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  1. GOP vice presidential pick? There’s an app for that! Yeah, really ? that’s how Mitt plans to announce.

    It only makes sense. The RNC installed an app in Romney to pick the running mate.

  2. The nation’s capital is paying 305 students with poor academic and behavioral records $5.25 per hour to attend summer school. Nice work, if you can get it.

    Just one perverse incentive to get them ready for the others when they wind up on the public dole.

    1. paying for failure…start them off with just a small taste, then gradually increase the pay based on subsequent bad decisions. You know, someone’s probably going to get an award or promotion for this idea.

      1. So, as an honor student my rewards for getting good grades were being told “No you can’t take 2 AP Sciences in one year. We schedule them at the same time so that no one tries to take too many” and being made to sit through a bunch of study halls doing nothing since I’d finished my work, but the failing kids get paid?

    2. As a former student with a poor academic and behavioral record, I’d have turned them down. My free time was way more valuable than 5.25 an hour.

      Of course, since my dad was making the decision, I ended up in summer school anyway.

    3. $5.25 per hour to attend summer school

      Of course, they get paid time-and-a-half if they stay awake at the school they’re attending.

  3. “Harry Reid: Bain Investor Told Me That Mitt Romney ‘Didn’t Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'”

    ‘He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,’ said Reid”…..1343764012

    1. Someone once told me that Harry Reid fucks sheep and went full Sandusky on nine year old boys. I don’t know if that is true. I am not certain. But that is what I heard.

      1. Well, someone once told me that Harry Reid abducted, raped, and killed an eight-year-old girl 10 years ago. Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain. But obviously he can’t give a fully detailed statement of his whereabouts ten years ago. How would it look?

      2. No you didn’t. You are lying.

        We can figure out if Reid is lying when Romney releases several years of returns. That he is willing to take the political hit of not doing so suggests something’s up. That he’s an proven tax evader helps the case.

        1. Romney’s tax returns are immaterial. He’s been a high earner for a long time; had there been a problem, someone would have yelled by now. But no one has. That could be a clue that there is no there there, which brings us back to Harry Reid.

          1. I doubt Romney broke any laws, but the real issue is how the wealthy are able to avoid paying even what working class people pay. Romney is the best possible candidate for Democrats, as he is a poster boy for the unfairness in the American economy. And no, I’m not saying he’s a poor black mother (the type of person you guys typically think are getting away with all the free loot).

            1. doubt Romney broke any laws, but the real issue is how the wealthy are able to avoid paying even what working class people pay.

              You mean millionaires like Obama? People who had nothing before they got into office and then became millionaires after being in office? People like Reid.

              You people are just astoundingly stupid. You want to push the tax return issue go ahead. Good luck with that because it is going to mean people are going to want to see the Dems returns too. And no one wants that.

              1. My how those goalposts jump. Romney is running for president. Reid and Pelosi aren’t. And Obama’s released 11 years. He’s allowed to take the hit for that comparison, and we’re allowed to wildly speculate about what exactly he’s hiding in order to consider it a wise calculation.

            2. except that Romney DID NOT avoid paying taxes as released docs show. He paid more in taxes for last year than most folks will ever earn, and gave about as much to charity.

              When your side stops bankrolling cronies like Solyndra, your “fairness” meme will have more solid footing.

            3. What do you mean, “you guys”?

              1. It Tony’s mind, we are all GOP shills.

            4. Yet Reid and Pelosi are the ones responsible for taxing and spending. Fuckin politics!!

              1. How does Pelosi have any power over taxing and spending?

                1. How does Pelosi have any power over taxing and spending?

                  Didn’t she push through that landmark tax bill known as the ACA?

                2. When she was the Speaker of the House starting in 2006– when unemployment was less than 6% and the budget deficit was only $400 billion/yr.

            5. I doubt Romney broke any laws,

              Unlike the alleged behavior of Hairy Reed.

              Romney alleged to have paid all taxes legally due.

