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Romney's House and Obama's House


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  1. Bok’s lame homophonormativity is racist.

    1. That’s an ad homonym attack.

  2. There’s a gremlin on the roof of the White House, and it’s tearing up all of Jimmy Carter’s solar panels!

    1. That’s Ronnie Raygun, you never feed Ronnie Raygun after midnight.

      1. This is really important so I’ll repeat myself…

    2. That’s Ronnie Raygun, you never feed Ronnie Raygun after midnight.

      1. First time I heard Ronnie Raygun was freshman year in college. I came from a rural, conservative NY community and had no clue what a hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool liberal was. Quickly got an education.

        1. Raygun is a lot easier to spell.

          Reagen? Regan? Reygan?

          Seriously, fuck that dood’s name.

          1. Heck, that one’s easy. The one I can never get right is David Gelernter. I want to write “Gelerntner” or “Gerlernter” or “Gerlerntner” or something.

  3. Coincidence this cartoon come out on the same day as “The Dark Knight Returns”? I think not!!

  4. OT:…..ories.html

    TDKR screening sees 14 dead, 50 injured.

    1. One early report is that the shooter was dressed in what sounds like SWAT/Riot gear.

      1. Probably told them to stop resisting.

      2. Seriously? Well, if it turned out to be a cop, I’d love to see PoliceOne regulars explain it away.

        1. “Stress from the anti-cop bigots made him do it. They preferred a vigilante instead of the brave officers of the glorious police unions, so they get what they deserve.”

      3. So was he a supporter of Ron Paul or Mitt Romney? I blame Michele Bachmann’s unfounded racist attack on patriotic state Department employee Huma Abedin Weiner.

        1. Plus, TEEEEEEEPARTEEEEEZZ!!!11!

    2. Those dead people – you didn’t shoot them. You didn’t manufacture the guns, make the bullets, make the gun powder, machine the metal…Too soon?

      1. How would he have been able to get to the theater without TEH RAODZZZZZZZZZ?????

        1. You see what happems when government doesn’t have enough control? Colorado becomes just like SOMALIAAA!!!11!!!

          1. Roads are what make us different from Somalia.

            1. Also, fried chicken.

        2. “How would he have been able to get to the theater without TEH RAODZZZZZZZZZ?????”

          That’s beautiful. If the government is going to get credit for everything good that people do because of roads, don’t they have to take the blame for every bad thing they do as well?

      2. Never too soon! This meme will be Obama’s legacy. So beautiful, so perfect. I’m already dropping it inot polite conversation in my uber-liberal community and getting awesome, awesome responses.

        1. This meme will be Obama’s legacy.

          That meme — Obama didn’t create that.

          1. See what I mean?!?! So awesomely perfect in its simplicity! It’s pure, pure genius!

        2. examples would be appreciated!

        3. Of course Obama is behind this so he can ban guns in his third term.

          Its on Fast and Furious related CT.

          1. ^ That joke…you didn’t create that.

    3. Someone must have yelled “Fire!”

      1. It’s a little early to be winning the internets, don’t you think?

  5. Hey Chip, you didn’t draw this cartoon. Someone else made it happen.

    1. That cartoon– you didn’t draw that.

      1. Shit. Sorry. Get your memes right, sage!

        1. That meme gaffe–you didn’t commit that.

    2. Did he make the pens? Did he make the pencils or the paper or the ink? Did he make the computer or the scanner to post it here?

      His contribution is minimal at best.

      1. So, a whole bunch of people suck, not just one?

        Spread the suck around a little bit.

      2. this is a true statement.

    3. Jon Lovitz wouldn’t be funny without roadz.…..and-lying/

  6. So who thinks the CO shooter was an Islamist terrorist, and who thinks he’s some guy who thinks he’s the Joker and/or Bane?

    Right now I’m betting on the latter.

    We haven’t had a good ‘pop culture causes violence’ panic since maybe Columbine. We’re due.

    1. I’m going to go ahead and put my money on violent video games – and guns.

      Call of Duty and his Glock made him do it.

      1. I think it goes farther than that this time, if the shooter had specific issues with THIS film.

        People will say, “Nolan romanticizes the pure nihilism of his villains, blah blah derp derp derp!”

        And then other people will say, “Just like the nihilism of the Tea Party derp derp derp!”

      2. No, video game companies finally hired lobbyists and started paying their bakshish, so their time in the crucible is over.

        Back to the old standbys of bath salts or Satan until someone’s dues come up late.

        1. I think Fluffy has it right with his prediction that the Tea Party will get the blame, calls for more gun control, tone down the violent rhetoric of the right, etc. etc.

          1. Yeah, you’re probably right. When you can’t get actual capital by extorting a group, you can at least get some political capital out of it.

            1. Colorado is a shall-issue state, nobody was carrying in the theater? Or was the theater a “no guns” zone?

              1. I think he threw a smoke or tear gas grenade in before/during the shooting.

                Might have been plenty of people in there carrying, just with obscured visibility.

