IMF's Economic Forecast: Lousy, Gary Johnson Polls at 5.3 Percent, Software Defeats Censorship: P.M. Links


  • Yeah, that's your economy. I hope you like it.

    Get used to a sputtering economy. The IMF forecasts slow economic growth for the next two years, with even worse on the way if Europe's financial crisis and America's budget woes aren't resolved.

  • Mitt Romney accused Barack Obama of paying off his contributors with government favors, in a sign the GOP hopeful is going on the offensive after a week-long pounding. Meanwhile, surveys show that many Americans are willing to overlook both major candidates' obvious flaws and, instead, dislike them for stupid reasons.
  • Gary Johnson scored 5.3 percent support in a national presidential preference poll by JZ Analytics. Polling by the same firm had him at two percent in May.
  • Senate Democrats are prepared to let income tax cuts expire for those earning more than $250,000 per year, but continue for one year, over the course of the election, for those earning less. Capital gains taxes would rise for everybody.
  • Internet censorship imposed by authoritarian regimes is bypassed by hundreds of thousands of people every day courtesy of software designed in Canada that encrypts and channels traffic through remore servers.
  • A technical decision by France's high court could force Google to censor the autocomplete function for Internet searches.
  • Amateur video is an increasingly popular source of news, widely viewed online at sites like YouTube, and constituting a large percent of the footage broadcast by professional television news services.
  • With the warrant used to search his house ruled illegal, the government ordered to surrender evidence it wants to use against him and an extradition hearing pushed of until next year, MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom volunteered to fly to the U.S. to face charges — provided he's guaranteed a fair trial and given back his funds so he can pay attorney fees.
  • Houston cops killed Ruffino Lara, who was unarmed, had his hands raised and had sought their help to deal with pursuers. Police promptly confiscated a phone from a witness attempting to record the scene.

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  1. The IMF forecasts slow economic growth for the next two years…

    Yet every individual economic forecast that turns out to be higher than reality the next two years will be TOTALLY unexpected by the forecasters.

  2. …provided he’s guaranteed a fair trial and given back his funds so he can pay attorney fees.

    Federal prosecutors: NO DEAL! On either count.

  3. Dragons found in Indonesia. Time to activate my Shadowrun apocalypse plan for December.

    1. Who cares. They’re all the way across the Narrow Sea.

      1. Since a TV spoiler is pretty much inevitable at this point, I’m bowing out of this thread.

        1. So book spoilers are ok?

    2. Never trust a dragon.

      I think my apocalypse plan involves searching for the lost species of mermaids.

    3. What is it going to do, fly around lighting cigarettes?

      1. That’s more than my bearded dragon can do. All he does is chill in his safety net, er hammock, and eat crickets.

        1. I’m not interested AT ALL in your ‘hammock’ lounging bearded dragon.

          1. You haven’t even seen his prolapsed cloaca yet!

      2. Just because they’re wee now, doesn’t mean they won’t get huge. Also, I want a wee cigarette lighting dragon that can be bribed to do so with gold flakes. Anyone got one of those homebrew genesplicers available?

        1. Somebody’s been reading a lot of Anne McCaffrey!

          1. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read an Anne McCaffrey book. Is it worth it? Robin Hobb has the best setup for the worst dragons ever. But I feel that way about all of her series. Awesome universes, terrible resolution.

            1. McCaffrey and Hobbs both get my “meh” rating. Not quite down into the “blech” region, but certainly not up into the “would bother to try again” zone.

              1. I tried reading a Hobb. It was very painful.
                Using “missive” instead of “letter” does not make your world unique.

            2. McCaffrey’s dragons aren’t dragon-dragons. Fantasy? Ew. Ick. They are aliens that look exactly like dragons and act exactly like dragons, but they aren’t “dragons”.

              See the difference?

              1. No one has a deeper (derper?) understanding of McCaffrey than NutraSweet.

              2. Actually they are genetically engineered aliens who act exactly like Dragons

            3. I liked the Assassin stuff by Hobb. And the living boat things. And the big-fat-wizard thing was pretty cool too. Didn’t know she had dragon crap too.

              1. So you uh, didn’t finish one of those series, then? I liked the Assassin and Shaman worlds, but hated the stories she ended up telling.

                1. oh yaa …. my bad. LOL. I forgot about the dragon-rock stuff. Obviously it’s been a while. I thought I’d missed a whole series.

