A.M. Links: Americans Think Screen Violence Leads to the Real Deal, Marijuana Classification Goes to Court, Texas Tea Party Test


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  1. I don’t like it…. change is bad… and for some reason I can’t preview my comments. ARGHHHHH!

    1. I also cannot preview comments.

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          1. Preview in Chrome and Windows 7 only gives a mailto: link for my own email address.

            1. Works for me with Chrome ampersand; XP

            2. That’s what I get in bother firefox and chrome.

              Also, this font is gonna take a while to get used to.

              It all looks kinda…italicized, even though it isn’t.

            3. Preview in Chrome and Windows 7 only gives a mailto: link for my own email address.

              Chrome and Windows 7 previews fine on mine. And it was earlier this morning too.

            4. Preview in Chrome seems to work for me, on XP.

        3. I’m using FF as well. Still can’t preview.

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        5. I can preview with chrome.

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      1. Preview is broken on my computer (WinXP and IE8).

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        1. Preview is a go for me, also using Chrome on Mountain Lion.

          But reasonable is fucked right now.

          1. Uninstalling and reinstalling Reasonable worked for me. You’ll lose your troll settings.

            Preview works for me, running adblock 2.5.38, flashblock 0.9.31, and ghostery 3.0. I can never get NoScript to work without torpedoing everything else I want to run.

            Gah, there is a giant amount of white space. Makes me want to see if I can rotate my monitor and view 90 degrees

            1. Oh, Chrome with win7 ultimate, on a desktop.

              Not sure what the benefits of the changes are, so far.

    2. I like it! Chrome/W7. No issues with preview or posting.

    3. Try clicking on the “preview” button before clicking “submit”. That seems to work for me. /sarcastic asshole

    4. It’s working in Opera on Windows 7.

      Also, I’d like to see the Hit and Run banner at the top of each post made into a hyperlink as it was before. Right now you have to either navigate to the home page or click the back button to return to the main bloggity blog after perusing a post.

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        1. Preview works on Vista/IE9.

          Did y’all notice that the Submit and Preview buttons are reversed from their old layout? Just wondering if anyone hit ‘Submit’ on auto-pilot expecting a preview.

          1. I keep hitting preview by mistake and getting nothing.

        2. and giving yourself a blowjob?

    5. Here’s the real test:

      1. Damn, that was supposed to be about 15 ampersands. I guess the squirrels still run the show.

        1. You can’t kill the squirrels.

    6. I’m also in the “this new format” sucks camp. The font – it burns! And the white background… urgh, it’s like reading a paper from a 1980s IBM Selectric.

      When I scan through the comments now, I start to get a headache.

      1. When I scan through the comments now, I start to get a headache.

        This happened to me before the update but only when o3 contributed to the thread.

      2. Funny, but I had a white background with the old H [forbidden character] R, and get a battleship gray background on the new H [forbidden character] R.

  2. AM Links! Whew!

    1. Brethren, we have won!

      1. I am curious to see if the AM links articles are included in the “most commented on” statistic as they would always be number 1…unless He Who Shall Not Be Named drops into a cop thread.

        (that damn preview/submit change is mess in me up)

  3. So is trolling through the aggregator for stuff to post in the MLs bad form?

    1. It seems to be JD approved.

  4. First Romney was a bully. Now he is a wimp. And is wimp a homophobic term?


    1. And is wimp a homophobic term?

      Only if it’s italicized.

    2. Why is Romney campaigning in Europe. He’s not going to lead Poland. I get annoyed when candidates do this shit. Your foreign policy cred needs to be proven to Americans, not foreign dignitaries. This is always just a sideshow.

      1. I don’t know where this idea that candidates must go abroad and look presidential came from. I agree with you. It is a stupid waste of time.

        1. I was wondering the same thing at the gym this morning.

          1. Did your annoyance and bitterness inspire you to work out harder? I had to run twice as far as I normally do just to burn away the disgust and hate for this stupidity. It was quite a workout.

            If anything makes Romney seem more detached and elitist, trips around the world to speak to foreign dignitaries has to top that list. If Obama wasn’t as big of a blowhard, he could capitalize on this.

            Right now, we’ve got an ego driven professor ivy leaguer, and ego driven businessman east coaster and a down to Earth, hardworking western state pragmatist running for president. And there is a 99.9% chance the ego’s are going to win. Fuck!

            1. Yeah, all I do to get fired up for a set is watch a few minutes of the “news.”

              Wasn’t there a poll or something that basically said if everyone actually voted based on their beliefs rather than by team then Johnson would win in a landslide?

              1. My completely nonscientific experience tells me that this is absolutely true.

                It’s clear that a majority of Americans have what one could loosely call a preference for economic conservatism and social liberalism. But their deference for voting for their team or to “not throw away their vote” keep us from actualizing it.

              2. Wasn’t there a poll or something that basically said if everyone actually voted based on their beliefs rather than by team then Johnson would win in a landslide?

                There wasn’t a poll, per se, but an online platform where you could see who is most in line with your beliefs based on what you choose and they have said. It was isidewith.com. I was 99% Gary Johnson and 95% Ron Paul. Surprisingly 60-something% Romney but less than a third with Obama.

            2. Right now, we’ve got an ego driven ADJUNCT professor ivy leaguer, and ego driven businessman east coaster and a down to Earth, hardworking western state pragmatist running for president. And there is a 99.9% chance the ego’s are going to win. Fuck!


        2. As with most things; blame JFK.

      2. He’s trying to prove that he’s capable of schmoozing with world leaders. All he’s really doing is proving he can make as much of a fool of himself abroad as he can at home.

      3. I disagree. The constitutional role of a President involves a lot of interaction with foreign nations, so I think it’s useful to see how a particular candidate handles himself with leaders of other nations.

      4. It’s a vacation.

    3. He’s a self loathing wimp. That’s why he has a history of abusing those of lower status than himself.

      From the poor bohemian student in high school that he tormented into suicide through “mission”, college days, Bain Consulting, Bain Capital, the SLC Olympics and Governor of MA Romney history is dominated by nothing so much as his wimpy self loathing and the bodies of his suicide victims.

      /Legacy Media

  5. A majority of Americans believe that screen violence leads to the real thing…

    It’s that 3D technology. People aren’t used to it yet.

    1. because no violent movies were ever made until this decade.

      1. I blame the unprecedented heat wave for the rash of violent movies.

        1. I blame global warming.

          1. I blame high fructose corn syrup.

            1. GUNZZZZ

              1. I blame Bush.

                And threaded comments

            2. I blame fluoride.

              1. I blame thimerosol

                1. I blame cute young women not putting out enough.

            3. Whatever happened to ‘roid rage? I miss it.

    2. Shouldn’t it be “a majority of Americans believes“?

      1. And yes, I’ll go kill myself now.

        1. fortunately for scott, xmags provide that needed xtra ammo when a cold bore shot isnt accurate.

      2. As in “one boatload of lobsters constitutes a good haul”.

      3. Yes, it should be.

      4. Shouldn’t it be “a majority of Americans believes”?

        No. The verb “believe” should agree with “majority,” a singular noun, not with “Americans.” So the correct conjugation would be “a majority of Americans believe.”

        1. I mean “yes” and “believes”….

          Now I’ll go flush my head in the toilet.


    3. wait…if we can blame michael bay i may see an opportunity here.

  6. http://thehill.com/homenews/ho…..bill-votes

    Looks like there might be enough Republicans to kill the farm bill. It is almost like they are not stupid or something.

    1. the ones NOT in farm states may be saying enough. Of course, they may have designs of their own on that money.

      1. Let’s hope the farm states then turn around and kill those designs.

    2. We’ll all starve!

      1. Or at least we’ll won’t be fat anymore?

      2. I get all my fruits and veggies from Costa Rica anyway.

    3. Republicans with a spine against farm subsidies…you must be joking ser.

      1. We’re getting fucked on this. This is just the kabuki of them talking about how much they respect us and our feelings before the “accidental” buttsecks later on.

    4. do it do it do it.

      Farm bills need to be banned by amendment.

      Preview works for me.

  7. Phrasing!
    Go through the back door to profit from the shale-gas boom

    Among the recommended companies are Babcock Wilcox Company and Cummins Inc.