              Reed allegedly engaged in illegal non consensual sexual activity.

              Which is worse?

        2. Reid is slandering Romney. And Reid has never released his tax returns. And Obama has never released his college records.

          If Reid and Pelosi want to release their tax returns, then maybe we can talk about Romeny. As it is, they are just crooks looking to change the subject.

          And Reid is totally lying. He doesn’t give the name of that investor. He just made it up. So trolls like you can have talking points.

          1. Maybe he did. It’s hearsay at this point. But the only relevant comparison is how many years of tax returns did Obama release. That Obama has been hounded for everything from his college records to his birth certificate just makes anyone who’s asked for those thing yet apologizes for Romney’s secrecy a big fat hypocrite.

            1. Romney shouldn’t have to release his tax returns from 20 years ago when the minority leader in the House has never released hers.

              1. Eleven years is a good number, considering that’s how many Obama has released. I’m not sure how the minority leader of the House factors in, except insofar as Mr. I Will Never Vote For That Assclown Mitt Romney just pulls random standards from thin air for the sole purpose of exonerating Mitt Romney.

            2. all presidents have been hounded for all things. We saw college records for Bush, for Kerry, for Gore. Saw tax returns from them, too. Romney has released records. The world is not entitled to his entire IRS history any more than it is entitled to anyone else’s.

              1. When one of the central political debates of the election is whether poor people or rich people should have to pay more to society, I think the public is entitled to know if one of the presidential candidates has paid less in taxes than your average fry cook. Not legally, of course.

                1. Tony I think the country is entitled to know if the President attended Columbia by lying about being a foreign student.

                  1. I completely agree.

                  2. Couldn’t agree more.

                  3. John I couldn’t agree more.

                2. The public is “entitled” to know fuck all that’s not public record, dumb fuck.

                  If you or someone else decides not to vote for someone because they don’t release information you/they want to see, fine.

                  But this Reid bullshit is a nonstory, and neither you, nor anyone else, is “entitled” to know anything that’s not public. So please try to remember that, sockpuppet.

                  1. The public is “entitled” to know fuck all that’s not public record, dumb fuck.

                    How far you want to run with that tautology, libertarian?

                    1. Well, someone once told me that Tony was sodomized by a horse 7 years ago. Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain. But obviously he can’t give a fully detailed statement of his whereabouts that proves he wasn’t in Enumclaw, WA, 7 years ago. How would it look?

                    2. Jesus, HM you make it sound like the horse forced himself on poor Tony. I heard it was the other way around. Is that true? I dont know but that is what I heard.

                    3. You are mistaken. Tony would never have willingly slept with Sarah Jessica Parker, at least that’s what I’ve heard.

                      Tony, what say you?

                3. the only people engaging in that debate are those who believe that people’s money belongs to the govt. Romney paid what he was legally obligated to pay. And if you put up a chart of how much of the load the top 1-5% pays and forced people to really look at it, people would realize that Dems are lying to them about who should “pay more.”

                  1. What legally entitles the superrich is a central question in this campaign. That Romney paid less of a percent on his (entirely investment) income in taxes than most people who actually worked for their income is something people are right to be aghast about.

                    1. Romney did what Warren Buffet did though, unlike WB, Romney was not intellectually dishonest about it. Anyone who cares to know what the cap gains rate is vs. income rates can easily find out.

                    2. by the way, what “legally entitles” payment of this rate is the tax code, and it is available to anyone with investment income, be they very rich or a public servant drawing a pension. Your question is flawed as it implies impropriety where none exists and it further implies exclusivity, which does not exist, either. Even by your usual standards, that is bad.

                    3. I’m not saying it’s illegal, I’m saying it’s wrong. Labor should not be punished by being taxed more than investment. It’s a central component to the wealthy-coddling unfairness in our tax code. But don’t let the plain obvious irrefutable fact that merely being wealthy confers a huge advantage vis a vis the government stop you from obsessing over the free goodies lavished on poor people.

