A.M. Links: Layoffs Down, Pentagon Workers Dig Porn, Israel Cautions Iran


  • Drone

    In July, the number of planned layoffs at U.S. companies dropped for the second month, though the same can't be said of the financial sector, which trimmed the largest number of workers since January. Analysts caution, though, that you rarely see heavy layoffs in the summer.

  • Auto sales were up big in July — but not for Government Motors or Ford, both of which lost ground.
  • The Pentagon told employees and contractors to lay off using their government computers to surf the Internet for porn.
  • Come for the terrorists, stay for the borscht. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the U.S. and NATO should keep their troops in Afghanistan.
  • Fear us, if you dare! former Mossad chief and Israeli national security adviser Ephraim Halevy warned Iran. Not surprisingly, the comments fueled speculation that Israel is feeling irritable toward the land o' Islamic revolution.
  • In the world of that's-no-surprise, it turns out that President Obama not-so-secretly authorized military aid to Syrian rebels.
  • With 100 or so government agencies already authorized to use drones domestically, Rep. Edward Markey favors legislation clarifying who gets to do what kind of snooping.

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  1. The Morning Links post-time has been slipping ever since they lost Balko.

    1. …DRINK?!

      1. I’ll allow it.

    2. Riggs had been trained to have them up at 9AM, so there was no guess work. Then things got sloppy again.

      1. Say what you will about Riggs, at least he made the lynx run on time!

      2. Tuccille is in Arizona and knows what time it really is.

  2. J.D. Tuccille is Managing Editor, 24/7 News, for Reason.

    It was “News Aggreggation” two days ago. Are congratulations or commiserations in order?

    1. I think you have to go comment on 24/7 News items to get his attention.

      1. Or talk about High Desert Barbecue.

        1. Why the hell is High Desert Barbecue formatted so weird on Nook? It’s in a little 2×2 box that fits like 20 words on each page. I demand answers, Tuccille!

          1. Get some reading glasses and stop using 50 point font.

  3. “The Pentagon told employees and contractors to lay off using their government computers to surf the Internet for porn.”

    I always thought that prOn was a benefit included in the contracts? Mebbe those contractors in Iraq were feeding me a line!

    1. You know, anyone who gets caught actually surfing porn from any employers computer needs to be fired immediately.

      Not because I think there is anything wrong with porn, I’m a big fan really, but because it shows either a severe lack of intelligence or judgement. I mean it is patently obvious you should not be doing that in a work environment or on work issued equiptment, and by now everyone should know that the sysadmins can see every action you take on the net.

      1. sysadmins can see every action you take on the net.

        In my experience, the only time they bother looking is for laughs or when someone wants a documentable reason to fire someone.

        1. Sysadmins have more then enough work to do without looking into the users’ personal lives… which really aren’t that interesting anyway.

        2. As one sysadmin told me, he tracked but didnt block anything. He would look thru the logs to find good pron sites he was unfamiliar with.

        3. In places I have worked they did periodic sweeps of the logs looking for any sites that didn’t belong and while it is true that they rarely took any action beyond adding specific sites into the web filters it still doesn’t change the fact that surfing porn on the job, especially a job where you are dealing with classified material, is a massively stupid thing to do.

          I mean maybe you could have made an argument that people didn’t realize they could be tracked or that they didn’t realize there was anything wrong with it back in 2002, but this is 2012 and you are either stupid or using really bad judgement if you do it.

          Hell if you really must surf for naked women at work, use your damn smart phone (not the company provided one, but your own).

          1. my employer just blocks ’em

            1. If the eval rethuglicans didn’t impose such an extremist austerity program on our poor, beleaguered Feds, they could have done that too.

              So, now all they can do is ask nicely.

          2. the fact that surfing porn on the job, especially a job where you are dealing with classified material, is a massively stupid thing to do

            Not to mention, surfing porn doesn’t seem like an activity that enables you to be prepared for a quick minimize-all key entry.

          3. When I worked on a classified program, I was in the basement of a windowless building and the network was not connected to the WWW. It was connected to a WAN, but it was physically impossible to surf porn or anything else from the intertubes. There were some “open area” computers that people could use to access the internet, but they were in kiosks that literally anyone walking by could see what was on your screen.

            Which would have made porn surfing even more stupid. Only someone with absolutely no shame and who doesn’t give a fuck would do that.

          4. Hell if you really must surf for naked women at work, use your damn smart phone (not the company provided one, but your own).

            Even that might not save you, if you’re silly enough to let your device connect through your work’s network. He was using a laptop, not a smartphone, but still…

            And use the quiet bathroom for fapping, please. Bad enough having to use the bathroom at work, without listening to that.

          5. I mean maybe you could have made an argument that people didn’t realize they could be tracked…

            I used to have, as soon as they hit my proxy server, a splash screen informing people on my network that their internet access was being logged. It didn’t make a difference. They saw it every day and became desensitized to it, I guess, even though I would change the animation on it every so often.

      2. and by now everyone should know that the sysadmins can see every action you take on the net.

        Yes, and this is a reason one might expect them to want to curtail employee porn viewing?

        1. The sysadmin is not the one who wants to stop your using porn, hell based on the sysadmins I’ve known given the opportunity he’d be one of the heaviest users.

          The CIO (worried about bandwidth consumption), whoever is in charge of infosec (obvious risks of viral infections), HR (all they need is sally prissy pants seeing your screen from across the room and now they have a sexual harrassment suit to deal with), and possibly Marketing (they seem to think their domain showing up in the porn servers logs is damaging to the brand image) however will be keenly interested and your boss will probably have a thing or two to say about it as well. All this is just in a corporate environment, now throw in the fact you are using military equiptment associated with highly classified missile defense systems and it makes it just over the top stupid.

          1. The real problem is all the stuff your computer could catch from visiting those sites.

      3. …and by now everyone should know that the sysadmins can see every action you take on the net.

        It’s only a matter of time before they catch me on H ampersand R.

        1. Our sysadmins never seemed to have a problem with the Ron Paul Forums, or the Free State Project, or Reason — they tend to be libertarians too.

      4. Not because I think there is anything wrong with porn, I’m a big fan really, but because it shows either a severe lack of intelligence or judgement.

        Agreed. If you’re not smart enough to use a VPN, you deserve to get fired.

      5. Why would anyone want to get woodies at work.

        Also, Woodies at Work would be a pretty good band name.

    2. I always thought that the internet *was* for porn. You mean there’s other stuff I can use this computer thingy for?

  4. So, in a bout of insomnia-induced Netflix watching, I watched Commander in Chief last night.

    That show… is not good. The family shit really doesn’t work, Donald Sutherland may as well be twirling his Snidley Whiplash mustache, and the whole “political independent” thing comes off a such a crock.

    Still watched it, though.

    1. Yeah I watched that thing last year on Netflix. The whole run. Kept trying to figure out what made her an indenpendent.

      And, yes, Sutherland was a caricature, and not even a remotely interesting one.

      1. The part that got to me was when the Democrats offered her their nomination, and I just couldn’t help but going, “Yes, this would be the logical move for you, does anyone watching this show really believe that she is a Republican on a significant issue?”

