Obama Weak in Nutmeg State, Tax Breaks for Olympians, UK Coalition Unravels: P.M. Links


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  1. Right now the US women’s soccer team is in a tight match with Canuckistan, tied 3-3 about to approach extra time. Canada’s now our ideological enemy, right?

    1. Indeed they are. Those wood-choppin’ bastards even tried to send their dirty oil here until our valiant, lantern-jawed Dear Leader put a stop to it.

    2. Thrilled Japan won earlier. Still hoping for a Japan – US finals.

    3. The Ref is also playing for the US in this match.

    4. Canada’s now our ideological enemy, right?

      If you mean that their currency is more stable then ours and you should probably convert some of your savings into Canadian dollars, then yes they are our enemy.

    5. I’m torn considering the Canadian keeper is named MacLeod.


        2. Freedom!

        3. If she pulls out a sword and slays everyone in the stadium I’d be entertained.

          1. Sadly, Scotland has banned swords. Yes, I know, it’s like the Cajuns banning the trinity.

            1. Sadly, Scotland has banned swords

              I refuse to believe that.

              1. It’s the worst thing ever, but it’s true. I still think the U.S. should invade the UK and liberate Scotland just for this horrible, horrible law.

                1. But how could we possibly invade if they all have… a board with a nail in it?

                  1. Seriously, why not just surrender now? Next thing, they’ll be giving their nukes to Canada.

            2. like the Cajuns banning the trinity.

              Gumbo, jambalaya and cousine marriage?

              1. No, their other trinity. Faux mirepoix.

    6. Canada correctly calls Soccer Soccer.

      They can never be our enemies.

      1. It’s funny, but people talk about our “special relationship” with the UK, or some similar specialness between us and Israel. All bullshit, because the U.S. special buddy is and has long been our friends to the Great White North. They are our very most specialist hosers.

        1. Canada is America’s hat.

            1. Actually, given the distortions on the map, the U.S. is bigger. Besides, Canada is female.

        2. Israel’s still new to foreign policy relationships, and kind of clingy. We didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her we were already steady with another gal from up north.

  2. …Obama’s advantage is in single digits in a state he won by 23 points in 2008.

    Too bad for the President they haven’t perfected that pill that erases bad memories.

  3. So Harry Reid, a sheep, and a 10-year old walk into a bar…

  4. BREAKING NEWS — Tony photographed IRL:


    1. You mean the power bottom in the checkered shirt?

  5. Cop kills police dog, gets 45 days suspension without pay.


    “The Sheriff’s Office plans to suspend the K-9 program until further notice after losing two dogs within the last three years.”

  6. Page has been identified as a white supremacist.

    All those attacks on Obama’s policies were designed to gin up people like Page!

    1. it’s not the honoraria attached to placement, it’s the dollar value placed on medals themselves. Really? I don’t see Tiger taxed on the swag from the British Open.

      1. well, this is in the wrong place..belongs right up Palin’s Plug. Gold for the squirrels.

      2. I’m actually pretty sure they’re taxed on the prize money they receive.

        If they were taxed on the value of the medals themselves they’d be owing a whole lot more than $8k for a gold medal because some of those golds would be worth millions (gymnastics and Phelps would go for shit ton at an auction). Now I know you’re thinking but those are unrealized gain, but iirc that doesn’t stop the IRS during estate tax calculations. Didn’t they give someone a tax liability for an item they couldn’t legally sell?

  7. Since when are earnings abroad not taxable (for US citizens)? I expect Tiger Woods paid expatriate taxes on British Open prize money. Why should Olympic athletes be any different?

    1. That is right Shreek. Every dollar anyone makes any where for any reason belongs to the God government.

    2. since when does Obama think they are something he can waive?

      1. Can’t he grant a waiver or issue an executive order or something? The idea that something might happen from which He can’t save us is very frightening.

    3. When they’re on Wheaties boxes.

    4. Don’t worry, shrieky. The tax collectors will make sure the Olympic serfs pay their rents and taxes.

    5. Ever since the US govmt starting worrying about quaint, archaic limitations on it’s power like “jurisdiction” or similar racist claptrap.

  8. It seems that the most effective way to dissuade Americans from supporting ever-expanding funding for public education is to tell them how much the government already spends.

    The more you know.

    1. And just how much goes into administrative overhead.

      1. In CA there is some unreasonable number that someone here might have access to — that only something like 30% of the money spent on payroll in public schools goes to actual classroom teachers.