                    4. I’m saying it’s wrong

                      Then you should be blaming Obama for allowing it to occur.

                      Why aren’t you blaming Obama for something his government is allowing to happen that you personally think is wrong?

                    5. if you think it’s wrong, then your argument belongs in Congress. I doubt it will gain much traction, but that’s where the tax code gets manipulated. I will agree with you that it is the single greatest source of govt mischief on the planet, but Romney didn’t create it any more than Soros did. And I haven’t said anything about poor people or goodies lavished upon them.

                    6. “Labor should not be punished by being taxed more than investment.”

                      I couldnt agree more. I suspect you and I have different ideas about how to fix that.

                4. “When one of the central political debates of the election is whether poor people or rich people should have to pay more to society”

                  But it’s not. You just wish it were. The central political debate is how to improve the economy. You and your fuck-buddy Harry Reid just wish class warfare was the central issue.


            3. Maybe he did. It’s hearsay at this point.

              Unlike the allegations that Reid is a serial pederast and beastialophile.

              Won’t someone think of the kids.

        3. T o n y is showing his usual attention to detail. Tax evasion is illegal, and Romney has never had that “proven” against him. He has only avoided some taxes, which is perfectly legal.

          1. Avoiding taxes translates to, “If Romney had organized his finances this way, he would have paid millions more, so Romney is cheating the country to the tune of millions of dollars!!”

        4. Tony, you truly are a total fucking idiot. I laugh my ass off every time you post.

          1. And I have a strange craving for a mint julep every time you post.

            1. You have a craving for mint julep every minute of the waking day, slaver.

      3. Someone once told me that Harry Reid fucks sheep and went full Sandusky on nine year old boys. I don’t know if that is true. I am not certain. But that is what I heard.

        I’ve heard the same thing from numerous trustworthy ‘anonymous’ online sources. I was skeptical at first, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

        Anyway, I’m sure that a random Bain investor could verify the claims. Go find one.

    2. He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain, but I’m going to run my fucking mouth about it anyway because I’m a giant bloviating shitstack.

      Harry Reid likes to dress up in his wife’s bra and panties and suck dicks in the alleyway behind the Senate office building! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain.

  4. “‘His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son,’ Reid said”…..1343764012

    1. Dennis Miller has had it with Harry Reid:

  5. “…paying 305 students with poor academic and behavioral records…” CHILDS LAYBORR!!!!! OMG THINKZ OFS THESE CHILDESRENS!!!!!! KNOT EVAN MIMUM WAYGE!!!!!!!! NO BENEFITZ?!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?

  6. Obamcare’s co-pay-less birth control mandate kicks in tomorrow. Here’s your obligatory insulting, paternalistic feminist screed from Double X. The most telling section:

    It seems like contraception should be a spending priority, but in a culture where contraception use is frequently linked with being a “slut” or written off as a luxury item like it was an expensive sex toy, no wonder women try to cut costs by skipping contraception. When people are routinely told they don’t deserve basic necessities, we shouldn’t be shocked if they actually are influenced by the argument.

    Yeah, those poor, stupid, weak women who have zero agency when it comes to taking care of themselves. What would they do without their enlightened feminist sisters?

    1. Yeah because so many women are afraid to go on the pill for being called a whore in this day and age.

    2. Contraception is not a “basic necessity”. No one has ever died from not fucking.

      1. They worry so much about women being called whores. And then they make it sound like no woman can go more than ten minutes without screwing someone.

        1. This is the author of said article. If anyone should know that fucking is not a “basic necessity”, it would be her.

          Then again, perhaps there are more Velma from Scooby-Doo fetishists out there than I realize.

          1. The longer you look at it the more it looks like a man.

          2. Maybe it is a fantasy life for her.

            1. It’s a type of cargo cult.

              She thinks that consuming birth control will lead to a wild sex life.

              Pretty pathetic, actually.