    2. I’ve had my fill of leftist “independent” smarm from The Adjustment Bureau, thanks.

  5. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t…..jtqA2_1Puw

    Kill them. Kill them with fire.

    I finally am worried about global warming.

    1. You SFed the link

      1. Unfortunately I cannot fix my error.

        It’s the top Google News link to the story about pythons in New Jersey.

        I can’t get a better link because I can’t risk clicking through to the story.

        If this global warming stuff keeps up I may have to move to the shores of Hudson Bay.

        1. They still have winters in New Jersey. Yes, kill them with fire. But I would imagine the winter will freeze them. And anyone who wants to own a large snake, needs to be constricted and eaten by said snake in the name of natural selection. The snakes owe it to our species to eat their owners and cleanse the gene pool.

          1. I just found out that some moron in our building was breeding pythons. How did I find out? Two adults escaped and made their way into two other units. We have a 4 week old so naturally I will never tell my wife.

            I’m on the fence regarding “exotic” animals. I mean most people seem to handle them responsibly but they are still wild animals and well, look at what happens when the owners fuck up.

            1. Those adults are just as dangerous as any venomous snake. No fucking way should that loser be allowed to raise them in an apartment building. He needs to be killed.

            2. I was hoping you found out when the owner popped a leash on them and went for a walk

              1. Hahaha, if only. The guy just got evicted though. I’ve been wondering if he took his snakes with him.

                1. RBS,

                  Did he get evicted for the snakes? Or is he such a retard he was spending money on snakes and not his rent?

                  1. John, you would hate this guy. He failed to pay his rent. Why? My guess is its hard to make enough money to support your snakes when you’re hipster ice cream man that only takes his truck out a few hours a day.

                    1. That is what I thought. I am all for hobbies. But paying your rent kind of takes priority.

            3. why are you on the fence? These animals were not meant to be kept as pets and, at some point, they endanger the community. Florida has pythons now, hardly an indigenous species. And there is always some fool who thinks it’s cool to have a pet big cat. What could go wrong?

              1. I guess because I consider smaller reptiles/amphibians/arachnids to be exotic as well. So I don’t want the guy with the bearded dragon to suffer because some jackass with a chimpanzee was brutally beaten.

                1. If you want to have some harmless corn snake RBS, have fun. But having a python is keeping a deadly animal. Talk to any herpetologist and they will tell you that a large python is just as deadly as a venomous snake. They are incredibly strong. If they decide to constrict on your, you are dead.

                  1. That’s kind of my point John.

                2. I agree with you that a small lizard does not equal a python or tiger, but if the question is binary, the better answer is no all around.

          2. Skinner: Well, I was wrong. The lizards are a godsend.
            Lisa: But isn’t that a bit short-sighted? What happens when we’re overrun by lizards?
            Skinner: No problem. We simply release wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They’ll wipe out the lizards.
            Lisa: But aren’t the snakes even worse?
            Skinner: Yes, but we’re prepared for that. We’ve lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.
            Lisa: But then we’re stuck with gorillas!
            Skinner: No, that’s the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death.

          3. They still have winters in New Jersey.

            Our only significant snowfall last year took place in October. So while we do still have winters, we don’t know when the hell they will happen.

      2. A haiku:

        Sugar Free’d the link

        Must have been an ampersand

        in the URL

    2. Global Warming led an irresponsible pet owner to release tropical snakes in NJ?

      1. Oh, so they are confirmed to be released pets?

        I thought global warming was allowing them to survive.

        Especially since the fucking very same day there’s a story about rattlesnakes now living in Berkshire County, MA.

        WTF, Earth?

        1. There has always been timber rattlers clear through the North Woods. They have them in Canada.

        2. Sometimes, you really should RTFA.

      2. We’ve got snakes on a mutherf*%in’…um, State?

    3. This is actually pretty close to where I live. There is no way in hell they’re gonna live through the winter. It’s the extreme northern part of the state the guy who found the snakes lives on Upper Greenwood lake which straddles the NY/NJ border. Hell, last year on Halloween we got 18″ of snow.

  6. President Barack Obama has signed a secret order

    If only he had this loose of an understanding of “secret” on the fast furious docs.

    1. Did he send it on his Blackberry?

    2. He would if it was politically advantageous for those to be leaked.

  7. So I go away for a couple of days and you fuckers ruin the site.

    Nice work, dicks.




    1. Your additional whitespace isn’t helping.

      1. What






    2. That’ll learn ya not to take any more days off.

  8. Women claiming to have been profiled because of their hairy legs are among a group of seven people planning to serve a $1.4-million claim against police on Wednesday arising out of the violence-marred G20 summit two years ago. more

    1. Only old women should have hairy legs because cottage cheese is hard to shave.

    2. They were treated badly because the cops were bitter they had to keep watching women with hairy legs.

    3. If God intended us to shave, He would have left abundant iron deposits easily accessible around the globe.

  9. http://news.investors.com/arti…..-hasnt.htm

    Obama stiffs California City $35,000.

    1. He’s stiffing the California city of Newport Beach $35,000 for extra security costs

      Do you feel secure in your love for your President? Donate today and help him feel more secure.


    2. Great picture to go with that story. Whoever did that should get a cookie.

      1. There’s even a caption “Not my problem” next to the pic credit. Bravo.

    3. According to standard city policy, if the Chicago Democrat’s May bill remains unpaid after 120 days, it will be turned over to a collection agency. Which shouldn’t have much trouble tracking the campaign down, given all the flashing lights and extra security surrounding Obama’s fundraisers every other day.

      I want to see a repo guy haul away Air Force One while the president is off speaking. That would be hilarious, and the perfect summary of President Downgrade’s reign of fail.

      1. If Mitt Romney or the RNC don’t run with this, they are dumber than I imagined.

        1. I saw a commercial this morning killing him on the “You didn’t build that” speech. Had some guy talking about how his father and grandfather had built his construction business interspersed with the video of the speech. I have to admit it was a very effective ad.

          1. It’s about time.

            I am not voting for Romney, obviously, but it gives me sheer delight when someone effectively gives the President his comeuppance.

            I have the severe misfortune of living in Ohio, and President Television has never. stopped. talking. Not once in the past four years. It’s eating at my sanity.

            1. I think Romney in some ways is krypotite to President Television. Paul would actually be saying something. And that would have allowed dip shit to change the subject from his own gaffes. Romney because he is so boring and vanilla lets Obama hog all of the spot light. And as we have seen, that is not a good role for him.

            2. You live in Ohio and aren’t down here in SC for the summer? I didn’t think it was possible.

              1. On a visit to Florida, the vendor in the mall said “Ohio is like this big-ass state that nobody goes to and everybody comes from”

                How true.

                1. I like Ohio.

                  1. If god were to give the universe an enema. he’d put the hose in Ohio.

          2. John,

            This ad on YouTube yet?

            1. I am blocked. But I think this is it on his website.


              1. The guy in that ad already got blasted for having taken a federal loan to keep his business running or some such. Poor vetting on Romney’s part.

          3. “.. a very effective ad.”