        1. Well what’s the point of being a school superintendent if you can’t have an office that rivals one of an 19th century robber baron.

        2. A friend who works for LAUSD joked by saying, “I’m a principal now. When do I get my benzo?” Yeah, I didn’t find it all that funny either.

          1. ‘tell them how much the government already spends’

            Unfortunately, most of these people you’re trying to tell… they were educated by ‘public education’, so good luck with that.

  9. http://sports.yahoo.com/photos…..slideshow/

    Disappointment on the podium: silver medalists

    You’d think an Olympian would be happy to approach the podium and receive a medal, but while gold medal winners are understandably ecstatic and bronze medalists look giddy just to be onstage, silver medal winners are often described as the “first loser.” Many Olympians are proud of their silver while some can’t help but express the disappointment of being so close — and yet so far — from Olympic gold.

    1. That American gymnastics girl that blew the vault yesterday looked like she was contemplating murdering everyone in the building.

      1. She has some crazy eyes doesn’t she? My wife looked at her and said “wow, that one looks like she would nail you”.

        1. She just screams psychopath. I expect a Lifetime movie in a few years.

          1. Nothing is sexy like crazy sexy.

            1. That is until they finish by eating your head.

            2. Just don’t fall asleep near the crazy sexy.

          2. Who is her Nancy Kerrigan though?

        2. That’s what you get when you name your daughter “McKayla”.

          1. They should have gone with T’Kayla.

      2. She looks like it wouldn’t be the first time. She’s killed before, and she’ll kill again.

    2. The womens’ cycling unis look so weird.

      1. WTF is up with the crotch?

        1. Padding. Have you ever tried to ride a bike for hours at a time? Even once you’ve developed a Lance Armstrongian taint’o’steel, it can still get tender down there.

          1. I mean, padding is fine and all. It’s just so…obvious. Like that’s the first thing you look at…

            1. It’s the first thing I always look at.

        2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. The best are when they show all 3 and gold and bronze are fucking thrilled and the silver has the fuck this look.

      1. Well all of the photos seem to be that way. The gold medalists all seem to be overcome in their own way with elation, and the bronze medalists all seem to have this kind of grateful “I’m glad to be here” look.

        The silver medalists all look like someone sneaked up behind them and took a dumper in their shorts while they weren’t paying attention.

        1. That makes psychological sense. The gold medalist won, the silver medalist almost won, the bronze medalist almost did not make the podium. Also, in sports that are decided by match play, the silaver medalist lost their final match and the bronze medalist won their final match.

    4. You’re forgetting what the Olympics are about: giving out medals of beautiful gold, so-so silver, and shameful bronze.

  10. A judge found enough evidence to convict a Richmond mom who is charged with vandalism, but he’s delaying a final disposition until she performs community service hours.

    29-year-old Susan Mortensen allowed her daughter to draw on rocks on Belle Isle with chalk.

    Mortensen will now serve 50 hours of community service in order for the judge to dismiss her charge.

    In court, NBC12 learned a little more about the confrontation between Mortensen and Officer Stacy Rogers, who saw her daughter writing on the rocks.

    Outside the courthouse, people support Susan Mortensen with their own chalk on the sidewalk. However, in court, the officer who reprimanded her back in March says she responded with an attitude and curse words.

    “I don’t think I should comment on that,” said Mortensen after the trial. I agree that the outcome is something I would agree with and I thought it would help as far as doing community service.”


    1. Didn’t the fuzz bust some Occupiers for drawing on stuff with chalk? I yield to no one in my loathing of that unkempt gaggle, but gimme a break…chalk?

      1. Authoritah. Respect it.

      2. According to the park people it is “the same as spray paint”. Fucking retards.

        1. I think they mean that kind of spray paint that washes away quickly in a light rain.

        2. Do they let their kids spray-paint their driveway?

          There’s just too much institutional stoopid these days.

      3. So should I be allowed to draw on any public property I like as long as it’s chalk? The side of the Alamo, the paintings at the Smithsonian, maybe put a big chalk Mountain Dew ad on the face of Half Dome…

        1. Yes, Stormy. You should be allowed to deface the side of the Alamo, the Smithsonian collection and all of Yosemite. Because those are equivalent to some fucking rocks next to a picnic area in a small city park.

          Please try to bring some better arguments to the forum.