  8. A majority of Americans believe that screen violence leads to the real thing

    Does a majority of Americans watch screen violence?

    1. Watching Bob Costas often leads to screen violence in my house.

    2. When the Steelers violently lose the Super Bowl, it leads to all kinds of real violence in yinzer homes all around Pittsburgh.

      1. When the Canucks lost the Cup to the violent Bruins, it incited violence all across Vancouver.

        1. I was in Vancouver the week before the riots. It seemed so mellow. Maybe I put everyone on edge.

      2. Steeler nation. yinzer homes are everywhere.

      3. Oh god, don’t give me flashbacks. I was rooming with a Pittsburgher when they went to a bowl and he played that terrible, terrible song nonstop.

        1. The polka? Or “Here We Go”?

          1. “Here We Go”.
            It was horrible.

            1. Pittsburgh’s goin tew the Sewper Bowl!

        1. Man, that is a whole lot of domestic violence.

          GO CHIEFS!

        2. Seriously.

          If a dude loses his shit and hits his wife/girlfriend/partner/whatever because his fucking football team loses, he deserves an ass whoopin’ the likes of which he has never even imagined.

    3. Does a majority of Americans watch screen violence?

      I think they mean a majority of Americans who answered their phones and had nothing better to do than take a phone survey.

      1. IOW, the ones that weren’t out enjoying some screen violence.

  9. Mitt Romney managed to avoid any major gaffes in Poland as he praised his hosts.

    It was very polite of him to bite his tongue when they toured that solar-powered submarine*

    *Hey science idiots, I don’t care if this is actually possible. They’d still put a screen door in.

  10. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics…..BdTDIl5nTo

    Big role for Elizabeth Warren at the DNC. Apparently the Dems have decided to go all in on retard.

    1. I used to think this kind of idiocy was the fringe of the party. But I was wrong.

      1. That was the real tragedy of the 00s. The Democrats went insane. The hard left finally took over the party.

        1. Get used to it. At least four more years of this garbage.

          1. From Congress maybe. Obama is toast. Every day his chances of winning go down.

            1. I’ve called every election since ’80. I wish I was wrong on this one, but I’m not.

              1. Prepare to have your win streak ended. This is probably the easiest election to call in my lifetime. Obama has nothing to run on and has already launched his worth most negative attacks. And the polls haven’t moved. He really has nothing left to say. He missed his chance to destroy Romney. And the economy is going into another recession before the fall. That will be the last nail in Obama’s coffin.

              2. Whoa guys: John may have just met his match for “knowing things with absolute certainty.”

                1. “Not always right, but never in doubt.”

                  1. Maybe Obama will pull it out. I didn’t think Romney would get the nomination. And still can’t believe he is going to be President. But when I set my prejudices aside and just look at things, I don’t see how Obama wins given the current situation.

                    1. I see it. Romney’s on the losing side of every national argument other than the economy and even then, the depression has set in. If he had a Reagan style optimism, I’d agree with you, but Romney’s as charismatic as Nixon on valium. I can’t even bring myself to vote for him. The only reason I can figure why he’s running is because he wants to do what his father couldn’t. His detachment from actual people’s concerns makes him look like we’d be voting for a red version of “technocrat” in chief as opposed to a blue version.

                      Seriously, the guy has got a serious enthusiasm problem. And if the party isolates and rejects the Ron Paul fans from the convention, the news cycle will make it look like the GOP is completely divided and falling, which kills any enthusiasm that could be mustered.

                      I’m with Whiterun Guard. 4 more years is appearing even more inevitable.

                    2. Seriously, the guy has got a serious enthusiasm problem.

                      The polls say otherwise. If the Paul voters were not going to vote for him, Johnson would be over 10%. And Johnson is nowhere near that. The polls consistently indicate Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting this year than Dems. You have to remember “I fucking hate that guy” usually produces more enthusiasm than about anything else.

                    3. Never say never, especially in politics. We get ourselves involved in Syria or Iran, and the next thing you know it’s ‘you never change horses in mid-stream’ or some such nonsense. Let’s not forget the (lousy) hatchet job the mainstream media failed to pull off with the fake Bush National Guard memos – I’m sure someone somewhere is plotting an October Surprise that the media will lap up like cats in a dairy farm.

                      Not saying Obama will win, if the election were held today he’d probably get crushed, but there is a lot of time between now and November.

                  2. I only claim to know one thing with absolute certainty:

                    Anything outside of my control that I want to happen will happen in the exact opposite way I want it to.

                    1. But Romney winning is not a good thing other than the several weeks of enjoyment I will get listening the media lamentations over the failed Obama Presidency. That will be very fun. And that will be very fun for a while. Then one day I will wake up and Mitt Fucking Romney will be President.

                    2. The only down side to Obama losing is it means Romney wins πŸ™

                    3. Exact opposite. If GayJay winning is my desired outcome, Obama winning is more exactly opposite than Romney.

                      The margin is the crying of the media vs. the gloating of the media.

                  3. I’m pretty confident that Obama will lose. Now it’s just a question of whether Congress goes to the GOP or not.

                    I have little confidence in an all-GOP government, but one big difference between today and when Bush was first elected is that the GOP is following an unpopular president and an unpopular (mostly) Democratic Congress. Not just unpopular, but largely blamed for our economic woes. Will the GOP actually reform anything with this or just do the same shit?

                    1. Given how much the convention looks like its going to be a clusterfuck, I think your confidence is misplaced. Independents will look at the GOP as a further narrow minded and elitist group of party hacks and stay home in droves. All Obama has to do is not campaign against Romney, but instead campaign against the GOP and he’ll look like a safer choice. After all, the court validated his law and the world isn’t looking in any better shape than us.

                    2. LIT. No one watches the conventions anymore. They will maybe watch the two acceptance speeches and nothing else. The rest is just inside baseball no one cares about.

                      And independents staying home is bad for Obama. The Republican base is much more motivated than the Democratic one and there are more self identified Republicans than Democrats right now, as opposed to 2008 when it was the opposite.

                      When you start looking at the math of it, you realize what a tough spot Obama is in. If black turnout even goes back to its normal rate, half of Obama’s winning margin is gone right there, and that is assuming he gets the same 95% and black vote and the turnout only goes to normal not to below normal. Then you throw in Obama’s drop in support among whites and Jews and his margin is pretty much gone. And that is before we get to the difference in intensity among Obama’s base and Romney’s base.

                    3. First, the economy. Second, the economy. Finally, Obama’s stepping in his own shit so much that he needs waders.

                    4. I have to agree with John and Pro L. Obama’s campaign is clearly panicking. The stupid lie about the Churchill bust is just the latest example. Their fund raising email pitches are starting to sound desperate.

                      Obviously Obama’s internal polls are not looking good. They must also be finally realizing that the economy is not going to magically improve before the election to save Obama’s ass.

                      Never say never… but unless Romney implodes, I think Obama is toast.

                    5. How many points should we then subtract from state polls in order to predict who people will actually vote for in November? Because right now, Obama is a bit ahead of Romney. I went to ‘270 to win’ and played with their EV map. If you subtract ~4.5% from Obama’s polling numbers and assume they all go to Romney, then the projected EV goes to Romney. (Weirdly, it’s because Michigan of all places is more in play that I’d have guessed, as much federal bailout money went there…)

                      It’s going to come down to who wins a couple of states: OH, PA, FL, VA. As of right now, I couldn’t tell you who wins them.

                    6. I’m going with same shit.

                2. nah, john cant hold an xmag to palin.

                  sides, john’s a baying ass per mary

          2. Get used to it. At least four more years of this garbage.

            Why only four?

            I hope they keep up this idiocy until the DCC can hold its meetings in a phone booth.

        2. The crazy leftists were always the center of the party. In decades past, they knew they had to lie and act sane. The mainstream media would play along with their obvious lies of “moderation”.

          Not sure if it is good or bad that they no longer feel the need to hide how loony they really are.

          1. ^^This^^

            I think it is the internet that has hurt them. They only talk to each other. Hell, they only live next to each other. So they all think everyone thinks just like they do.