                1. Smoke counters in Squad Leader reduce firepower effectiveness by 50%.

                  1. Ah, Squad Leader. Good times.

                    1. Indeed Fluffy. Recently introduced a local friend to the game – it has become our solace in an otherwise dreary veil of tears that we plod through every day. That and Third Reich.

                  2. O Lordy. I remember when Squad Leader wasn’t so much a game for some people as it was a way of life. Avalon Hill, we hardly knew ye…

                    1. Funny you should say that, LTC. I am reading a book about game thoery and design and the author credits James Dunnigan as describing wargames as the hobby of the over-educated.

                      We plan all our limited free time around finding time to play.

                    2. The hobby of the over-educated. That sure sounds like the group I game with… well, not so much over educated, but too damn smart (I feel like the dimmest bulb in the room quite often). On the other hand, they are pretty down to Earth and like good beer, whisky and port. On the gripping hand, its better and cheaper than golf.

                    3. I wish there were more people like that in my town, LTCJohn.

                  3. If only the defenders had laid down some ? stacks during the set up.

                    1. Ska, yes that is a favorite ruse…

              2. I’m guessing the latter. Ohio I believe is a shall issue state, and every damn place around has a “no guns” sign.

    2. Have we exhausted the “Tea Party / Koch Brothers / Republican culture of hate / remember Gabby Giffords!” panic yet?

      1. It depends. There’s no reason to think this asshole won’t have Facebook/blog/twitter/pinterest account they can comb through for clues that fit their biases.

        To the American media, the fact that he guns at all proves he’s a “right-winger” until a mountain of evidence argues otherwise.

        1. and if they find anything remotely right wing he’ll automatically be declared a tea party terrorist, regardless of whether or not politics makes sense as a motive. Hell, MNG once tried to argue with me that some loser who shot up a woman’s aerobics class because of his relationship troubles was a right wing terrorist, because he made a couple of comments critical of Obama on Facebook

          1. Yep. Now that it’s been established that he’s a white guy (love how they always get that fact out as fast as possible, but only when it’s a white guy), they’re going to comb through through every bit of his correspondence they can find to see if he’s ever said anything mean about the Obamessiah, or government in general.

    3. Can’t he be both Muslim and an obsessed Batman geek? This way we can have dueling narratives of who is to blame.

    4. So who thinks the CO shooter was an Islamist terrorist, and who thinks he’s some guy who thinks he’s the Joker and/or Bane?

      I have to go with a Marvel Comics fan.

    5. Speaking of Columbine…what is it with these wacky coloradans and their competitive mass murders?

  7. I can’t believe they let Matthew Lesko film a commercial up there.

    1. I laughed.

  8. “Sign our Thank You Card to Elizabeth

    Sign this card using the form to the right. We will deliver your signature to Elizabeth on July 21st, the one-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opening its doors:”

    What the hell is up with the Dem candidates manufacturing virtual pats on their own backs?…..AlCT2H8t8E

    1. Self-congratulations are all the rage with the kids nowadays

    2. I hope sloopyinca will sign this for all of us, using his nom de guerre “Gofuck Yerself”

  9. Did Bain invest in a bunch of blue Jenga sets or something?

  10. Since I won’t be around for the Morning Links…

    On Game of Thrones, this is what they think a 10-year-old girl looks like.

    (First link contains extensive season 3 spoilers after the first parargraph.)

    1. That’s 10 in Lohan years

      1. Or 10 in Dawson-casting years.

    2. A wizard did it.

    3. Sexualizing children!

    4. “She relied so much on the little scribe that she oft forgot that Missandei had only turned eleven.”

      Evidently, so did HBO.

      1. HBO added at lest 5 years to every character in the series. By the time they get to Dance of Dragons, Jon Snow will have grey hair and Arya will have big tits.

  11. As much as we all like to defecate on Bok, I like this one. I chuckled.

  12. So the shooter’s name is James Holmes, which seems to eliminate the Islamic Terrorist possibility, unless it’s an American Taliban type of situation.

    1. Any relation to John Holmes? *mumble* *mumble*

      1. Speaking of “humongous”…

      2. John Holmes dong? He didn’t grow that.

  13. So now I’m totally betting on “I am the Joker. That second movie was about ME!”

  14. When did Obama grow a ‘stache?

  15. Is that Helicopter Bane throwing the money?

  16. I think Obama is bought and paid for just like the rest of them.

    1. AnonBot – If can, pass along this message to LimpoSimpo… “All is forgiven, please come home”.

  17. So Obama’s finally ridding the White House of all the old VCR’s utilizing a Bagster? from Waste Management?.

    I don’t suppose he could have donated them to a worthy cause rather than contributing to a landfill?

    Also – WHOA – we need way more labels!!

  18. The lame store called.

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