          1. Belle Isle isn’t a city park in the “hey, let’s go the playground” sense; it’s a nature/wilderness perserve. So it’s directly comparable to drawing on stuff at Yosemite.

  11. Honolulu transit authority can’t cut it’s army of flacks and PR contractors due to federal strings including Civil Rights Act ADA.


    HART’s letter


  12. I’d really like to see Bailey dissect this article.It’s so full of condescending snark and self-righteous indignation about Chic-fil-A that it’s hard to actually absorb the points he is making.

    1. I don’t get why rednecks eating greasy fried chicken became a political protest.

      1. That is because you are retarded shreek.

      2. Where the hell are you getting a greasy Chick-fil-A sandwich?

        1. Those assholes want some sort of marriage regulation.

          This place becomes pro-regs when it stoops into SoCon territory.

          Let the fucking gays marry. Who gives a shit? You SoCons do.

          1. No they don’t. Most people who went to that thing are pro gay marriage. They just don’t think fascist little fucks like you and the politicians you support have a right to tell people how to think.

            You don’t give a shit about gay marriage you demonic brown shirt. You just want an excuse to fuck with people.

            1. The First Amendment is a redneck doctrine?

            2. You are such a Santorum.

              Pro Gay-Marriage people went to a Fundie-Nuts ChickFilA establishment in SUPPORT of marriage freedom?

              Really – Free Republic is this way —-

              1. Oh, so you do were lying when you said you didn’t get it. You do get it, but you characteristically charge off in the wrong direction. It wasn’t about gay marriage, it was about fascists in Chicago and Boston using the power of the state to keep CFA out on political grounds.

                1. The mayors of Chicago and Boston are out of line and WRONG.

                  So is CFA though. For entirely different reasons. He has no right to use the Bible over the Constitution in public policy.

                  SoCons hate the Constitution. They complain about the First, Fourth, Fifth, 14th, 16th, 17th and the amendment to prevent poll tests/taxes all the time.

                  I could go on and on – like The Bushpig said – its just a “goddamned scrap of paper” and the Bible is the fucking document for Republicans to spatter pages with their Jesus spunk.

                  Feels good to rant again.

                  1. Yes, the mayors of the most progressive cities in America tried to strong-arm businesses into doing what they wanted like third-world caudillos, but let’s talk about the Bible.

                    You are the worst troll on this site.

                    1. Worst troll = Not a SoCon like you and John.

                      Go back to Free Republic. Gay marriage is the Libertarian position.

                    2. Gay marriage is the Libertarian position.

                      that may be but that position does not call for forcibly changing the minds of those who disagree or using the power of govt to sanction their ‘incorrect’ opinions.

                    3. Generally, getting government out of the marriage business is the Libertarian position. Unless you’re John, but I’m not sure if he considers himself libertarian.

                  2. “So is CFA though. For entirely different reasons. He has no right to use the Bible over the Constitution in public policy”

                    WTF are you talking about?

                    1. SoCons are always squawking about how “Gawd gave us rights” – which is a ludicrous position.

                      They do this to shove Mosaic Law onto people – so we have to behave according to Biblical law.

                      Fuck that shit. The Constitution says we have a Right to Privacy/Contraception – SoCons say we don’t.

                      Fuck SoCons in their faggoty asses.

                    2. Fuck SoCons in their faggoty asses.

                      Your career as a vector of intestinal parasites has already been successful enough.

                  3. So is CFA though. For entirely different reasons. He has no right to use the Bible over the Constitution in public policy.

                    Say what? That’s incoherent even on a Shriek curve.

                    1. You’re a SoCon. Santorum was your man. Sorry about that imbecile.

                    2. You sure talk about Santorum a lot. Anything you’d like to share with the class?

          2. A swing and a miss!

          3. I am anti-regs and pro-awesome-chicken-sandwich. I take no definitive position on waffle fries because we should be accepting of all well-fried potato products.

            1. As well as waffles.

              Also, fried chicken.

          4. Can Chester the Molester marry a 5 year old in Shriekistan?

          5. Actually, they just want to keep the government from getting involved in gays’ relationships. If that’s not small govt, what is?

          6. The government shouldn’t be involved marriage in any case. Who you’re cohabiting, sharing bank accounts, and banging, is your own business.

            1. I agree. Tell that to the CFA people. They should mind their own fucking business. I am sick of SoCons and their henchmen (like John, Brutus, wareagle and the other mini-Santorums) telling others how to live.

