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UPS Forecasts Slower Growth, Federal Snoops Broke the Rules, CFL Bulbs Burn: P.M. Links


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  1. CFLs, they’re the lead paint of the 21st century.

    1. Tell that to Tanning Mom.

    2. What? I’m going to sue and sue again!

    3. Commenter John, caught lying here…..nt_3158902

      1. Lying is all John is good at.

        1. Did you know he’s a DHS agent, here doing work? Spying?



          1. Hello multiple-personality Mary, you finally showed up. Out of curiosity, what were you doing all day long until now?

            1. Lol…

            2. Writing the same post over and over again and keeping Mike Alissi busy banning her ass and purging her from the comments section.

              Mary is such a loser.

              1. That’s three down. Only two left to go…

            3. Palin’s Buttplug is Shrike not Mary.

              He would use the Shrike login but he lost the password.

              1. They deleted Mary’s post so it looks like Mike’s replying to Shrike.

                I’m not convinced that Shrike is not a mary sock-puppet though.

          2. That link doesn’t actually work, you know.

            1. Works fine for me.

              1. But, um, what am I supposed to be looking for? It’s just some legalese document.

                1. Apparently when a government official signs of for a New York Times account they are ‘infiltrating’ it.

                  Yes, Mary Stack is really that stupid.

                  1. And man, she sure does like getting banned.



                      Fake laughing is how I know I beat you.

                      That, and the luring you out to dance.

                      You guys can’t help yourself, as the responses will prove. I’m telling I’m making you my fucking bitch by forcing you to reply, and you make me right every time.

                    2. In fact, I’m telling you now I’m never coming back to this thread ever again, so I’ll never see what you post is desperation that passes for wit, and you’ll STILL post it.

                      You’re THAT obsessed.

                  2. So all the d-bags commenting at the Timez agitating for big government are actual government workers?

                    Explains a lot.

                    I like to think that John is some useless spy that bolo’d an important assignment in South America and was sent down to the minors, i.e. to crack the HandR ring of Futurama jokes. I imagine reams of transcripts sitting in boxes in the basement of some nondescript building in Frederick. The classified contents are all the arguments John had with minge. There are many boxes.

                    1. The classified contents are all the arguments John had with minge.

                      Holy shit! This explains the deficit.

                    2. ” The classified contents are all the arguments John had with minge.”

                      Those aren’t classified, they’re quarantined. Even sealed away under tons of lead, they exhibit enough of an IQ draining field to explain everything that happens in Washington. If they were actually unearthed and opened up, it would lead to a zombie apocalypse.

                    3. I like to think that John is some useless spy that bolo’d an important assignment in South America and was sent down to the minors, i.e. to crack the HandR ring of Futurama jokes. I imagine reams of transcripts sitting in boxes in the basement of some nondescript building in Frederick. The classified contents are all the arguments John had with minge. There are many boxes.


    4. Those CFL bulbs that cost too much and throw a weird light and go dead quickly and have harmful mercury in an easily breakable shell and take several minutes to start emitting light at full brightness? Yeah. They’re giving you a nasty sunburn, too.


  2. UPS, the package delivery giant, says slowing demand for its services points to a pitiful one percent growth for the U.S. economy for the rest of the year.

    It points to the fact that more people are emailing their packages. So long, snail package delivery.

    1. Quantum teleportation is going to totally ruin UPS.

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure. That Brundle guy says they still have a few bugs in the system.

        1. I saw what you did there.

    2. Tell me when Parcel Email is going to be offered in Canada.

    3. I fear that the back half of this year is going to be economically. . .unpleasant.

      1. It’s already unpleasant.

          1. But ProL, we don’t know where all the unpleasantier are! It is dangerous to look into the one we have.

            1. He didn’t build authoritarianism all by himself, but unlike him, I’ll give him credit for what he’s “accomplished”.

              1. I call it the Lattice of Interfuckyouedness.

              2. dude…you have a Mary on your Urkobold…you might want to get that looked at.

                1. Urkobold is a troll haven. Designed so. We welcome the troll and troll victim alike.

                  1. At least you don’t troll my eyes with a black background any more.

                    1. Your sole useful contribution to this reality. You can go back to your home universe now, your mission accomplished.

        1. That’s just your “hygiene”.

          1. Isn’t it strange how you waltz in and all of a sudden that horrible smell appears? What could explain that?

            1. “Why’d you open your bonghole, you smelly hippie? You’d sacrifice a beautiful woman to save a moderately attractive monkey? You must have smoked some bad granola!”