        3. John, reporting in from bizarro world.

          Obama’s the best Republican president we’ve had since Nixon.

          Or are you not referring to the Democrats’ policy achievements, but to what you suppose is in their hearts?

          1. Part of being insane tony is not knowing it. Since you completely lack any sense of self awareness, it is not surprising that you think you are perfectly mainstream while being a perfect example of the insane brown shirt Prog.

            1. But it’s objective reality that the Democrats have moderated over the past couple decades and Republicans have become more hardline. IOW they’ve both shifted to the right. Elizabeth Warren articulating social contract 101 is perhaps a step back toward the governing consensus that existed from WWII to Reagan, but only if she gets elected. There is no radical leftwing shift in this country and there hasn’t been a radical leftwinger in politics in a long time.

              1. But it’s objective reality that the Democrats have moderated over the past couple decades and Republicans have become more hardline.

                You use the word “reality”. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          2. i dont feel a gop prez would lead on gay rights like obama.

      2. the Dems have evolved – what used to be the fringe is now mainstream. What Warren said even before Obama echoed it is what these folks really think. That cannot be repeated often enough.

      3. The other thing about Warren is that she always seems to come accross as the ultimate smug bitch. She is just an unpleasant woman. Regardless of what you think of her politics, you would think the Dems would want someone more charming.

        1. I think they count on Obama’s alleged personal likeability, which I still don’t get, as a tonic against all other folks. That and they tend to hold people, to include their own voters, in contempt.

          1. Oh, I think all of us know the REAL reason you don’t find Obama likable.


    2. decided to go all in on retard.

      Thank God! These morons can’t discredit themselves fast enough for my tastes.

      1. I thought you said mormons there for a minute.

    3. Elizabeth Warren to open for Bill Clinton

      Gold, Jerry!

      1. Phrasing!


      2. She’s opening for the guy that’s opening?

      3. I usually avoid watching the conventions with a premeditated passion. But the retard will never be fuller in my life time. This is a must see event.

        1. I think I’ll watch Clinton, unless there is something better on.

          1. Clinton is going to be boring because he’ll scatter a few sensible things amongst the noise, so it’s Elizabeth Warren all the way to the bank on the short bus, baby! Then, is she going second down from Obama on the last evening? If so, you know he and his writers are fretting how to top EW on the class warfare angle. Once bitten twice you say/ These people are political animals. They have already forgotten the last blow up. They are creatures of habit with no imagination nor the sense of a common goat, and meet the apocryphal Einstein definition of insanity without a moment’s self conscious hesitation in doing so. In other words, utterly, profoundly shameless.

            1. I was thinking more along the lines of Clinton will be fun to watch because he clearly enjoys taking a dump on Obama’s “accomplishments.”

              1. If that happens, that would be fun to watch. But before Obama agreed to it, they must have got something on him. But what could possibly shame him? Chelsea is not his legitimate heir, but instead Hugh Clinton’s love child? Or maybe they promised him something cool like a shark with a laser attached.

                1. Hmmm, maybe they promised him a quickie divorce and an ambassadorship to some far off land filled with portly interns?

                2. Oh shit. I figured it out. Remember when the centrist in the GOP for fucking reals tried to get Reagan to agree to allow Gerald ford to be his unofficial co president calling the actual shots? Well, it happened; they really, really tried to get Reagan to do something that insulting in 1980 to get their support (I think he wound up having Bill Casey break a few of them and deservedly so).

                  Well, Obama presidency is as close to needing a back up partner as any this nation has ever had.

    4. “I grew up in a hardworking family, in an America that was investing in kids like me. President Obama is committed to making sure that America has a level playing field for all our families and to ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to make it.”

      Guess what, sweetie? The political class lost out entire investment betting on cheap credit and expensive housing.

      1. what is nauseating is that this “America was investing…” line as though the corporation of America was generating its own profits to plow back into the business. I cannot say it often enough: liberalism can only survive in the presence of a massively uninformed populace.

        1. liberalism can only survive in the presence of a massively uninformed populace.

          No one ever went broke…It’s the business model that keeps on giving.

          Still, too much is never enough for the parasite class.

          1. Especially considering who is doing the ‘informing’.

      2. I grew up in a hardworking family, in an America that was investing in kids like me.

        Unlike modern America that has slashed spending on education. When I was a kid people were expected to graduate from HS. Now only a fortunate few even attend middle school let alone HS or higher.

        To make America great again we need to return education funding to the levels of 1970, better yet 1960 or 1950.

        1. clearly you hate not only the children but all the deputy assistant principals and vice superintendents your initiative will put out of work.

    5. When “full retard” is all they have…

  11. Mitt Romney managed to avoid any major gaffes in Poland as he praised his hosts.

    All he had to do was avoid complimenting their concentration camps.

    1. Amazing how the media discovers it can be critical of an American politician abroad when said politician is not the black Jesus.

      1. u mean like when obama surrendered to the [MOOSLIMZ] in cario?

  12. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..williamson

    DEA decides that BATF shouldn’t have a monopoly on tyranny.

    The phone rang before sunrise. It woke Craig Patty, owner of a tiny North Texas trucking company, to vexing news about Truck 793 ? a big red semi supposedly getting repairs in Houston.

    “Your driver was shot in your truck,” said the caller, a business colleague. “Your truck was loaded with marijuana. He was shot eight times while sitting in the cab. Do you know anything about your driver hauling marijuana?”

    “What did you say?” Patty recalled asking. “Could you please repeat that?”

    The truck, it turned out, had been everywhere but in the repair shop.

    Commandeered by one of his drivers, who was secretly working with federal agents, the truck had been hauling marijuana from the border as part of an undercover operation. And without Patty’s knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Administration was paying his driver, Lawrence Chapa, to use the truck to bust traffickers.

    1. Dammit, John.

    2. I bet these fucking pigs will require Mr. Patty to prove that he wasn’t in own the DEA’s secret weed trucking fiasco or they will bust him for conspiracy to transport.

    3. That is so incredibly fucked up it’s not even funny.

    4. Patty hired Chapa five weeks before the shooting and now wonders how many of the trips in the $90,000 rig included DEA work. GPS information from the truck reveals an unauthorized trek to the Rio Grande Valley in the days before Chapa was killed. He took a 1,000-mile round trip detour from the route he was supposed to travel.

      Perhaps most unnerving, Patty says, is that drug mobsters now likely know his name, and certainly know his truck.

      Panic at the Patty home these days can be triggered by something as simple as a deer scampering through the wooded yard or a car pulling into the driveway. One morning as his wife made breakfast, one of his young sons suddenly bolted across the house yelling, “Get the guns!”

      Which drug mobsters are they talking about: DEA or Mexicans?

      1. makes you wonder either what they had on Chapa to get him to participate or why they seem eager to put a target on Patty’s head, because I’m sure the cartel folks will never find out about this.

        1. My guess is the DEA didn’t give a shit about the consequences.

          1. My guess is the DEA didn’t give a shit about the consequences.

            That’s what you do when you’re freed from accountability: you stop giving a shit about consequences.

    5. At least the agents didn’t ask him to re-create the choke hold on them.

    6. WTF????

    7. The only hope is that this becomes “Fast and Furious”, but with MJ instead of guns. Except in this case the dead guy is a private citizen instead of a government agent, which actually makes it worse than F+F..

      1. From yesterday, when it was mentioned, I think Brett pointed out that it sounds similar to the FSU coed who was induced by the local constabulary to play informant on a drug-running motorcycle gang. It did not end well. I’d say, “and nothing else happened,” but we did get a snazzy new dead white girl law in Florida out of it. I’ve not read that the supervising officers suffered any sanction: criminal, occupational, or financial, from their negligence. Are you really surprised?

        So, my guess is that nothing else will happen to the DEA guys responsible for the fuck-up. As to why the driver agreed to mule for them, I imagine it was to stay out of jail.

        1. The officers involved got a paid vacation. Isn’t that punishment enough?

  13. You can still make money on pharmaceuticals…

    Pharms aren’t making money?

