Somalia Progresses on Building Constitution

Delegates finish deliberations despite suicide bombing attempt.


Delegates agreed Wednesday to a new draft constitution for Somalia that is meant to help the violence-torn East African country return to stability. The delegates, above, finished their deliberations despite a suicide bombing outside the conference. Two bombers were involved in the attack, with one of them killing six security officers, the police said. The other attacker was shot and killed before he could detonate his bomb, they said. The Shabaab, a group linked to Al Qaeda, said they were behind the attack.


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  1. I wonder if the trade in Khat and bearing small arms up to a Toyota 4×4 mounted recoilless and twin .50s will be legal under the “Somali Constitution”.

    Fuck the UN

  2. But for the first sentence Somalia could just adopt the Iraqi Constitution.

    We, the people of Mesopotamia, the homeland of the apostles and prophets, resting place of the
    virtuous imams, cradle of civilization, crafters of writing, and home of numeration.

    And inventors of the incomplete sentence. documents iraqi_constitution.pdf

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