              1. “Spare me your space age technobabble, Attila the Hun.”

  3. On at least one occasion, U.S. electronic surveillance efforts under the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act violated constitutional protections…

    And the consequences to those intelligence gatherers will be DIRE.

    1. “DIRE.”

      Imagine your

    2. The main difficulty for intelligence gatherers is the vast sea of stupid that must be filtered and boiled down to get what they seek.

    3. No doubt this will engender same level of media outrage as the “phone-hacking scandal” in the UK. Oh right, Rupert Murdock isn’t involved. And the the government is the one violating the law.

  4. Germany, so far largely immune to Europe’s economic woes, now faces a credit downgrade…

    Break out the MEFO’s.

    1. This is a developed world recession (US, Europe, Japan). We had a 25 year World Depression in the late 1800s without regulations and income taxes.

      1. What are you doing inside Sarah Palin’s rectum, and why is George Soros in there with you?

  5. If you’ve shot up a movie theater, you didn’t do that. Somebody else made that happen.

    James Holmes Received $26K Grant From Bethesda-Based National Institutes of Health…..of-health/

    1. I think you forgot to change out of your sockpuppet there.

  6. Warner plans on donating a “substantial” amount to the victims of the Colorado shooting:…..99112.html

    Meanwhile, a lawyer for one survivor lists Warner Bros. in a lawsuit:


      1. Liability, dude. Can’t take any chances if they lose the lawsuit and if this happens again.

    1. “He’s either crazy, or he’s not. We’ve boiled it down to one of those two.”

    2. Fakin’ It!

    3. Does the actually shooting go into the Psychosis column or the Faking It column?

      1. He did the shooting because only a crazy person would do a shooting and that gets him out of trouble for the shooting, it’s all a big cover up see.

      2. It is possible. We’ll leave that open,” she said, adding that most people who lie about that sort of behavior are sociopaths…

      3. Shooting it out with the cops in the parking lot would have proven his craziness to me. It would have saved a lot of court costs too.

    4. This is linked to ABC News, whose track record so far is a little iffy. I guess they’re trying to cover their bases.

    5. I can’t see this fucker being sane at all.

  7. “Two years after the feds took control of 90 percent of the student loan market, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is pushing to let borrowers discharge their private student loans through bankruptcy.”

    If you borrowed money to get a degree, you don’t owe that. Somebody else made that happen.

    This is a blast. But I can understand how an Affirmative Action president would think that way.

    1. So, who takes the hit for these gifts?

      1. Evil, evil bankers.

        1. Well, okay, so long as it’s all just and doesn’t set a bad precedent.

          Say, what about the loans I paid off? Can I ask for a refund?

          1. Obama cut the student loan subsidies out for the bankers.

            Bushpigs can’t stand that. Bush was the most pro-subsidy POTUS ever – just look at Medicare Advantage.

            1. Bullshit. Government loans, with a projected default rate of 20 percent, would not be included. All this would do is kill the private student loan market and make the entire thing a government enterprise. Moral hazard ahoy.

              1. Why would that kill the market? I would think the percentage they were charging would go up, and that’s about all.

                1. Rather than totally fuck up the entire market in student loans, the government should’ve just cut some checks to students. Shitty, but a little less destructive than not allowing banks to use risk-based pricing for student loans.

                  1. ProL, have you considered how much that strategy would cost?

                    1. Naturally, I think we should do no such thing. But this way, the government couldn’t hide what it was doing through unfunded mandates and other financial trickery.

                    2. Tulpa, the original student loan guarantee program put the Treasury on the hook for the debt if the student defaulted.

                      Questions like, “How much is this going to cost?” should have been asked at that time.

                      Instead, the Congress decided to play dumb and act utterly surprised when people defaulted and the Treasury had to pay for the guarantees. Instead of just getting rid of the guarantee program, they decided to fuck up the bankruptcy code.

            2. Guess it’s a good thing we aren’t Bushpigs then, huh?

          2. Say, what about the loans I paid off? Can I ask for a refund?

            That’s an intriguing question – one that I’m now pondering in regards to the tuition I paid entirely out-of-pocket with money I saved from working two jobs.

            Any of our resident Obama trolls care to field this one?

            1. “Fuck you, that’s why! You’re probably rich and that’s why you won’t release your tax forms to us!”