            If it’s the ad I’m thinking of, the man is from NH, and he’s had to go to the police because of the threatening e-mails and even a few phone calls to his home. But it’s those right wingers that are always on the verge of violence, right ?

            1. Yeah, he received death threats and such for having done the ad despite receiving federal money for his business. He defended himself by saying he paid the loan back with interest, but it does sort of undermine the ad’s theme of “we don’t need the government to help us run a successful company”.

              1. Need to spin it so that “he might not have needed that loan if it weren’t for the harmful anti-business policies of this administration”.

              2. No it doesn’t, you fucking moron.

  10. With 100 or so government agencies already authorized to use drones domestically,

    Is this why all of the good ambient music comes from Europe?

    1. Europe has lead in droning ever since the Romans invented the bagpipe.

      1. Seems lead would hinder agile flight and acoustics alike. Perhaps you meant led?

      2. I thought it started with the Gregorian monks chanting.

    “BEIJING (AP) — A teenager killed eight people with a knife and wounded five more in northeast China after falling out with his girlfriend, state media said Thursday.”


    1. Wait, didn’t someone try to tell me that mass killings were only possible with firearms a few days ago?

    2. This country is awash in knives. When will people wake up to the fact that knife culture leads to knife violence?

      Close the knife show loophole now!

      1. awash in knives

        Nice band name.

        1. I still want to start a band named either Knee Grow or Knee Growth.

          I have no idea wghat sort of music to play, but I have the name.

          1. My brother in law started a band called Knee Grow. They play thrash.

            1. Dammit. Now I’ll have to go with Knee Growth.

              1. I think there’s a Gold Bond medicated powder for that.

    3. This can’t be true. Only teh GUNZ! are used in mass-murder attacks. Everyone knows this.

    4. The limeys have made the sale, manufacture, or importation of ‘pointy knives’ illegal.

      1. If Sir Lancelot were alive today he’d be spinning in his grave.

      2. I am sure the “rasp-bury” will be next …

    5. How typical. Another young, white male, probably from an affluent neighborhood, disconnected from society. I’m sure Joe Scarborough saw this coming.

    6. Was it one of those scary assault knives?

      1. It had to be. Regular knives are only used to chop up your chicken and veggies, as everyone knows, and they’re not really very dangerous anyway. I mean, if they were scary looking, like those Assault knives, only scary, homicidal people would use them.

  12. Foreigners and their first time impression of America:


    The smooth traffic thing must be really weird. Imagine going from a country with no road rules to here.

    1. I always laugh when I see driving schools in the middle east. What the hell do they teach their students? “No Abdul, faster through the stop sign. Always take the right turn from the far left lane and remember only pass on hills”.

      1. More horn!

      2. I was visiting some family in Greece a few years ago. Holy shit driving over there was terrifying. One day we went up into the mountains and on the side of the road they have all these little model churches that, according to my cousin, mark where someone was killed. There were probably 60-70 little churches on this one 3 mile stretch of road.

        1. hey, a fellow Greek. Not long ago, I found out that in Athens, traffic lights are a guide. If no one is coming the lane that is green, the folks stopped at the red start going.

          1. Athenian drivers start impatiently honking at the guy at the head of the red light pack to go when the light on the other street goes yellow. Worst place to drive.

          2. I’m not actually Greek, my step-dad is, but after about 20 years or so I feel fully integrated. Another fun story from my trip: When I got to Athens and went to board my train to the coast the train people were on strike so I had to take a bus. On the bus trip we inexplicably took a break at some rest stop. We ended up waiting about 3 hours for another bus driver to get there, apparently our guy just decided he didn’t feel like driving the rest of the way. Luckily, when I made it to my destination my cousins were waiting with a feast of lamb, head and all, and an obscene amount of Tsipouro.

            1. sounds about right. Two things: “inexplicably” does not mean the same thing in Greece..I’m not sure it’s even a word; second, all departure times for virtually any avenue of mass transportation are guidelines only. The only certainty is that the plane/train/bus will not leave early.

            2. the train people were on strike so I had to take a bus. On the bus trip we inexplicably took a break at some rest stop. We ended up waiting about 3 hours for another bus driver to get there, apparently our guy just decided he didn’t feel like driving the rest of the way.

              Kind of explains why their economy is in the shitter and people riot in the streets over their faux austerity measures that might require them to work until 50 instead of retiring at 45.

        2. Drivers in Argentina are crazy as well. I almost got ran over at least three or four times in just a week.

      3. I’ve heard driving in S. Korea can be an adventure too. Apparently they don’t understand the concept of staying in their lane at traffic lights, so when the light’s red everyone tries to move up as close to the front of the pack as they can. They squeeze as many cars in as possible, and when the light turns green it’s a drag race to get out in front.

        They also will usually go when the light’s red if no one is coming the other way, which I admit I’ve done here late at night. Along with rolling through Slow To Optional Pause signs.

        1. Korean drivers are terrifying.

          My favorite part: taxis often have seat covers in the back that make it impossible to use seat belts. The only way to be sure to get one is to ride up front, which I don’t enjoy because then I have to watch the insanity happen in front of me rather than cowering in the back.

          This video, while exceptionally extreme and not indicative of the way people actually drive in SoKo…is outstanding nightmare fuel:


        2. Drivers in Taiwan are much worse. It’s basically a free for all, and you have to watch out for the mopeds. I’ve only been there once, and nearly got wiped out by a mobile building crane cornering at high speed to beat the light, even though drivers from the other direction (including my taxi driver) were also trying to beat the light.

    2. Yes Virginia, the Pledge of Allegiance is creepy. There’s no way to ordering kids to make loyalty oaths to the state every morning that isn’t creepy.

    3. Met a church group from Nairobi last year. They were gushing over how nice the airport and city of Newark, NJ were. I made a tremendous effort to keep a straight face.

      1. The lousiest existence in the US is far better than the average existence elsewhere in the world.

        1. Returning to LAX from Seoul makes you think you’ve left the First World and landed in the Third.

      2. one word – context. The comparison is Nairobi to Newark; now if they said the same about Detroit…

        1. Well Detroit has the Trippy Tunnel and that awesome waterjet thing soooo…

      3. Wow. Newark? Fucking NEWARK?

        That place is a shithole. At least they weren’t gushing over Camden.

        1. Hey, one of my kids is named Camden.

          Seriously, my wife is a huge Orioles fan, we had boy girl twins and she got her way on the boy but I wouldn’t let her name our daughter Ripken

      4. I was just in Nairobi’s airports (both of them) – was much better than the time I was in EWR

    4. Fun article.
      It’s always amusing to see our country through other people’s eyes. Like seeing American characters in foreign film or British TV.

    5. That was an entertaining read, thank you.

      I’ve been around a number of people who were here temporarily, or who grew up elsewhere, and sadly that topic never came up. It would have been worth the discussion time.

      1. or who grew up elsewhere,

        Kinda like our current POTUS …

        … and NO, I am not referring to Kenya, but all the time in Indonesia and elsewhere not on the US mainland.

        1. I’ve wondered aloud many times why that isn’t more of any issue than the question that won’t die about his birth certificate. I don’t know, something about giving up ones name to become a citizen of another country, just doesn’t smell right.

