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Brickbat: Hiding the Bottle


Concord, Massachusetts, residents have voted to ban the sale of single-serve plastic water bottles. Stores caught violating the ban face a $50 fine.

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  1. “The residents….voted to ban….”

    This is how shit like Fauxcahontas gets elected. The residents apparently have the same contents in their heads as the water bottles they voted to ban.

    On further thought, it is possible this idiotic ban could have been a rider attached to something else they really wanted. Nah, it is MA.

  2. Hmm.

    Looks like the limit is 1L. Now, based on the amount of water, or the amount of bottle?

    Also, what do I have to add to water to make it no longer count as water, but as a non-water beverage?

    1. I recommend yeast, hops and barley.

      But caffeine or KCl might do as well.

  3. Will carrying them in a paper bag take care of this?
    Oh wait, they banned bags also.
    I’m just going to go lay down die now.

    1. MA bans water bottles, Hit AND Run bans ampersands.

  4. Earth saved. Thank you Concord!

    1. And don’t forget!
      and limit exposure to toxic chemicals.

      Ingested polyethylene terephthalate itself is biologically inert.
      It doesn’t enter through the skin.
      I doesn’t even enter through the lungs.
      Animal studies show no evidence of toxicity.
      When placed inside the body it won’t incorporate into DNA.
      Even its monomers and intermediates are nontoxic.
      Compounds used to manufacture it shows no evidence of estrogenic activity.
      IOW, PET is about as toxic as glass.

      1. But…but…KEMIKALZ!!1!1!

        1. They have actually banned dihydrogen monoxide in Concord now.

          1. For the environment! Penn ampersand Teller predicts the future!

          2. Spirit, that made those spirits dare,
            To die, and leave their children free,
            Bid Time and Nature gently spare
            The shaft we raise to them and thee.

      2. I think they are still worried about the bisphenol A. Of which I’ve had smart chemical engineers tell me they are also worried, although I personally am far more worried about the birth control pills in the city water supply for estrogen mimicking compounds..

      3. “PET is about as toxic as glass.”

        It is not the PET they are worried about. It is the impurities which can be leached into the water that should worry you. Like Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is not a good thing to consume.

  5. Good, looks like I’m still allowed to put water in an aerosol can and spray it into my mouth.

    1. And you can still spray yourself and walk around with strategic wet spots if you so desire

  6. The ban on sales of bottles of a liter or less passed at Wednesday’s town meeting 403-364.

    This just in: People are idiots.

    Stores should give bottles away with the purchase of 16oz of water.

  7. ban the sale

    What if it’s free with the purchase of a 99? plastic bag?

  8. It is just like any gun ban; meaningless political posturing.

    If I bottled water I would simply call my bottle supplier and have them send me 34 oz bottles. Within a week I would have my bottles back on the store shelves.

    1. Why do you hate the environment, Suthenboy?

      1. Again, I am just a shithead like that.

        1. I keep forgetting!

    2. Yes, this is what the ban is designed to do, get people to use larger bottles which are more efficient than the tiny ones.

      I prefer larger bottles anyway. And when I get a water bottle I usually refill it several times before throwing it out.

  9. The time to stop violent and anti-social immigrants has finally come. We need to build a wall to stop them once and for all, around the border of Massachusetts.

    Wir sind nicht Massholers!

    1. Seriously, I do wonder sometimes if the country wont eventually split. We seem to be more partisan all the time and the left gets more wackadoodle the more power they get.

      It would certainly be interesting to watch as a country with greater freedom, stronger private property rights, and less regulation buries the progressive utopia overnight. Still, I would bet the progs would stick to their guns….all the way down the drain.

      1. Well they’d also have someone to blame then.

        “If that evil country next door would just be more fair we wouldn’t be this far in debt!”

        1. yeah, if you want someone to hate you, have more than they do. If you want them to hate you with a white-hot passion, give them something for nothing.

      2. I would be OK with California, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Massachusets going off on their own. But only if they still let us freely travel between the two countries. I don’t want to have to go through a customs crossing just to go visit relatives.

  10. So, in NYC I can’t have a big bottle of water if there’s sugar in it. And in MA I can’t have a small bottle of water UNLESS there’s sugar in it. Mmmm, sugar. It’s magical! I’m going to go buy some before it’s outlawed.