            2. Why should the many employers who offer educational assistance even do it if the Feds are going to give it away for “free”?

            3. Fuck you Michael for working hard when you should have been out organizing your community.

    2. I say let them discharge in bankruptcy after 10 years from the end of the loan.

      There should also be a claw back provision put in place against the universities. Going forward they could expect to have to pay back X% of a discharged loan.

      1. Will this apply to auto dealers who sell cars that people later decide they can’t pay back? Home sellers where the buyers ultimately fail to pay the mortgage?

        Why are universities all the sudden becoming the scapegoat?

        1. Two words: Federal subsidies.

        2. fwiw…IN the case of homes and cars there is an underlying asset that can be sold to recover a portion of the debt…degree, not so much.

        3. Because we now have a right to a college education, just like we have a right to “free” health services.

        4. Why are universities all the sudden becoming the scapegoat?

          Because they are the ones that benefited from and encourage naive younguns to go into debt for an edumacation.

          If you think that is unfair, perhaps we should allow student to sue colleges and universities for the cost of the tuition the paid on fraudulent grounds.

    3. “Affirmative Action” President? Why don’t you just call him a nigger?

      1. Because just like the word nigger, Affirmative Action is racist and I’m not a racist.

    4. I don’t have a problem with this as long as universities are on the hook for it, too. After all, they’ve been peddling bullshit libarts degrees with impunity because they get paid no matter what. however, as EAP points out, only the bankers will be on the hook for these stupid loans.

      The student loan racket is the inevitable result of trying to shove everyone, including a truckload of sub-literate goons, into college on the pretext that all you need is a degree to get a good job. If it’s going to be so fucking expensive to get a degree, and the universities aren’t going to be in the risk equation, then they need to be more strict in their admissions, not less–and that includes “ability to pay.”

      1. “Ability to pay” or “creditworthy” are code words for racism.

        1. Shut up, beta.

          1. …unless you’re talking about Apollo or our upcoming joint scifi projects.

            1. If I’m a beta, and I named you, that makes you a gamma.

              1. 1) That’s not about space or scifi.

                2) In what comment thread did this supposedly occur?

                1. The Urkobold says He’s got your taint on his taintdar.

                  1. So you admit that this footagecommentary you claim to have has disappeared when the dashcamsquirrels malfunctioned?

                    Seriously though, we need to get on this Cap’n Jayne thing.

                    1. I like the idea of the ship having a kid from Canton. Who worships Jayne like a god. No matter what.

                    2. He better not be a know-it-all who the fans have to suffer a few seasons of before a pedophile takes him away.

                    3. No. He’s a complete buffoon. His secret that eventually comes to light is that he’s actually not from Canton at all. He’s just gay for Jayne. Jayne doesn’t like that, so, in a very special episode, the kid goes out the airlock during launch. This will be a tribute to Jayne’s near death at the hands of Mal.

                    4. This is good stuff. Can we make this a cliffhanger over a season break?

                    5. The cliffhanger part won’t be the death; it’ll be Jayne wondering how he’s going to tell the rest of the crew. In the next season, he decides just to tell them that he killed the kid for pissing him off. No one objects.

                    6. I was thinking the cliffhanger would be the kid revealing that he’s had a secret since boarding the ship and that he’s not from Canton. You don’t find out till the next season that he’s coming out of the closet (and shortly the airlock).

                      We need to come up with some more of the man behind the Jayne. I say it turns out he’s trying to track down the Tams (still).

                    7. The captain is Saffron. She controls Jayne by pretending that she’s sleeping with him, when, in actuality, she just knocks him out with the lipstick.

                    8. Okay, that will play well with our demographic, but how do we work it into her character that she’s sticking with one guy that long?

                    9. Easy. She’s getting older and less able to use her Companion wiles. Also, Jayne is dumb enough that she can get away with it indefinitely.

                    10. That won’t work. He never kisses ’em on the lips.

                    11. She doesn’t have to put the knock out stuff on her lips. Just saying.

                    12. She’ll trick him into that, too. Come on, this is Saffron.

        2. “Ability to pay” or “creditworthy” are code words for racism.

          That’s why Wimpy never said “I’ll pay you, *Monday* ….”

    5. I notice that the government won’t let their own loans be discharged. I wonder if that will entice more students to select private lenders.