    6. The Chinese people I was in grad school with were really impressed with how nice our rural areas are.

      This was around Castell and Llano, Texas, by the way, so not exactly Vermont.

  13. The Pentagon told employees and contractors to lay off using their government computers to surf the Internet for porn.

    No keyboard manufacturers are big Obama donors, so replacements are out.

  14. “Ahmadinejad added that ‘liberating Palestine’ would solve all the world’s problems, although he did not elaborate on exactly how that might work.

    ‘Qods Day is not merely a strategic solution for the Palestinian problem, as it is to be viewed as a key for solving the world problems,’ he said.

    He added: ‘Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom.'”

    Yeah, nothing wrong with this culture.


    1. Qods Day is from Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy isn’t it?

    2. Kneel before Qods?

  15. Jezebel is unable to understand how some women could place the economy above abortion in their voting priorities.


    I mean, I would say these people are a parody of themselves, but that seems generous.

    1. In a weird way, single-issue Pro-Life voters have never more sisterly than they do now with Jezebel.

      1. Huh?

        1. I think he’s saying that they’re both united in single-issue-voterhood.

          1. Right, they both don’t understand how other women don’t find abortion the most important and determining issue.

            1. Okay, got you. I think you left out a word in your first post.

    2. What do women need a job for if they can get free abortions from the government?

      1. if we don’t work we can’t sue your arses for sexual harassment 🙂

        1. I’m offended by your use of the vulgarity ‘arses’. I feel othered and disempowered. You have created a hostile commenting environment, ifh.

          1. well there is a site for that

            1. Work filter blocks that. Something about ‘Whining Losers’ comes up.

              1. Shit shit shit. Now I gotta burn my computer.

  16. They had a story on the Today Show this morning about the IRS taxing Olympic medalists on the value of their medals and Rubio’s bill to end the practice. They showed Nancy Pelosi being asked about it. And with her usual vacant stare said “we have more important things to talk about” or in plain language “fuck you that is why”. My God that woman is unpleasant.

    1. It’s especially bullshit considering that any number of the athletes don’t exactly have big chunks of change to throw around.

      1. And the medal is not particularly fungible. Do they really expect them to pawn the damn things to pay the taxes?

        1. Sure, why not.

          I mean NFL players occasionally pawn their Superbowl rings and I can easily see an actual olympic gold medal being worth far more than the gold content of the medal as a collectable.

        2. Not exactly–they’re not taxed on the value of the medal, they’re taxed on the prize money that comes with it. I guess gold medal winners get $25K or something like that.

          That Phelps walked out of the 2008 Olympics with about $200K in prize money before Uncle Sugar took his cut is damn impressive.

        3. I’m surprised that the IRS doesn’t base the tax on some bullshit value as a collectible.

          That medal could fetch $1million dollars at auction- so you owe us 350k

          1. They would, if us regular folks, wouldn’t make such a fuss about it. You can’t tell me they haven’t considered it.

      2. “After winning gold in London, an Olympic athlete also stands to earn a $25,000 honorarium. Silver medalists receive $15,000 and bronze medalists are slated to leave London with a $10,000 payday. Current U.S. tax law requires athletes to add the value of medals and honorariums to their taxable income”

        “Current commodity prices value a gold medal at roughly $675, a silver medal at about $382 and a bronze medal at under $5”

        I think Olympians should pay taxes on their income just like the rest of us, but I disagree with adding the value of the medal.


        1. It is treating the value of the metal as income that is outrageous.

        2. How much actual gold and silver is in those medals?

          They are really going to go after athletes that win less than $1000 worth of a precious metal?

          It’s long past time to disband the IRS. Worse than the Gestapo.

        3. That cash prize is a lot smaller than I thought it would be… at least on American terms.

      3. Don’t they get cash prizes when they win? Not that they should get taxed, but I think the “tax on medals” isn’t entirely accurate.

    2. Looters and moochers, one and all.

    3. That wasn’t the story at all. The story is that the prize along with the medal is taxable. The medal itself is also potentially taxable, but the tax burden is rather small. I’m sure the Morning News idiots garbled it completely.

    4. John, the story I read was about taxing the cash received for the medals, not the actual medal itself. There is apparently fairly large cash awards for medal.

      1. No. They tax the value of the gold in the metal. You get taxed on the cash award plus whatever the value of the metal is in your metal.

        1. Hehe the value of the metal in the “metal”? Medal?

          1. You are awarded one metal medal for showing your mettle. That will teach you to meddle!

            1. Careful. You may get taxed on your wordplay.

              1. Tax on my attack? I had best take another tack.

                1. The tax on your tack is assessed at one TicTac.

              1. Well at least you’re not a hermit.

    5. Quick poll

      You are walking down the street when you hear Nancy Pelosi weakly calling for help. She’s pinned under a fallen tree branch whose weight on her chest is slowly axphyxiating her.

      Do you:

      a) Pour gasoline on her and set her on fire?

      b) Pee on her and upload the video to you tube

      c) Tie a rope around her chest and use it to pull her free?

      d) Tie the rope around her neck and help pull her free?

      e) Sit down on the branch so that you can discuss political theory with a major historical figure and politely chide her for her efforts to undermine the rule of law?

      f) Walk away?

      Other options welcome.

      1. Save her and then promptly give her a lesson about how I didn’t need government to force me to do that charitable thing I just did.

        1. This.

        2. Tell her that government services exist to help her, and that I pay for them with my tax dollars so that I don’t have to get my hands dirty or calloused, so why doesn’t she just call them?

      2. I actually think e might be fun.

        “I mean, you seriously believe that shit? I mean, really? Welp, say hi to St. Peter for me. Or whoever is stationed at the gate of Hell, I don’t make judgements.”

      3. give her a long, earnest lecture on how heartless libertarians would expect her to rely on the kindness of strangers but luckily the state exists to save us all from others’ indifference. Why, it’s saving her now!

      4. Research ways in which government policies were responsible for the tree falling, and then sit down next to her and laugh about how we’re having our own personal little Ayn Rand train tunnel collapse episode.

      5. Nah, guys, you have to save her. Let’s say that by saving her and demonstrating that goodness can come from other avenues other than the government, you run a 40% chance that she’ll change her ways and become a zealot for our side. On the other hand, there’s a 100% chance that someone just as reprehensible is going to assume her mantle of Statism (*cough Elizabeth Warren), so letting her expire will have done no one any good.

        1. There’s no shortage of trees to fall on people.

      6. Definitely b.

      7. Stand there screaming “Are you serious?” until she stops breathing.

        1. +100

        2. Dang…. I wish I’d thought of that!

      8. I’d let the government handle it. I’d feel terrible if, by helping out, I was potentially denying work to a unionized state emergency or forestry worker.

      9. b




        It must be b
        The shaming must be recorded, disseminated and posted for posterity.

    6. Also, John… Today?

      You’re better than that man. Actually, all human beings are better than Today.

      I thought we had created that to torture terrorists at Gitmo.

      1. My wife watches it. I got back from working out and was catching my breath before I ceased the septor of household power and switched to my usual mix of Mike and Mike and Stephanie Abrams’ chest on the Weather Channel.