                  Hated the stories? hmmm … not that I can remember. But I guess as long as I enjoy the world, I tend to roll with the stories, or I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any fiction, except that one play by Murray Rothbard.

                2. And now after reading the internets. I see I did actually miss a whole series. Haven’t read the most recent one. Man I’m dumb.

          2. Let’s all have a nice chat about our greatest living author, Mercedes Lackey. Personally, I think it’s a tragedy that she never got a chance to collaborate with Thomas Kinkade.

            1. Kinkade wrote under the pen name Storm Constantine

              1. No that was really bad. I can usually at finish one book in a series and decide it’s not for me. But I couldn’t get through that Wraeththu crap at all.

                1. /No/Now/s

              2. You’d have think more homoeroticism would have shown up in his paintings, then.

    4. And here I always thought of heroic fantasy being incongruent with cyberpunk. Color me embarrassed.

      1. I thought the same when I first heard of Shadowrun, however after reading the books and playing it I must say it is my all time favorite Role Playing universe.

    5. From wikipedia:

      In the wild, the Flying Dragon will generally claim a territory.

      You dont say.

    6. Should I focus on computer skills, or hope for magical powers?

      1. Do both, be an Otaku.

        Ok really don’t that was one of the dumbest ideas they ever tried to introduce into Shadowrun.

  4. …in fact the French music royalties society SNEP has been campaigning for several years to force Google to stop associating musical terms with terms like “torrent” or the names of filesharing services like RapidShare or MegaUpload.

    Piracy thwarted.

  5. “But states quickly acted to poke holes in that legislation, calling the following activities “work” for purposes of the statute: bed rest, personal care activities, massage, exercise, journaling, motivational reading, smoking cessation, weight loss promotion, participation in parent-teacher meetings, or helping friends or family with household tasks and errands.”…..journaling

    1. Fuck the NHL. They have a second rate sport that barely commands the national attention. Every time they get some traction they go on strike.

      1. The Stanley Cup playoffs, like the NBA playoffs, are very exciting. The only problem is that both sports are boring to watch during their regular seasons because the playoff system is so wide that almost everyone gets in, unlike the NFL and MLB.

        1. Don’t get me wrong. I like hockey. But it seems amazingly stupid to go on strike.

          1. Yeah, almost wrecked the sport in the US after they tried it in the nineties. I think NBC actually got about 4 or 5 years of NHL games fro free b/c no one would pay to broadcast them.

        2. the playoff system is so wide that almost everyone gets in

          Clearly you’re not a resident of Columbus, OH.

          1. I know this is rubbing salt in the wound but the ‘Jackets would appear to be one of the more inept franchises in professional thoughts. Being in Columbus, must be hard to compete with the Bengals Buckeyes.

            1. Buckeyes? Surely you didn’t mean Ohio’s most successful pro team. The word you were looking for was Browns.

              1. You mean the Ravens, right?

                1. Why not be gentler and kick him in the nuts, ProL?

                2. Nah. Raven Nation/First Wave.

              2. One nice thing about being a Kansas football fan: never get accused of violating NCAA guidelines.

                  1. Yep, that was the man.

        3. the Stanley Cup is great; no sport elevates its game at playoff time like hockey. Unfortunately, there is a meaningless regular season that precedes the fun games.

          1. It would be nice if home ice actually meant anything or the seedings held once in a while.

          2. no sport elevates its game at playoff time like hockey.

            Which is actually one of the few things I don’t like about hockey. Why are the players dogging it all year?

            1. when 80% of the teams make the playoffs, the quality of the regular season speaks for itself.

              Seedings went to shit once the Kings hired Sutter as head coach. They finished very strong and were world beaters in the post-season. Other times, it’s a case of a hot goalie.

              1. I just dislike the whole notion in sports of ‘getting up’ for the playoffs. You should be ‘up’ for every game.

                1. I agree with you but the evidence is tough to miss.

                  1. but the evidence is tough to miss.

                    I’m a little confused by this. I never said that players weren’t doing it. I said I don’t like that they do.

                    1. I am agreeing with you about the players. The NHL just seems to take this to a higher level than other sports. Sorry for the confusion.

                2. My wife keeps telling me that but really I just want a nap

              2. same for NCAA roundball – except change to 100%.

      2. They should all just go back to Canada where people actually care.

        1. See, you’re looking at this all wrong. Canada has conned the United States into subsidizing and expanding their sport, played by their players and some Russians.