    6. I see three issues here:
      1. Allowing student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. I believe this to clearly be a good thing, societies have bankruptcy discharge mechanisms for a reason, being that a certain number of people will always run up debts they end up not being able to realisticall repay. The consequence they face is after bankruptcy they will be less likely to be viewed as creditworthy.
      2. Expectations/moral hazard issues stemming from changing the policy, when as recently as 2005 you were not supposed to be able to discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy. I think it is more important to get the policy right.
      3. If loans can be discharged in bankruptcy, lenders will be less willing to lend knowing they can get burned later, and thus demand a higher price depending on specific default percentages. However, the FedGov follows a different incentive strucutre, and is likely to want to push the lending rate below what is commercially viable so they can say they “help students”. Clearly, the Feds should not be involved in student loan lending.

      1. I have no problem with changing the policy going forward, but it shouldnt apply backwards.

        1. ^^THIS^^

      2. If you allow private student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy there won’t be any private student loans to anyone who, you know, needs a loan.

        1. Doubtful.

        2. Why not? It’ll be harder to get loans if you have crappy high school grades and are pursuing an unmarketable degree, but why shouldn’t that be the case?

          Also, the tuition bubble is almost entirely due to government involvement. Take that away, or at least drastically reduce it, and tuition won’t be the insanity it is today.

        3. You can have a high interest loan that you can dump if you are destitute, or a low interst loan that you can’t. Does anyone think high risk students will even qualify for, much less opt for, the former?

        4. It will be back to Mommy and Daddy co-signing the loans with their house as collateral.

          1. Haven’t you heard?

            Mommy and Daddys house ain’t worth shit.

      3. 1. Allowing student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. I believe this to clearly be a good thing, societies have bankruptcy discharge mechanisms for a reason, being that a certain number of people will always run up debts they end up not being able to realisticall repay. The consequence they face is after bankruptcy they will be less likely to be viewed as creditworthy.

        You can’t repossess an education.

        However, you can (if the law is changed to support it) repossess an accreditation. Students who declare bankruptcy should lose their degree. Now, if they’re in school to learn, no loss. If they’re in school to get an incredibly expensive license to get a middle class job or get an pay increase in their government job, they’ll get the fucking they deserve.

  8. Germany, so far largely immune to Europe’s economic woes, now faces a credit downgrade…

    Good. Fuck ’em. If they want other countries to curb spending, they ought to do the same. A government in debt is a government that can’t be trusted.

    1. Wait, but our government is in debt. And surely we can trust them!

  9. Sally Ride, first female American astronaut in space, died yesterday of cancer. So how does one feminist blog decide to mark the occasion? By denigrating Ride’s spaceflight as insignificant and a sign of NASA’s inherent sexism.

    “The fact that it took until 1983 to have a female astronaut just emphasized NASA’s nasty history of sexism. The United States could have sent the first woman into space much, much earlier. The Mercury program trained 13 women starting in 1961. They performed well, but despite their skills (or perhaps because of them), the program was eventually canceled. NASA redefined its astronaut prerequisites to include jet fighter experience, thereby ruling out any possibility of female candidates.”

    Yeah, how outrageous that in the early days of spaceflight NASA preferred to use men who flew experimental jets and had seen combat rather than women who, at the time, were largely excluded from the rigors of military training.

    1. I am sure Ms. Ride would be happy to know that her grave is being pissed on for the cause.

      1. It also came out that she was gay. NTTAWWT.

        1. I thought that wasn’t true?

          1. The press release from her foundation said she’s survived by her partner of 27 years, Tam E. O’Shaughnessy. So she came out of the closet post-mortem.

            1. Well, okay, then. Now she’s the first gay astronaut (probably). They’ll build a statue in her honor just for that, because nothing is more important today than gay.

              Too bad she died so young (early sixties, right?). I didn’t know anything was wrong with her.

            2. The really funny thing about her relationship and the obituary is, if you do the math, her relationship with O’Shaughnessy overlaps the last two years of her marriage to ex-astronaut Steve Hawley.

              Just thought that was a delightfully Southern-esque bitchy thing to put in one’s obituary.

            3. She was married to a hat?


        John caught lying here.

    2. There was really no need for any pre-Apollo astronaut to even have a pilot’s license, let alone jet experience.

      1. True for Mercury, which was mostly automated, but by Gemini the astronauts actually had a great deal of input into the process of flying the space craft.

        Just look at what happened to Neil Armstrong on Gemini 8.

        1. Yeah, I was thinking about that one, too. There’s also the whole people willing to die and not freak out while maybe doing it bit.