              1. you are an idiot. I support gay marriage but I vehemently oppose fucksticks like a few mayors – and you, apparently – believing that it’s your job to force your belief system on everyone else. Cathy is entitled to his opinion on the subject, too; that you disagree with it is your problem, not his.

                1. OK, I retract that bit. I was wrong about you there.

                  I can admit it.

              2. You cling so bitterly to your secualrism, Shriek, that you fail to realize that I’m okay with gay marriage and have been since I ran a campaign on it for state rep nearly two decades ago.

      3. Sort like how a bunch of disgusting hippies shitting in parks became one.

      4. I don’t get how a porch monkey sitting on a bus seat became a political protest.

        God, you are the worst.

      5. Are you really saying that my Chik-fil-A eating, MBA-toting lesbian sister is a redneck?

        1. If she can kick your ass you both have problems.

          1. I’ll re-ask my question from up-thread:

            WTF are you talking about?

      6. But I’m sure you do understand fairies kissing outside a chicken joint being a political protest.

      7. Man, Reason is swarming with kultur warriors lately. WTH?

        Screw the Chicago/Boston mayors AND Chick-Fil-A.

        1. no, mostly it’s swarming with people who think Menino and Emanuel are horse’s asses of the highest order. Cathy is entitled to his opinion and given the company, anyone shocked is beyond stupid. But there is a difference between a CEO expressing an opinion and elected officials believing they can sanction a company becuase of that opinion.

          In short, it’s more about constitutional rights than culture.

    2. That link is hereby declared SugarFree.

      1. Sugar Free’d the link

        Wish the Reason squirrels would

        Bring back ampersands

        1. If they’d fix the preview option I would have fixed the link before posting. Now it’s too late.

          1. If you’ve got eyes you can read which button says “submit” and which says “preview” and press the appropriate button.

            1. Some of us still don’t get preview. Just a blank screen with a mailto link.

    3. What article?

      1. I can’t seem to post it.

  13. About those beach volleyball cheerleaders at the London Olympics


    LONDON ? The venue for London Olympic beach volleyball is surreal: Centuries-old buildings surrounding Horse Guards Parade, providing a stodgy backdrop for the raucous party music, costumed fans and sand-court action.

    Not to mention the cheerleaders. Which is difficult, when that’s all anyone wants to mention.

    During breaks in the action, over a dozen dancers in swimwear ? some women in bikinis, all the men topless ? rush out onto the court to gyrate, titillate and keep the crowd fired up.

    1. It’s not a beach. Beaches have stones and sea shells and water.
      This is sandbox volleyball.

    2. Have we discussed the Italian team that that played Sunday night? The younger one?

      1. Even if we did, we should again.

        1. Marta Menegatti

  14. Page has been identified as a white supremacist.

    I read he was in some Neo-Nazi rock bands….never mind that rock and roll was invented by Chuck Berry..

    I wonder when fascist skin heads will get around to hip hop.

    1. I would imagine they already have.

      1. We had a German exchange student that would listen to nothing but German rap music. Having the Wehrmacht storm across your border was only marginally more horrible.

        1. At least once a quarter NPR runs the same story about some group of youths from some impoverished third world country expressing their frustrations through hip hop. It is really their favorite story to do.

          1. No, their favorite story is “Watch as [Hipster X] does [Stupid Thing Y] with his/her/its parents’ money”

            I tells ya, nothing gets NPR’s attention like some try-hard giving “urban beekeeping” a shot.

            1. Hipsters and snot nosed upper class brats.
              Stories like this are just barely satire.


              1. Jesus, I didn’t even know that was a joke until they started talking about the management of the ibex farm.

                1. I was only suspicious because the most emailed NYT article ever would have to be political.

          2. Anger is authentic. If you’re happy, you’re a sap.

  15. Foreign aid around the world. First up, USAID “alternate lifestyle” foreign aid in Latin America, meant to stop farmers from growing coca leaf and to induce various “green” choices in the third world, is primarily utilized by connected politicians and paramilitary leaders as a source of revenues to build government and rebel graft machines that violate human rights tremendously. Color me shocked.


    1. Next in foreign aid failures, Kagame, the human rights-abusing African dictator in Rwanda, is feted and shielded from legitimate complaints about human rights and one-party rule by the foreign aid racket, including Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Sachs.