    2. Your link is broken.

        1. My sense at this point is we won’t have hockey until at least December.

          Hold off a little longer and go straight to the playoffs.

          1. Or, better yet, doubleheaders to catch up to all 84 games of a regular season.

    3. MLS executives are absolutely salivating over this possibility.

      1. What’s MLS?

        1. Major league soccer.

          1. pretty damn presumptuous to call it major league anything.

            1. Well, the players more or less get paid enough to eat regularly without a second job, so that makes it major league.

            2. They actually have some ‘name’ European players. A few years past their prime of course (Beckham, Henri).

          2. Why am I shocked that Portland has a team?

            1. I don’t know. Seattle has one, so they have to have one. Don’t you know anything about Portland?

              1. I only know Portland from watching Portlandia, which I assume is a documentary.

  6. This woman can knock a chick out faster than Mike Tyson.

    1. Nice combination.

    2. I especially like the fact that she wanted to tap gloves and the other woman said no, and then got KTFO.

      1. I don’t know if she has the endurance to last past the first 5 seconds. Sooner or later someone is going to run long enough to last longer than that.

  7. Higher taxes are the penalty for the spending jag Bush the Lesser put us on.

    But hey, the GOP is the “small gov” party!

    (yes, Obama spent $500 billion in 2009 trying to stimulate the shitty economy he walked into)

    1. more bullshit from the liberal echo chamber. Yes, Bush spent; Obama accelerated the pace. The stimulus – nearly 900-billion – was the failure all but key constituencies knew it would be.

      Taxes, by the way, are not a “penalty” for anything. There is an alternative – freeze spending at the least, start trimming it at best.

      1. 35% of the Obama stimulus was for unique payroll tax cuts.

        The pace of spending is up less than 2% for Obama and over 80% for Bush 43.

        1. Its like I just heard a small, yet viciously carnivorous, bird whiz past my monitor.

          Huh. Anybody else get that?

          1. Nice. You earned points. Read ‘Miss Lonelyhearts’ – the great American novella. Shrike is my hero.

            1. Why are you nestled inside Sarah Palin’s rectum, and what is George Soros doing in there with you?

              1. You really, really don’t want to know.

        2. “unique” payroll tax cuts, because purposely defunding SS is a great idea. Regardless of what one thinks of the program, starving it is not a sharp long-term strategy.

        3. And it’s still a terrible idea and you’re still retarded.

        4. He stood on the shoulders of giants.

          Let’s not elect that Bush fellow either.

  8. Your tax dollars at work, police DUI edition:…..s-dui.html

    At least he’ll be charged. In the meantime, I’m sure he’s enjoying his vacation.

  9. Things go from bad to worse for George Zimmerman: State releases accusation from Orlando woman that Zimmerman molested her.

    Are they even allowed to do that? Isn’t that prejudicing the jury by introducing heresay allegations not relevant to the trial at hand? I’m becoming more and more convinced that this guy is being railroaded.

    1. This is appalling.

      First, I have no idea if this women is telling the truth. If she is, Zimmerman deserves to be indicted for child molestation. But whether he is guilty of that or not has no bearing on the current case against him.

      One of two things is true; either the woman is credible and the DA is refusing to indict a child molester, or she is not and in which case the DA is trying to poison the jury pool.

      1. As I said, once the state is out to get you, you’re screwed. Prosecutors can be malicious, and this one certainly seems to be.

        1. “Can be”? You mean “are always”, right?

          1. I have a friend who’s a district attorney for the state. He’s cool, but he’s in a backwater county where he doesn’t have to deal with much more than tickets and cockfights.

            1. I’ve known a couple of district attorneys, one of which is a judge now, and they were pretty level-headed. But they were also backwater counties.

              Episiarch likes the world of absolutes, where “all Michael Bay films are terrible” or similar nuance-free sentiments are always true, sentiments that do little but brand him a fool.

              1. “Everything FoE says is wrong.”

                1. WRONG. Everything I say is a lie.

                  1. Wait…but that would make your- [head explodes]

                  2. Everything I say is a lie.

                    I believe that is correct.

                    1. In other words, the truth?

            2. I imagine the personality profile of one who rises through the ranks of the prosecutorial hierarchy strongly resembles Dorian Gray’s portrait.

