we had to do TARP because of that.

        1. The Fed has turned the economy into one big game of crack the whip. As usual, it sucks to be the last guy in the chain, but it’s not too bad being second or third.

        2. Stockman debunked that claim a couple of years ago.

  24. because manufacturers are really concerned about budget cuts in Washington… fucking loons.

    1. dammit, that was supposed to be under someone elses’ post.

  25. http://atr.rollcall.com/nevada…..e-in-2016/

    Rumor that Reid is to retire in 2016. That is probably right. He knows everyone in his state hates his guts and he only won re-election in 2010 because of a weak opponent. Better to retire, do as much damage to the country as possible, and then get a stunt Democrat to run in 2016 claiming “I won’t be like Harry Reid I promise”.

  26. The event meant to build community-police relations was cancelled in Anaheim.

    Peace envoy Kofi Annan has left Anaheim.

  27. Sarah Palin channels Peg Bundy.

    1. Sarah Steelman, who’s in a tight three-way

      I see…

      1. Yea, talk slower, please.

    2. Peg never had that good of a body. But Sarah, what were you thinking?

      1. Really? I always thought Peg was pretty hot.

        1. She benefited from a lot of good camera angles and taping. Her body wasn’t that good.

          1. Could be, I need to go back and try to find some non-Peggy pictures of Katey Sagal from the ’80s.

            1. It is funny she is the spokes woman for Keiser perminente HMO now. The radio commercials are on all of the time. For the longest time I couldn’t place the voice and then one day it hit me “hey that is Peg Bundy”.

              1. I always picture her with one eye.

              2. I always think “That’s Lela from Futurama”.

              3. I think her character from Sons of Anarchy would be awesome as an insurance spokesperson.

                “And we will do anything to make you whole..”

                [cue Russians being murdered on the Rez]

    3. I’m sorry, but I’d like my minister, my doctor and yes, my politicians, to look and dress for their parts.

      But she DID dress her part Diana.

      Think about it, Diana….think about it…

      1. I love how this grrl-power type can’t shut up about how women should dress.

        Way to emulate the patriarchy, sister.

  28. Interesting comment on why jounralists are mindlessly pro Obama

    And now for shame. Despite what many may choose to think, journalists are not stupid. They are at least relatively educated. They have seen the same things we all have and know that the economy (the very heart of America) is failing. And they know deep down that they are responsible for some of it, because they bought and promoted Barack Obama as if he were a messiah without the slightest bit of vetting. Obama was anointed, not elected. To this day no one knows who he is, possibly even Obama himself.

    And deep down these journos are embarrassed by this (who wouldn’t be?) but they can never never admit it. To do so would injure their self-image and self-respect to the level of personality disintegration.


    1. I think this is true of a lot of liberals. I increasingly meet liberals who respond to even the most basic argument by saying “I just can’t talk about this”. I have never had anyone do that. But I have had three different educated, otherwise reasonably intelligent people do that to me in the last year. And it always related to the same topics, Obama, the economy, the deficit and the war. At some level they have to know what a disaster this is. They can do basic math. And they are too embarrassed and have too much of their personal self worth wrapped up in their politics to admit it.

      How hard must it be for these people to think “the idiot wingnecks may have a point?”

      1. but that’s just it – liberals never admit they or their ideas are wrong. You get a combination of ‘we need to spend more’, or ‘we need to go full ______’ or something like that.

        That’s what you get with an ideology based on intent and feelings, rather than results.

        1. That is what happens when the personal is the political. If it is just an idea, you can say it is wrong and move on and congratulate yourself for learning. If it also involves you personal self worth, admitting the idea is wrong is admitting that you are wrong and that is much harder to do.

          1. For liberals, everything is political.

            If they like something then it should be mandated or provided by government.

            If they don’t like something then it should be prohibited.

            Doesn’t matter what it is, force must be involved.

            1. As George Will put it, liberals don’t care what you’re doing, as long as it’s compulsory.

      2. Obama, the economy, the deficit and the war. At some level they have to know what a disaster this is. They can do basic math. And they are too embarrassed and have too much of their personal self worth wrapped up in their politics to admit it.

        The real question is will they vote against Obama on a secret ballot?

        If so, this will be a epic landslide that the polls will never see coming.

    2. And it annoys me to no end how even some of the Reason content providers go ballistic whenever someone has the nerve to ask “who the hell is this guy?”

      1. same principle applies to them – they made investments that were equal parts political and personal, and the validity of their decision is self-evident.

        People have a great deal of trouble in admitting they were wrong about something. They will look for fixes and alternatives to save their decision or give it another chance. Sometimes, the right answer is “I fucked up.”

