Job-Killing Tax Hikes, Snoopy Australians, Try Firing a Cop in Portland: P.M. Links


  • Southern dumpling squid.

    Tax hikes on the wealthy may make political hay, but they could also cost up to 710,000 jobs that won't be created, warns Ernst & Young. In a study, the accounting firm says the hikes would hit not just individuals, but also pass-through small businesses that employ half the private sector.

  • Ron Paul got his last licks in at Ben Bernanke, prompting the Fed Chairman to complain that an audit of Federal Reserve Bank monetary policy would be a "nightmare scenario."
  • Australia's government wants expanded powers to spy on people online, including the ability to force companies to create backdoors for easier snooping.
  • Officers who have shot unarmed people, driven drunk and harassed minorities have all been fired by the Portland, Oregon, Police Department — only to be reinstated after the union complained to arbitrators.
  • Preston Bates, the 23-year-old head of a new libertarian super PAC that has already affected the outcome of a congressional primary, drunkenly described himself as an anarchist to cops who approached him after he backed his car into an iron fence near the University of Louisville. Brings back memories, really …
  • Sex sessions of up to three hours are typical of southern dumpling squid, says researcher Amanda Franklin, of the University of Melbourne in Australia. Her boyfriend should probably just throw in the towel.

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