      2. Her mother thought it best not to pursue criminal charges, she said, adding that they believed that Mr. Zimmerman would just deny the accusations and that the case would be dropped.

        her mom did not believe her.

        1. It went on for ten years and no proof and the family doesn’t believe her? Doubtful.

          1. Also, she is two years younger than he is. She said it started when she was six (and he was eight). Um, ok then.

    2. The article reads like two kids playing doctor. They are two years apart.

      1. Not that I wouldn’t kick in a 10 year old’s teeth if we was doing this with my daughter, but this is so out of left field. They are going to lose the case, and are just trying to destroy the rest of his life.

        1. I would hope that you wouldn’t because then you would go to prison and that really won’t help your daughter.

          1. Seemed to work out okay for that guy in Texas.

            1. the TX guy didn’t attack a 10-year old.

    3. I read this story on HuffPo and it seemed 50% legit until this line:

      “His mother protested it very loud,” the woman said. During one incident, the woman said that Zimmerman’s mother had come to the witness’s workplace, and during a discussion about President Obama, made it clear how she felt about him and his ethnicity.

      “I don’t like Obama,” the woman claimed Zimmerman’s mother stated. “She said, ‘because he is black and I am a racist.'”

      What?! Really?

      I have met a lot of racist motherfuckers and none has ever made a statement like that. Seems silly.

      I’m waiting to see how this plays out before I make a judgement but as of now it seems hinky.

      1. Yeah, I’ve never heard anybody flat come out and say “I’m racist” as anything other than a joke.

        1. I *have* heard people say “I’m not prejudiced; I just hate [insert racial slur here].”

      2. Maybe she thought she was a cartoon villain?

      3. While he twirled his moustache and tied her to the train tracks, and said, “MWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    4. I can only surmise that he wasn’t respectful to the DA.

  10. Geoengineering maybe not such an unqualified win.

    No shit, huh? Also, models that aren’t predictive used to model geoengineering. What could go wrong?

  11. I don’t know if this was posted elsewhere.

    Microsoft dumps MSNBC:…..vorce_nbc/

    Bob Visse, general manager of, told AP:

    “Being limited to content was problematic to us because we couldn’t have the multiple news sources and the multiple perspectives that our users were telling us that they wanted.”

    1. Microsoft can’t do anything right in the on-line world.

      1. Uh they just dumped MSNBC and that’s definitely ‘doing something right’.

  12. Gary Johnson scored 5.3 percent support in a national presidential preference poll by JZ Analytics.

    It’s a hard knock life.

    1. If those were my neighbors, they’d have to worry about firsthand smoke from me burning “fuck off, nannies” into their front lawn.

      1. “If I don’t smoke, there’s gonna be secondary bullets coming you’re way.”


    3. More like NIYBYism

    4. NIYBY?

      1. Not In Your Back Yard

  13. “But PETA claims that the program would put the animals at risk. They issued a statement which read, in part:

    ‘The city is in essence experimenting with the lives of homeless animals and people. Many chronic panhandlers battle with addiction and mental health issues; dogs won’t be able to tell us if they were harshly scolded, randomly screamed at, smacked, scruffed, locked in a bathroom or closet, or otherwise mistreated.'”

    1. Well, the city could just give the dogs to PETA. They won’t be mistreated then. They’ll just be killed.

      Hey, maybe the city could make PETA responsible for the homeless,too, and just not ask what happens.

      1. because no one who is homeless has chosen to live that way.

        1. The homeless made a choice which wasn’t approved by their betters. Unapproved choices are met with compliance directives. Surely you know this by now.

          1. *hangs head in shame. Stares at shoes. Wonders if a homeless victim could not make better use of the shoes.*

  14. “Law of the Sea Treaty now dead, DeMint says”…..-now-dead/

  15. US Navy shoots up UAE fishing boat in UAE waters. Oops.

    “”””U.S. Navy ship fires at small boat in Persian Gulf””…..-shooting/

    1. I’m sure procedures were followed even if mistakes were made.

    2. Note to self:
      Take a wide route around the boat with the huge guns while fishing

    3. …says the UAE.

      The Navy says it was a pleasure craft that did not obey warnings to stay away from the carrier.

      No doubt we have boat experts here who will insist that any non-ignorant person can tell whether a boat is attacking or not.

      1. So let me ask you this:

        If I’m in international waters and a US Navy boat sails near me, can I shoot at it?