  16. Which Quebec Party best represents you? (aka how left wing are you?)

  17. Lesson number 100 in the ongoing series, Never Call the Cops

    TV’s investigative unit has discovered Tacoma police used force to arrest and handcuff an innocent deaf woman after she called 911 for their help.

    Instead of an apology, she ended up bloody and in jail for nearly three days without an interpreter before a prosecutor declined to press charges.


    1. Sims says she went down to the street and spoke with officers while Lashonn was still in handcuffs. She told us during an on-camera interview that the police officers at the scene admitted there was a misunderstanding.

      “They had tased her because he thought she was coming at him, but what she was doing was running to him. But he said, ‘stop’ and he didn’t put his hand up. He just said, ‘stop’ and she couldn’t understand that,” replied Sims.

      Another apartment tenant, Geraldine Warren, said she also heard the commotion and talked to police.

      “They just told her to halt. She kept running, she can’t hear?she’s deaf. I said, ‘Aren’t you supposed to say halt like that?'” asked Warren holding up her right hand.

      They really are just armed baboons sent out to terrorize society.

      1. They’re like John Cleese rescuing Herbert at the wedding feast.

        1. “Now, let’s not get all worked up about who killed who….this is a FESTIVE occasion!”

      2. She can’t read lips?

        1. From the article: “Margaret Sims’s apartment is right over the spot where White fell to the ground after being tased. She said it was around 11:30 at night and dark, but she heard Lashonn screaming in pain and ran to the balcony.”

          Emphasis added for the bootlicker.

          1. What, do you expect cops to have to shine flashlights up their faces like they’re telling a campfire story?

          2. That’s just what cops do to women who won’t listen. He probably done told her twice.

    2. They really should reconsider raising the minimum education level for their cops to something other than the 8th grade.

  18. I’m not sure how stupid Californians are, but we’ll definitely find out with this private pension bill of de Leon’s. After running their own finances and pension system into the shitter, I can’t even fathom letting the idiots in Sacramento get their hands on another pot of money to squander.

  19. Indian street urchins start a bank exclusively for other Indian street urchins to deposit their money and keep it safe


    How quickly would this get shut down by the government, and which federal agency would be the first on the case?

    1. The FDIC shuts down about 2-3 Georgia banks a week (where I live). That Indian bank would last a bit longer before shafting its depositors.

    2. From the article:

      Delhi counts 12 branches with around 1,000 child clients aged between nine and 17…

      Just one among millions of street children who rely on menial jobs for survival, Singh is determined to make his work pay some sort of future dividend.

      “I’m smart, but that alone isn’t enough to start a business.

      “I save money everyday, hoping to start something of my own. Someday soon,” he said as he served glasses of India’s ubiquitous, spicy milk tea in sweltering heat at a stall near the teeming train station.

      1. Interesting. Micro-banking. They make money on the interest spread. No lending.

      2. Hey Singh, that business you want to build…

        1. You didn’t want to build that. Someone else made you want that.

  20. Rofl:

    Can America survive without the United States Postal Service?


    As the United States Postal Service misses key financial payments, critics and supporters speculate about bankruptcy or worse for an institution that predates the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

    USPS officials have said they will miss two benefit payments mandated by Congress, which has caused a whirlwind of speculation about the future of the Postal Service.

    The United State Postal Service is one of the few current government institutions spelled out in the Constitution.

    The ability of Congress to “establish Post Offices and Post Roads” is spelled out in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution, as part of a short list of enumerated congressional powers.

    The Framers saw the postal system as critical to facilitating commerce and communications among the 13 states, and it was ranked as a high-priority item, along with the ability to create money, form an army, and ensure fair trade among states.



    1. Yes. Yes, it can.

    2. But without the US Postal Service how will Kevin Costner save the country in the aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse?

      1. With a trimaran

      2. Dude, now I have to look for FO mod featuring Costner so I can kill him with different explosives (after setting the ragdoll physics to 200x the vanilla version).

    3. as part of a short list of enumerated congressional powers

      I love how the MSM will cite “enumerated powers” when it’s actually explicit, just to gin up their “OMG IT”S IN THE CONSTITUTION WE MUST SPEND MONEY!!!” argument. No mention of enumerated powers, ever, for the 75% of Federal actions which aren’t actually enumerated.

      1. I will gladly accept the post office and all the other enumerated powers if they will relinquish all the unenumerated ones they gave themselves.