  14. This seems like a Bad Idea from the DEA.

    Commandeered by one of his drivers, who was secretly working with federal agents, the truck had been hauling marijuana from the border as part of an undercover operation. And without Patty’s knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Administration was paying his driver, Lawrence Chapa, to use the truck to bust traffickers.

  15. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012…..ther-case/

    Shocking DOJ lied about the Philadelphia Black Panther case. It was dropped for political reasons. Shocked Shocked I tell you.

    1. Can someone file a RICO lawsuit against DOJ and seize all their assets?

      They’ve illegally run guns to Mexico. Drugs from Mexico and committed perjury numerous times. I’m sure there’s conspiracy to commit murder just waiting to be discovered over there too.

    2. perhaps the white girl casually taking on her cell behind the one-blackman assult squad is a clue for john.

      no? then ck out the elderly couple casually strolling-in while talking.

      fear of teh [BLACKZ] isnt shocking john

      1. That is not even in English.

        1. ebonics mofo

          1. Do you speak jive, too?

  16. yep, it looks just like the new Ars Technica. did you pool your money and get a group discount? this layout must appeal to the YAL crowd.

  17. Can the Tea Party pull it out?

    Cletus interruptus.

  18. Hey, wait a minute. All these links are back to Reason24/7. I smell a rat.

    1. This will undoubtedly cause the new summarizing SpamBot to explode.

  19. This is just a fucking mess.

    Oneal Ron Morris, the 31-year-old transgender pseudo-cosmetician known as “The Dutchess,” is back in the news today. We previously knew Morris as the scrub-and-stethoscope-wearing entrepreneur accused of injecting people with concoctions of silicone-based Home Depot merchandise. Bathroom caulk, Fix-A-Flat, and cement were among the substances she allegedly used as cosmetic filler, to round our people’s cheeks, butts, breasts, hips, and other places of interest.

    One of those women died as a direct result of this. Ugh. Manslaughter is too light a charge.

    1. That is murder. I think bathroom caulk goes beyond depraved indifference.

      1. Yeah, I somehow doubt she told her victims that she was using bathroom caulk.

        John, help us out, at what point does fraud that leads to someone’s death make the jump from manslaughter to murder?

        1. When the government can prove you actually intended to kill the person rather than were just totally indifferent to their safety. But there is a point where your indifference is so great that you really can’t argue you were just negligent. If you do something that the only reasonable consequence of is the person’s death, you are guilty of murder not manslaughter. For example, if I drop a bowling ball off of the Empire State Building, I am guilty of murder even though I can truthfully say I didn’t want to kill anyone. Doing that is so dangerous that I had to have known it would likely result in death.

            1. Is “Depraved Heart” a death metal band that plays nothing but Heart covers?

              1. If it isn’t, it should be. The law has some decent band names. I always thought “Learned Hand” would be a good one, for instance.

          1. Cool… that’s good to know.

      2. Does it say on the tube not to inject it? Well it should.

        1. it’s like many other product labels – wait for the lawsuit or for someone to do something so monumentally stupid that the product maker has to guard against a future suit.

    2. I have no idea what is going on.

      1. Auric – you’re the worst character EVER!

    3. 31-year-old transgender pseudo-cosmetician Codename:known as “The Dutchess”

      Really? No one’s gonna touch this?

      1. Not with those giant hands of hers.

        Seriously, she’s like a football player.

        1. TRUCK-A-SAURUS!

        2. Truck-a-saurus.

  20. Hint: Sell more Olympic-themed crap

    Like seats?

  21. When they come for your guns, you will turn them over. Interesting read, though I don’t agree with the author’s assertion that an armed populace would be helpless against a military that’s been turned loose against it.

    1. Lew Rockwell is a paranoid. DOD is asking for money to do the missions FEMA has been sticking them with for years. That article is a pile of stupid. If the military were planning on hitting the streets to assert control, I think they already have enough toys to do that quite well thank you. They don’t need an obscure provision of the DAA to get a few extra wones.

    2. See: Year 11 of Afghanistan.

      1. You know, I must’ve read that many times, but this is the first time it’s sunk in. Eleven years. Holy cow. Maybe we really should’ve built AfghanDisney.

        1. It would be hard to tell the Disney princesses apart under those burkas.

          1. Paint them on the outside!

      2. Exactly. If there were even a faint resemblance of an organized resistance to martial law, it would make Afghanistan look like a cake walk. Too many people, too well-armed.

        1. Too many people, too well-armed.

          As it should be.

      3. But this is the GOOD war! Remember?

        Iraq – BAD! Afghanistan – GOOD!

        HilRod and The Bamster said so.

      4. And not only year 11 of American-occupied Afghanistan, but you need to count the 8 and 1/2 years of Soviet occupation as well.

        And hell, even the American Revolution was composed of citizen-soldiers, many of whom were self-armed. I believe that’s the whole fucking reason for the 2nd Amendment to begin with.

    3. Yeah, there was a lot of talk about that the other day on here. I think the consensus was that any serious uprising would fracture the military. A good friend of mine hwo hates guns always tells me that the military would crush citizens with guns, but like the man below said, see: Afghanistan.

      1. He’s right – the military could crush a civilian uprising in an urban or suburban setting if it didn’t fracture or refuse the orders.

        Military units could also easily crush local and alphabet police agencies if they broke the other way. The police tanks are a joke (a quarter-inch of armor bolted to a truck), and M4’s don’t make you real soldiers. Cops who aren’t former Infantry have no idea how to fight an equally sized opponent and certainly wouldn’t hold once mortars and grenades started thumping around them.

        1. My God, do I hate mortars – even outgoing ones…

          1. Try heavy artillery. Some genius planner put us next to an arty battery as we set up for Task Force Ripper in ’91. Turns out those sweet South African guns the Iraqis had weren’t as “knocked out” as promised – and they were in the mood for an arty duel.

            We dug in deep that night. You could tell the incoming from the outgoing becasue our guns had to use RAP rounds to reach that far.

        2. But any prolonged uprising would fracture the military, and then the rebels would start to catch up in weapons and training.

  22. AF Officer creates database of every bomb ever dropped by a plane since WWI.

    1. wonder if it includes those four nukes that were accidentally dropped on palomeros spain?

    2. Oh yeah?! Well, I am going to create a database of every bullet ever fired by the US Army, WHATYA THINK OF THAT?!!

      But seriously, that is cool (if a bit OCD).

  23. Some of us are trapped in the archaic world of IE7 by the evil corporate bastards that steal our labor and pay us a pittance. The old HnR sucked with all the social media crap embedded into it. The new HnR sucks just as bad and now looks worse.

    1. Yup. It’s amazingly fucked in IE7. But I can’t comment in Firefox, so I guess I’m stuck with IE7.

      But, hey, my sources tell me we’re rolling out Windows 7 later this year! So I guess I’ll get an upgrade then.

      1. I’m in FF 14.01 with Windows XP.

        1. The point of that being that it’s working for me.

      2. I just checked, and I am actually running IE8. But it still sucks. Preview is broken.

        1. Works great with Chrome.

      3. You can get FF on a thumb drive. Use that for your Reason surfing.

        1. Or if you have administrator rights, download FF 14.0.1.

      4. You guys must work in the same place I do! What’s your cube #?

        1. I don’t even have a cube πŸ™

      5. Do you work for the same IT sluggard, er, great company I do?

  24. After scoring an endorsement from Lech Walesa, Mitt Romney managed to avoid any major gaffes in Poland as he praised his hosts.

    I don’t know if we can trust these Polish; I hear they’re not that smart. Did you know that if you wave at a one-armed Polish person in a tree he will wave back, which will cause him to fall out? I read that somewhere.

  25. I want my Reason Classic

    Are s back?

    1. The ampersands are still MIA

      1. We went over a lot of stuff in an earlier thread for the upgrade. Basically didn’t add anything to the commenting experience.

        Spam filter still sucks.

        No ampersands.

        Still an indenting limit of 5ish.

        No edit function.

        No collapsing of subthreads.

        No new/unviewed comments view.


          1. Don’t get greedy.

              1. Your restraint is noted. A lesser man would have gone for 3D video.

                1. Damn you, indenting limit! I want to gambol across margin and screen!

                  1. Gambol Lockdown remains in full effect.

        2. “No ampersands.”