        Because it sounds like this “right to shoot at any boat you think you attack you” right only applies to some boaters.

        1. As a long time boat owner, I can tell you that there ARE two sets of rules. For example, the less maneuverable boat generally has the right of way (power boats should yield to sail boats, for example). But every sailor will tell you that tonnage rules. If you’re on a 15′ sail boat and headed towards a 50′ power boat, you turn whether you have the right of way or not. It’s the same thing with the Navy: you may have every right to be where you are, but when a warship tells you to move your ass, you move your ass.

        2. “Stop resisting!”

  16. Realizing that police were creating a new version of the facts, Ruvio pulled out her phone to record.

    It was quickly confiscated.

    “This is a police investigation. It’s no place for evidence gathering!”

    1. I’d hit it.

      1. I’d hit it and take her purse.

      2. Especially if hitting it brought access to her bank account.

        1. Odds are high she is a Silicon Valley liberal and wouldn’t speak to you.

          1. I bet in my day I banged more liberals chicks than you ever have. But my tolerance for stupid isn’t quite what it was.

            1. High quality tail is almost exclusively liberal. I am talking 1% or so – the Charlize Theron types.

              Although I have lied to Christian chicks about my (lack of) faith just to get in their pants.

              But mostly the subject never came up. If you talk politics to a chick you are losing the fight.

              1. High quality tail is almost exclusively liberal.

                You obviously have never lived in the South.

                And yeah, talking politics is pretty stupid.

                1. John, seriously, don’t respond to it. Ever.

              2. You’ve obviously never been to a southern state university campus.

                1. I am a UGA grad. I know Athens like my SSN.

                  And the new Yahoo chick is liberal.


                  1. So you’re just a liar?

                    1. I am a Georgian – no lie. I once challenged someone here to debate the entire Demosthenian Society.

                      I am early 77/81 UGA , REM, B-52s and the insufferable asshole Ralph Reed (GOP liar).

                    2. Lying about the women dipshit.

                2. dittos re: southern university campi.

              3. Although I have lied to Christian chicks about my (lack of) faith just to get in their pants.

                What other “lack of” characteristic did you lie about to get into their pants?

          2. Odds are high she is a Silicon Valley liberal and wouldn’t speak to you.

            Odds are Shrike is 100% correct on this. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years working in corporate America. The guys running the companies are more often than not for regulation because it stymies their competition, love big government, are heavily involved in the political process, and don’t support Republicans- especially the ones to practice what they preach in terms of the free market.

      3. Speaking of marrying rich, my wife and I were watching some BBC show about huge country houses in England. One house was owned by a family who had never done anything but marry rich women and spend money. One particularly wealthy and rotund bride was refereed to by her in laws as “a treasure ship”.

        1. I do believe that the French term for an aristocratic family marrying a wealthy commoner was “manuring the fields.”

          And, yes, Ms. Meyer is just cute as a bug’s ear.

          1. She looks like the type that does scream therapy in glut-shapening shoes when she goes home at night.

            That’s not the right kind of crazy.

        2. my wife and I were watching some BBC show about huge country houses in England

          So you admit to watching Downton Abbey?

          1. BUSTED

            1. I’m not going to say that DA is the bestest show evar, but any TV series where a character is murdered with anal sex is worth at least checking out.

              1. Maggie Smith is awesome in that show.

              2. Wasn’t that Edward II?


    The NY Times discovers the obvious:

    That changes in household composition are one of the primary culprits in growing inequality.

    Here’s one thing I don’t get:

    The story focuses on a single mom with 3 kids who makes about $25k a year and talks about her struggles.

    But she’s actually doing not-so-bad. If she could just add another adult making $18k-$30k to her household, she’d be doing even better. Even if that additional adult brought 1 or 2 kids with them.

    So why, if this problem is so ubiquitous, is there no nonprofit out there arranging pair-up’s of employed single moms into composite households? WTF, gang?

    When I was a punk ass 24 year old white guy, I lived with 2 other punk ass 24 year old white guys.

    Why can’t this 30 something single mom have another 30 something single mom as a roommate?

    1. Why can’t this 30 something single mom have another 30 something single mom as a roommate?

      I think I saw video about that somewhere on the internet. I recall a pizza delivery guy as well.

      1. Seems like that delivery guy always shows up when they’re hanging out naked in the kitchen drinking.

        1. That was it!

        2. Here’s the pizza…

          and here’s the pepperoni!