          1. The point being that by the time NASA instituted their test-pilots only policy they were moving away from automated flights to flights that had bigger parameters and thus required human control. It had nothing to do with sexism.

            1. Right, I didn’t mean women couldn’t potentially qualify as well. Just that throwing just anyone in the capsule wasn’t really an options.

              1. Right, NASA was perfectly justifed in selecting the pilots with the most experience flying shaky, dangerous aircraft for the job. Just listen to some of the recordings from Apollo 13, at no point do Lovell or his crew panic even as they face death in a crippled spacecraft. I don’t understand how some people can perform such complex tasks under that kind of pressure.

                1. It’s quite impressive. Oh, hey, I’m about to die. Let me report the details of my impending doom.

                  1. Exceptional Humans. Most of us are really just apes. Those guys are the next level.

          2. “The Right Stuff, baby the right stuff”

        2. It’s all sloopy’s fault. Armstrong was distracted by the news that his mailbox had been destroyed by some hooligan.

          1. Maybe he should have secured it properly.

          2. Actually, Gemini 8 was receiving vital telemetry from a structure near Armstrong’s home that suddenly stopped, throwing the ship out of control. Armstrong was able to heroically save the capsule through sheer force of will and brute competence. The odd destruction of the structure has never been explained.

        3. True for Mercury, which was mostly automated,


          The ride in the rocket, yes.

          But the Mercury’s orbital guidance system was a fuel-hog and her systems required a test-pilot’s ability to manage numerous failures and trade-offs.

          1. IIRC, didn’t Gordon Cooper have to manually set up Faith 7 for proper re-entry attitude and retrorocket timing?

            If it had been solely up to the machines, he’d have been cooked.

    3. In the future, women will have to transfer their minds into Bill Shatner’s body if they want to go into space. And it will be the last show they ever do.

      1. If the only space women in the future look like Shatner, I saw we just nuke the whole present right now.

      2. Thread winner.

    4. They performed well, but despite their skills (or perhaps because of them), the program was eventually canceled.

      I wonder in what context “performed well” means? And LOL at any woman in the 1960s military getting chosen to go into space. This is just GI Jane “anything you can do I can do better” nonsense.

      1. At least some of the commenters seem to have a better handle on context than the author:

        A great moment for feminism is when a woman achieves something on the basis of her own skill and effort. It doesn’t matter at all if she’s the first woman to do whatever it is.

  10. Wow, the WSJ article leaves out so many of the basics I almost have to assume it’s written to be deliberately deceptive.

  11. OT Tx politics: Since they keep popping up on the sidebar, can I just say I never want to see another Dewhurst or Cruz ad? I’ll have to go early vote so I can say fuck Dewhurst again.

    Jesus, but that’s about 3/4 of the ads I get on TV right now.

  12. So, anyone running in the Warrior Dash this weekend in Michigan? I’ve been growing out my facial hair for the past month and plan to shave it into the douchiest style possible. Any suggestions?

    1. The Wartette did one of those a while ago, and said it was a blast.

      I’d suggest you go with a Dinnie.

      1. I thought that said Odin’s Cigarettes at first glance. Those would be badass.

    2. Brian Doherty style.

    3. Just shave it to look like your fuckbuddy Warty. That should be douchey enough.

      1. Maybe you’re shaved, you disgusting creature, but not me. Your accusations are truly vile.

        1. “I laser. It’s like a turtle shell down there.”

        2. I’ve never understood the compulsion of men to make their faces look that those of women’s.

          … The Bearded Hobbit

  13. Those CFL bulbs that cost too much and throw a weird light? Yeah. They’re giving you a nasty sunburn, too.

    That sunburn you have?

    You didn’t get that by yourself.

    1. That’s the most useful meme created by this president, ever. It’s so cool that he’s letting the RNC run his campaign this time around.

      1. Except, this time, it’s actually true.

        The gubmint built that sunburn for you with their incandescent ban. Now show some god damn respect, you ungrateful bitches

          1. That thank you you gave? You didn’t say that.

            1. Thank you to those who allowed me to thank Congress!

              1. My allowing you to thank Congress? Someone else did that.

                1. Man, this is complicated. Should I set up a database for tracking my infinite gratitude to the collective?

  14. “Those CFL bulbs that cost too much and throw a weird light? Yeah. They’re giving you a nasty sunburn, too. ”

    Something of a “death spiral” eh?