          Seriously? That sounds like a character encoding problem. That should be pretty trivial to fix, if you’re sloppy enough screw it up in the first place. Who coded this thing? And who tested it?

          1. Its an anti-HTML injection code. No ampersands mean no 4 character HTML symbols.

            1. Let’s see about that?

          2. Way to “other” the punctuation

            1. It’s almost as if the squirrels know exactly what annoys each individual commentator.

  26. J.D. Tuccille is Managing Editor, News Aggregation, for Reason.

    Sounds classier than “I watch a news feed and eat Doritos all day”

    1. I noticed that line too and immediately thought “that’s a thing?”

    2. That is so not true. J.D. is a Cheetos guy.

      1. Please. Ms. Dr. Two-Chee-lay will only allow him to have plain rice cakes.

  27. Can I still whore my popular fashion blog?

    Yes I can!

    1. Of course you can – and your sister too, if you are so minded.

    2. Your pervy uncle as audience =/= “popular”

  28. NY Times: Is Algebra Necessary?
    It’s not hard to understand why Caltech and M.I.T. want everyone to be proficient in mathematics. But it’s not easy to see why potential poets and philosophers face a lofty mathematics bar. Demanding algebra across the board actually skews a student body, not necessarily for the better.

    Wasn’t mathematics actually a prerequisite in order to become a philosopher in ancient Greece?

    1. Yes. It was all one subject back then. And everyone should be proficient in mathematics.

      1. Plato said the ideal study was music, gymnastics, poetry and some fourth thing I forget at the moment.

        1. Oh yeah, math.

    2. I saw part of a segment on CNN about this yesterday morning in the cafeteria. How is algebra a “lofty…bar”? I started learning that in 6th grade! I can see arguing that you don’t need to teach everyone calculus, but algebra comes up anytime you go to a freaking grocery store.

      1. Agreed. Algebra is pretty basic math, and most people us it on a daily basis without even realizing it. Calculus, on the other hand, I haven’t ever used outside of calculus and physics classes.

        1. I use calc a lot, but I realize that’s because I’m in engineering.

          But algebra? What do you do when you have $5 and want to buy as many apples as you can get when they are 3 for $2?

            1. No, but I’m assuming the people who have trouble with algebra are.

          1. You get a street rat to pilfer them for you. That’s what a Real Libertarian would do.

          2. I suspect they count. Watching people try to figure tips leaves me strongly suspicious that algebra is not actually required for a college degree.

            1. But how do they know what they are counting to?

              1. Like a 4 year old. They grab 3 and say “$2” and then they grab 3 and say “$4” and then they grab 3 and say “$6, oops too many”. Most will walk away with 6 apples. It’s not algebra, its what kids do before they learn algebra. They don’t set up 2x/3=5 and solve for x.

                1. So then they got the wrong answer.

                  1. Exactly.

          3. 7 apples and you get change, not a partial apple.

            1. Congrats, you just achieved a “lofty…bar”.

              1. The question didn’t offer the opportunity to buy them singularly.

                1. It didn’t forbid it either.

                  1. What is not expressly permitted is automatically forbidden, didntchya know?

                    1. Statism the anti-Quantum Mechanics.

          4. What do you do when you have $5 and want to buy as many apples as you can get when they are 3 for $2?

            Let x equal the number of apples I will buy, go to the school supplies aisle and steal a pen, then use the back of a cereal box to write on, something like this:

            5 = (2/3)x
            15/2 = x
            x = 7.5

            Go to the baking aisle, borrow a knife.
            Cut one apple in half and put seven and a half apples in my basket. Check out, and hope there’s no sales tax on food in this state.

        2. It comes up once in a great while. Then we plug it into MathCad, get some usable algebra out, and go about our day.

      2. Next up, is reading too lofty of a bar?

        1. Don’t be silly, that’s more like addition.

          Next up, are 4 syllable words too high of a bar?

        2. we’ve already removed writing in cursive from the menu and how often have you read about people sending electronic business correspondence in text-speak? So, if writing is too lofty, seems reading cannot be far behind.

          1. god, are you 100?

            does grandma know you’re on the computer?

            1. she’s on the back 9 with the Blue-hair, Blue tee Brigade. And get off my lawn.

          2. Writing in cursive is completely useless.

            1. until you have to sign your name on something. Pretty soon, the “Print Name” line will become the sig line.

              1. Even then it’s not really necessary. My signature is an illegible scribble.

              2. People used to sign their names with marks and pictures. Not a big deal especially now that we have electronic signatures.

            2. write me a love letter in print and you’re gone, buddy. The intimacy is destroyed by kindergarten handwriting

              1. I just do that in illegible scribbles too. And lewd drawings.

              2. Deah bahmy Shiela…

                1. Your words have pierced me to the heart, you silver-tongued cavalier

              3. So you would prefer a copy and paste love letter? πŸ˜‰

              4. so just text a picture of something impressive

          3. I took one online class in college (Multicultural Film), and we had to write a response to a question regarding the film each week and post it on a message board. The syllabus was very clear that this was an official writing assignment, but about half of the responses were in text-speak. Also, about half of the students never actually addressed the question, and just posted a half-assed summary of the movie each week.

            1. I got email my senior year of college. I could go to the computer lab and communicate with my friends at other colleges!

              /old lady

              1. I remember a geek friend of mine turned me on to these things called “bulletin boards” where you could post things and discuss shit with people. Back then, there was no one on them. We used to frequent a philosophy bulletin board and it turned out one of the people on it was some tenured prof at Yale. Back then it was so small, there were not any trolls.

              2. I didn’t go to college until after I got out of the Army. I was referred to as a non-conventional student, which was just a euphemism for thiry-something-year-old.

                1. They consider you “non-conventional” because, being that you’ve had experience in the real world which will activate your BS filter in a college classroom, they have to use “non-conventional” methods of trying to convince you that their turd sandwich tastes fucking awesome.

            2. During my days as a college professor, I got into a little hot water with the head of the physics dept when I started deducting points for bad grammar on lab reports.

              Grading lab write-ups was a nightmare of incoherence and misused scientific terms.

              1. During my days as a college professor, I got into a little hot water with the head of the physics dept when I started deducting points for bad grammar on lab reports.

                Good on you. It irritates me to no end when I get emails from friends with bachelors degrees or beyond who don’t know their/they’re/there, you’re/your, accept/except, etc. You should not be in college if you can’t write a coherent, grammatically correct, properly punctuated paper, I don’t care what your major is.

            3. Ja ja mensan.

    3. I saw that headline yesterday and ignored it, knowing it was bullshit from the get-go.

      We have a huge problem with innumeracy in this country already, without making education even more fluffy than it already is. Frankly, given the huge important of science and technology to our society, I think more math, more science, and some training in the basics of technology–engineering, whatever–makes more sense than cutting back the algebra that frightens and confuses journalists.

      1. you saw the headline and ignored it. Folks in India and other parts of Asia saw it and laughed. Loudly. At us. And pondered which well-paying job either in the States or offshore for a US-based company they would take. Meanwhile, we’re creating more poets and philosophers.

        1. Oh lord spare me from another round of The Great Yellow Peril talking points.

          1. you misunderstand. We’re telling US kids math is useless; other societies are telling their kids it is critical. Which set will be better prepared?

            I worked for an IT services company a few years ago and the best techheads fell into two camps: college-educated foreigners and self-taught Americans.

            1. I don’t ‘misunderstand’ at all. I have been hearing that we’re falling behind the Asians at math since kindergarten.

              Americans have never been good at math!

              I never understood why people like you consider math and science scores a proxy for how far “behind” America is. Are you a technocrat or something?

              1. That’s false in the sense that a sufficient number of us are good at math to have given us financial, technological, and scientific preeminence over the rest of the world. Of course, some of our good math is imported, but still.

                The larger point, that a majority of us are innumerate, I agree with.

                1. Americans have been “behind” in math for 40-50 years. We seem to be doing OK.

                  1. Randian| 7.31.12 @ 10:06AM |#
                    Americans have been “behind” in math for 40-50 years. We seem to be doing OK.

                    Team America Fuck Yeah!!