      2. Yeah, I saw that – but you’re wrong; it was a plumber. With some really weird tools.

    2. That is actually a good idea, especially in black communities where the numbers of eligible females is way larger than eligible women.

      And it is a good question why it hasn’t been pursued. My guess is that feminists are so in love with the Murphy Brown myth of the independent woman they wouldn’t be willing to embrace such an admission of weakness.

      1. The really funny thing is that the lesbian bakery in Williamstown, MA (maybe the most liberal and progressive 1000 square feet in the continental United States, outside of select Berkeley CA revolutionary bookstores) was decorated with murals of polygamous lesbian peasants growing wheat with their group-marriage-raised female-only offspring.

        So it’s not like they can’t visualize it.

        I guess the difference is if you call yourself a commune, it’s OK. Beyond OK, it’s a subject for lesbian sci-fi / fantasy daydreaming. But if you just say women should look for other women as roommates to split the rent and watch each other’s kids once in a while, “WAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Women should earn a living wage that enables every family to have its own separate house!”

        1. I had a professor in law school who did family law and was a lesbian polygamist. Crazy is an understatement.

          1. Crazy is an understatement.

            Bet she was hot.

      2. Murphy Brown was so “independent” she needed a house painter on a lifetime contract to make decisions for her.

        1. House painter? Hitler was on Murphy Brown?

          1. Painter of houses… big difference.

            1. I was making a joke, anyway. They used to call Hitler a house painter, rather than an artist, to be more insulting. Because being a power-mad conqueror responsible for the death of millions of innocents wasn’t bad enough.

              1. I was joking too. But doing a bad job of it. I was making a veiled reference to what’s-his-name, Painter of Light.

                They used to call Hitler a house painter, rather than an artist, to be more insulting.

                A listing of Hitler’s artistic works.


      3. Which is just too dumb. Of course you can do it if you are a wealthy person with a successful career.

      4. That makes no sense. Isn’t that the “village” what is required to raise a child?

    3. To add to her woes no sane man wants a 3-kid pre-fab family.

      1. Oh I don’t know. I was on the bus with a mother with three daughters who looked to be about 14, 11 and 9. They were with a guy who had just started dating the mother. I thought to myself that the guy had a great opportunity.

      2. To add to her woes no sane man wants a 3-kid pre-fab family.

        If only that were true. And you keep saying you live in Georgia, and you find it hard to believe… oh, you said “sane” man. Carry on.

      3. I don’t know how true that is. I’ve been married twice and each one already had a kid before I met them.

        If I were single and looking I wouldn’t let her parental status prevent me from persuing a woman who was otherwise a good match for me and I suspect more than a few guys have the same attitude.

    4. Why can’t this 30 something single mom have another 30 something single mom as a roommate?

      My God, the solution to income inequality has been staring us straight in the face in the form of sitcoms (and internet pornos).

      1. It’s genius!

        1. He’s eligible, too! Only served one term.

    1. Tim Tebow!

      1. He’s too young, but if he were 35, I guarantee it.

      2. God has other plans for Timmah.

        1. To somehow manage to make the Jets a bigger laughingstock?

          1. He’s going to mysteriously lead them to wins, endangering the future of the NFL and making ESPN change it’s name to TTN.

              1. You wouldn’t believe how many “yeah, but now they can run the Wildcat to perfection!” comments I’ve heard already…

                1. Paging BakedPenguin.

                  We need comments on how well dissing Tebow worked out for you.

          2. I’m so excited to see him live in Gillete again this year.

            1. Can he throw 4 picks as a punt protector?

        2. I believe he’ll be busy leading the Jets to victory and then starting a Third Great Awakening in New York.

          1. If he does, I might start thinking that God really does love Timmah. But Eli is golden boy right now, so Timmah has his work cut out for him.

            1. It’s only been 1 season since he threw 25 picks.

              1. Super Bowl wins kind of help to negate those stats.

                1. Especially over Brady and the Patriots. But I’m guessing Auric doesn’t live, and has never lived, in New York, and doesn’t get it.

          2. 4th or 5th Great Awakening.

