A.M. Links: At Least 12 Dead in Batman Shooting, Our Golfing President, Gary Johnson at 13 Percent in New Mexico


  • politicization in 3,2…

    A gunman threw a smoke bomb into a theater in Colorado before starting to shoot. He killed at least 12 and injured 40 at a midnight premiere of the new Batman movie. A three month old was among the injured and some of the moviegoers thought the smoke bomb and gunfire were part of the special effects.

  • CCTV video has been released of the person suspected to be the suicide bomber in an attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria on Wednesday. A fake U.S. drivers license was also found.
  • Syria's national security chief becomes the fourth senior official to be a casualty of yesterday's suicide attack in Damascus.
  • A new report shows Barack Obama has spent 412 hours in economic meetings during his presidency. But he's played 100 rounds of golf, which is about 600 hours.
  • A recent poll shows Gary Johnson pulling 13 percent of support in New Mexico, shrinking Obama's lead in the state to just four points.
  • Astronomers have observed a 10.7 billion year old galaxy that shouldn't exist based on prevailing galactic formation theories.

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