        1. seized the scepter of household power

          TMI, man, TMI.

        2. is it me or has Stephanie’s chest expanded significantly over the past several months?

          1. It depends on her outfit. Sometimes she locks and loads them and they don’t look so big. Sometimes she doesn’t and they are huge.

    7. My God that woman is unpleasant.

      I submit that the mere existence of Princess Pelosi indicates that there is no god, or there is a god and he hates each and every one of us.

      1. I understand that she is from San Fransisco and they will only elect a brain dead leftist. But couldn’t they at least find one that is nice or good looking or has some positive quality?

        1. Behold Nancy when she was the belle of Baltimore

          1. John’s question stands.

      2. I still maintain if there is a god, he’s grown bored with us and is just trolling for lulz now.

          1. Yes, but my sense of humor is macabre on the best of days. I grew up reading Gahan Wilson and Charles Addams as a young child.

      3. After Arrested Development and Archer, I feel like she’s incredibly typecast.

    8. “Unpleasant” is the kindest understatement of the year …
      “fucking evil,Botox-faced libtard Democrat whore” is much more accurate.

    9. They showed Nancy Pelosi being asked about it. And with her usual vacant stare said “we have more important things to talk about”

      Like who employed Mitt Romney twelve years ago, and why he’s hiding his 1992 tax return.

  17. Shocking

    Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said that while the misdemeanor charge was “insufficient” punishment, Maryland law does not make it a felony to communicate general threats over the telephone. She said her office would be lobbying for a law change.

    Felonious discomfiting.

    1. “when people like Mr. Prescott threaten violence, especially in this day and age with all that we have going on right now, he ought to be facing felony charges”

      Well said, Angela.

  18. Man who traces tracing and documents every branch of the 900 character strong family tree of Lord of the Rings says “I don’t mind being called a nerd, but I prefer the term Intellectual Bad-Ass.” Well who wouldn’t?


    1. Didn’t Tolkien himself already do that? It’s what at least half of The Silmarillion was.

      1. Don’t tell Mr. Intellectual Bad Nerd Ass that, or he might come a swinging his replica Gurthang at ya!

      2. I tried reading that book once. Fuck that.

        1. Yeah, I made it about 6 pages.

          1. It gets better once you start groking the paradigm.

            1. Yeah, once you realize the kind of weirdly pastiched creation myth/fall of man thing he’s got going on, it starts to come together more. If you go into it expecting some wonderful linear narrative like LotR or The Hobbit, you’ll be hugely disappointed.

              1. You’ve gotta keep one finger in the appendix at all times to look up names and who is who. Otherwise you lose track quickly.

          2. I’ve tried reading it about 5 times now, I made it to page 10 sometime last month.

            1. I read through it once. However, I seem to have a masochistic knack for plodding through difficult/impossible reads.

              Beowulf is better.

          3. I thought the beginning of it was brilliant.

            I mean he was effectively writing a bible for a fictional world, one which frankly is a hell of a lot more interesting than the one that exists in the real world (but with a bit less sex)

  19. “WASHINGTON, D.C. ? Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) is cosponsoring legislation that would prohibit the federal government from using drone surveillance against U.S. citizens without a legally obtained warrant. The bill, H.R. 5925 ? The Preserving Freedom from Unwanted Surveillance Act of 2012 ? was introduced in June by Georgia Republican Representative Austin Scott.”

    Congress as a whole might be inept, but I like our congressman.


    1. PFUSA? It will never pass without a clever backronym.

  20. Trending headline:

    Colorado Psychiatrist Told School Holmes Was Crazy, but Nothing Was Done

    Expect a sharp increase in involuntary “observation” orders.

    1. “‘Crazy’, huh? If you don’t mind, I’d like a second opinion.”

      “OK, you’re ugly, too!”

      Props to Rodney Dangerfield.

    2. I feel for all of the people who are going to get smacked by the closing barn door. Not a good time to have mental health problems; then again, is there ever a good time for them?

    3. Just wait until they classify being libertarian as a mental disorder.

  21. Obama’s order, … known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other US agencies to provide support that could help the rebels

    A “finding”? It should be known as a “tax”.

    1. No, no, its a “penalty”!

  22. http://www.powerlineblog.com/a…..dumber.php

    Obama campaign like demagoguery only dumber.

  23. http://www.reuters.com/article…..OK20120801

    Obama authorizes secret support of Syrian rebels. Good thing we kept that war monger McCain out of office.

    1. So this is secret how, exactly?

      1. it’s a secret because all the media say it is. Isn’t that how it works?

      2. Like the secret war in Cambodia.
        Sad to see another Nobel Peace Prize winner going down the road to War Criminal-dom.

  24. Considering that feminism and the politicization of fat has made them a rare commodity, the complaining about the attention the fabulous asses on some of the women’s volleyball players is especially rich.

    Worth is based on rarity. You make something rare, don’t complain about the worth going up.

    And remember, they’ve had numerous article about ogling male swimmers.

    1. Yes, apparently Ryan Lochtne is their new Gosling.

      1. He has made a few statements that have been deemed un-mutual.

        If attraction hinges on avoiding minute shifts in ideology or an elaborate argument to prove that shift did or did not happen, you aren’t really attracted in the first place. Just admit you have no libido or the attraction you do have is not that gender.

        1. Eh, just make Feminist Ryan Lochtne, and it will be all good.

    2. Female gaze is not as othering as male gaze, duh.

    3. What about all of the fat out shape guys who feel othered when their wives and g/fs oogle swimmers?

      1. I let my wife go on with it. I mean, guess who’s laying next to her when the Olympics are over? It ain’t Tom Daley, that’s for sure.

        1. I look so I can’t say much, although she is appalled at how I find the teenage divers and skaters attractive.

          1. Gymnasts. That is all.

            1. She didn’t make the team. But judging from the Subway commercials, Nastia Lukin grew into quite the attractive woman.

              1. Dara Torres was on F and F this morning. She’s looking good for 45. Hell, she’s looking good, period.

            2. Perv. Jordyn Wieber seems incapable of taking a flattering picture.

              1. She is just not a pretty girl.

                1. No kidding on Weiber. Shawn Johnson would have made for much better eye candy.

                  1. Sean Johnson looks like a mousekateer. She is just so damned cute.

          2. My wife doesn’t care, although she did make a face when–after the Russian gymnasts lost the team and where crying–I said: “Well, at least they have their countries robust porn economy to fall back on.”

            I but I live to even mildly outrage her at this point. 20 years of this and I barely even get kicked under the table or raise an eyebrow any longer.

            1. My wife has finally gotten over it. I have always told her the day I don’t find attractive women interesting, is the day she needs to take me to the vet to be put down.

              1. Exactly. I love my wife, but I still must look at attractive women. I’m a guy, what can I say?

                The other side of the coin of course is that she can ogle Lochte, Dwight Howard or whoever, and I am cool with that.

            2. After 20 years, the wife-unit still treats my outbursts with the same glare and open mouthed horror, as if she just met me.