    2. Yeah. Saw that on Drudge.
      Drudge has a poll on who Romney should pick for his VP nominee:


      I think this list is far from inclusive and would like to add some others:

      Pope Benedict – you know, to counter those nasty rumors about Mormons
      Barack Obama – for an all-in-one balanced ticket, plus it would be worth it to see certain people freak out
      Joe Arpaio – to reassure the right that he is really one of theirs.
      Rick Santorum – to see if he can beat McGovern’s record
      Rush Limbaugh – so that certain other people can freak out

      1. I say a man in a gorilla suit. Otherwise qualified–natural born American, 35 or older, not term-limited out.

        1. +1 subscription to Mad Magazine

      2. Zimmerman for the Tea Party vote.

      3. I’m going with T-Paw, because only the Republicans could fuck up that badly on a ticket.

      4. Zombie Reagan or Robot Nixon.

        Hell, Robot Chicken would work, too.

        1. Richard Nixon’s head in a jar.

          1. “Put down your crack pipes and listen up!”

            1. “Listen here, missy. Computers may be twice as fast as they were in 1973, but your average voter is as drunk and stupid as ever. The only thing that’s different is me; I’ve become bitter, and let’s face it, crazy over the years. And once I’m swept into office, I’ll sell our children’s organs to zoos for meat, and I’ll go into people’s houses at night and wreck up the place. Muahahaha!”

              1. “Oh, God, cover yourself! I didn’t live a thousand years and travel a quadrillion miles to look at another man’s gizmo.”

              2. “Morbo congratulates our gargantuan cyborg president. May death come
                quickly to his enemies!”

          2. “Nixon always wins. Arrooooo!”

      5. I’ve been saying its Rubio for months, and I’m sticking with it.

        1. You’re trying to make me vote for Gary Johnson, are you?

          1. Why would you need a bad veep pick for that to happen?

        1. “Too libertarian”


        1. That one got me. I laughed aloud.

    3. It should be an african-american lesbian.

      1. Too bad Bristol Palin is too young.

      2. Michele Obama?

      3. Ben Jealous?

      4. I dunno…The Oprah is pretty firm in The Obama camp.

        1. She should hate his guts. Her astonishing descent from Queen of All Media to “who?” can be dated, almost to the minute, to her coming out as a big O supporter during 2008 primaries.

          1. I don’t like Obama, but it’s not like he held a gun to her head. Choices come with consequences.

          2. Eh. As much as that narrative amuses me, I think it has more to do with her ending her show and starting the Oprah Winfrey Network. She gambled that her success would translate over to a new format, and it simply didn’t for whatever reason.

      5. They did list Condi.

  18. …courtesy of software designed in Canada that encrypts and channels traffic through remore servers.

    You misspelled ‘remora’. Remoras, commonly known as symbiotes that live by latching onto sharks and cleaning their skins, are known amongst the technological elite for their innovative work in the fields of distributed computing and data security.

    1. “How to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive”, AMIRITE?!?!!?!?!!

  19. On Ladyblogs:

    I had written to express skepticism about the voice cultivated by women’s websites. Now I was experiencing the real problem with the community defined by that voice: the way it manages criticism. When intimacy is your model of success, it becomes easy to assume that everyone is either a friend or a traitor. I had tried to approach the ladyblogs as an observer rather than a participant, but my writing about them in an apparently impersonal public voice, as a woman?which became a woman holding myself apart from their community of women?registered as unacceptable aggression. So, was I a spinster feminist, or just out to impress boys? This was the exact corner of the internet that seemed like it ought to know better.

    (after the second “+++” division, it starts to get pretty good, so skip the beginning, but I think the section I quoted from and what follows are pretty interesting)

    1. What if Zimmerman and Zambreno had managed to stay super classy while still disagreeing?

      But you can’t be a classy lady and disagree! And if you try to, it’s just because you want the boys to like you!

      1. I’ve noticed this in neighborhood on-line forums. If you aren’t relentlessly positive about everything, you’re just ‘being mean’. God forbid you start asking questions about the idiotic opinions some of the soccer mommies hold. Disagreement is tantamount to kicking somebody in the cortch, and god forbid you correct somebody’s facts. Feelings and intentions trump all, and it’s not just a liberal thing. The conservative law and order soccer moms are just as bad.

        For somebody who grew up online in the animal pits of the usenet alt hierarchy, this is like trying to carry on a conversation with the Stepford wives.

        1. I’ll second that. I have to be very careful when I’m not on H’n’R to tone down quite a bit. But I think it does have quite a bit to do with the old usenet-style flame wars I grew up in.

