Attn, Detroit-Area Reason Fans: Check Out Home Run Showdown, a Film Written by Tim Cavanaugh


Reason's Tim Cavanaugh has co-written a movie called Home Run Showdown, which is premiering today in Detroit, Michigan.

Watch a trailer above and go here for times.

Here's the flick's official site.

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  1. Can we look forward to a review by Herpes “Alan” Vanneman?

    1. Hey! Alan’s viral load is way down. That’s a good thing. Why can’t you be happy for him?

      1. But we can’t get rid of him, and he keeps coming back. It’s difficult to be happy about that.

        1. Just like the griefers. But at least the infestation has been crushed to manageable levels.

          1. It seems like it. No more 1000+ comment threads on the weekend. What a mess those were.

  2. If Cavanaugh has been writing this thing (which, as far as I can tell, has little to nothing to do with California high speed rail) then has Reason been getting his full devotion? I don’t think so.

    1. I think as registered Reason commenters we should be concerned that we aren’t getting full value from our (nonexistent) commenting dollars.

      1. Time is money, and I spend a considerable amount propping this place up.

  3. Hey you guys, Dean Cain is still alive.

    1. Hey you guys, Dean Cain is still alive.

      Uh-oh… I better change that Wikipedia entry I did, then.

  4. Why Detroit, Tim? Was the Multiplex in the Great Pit of Carkoon already booked?

    Seriously, though, when will this be making it to Cinefamily or one of the other SoCal indy screens? I’d like to come down and see it.

  5. Please, please, please tell me that this glurge was written purely for the money (? la Louisa May Alcott), please?

    I don’t want to live in a world where this was an earnest endeavour.

  6. Someone has to say it:

    The Bad News Bears.

    1. Cavanaugh has had “Objectivist Bad News Bears” scribbled on his legal pad for years now, but he just needed Dean Cain and Matthew Lillard to make it work.

    2. Good for Cavanaugh. But yeah, I’m getting a Bad News Bears vibe from this as well. Of course, I’ll shell out some money to see it, just to represent.

  7. I’m confused. Which one is Tim Cavanaugh?

    1. This looks autobiographical.

  8. Thanks, Nick for this kind announcement and everybody else for kind words.

    We opened last night to a sold-out theater at the AMC Star Southfield 20.

    We’re opening at the AMC in Ontario Mills, CA Friday.

    The Ontario Mills opening will include a tie-in Home Run Showdown Kids Derby at a San Bernardino-area field. Check site, Facebook or Twitter for date and time.

    Home Run Showdown will open in other cities through August, and most openings will feature a Kids Derby ? a newly invented competition that tests kids’ skills in hitting, catching and handling infield flies. Cash prizes will be awarded.

    The Detroit Kids Derby went gangbusters. Cash prizes were awarded.

    Home Run Showdown is a live-action movie suitable for the whole family. It is neither dark nor edgy, nor is it a reboot. Laugh, cry, go home hummin’ with Home Run Showdown.

    1. We’re opening at the AMC in Ontario Mills, CA Friday.

      Sweet. I’ll be there. Any other SoCal Reasonoids want to meet up, throw down a couple, and heckle the movie? 😉

      1. If the times work out, I’ll bring some little leaguers. I had already planned to take the day off to go to the optometrist so the kids are ready with new glasses for school fall ball.

    2. nor is it a reboot.

      Bad News Bears.

      Anyway if French love stories that end with the woman killing herself because she is “too in love” can be a genre then I don’t see why little league underdog team with a fat kid, a tom boy and spunky short kid movies can’t be as well.

      1. And underage drinking! Which gives the movie its subversive libertarian plot. Wonder how tim slipped that past the producers? As for the fat kid, maybe you missed the memo, jc, bit there’s this obesity crisis going on, so that makes the movie topical. Surely there’s a gay kid and a muslim kid, right, Tim? You went for the post-Bush trifecta…right?

  9. We should write his bio. I’ll write 1650-1800 if someone else can get the rest.

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