A.M. Links: Romney Hits Back at Obama, Clinton in Israel, North Korean Military Chief Relieved, Fierce Fighting in Damascus, Democrats Willing to Go Over "Fiscal Cliff"


  • Mitt Romney has told the President to stop sharp political attacks, saying that Obama's attacks on his business record are "misdirected" and "dishonest".
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Israel for talks on Iran, Syria, and Egypt. The trip comes after Clinton's visit to Egypt where she was greeted by tomatoes and chants of "Monica, Monica, Monica."
  • Democrats have made clear that they are willing to go over a "fiscal cliff" unless Republicans drop their opposition to tax increases for the wealthy.
  • Damascus is the scene of the fiercest fighting in Syria since the uprising began last year.
  • North Korea's military chief has been removed from all posts by Kim Jong-un due to "illness" in a move that North Korean experts say is "very unusual".
  • Germany's Federal Constitutional Court will not rule on the constitutionality of the European Stability Mechanism and the new fiscal treaty for at least another eight weeks.

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