      2. Even if it was a necessity the market is providing it very well. Condoms are cheap and the pill is a lot less expensive than Ms. Fluke would have you believe (and would be a lot cheaper if you didn’t need a prescription).

        1. ^THIS.

          There are legitimate medical reasons for a woman to be on the pill other than for sex (like with heavy periods and such), but it’s the sort of thing that can be easily provided by the market.

          Secondly, if it’s such an obvious cost saver shouldn’t all insurance companies be willing to offer it cheaply to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the coverage costs?

          1. This is classic goal post moving. IF a woman needed the pill for a medical condition not involving sex then it is not contraception, even if that is a side effect. When Fluke, or others, claim it is necessary for a medical condition the question should be, “and do you have this condition”?

            1. Fluke’s testimony entirely revolved around the experiences and needs of a “friend”. IE it was hearsay at best and most likely bullshit. The fact that the legacy media ignored that aspect of it is reason number 125,875 that those people are fucking propagandists not newsmen.

      3. I’m not willing to take the chance though.

      4. It would seem that men have as much an interest in contraception being easily available as women. Okay, not as much, but some interest.

        Unless of course those who care so much about whether women are fucking too much are really just pissed that they’re not fucking them. Seems pretty textbook to me.

        1. your argument has nothing to do with why govt should be involved in any way at all. Contraception is already easily available but some women think it should be available at someone else’s expense. These are often the same women who scream the loudest about male gazes and such.

          1. You think armed protection of your property should be provided at someone else’s expense.

            1. I actually provide the armed protection for my property myself, Tony. Thanks for thinking of me, though.

              1. Well in the nightmarish anarchic hellscape in which that is relevant, contraception probably won’t be on the list of things paid for collectively, no.

                1. So America until 1838 was a “nightmarish anarchic hellscape”?

                  Tony, you are one mendacious horse-fucker.

                  1. Would you rather live in 1838 or 2012?

                    1. Would you rather live in 1838 or 2012?

                      Considering time travel hasn’t been invented yet, that question is meaningless. Furthermore, said non sequitur won’t distract us from acknowledging your gross ignorance of history. (I’m assuming good faith that you aren’t just lying.)

                    2. Is either one of those numbers code for Gaza?

                  2. Early on, police were not respected by the community, as corruption was rampant.

                    So, not much has changed then.

                2. Explain how contraception is non-excludable and non-rivalrous and we’ll talk about how it should be provided by the public. Until then, not so much.

              2. Tony’s entire repertoire is strawmen and non sequiturs. Which the squirrels still think is a typo. Time for another re-design, Gillespie.

            2. Us miniarchists support armed protection of our property and lives by government from uninvited molestation by outside forces beyond our control and because a uniform legal code is required instead of subjective enforcement.

              Contrast with birth control, which forces others to pay for an optional personal decision an individual makes. Unless you believe rapists will let their victims demand safe sex practices, I’m not seeing how subsidizing birth control protects individuals from forces beyond their control.

              1. Um, that rapists won’t consider such questions is an argument for more birth control availability, if anything.

                BC allows women to have as much freedom in their sex lives as men have (the invention of BC being kind of a milestone in gender equality). I’m not suggesting you’re a tedious moral prig content to lecture women on what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their own bodies, I’m just suggesting that more BC availability increases individual freedom, even if it takes a little tax money to provide it.

                1. You haven’t really shown that this makes birth control more available. Isn’t this what Planned Parenthood is for? Birth control is neither expensive nor hard to find. You and Fluke and the rest are just promoting the “I like this and it involves health care and so it should be socialized” meme.

                  1. I don’t know how available it is or isn’t. It’s not something that has any relevance in my life. I just think it should be universally available if it’s not, by whatever means. If government-subsidized Planned Parenthood does the trick, fine.

                    1. Are you serious? You don’t know how available it is or isn’t? Ever been to CVS? Target? Wal-Mart? Any gas station or grocery store in America? Planned Parenthood? Novelty stores?