  29. Texas executed Marvin Wilson last night, whose IQ tested at about 60.

    Thus, consequently, reducing Texas’ collective IQ then?

    *runs away*

    1. Ummmmm…I think that would have been funnier if you had said, “…average IQ…”

        1. Hey!

        2. Hey now, AET may be a lot of things: a communist, a Texan, a pedarest, but he is NOT a Texan.

  30. In a stunning reversal of the 1968 Charleton Heston classic, Iranians plan to launch ape into space and return him safely to Earth.


    1. “A planet where men evolved from apes? There’s got to be an answer.”

      1. It would be great if they fired the thing at NYC so when he climbs out of his little monkey space capsule the first thing he sees is the Statue of Liberty.

        1. “Eee ooooo eee ooo oooo you all to hell!”

        2. They’d never do that. He might defect.

        3. I’m thinking the part where the ape learns firsthand whether our missile defenses work or not would be a downer if they did.

          1. After that he moves in with a rich Connecticut Socialite and later, in a fit of rage, eats her face. At trial he blames bath salts.
            It’s a mad house! A mad house!

            1. That’s what they should do. A reverse Planet of the Apes. It turns out that a chimp-like species had an advanced civilization and technology several million years ago. An astro-chimp gets caught in a time warp and ends up here. After that, largely the same characters and dialogue, with some changes to make everything fit into modern-day America.

              1. They kind of did that in Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

              2. And for the record, Planet of the Apes gets more play and love on the Reason boards than nearly any other movie.

                1. Lately this place is always about any reference to Wrath of Khan.

                2. Traditionally, our core has been the Hestonian Apocalyptic Trilogy–Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, and The Omega Man, usually in that order.

                  1. Tell me what soylent green was, again?

                3. Planet of the Apes gets more play

                  I was going to bring up Dune, but thats the book. We are never discussing the movie.

                  1. We are never discussing the movie.

                    That’s only because ProL’s name is a killing word.

                  2. This is correct. The Dune byplay was more common in the old days, when Stevo and others were still here. Not that we still don’t get it at times–Dr. GM and I still exchange stone burner jokes on occasion.

                4. That’s only due to Pro Lib’s fetish with apes and monkeys.

              3. And that is mostly due to you Pro Liberate. I swear I will not be surprised to hear one day of the world’s only chimp attorney practicing law in the Tampa area.

                1. I’m taking the LSAT in October. I eventually want to practice bird law.

                  1. I’m taking the LSAT in October.

                    Stop. Turn back now. DO ANYTHING ELSE.

                  2. I’m taking the LSAT in October.

                    The happiest day of my life was the day I decided not to pursue law school.

                    Better than popping my cherry, better than getting drunk for the first time.

                2. Hey, I’m on Heston’s side. Well, except for an undying respect and admiration for Dr. Zaius.

              4. I actually watched the original Planet of the Apes for the first time last night and had that exact same thought.

                1. This comment was in response to PL.

                  1. Stillwater: People, we’re in danger of losing our funding. America isn’t interested in space exploration anymore.

                    Babcock: Maybe we should finally tell them the big secret, that all the chimps we sent into space came back super intelligent.

                    [A chair swivels around, revealing a chimp in a suit, wearing glasses, and smoking a pipe.]

                    Chimp: [English accent] No, I don’t think we’ll be telling them that.

              5. I am expecting to see this on the big screen one day.

    2. Having just watched the original for the first time last night, I have a hard time imagining an age when the ending would have been shocking.

      1. A simpler age when “This movie is set on a monkey-planet” didn’t raise any eyebrows.

        1. “My God! This Earth-like planet filled with Earth creatures speaking English was Earth all along?”

          1. Sci-fi film convention always had English being spoken even when it made no sense. I don’t think that would be that big a tipoff.

            And they make a lot of effort in narrative terms in the beginning to drill home the point that they’re on another planet – hiding the Moon at night, for example.

            I certainly was shocked when I first saw it when I was 11.

            When you know the outcome in advance, every movie with a twist is obvious. In the Sixth Sense, it’s almost stupidly obvious in retrospect that Bruce Willis is a ghost. But M. Night tricked my ass good the first time through.

            1. Fun fact for all you trivia fans out there: Bruce Willis’ top four grossing movies are Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, Over the Hedge and….wait for it…Look Who’s Talking.


            2. I’m not saying people at the time were stupid, just pointing out how foreign it is to me. It came out years before I was born. Obviously, the sci fi conventions that I took for granted as a kid (when they started to address the language issues but human aliens were still commonplace) seem silly now.

              1. Eh. Try to get through some of the books when its all Esperanto and accent marks in the dialog and you’ll see why. Unless the story centers on not being able to communicate, its easier to just have everyone be able to communicate.

