Poll Respondents Say Mitt Sucks Less Than Barry, U.S. Construction Projects Falter in Afghanistan, Nine Arrested in Anaheim Police Protests: P.M. Links


  • Pussy Riot band members

    Mitt Romney has a very slim lead over Barack Obama on issues of leadership, honesty and personality among poll respondents. Uh huh. Yeah, that's quite a contest.

  • American plans for massive construction projects in Afghanistan are running so far behind that the U.S. will (supposedly) be long gone before they're built. And after they're in place, they should start crumbling pronto, since Afghanistan's government isn't expected to have the resources to maintain them.
  • For the third quarter running, Spain's economy shrank, helping to erode confidence and fuel recession worries across the struggling euro zone.
  • Raymond and Thomas Highers spent a quarter-century in prison before their murder convictions were overturned after witnesses fingered another shooter. Now they wonder how they'll pick up the pieces of their lives.
  • Republican delegates pledged to support Ron Paul are fighting ouster attempts in Massachusetts and Maine. Hmmm … It's almost as if freedom-minded people aren't welcome in the GOP.
  • Three female punk rockers who performed an unauthorized anti-Putin protest set in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral face up to seven years in prison for their actiona. The Russian Orthodox Church, which is tight with Russia's authoritarian regime, is pushing for harsh punishment.
  • Nine people were arrested over the weekend as Anaheim residents continue to protest two recent police shootings, one of them of an unarmed man.

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