                      But I forgot – you’re the smart, worldly one around here.

                2. I’m just suggesting that more BC availability increases individual freedom, even if it takes a little tax money to provide it.

                  George Ought to Help

                3. No one is lecturing women on what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their own bodies. Being against forcing other people to pay for it is not even close to the same thing. Another in a long line of strawmen.

                4. When I was about 15 or 16 (back in the mid 1980’s) my best girlfriend told me that she was having sex with her boyfriend at the time and was afraid of getting pregnant. She, having both abusive parents and a bit of a learning disability, didn’t know what to do. My answer was “stop screwing him” but hey you know how teenagers can be…so to be a supportive friend, I did some research.

                  Guess what? the state-operated free clinic (Texas) provided a pelvic exam, contraception, and about 400 condoms that were described as “a month’s supply” to her for no charge that I can remember. I do remember blowing a bunch of ’em up like balloons and using them as part of our general weekend toilet paper/vandalizing scheme in which a group of us participated on a regular basis.

                  The point is that while I don’t think any government should have anything to do with any medical/healthcare issues, the states already manage it, and have for YEARS. This federal intervention is nonsense, let’s allow our states to make these decisions.

                5. Planned Parenthood already provides condoms for free, dope. And various contraceptives are available in just about every grocery and drug store everywhere for cheap.

                  And it isn’t just about pregnancy or women’s rights, either. Men still have the risk of both child support and STDs, so it is in their interests as well to practice safe sex procedures.

                  Doesn’t change that since sexual intercourse is optional, birth control and contraceptives shouldn’t be subsidized by government. And it doesn’t change that your whole premise is fallacious in sidestepping the fact that it’s optional to accuse us of hypocrisy by supporting a state interfering with the initiations of force.

            3. right..because police protection that my tax dollars go toward is the same as buying rubbers so that drunken one night stand does not end poorly. No difference at all.

              1. I don’t see why, if it’s evil theft, you’re entitled to it for your purposes but others aren’t.

                1. you’re not making sense. Cops and birth control are not the same thing. Find a better argument.

                2. Oh Tony, you are so mercifully free from the ravages of intelligence.

            4. I don’t get armed protection of my property.

              The most I get is that some cops might show up 15 minutes after I need them and they might catch the guilty and they will wrap up the neighborhood with yellow crime tape.

        2. “It would seem that men have as much an interest in contraception…”

          That’s why I bought the condoms back in the day, and it’s why I got sterilized instead of my wife.

          1. “It would seem that men have as much an interest in contraception…”

            unless, you know, they like the male gays

        3. Men might have an interest in contraception being available to the women they’re fucking, in which case they can help pay for it.

          I can’t see why it’s fair (or desirable) to the men that aren’t getting any that they have to pay too. I guess if women getting free contraception were required to service any man who sexually underprivileged, then it might be fair.

      5. “No one has ever died from not fucking.”

        I was stuck in bolivia for six months in a place with NO women. One more day and I would have. My god, just the absence of the sight of women causes my soul to shrivel.

        1. My god man! This is Bolivia. Where the hell were you, a secret Al Qaida training camp?

        2. Try a year in Af-burkha-stan, living under CENTCOM General Order #1. When I got back, I about exploded at the airport.

    3. I love feminists….women can do anything men can do. Except, apparently, be bothered with icky things like contraception. Since they are the ones who would wind up pregnant, you might think they would be more motivated than guys about preventing that.

      1. What was I saying about “perverse incentives” before, wareagle?

        1. govt is nothing if not consistent.

    4. A federal district judge in Colorado says that the contraceptive mandate likely violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act:…..nt_3167970

      The judge in question was appointed by Jimmy Carter:

  7. UK man arrested for twitter insult

    LONDON (AP) — Police say a man has been arrested in connection to Twitter postings directed at British Olympic diver Tom Daley.