      2. I saw it (as a kid) without knowing the ending. Looking back, I’m wondering how I saw it when I did. I was maybe six or so, making it the early 70s, and we watched it on film in someone’s house. Did they release consumer copies of movies that way back then?

  31. Childhood obesity rates have more than tripled in the past 30 years, an alarming public health development that is contributing about $150 billion a year to the overall cost of U.S. health care. Almost one in five children aged six to eleven are seriously overweight, making them highly vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

    At the same time, Congress and the Department of Agriculture are spending more than $1.28 billion annually to subsidize the crops that are used as additives in manufacturing cookies, candies, soda pop and other highly popular junk food that arguably are among the primary contributors to childhood obesity. The sweet, fatty and calorie-rich Hostess Twinkies alone contain 14 ingredients made with highly subsidized processed ingredients, including corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and vegetable shortening.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Read more at http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/…..Ru9Fehp.99

    1. No, fuck off.

      1. That sometimes automatically happens when you cut and paste from another site.

    2. “The sweet, fatty and calorie-rich Hostess Twinkies alone contain 14 ingredients made with highly subsidized processed ingredients, including corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and vegetable shortening.
      What’s wrong with this picture?”

      Nothing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture. No one is paying a twinkie thinking that it is good for them.

      1. *buying

        need coffee

        1. I think the point was that the farmers are getting free money for producing the crap making America fat.

          1. this

    3. What’s wrong with this picture?

      you are depending on govt, the same one that came up with the ridiculous food pyramid, to fix something that is almost entirely self-inflicted. Kids are fat because they are on their asses all day, not because Congressman Cornfield is subsidizing someone’s crop.

      Yes, ag subsidies are bad just like govt subsidies for any other industry. But it takes a major level of retard to believe that Twinkies – which have been around my entire lifetime – are the cause of fat children, or that govt can do something about that.

      1. I guess what I should have typed that instead of having multiple levels of government trying to limit eating certain kinds of food, they should just cut subsidies that make a lot of these foods cost competitive. I’ve no doubt that in a zero ag subsidy US people will still eat Twinkies and eat at McDonald’s but I don’t believe it would be as much, and at very least, we wouldn’t be subsidizing it..

        1. Why the fuck is it any of your business that people want to eat fatty foods and get heart disease?

    4. Goddamnit. Now I want a Twinkie.

      thanks a lot, CC

  32. UK police are worse than American ones

    Mark Worsfold, 54, says he was handcuffed by Surrey police officers ‘for not smiling’ while watching men’s cycling road race

    A man with Parkinson’s disease who was arrested during the Olympic men’s cycling road race while sitting beside the route has said he wants a “letter of exoneration” from Surrey police, claiming their treatment of him was disproportionate.

    Mark Worsfold, 54, a former soldier and martial arts instructor, was arrested on 28 July for a breach of the peace shortly before the cyclists arrived in Redhouse Park, Leatherhead, where he had sat down on a wall to watch the race. Officers from Surrey police restrained and handcuffed him, and took him to Reigate police station, saying his behaviour had “caused concern”.

    “The man was positioned close to a small group of protesters and based on his manner, his state of dress and his proximity to the course, officers made an arrest to prevent a possible breach of the peace,” Surrey police said in a statement.

    Worsfold, whose experience was first reported by Private Eye, claims police questioned him about his demeanour and why he had not been seen to be visibly enjoying the event. Worsfold, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010, suffers from muscle rigidity that affects his face. He was released after two hours without charge or caution.


    1. It’s only a matter of time.

    2. Wow. “officers made an arrest to prevent a POSSIBLE breach of peace”.
      They ARE worse.

      1. Minority Report come to life.

    3. …why he had not been seen to be visibly enjoying the event…

      Because it’s cycling?

      1. Because it’s cycling?

        I was watching the men’s sprint bike races the other night and wondered aloud just how much more stupid can they make the rules of this event. Two laps of slowly jerking off and one lap of furious pedaling? Who comes up with this imbecilic shit?

        Maybe I just never noticed sprints before in the Olympics, but dear Zod, it was like watching an event in the Very Stupid Olympics.

        1. I honestly don’t understand why that’s even a good strategy.

          How can “watch the guy out of the corner of my eye and wait” possibly beat “pedal as fast as I can from the very start”?

          It’s a short race. Fatigue should not be an issue.

          1. Drafting. The goal is to get enough of a jump that the guy behind you can’t get in your draft around the final turn.

          2. It was bizarre. I tried to imagine runners doing this and how quickly they would be mocked and attacked for making fun of the Special Olympic runners.