    1. Bush signed the light bulb ban.

      1. Did someone say he didn’t?

        1. John will. So would Mike M, robc, and the dozens of other Bush fans here.

          They worship the flightsuit.

          1. The butt-mud you’re spewing, you didn’t create that.

            1. I suspect you worship the Flightsuit too.

          2. Why couldn’t you have been in that theater in Aurora?

      2. That thing Obama did?

        He didn’t do that by himself. Bush did that.

    2. They’re giving you a nasty sunburn, too.

      And don’t get me started on melanoma and cataracts!

      “they are safest when placed behind an additional glass cover.”

      Mandated additional glass covers in 3, 2, 1, ….

  15. So I have to leave and go deadlift now, but I think we can all agree that this was an exceptionally productive day of troll-baiting. Bully!

    1. Don’t let them bite.

    2. Here here.

  16. Ah, Detroit.

    “The mayor cited the state’s offer of $10 million in funding to tear down abandoned buildings. “I want your $10 million, but you’re not going to take the lead on this.”

  17. Let’s dry up all private lending for student loans by letting them be discharged in BK. Then, only government loans will be available. Taxpayers will pay for the defaults. Wait, I have an idea. let’s get rid of the private sector, which is doing fine I hear, though we all know they didn’t do anything to begin with. King Bobama I has so decreed.

  18. Two years after the feds took control of 90 percent of the student loan market, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is pushing to let borrowers discharge their private student loans through bankruptcy.

    Because the problems we suffered from people walking away from their mortgages weren’t enough?

    Because the resulting stress on our financial system will ultimately translate into a bigger goal for government?

    Because the people who run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have no idea what they’re doing?

    Because the government wants to cut off the supply of private loans for middle class families who want to send their kids to private colleges?

    Somebody please explain why the bureaucrats would want to do something so stupid.

    1. Because they know whatever is the result will be paid for by someone else other than them.

      They’re gambling with house money. The question they always ask themselves is “why not?”

    2. What % of the $1 trillion student loan market is private?

      1. Making omelettes again, shrike?

      2. We’re looking at, at least, $150 billion outstanding.…..A8dOqPvhO8

        If people were allowed to discharge that debt in bankruptcy, it would make it much harder for people to get student loans–that’s for sure.

        So, if they want to kill people’s access to private loans for college, then that’s a great way to do it.

        Incidentally, it’ll be people on the margins who are hurt the worst. If I know you can discharge your loan by filing for bankruptcy (and that most people hurt financially after their out of school, for a while), then if your mommy and daddy don’t cosign, why would I make that loan?

        I guess the Obama Administration doesn’t want marginally poor people trying to get into really good schools?

    3. It *is* messed up, I think, that the loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. But that’s a natural consequence of “Free lending for everyone!!!” Rather than making debt slaves, why not return the whole affair to the private sector, letting lenders of all stripes choose how much interest to charge based on the risk.

      1. Because then people would be denied their sacred right to homeownership/education/healthcare.

        1. Their education in social structures of the migrant pygmies of Africa. With a minor in basket weaving.

          1. Which wouldn’t exist if loans weren’t guaranteed, subsidized, and made immune to the evils of markets.

            1. Exactly.

              But there is a place in the market for people who major in migrant pygmies–and the people who make legitimate sacrifices in order to study that sort of thing? Probably don’t appreciate all the competition that wouldn’t be there if the government weren’t making loans so readily available.

              Unfortunately, becasue they typically don’t require calculus, etc., those sociology/anthropology type disciplines often get inundated with people who would be lounging around on their parents’ couch if getting those loans weren’t so easy.

              I’m sure the world would get better quality migrant pygmy studies majors if to study that sort of thing, people had to work their asses off for it. …as opposed to getting inundated with people whose highest valued foregone alternative is laying around their parents’ house.

              1. I’m not against obscure research or studies; I’m just suggesting that an actual market-based loan and, more especially, tuition system would make such things far less expensive. Granted, getting a loan would be either very difficult or at a high interest rate for unmarketable majors, but just paying tuition would be a viable option.

                If migrant pygmy studies is your passion, then, by all means, pursue it.

                1. Hell, yeah.

                  If I had it all to do over again?

                  I’d have gone Classics, for sure.

                  I still dust off the old Wheelock’s occasionally. I got an “A” in first semester Latin, and a “B” in second semester. I’m prouder of that “B” than any “A” I ever got. That class was brutal…

                  And when you get out into commercial real estate or something? You don’t find a lot of people in the office who like to conjugate verbs.