        1. I would be happy even with denumerable powers, forget enumerated.

    4. critics and supporters speculate about bankruptcy or worse for an institution that predates the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

      You know what other institution predated the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence…

      1. The Crown?

      2. Prostitution?

        1. slavery, duh.

  21. I’m sure Romney has paid in taxes more than I’ve earned in gross income to date, but if that’s not the case, and he’s figured a legal dodge that gets him to zero, I’d like him more, not less, for that. In fact, it’s that kind of thinking that we need in the next president.

    1. If nothing else, showing how dysfunctional the tax system actually is would be good enough for the lulz.

    2. Exactly. Apparently trying to keep as much of your income as possible is now a bad thing. Fuck that. And all the shitholes complaining about tax havens should consider trying to get US tax rates lower if they want more rich people keeping money/assets inside us borders. fuck.

  22. Then, he will be whisked off to the home of film producer Harvey Weinstein, where tickets to the dinner start at $35,800 per person.

    So I’m against campaign finance laws, but how does this get around the ~$2000 individual donation limit?

    1. Rules are for little people and Republicans.

    2. you divide it among various committees. the DNC gets a slice, “obama for america” gets a cut. and the national and state parties have much annual higher limits.

    3. PACs. It isn’t going to the Re-Elect Obama official campaign. Its going to the Citizens to Re-Elect Obama non-profit.

      1. But, but, PACs are evil and only done by Republicans who are trying to rape kittens!

        On a serious note, I thought PACs had to be unconnected from the official campaign?

        1. He’s not campaigning there. He’s appearing at a friend’s fundraiser for a PAC. You can tell because he said so.

          1. So…. Pro Lib’s answer?

            1. Well, except that Republicans do it too.

              1. Of a certainty. Though the Democrats are a wee more “by any means necessary” in their viewpoints, I think.

              2. Which I’m sure Obama demonizes as evil vote buying.

  23. Re: taxing the winnings of Olympic athletes, the Obama administration says it’s open to giving medalists a break…

    …wait a minute, we all know those athletes didn’t “earn” those medals, somebody helped them, someone built those roads, those gyms. Without the infrastructure of government those medals would never happen. So where’s Obama and Elizabeth Warren claiming for them to pay their “fair” share…

    Fair is fair, right?

    1. The general feeling at HuffPo seems to be that they are performing a public service by holding back the foreign hordes from those medals, so they should be exempt from taxes on the income. God, reading the comments there is infuriating.

  24. Abstract of a paper on ACA’s winners and losers:

    “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 marked a substantial shift in US healthcare policy. We create an event study observing the returns of healthcare stocks in the SP 500 when on June 28, 2012 the US Supreme Court very unexpectedly ruled that the individual mandate, a provision requiring that Americans maintain a certain level of health insurance or face a monetary penalty, was not unconstitutional. The paper finds that as a result of the upheaval, over two days following the ruling the cumulative average abnormal return of managed care stocks was -6.7% (equal to -$6.9 bn in market capitalization), while the same metric was -1.2% (-$1.5 bn) for biotechnology companies, 3.2% ($0.4 bn) for hospital firms, 1.9% ($1.6 bn) for healthcare service firms, and 0.5% ($4.8 bn) for pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare equipment, distribution, and technology sub-industry stocks had relatively flat cumulative abnormal returns over the period.”


    H/T marginalrevolution.com

  25. Gunfights in zero g will not knock you on your ass unless you’re shooting a .50 cal. Also, it should be known that firearms carry their own oxidizer everywhere except the Firefly universe, so they’ll also fire in a vacuum. Although I’m uncertain that your semiautomatic spring wouldn’t shatter if it gets too cold.

    1. True, but the lubricants in the gun would boil off into the vacuum and probably cause a mechanical failure after a few shots.

    2. That’s why God made railguns.

    3. In total recall, it only pushed him back. He should have started slowly spinning instead.

  26. So, a ‘Stache Tax Break is the latest hipster thing, and other things from inside the Mustached-American (sic. I would prefer Mustachioed-American) Movement. Next up, the bath-dodger tax break.

  27. Egypt Seals Border Crossings With Gaza After Palestinian Attack


  28. The bot who cried wolf.

    Swiss biologists are testing a sheep collar wolf-warning device that registers heart rate changes and alerts shepherds to attacks via text message, while simultaneously emitting a repellant.