          3. Well it’s one thing to watch, it’s another to be “seizing the scepter of household power” as you watch.

          4. I notice you left out the gymnists…

            1. Nastia Lukin baby.

            2. because most of them can barely drive.

    4. But Sugarfree, that’s justified:

      Metro’s Nate Jones thought this was so conspicuous/gratuitous/lecherous that he decided to crop some images of male athletes in such a way that their strained faces wouldn’t interfere with our appraisal of their torsos, crotches, and upper thighs. That gallery is definitely worth a perusal, if only to rebalance all the ogling some of the beach volleyball photographers have been doing

      See? It’s OK when they do it, because they have been victimized by the Patriarchy so long that when they get in on Rape Culture, it’s for the Rebalancing Lulz.

      1. You can rebalance ogling? Who knew?

      2. Jezebel proves everyday that hypocrisy isn’t a fatal disease.

      3. The funny thing to me is that AFAIAC without my face a picture isn’t really me anyway, so who gives a damn?

        “Me” is my eyes and the thing behind my eyes. Anything else is just the robot my eyes are driving.

        I’d be about as offended by someone taking a picture of my thigh and posting it online as I would be if you took a picture of my car. Or a big dump I took in the toilet.

        Women feel objectified because they’re objectifying themselves first. If you aren’t obsessed about your own tits and/or don’t tie your identity up in them, you won’t care if someone looks at them.

        1. If you aren’t obsessed about your own tits and/or don’t tie your identity up in them, you won’t care if someone looks at them.

          It’s not a problem for me Fluffy cos I’m pretty ugly, but it’s that someone else ties your identity up in your tits that’s the problem Fluffy

          1. now, about the tits…..

    5. let’s see, you play your sport in a uniform that is barely there and folks get upset that spectators notice?

      1. The court volleyball girls are prettier and have better bodies than the beach volleyball girls any way. Most of the beach girls are looking pretty dykey for some reason.

        USA Women’s Volleyball team.

        1. A moment of silence for the hard life of the Sports Illustrated photographers.

        2. My uncle is a college volleyball coach. I remember being about 13 and going to one of his games, and realizing that he had made a very smart decision of what to do with his life.

          1. This is why I didn’t complain when the wife bought season tickets for college women’s volleyball.

        3. I watched the USA vs Brazil game a few days ago and was extremely impressed with the Brazilian team. And I’m not talking about their play in the game

    6. Isn’t part of the point of watching elite athletes perform to gaze in wonderment and admiration of their physiques?

      It’s a good thing the jezzies and their apologists are complete parodies of human existence.

      1. No. You’re supposed to be admiring their “spirit” and “determination”.

        Because the ideology of American sport has been corrupted until all Olympics are Special.

        1. I thought that’s what the special olympics were for?

    7. Writer4003 3 hours ago
      What, so you’re just entitled to look whenever? I mean, I’ve gotten the I’m-Clearly-Objectifying-You look even when in a pair of day-old jeans and a rumpled t-shirt at the grocery store. It shouldn’t matter what a person’s wearing, they shouldn’t expect to be objectified this way. Christ, dude, these are *people* you’re talking about. You know, the ones with thoughts and feelings and hopes and fears just as valid as your own. You really want to reduce them to cut-up bodies on a screen? That really makes you feel good to see?
      May seem irrelevant, but don’t you have a mom, or maybe a sister, or even a daughter? Imagine her face cut out of a picture like one of these, with men ogling at her. It doesn’t seem so great now, does it? Because you actually view women like that as human beings, it doesn’t seem so nice now, does it?


      1. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had my friends calling my mom a MILF. Somehow I managed to make it through life without becoming a whiny little bitch. I also enjoy taking a gander at hot women when I see them.

      2. It’s like they’ve never even talked to a man.

      3. So if you’re okay with your female family members being ogled, you can ogle whoever you want?

        I didn’t realize Jezelbel was on that side of the incest debate!

    8. Yoana 7 hours ago
      They’re athletes. Such photos distract from that. Their job is to play, not to pose and be sexy, unlike the cover models. They’re people with a job to do, not merely bodies.
      1 reply to Yoana
      StanSitwell 5 hours ago
      Yes but the network is trying to sell television. If they can get sports fans and men or women who want to leer at women playing volleyball, they will try to. Women talk about how hot the swimmers/divers/gymnasts/water polo team is, at least in my neck of the woods they do. Both sexes are looking at some athletes like objects, you aren’t going to stop that, whats the big deal?
      1 reply to StanSitwell
      Yoana 4 hours ago
      What network? It’s Getty images. It’s a random photographer. And it’s only women who get their heads cropped from photos.
      1 reply to Yoana
      StanSitwell 4 hours ago
      So… what you’re saying is that when being objectified, its much better to have your face and name included than to be a faceless butt?
      1 reply to StanSitwell
      Yoana 3 hours ago

  25. Olympic WiFi hotspot ban absurdity level illustrated…


    By the way, the H(and)R comment form seems to be broken in the Opera browser. The “register” and “log in” buttons are missing and clicking “leave a comment” does nothing.

    Just sayin’.

    1. tell them at newsite@reason.com, they don’t monitor AM Links

      1. Cool, thanks.

      2. There’s no one watching this madhouse.

        1. Soemwhere, is socilogist is writing a thesis.

          1. WTF? Moar coffee.

        2. The fucking inmates are running this asylum.

          1. We’re trapped in here with each other. The horror… the horror…

            1. “I’m not trapped in here with you; you are trapped in here with me.”

  26. With 100 or so government agencies already authorized to use drones domestically, Rep. Edward Markey favors legislation clarifying who gets to do what kind of snooping.

    Legislation dictating what sort of spying these drones are allowed to do is about as meaningful as legislation dictating what color gloves TSA agents are to wear.

  27. “‘This is not about containment,’ Mr. Panetta told reporters at the start of his meeting with Mr. Peres. ‘This is about making very clear that they are never going to be able to get an atomic weapon.'”

    “‘If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks,’ said Efraim Halevy, a former chief of Israel’s intelligence agency and national security adviser.”

    It’s not often Israel makes idle threats. Looks like bombs bombs bombs are on the way.


    1. “I question the timing.”

    2. I guess John was partially right. The decision about whether or not we go to war with Iram isn’t ours. It’s the Israelis.

      1. Whatever. I say, “Fuck Iram.” Iramians are dangerous lunatics.

        1. Yeah, we have to prevent them from obtaining Muclear weapons.

      2. And Iran. Iran could always give up their nuclear program.

  28. Surprise, GM still sucks.

  29. I never realized how homoerotic our beach volleyball ladies are until I saw an interview with them.

    Big gay vibe from those ladies.

    1. But the two Americans are both married with several kids.

      1. What happens in the sand, stays in the sand.

        1. I think the swimmers are about the only female athletes who clearly seem to play on our team.

          1. Too bad so many of them are wolf-arm ugly.

            1. They all have great bodies though. And some of them are cute in a perky college girl kind of way. And I bet all of them are pretty damned fun.

              1. All the swimmers I knew who competed in college were party animals – and still are.

                1. All of those girls have that look about them. They all look like the JV girl you knew in high school or college that ended up being a hundred times more of a good time than the snotty prom queen.