                  It’s sad but true.

                  1. I minored in history and took my share of obscure electives.

      2. why not return the whole affair to the private sector, letting lenders of all stripes choose how much interest to charge based on the risk.

        Because it’s going to be impossible for a poor kid with poor parents to go to college. The private sector isn’t loaning that person shit.

        1. Not at all. Make it a marketable degree and a poor kid with good grades in high school, and I imagine loans will be available.

          1. I’m very dubious on that point.

            1. One difference between now and the Before Times, when getting loans for college was well nigh impossible, is that banks and other lenders are much more comfortable in supplying unsecured money to people. That’s due to greater sophistication in evaluating risk, etc.

              Of course, in this system, banks aren’t going to play ball with out-of-sight tuition, which will force schools to return to reality. That change will be a disaster for schools, of course, which are no more able to cut spending than government.

    4. Somebody please explain why the bureaucrats would want to do something so stupid.

      All together now: because fuck you, that’s why.

      1. I’ve been fucked so many times, I don’t need Crisco.

        1. LOL, and ouch.

  19. More double standards:

    Contrary to what our resident cop apologist states, cops-off duty also get treated differently. Off-duty officers in Florida fired but not charged for felony evading.

    Bonus: comments where cops think that even the firing was too harsh.

    1. They probably weren’t sufficiently trained!

  20. Ok, so I have no faith in the euro. None.

    I’d like to invest in a way that takes this into account. Nothing too aggressive, just, a plan that involves the gradual decline and eventual end of the euro as a currency.

    I’ve given a lot of thought to this, and I have yet to come up with a satisfactory solution. This is mostly because I see my available options as either too “long” or too “short”, if that makes sense. Really, I’m just looking for ideas.

    So, thoughts?

    1. If I had money I’d check out what Peter Schiff is up to. He’s bearish (to say the least) on the US and European markets.

    2. There has to be a short the Euro ETF just like there are short-Dollar ETFs.

      1. There are, and that was my first thought, but I think we can do better.

        1. If you are correct about the Euro buy out-of-money options on a triple weighted ETF.

          High risk – high reward.

    3. A lotta guys would say “Ammo and canned food”.

      1. Also, cigarettes and gold

  21. Nanny Bloomberg says on CNN that police should go on strike and refuse to “protect” us unless we call our legislator and demand that they force us to forfeit our Second Amendment rights…even though its illegal in NYC for cops to strike.…

    1. This sounds horribly familiar.

    2. I love how “SHOCKED!!” the never been outside before media is that this guy ordered 6000 rounds (OMG THE SKARYS!).

      Fuck, ammo’s so expensive now, and if there is a sale it’s sold out so quick you’d better stock up, or you ain’t gonna have shit.

      And if the cops go on strike the LAST thing anyone’s gonna do is give up their guns. Fuck, crime might go down with all motherfuckers carrying all they have openly in the streets.

  22. “Movin’ on up”? Well that depends on what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has to say about it, because Sherman Hemsley is standing tall in front of Him as we speak.

  23. More from the poor, misunderstood feminists who are actually only about equal rights:

    As I wrote earlier, I’ve been struck by the unproductive coverage of the Aurora Colorado shooting. Thankfully, some politicians, like mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rep Carolyn McCarthy (whose husband was killed and whose son was paralyzed by gun violence), as well as some in the media, like Melissa Harris-Perry, have been fearless in linking tragedy to policy.

    (I am never letting Reason forget that they posted that piece of shit article.)

    1. The idea that armed citizens could have engaged in a shoot out with a men in full riot gear without hurting others is far-fetched at best.

      Without hurting anyone else? Probably not. Without hurting as many people as were hurt? Probably.

      1. I love that they say the idea is ridiculous, while ignoring actual instances of it happening. Instead they provide a hypothetical “crossfire of death” situation, which has never happened.

        1. Not to mention that you only keep saying “full riot gear” if you’re being willfully ignorant. Willful ignorance is something they’re known for far more than equality.

  24. Those boys Jerry Sandusky Raped? Someone else did that for him.

  25. I noticed a couple of earlier threads had comments deleted. Did my stupid job make me miss another patented H+R troll freakfest?

    1. Yup, this one was John focused.

    2. John’s a spy with DHS. The government isn’t going to let a hot bed of treason and Star Trek jokes go unwatched.

      They’re on to us, buddy.