              2. I don’t understand why people like you take every notation of the obvious as some “us vs. them” meme. Students today are demonstrably less well-educated than their predecessors.

                Look at how full remedial courses are at the college level. It’s not about being ahead or behind; it’s about having the requisite skill set for decent employment.

                1. So you didn’t mean to set up the age-old “Indians, Chinese and Japanese are much better than we are at math and they’ll take all the good jobs”…even though that’s what you said?

                  Sorry, I get a hair about this subject. It’s so ridiculous and old. My grandfather has been saying the same thing for 50 years, “The Asians are better at the maths than we are! They’ll take all the good paying jobs! We have to train more scientists in our elementary schools!”

                  Enough. Seriously.

                  1. There’s a difference between ‘not being as good as the Asians’ and ‘not being able to fucking function in a modern society and reach logical conclusions because you are a fucking moron, yet still thinking you have a valid opinion because you got an ‘A’ in Cultural Sensitivity one time.’

                    The vast majority of Americans are falling into that second category. Maybe there always was a majority in that category, but that’s not what my experience is.

                    1. The vast majority of Americans are falling into that second category.

                      I say again: *snooze*

                      You do realize that most run-of-the-mill “Average Joes” hold the same opinion as you do, right?

                      People who think everyone else is getting dumber are not only miserable misanthropes and incredibly shortsighted, but they are categorically wrong.

                      Seriously, what a cliche and boring “opinion” to have.

                    2. ‘not being able to fucking function in a modern society and reach logical conclusions because you are a fucking moron, yet still thinking you have a valid opinion because you got an ‘A’ in Cultural Sensitivity one time.’

                      Well said. Not only should people have to answer a simple civics question before they vote, they should have to solve a simple logic problem.

                    3. Not only should people have to answer a simple civics question before they vote, they should have to solve a simple logic problem.


                      But they should NOT be allowed to use the force of government to pilfer and steal from unwilling participants, or force the rest of us to conform to their morality regardless of how they vote.

                  2. no I didn’t. What I did write is that we pretend that math does not matter to the point of taking seriously an NYT article “why is math important.” That’s not a worthwhile question; it is a stupid one.

                2. Students today are demonstrably less well-educated than their predecessors.


                  1. Some folks cannot face malicious truths; you are one of them.

                    1. alright, grampa, just don’t call me when you need the television set up or to try to explain to you that the Internet isn’t this temporary thing again.

                    2. how cute; smart-ass commentary about how someone over 50 might struggle setting up the tv, as if no one over that age ever did anything tech-related. It is amusing how generations that take things for granted don’t realize that they didn’t actually invent any of those things.

                    3. “they” “generations” “Asians” “Indians” “Americans”

                      Do you ever tire of dealing in stereotypes, cliches, and collectivism? Just wondering.

                    4. stop projecting. You’re the one on the “old guy” rant. Sort out your beef with gramps elsewhere.

                  2. Yeah, some are some aren’t. Just like always. Perhaps we should stop referring to students collectively.

                    1. Having some students suck at math is a bit different than the education system advocating for not teaching math at all.

                    2. Yes, I agree. It’s not all “These kids these days.” Things are worse because of the idiocies associated with government-controlled education. That’s gotten far worse since I was a kid. I have children at a top-rated high school where they can get extra credit for book covers in AP classes. In high school. And that kind of bullshit is endemic.

                    3. Seriously, I cannot deal with anymore of this “kids these days” bs. Sorry that we don’t take the trolley any more, guys.

    4. potential poets and philosophers? There is a waiting market for those?

      1. We’ll always need baristas.

        1. Not when the robotics engineering/CS students get finished.

          1. That’s the beauty of this. The innumerate grow in numbers while the numerate phase out jobs for the innumerate. Which do you want to be?

            1. To be fair, the innumerate do get to get paid to do nothing at home because we’ve “got to provide a safety net”.

              1. I have a cunning plan. Everyone on welfare, including unemployment, has to pass tests to get paid. Progressively harder tests.

          2. They’re busy building a better Real Dolls. And they won’t trust their fucktoys to make coffee. Anything with a vagina is automatically suspect when it comes to completing a technical task.

            1. Have you seen Idiocracy?

              1. Idiocracy is stupid and so are people who take it as gospel.

                1. ur mom is stupid lol

                  1. Ur mom jokes, though, never, ever get old. I love them.

                2. It’s a barista/sex joke.

                  1. *eyes Auric warily*

                    Alright…but I’m watching you.

                    1. Pvt. Joe Bowers: Man, I could really go for a Starbucks, y’know?
                      Frito: I don’t really think we have time for a handjob, Joe.

                3. Randian, are they offering “whiny asshole” as a 3L course now? You’re bordering on near Tulpa-level contrarianism lately.

                  1. It’s a typical third-year syndrome that fades after you realize how much you hate other lawyers.

                    1. It’s a typical third-year syndrome that fades after you realize how much you hate other lawyers.

                      Weird, I realized this when I was 2L. My hatred has only grown stronger since then. I mean, walking through the courthouse yesterday I wanted to attack at least 3 other attorneys just for standing there looking like douches.

                    2. I realized it in the first year, but I’m kind of an anti-lawyer lawyer. In an odd way, besides the disappointment in my peers, I was also saddened by the lack of real scholarship in the law. It’s become more of a trade school at most schools, it seems.

                  2. In all seriousness, I thought that we were capable of more novel and interesting observations than “kids these days”; “the Asians are beating us at the maths and the job market” and “everybody is dumb except me”.

                    God, how terribly, terribly boring.

                    1. Well of course you’re going to bored if you have to take Idiocracy seriously and can’t just enjoy sex jokes.

                    2. to bored

                      Damn this “upgrade” with its lack of an edit option!

                    3. But that’s not really what’s being advocated. The article is questioning the teaching of pretty basic math. That’s a difference of great significance in my mind.

                      There definitely is a problem in the last couple of decades (in particular) with government education being less thorough and grades being handed out for inferior work. Standardized tests have been made more fluffy (supposedly to make them more equitable between the sexes and among minorities), grade inflation, especially in higher ed, is a major problem, and so on.

                      Where the screaming in the 50s was wrong was in people thinking that we needed a majority of the population to be scientifically trained. Obviously, a small minority of the population can drive plenty of scientific and technological innovation. However, the more that math, science, and technology become difficult for voters to understand, and the more the government controls everything, the more the general lack of math and science education matters.

                    4. Yes, when you choose to ignore the actual argument and just argue with the made up argument in your head, I can see how that could get boring.

                4. Idiocracy was a brilliant concept that was poorly executed.

                  1. It had its moments, but I tend to agree. The concept is so good that I mostly forgive it its failings, though.

                    1. Honestly, it might have worked better as an animation. Although maybe a little too much Futurama crossover there.

    5. Yes, but think how little math there was to learn!
      They had JUST invented basic geometry.

      1. I had a math professor (I think while doing the geometric proof of an integral) point out that Newton and Leibnitz did geometry for six years in college, although Decartes had essentially invented algebra by then. He posited that they could do shit with Geometry that we wouldn’t learn until the end of Calc III. And we’d be taking the shortcut they invented.

    6. isn’t algebra an elementary school class?
      IIRC, it was 7th or 8th grade.

    7. A fine article on this very subject. Summary: intellectuals are stupid and lazy. Thanks, the PHYS dept.

    8. Wasn’t mathematics actually a prerequisite in order to become a philosopher in ancient Greece?

      They no longer teach long division in many of the local schools here in the Tampa Bay area.

      The claimed reason: Everyone has access to calculators now so what’s the point?

      The real reason: The majority of the teachers around here were educated at local public schools and don’t know long division anyway.

      1. I think me and the economist who works here are the only two people in my office who can do long division. We are entering the dark ages.

        1. Yes, long division is crucial to the survival of civilization. Thank god for you, John.

          1. Somebody had better understand math if you want to keep the lights on, Randian. Generators and distribution networks don’t build and run themselves.

            1. Eschaton! Eschaton!

              If somebody doesn’t know the things I value, civilization will end!

              1. I place zero value in art/music.

                However, I can recognize that if no one knows how to play an instrument, we’ll stop having music.