        2. What happens in the sand, stays in the sand.

          When sand gets in the cooch, it stays in the cooch.

      2. True. But then they say shit like, “This partnership is like a marriage” and as an interviewer pointed out, they do finish each other sentences.

        1. maybe it’s the crawling all over each other in the sand since the Athens Games. Yeah, they’re married; so was Tom Cruise.

          1. To the two women in the world I would most like to fuck. Can you imagine a Holmes/Kidman sandwich?!

      3. There’s a second US team. Kessy/Ross. Not worth the google effort though. My money’s on Maria Antonelli. Yowza.

  30. With 100 or so government agencies already authorized to use drones domestically, Rep. Edward Markey favors legislation clarifying who gets to do what kind of snooping.

    Meh. They’ll all get to do *legal* snooping.

  31. Washington Post photo essay on eat-at-Chik-Fil day yesterday – large crowds eat at the chicken giant:


    1. I work near the Scaumburg, IL one – they had to have traffic cops come by and work the entrance/exit to Golf Road.

    2. In the war between bigots and fascists, I reluctantly cheer for bigots.

      1. Yeah, I had to point that out to the goons crying about Chik-fil-a. Yeah, I don’t agree with Cathy’s stance, but this never would have become an issue if a bunch of civic leaders hadn’t opened their big mouths about it and said they wouldn’t allow franchises to open there based on the stance. Now it’s being looked at as a free speech issue (because gays aren’t banned from going there, unlike blacks were at lunch counters) and not a bigotry issue. Good job, Rahm, you twinkle-toed fucko!

  32. Here’s a great new way to get people killed.

    Cops raced to Miley Cyrus’ L.A. house tonight after receiving a report about a possible home invasion … but when they arrived to the scene, it turned out to be a false alarm … and all signs point to a troubling prank known as “Swatting.”

    Law enforcement sources confirm … the LAPD received a 911 call at 6:50 PM to report a possible home invasion, possible shots fired.

    The LAPD responded immediately … sending a chopper, and officers with high powered weapons , who immediately set up a perimeter around the home … with guns drawn.

    1. They have been doing it to right wing bloggers. It is a real problem.

      1. The police might actually have to start evaluating a situation before beginning their quasi-military operations.

        1. Asking cops to think before acting is asking for less trouble.

        2. Yeah, that will happen real soon.

        3. that’s hilarious.

        4. derp derp derp

        5. if the article is correct, cops did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do.

          hopefully, the criminals who made the false complaint will get caught and suffer serious punishments… after a fair trial

          underresponding to a home invasion robbery would be a serious problem, and place people in serious danger.

          either way, the cops are fucked according to the reasonoids. apparently, they are supposed to be ominiscient and somehow be able to confirm that a 9/11 call is bona fide… by magick.

          if you want to catch home invasion robbers, you get a quick response team together, you make sure they are properly (heavily) armed and set a good perimeter, and that they are ready.

          that’s good police work

          police work, like poker, is a game of limited information. unless the cops have good reason to assume the call is bogus, they have a duty (moral, at a minimum) to respond promptly and in a way that is proportionate to the threat.

          the reality is that MOST home invasion robbery calls, like most police calls of crime reports are bona fide.

          underresponding to real crimes, because they MIGHT be fake would be terrible, kneejerk policy

          the only wrong people here are the criminals who made the call

    2. Cops raced to Miley Cyrus’ L.A. house tonight after receiving a report about a possible home invasion

      Of course, had it been the home of some nameless worker bee and not Miley Cyrus, they’d have probably just sent a cruiser to drive by. An hour after the call.

      1. ah, the OTHER reason metanarrative

        cops either

        1) overreact, with paramilitary zeal
        2) underreact and don’t give people the courtesy of a response unless it’s a white movie star. 911 iz a joke after all

        reason.com where two completely inconsistent belief systems are perfectly fine as long as they are both anti-cop


          1. another contentless post by pip

            not to mention, i neither lie nor cheat, nor bully, nor thieve and you have zero reason to believe i do, except your bigotry

            the cops did the right things, assuming the article is accurate.

            false complaints are always a problem and always will be. sometimes people get arrested when they are completely innocent based on false allegations. especially in domestic violence cases, moreso than any other kind of case

            again, the law recognizes this with concepts like reasonable suspicion, probable cause, community caretaking, due process, etc.

            the solution is not to underrespond to home invasion calls because the call MIGHT be false. there is only so much info a call receiver can get from the 911 call, especially if the caller hangs up, which in a real home invasion they will frequently do because they don’t want to be heard talking on the phone

            these are realities that actual people in the real world have to deal with, vs. children like pip posting from their mama’s basement

            there is no perfect knowledge or certainty, not in law enforcement or anything else.

  33. Big gay vibe from those ladies.


  34. “‘I built this business without gov’t help. Obama can Kiss my ass,’ reads the sign outside Gaster Lumber Hardware in Savannah, Ga.”


    1. Damn, Savannah is entirely too far of a drive for me to stop by and buy something from him.

  35. With 100 or so government agencies already authorized to use drones domestically, Rep. Edward Markey favors legislation clarifying who gets to do what kind of snooping codifying into law exactly which government agency is allowed to violate your rights and how hard they’re allowed to fuck you up the ass.


    1. That is a pretty fair summary of all of Mr. Markey’s career.

  36. “New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has mayoral aspirations, sent a letter to New York University president John Sexton on Saturday asking the school to immediately end their contract with the fast food restaurant.

    ‘Let me be clear ?? I do not want establishments in my city that hold such discriminatory views,’ Quinn, an open lesbian who recently married her longtime partner, also wrote in the letter. ‘We are a city that believes our diversity is our greatest strength and we will fight anything and anyone that runs counter to that.'”

    In other words, let her be clear, she believes in diversity as long as you agree with everything she believe.


    1. I eagerly await the time when the ideological shoe switches feet, when a conservative mayor tries similar action against the business of a CEO with liberal views. I’m sure it will be treated in the same manner.

    2. So she must not have let Obama into the city, right?

    3. I can’t tell if she is really this emotionally unstable or just throwing red meat to her base.

    4. “We are a city that believes our diversity is our greatest strength and we will fight anything and anyone that runs counter to that.”

      We’re going to ensure diversity by running off anyone with a different opinion.

      Does she realize what a clueless fuck she is or does she honestly not see the weapons grade imbecility in her words?

      1. Does she realize what a clueless fuck she is or does she honestly not see the weapons grade imbecility in her words?

        the latter. That is how the proggie mindset works – diversity is people who think alike but look different, and tolerance is that we all agree on things. Diversity of thought never enters the discussion.

        1. I just ask them what they thought of McCarthy’s Blacklisting of communists.

          The intelligent ones get the point.

          The vast majority of them go through impressive mental gyrations.

    5. Progs really are this petty and corrupt.

    6. Is the “let me be clear” thing filtering down to the lower Party Functionaries now?

    7. Good thing I’d rather castrate myself with a rusty fork than visit that place anyway.

    8. I do not want establishments in my city that hold such discriminatory views,

      Narcissism, much? And I have yet to hear the story about Chick-Fil-A telling Big Gay Al to get his pillow-biting ass out of the restaurant.