          1. I practice by commenting at Jezebel. I still haven’t been banned.

            1. But I trust it’s not for lack of trying.

              1. I stay away from the flame wars. I’m not interested in being a troll.

                1. I am curious– what types of articles do you comment on?

                  I personally have stopped engaging. It apparently is not possible for a female to disagree with another else over there without accusations of “gender traitor” being levied. Or, as was mentioned in this particular article, that lack of agreement means a woman just wants to be one of the boys.

                  1. A random sampling. I have to be careful or I’ll just freak out. Mostly the gossip pages. I haven’t posted since they started that new system–but I used to be a starred commenter.

                    1. You have got to tell us which one.

          2. But I think it does have quite a bit to do with the old usenet-style flame wars I grew up in.

            I have always thought this too, that it’s partially a matter of people who have been on the internet forever vs. those who haven’t.

    2. Jezebel’s editors had started off angry about a lot of the same things that had frustrated second-wave feminists about popular journalism; early posts criticized women’s magazines for airbrushing models and shilling advertisers’ wares. It wasn’t so much this stance that interested me as the attitude with which it was delivered: loud and funny and unapologetic.

      Only unintentionally funny.

      1. Jezebel’s editors had started off angry…

        really now, doesn’t that pretty much sum it up?

        1. Yeah, that phrasing makes it sound as if they’ve ended up someplace other than angry, which is not supported by anything – anything – I’ve ever seen written there.

          1. I took it to mean that originally, they were ONLY angry about 2nd wave feminist topics, but now are angry about all topics.

            1. I think angry is just their default setting, but I could be wrong.

            2. Yes, that’s how I took it as well (especially having read the original n+1 piece months ago).

    3. Here’s another article talking about the same thing.

      It actually starts out with the Tosh comedy club uproar. While I would have used it as an example of how the radfems always lie and change statements they don’t like into threats to justify state intrusion into everyday conversation, he used it to talk about with-us or against-us mentality they have.

      1. Indeed, the Jezebel post on the Tosh thing itself had an instance of this, where the author claimed that Louis CK making rape jokes was okay because he had “spent years showing he is on our side” or something like that.

        Sometimes I think about getting a tattoo that says “Ceci n’est pas une femme.”

        1. Louis CK making rape jokes was okay because he had “spent years showing he is on our side” or something like that.

          That’s code for “he puts on a great white-guy minstrel show”.

  20. 1) cops are ALWAYS wrog to tell somebody to stop recording etc. good cops WANT people to be recording, because hen the recording is reviewed later it will help them. period. full stop. recording police is a first amendment right and should be clearly recognized by the scotus as such. interfering with people who are filming police SHOULD be a crime. period full stop

    2) itfpapic, and i see no reason not to believe it, considering the multiple witnesses with no nexus to the victim, it appears to be a BLATANTLY unjustified shooting. and probably criminal.

    this isn’t even an arguable one. you shoot a guy with his hands up in the air, you should go to prison.

    1. I think there’s at least a good an argument that its a fifth amendment right.

      I agree with the rest of your post. I just have little confidence that justice will be done, because a cop pulled the trigger. I hope to be surprised.

    2. if the facts presently available prevail in court?

    3. And yet, these are the very cops you say I should comply with for safety. Wanna walk that back now?


    What could possibly go wrong?

  22. Now if we could just get the other 94.7 percent of voters to compare the records of Johnson, Romney and Obama and vote for the best one.

    1. Easily done. Just tax people who don’t.

  23. “Gary Johnson scored 5.3 percent support in a national presidential preference poll by JZ Analytics.”

    It’s higher than that; they didn’t ask me and I vote early and often.

    1. I hope you’re right, because Obama and Romney are such two peas in a pod. I’ve got a blue Gary Johnson sticker that’s very visible against my white car in the Texas summer sun so people can see it and realize there is another choice for the American people in November.

  24. Senate Democrats are prepared to let income tax cuts expire for those earning more than $250,000 per year, but continue for one year, over the course of the election, for those earning less. Capital gains taxes would rise for everybody.

    Naked political gamesmanship? From Harry Reid? Surely you jest, sir.

    1. I wish they’d just kill the economy rather than letting it bleed to death. A quicker death would be more merciful, it seems to me.

      1. A body that dies quickly doesn’t spill as much blood.

        Do vampires kill their victims quickly?


  25. Sounds like a pln to me dude. Wow.

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