    Looks like bad news for Harry Reid and certain other ‘friends’ of HampersandR.

    1. It’s called a Pilemeter.

  29. And Alex Morgan rips out Canada’s heart.

    1. They played great though.

      1. Easily the most exciting Olympic event I’ve taken the time to watch. I’ll try to catch USA v. Japan on Thursday.

        1. Oddly or not I don’t know, the usa women’s soccer games are almost always more compelling than the usa men’s games.

          1. the Canadian gals got screwed. A free kick from outside the penalty area for a goalie holding the ball???

            1. I didn’t see how long the keeper kept the ball but an indirect kick is the right call if the keeper was delaying the game. Also pretty sure the indirect kick was just inside the box. shrug.

              The hand ball that ensued is certainly controversial though. 1. not sure player could reasonably be considered to have time to avoid the ball hitting hand/arm. 2. It looked like ball to hand not hand to ball.

    2. I’d like her to do that to me.

  30. David Plouffe against the Revolving Door in Washington unless he’s getting at least $50k/speech.

    The White House assures us that Plouffe merely went to speak to the company about “mobile technology and digital communications.” It was merely his technical expertise, and not his connection to the president, that spurred MTN Group to spend $100,000, and probably about $5,000-$10,000 on air fare

    I will kiss his ass in Times Square if he knows more than me about any facet of mobile technology and digital communications.

  31. And finally, butter may give you heart attacks, but butter flavoring will give you alzheimers.

    Or not: While the study found an association between chronic diacetyl exposure and certain brain protein processes, it did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship.

    1. No wonder Fabio can’t believe it’s not butter.

  32. “Harry Reid made a statement that is true. Somebody told him. It is a fact,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told the Huffington Post on Monday in support of Reid.

    Well, okay then.

    I’ve got this amusing hunch that somebody on Romney’s campaign convinced him to hold off on releasing any details regarding his taxes until about the last week of October or so. Can you imagine how hilarious it would be after all these knuckleheads keep throwing their weight behind this assertion going and it eventually proves to be completely untrue, possibly even the complete opposite? It’s got the potential to be an electoral rope-a-dope.

    1. Romney paid just 13% in 2010. You can’t rope a dope that.

      1. Let’s put Romney’s tax rate up against Obama’s complete and utter mismanagement of the executive branch for the past 3.5 years.

      2. Based on the nature of his income for that year and the then-applicable tax laws, what should he have paid?

        1. What he should have paid is apparently lip service, like Saint Buffet does.

        2. 13% based on current unearned income tax rates.

          Some jackass working at Wal-Mart paid a higher rate and Romney wants lower capital gains rates while he sits on his ass and shelters his five sons from the Bushpig Wars.

          1. IS any candidate running on a platform of lowering tax rates for everyone?

            1. Gary Johnson?

          2. So the fact that he paid more FIT than probably 40 Wal-Mart “jackasses” combined grossed isn’t enough. How much money would you have liked for him to pay, above the seven figures he already paid?

            1. I want Romney to pay 35% like the rest of the high-income earners.

              1. Exxon Mobile only paid a 2% federal tax rate last year. I bought more XOM today, because that is fucking awesome.

                Apple only paid at an 11% rate. I bought more AAPL today, too.

                Both companies obviously know how to manage their finances well, and have more cash flow to distribute to shareholders. Why would that be a negative trait in Mitt Romney?

              2. I doubt that any high income earner pays 35% effective rates…since this is the highest marginal rate, that’s actually mathematically impossible.

      3. Maybe the US needs to stop depending on rich white men to pay for everything. “Diversity is our strength” and all that.

    2. still left unsaid is how the Obama dogwashing committee steadfastly refuses to use his record as the justification for re-election. The Obama, at long last, has a record and he cannot run from it fast enough.

      1. +900 basis point improvement in GDP
        +450 on the SP 500 Index – best ever for any President
        32 consecutive months of private sector job growth with 4 million manufacturing jobs added
        inflation nearly dead at 2% CPI
        interest rates near lows at 3.5%
        Dollar very strong at 81
        largest US monthly exports ever at $180 billion in October
        taxes at lows in terms of % GDP
        earnings of SP 500 best ever at $102
        Banks are back to safe balance sheets
        stopped the Bush deficit at $1.3 trillion and will lower it

        (really, his foreign policy record is A+ – with START, killing thugs with zero footprint, respect gained, telling Bibi to get off the rag, etc)

        Are you daft?