      Don’t worry about those drones, federal spending, militarized police, abridging the Second Amendment, we have more important things to worry about. There’s a guy who sells chicken who said he thinks marriage is only for straight people.

      1. I wonder how many balls it must suck to be a libertarian New Yorker, or even a Republican centrist.

  37. my new fav Olympic event: women’s water polo

    i had no idea.

    NO IDEA.

    1. You have a drown fetish?

  38. “A 21-year-old man was shot in the head and killed while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car Saturday night. Now police have launched an investigation to determine what happened.

    “As protocol, he was handcuffed behind his back, double-locked and searched,” said Jonesboro Police Department Sgt. Lyle Waterworth in an interview with WREG-TV.

    Waterworth said he thinks Carter pulled out a hidden gun and shot himself. “Any given officer has missed something on a search, you know, be it drugs, be it knives, be it razor blades,” he said. “This instance, it happened to be a gun.”

    His mother, Teresa Carter, disagrees. “I think they killed him,” she said. “My son wasn’t suicidal.”

    Carter said she was also told her son was shot in the right temple, although he was left-handed.”


    1. The left-handed gentleman pulled out a hidden gun and shot himself in the right temple while his hands were cuffed behind his back? It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

      1. and nothing else happened, itfpapic, bigot.

        1. yawn. you don’t know what happened here, nor do i. it’s going to be pretty easy to determine, pending autopsy and ballistics.

          who fucking cares? prior to that, it’s just speculation based on nothing but thin air.

          this is truther level idiocy, though.

          if the cops were nefarious enough to walk up and center punch the guy in the head with their own gun and then make up a hard to believe story (hard to believe stories aint necesasrily false), they would certainly be nefarious enough to set up a much better story and cover up their shit way better.

          for example, was there evidence of contact wound, etc. it is certainly possible to shoot oneself in the head while handcuffed behind the back. all the more so if the person slipped the handcuffs around front, but even from the back.

          lean your upper torso far over to the right, while grasping the gun in your handcuffed hand and it’s doable.

          ironically, i just responded a few days ago to a kid who blew a hole in his head while seated in a car.

          granted, he was in the driver’s seat, and not handcuffed

          what was cool was we were able to find the spent round.

          it went chin to head, through the roof of the car, and had just enough energy to make a small arc and land not far from the car.

          that’s the kind of crazy shit that conspiracy theorists lik e you would assume we planted the bullet.

          but wierd shit happens.

    2. Just minutes later, police said they heard a thumping noise, turned around and found Carter shot in the head.

      So their story is that they weren’t paying attention to the suspect and can’t hear a gun go off within 3 feet of them?

      The two officers who were present when Carter was found shot were placed on administrative leave.

      Bets on whether or not it’s paid?

      1. Paid.

        1. as it should be. it’s admin leave, not punishment

    3. You know what I wish they’d do? Charge the cop with capital murder and execute him by hanging, firing squad, or electrocution, but because we’re such pussies, I’d have to settle for lethal injection. But that’ll do, too. Any bets on how likely this is?

    4. You’d be surprised what you can, allegedly, keep hidden. Even in jail.

      I don’t think it’s absolutely impossible, the police’s account of how he died, but it’s on par with the guy who committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head

      1. the police have speculation. the forensics etc. will determine what ACTUALLY happened. did they recover a gun from a guy?

        i’ve seen cops miss some fucked up shit on a search. like a bulletproof vest.

        i have no idea how you can search somebody and miss that they are wearing a bp vest covering nearly their entire torso

        but i saw a SPD cop do this

    5. I’ll bet a gun somehow became to be in a discharged state.

  39. “CBS News has learned, from a senior administration official speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter, that Obama also secretly cured cancer, found a way to balance the budget, and saved a baby from a burning building.”

    1. That wasn’t the President. That was Dunphy.

      1. Dunphy did build that himself.

        1. a great career in a noble profession, sure…

          sad that some people’s lives around here are so empty that they find any mention of achievement to be troubling.

          outside yer mama’s basements, people actually do stuff, interact with real people, make the world a better place etc.

          there is more to life than circle jerking on hit and run

  40. “Why does he have a gun? What is he planning to do?”

    “He’s a free man, son.”

  41. The left-handed gentleman pulled out a hidden gun and shot himself in the right temple while his hands were cuffed behind his back? It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

    Houdini could have done it.


  42. “FAIRBANKS ? A Juneau man faces a rare DUI charge for allegedly having a 0.313 breath-alcohol content as he floated through Fairbanks on an inflatable raft Sunday night.”


    1. He was about to recklessly run over and KILL some unsuspecting water bugs! The arrest was entirely justified!

      1. in many states this would be illegal, in many it wouldn’t

        somebody ask sarcasmic about DUI on a bicycle. he’s a (guilty) expert

  43. as he floated through Fairbanks on an inflatable raft

    It’s like he was wildly firing a gun while blindfolded in a crowded burning movie theater!

  44. The Pentagon told employees and contractors to lay off using their government computers to surf the Internet for porn.

    They’re the people’s computers!

  45. The next time someone tells you voter fraud doesn’t exist, send them here:

    A large investigation in Virginia, for example, showed that 30 percent of fraud allegations were centered in Richmond, which has the highest percentage of African-Americans in the state. In the state a wide investigation of voter fraud produced criminal charges against 38 people.


    1. Voter fraud only exists when Republicans win steal elections. /left-tard

    2. In Troy, New York, four Democratic officials have pled guilty to forging mail-in ballots. The fake ballots were submitted under the names of people who ‘live in low-income housing [because] there is a sense that they are a lot less likely to ask any questions. ? What appears as a huge conspiracy to nonpolitical persons is really a normal political tactic,’ Democratic Committeeman Anthony DeFiglio told the police as he plead guilty.”

      What. the. fuck.

      1. It’s not a huge conspiracy, you backwards prole! It’s normal O.P.!

        Or in other words, it’s not really my fault cause, everyone’s doing it!

  46. slam strictly prohibits homosexual behavior, with penalties in some Middle Eastern countries ranging from imprisonment to death. But according to one Muslim cleric who cited a sheik’s fatwa, jihadis who want to smuggle explosives in their rectums can ? and should ? accept being “sodomized” to make room for the mini-bombs.


    1. Rectum? It killed ’em!

      Expect scandal as gay bathhouses locate themselves all over the Middle East, disguised as terrorist training camps.

      “By Allah, I have been cheated! They kept saying that my training was incomplete…then they admitted they didn’t have any rectum bombs…then I said ‘who do you have to blow to blow yourself around here?’ and they said I was in luck…”

    2. “You look like the kind of jihadist who would stuff explosives up a man’s ass without even giving him the Allahdamned common courtesy of a reach around. I’ll be watching you!”

      1. So… technically… every Chick-Fil-A supporter should be a Muslim?


  47. In the world of that’s-no-surprise, it turns out that President Obama not-so-secretly authorized military aid to Syrian rebels.

    Where’s my hat tip? I aggregated that shit before 24/7 did, and from a source that isn’t obscure or Indian.


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