  11. Every convenience store directly outside of Concord’s city limits:


    1. That town is going to have some of the most boring speakeasies in history.

      1. Officer Jackass: So you intend to tell me that all SIXTEEN of those bottles are for personal use? Who did you buy them from? Tell me before we beat it out of you.

        1. Somehow, that puts it all in perspective.

  12. Where liberty was born – and died.

  13. Did anyone read the comments? They’re rather cheering

    1. When NC banned smoking in ‘public accommodations’ the powers that be over us rewarded themselves with a self congratulatory pat on the back PSA that almost choked us all to death with the amount of smug released in the environment. It was on the ballot Nov. ’08 when we went Blue. Fucking awful time to be alive.

      1. What is even more depressing is that NC used to be Tobacco Road. Tobacco drove the NC economy for 300 years. Now, they’ve banned smoking. Pathetic.

  14. OT:
    “TUCSON, AZ–(Marketwire – Aug 2, 2012) – The following is a statement from Vante:
    Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.”

    1. What a moron.

    2. Who, other than self-absorbed college students, thinks that it’s a good idea to video themselves harassing a drive-thru fast food employee for the political viewpoints of the company’s executives?

      1. Recently, while at a traffic light, I observed that there were Lizzy Warren supporters holding placards in support of the Massachusetts democrat senatorial candidate who has spent far more of her adult life in the private sector than has her opponent, and I could not help but retrieve, if just for a moment, my inner self-absorbed college self and honk the horn at the sign holding Lizzypiles as I opened the driver’s side window and proceeded to put the palm of my right hand to my mouth and repeat the motion while chanting some generic native american noise.

        The Lizzy sign holders, clovers that they are, were baffled.

        1. But did you film it?

          1. The idea to do it originated with text which Jeff Katz read (radio 1200 AM Boston) on air. He had received the text from a listener.

            No, I did not film the episode. Invariably, my cell phone is in the console unless I am making a call. IOW, I hardly ever have it on waiting for calls.

      2. I’m sure the girl was took his brilliant exercise to heart and is looking for some work far from the eevul gay hating corporashuns.

  15. Just go with *wooden* bottles, the way God intended.

    1. Styrofoam – the envirohippies love that stuff.

  16. Well, that’s not quite what I was thinking when I saw “hide the bottle.”

    1. “Hide the salam.”

      /Woody Allen

  17. They didn’t ban water bottles. If you want 16oz of bottled water in Concord, you can buy a liter bottle and pour half of it out.


    1. pour half of it out

      What?! And risk a felony conviction?!

    2. If someone were to hit Bloomingidiot with a ‘pie’ in the face, I would reward that person with a ‘clap’.

      1. Gonorrhea is not much of an award.

        1. As so many have learnt first-hand from you

        2. For some people, it the only proof they’ll ever have of being touched by another human being.

      2. If someone were to give Bloomingidiot the ‘clap’, I would reward that person with a ‘pie’.

        1. Eh, eh, eh.

  18. 431 PDF pages into A Clash of Kings, some impressions.

    Amazed that the Dany chapters have managed to stay interesting given she has little connection the rest of the story at this point.

    Catelyn waiting for her father to die over several chapters should have been nixed as it is boring as fuck. No one could possibly care about this shit. Why isn’t she down in the dungeon smacking Jaime around instead of lingering over the old man? Seriously, Martin should have written him out of the story, and left the little plot revelation he has to reveal in a letter or something.

    The dramatic intrigue in the Tyrion is similarly weakened by his ever going to visit Shae.

    Bran chapters got better with the two druidy kids in them.

    First Theon chapter could have been shortened. It’s necessary to have it for the purpose of plot, but he is a dullard, and I don’t care to be inside his head. The second Theon chapter was perfect. Laughed my ass off. Thought she was one of the dock spies Tyrion talked about earlier so I didn’t see the plot twist coming.

    Overall, not as good as the first. Every chapter kept me wanting more in that one.

    1. All of that pays off, except for Old Tully lingering.

      1. I suspect where the Shae part of the story is going giving some of Brom’s jabs. Still, his visits to her needed editing.

  19. This link is from April. The current news is that an expansion of the ban was defeated in the state legislature.

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