                Similarly, if no one knows how to do math, we’ll stop having things that require it to be built.

              2. You’re quite annoying. I pity those close to you.

                1. (in response to Randian| 7.31.12 @ 10:27AM |#)

                  1. in response to Randian

                    Damn your indenting tyranny, squirrels!

          2. It’s not necessarily about doing long division by hand or in your head. It’s about thinking logically and solving problems in a systematic manner.

            I use excel everyday to do heavy methematical lifting for me. If I didn’t understand the mathematical concepts, excel would be a bunch of empty spreadsheets.

            1. This.

              A societal problem at least as severe as inability to solve simple problems is inability to *set up* the algebra (or even arithmetic) given a real-world situation.

              1. Agree with both Restoras and Rich. I’d go further and require some knowledge of the principles of calculus to graduate. I’m not saying that you should be able to solve a triple integral, but you should grasp the concept of a difference between a rate and a change in that rate.

                And, The Marching Morons, though a written story (I don’t think it was ever made into a movie) was much better written than Idiocracy. Has Judge done anything worthwhile since Office Space and Beavis/Butthead?

        2. “I think me…”


      2. Yep.

        We’re running a multi-generation experiment to see what happens when the dumbest people in society are allowed to mold young minds for 12-16 years and told how special and important they are for doing so.

        1. Just send them a copy of Idiocracy and pocket the funding money.

        2. Yep, everybody’s getting dumber and you’re the first to make this incredibly novel observation.

          1. Do you ever have anything of value to add to these comments, or do you just like taking up space?

      3. Huh. I’m going to ask my kids about that. Pretty sure they learned it, though.

    9. But it’s not easy to see why potential poets and philosophers face a lofty mathematics bar. Demanding algebra across the board actually skews a student body, not necessarily for the better.

      I would think anyone with a good knowledge of algebra would soon figure out the worthlessness of poetry and philosophy as conduits to job prospects.

      Only in a country as corrupt as the US would one actually question the value of algebra rather than the value of poetry and philosophy. I wouldn’t even trust a philosopher who couldn’t do algebra. Barack Obama for example.

    10. The toll mathematics takes begins early.

      This is utterly appalling.

  29. Unlike the lowlife pieces of garbage occupying the White House, the new Reason design and features is definitely Change I Can Believe In. Nicely done, guys.

    1. Nice try, Reason staff member.

      1. Mikey the New Intern’s first day is not what he thought it would be.

  30. Awesome. Netflix has a bit of software called Chaos Monkey that does random bad shit to their setup so they can create a system tolerant of having monkeys invade their control room.

    “On Monday, the company open sourced its ‘Chaos Monkey,’ software that randomly turns off virtual machines running beneath its streaming service, a way of simulating the small outages the service will inevitably face day after day. This means that anyone can use the tool or even modify its source code.”

    1. It would be better if the software unleashed flying Chaos Monkeys to wreak havoc on Netflix’s sworn enemies

      1. Who will protect Hulu+?!

        1. Why are we enabling SkyNet?

  31. A majority of Americans believe that screen violence leads to the real thing, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll.

    Rasmussen: A majority of Americans are nitwits.

    1. That’s my take-away from most polls.

    2. Nah, a majority of Americans have kids, but they forget that children are not adults and vice versa.

    3. I mean, is it really a false statement when we’re specifically talking about movies’ influence on some people who are already mentally dissociated from reality? I agree that 99% of humans know the difference between screen violence and real violence and never the twain shall meet, but all bets are off for a few handfuls of the demented and sociopathic. Nothing we really can or should do about it.

  32. Interesting new look; I actually think I might like it.

    The formatting seems a little weird, which may be due to my oddball linux distro, but the page as I see it isn’t cluttered, which pleases me.

    At least I get preview (which I only ever use to see if I have Sugarfreed my links).

  33. Lots of empty seats at the olympics.


    Is anyone else over the olympics already? I appreciate the athleticism of many of the competitors, but the hoopla and buzz they tried to create around them were completely lost on me.

    1. This isn’t exactly hard to figure out: Europe is collapsing, drowning in a tsunami of debt from which there is no escape.

      The idea that people would be concerned about crap like the Olympics right now as though these were the best of times is just downright ludicrous.

      1. bread? circus?

        1. Except the bread y circus was free

    2. I like the Olympics. They are just on too damn late if you work for a living and live on the east coast. And now NBC has decided to fuck those people who avoid getting the results. Last night they ran a Today show promo on the 17 year old girl swimmer meeting her parents after her gold medal, five minutes before they broadcast her race.

      The coverage is a just a pile of stupid. I think Bob Costas might be retarded. Last night he commented on how surprised he was that John McEnroe looked quite good playing beach volleyball in a story he did on the American women’s team. Ah Bob,McEnroe is one of the ten best tennis players in history. The guy probably has one in a billion hand eye coordination. He is going to look better than the average reporter playing any sport involving a ball and hands.

      1. OT but HBO Sports had a mini-doc on Borg/McEnroe, looking back at the rivalry up to present day. Turns out the two are very tight, maybe because of their personality differences.

        1. ON THE FUCKING LINE!!!!!!!

          1. chalk flew up!!!

        2. That bothers me for some reason. I like the idea of Borg and McEnroe not only hating each other, but actively plotting the destruction of the other.

          1. Don’t worry. McEnroe and Connors hate each other. And Connors is most definitely actively plotting McEnroe’s destruction.

            1. He won the wife battle long ago, so I don’t see why.

            2. McEnroe actually mentioned this when asked about the Men’s swim relay. I believe he said “Connors and I were on a Davis cup team together for a year and didn’t speak a word. We didn’t like each other, but I think it made us pretty good. If these guys don’t like each other, it probably makes them swim harder.”

            3. I’m on TEAM JIMMY

      2. To use a phrase coined elsewhere, Bob Costas knows what the windows on the short bus taste like. He says some of the most inane shit I’ve ever heard from an adult human being that isn’t in a home.

        1. He says some of the most inane shit I’ve ever heard from an adult human being that isn’t in a home.

          When you think about it, what is NBC if not a sort of group home for retarded broadcasters?

        2. Bob Costas knows what the windows on the short bus taste like.

          “The schnozberries taste like schnozberries!”

    3. Judo and women’s beach volleyball are where it’s at for totally different reasons.

      1. The Czech team the Americans played last night were smoking. Unlike the American aging moms, those girls had the whole package.

        1. Ted S. is not going to approve of your comments.

        2. I think Kerri Walsh is hot. She reminds me of this track athlete I dated in college.

          1. I think Walsh looks like a stork. She is cute at best.

        3. I posted some pics of the Czech team in the P.M. links last night to demonstrate how the weather in London has completely ruined the women’s volleyball.

          1. and now I will find them…

      2. TMZ had a former Olympic Judo medalist (and current MMA fighter) as a guest on their TV show last night. She was not only hot and badass, she was hilarious as fuck. Though the hilarity could be that I was slightly impaired by intoxicants.

        1. The intoxicants are the brain damage she suffered from blows to the head.

          1. or the brain damage.

          2. I was impaired by intoxicants, though I can’t speak for the Judo chick.

        2. That was Rhonda Rousey. She is a bad fucking bitch. Seriously hot, too.

          1. That woman she beat had an incredibly flexible arm. Most men would’ve had an extra joint induced by fracture long before that.

          2. Yeah, they asked her about breaking peoples limbs. That was the only segment where I was scared of her.

            1. If they don’t tap, it’s their own damn fault when something breaks. I’ve felt the same way when I’ve put joint locks on people, and I’ve for goddamn sure always tapped when one of my joints was in danger.

    4. Here (Singapore) ESPN has 11 feeds all commercial and “athlete profile” free. Nothing but the sports themselves. It’s really quite fantastic.
      No hoopla, no sob stories, just sports.

      1. I hate NBC so very much over their Olympic coverage, and you’re not helping.

      2. That sounds awesome. I hate the fucking profiles of athletes. Of course NBC tries to make a connection to the Aurora shooting with every athlete from Colorado.

        1. Yeah, I don’t give a shit about your home life or how you had to overcome adversity. Show me the competition, and kick ass during it. That’s what I want out of Olympic athletes and the coverage thereof.