            1. So do the Special Olympic cyclists just go as fast as they can?

              1. No need. There’s always cake at the finish line.

        2. It used to be “better” when they didnt have to move forward and balancing at the starting line was considered a valid strategy.

    4. I have this feeling I would be arrested multiple times in the UK…

      1. I’m not smiling right now!

    5. Shouldn’t the Brits be getting arrested FOR smiling?

      1. yeah, who wants to see their teeth?

      2. maybe it’s their teeth. Never seen a nation where the shortage of dentists seems so profound. Bucky Beaver all around.

        1. hat tip to NoVA..should have refreshed.

        2. Does it seem to anyone else that one of the problems with socialistic health care is you get N-H-S but not F-L-O-S-S?

      3. Did you see that one GB gymnast? It’s too bad she won a medal, because her smile made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

        1. Her teeth are not bad. She just has an overbite.

        2. Gah! She needs more than dentistry.

        3. “The most beautiful women in the world are those one encounters immediately after leaving Britain.”

        4. During the event, my wife was pointing out how pretty she was. I was like “Yeah, she’s ok, I guess.”

          And then she opened her mouth…

          1. My daughter was watching and asked why the British all have bad teeth. I tried to explain their “free” healthcare system.

    6. I saw that, but IMHO, it hardly makes UK police worse. If that had happened here, as we all know, a taser would have been involved and if he had a pet, well I don’t even need to say it…

  33. Behold the economic brilliance that is Obama

    Black unemployment still stands at nearly 14%. How do you communicate that the economy is headed in the right direction?,” the editor in chief of Black Enterprise asks Obama.

    “Most economists will tell you that there is no doubt the economy has gotten stronger, but we are digging ourselves out a deep hole. There are a lot more things we could be doing. To get them done, we need cooperation of Congress. We got the payroll tax portion of [my American Jobs Act] done, but what we didn’t get done is the assistance I was proposing to the states to help them hire back teachers, firefighters, and first responders, because one of the weakest parts of this recovery has been state and local government hiring,” Obama responds


    The way to end black unemployment is to put them to work for the government.

    Proprietist was telling me yesterday that Obama is obviously more intelligent than Bush or Reagan.

    1. Clearly Obama’s stimulus package was racist.

    2. my experience in government was that minorities were over represented — particularly in the mid-range GS levels.

      1. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

    3. Notice that it’s always the teachers and firefighters that get fired. Because 3 trillion a year isn’t enough to pay for our teachers and firefighters.

      1. when they take your money it is all about cops and firefighters and teachers. When they spend it not so much.

        And yeah, I would love it if that reporter had immediately asked him “so a trillion dollars isn’t enough money to hire sufficient cops and fire fighters?”

    4. did the Black Enterprise guy have a reaction to that? Surely the editor of a biz publication gets that expanding the public payroll is not the wisest choice.

    5. John, why do you continually refuse to answer my point? I think the Democratic elites are very intelligent in that they use entitlement politics and dependency to entice the poor and minorities into granting them perpetual political power and economic management. And though their policies continue their underclass status, they can easily blame the right-wing because the Left’s policies look progressive at face value.

      Or do you think unintelligent dolts are really able to successfully enact Machiavellian schemes for power and create convincing economic theories to justify their power grabs?

  34. “Sean Penn joins Chavez on campaign in Venezuela”


    1. If only he would throw himself into the grave after him when Hugo goes to his eternal reward.

      1. If only Hugo were Egyptian and they still buried their slaves with the Pharaohs when they died.

  35. “The average annual salary of a health benefits exchange employee would exceed $125,000 under the plan. The highest salaries would be paid to the CEO ($200,400) and chiefs of finance, operations and communications would make $165,000 each ? just $7,200 less than the White House director of communications.”


    1. Well, at least they are not fat cat billionaires making more than $250,000. And besides, we need the best top men to insure that this works, because if health care isn’t implemented fast, at least 50 million children will die in the streets next year, from lack of health insurance.

  36. Marvin Wilson’s IQ wasn’t just tested at 60. It was low, but high enough to understand his actions. Lets be real about the late Marvin Wilson and not just buy his advocates legal arguments, the merit of which is probably more subjective than objective.

  37. Regarding the Monk question up-thread. The monks are free not to speak at their Monastery. Do people have a right to go up to the perimeter of the monk’s property and blast Ted Nugent 24/7?

    1. And if so, are laws that say no blating Ted after 10:00 pm (until say 6:00 am) a violation of the Ted blasters freedom of speech?

      1. blating = blasting

  38. Also consider that when airports expand, they are often required to cover the cost of noise abatement to the newly affected homes. Is that a reasonable imposition on the expanding airport?

  39. Ouch…here’s the “after” picture of that dive…

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