      1. Yeah, especially after seeing what “dark, Trekkie-like people” are capable of. Too soon?

        1. Say, what’s Trekkie-like about him? I forgot all about that. Was Batman on Star Trek once?

    3. Mary posted John’s name again as “Long Time Lurker.” Became enraged when no one would engage her and then went ballistic when she got banned and purged. Started posting under “attention whore” and got banned again. Reposted it as Shrike (tipped her hand there, didn’t she?) And then started posting as The Diabetes and outlining her fantasies about me going blind and loosing limbs.

      Just an all-around vile cunt.

      1. outlining her fantasies about me going blind and loosing limbs.

        Not my fantasy, your reality.

        Enjoy your feet while you got em.

        Mary posted John’s name again

        Not according to John. According to John, it’s some other guy with the same email address and name as him.

        Of course, John doesn’t know how his name got out, and if he did, he’d realize how fucking stupid he looks lying about something so easily found (on the open internet, available to anyone).

        1. And of course, anyone who looked at his whole facebook page knows he’s lying about that too.

      2. IOW she got hold of some BATH SALTZ again.

        Just an all-around vile cunt.

        Calling her that is an insult to the vile cunt community.

      3. Maybe she was denied tenure.

  26. All threaded comments fault. Remember when we had no registration and ampersands and no comment threading? Those were the days.

    1. Remember when we had the blink tag, inline videos, and full HTML capabilities?

      1. Get reasonable. I fucking love this program. Thanks Amadukari.

      2. For what, like 4 hours?

        1. Wasn’t it more like 30 minutes?

          1. I almost missed it completely. I just remember seeing the beautiful result and before I could join in it was all gone.

            1. I was late too. I remember seeing what was going on, managing to get in one or two things as a test, and then just when I was really ready to do some damage, they put a stop to it.

              1. Raise your hand if, hoping they forgot about THE DAY, you tried a tag or two when they started registration.

                *raises hand* /blink

                1. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell. Imagine what a griefer could do with those powers. That would have been one of the classic blunders.

                  1. The third most famous?

    2. At the risk of being ostracized, I actually like the comment threading.

      1. If I could do inline images, I’d post the screencap of Donald Sutherland, pointing and screeching.

        1. I say again. Get reasonable.

    3. I remember when we wrote comments on stone tablets and threw them at Socrates. Good times…….

      1. I just imagined a kid chuckin’ a stone tablet at a wise man in a toga. The wise man catches it, turns it over and reads to himself, “Cool story, bro.”

  27. Good news everyone! They figured out the reason for the Dark Knight shootings. White Privilege! I guess it’s obvious what needs to be done now. Who wants to organize the next “Beat Whitey” night?

    1. Not that I in anyway agree or condone the premise of the article, this caught my eye:

      My roommate Oscar?the son of farm workers from the Central Valley?once, with great effort and embarrassment, asked me to go with him to see an administrator. “I need your white boy mojo,” he said with a pained grin, caught between jest and anger.

      In my life I have noticed that there are two groups of people that have The Force when it comes to bureaucracies: welfare trash and rich white people. They just got that certain something that makes things go smoothly. Don’t know what it is, but I want some of it.

      1. Familiarity with the system and the willingness to slog patiently through it. It’s pretty much all it is.

        1. You’re probably one of those people that says things like, “Threaten to change cable companies and you’ll get a discount!” when someone bitches about their bill.

          I tried that and they turned off my cable.

    2. So Kony, Mugabe, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, and Che either are or were white. That’s good to know.

      1. Castro and Che were white.

        1. Well sure, to the NYT.

        2. Castro and Che were shite.

          Fixed that fer ya buddy.

    3. I also like how he used Charles Whitman. Cause that large brain tumor was composed entirely of white privileged.

    4. The difference, as Chauncey DeVega made clear on Saturday, is that when white men commit mass murder we don’t hear how their skin color, their maleness, or their social class were contributing factors to their acts. As Peggy McIntosh famously wrote in her White Privilege Checklist, we see whites as individuals whose moral state reflects their individual will. In other words, white men kill simply because they are “sick” or “evil.”

      Wait, I thought when white men killed it was because of a climate of hate caused by Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and/or the Tea Party? Are they suspending that rule now?

    5. And now jezebel just pulled every post (and there were dozens) which cited statistics that proved Hugo was talking out of his ass. Big suprise. It went from 96 to 52 posts.

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