Brickbat: Mmm, Brains


Cmdr. Mark Shelley, a U.S. Navy pathologist, has been reassigned to an administrative post after allowing his children to handle the brain of a dead Marine while Shelley's wife took photos. The Virginia Board of Medicine fined Shelley $2,500 and he was fired from his job as medical examine for Virginia's Tidewater region.

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  1. This is a marine we are talking about, right? I don’t know what the big deal is. It isn’t like he was ever using it.

    1. Probably needed the tiny kid hands in order to manipulate it properly to search for the cause of death.

      Why is this in Brickbat anyway? Just sheer weirdness?

      1. Probably. Brickbats haven’t always been all libertarian all the time. Sometimes they are just WTF? kinds of stories.

        1. wait, what? This is a libertarian site?

          1. According the Shrike it is part of the Romney reelection campaign.

            According to John it is the sole surviving member of the left wing anti-war Obama coalition.

            According to Tupla it is a nest of heartless sociopaths.

            According to Warty it is a place where he can rape.

            According to Epi it is his toilet filled with spots of turds on the sides which he can piss at.

  2. OMG the zombie family!

    I like that the wife took photos. For use on their Christmas card?

  3. Always fun to coerce. Not so much when you’re the one being coerced.

    “The real reason the Gotham policy is so objectionable is it infantilizes women by telling them they are no longer adult enough to decide for themselves what is best for their families and themselves.”…..eed/260530

    1. I wonder if the feminists will come out against this, or whether they’ll let it pass because their hero Bloomberg is responsible.

      Methinks it’s likely the latter. But you can be sure that if it was anyone other than Bloomie or a Team BLUE lackie, this shit would be viral in nanoseconds as just another front in Team RED’s War on Women?

      1. Eh. It depends. Like I said yesterday I dated a nurse for a while who did delivery at hospitals and felt very strongly that everyone who physically could breast feed should do so. If she had her way bottles would only be offered in the hospital to babies who were near starvation from countless failed tries to breastfeed. But other than that, I’d say she considered herself a fairly doctrinaire feminist.

    2. Why is it that from zero to about 30 months of gestation, freedom is sacred for women who are mothers, and the rest of the time, not so much?

  4. That’s ridiculous. I handled a brain in neurscience class.

    He’s a pathologist. He handles body parts all day. He’s just giving his kids a little exposure to his profession and teching them a bit of science.

  5. vEry dissatisfied with Reason’s new format.
    For some reason tha ads that load are slow on the page and fuck up the ‘back’ button. All I see is an endless list is Ad urls.

    I hate sites like that.

    1. AdBlock or something similar.

  6. What’s wrong with you people?

    I came to comments looking for some quality irreverence and this is the best you can come up with.

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