        2. It’s so ridiculous. They tie every athlete to some tragedy or hardship like they’re trying to win an emmy or something for their reporting. It only makes matters worse that NBC only hires the worst people.

          1. Hooray, reasonable is back! My life is good again.

      3. That would actually get me to watch them.

  34. WASHINGTON — Republican congressional investigators have concluded that five senior ATF officials — from the special agent-in-charge of the Phoenix field office to the top man in the bureau’s Washington headquarters — are collectively responsible for the failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation that was “marred by missteps, poor judgments and inherently reckless strategy.”

    The investigators, in a final report likely to be released later this week, also unearthed new evidence that agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix initially sought to hide from the Mexican government the crucial information that two Fast and Furious firearms were recovered after the brother of a Mexican state attorney general was killed there.

    According to a copy of the report obtained Monday by The Times, the investigators said their findings are “the best information available as of now” about the flawed gun operation that last month led to Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. being found in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents.

    1. For the sake of argument, let’s assume Obama Holder were telling the truth and that this was a botched operation rather than a cynical attempt to promote gun control.

      How would they have acted when presented with this clusterfuck?

      1) People in charge would have been fired.

      2) To facilitate that there would have been an IG investigation.

      3) There would be cooperation by the administration with Congress’ investigation, or at least an attempt to keep congress informed should there be a compelling reason to have Congress back off.

      The administration is *not* behaving in a manner consistent with their story.

      1. They haven’t listened to their IGs before, tarran; why would they start now?

        Got a bit of mileage out of rubbing that in the faces of people who thought that a Chicago politician was going to clean up corruption in D.C. Christ, it’s retarded just to read that: how could anyone have possibly believed it?

  35. We have a huge problem with innumeracy in this country already

    You misspelled “Congress”.

    1. They’re just part of the problem, sadly. If the general population weren’t so intellectually challenged, we’d never elect morons to office. Well, morons in everything except bullshitting.

  36. Speaking of violence; the trailer for the upcoming Deadpool game looks pretty sweet.

  37. Didn’t Hanson commit the murders on the opening night of Batman? How was a movie he hadn’t seen responsible for his violence?

    1. Trailers?

    2. His name isn’t Hanson…

        1. Elementary, my dear BP

    3. He was playing the Joker from the previous movie. And he is insane, though they like to leave that part out.

      1. Thanks, I only saw the first one.

  38. Perhaps a ‘lil shout-out to Moynihan is in order today?


    1. Jonah Lehrer (born June 25, 1981) is an American author and journalist who writes on the topics of psychology, neuroscience, and the relationship between science and the humanities.

      Figures. Let’s hope he doesn’t go all neuro like James Holmes and Amy Bishop.

      1. Watch out for other “journalists” who write about phrenological quackery, such as “Ron Bailey”.

    2. saying that some Dylan quotes appearing in “Imagine: How Creativity Works” did “not exist.”

      Well at least he didn’t try to claim the fake quotes were the results of his own experiments in creativity

  39. A majority of Americans believe that screen violence leads to the real thing are fucking retarded.


    1. Expect an angry letter from mothers of retards everywhere.

      1. That would be super retarded. Therefore, I look forward to it.

  40. Well, Preview doesn’t work on my browser/OS combo, reasonable is dead, too much white space, and the Clemson-looking purple ampersand orange colors make me want to punch Charlie Bauman.

    1. I’m at least glad to find out that it’s purple. My damn colorblind eyes had me believing that it was orange and blue, which was highly insulting to my FSU sensibilities.

    2. the Clemson-looking purple ampersand orange colors

      Well, that would certainly explain the build up to the new site followed by a collapse into awfulness.

  41. http://dailycaller.com/2012/07…..han-obama/

    When you have lost Charlie Daniels, you have lost America.

    1. Are you suggesting that Charlie Daniels isn’t America?

      Also, I need to know what David Allan Coe thinks about this.

      1. No Daniels is America. That is why when you have lost him, you have lost America. And David Allan Coe is America too except he is the really scary part of America we don’t like to think about.

        1. Scary tattooed ex-cons are as American as apple pie.

          And he’s still out there touring. Indianapolis next week!

          1. Sure they are. He is scary America that doesn’t vote because they are in jail or have a felony conviction.

  42. Organ transplant scandal suspicions ‘date to 1990s’
    The donor organ waiting list scandal unfolding in a German hospital, where it seem doctors changed medical records to push patients up the lists, could date back nearly 20 years, it emerged on Monday.

    G?ttingen University Hospital has suspended two senior doctors who were accused of falsifying medical records to push certain ? possibly paying ? patients further up donor organ waiting lists.

    Black markets, how do they work?

    1. Racist.

      Also, fried chicken.

      1. What is the fried chicken meme? I missed the meaning somewhere.

  43. From Cory Booker’s Twitter

    Incredibly – Average family or person who goes to our Nwk Financial Empowerment Center sees a 10% increase in their annual income/benefits

    [won’t let me paste the linky-winky]

    So it teaches them to game the system better?

    1. I can’t imagine going to a governemnt Financial Empowerment Center gets youa 10% raise, so I’m gonna say yes.

    2. Of course it would be helpful to know what their average annual income/benefit is…

  44. I’d just like to point out that, if you had any doubt that joe was anonypussying here, you’re a stupid denier. The science is settled.

    The Derider| 7.30.12 @ 6:41PM |#

    So the fact that Government built the infrastructure is proof that the infrastructure was inefficient, because government doesn’t do efficient?

    Your argument seems… round? Spheroid? Shit, what’s that word? I just had it.

    1. speaking of anonymous commenters, where’s our favourite domesticated anonbot? Don’t tell me it’s been blocked by some squirrel jealous of the love it gets

    2. Yes, he made it pretty obvious in that thread last night: stating opinions as proof of fact, arguing in bad faith, asking for proof but never providing any, not that any provided was good enough, phrasing, etc.

    3. After last night’s Warren thread any doubts I had went out the window. The Derprider is a small man from Lowell.

      1. Read the thread where Epi is calling him joe, and he repeatedly claims that he has no idea who joe is. It’s hilarious.

        1. And that is just a Joe move. The little bastard will never fess up to all of the stupid expectations he had about Obama. He won’t defend anything. He just loves to tear other people down. That is what he does. Coming on as an anonopussy allows him to escape any responsibility for defending what he said as “Joe”.

          Next time ask him how it is going out in America’s toughest neighborhoods doing God’s work.

  45. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..ysuit.html

    Bar Refeli is still amazing

    1. Hmmmm….yes. She’ll do.

    2. I’ll be in my bunk.

  46. This will be the sixth time we have destroyed Hit and Run, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

    1. except for those stobborn anomolies like john und sar


  47. Well, this is the stupidest constitutional challenge I have ever seen. Republican form of government does not mean you can rape citizens.

    1. So it’s not a republic if there are any limits on what the elected officials are allowed to do?

      1. being a lover and beneficiary of TABOR for almost 20 years not I want to state that this is very bad…the court is about to put the final nail in its coffin. we have fight since day one and they have been chipping away at it. I haven’t received a TABOR refund for 7 years (Yes, the gubmint is required to refund the extra money it collects back to the taxpayer…awesomeness.). Once this gets a final hearing we will be to ally fucked.

    2. Looks like it’s about time I started looking to leave CO for greener pastures. There’s lots of aerospace work in TX.

  48. Whoa…new format…the colors…my eyes…!!!

  49. WTF is up with this small ass font in the comments? How much do you want me to have to squint to read shit here?

    1. Cntl +

      Repeat as needed.

  50. http://www.weeklystandard.com/…..49108.html

    ABC reporter and Obama press flack to be married.

    1. ABC truly had an embedded reporter…*rimshot*

      1. Is this how Deep Throat got his name?

    2. I’m sure he’ll seek a different assignment.

    3. This is just like what happened in that Aaron Sorkin hit about politics, Sports Night.

  51. Barf.

    Is Antonio Villaraigosa poised to be America’s first Latino president?

    What he did for Los Angeles he can do for America.

    1. Why go half banana republic when you can go full third world kleptocracy?

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