    Daley’s father died of brain cancer a year ago and the 18-year-old Olympian had hoped win a medal “for myself and my dad.” But he finished fourth on Monday in the 10-meter synchronized platform with teammate Pete Waterfield.

    Afterward, a Twitter user sent him several negative messages, including: “You let your dad down i hope you know that.”

    1. Why do the Olympics seem to bring out the most authoritarian aspects of all these different countries?

      1. Because NATIONAL PRIDE!!!!!

    2. Upper-Class Twitter of the Year.

    3. Link was broken, but here’s a funny comment from the NYT blog on the subject:

      “Yes we have freedom of speech. But to mock, torment and insult someone who is representing their country months after their father has died is not freedom of speech that is a crime.”

      I flagged it as “inflammatory” out of a sense of irony.

    4. What kind of pathetic person sends harassing Twitter messages over synchronized diving, of all things?

  8. Must read story out of Sweden.

    The “offensive” advert, which included a close-up picture of a hotdog, two hands, and two red lips wrapped around the tip of the sausage, was taken down on Wednesday after a member of the local council responded to a complaint by the municipality’s gender expert.

    This move prompted Felicia Lundqvist from Uppsala to protest against the local municipality in Simrishamn, which she claims is “wasting” tax money by employing a gender expert.

    1. municipality’s gender expert

      I keep reading these words over and over, but I get no closer to any real meaning.

      1. She has a degree in gender studies. She is employed by the municipality. It means they have far too much money.

      2. “Gender expert”, my ass.

      1. Well done, Felicia.

  9. Graffiti artists are under strict orders to steer clear of the Olympic rings.

    They should probably just steer clear of other people’s property altogether and paint on their own walls.

    1. True, but in this case I think it means to steer clear of using images of the rings in their work.

    2. 5 for the Olympic lords with their hearts of stone…

  10. Commandeered by one of his drivers, who was secretly working with federal agents, the truck had been hauling marijuana from the border as part of an undercover operation. And without Patty’s knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Administration was paying his driver, Lawrence Chapa, to use the truck to bust traffickers.

    And now the feds have the truck as evidence and will be taking that truck in asset forfeiture proceedings, since it has been hauling marijuana. Yeah, they’re never seeing that truck again.

    1. No according to the article they got the truck back.
      The DEA’s defense is that the now deceased driver was cooperating with the DEA and since he was the one using the truck without authorization then the dead driver is the one responsible for the repairs.

      The DEA is basically taking the position that I know nuting, nuting.

  11. If anyone cares, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Planet of the Apes have been merged into “Hestonian Rhapsody.” Here are the first two stanzas:

    Is this the real Earth?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a ship crash,
    No escape from reality.
    Broken Bright Eyes,
    Your ship from the skies

    I’m just a poor boy,
    I need no sympathy.
    Because I’m the Beast Called Man,
    Beast must go,
    Zira’s high, Zira’s low.
    Anyway, the fire hose
    Doesn’t really matter to me.
    To me.

    1. Can’t wait to see someone sing it on YouTube.

      1. Preferably in the voice of Charlton Heston in his ape planet clothes. Or, in the alternative, in the voice of Dr. Zaius in a Zaius suit.

        1. Too bad Roddy McDowell is not with us anymore.

          1. Everyone’s gone except Nova, I think. Heston, McDowell, Maurice Evans, Kim Hunter–all gone.

            1. The world could use more thoughtful chimp scientists with upper class British accents.

              1. I couldn’t agree more. Did you ever see the bit with Dr. Zaius doing “Mark Twain Tonight”?

      2. In the post before the song parody, I embedded a video of Paul Williams signing on The Tonight Show. In an orangutan suit. He has excellent Planet of the Apes cred, because he was an ape actor in the original film series (Battle for the Planet of the Apes).

        1. The point being that he could sing it, because he’s still alive.


  12. Cops in Texas using laptops while driving leads to a far higher crash rate than driving with a .08 B.A.C. Cue dunphy to obfuscate by talking about training and shooting a gun into a crowd.