        1. Silver up by 200%, gold up by 100%, guns and ammo totally unable to keep up with demand… I have to admit BO’s administration has been good for those folks. If they have any sense Ruger, Remington, and Treasure Hunt had better be dumping greenbacks into his campaign coffers.

          The dollar is only high because of the yen and euro doing Le Danse Macabre. A plugged toilet raises all turds. And the CPI? LOL.

          1. So the Glenn Beck paranoid freaks are buying gold and ammo?

            Why should we care?

            1. Those paranoid freaks made out much better than the coolly rational folks investing in the SP.

            2. If you’re not buying gold and ammo you are either, poor, stupid, or ignorant.*

              Spending on Medicaid, Medicare, SS, and interest alone will equal the entire federal revenue before 2040. Interest alone will equal the entire federal revenue by 2060.

              This won’t end well.

              And those are government numbers. The shit is definitely going to hit the fan in my lifetime.

              *Note for the logically impaired: this does not imply that everyone who is buying guns and ammo is rich, smart, or informed.

        2. +900 basis point improvement in GDP

          8-12% of deficit spending to get a 1-2% growth in GDP is a net negative.

          +450 on the SP 500 Index – best ever for any President

          That’s actually due to Bernanke’s “quantitative easing” in action, not anything President Butt Naked has done.

          inflation nearly dead at 2% CPI

          Because the economy isn’t actually growing without massive, unsustainable deficit spending.

          interest rates near lows at 3.5%

          Which punishes savers and is slowly strangling pension plans.

          32 consecutive months of private sector job growth with 4 million manufacturing jobs added

          LOL at this. Labor participation rates are at 30 year lows.

          Banks are back to safe balance sheets

          Because if they were forced to mark to market, they’d instantly go under.

          stopped the Bush deficit at $1.3 trillion and will lower it

          Don’t you mean, “continued the Bush deficit”? And this is the actual deficit progression:

          FY 2009–$1.8 trillion
          FY 2010–$1.6 trillion
          FY 2011–$1.18 trillion
          FY 2012–$1.3 trillion (projected)

          And if you begin from the dates of inauguration, Obama’s racked up more debt in 3.5 years than Bush did in eight. Not exactly something to brag about.

          1. Any of these measures are significantly better than the 2001-09 GOP.

            and Romney has no plans – nada, nothing except flattening the tax rates and increased spending (sequestered cuts cancelled).

            1. You’re not going to find many lovers of the 2001-2006 GOP here, but they aren’t better. At least the “Bushpigs” had the excuse that the economy was doing well at that time.

            2. Any of these measures are significantly better than the 2001-09 GOP.

              Um, you did catch the part about Obama racking up more debt in 3.5 years than Bush did in eight, right? And that the labor participation rate was higher during 2001-09 than it is now?

              Not that the Bush years were wine and roses, but only someone with your stultified partisan mind would think that Obama’s better on spending than Bush was. Hell, at least Bush managed to fight two wars and keep the budget under $3 trillion–Obama can’t even cut down to one and keep it under that level.

      2. Are you kidding? Bain Capital’s jobs record from 2000-2003 is much more relevant to the election than the BO administration’s jobs record from 2009-2012.

  33. Obama keeps inching up on Intrade – now 58% to 39% for Willard.


    Remember – Willard wants to kill what meager spending cuts Obama signed last year.

    1. There were no spending cuts. Spending is up.

        1. “Future cuts?” And he’s the idiot?

          1. The GOP is crying about the cuts, fool. They are backed by legislation.

            1. Everybody’s crying about the cuts. It’s fucking Washington.

        2. Is that like “projected surpluses”?

  34. Please please let Argentina beat USA in basketball. I want to see the egos cry.

      1. Please. Out of my ass. I won’t ask so nicely a second time.

    1. So much for that. curses!

  35. Train full of alcohol explodes. But not to worry. No whiskey was harmed in this accident. All alcohol on the train was denatured.

  36. Lesson number 101 in the ongoing series, Never Call the Cops

    Woman calls cops for domestic dispute with her boyfriend, cop shoots her dog.

    1. It should really be one of the ten commandments. I vote we replace that one about your neighbors ass. That one always seemed like bullshit to me anyway. My neighbor has a great ass, and I’m supposed to feel guilty for the shit I want to do to it?

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