    2. this is meaningless if you dont SHOW me the TDOT stats showing the crash rate of non-drunk drivers and non-computer using police as compared with the rate of DUI caused accidents versus computer driven accidents versus training related non-computer driven crashes involving non intoxicated members of the DPD.

      1. Not bad impersonation

        but needs more


        blank spaces


        even less


        also, needs more


        for no APPARENT reason

      2. Nice. If we calculate it the same way drunk driving stats are compiled, then the mere presence of the laptop is responsible for 100 percent of all police crashes.

      3. That’s fucking funny!

    3. “Cue dunphy”

      Let’s not.

  13. A federal district judge in Colorado says that the contraceptive mandate likely violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act:…..nt_3167970

    The judge in question was appointed by Jimmy Carter:

  14. Something has changed here.

    1. It’s a glych in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

      1. I half expected to see the PM of New Zealand running by.

  15. I’m guessing the Kurds are pretty happy how the Iraq war turned out.

    But yeah, somehow they seem to get completely overlooked by the entire world. Especially the ones still living in Turkey who constantly get bombed.

  16. Taylor Swift dating a Kennedy. My advice is don’t let him operate a vehicle you’re riding in, sweety.

    1. …or his pants. Apparently Kennedys have problems with pants.

    2. He is an unfortunate-looking child. All the years of inbreeding starting to catch up?

    3. I’d be more worried for him. She’s already dated 95% of Hollywood male celebrities, so she’s probably got some horrifying diseases down there.

  17. Former Bengals cheerleader accused of being a”female Sandusky” after affair with 17 year old girl. Somehow its just not the same as raping fatherless boys in the shower year after year.

    1. Of course it’s not. It’s a potential 20-boxed set.

    2. I need to see the video of that…you know….just to make sure it is true.

    3. Lucky little bastard.

    4. The prosecutor should be dragged into the streets and his ass whooped for spreading these un-American values. Turning what may be a very lucky young fella into a ‘victim’. How fucking stupid, and destructive of the very foundations of this nation.

    5. I never get selected for jury duty. What a shame.

  18. Plopped about half way into the second book. My least favorite aspect of A Song of Ice and Fire, at least after the wildings attack in the woods incident, chapters that start with the name, ‘Bran.’ God, they are deadly dull compared to everything else.

    1. And is just me, but scenes with the spy master pay homage to Monty Python with his many disguises that rattle his fellow conversationalist?

  19. Incredibly stupid critique of libertarianism:…..anism.html

    “Just look at how they play it up as the “cool” alternative to traditional conservatism. It’s pathetic. George Will wore the bowtie. But Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie wears an ironic D.A.R.E. t-shirt. And don’t forget the rest of his all-black wardrobe, complete with leather jacket. What a totally with-it badass.”

    1. This is all they have. It’s a coherent, consistent philosophy with proven success in the small areas in which it has actually been allowed, so they can’t criticize its merits. They are down to ad hominems, strawmen and childish insults. The only criticisms of libertarianism that haven’t been roundly debunked are the ones that can’t be for lack of substance. IOW, They’re all Tony now.

      1. Closed-minded dogmatists don’t deserve and won’t benefit from real debate, try as we might.

        1. Tony, if you’ve ever attempted an honest debate it must’ve been before I started reading here. Because all I’ve ever seen is strawman after strawman after false dichotomy after ad hominem after non sequitur.

          1. I’m tired so I’ll outsource… Read the rest of the article linked above. It wasn’t all about Nick’s cringeworthy fashion decisions.

            1. “You should be glad that the slavers want to tell you what to do, take your money and restrict your freedoms – stupidz freedomnuts!!11!

              After all, the Amnerican Revolution was fought so that you could be told how much water your toilet could flush, what you could light your house with, why you cannot have a firearm, what you can and cannot eat, drink, and breathe.

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